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XTClentfoer forecast.
Washington, July 25 — Forecast for Ar
kansas: Saturday, showers and thunder
storms, light, variable winds.
Huffman bakes bread every day.
Huffman’s cream bread takes the
W. H. Barnes is calling on his trade
in the city today.
Seventeen years ago today Ross
established his photo gallery in New
For your six o’clock breakfast
order Huffman’s light rolls, fresh
baked. 4-dtf
Mrs. T. D. Kinmann, Jr., left on the
noon train to join her husband in St.
Mrs. Chas. Hays and sister, Miss
Hazel Jones, returned last night from
Cape Girardeau, Mo.
R. F. Drummond leaves tonight for
Dyersburg, Tenn., and will return
. with his sons, Claude and Boyce.
Mrs. Belle Lawrence and daughter
Lou, of Batesville, are visiting Mrs.
Lawrence’s aunt, Mrs. Andrew
Huffman & Son serve ices, cream
and cake and everything in that line
to parties and receptions at reason
able prices. d-298
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fox, of New
port, came up Thursday on a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Magness.—New
ark Journal.
Mrs. ri. uernstein, the genial hos
tess of the New Hazel, returned last
night from a pleasant week’s visit to
relatives in St. Louis.
Miss Eva Shuford, of Weldon, after
spending Thursday night in the city
as the guest of relatives, left Friday
noon for Junction City, Kansas.
Miss Cora A. Hess left for her home
in Hot Springs today, after a pleasant
visit to her brother, F. H. Hess, of
the Pond-Decker Manufacturing Co.
Round trip tickets to Camden on
account of State Missionary and
Christian Endeavor Convention one
and one-third fare via Choctaw route.
I pay highest prices for
pearls,baroques and slugs.
L. WILSON. Office at
Chas. Meyer’s Store.
John Merriweather, colored, found
a pearl near Lane’s Ferry on White
river, last Friday which he sold to
parties at Newport for $675.—Newark
Mr. C. E. Crook returned from his
Texarkana trip Wednesday night and
reports the crop prospects in North
ern Texas and Southern Arkansas as
particularly bright.
Round trip tickets to Salt Lake
City via Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf
route, return limit Sept. 30, only $35,
with stop over allowed. Dates of sale
August 7 to 10 inclusive.
Round trip tickets to San Francisco
or Los Angeles, Cal., via Choctaw,
Oklahoma & Gulf Route, with final
limit to return September 30, only
817.50. Stop overs allowed. Dates
of sale July 20, August 2 to 10 in
Is it possible that we are to have
a railroad? A crowd of surveyors ar
-*«vVvi,v »uu vegan b irveying,
but for what road we cannot learn. It
is rumored that the road will run
from Newport to Des Arc where they
join the S. D. A. & N. which runs to
Searcy and from there will be ex
tended to meet the Frisco,—Augusta
The Batesville Hillbillies and New
port Swampangels, composed of the
younger base ball aspirants, played a
nice game of ball on the Newport
diamond b rid ay morning, which re
sulted in a score of 9 to 11 in the
Swampangels’ favor. Anderson and
Owen were Batesville’s batterv, while
McDonald and Bach filled the points
for Newport.
Robert Burges, with a corps of a
dozen engineers on Monday began a
survey of the St. L. M. & S. E. rail
road south from lioxie There is
lots of guessing as to what their ob
jective .point is, some of the wise
ones think they are headed for Pine
Bluff, with New Orleans and the Gulf
the final object, others say they will
stop at Newport after connecting
with the Choctaw, while still others
think they will be content to connect
with the Culver-Sedgwick-Newport
branch which has been chartered and
will be built. The survey crosses the
Iron Mountain track just south of
l at Whalen’s cold storage house.—!
Huffman’s kisses are the best, d.tf
Swiss and cream cheese at Huff
man’s. 53 dtf.
Huffman runs the only bread wagon
Grocery. d 19
Huffman can bake cakes for the
most fastidious. d-tf
Miss Grace Ross left this morning
for Cushman, where she will visit un
til Monday.
For Sale: New rubber tired surrey
and gentle horse. Apply 213 Laurel
street or J. J. Hunter. 77d6t
Miss Emily Walker of Arkansas
City,Kansas, arrived Thursday to be in
attendance at the Jones-Redman wed
Found: Door key attached to large
safety pin. Owner can have same by
proving property and paying for this
Summer Tourist Rates—Cheap rates
to nearly all resorts, via the Iron
Mountain. For rates call on W. M.
Gregg, Agent.
Huffman’s candies are the best on
the market—the three leading candy
firms of St. Louis and the leading one
of Little Rock, say so. 275-dtf
Try the new rigs and good drivers
at the R. L. Robinson Livery Stable,
upper end of Front Street. Good
service at reasonable charges. 62dtf
Theo. Phillips has resumed his
d.ities with the Wolff-Goklman Mer
cantile Co., having returned from
Ravenden Springs Thursday night.
R TVT nnrr»V»aa«r1 f.Vwa
70-grain pearl found by Hogan and
Taylor, at Hog’s Point, on Black
river last Monday, .the purchase price
being $1800.
Misses Oma Johnson and Ollie Hol
der left for Newport Wednesday.
Olhe returning home after a pleasant
visit while Miss Oma will remain
with relatives for some time.—Mc
Orory News.
The Southern Hotel, of Ravenden
Springs, Ark., is now open for guests.
Lithia water for kidneys, liver and
stomach troubles. 112 miles west of
Memphis on the Frisco System.
Write for rates. Address, Manager,
Southern Hotel. 59b3m.
Send your next lot of
pearls, slugs and bar=
oques to J. E. Tully & Co.,
14 Maiden Lane, New
York, who pay best
Pine Bluff, July 24.—One of the
principal topics of conversation at
Pine Bluff Thursday was the find of
the infant girl on the Cotton Belt
passenger train which arrived from
the south last night. W. G. Helms,
to whom the child was given for
safekeeping, today announced that
he had consulted a lawyer and would
keep the child and rear her. This
afternoon, however, Mr. and Mrs.
Delmar Charlan announced their pur
pose ot adopting the child and secured
the papers necessary in such cases.
Recognizing that the child would be
given an excellent home and the best
attention possible, Mr. Helms readily
consented to give her up, and now
the little one is at the Charlan home,
on West Second avenue.
The same train that had as a pas
senger an unknown baby, furnished a
calf transportation to Pine Bluff last
night. When the train pulled in there
Special Officer Frank Lockridge saw
the animal guiltily reposing on the
cow catcher. Though picked up by
the train when going at a fast rate of
speed, the calf with the exception of
sustaining a broken leg, was not in
jured. The engineer had no knowl
edge of the calf, and it is not known
where it was picked up.
We have on hand at all times a
supply of literature, descriptive of
the resources and resorts of the great
It is interesting and instructive
reading for the farmer, business man
ind tourist, and will be mailed free
on application to
J. H. Lothrop, G. A., U. P. Ry. Co.
903 Olive St. St. Louis, Mo.
Via the Iron Mountain Route—Rate
*25 round trip to Denver, Colorado
Springs, Pueblo. Dates of sale, July j
1 to 13, August 1st to 14, 23, 24 and 1
August 30 to September 10 inclusive,
final return limit October 31st.
W. M. Gregg, Agt.
The Leading Newspaper
Of the Smith —
It is just as easy and much more
pleasing to read fresh news, as
printed in the Memphis Evening
Scimitar, than to wait ten to six
teen hours and read the same
news in morning papers.
Closing quotations of the markets
of the world. The Scimitar owns
exclusive day Associated Press
dispatches; has 150 correspon
dents in three states; uses a bat
tery of six type-setting machines;
runs the fastest and finest press
in the South; employes a large
corps of experienced editors and
reporters, ana in general ac
knowledges no superior in this
Agents wanted in every town, no
matter how small the place. If
therer is no agent in your town,
send amount for the time desired,
and the Scimitar will be mailed
Subscription rate by mail:
One Month $ 50
Three Months 1 50
Six Months 2 50
One Year 5 00
A special rate will be made on order
of five or more in one town. Send
for information about this special
Sample copy sent on application.
Memphis, Tenn.
Architect amt
Building Superintendent
Parties desiring Plans or Spec
ifications, write or call
on me at
316 Second Street,
No. 36 No. 42
Lv Memphis 10:30 a. m. 8:00 p. m.
Ar Asheville 5:50 a. m. 2:15 p. m.
No. 36 carries coaches and sleeper
to Asheville and beyond without
No. 42 will carry a sleeper to Ashe
ville without change.
This enables one to take supper at
home and dine in Asheville next day
with daylight ride through East Ten
nessee mountains, and the “French
Broad” scenery.
Write or call for details, including
“Summer Homes” folder, list of
hotels and boarding houses, rates of
board, etc. e
C. A. DeSaussure, D. P. A.,
Memphis, Tenn.
Choctaw Route will sell excursion
tickets daily Newport to Mt. Mag
azine, Ark., at rate of $7.50 for round
trip, good returning Sep. 30, 1902.
5lbtf. W. R. Thompson, Agt.
Searcy, Ark., rate $2.00 round trip.
Ravenden, Ark., rate $2.65 for
round trip. These rates in effect to
September 30 and return limit Octo
ber 31. W. M. Gregg, Agent.
In Colorado all the conditions of
health are met. There is a sufficient
altitude to cause lung and chest de
velopment; there is the dry, exhilar
ating mountain air, with an almost
absolute absence of malaria; there is
the tonic effect of a bracing climate,
without its rigors; an atmosphere
tilled with ozone; cool nights in sum
mer, a bright, sunny sky almost every
day in the year, conducive of cheer
fulness and bringing a new pleasure
every morning, constantly stimulating
both mind and body.
The low rates put in effect via the
Union Pacific, enable you to reach
these great parks without unneces
sary expenditure of time or money.
Full information cheerfully fur- _
nished on application to J. H. Loth
rop, General Agent, St. Louis, Mo.
Wabash Line.!!
Enjoy an Observation=Cafe, Parlor or Luxurious
Chair Cooled by Electric Fans en route.
For further information ask your home ticket
agent or addresss
W. D. WOOD, T. P. A., St. Louis, Ho.
In Arranging Your Summer Outing
Do not make final arrangements
until you have written for infor
mation about the low rate to Den
ver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake
and San Francisco, via the Frisco.
J. N. Cornatzar, D. P. A., Memphis.
(Oldest and Largest Bank in the County).
CAPITAL $50,000
-.■— ■ ' OFFICERS -
G. W. Decker, President, A. D. Bailey, Vice-President
R. M. Johnson, Cashier. T. D. Kinman, Asst. Cashier
Directors:—A. D. Bailey, V. Y. Cook, G. W. Decker, John T. Flynn,
Thos. J. Graham, J. W. Grubbs, R. M. Johnson, A. E.
ShofTner, J. M. Stayton.
We thank our patrons for the past year’s business out of which we are
cabled to pay our stockholders their regular ten per cent dividend, and to
dd to our surplus fund and reserve profit account $7414.99.
Capital, $50,000 — • •• ”7—
Directors:-T. J. Watson, John M. Cook, Ben Adler S Wolff T o
Taylor, T. J. Craham, G. W. Hurley, W. A, Billingsley ’
B. B. Bond.
s — v.
Officers;—Sigmund Wolff, President; Q. w. Hurley, Vice-President
W. A. Billingsley, Cashier; P. A. Jones, Assistant Cashier.
Daily Independent.”

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