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Meatber jforecast.
Washington, July 25 — Forecast for Ar
kansas: Saturday, showers and thunder
storms, light, variable winds.
Huffman bakes bread every day.
Huffman’s kisses are the best, d.tf
Swiss and cream cheese at Huff
man’s. 53 dtf.
Huffman runs the only bread wagon
Grocery. d 19
Huffman can bake cakes for the
most fastidious. d-tf
T. E. Hutchinson is up from Little
Rock on a visit to friends.
For your six o’clock breakfast
order Huffman’s light rolls, fresh
baked. 4-dtf
For Sale: New rubber tired surrey
and gentle horse. Apply 213 Laurel
street or J. J. Hunter. 77d6t
Mr. J. O. Taylor returned from
Eureka Springs, where he took his
family to spend the heated term.
Huffman & Son serve ices, cream
and cake and everything in that line
to parties and receptions at reason
able prices. d-298
Summer Tourist Rates—Cheap rates
to nearly all resorts, via the Iron
Mountain. For rates call on W. M.
Gregg, Agent.
Huffman’s candies are the best on
the market—the three leading candy
firms of St. Louis and the leading one
of Little Rock, say so. 276-dtf
Try the new rigs and good drivers
at the R. L. Robinson Livery Stable,
upper end of Front Street. Good
service at reasonable charges. 62dtf
. Round trip tickets to Camden on
account of State Missionary and
Christian Endeavor Convention one
and one-third fare via Choctaw route.
I pay highest prices for
pearls,baroques and slugs.
L. WILSON. Office at
Chas. /Vieyer’s Store.
Round trip tickets to Salt Lake
City via Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf
route, return limit Sept. 30, only $35,
with stop over allowed. Dates of sale
August 7 to 10 inclusive.
Rev. H. E. Gabby, accompanied by
his wife, will leave the first of next
week fora month’s vacation at Mays
ville, Ky., where he will rest from his
arduous duties as pastor of the Baptist
church here.
Presbyterian church—The hour for
morning service has been changed on
account of the warm weather as fol
lows: Sunday school at 8:30 o’clock,
morning service at 10 o’clock and
evening service at 8 o’clock.
The pearl bought for $1800 by S. M.
Hendrickson was sold to J. M. O’Hara
of Memphis. The price paid for it is
private. It seems that Mr. O’Hara
buys all the fine pearls that come to
the city, paying good prices therefor
Round trip tickets to San Francisco
or Los Angeles, Cal., via Choctaw,
Oklahoma & Gulf Route, with final
limit to return September 30, only
$47.50. Stop overs allowed. Dates
of sale July 20, August 2 to 10 in
While playing on the front porch
of his father’s residence Tuesday,
Emmett Ferguson, son of W. E.
Ferguson, fell to the ground breaking
his right arm. Dr. Oakley attended
to the injured member.—Augusta
Free Press.
The Southern Hotel, of Ravenden
Springs, Ark., is now open for guests.
Lithia water for kidneys, liver and
stomach troubles. 112 miles west of
Memphis on the Frisco System.
Write for rates. Address, Manager,
Southern Hotel. 59b3m.
Send your next lot of
pearls, slugs and bar=
oques to J. E. Tully & Co.,
14 Maiden Lane, New
York, who pay best
The base ball game Friday between
Litchfield and Newport, resulted in a
squabble after the seventh inning,
Litchfield being in the lead, but re
fusing to play further unless a new
ball was produced, the old ones being
worn out. The score stood 5 to 14
for Litchfield.
The members of the Christian
church Friday night “pounded” Rev.
J. H. Brooks, much to the delight of
that gentleman and his family. Quite
a crowd was present, all of whom
attended well loaded with good
things, which were highly appreciated
by Mr. and Mrs. Brooks and received
by them in the same spirit in which !
they were given. I
During the Performance of a Street
Medicine Show the Small Boy is
in Evidence.
During the progress of a street
medicine show Friday night, con
ducted by Dr. F. S. Ferrell, who
claims to be part Cherokee Indian,
the performance was disturbed by the
performers coming in contact with
several over-ripe eggs thrown by a
number of small boys in the crowd.
The Indian doctor, becoming en
raged at the affair, began to abuse
one Dr. G. W. MeGraw, another street
fakir, claiming that he was the insti
gator of the outrage, and put the boys
up to the egg-throwing contest, which
he, MeGraw, will endeavor to disprove
in the mayor’s court at 3 o’clock Sat
urday afternoon.
Upon the Mayor’s court convening
at 3 o’clock, nothing was shown to
prove that Dr. MeGraw had anything
to do with the egg throwing, and act
ing-Mayor Mayhan, after lecturing the
boys who threw the eggs, dis misse
the case against the doctor.
To His Honor, F. D. Fulkerson, Judge of the
Jackson County Circuit Court, July Term, 1902:
We. the Grand Turv. bee to submit the fol
lowing as a brief report of our actions as grand
jury for the July term 1902.
Being duly|empaneled, we perfected our or
ganization by the selection of J. G. Walker as
clerk, and entered upon our duties by inves
tigating all cases that came before us.
First, cases where accused were in jail; next,
those that were under bond, and then such cases
as came before us, exercising care and celerity
to the best of our abilities, to investigate all
charges for felonies and misdemeanors, by ex
amining 78 summoned witnesses, (not one of
whom was entitled to more than one day’s at
tendance,) and a number of witnesses who aiv
peared voluntarily before the jury. Some of
them gave evidence that ;satisfied the jury
that violations of the law were probable,
others only succeeded in convincing
the jury that they desired their help to vent
petty spite, and the jury took such action as was
in consonance with the instructions of the court,
and their understanding of the law.
Your jury found 14 indictments for felony,
and 23 indictments fof misdemeanors ofj|various
kinds, those for the illegal sale of whisky pre
dominating. Tile jury, did not consider it good
policy to pursue the illegal sale of whisky to
such an extent so as to entail excessive cost on
the county, nor to heap indictments to a degree
that would create public sympathy for the
Your jury is forced to admit that the accounts
of various public officers have not been ex
amined, for the reason that the commissioners
of accounts had not completed their report. The
jury having completed their labors, deem it best
not to wait for the completion of this report.
The jury have made inquiries as to the con
dition of the public roads, and regret to say that
many of the roads not classed as first class roads
are not maintained in good condition because
road overseers claim that no work should be
done in their respective districts, except upon
those of the first-class, and that they were not
liable to indictment for the failure to keep all
public roads at least passable. In view of the
misunderstanding of the law, the jury have not
felj justified to bring any indictments at the
present term, but made mention only to ad
monish overseers that the law does not absolve
them from liability in case they fail to main
tain all public roads at least passable.
The grand jury in a body, visited the county
jail aud found that the improvements made have
added to the safety as well as to the maintaining
of good sanitary conditions. The prisoners all ex
pressed themselves as being well treated and
well enough fed.
A committee from the grand jury, appointed
to investigate the county poor farm, reports that
there were 6 inmates, 4 females and 2 males.
All indicated that they were being taken care of
as well as conditions would allow, and that Mr.
Grant aud his family took especial care to make
the inmates as comfortable as possible. The
committee also reported that they found the
house in very bad repair. The house in which
Mr. Grant lives needs repairing very badly, the
weatherboarding is all rotten, aud needs paint
ing %’ery badly, aud the pauper house is in a
very bad condition—new blocks are needed, the
ceiling is falling down and the windows, doors
... i is . .. v—.1 : _ 'i'u. :_
would recommend that these repairs be attended
to at once; while the appropriation has been
made for these repairs, nothing has been ac
complished under .it. The jury would also
recommend that if the property is not insured
that it be insured fora nominal sum at least.
Your jury regret that they are constrained to
complain of the action of the Hon. Prosecuting
Attorney, who covertly, if not overtly, imputes
misconduct in finding an indictment for mur
der in the second degree against one of the
prisoners in tile jail of the county, instead of
m indictment for murder in the first degree.
1'he basis of our complaint is contained in a mo
.ion to suspend proceedings in said indictment,
Mid consists of the following language:
“That the grand jury, or members thereof,
while the said charge has been pending before
them have been counselled as to the facts and
law of said case, by the friends or counsel of ac
cused and outside of the grand jury room.
“That while said charge has been pending be
fore said grand jury, said body procured the56th
Ark. Reports and examined the case of Simpson
vs. the State, erroneously making their own
interpretation of the law applicable to the ev
idence, instead of taking the law from the court,
under the court’s direction, as provided by Sec
tion 2057 of S. & H. Digest.’’
The jury jointly and severally deny that any
action of theirs, or the friends or counsel of
Johnson warrant the allegations made, and
strongly protest against the implied imputations
upon their characters as grand jurors of the
county, and honestly court inquiry into their
conduct as such jurors.
The jury does not consider it within their
province to furnish any argument to sustain
:heir actions, but willingly leaves the matter to
:he judgment of your Honor and the people of
Fackson County.
Tn conclusion the jury desires to express their
thanks for the kind consideration and indul
gence extended by the court, and the energetic,
and efficient aid rendered by the officials, one
and all.
Respectfully submitted.
I,. I.ippmanx, Foreman.
J. G. Walker, Clerk.
15 and ‘20c dimity, lawn and baptiste
all go for 10c a yard at Cbas. Meyer’s
Great Bargain Store. 67dtf.
Has the Largest Plant in
Equipped with Latest Improved
Uses Filtered and Condensed
Water and Positively Guar
antees all work.
Give Us A Trial.
We Will Please You. Prompt
Service and Special Work
Out of Town agents wanted.
W. F. Williams, Mgr.
No. 36 No. 42
Lv Memphis 10:30 a. m. 8:00 p. m.
Ar Asheville 5:50 a. m. 2:15 p. m.
No. 36 carries coaches and sleeper
to Asheville and beyond without
No. 42 will carry a sleeper to Ashe
ville without change.
This enables one to take supper at
home and dine in Asheville next day
with daylight ride through East Ten
nessee mountains, and the “French
Broad” scenery.
Write or call for details, including
“Summer Homes” folder, list of
hotels and boarding houses, rates of
board, etc.
C. A. DeSaussure, D. P. A.,
Memphis, Tenn.
In Colorado all the conditions of
health are met. There is a sufficient
altitude to cause lung and chest de
velopment; there is the dry, exhilar
ating mountain air, with an almost
absolute absence of malaria; there is
the tonic effect of a bracing climate,
without its rigors; an atmosphere
filled with ozone; cool nights in sum
mer, a bright, sunny sky almost every
day in the year, conducive of cheer
fulness and bringing a new pleasure
every morning, constantly stimulating
both mind and body.
The low rates put in effect via the
Union Pacific, enable you to reach
these great parks without unneces
sary expenditure of time or money.
Full information cheerfully fur
nished on application to J. H. Loth
rop, General Agent, St. Louis, Mo.
We have on hand at all times a
supply of literature, descriptive of
the resources and resorts of the great
It is interesting and instructive
reading for the farmer, business man
uid tourist, and will be mailed free
on application to
J. H. Lothrop, G. A., U. P. Ry. Co.
903 Olive St. St. Louis, Mo.
Via the Iron Mountain Route—Rate
$25 round trip to Denver, Colorado
Springs, Pueblo. Dates of sale, July
1 to 13, August 1st to 14, 23, 24 and
August 30 to September 10 inclusive,
final return limit October 31st.
W. M. Grkgg, Agt.
Choctaw Route will sell excursion
tickets daily Newport to Mt. Mag
azine, Ark., at rate of $7.50 for round
trip, good returning Sep. 30, 1902.
6lbtf. W. R. Thompson, Agt.
7-;.7--.--■ —---—
Send your Fine Pearls and Baroques To
the firm that pays the highest prices,
as They Sell to European Markets
J. fl. O’HARA & CO.,
34 Madison st., Memphis, Tenn.
-1 mun-— ' |
Wabash Line.
Enjoy an Observation=Cafe, Parlor or Luxurious
Chair Cooled by Electric Fans en route.
For further information ask your home ticket
agent or addresss
W. D. WOOD, T. P. A., St. Louis, Ho.
' | ■ ■■ . -------- ----- ■ ' ' ' ~ ( n ' *•' : .
until you have written for infor
mation about the low^ate to Den
ver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake <
and San Francisco, via the Frisco.
J. N. Cornatzar, D. P. A., Memphis.

(Oldest and Largest Bank in the County).
CAPITAL $50,000
■■----. OFFICERS,^-...—.• .
G. W. Decker, President, A. D. Bailey, Vice-President
R. M. Johnson, Cashier. T. D. Kinman, Asst. Cashier
Directors:—A. D. Bailey, V. Y. Cook, G. W. Decker, John T. Flynn,
Thos. J. Graham, J. W. Grubbs, R. M. Johnson, A. E.
Shoffner, J. M. Stayton.
We thank our patrons for the past year’s business out of which we are
enabled to pay our stockholders their regular ten per cent dividend, and to
add to our surplus fund and reserve profit account $7414.99.
w VJ6'J*Co(lS'sa^'5>‘' ..- ll
Capital, $50,000 —1
• • _ _ £
Directors:-—T. J. Wateon, John M. Cook, Ben Adler, S. Wolff, J. O. 1
.. > • J. Graham, G. W. Harley, W. A. Billingsley,
B. B. Bond.
Re lhe Daily Independent.

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