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flWPOIjll fl
-j 11 lau i.
The >SclDefeated” Boers Doing Busi
Iness at the Old Stands of
® I Two Years Ago.
ts lr
Bippcrnllon in Englnud Over the
jboniliu't «f tlic War—The tiovern
1 men I Accused of Trying to Run
It “On the Cheap*’ by Not Provid
ing Adcquutr Resource*.
London,Sept. 22.—While Mr. Kruger
_. and Dr. Leyds are drawing up peti
tions to President Roosevelt and the
czar, asking them to intervene, the
IW fighting Doers are helping themselves
Sena’South Africa by celebrating the ex
erv-(iration of the period in which Lord
, yvitchener proclaimed they must sur
render by four notable successes, kill
P ing 68 officers and men, wounding 63
and capturing five guns and 800 men.
|- Recalls Two Year* Ago.
The situation is singularly like the
opening of the war, two years ago,
the names of the same places recur
in the dispatches. Utrecht, where
.■dSniU Gough was entrapped, was the
scene of a similar ambushcade IS
months back. Acton Homes, where
the Boers, Friday, reappeared, is IS
miles southwest of Ladysmith, prom
inent in the early hostilities, and the
Natal colonials are mustering for the
defense of the Tugela, as when Gen.
Joubert invaded Natal in 1899.
Fighting in Carfe Colony.
i_^ I*1 Cape Colony, fighting is again
on south of Stormberg, in ter
ritory traversed by raiders and their
pursuers half a dozen times.
The government’s publication of
thefee reverses causes an outburst of
exasperation against the conduct of
the war, not in South Africa but by
the ministry. The great ministerial
journals accuse the government of
trying to run the war “on the cheap”
by not providing Lord Kitchener with
sufficient resources.
Lack of Organized l'.flfori.
The Times, while it has no misgiv
ings as to the final issue, accuses the
home authorities oi lack of organized,
sustained effort, of a disposition to
postpone military for financial con
siderations, and of failure to grasp
e* moral and intellectual damage
wlif%h the prolongation of the strug
gle mftiefs on 1ho empire. Other min
isterial supporters aver that precious
months which should have been spent
in preparing for another campaign
were wasted in electioneering, and
that Lord Kitchener has not been
—»uu tiic iftjiiisires.
«en. Kitchener Iteporf* IleverHCH
und Victories for the Troop*
Under Him,
London, Sept. 23.—The war office
lias received the following dispatch
lrotu Lord Kitchener, dated Pretoria,
September 22:
Ivritzinger, while endeavoring to
force a passage of the Orange river
near Ilerschell, at one o’clock Friday
morning, rushed the camp of a party
of Lovatt’s scouts. He failed to cross
the river, but the scouts lest,heavily.
Lieut.-Col. tlie lion. Andrew Murray,
and (’apt. Murray, his adjutant, were
I nder the cover of darkness the
Boers managed to carry oft’ a gun.
I hey were followed up and the gun
tv as reeoveied in a smart engagement,
n which Kritzinger lost two killed and
20 taken prisoners.”
Lord Kitchener also reports that
the British captured by the Boers in
the ambush near Schee'por’s Nek, Sep
, tember It, have been released, and
L that the British casualties in the re
Ty lent Vlakfontein engagement, when
dopa? Boers captured a company of
^ junted infantry and two guns, were
one officer and five men killed. 23 men
wounded, and six officers and lObr gen
;Uaken prisoners, since released. **
He further reports the captitf’ A
two commandoes—one consistiiVj' of
55 men, under Commandant Kochs,
who were taken, together with then
entire transport, west of Edenburg,
and the other, consisting of 54 men,
including F. J. Botha, who were taken
with 48 wagons and their belongings.
45 miles southeast of Carolina.
It Will be ilvouglit llefore the Conn
ell of tlie Court of Arbitration
ut 'llie Hague.
The Hague, Sept. 22.—Baron Van
The Hague, Sept. 21.—Baron Van
Lynden, the minister of foreign af
fairs, has forwarded to the legations
and members of the council of the
court of arbitration a copy of the
Boer appeal for arbitration, with the
notification that he intends to bring
up the appeal for consideration at the
first meeting of the council. The date
at the meeting is not fixarl.

Th oils mills Visited VVcutlinvn Ceme
tery Venterdny—Mrs. McKinley
Hold i iin' Her Own.
Canton, O., Sept. 23.—Dr. Rixcy said
j last evening that there had been no
material change in the condition of
Mrs. McKinley, and that she was do
ing as well as could be expected, lie
sa id:
“She went out for two hours’ driv
ing yesterday and still seems to be
holding her own.”
Yesterday’s drives were taken in
the family carriage, an open surrey,
which llie president had sent on from
Washington for use during the sum
mer vacation. Dr. Rixey and Mrs. C.
Barber accompanied Mrs. McKinley.
The first trip was to the cemetery,
yesterday morning, and it was taken
at the request of Mrs. McKinley.
A much longer drive, was taken dur
ing the afternoon at the suggestion
of the doctor, who feels that .his pa
tient is benefited by all the outdoor
life she can stand and can be induced
to take. These outings have always
had a tendency to produce sleep and
rest and to increase the appetite foi
her, and they now have that effect
to a degree at least. Tt is understood
that Mrs. McKinley is securing fairly
good rest in the midst of her sorrow
and grief.
There was placed on the McKinley
casket, yesterday, by Judge William
R- Day a large floral wreath from
the emperor of Russia. Judge Day re
ceived a telegram from Charge de Af
faires De Wollante of the Russian em
bassy' at Washington, requesting him
to have this wreath placed on the
casket of the late president. It is
oval in shape and seven feet byr six
It is composed, on one side, of Ameri
can Beauty' roses, and on the other
side of orchids. The base is of Sage
palms, the entire wreath being inter
spersed with small cocoa ferns, tied
with orchid satin ribbon.
The resting place of the late presi
dent was visited by thousands of peo
ple, yesterday, probably over twenty
thousand persons entering the gates
of Westlawn cemetery between the
early hours of the morning and the
late hours of the evening. The at
tractions were the floral tributes sent
for the funeral which have been ar
ranged on either side of the vault
They are still in a very good state
of preservation, and probably will be
for several days longer.
The guard of regular soldiers pa
trolled a very wide circle around the
vault and the flowers yesterday sc
that a long line could view the flowers
at one time, and thus they prevented
serious congestion.
A number of beautiful flowers were
also placed on the graves of the Mc
Kinley children, which are also pro
tected by a patrol of soldiers. Many
cf the crowd wandered from the vault
to the private lot, many also climbed
Ihe high knoll in the new cemetery,
the prospective site of the permanent
McKinley tomb monument, all agree
ing that it was the most appropriate
Hut Columbia .Must Do Her Jlest oi
Shamrock Will Carry Olt
the Cup.
New York, Sept. 23.—Saluted by
scores of vessels as she was towed
through the East river yesterday
morning, the cup defender Columbia.
Hying the pennant of the New York
5 aelit club at her masthead, looked
every inch the racing craft that she is,
The Columbia reached the Morse iron
works, in Brooklyn, at noon, and at
one o’clock she was floated into the
sectional dock, astern of the steamer
Old Dominion, in two hours the yacht
was high and dry and blocked up in
position for her last cleaning before
the great international race.
Stages were slung all around her
before dark, and early this morning a
gang of men were put to work burn
ishing her bronze hull.
The yacht had many visitors yes
terday', among them several yachts
men. It was learned that the Colum
bia is using the old defender’s boom
and mainsail with which she won the
trial races at Newport. It is not like
ly that any change will be made in
either the boom or the sail until aftei
the first race.
It is safe to say that fully 5,000 peo
ple visited the Shamrock 11. at the
Erie Basin dry dock yesterday.
Expert opinions were not lacldne
from both those who had visited the
defender and the challenger. Formei
Commodore John C. Prague, who ha;
won more races with his yachts in the
old days than any other, said*
“I like the shape of the Shamrock
and if her sails are as good as the
Columbia’s she will win the cup. lie;
rigging is strong and her mast is ir
the right place. Another good feature
is that her boom comes down close tc
the deck. She looks bigg'er all ovet
than the Columbia, and I feel sure sin
is a fast boat.”
From Motion to Money.
There is, or rather was, years ago in this
city, a gentleman who did a thriving busi
ness in mutton in the market district, and
was well known to hundreds of people as a
bright and original sort of man. Another
man, who had not seen him for nearly 20
years, met him a short time ago, and after
inquiries as to his health asked if he was
in the same business.
“Oh, no,” was the reply. “I’m presiding
The man who was inquiring about him was
really phased by this answer, and remarked
that he presumed it was his ignoi-ance, but
he must admit he derived no idea of his
business from the statement that the for
mer market man “was presiding.”
“Why,” he replied, “I mean that I am a
president—president of a bank in Cam
bridge.”—Boston Record.
The Typewriter Invention.
A statistician has proved that the inven
tion of the typewriter has given employ
ment to 500,000 people, but he fails to state
how many cases of weak stomachs and dys
pepsia it has induced. All people of seden
tary occupation need Hostetter’s Stomach
Bitters. It is a wonderful medicine and
helps nature bear the strain which ensues
from confinement. It also cures dyspepsia,
indigestion, constipation and flatulency. Be
sure to try it and you will not be disap
Autocrat of the Table.
The head waiter at the Cliff house, Msni
tou, was given a smoker the other night and
a fine gola watch. The distinguished official
responded appropriately and with dignity to
the presentation speech. He then lifted his
hand in token that the audience was at an
end. His guests departed and the great
man was alone.—Denver Post.
Wisconsin Farm Lands.
The best of farm lands can be obtained
now in Marinette County, Wisconsin, on the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, at
a low price and on very favorable terms.
Wisconsin is noted for its fine crops, excel
lent markets and healthful climate. Why
rent a farm when you can buy one much
cheaper than you can rent and in a few years
it will be your own property. For particu
lars address F. A. Miller, General Passenger
Agent, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way, Chicago.
Knighthood In Flower.
Beenawa.v—And what of Willie Puttipate,
whose mother considered him a budding
Staidhome—Oh, he turned out to be a
blooming idiot!—Smart Set.
I am sure Piso’s Cure for Consumption
saved my life three years ago.—Mrs. Thos.
Robbins, Maple Street, Norwich, N. Y-,
Feb. 17, 1900.
She Flelieved Him.
Wigg—She is very susceptible to flattery.
Wagg—I should say so. I once told her
she was as sweet as honey, and—would you
believe it?—the very next day she had hives.
— Philadelphia Record.
What is the use in employing some one
to do your dyeing for you. If you use
it just as well as a professional.
That Hired Girl Again.—“Do the Smiths
keep a girl ?” “No. They hire a good many,
but they don’t keep them.”—Puiladelphia
Evening Bulletin.
Secrets, as a rule, are disappointments.—
Atchison Globe.
If you are not happy when at work there
is little hopte for you.—Atchison Globe.
Love, though blind, never stumbles while
it lasts.—Atchison Globe.
Never depend upon your genius; if you
have talent, industry will improve it; if
you have none, industry will supply the de
ficiency.—John Ruskin.
On the Line.—Old Lady—“Can you tell
me, if you plaze, where I'll get the Black
rock tram?” Dublin Car Driver—“Begorr,
ma. am, u you uun t watcn ^uuiscu, y uu n|
get it in the small of your back in about half
a minute.”—Punch.
The Usual Fate.—“What has become of
that octogenarian who was telling us the
other day how to live to be a hundred years
old?” “lie died at the age of 82.”—Pitts
burg Chronicle-Telegraph.
His Preference.—“Would you rather have
something else than a piece of pie?” asked
the kind neighbor of little Freddie, who
had run an errand for her. “Yes, ma’am,”
said Freddie, promptly; “I wu’d ruther hav*
two pieces.”—Ohio State Journal.
“Subbubs seems to be popular among his
neighbors.” "I should say he was popular.
Why, when they got up private theatricals
once he was given the principal part, and
no one disputed his right to it.”—Philadel
phia Press.
Ellen—“Oh! I know I’m going to have a
lovely time this evening.” Tessie—"Just
because Fred is coming?” Ellen—"But you
see Fred and I had a tiff last night, and it
will be heavenly making up.” — Boston
Mrs. Higgins—“I did something to-day
that I've been screwing up courage to do for
a long time. I paid that odious Mrs. Bjones
a call I've owed for a long time.” Mr. Hig
gins—“I can sympathize with you, my dear.
I paid the odious Mr. Bjones a bill I’ve owed
just as long.”—Nashville American.
Von Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FREE.
Write to-day to Allen S. Olmsted, Le
Roy, N. Y., for a FREE sample of Allen’s
Root-Ease, a powder. It cures sweating,
lamp, swollen, aching feet. Makes new or
tight shoes easy. Always use it to Break in
New Shoes. At all druggists and shoe
stores; 25c.
Mrs. Editor—“This hat is a perfect poem.’’
Editor—“All the more reason I should de
cline to pay for it.”—Town and Country.
Jacobs Oil
beats all records and always will.
Weakness of
the limbs
and all
Aches and
Acts like
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See Fac-Simllc Wrapper Below.
Terr small and as easy
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e\ a nTrn’p ^CR HEADACHE.
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l,r,rr ' " m’JIU B&.i’V ■ 1
r ——— - AND KCCP DRY*.
5hwingi Full Line.of.Garments and Hats
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on value of the prone, tv < .Y h I the " ''atll,-r- I < i
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Sf Mado only hy Tlio American Phar- ■
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Devoe ready paint is in re
sults more than price. It
covers more and lasts longer
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cheapest paint made, figured
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II. U. Station, Attica, on the Wabash R. P. Re
duced j\t<\ round-trip tickets bold at all Wabash
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_ 473
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vhvjhh Failbi r»rio., ,m>i.
“A. n. k.-i 1884
pleu«e >tutc thut you saw the Advert!*®*
meat la tbU paper.
A question of a few dollars Invested in purchasing and
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