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Go to Wallace’s for venison. 125
Try Red bird bread at Bracy’s. 135d 1
Robert Carleton, of Jonesboro, was
here Thursday.
You can get oysters served in any
style at Bracy’s. 135d
There will be a meeting of the cam
era club tonight.
Wm. Black of Searcy was here on
business Thursday.
Allegretti’s famous chocolates just
received at Bracy’s. 135 d
T. J. Watson returned from Little
Rock Wednesday night.
Miss Mayme Gilliam is back at the
store after a short illness.
“A happy thought”—buy your drugs
and toilet articles of Sells. 119
C. M. Corrington of St. Louis was
here Thursday calling on his trade.
Fresh oysters, celery, Swiss cheese,
Weinerwurst and ham at Bracy’s. 135d
Seamstress Wanted—apply at the
Newport Dye and Cleaning Works, (it
Fok sale—Cash register and piano.
For particulars see B. W. Stainback.
George L. Robinson has accepted a
position with the St. Louis Compress
John W. Ferrill was in town Thurs
day from the farm, returning in the
€h W. Buehanan of Camden came
up Wednesday night and is registered
at the Hazel.
Corn and oat chops, corn chops,
corn, bran and hay for sale at The
Cash Grocery. 80btf
Miss Sophie Rutherford of Bates
ville came down Wednesday to attend
the Lynn-Pettet nuptials.
J. M. O’Hara of Memphis, who has
been buying pearls in this city this
week, left Wednesday night.
For sale—$125 cash register for
$85—new machine. Will place out on
trial. Can be seen at this office.
J. P. House of Augusta, represent
ing the Taylor Cotton Company, spent
Thursday in this city oil business.
The river Thursday stood at 0.2 be
low zero on the register, showing no
change from the mark of one week ago
Miss Stella Lippman, returned to
Olyphant on the local Thursday morn
ing, after a short visit to Miss Carrie
Walter Woods of Paducah, Ivy., re
presenting the St. Louis Glass and
Queensware house, arrived on 53
Miss Lena Weatherford, after a
short visit with Mrs. E. P. Tetwiler,
left Thursday morning for her home
at Grand Glaize.
Miss Minnie Buzbee, of Little Rock,
who will address the convention to
night, is being entertained by Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Dutton.
The friends of L. B. McDonald, are
glad to see him upon the streets again
and hope he will soon recuperate to
his former good health.
Mrs. Charles Hunger ford of St.
Louis expects to return home in the
morning after a visit to the family of
her father, Capt. W. A. Joyce.
Capt. Arthur Evins, of the Morning
Star Railway left here Thursday for
Yellville, where he will join one of
the engineering corps of the road.
There is no better medium, in my
opinion, for bringing your goods un
der the notice of the public, than
newspapers.—Sir Thomas Lipton.
To Buffalo via Iron Mountain route.
If desired ticket is good on lake
steamer Detroit to Buffalo. See notice
of extremely reduced rates in this
paper. 63 dtf
Get your money’s worth—a life size
Portrait free with every dozen cabi
net size photographs at Mize & Dav
idson’s gallery. Corner Third and
Beech street. tf 129.
“What Happened To Wright” the
latest New York success will be played
at the Opera House Saturday night
September, 28th, by the Southern
Stock Company. dtd
A car load of Sauer Kraut has been
received at The Cash Grocery—being
the largest shipment ever received
here. It is pronounced very fine and
will go in a rush. btf
The contractors at the oil well have
had serious trouble recently, the wire
rope attached to the sand bucket
breaking while work was in progress
Wednesday. In trying to jar the
bucket loose with the drill, the latter
became wedged and was only remov
ed after much work.
T. J. Watson went to Little Rock on
>3 Wednesday on business.
F. M. Ham, Independence county’s
lurveyor, was here Wednesday.
Arthur Neill, of Little Rock, went
;o Batesville Wednesday morning.
C. W. Reiney and E. H. Glenn,
vere down Tuesday from Batesville.
J. M. Guynn left Wednesday for
Argenta where he will visit his broth
er, Wm. A. Guynn.
Miss Stella Lippmann of Olyphant
spent Wednesday here, the guest of
Miss Carrie Stevens.
George C. Peters, real estate and
insurance agent, of Jonesboro, was
here Wednesday on business.
John Cook, of Batesville, who has
property holdings in this county,
spent Wednesday in this city.
Miss Lena Weatherford, of Grand
Glaize, arrived Tuesday night and is
the guest of Mrs. E. P. Tetwiler.
George A. Hillhouse, went to Bates
ville Wednesday morning, to attend
the Independence County circuit
Mrs. M. L. Evans returned to Pop
lar Bluff Wednesday afternoon after a
visit of several days to Mrs. J. L.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Rhodes, returned
Wednesday morning from an Eastern
trip, having visited the Pan-American
Mrs. Lizzie Henry and baby and
Mrs. M. M. Jones and daughter of
Paroquet, spent Wednesday morning
in the city shopping.
C. D. Huggins and Arthur Neill, of
Little Rock and F. M. Hanley, of Mel
bourne, were registered at the Plan
ters, Tuesday night.
Mrs. J. D. Williams of Black Rock
was here Wednesday on her way to
Paroquet, where she will join her hus
band, who is pearling.
Miss Claire Johnson, a young lady
of this city, who has many friends, is
now clerking at the new store of J.
Goldberg & Company.
Thomas Chastain, a cousin, of W.
B., who has been employed at the lat
ter’s store, went to Batesville Wed
nesday fora week’s vacation.
Mrs. W. P. Johnson and little
daughter, of Malvern have been visit
ing at Fitzhugh this .week and expect
to go to Batesville to-morrow.
C. L. Castleberry, of Sulphur Rock,
accompanied by his brother, W. M.
Castleberry, returned home after a
visit to Newport and south of here.
T. B. Stewart, one of the energetic
and wide-a-wake members of the firm
of Stewart Bros., returned from a trip
to New York, Cincinnatti, Chicago
and St. Louis Wednesday morning,
where he went in the interest of the
Newport Builders Supply & Hard
ware Company.
J. H. Tenant, a well known sales
man, representing the Tenant Shoe
Company, arrived from St. Louis
Wednesday morning and is calling on
his trade.
Ex-Sheriff Flinn, of Batesville, In
dependence county, was a visitor to
Jonesboro yesterday and listened to
the senatorial speaking.—Jonesboro
Judge Xenophon Ryland, of Lex
ington, Missouri, who is traveling for
%..l__ n .n_ _ _i. m -l • i j
xiiixauocio v OjJC/Hl' 1 ucouay XllJ_;ill
here and went to Batesville Wednes
day morning.
Francis Johnson, attorney for the
Iron Mountain, returned home Wed
nesday after attending court at Bates
ville. He is one of this state’s most
eminent barristers.
L. S. Dunaway, who represented
the Little Rock Democrat here, in the
recent debate between Jones and
Clarke, was here Wednesday morn
ing, on his way to Batesville.
The friends of W. B. Chastain are
glad to know that he is rapidly re
gaining strength and was up town
Tuesday for the first time after a six
week’s attack with typhoid fever.
Mrs. B. M. Marshall of Grand Rap
ids, Mich., was here Wednesday on
her way to Batesville, where she will
visit a sister, Mrs. James Jones, whom
she has not seen for twenty-five years.
Special Chancellor D. H. Cantrell
has returned to Little Rock from
Searcy, where he heard the case of P.
A. Robinson et al. vs. W. H. Langford
et al., which he has taken under ad
The stock of goods belonging to the
estate of Nathan Cohn, deceased, was
sold Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock
by Mark Cohn administrator to Jas.
W. Grubbs for $2000, being the high
est bid offered. Mr. Grubbs says he
has not yet decided what he will do
with the stock.
Dr. Charles Hinckle of Batesville
passed through here Wednesday night
on his way to St. Louis, where he will
continue the study of medicine at
Washington University.
Advance Man Hunt, of the South
ern Stock Company, is in the city ar
ranging for the appearance of that
troupe here Saturday night in “What
Happened to Mr. Wright.”
Geo. W. Sexton and wife, returned
Wednesday night from a month’s trip
in the East. They visited Mr. Sex
ton’s old home in New York and took
in the Buffalo Exposition while away.
Mrs. G. M. Richter and daughter,
Miss Edith, of Pine Bluff, arrived
Tuesday night and are the guests of
the former’s sister, Mrs. J. W. Pettet.
They came to attend the Lvnn-Pettet
Mi’s. M. C. Lee is a new resident of
this city, having moved here from
Auvergne. Miss Ruby Blackwood
came with her, but expects to leave
next week for Nashville, Tennessee,
to attend school this year.
Those registered at Planters Wed
nesday were: Jas. Graham, El Reno;
G. W. Younts, Geo. Lake, J. M. Dra
son, J. C. Jones, Little Rock; G. W.
Buchanan, Camden; J. L. Starrett,
Judsonia; E. J. Peters, Kenyon.
You make a mistake, if you fail to
get prices from Flinn & Loekard, be
fore purchasing elsewhere. Remem
ber that competition is the life of
trade, and they are in the Marble and
Undertakers business to stay. 132bt(l.
One of the funniest legitimate farce
comedies ever put on the boards—
“What Happened To Wright”—with
plenty of good specialties, new songs
and dances and pretty girls—At the
Newport Opera House Saturday
night. dtd
For coffins, caskets or anything in
the Undertakers line, call on Flinn &
Lockard 211 Walnut street. Should
anyone suggest that they are selling
too cheap,don’t raise any “kick” about
that, but pass the word on to your
neighbors. 132 bt6.
Hon. Jas. P. Coffin, of Batesville,
will address the Sunday School Con
vention this evening at the Methodist
Church, vice Rev. George Thornburg,
of Little Rock, who was prevented
from attending by unavoidable cir
Miss May Brewer returned Thurs
day noon from a visit to Tulsa, Indian
Territory, and Springfield, Missouri.
She was accompanied by her aunt,
Mrs. Eliza Welch of the latter point
who will make a visit to the family of
Dr. A. J. Brewer.
Harry Moore, formerly with E. D.
Bracy, left Thursday noon for Nor
man, Oklahoma, where he will attend
the university. He is a young man of
not only pleasing social qualities, but
solidity of character, for whom we pre
dict a bright career of usefulness.
T. H. Hutchinson, of St. Louis, who
for several seasons represented the
George Taylor Commission Company
at this market, arrived Wednesday
morning and will buy for that firm
here this year. Mr. Hutchinson is
very popular in Newport and his re
turn will be welcomed by his many
All the latest styles; women photo
graphers; a beautiful country house
described; Ruskin’s love story; sev
eral short stories. The Delineator is
fitted to meet the requirements of
every home. For sale at our pattern
counter. Call anc examine our Sep
tember paper patterns.
The Right Place.
Among the arrivals at the Hazel
Wednesday were J. S. Gibson, Hoxie;
E. R. Wynne, Bald Knob; S. H. Jack
son, Pocahontas; C. Hodge, Alicia; C.
G. Hinckle, Frank Joblin, J. W. Fer
rill, Batesville; T. J. Graham, Tucker
man; W. E. Kelley, Brinkley; L. S.
Dunaway, G. L. Meyers, J. R. Wil
liams, Little Rock.
If Conductor M. L. Freeman re
mains with the Iron Mountain Rail
road Company until next April he will
have been with that company contin
uously for a period of 33 years. There
are less than a dozen conductors on
the entire system who have been as
long with the company as Mr. Free
man.—Poplar Bluff Citizen.
The arrivals at the Hazel Tuesday
from Arkansas points were: G. O.
Duffey, Don J. and A. M. Casey,
Batesville; W. E. Ferguson, Augusta;
A. W. Yarnell, Searcy; J. N. Childers,
Walnut Ridge; A. K. Weaver, Cor
inth; J. C. Johnston, Cushman; W. E.
Kelley, Brinkley; George C. Peters,
Jonesboro; G. L. Meyers, Little Rock;
George W. Buchanan, Camden.
It is a now well settled fact that the
S. M. & A. Ry. Co., will be running
regular trains into and out of Poplar
Bluff by the 15th of October. Messrs.
Blomeyer and E. W. Cover, general
manager and general superintendent
of the new road, are in the city today,
and in conversation about the new
road, the progress of the work, etc.,
these gentleman said that rails had
been laid within one mile and a half of
this city. The work is progressing
rapidly and the people of the East
Side will hear the engine whistles and
bells on their side of the river by to
morrow night, and by Saturday rails
will be laid to the east end of the
Main street cut. Mr. Killibrew, the
contractor having in charge the work
through the city, informs the officials
that his part of the work will be in
condition to begin laying steel within
a week or ten days.
The officials of the new road are
greatly pleased with the manner in
which the road has been constructed,
and say that everything is in ship
shape, trains making twenty miles an
hour behind the surfacing gang.—
Poplar Bluff Sentinel.
Ayer & Lord Tie Company to Wm.
Olsen, 160 acres 34-9-2, 8480.
J. R. Cox and wife to R. L. Pierce
et al, trustees, strip of land in 36-12-3,
to be used for church purposes, 81-00.
State of Arkansas to Lou Ann Neill
et al, 160 acres 3-9-2.
Jordan D. James et al to Dr. L. E.
Willis, surrender and cancellation of
deed of trust No. 476, $425.
Lou Ann Neal to James Neal, 160
acres, 3-9-2, 8200.
Jordon D. James et al to L. E. Wil
lis, lots 1, 4, 5 and 6, block 1, in East
Newport, 81288.
J. W. Eaton and wife to Sam Swann
and heirs, quit claim deed 80 acres 11
13-2, 8200.
Wm. B. Chastain to Samuel Fulton,
lot 2, block L, Chastain’s addition to
Newport, 860.
Wm. B. Chastain to Samuel Fulton,
lot 7, block K, Chastain’s addition to
Newport, 850.
A. J. Shell and wife to Jones Bros.
Mercantile Company, lot 1, block 28
and 6 feet of lot 2, block 28, town of
Swifton, 8600.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tue of two certain deeds of trust exe
cuted and delivered to me by E. G.
Riddell, one on the 10th day of Octo
ber 1900, and now duly recorded in
Mortgage Record Book 34 at page 422,
and the other executed on the 18th
day of April, 1901, and duly recorded
in Mortgage Record Book 35 at page
26, in the office of the circuit court and
ex-officio Recorder of Jackson Coun
ty, Arkansas, and also duly recorded
in the office of the Surveyor of Cus
toms of the District of New Orleans at
the Port of Memphis in book of Re
cord of Conveyances from page 426 to
page 434 inclusive; I will on the 7th
day of October, 1901, between the
hours of 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. at the foot
of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and
Southern Rail wav elevator in the oitv
of Newport, Jackson County, Ark.,
offer for sale at public outcry to the
highest bidder for cash the following
described property, described in said
deed of trust, viz.:
The Steamboat General Joe Wheel
er with all machinery, engines, boil
ers, lines, tools, blocks, tackles, ropes,
anchors, cables, small boats, cabin
outfit and other necessaries apper
taining or belonging thereto, also two
This sale is made to satisfy the in
debtedness named and secured by
said two deeds of trust.
This notice is given this 24th day of
September, 1901.
W. A. Billingsley, Trustee.
===== TO THE =====
Iron Hountain Route,
■■ ■ ■ $27.25 =^~ ■ -
For the Round Trip.
Return limit ten days. For
further information, maps, guides,
etc., call on or address,
WM. M. GREGG, Agent.
Newport, Ark.
W. R. CROPPER, Manager.
The Largest and Best Equipped
Laundry in Northeast Ark.
^The Latest and Most
^Improved Machinery^
Washing done with the purest
of water, filtered and
All Work Positively Guaranteed!
Give us a trial and be
-Phone No. 11.
Eupion Oil
When buying illuminating
oil insist on having Eupion, the
family safety. This is a dou
ble distilled process oil that is
ordorless and absolutely safe.
If you will use clean burners
and wicks and Eupion Oil you
will have best light obtainable.
The only merchants in New
port that sell this high grade
oil are: Wolff-Goldman Mer.
Co., W. B. Chastain, Wilmans
Bros., R. I). Wilmans, Heili
ger’s Union Market Co., Martin
Bros., and Harris & Daugherty.
Waters=Pierce Oil Comp’y
Architect and ^
Building Superintendent
Parties desiring Plans or Spec
ifications, write or call
on me at
316 Second Street,
Memphis-Newport Pkt. Co.
For Augusta, Des Arc, DeValls Bluff,
Clarendon, Cascoe, Mt. Adams, Lock
ett’s Bluff, St. Charles, Indian Bay,
Friars Point, Helena, Memphis all way
landings, the
R. G. Ashford, master.
John Hally, Clerk.
Will leave Newport at 9 a. m., Friday
of each week, reserving the right to
pass all landings deemed unsafe.
For rates and passage apply to
w. A. Joyce, D. F. A., Newport, ark.
w.j. Ashford, Gen. mgr., Memphis.
Will open Tuesday, September 10th.
We shall offer good home school ad
vantages. Thorough teaching by good t
teachers. Tuition rates reasonable.
We solicit your patronage. For fur
ther information address.
Henry ©wen
to sell the complete life and assassi
nation of William McKinley. A full
and complete history, over 500 pages.
All want it, big money for local and
traveling agents. Free outfit. Send
20 cents for outfit, which will be de
ducted from first order for five books.

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