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I. D. Price for Xmas presents. 197btf
Huffman has oysters and celery, dtf
Elgin creamery hotter 35c atBracy’s.
210 d6t.
Huffman has fruit cakes and makes
them himself. 194 dtf
Fruit Cakes! Fruit Cakes! All
kinds at Bracy’s. 210 dot
For first class watch repairing, goto
the Palace Jewelry Store. 202 btf
B,T. J. Williams and wife of Batesville
were here Friday night and Saturday.
Don’t forget Henry Schott’s re
moval sale which commences De
cember 1. 188 b4w
Holiday buyers-wait till the opening
of the Palace Jewelry Store before
buying presents. 192 btf
“The Grab All”—attend
Hayes’ Cost Sale, $20,000 stock
at a sacrifice. bl81
Prices will tell of Henry
Schott’s cost sale; beware of
fake advertisers. 189 dtf
Bisque dolls, china dolls, cloth dolls,
paper dolls, jointed dolls and winking
dolls ii I. D. Price’s. 197 btf
Miss Elise Hooker has been sick for
several days with fever and a pro
tracted siege is feared.
The steamer Tucker left Friday
noon for Oil Trough to secure a cargo
of over 300 bales of cotton.
Dolls, dolls, dolls, of every size
color, age and shape at I. D. Price’s
mammoth Christmas Bazaar. 197 btt
Any book not in Btoek will bo or
dered promptly. Please hand in your
orders early so as to avoid delay. I.
D. Price. ' 193 btf
H. C. Hungerford leaves tomorrow
noon for his home in Louisville after a
short visit with Capt. W. A. Joyce
and family.
” S. W. Weaver of Memphis came
down Friday from Batesville with his
sister Miss Harry Weaver and re
turned Saturday.
Mrs. J. E. Roseborough of Batesvil1
came down Friday on a visit to Capt.
T. D. Kinman and family and to at
tend the masquerade party.
A party was given Friday evening
at the home of Robt. West near Diaz,
which was attended by a number of
young people from this city.
Santa Claus has headquarters at I.
D. Price’s again this year, and don’t
you forget it. A visit to his store will
convince any one of this fact. 197 btf
One fare for the round trip on the
“Choctaw” December 24, 25 amL 37,
—- ffljjj, y-n,f -I.-*"n;ti-v l, lyos.^'-TicketH
good to return umil'SHhuary 2, 1903.
For nice rigs of any kind and good
driving horses, place your call with
R. L. Robinson, upper end of Front
Street. Charges always reason
able. G2drf
Why was Henry Schott’s
avia nmw/loil •ill <bi v vostcr-1
^ V - '» -- - - V
day? Because people know
wlien they get goods at cost,
191 btf.
Those wishing pianos tuned during
the holidays, can get guaranteed work
by calling on Z. B. Reid or addressing
Box 444. Reid alBO handles high
grade organs and pianos. 208 tjt
Paul Butler was here Friday night
on his way to Batesville, being accom
panied by his little niece, Miss Kate
Brown of Mississippi, who was on ho:
way to Batesville fora visit.
«tw»e, come, come, at once to I. D.
Price’s mammoth Christmas Bazaar
and select your ■ holiday presents be
fore the stocks are broken. They are
going fast. Don’t he too late. 107 btf
Miss Louise Latham who teaches
school in the Indian Territory was
here Christmas day on her way home
to Batesville to spend the holidays
and had with her a little Indian girl.
Capt. T. B. Stallings spent Christ
mas with his family in this city and
returned Friday to Batesville, where
the Joe Wheeler brought down a cargo
of 214 bales of cotton on her last trip.
Mrs. William Hooker and accom
plished daughters Misses Irma and
Frauohelle left Saturday afternoon for
their home in Brinkley after a visit to
Mrs. Hooker’s sister, Mrs. Wm. Bai
Spend Christinas holidays with kin
folks and friends in the old States.
Only one fare, plus $2.00, for the
round trip by the “Rock Island Sys
tem,” Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf R.
R. Tickets will be limited 30 days
from date of sale. btf
I. D. Price will take subscriptions to
all the leading magazines at publish
er’s prices. Hand in your subscrip
tions to Delineator, Home Journal,
Designer, Munsey’s or McClure’s. In
fact any magazine or periodical pub
lished in the English language. 193 btf
Christmas and New Year rates via
the Iron Mountain Route. Rate, one
first-class fare for the round trip,
minimum selling rate of 50 cts. Tick
ets will be sold to all points on lines
of this system within distance limit of
200 miles, on 6ale Dec. 24, 25 and 31,
1902 and Jan. 1, 1903 - final return
limit on all tickets Jan. 2, 1903. Thos.
H. Reamey, Agent,
Huffman handles nothing but the
BEST. 194 dW
Everything you want at Bracy’s.
210 dflt.
Don’t forget that Dutton is selling
dolls at cost. 200btf
Low excursion rates for the h didays
on the “Choctaw.”
A. C. Collier of Tupelo was here
Friday and Saturday.
Dr. N. G. Hardister was here Satur
day on his way to Hoxie.
Santa Claus headquarters will be at
the Palace Jewelry Store. 192 btf
White river Btood at 17.8 feet Satur
day and is failing steadily.
Huffman, the baker, has fancy candy
boxes to put your candies up in. dtf
Lowney’s, Allegretti’s, Gunther’s
and Lynn’s famous candies at Bracy’s.
210 d6t
Buy a Waterman Fountain Pen and
be happy. For sale by I. D. Price.
193 btf
Wooden toys, tin toys, iron toys,
paper toys and cheap toys at I. D.
Price’s. 197 btf
Ask your ticket agent all about the
low holiday excursion rates on the
Miss Ruth Holmes came down Fri
day from Batesville on a visit to her
brother Clarence.
J. S. Handford spent Friday night
here on his return to Batesville from
a trip to Little Rock.
The beautiful display of burnt wood
at W. W. Dutton’s affords many a
chance for a suitable Christmas pre
sent. 200btf
Sack found containing gentleman’s
clothing. Owner can recover same
by calling at this office or upon Henry
Buford. 214 dtf
On account of vacating his present
quarters, Honry Schott will sell his
entire stock at actual cost. Sale will
commence Dec. 1. 188 b4w
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ed Mann came over
from Jonesboro Thursday night on a
visit to the latter’s parents, Dr. and
Mrs. F. Q. Smith.
In the annual election of officers j
Thursday evening of Jackson Chapter j
No. 40, Royal Arch Masons, E. L. j
Boyce was chosen high priest and R. j
M. Laird, king.
Holiday excursion rates to the i
Southeast via the Iron Mountain i
route. Tickets on sale Dec. 13, 17, j
21, 23 and 20—return limit 30 days
from date of sale. Rate one faxef plus
§2.00 for the round trip. Thos. H.
Reamey, Agent..
- BlT). Chadick, chief promoter of
the Morning Star Railroad, who has
been in Little Rock for some time, ar
rived Friday night and will meet a j
number of the prominent men inter- i
ested in this road here. Mr. Chadick
continues optimistic in his belief of
the ultimate construction of his road.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Combs were
here Saturday morning on their way
to Batesville to visit the parents of the
former. They were married recently
in Alabama and were on their way to
the home of the groom, where a re
ception will be tendered them next
Wednesday evening to which the elite
of Batesville are invited.
Holiday excursion rates to the
Northern States via the Iron Moun- i
tain route. One fare plus §2.00 for j
the round trip. Tickets on sale Dec. j
13, 17, 21, 22, 23 and 20 to all points in
Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, j
South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska and
Illinois—final return limit 30 days
from date of sale. Thos. H. Reamey,
Fireworks at Bracy’s. 210 d6t
Nice fruits at Huffman’s. 194 dtf
Ralston brain bread at Huffman’s.dtf
I. D. Price for fine China and bric-a
brac. 197 btf
All kinds of fresh nuts at Huff
man’s. 194 dtf
Oysters, celery and cranberries at
Bracy’s. 210 d6t
Bracy has 2000 lbs. of candy for
Christmas. 210 d6t
Seeded raisins and cleaned currants
at Huffman’s. 194 dtf
Huffman’s specialties are—every- |
thing he handles. 194 dtf
Huffman will bake your fruit cakes j
for you. 192 dtf
Remember Henry Schott is selling j
his entire stock at cost. 188 b4w
Hayes’ Annex, “The Grab
All,” adjoining room. bl81.
A ton of toys, for girls and boys to j
make a noise, at I. D. Price’s. 197 btf j
Do not forget Huffman’s bakery 1
when you are wondering where to buy
your Christmas candies. 194 dtf
Miss Maude Richardson will resume
her position with the Southwestern
Telegraph & Telephone Company to
Grover Davidson, the newspaper
kid, is up from Newport taking Christ
mas with the home folks.—Evening
Shade Record.
J. M. O’Hara, the well known pearl
buyer, came over from Memphis Sat
urday morning for the first time for
several weeks.
For Sale—Residence, corner Hazel
and Fifth streets. Terms made known
on application.
144-dtf Mbs. Cora A. McDonald.
Miss Aubre Arnold resigned her
position at the telephone office Friday
UJiVl ¥> 111 i 1 11 V IllUV J 'll* > Vli “V/«. •
month for a six months stay in Gaines
ville, Texas.
The “Rock Island System,” Choc
taw, Oklahoma & Gulf R. R., have j
established through personally con
ducted tourist sleeping car lines to
California and Portland, Oregon.
The California car leaves Memphis
every Tuesday at 9:00 a. m., Little
Rock 1:15 p. m., South McAlester, I.
T., 10^50 p. m. same day, Oklahoma
City 2:40 a. m. Wednesday, El Reno
3:40 a. m. arriving El Paso, Tex.,
Thursday morning, Los Angeles Fri
day morning and San Francisco Sat
urday morning.
The Portland, Oregon, car leaves
Memphis every Thursday on the same
schedule arriving Denver 7:30 Satur
day morning, Ogden Sunday morning
and Portland Monday morning.
ST. L. I. M. & S. RAILWAY.
No. 72 Local Freight. 6:45 a. m.
.No. 2. 4:05 a. m.
No. 4. 11:05 a. m.
No. 12. 8:48 p.m.
No. 6. 10:50 p. m.
No. 8.11:32 p. m. j
No. 73 Local Freight. 7:00 a. m.
No. 7. 4:05 a. m.
No. 5. 4:40 a.m.
No. 11. 6:15 a. m. j
No. 3. 11:39 a.m.
No. 1 . 10:50 p. m
Passenger Leaves. 7:00 a.m.
Mixed “ ... 11:45 a.m.
Passenger Arrives.. . 6:45 p. m. !
Mixed “ . 10:15 a. m. 1
Z,..'.. . ." .. . ' ' ~ .M__...
■ Hfi
^ ; | ^ «*; iy. ^ pj M
J We have given up our store room. |
§ We gave up voluntarily the Carhartt Agency.
I We gave up voluntarily American Lady Corsets. |
I We gave up voluntarily other agencies. |
I We have notified our help not to depend on nsg
Days More! j >
All goods must be sold; no goods reserved.
Most of our lines are still complete.
When you can buy your necessities as well as
Christmas present at wholesale cost?
and its Annex.|
THE GRAB ALL.' Opposite 1.1. Depot. |
Wait for Henry Schott’s removal [
sale—commences Dec. 1. 188 b4w
H. O. Nouss left Christmas eve for i
his home in St. Louis and expects to j
visit in Chicago before returning here
Prof. A. Woods, the popular super
intendent of the public schools, is
wearing a Christmas smile over the
receipt of a handsome pear! handled
solid silver butter knife presented him ;
by the pupils of the ninth grade, as
well as a number of individual pres- j
ents. j
...... ^
To Owners of -
Gas and Gasoline
Engines, Launches,
Automobiles, Etc.
You can avoid use of
batteries and expense |
of their constant re- 9
newals if you have in 0
their place an I
8 It can he attached to any machine, now or old. *1
t Write for descriptive booklet containing testl- js
fe menials from well-known makers and owners a
of gas and gasoline engines, automobiles, p
3 launches, etc.
•1 214 ncln Street, Pendleton, Ind. 2
'a little money DOES THE BUSINESSr
A Final Reduciion on all our goods has j
been made today.
And let us show you how much we appre
ciate your patronage and good will.
Our Stock is Complete
in every department, w hich enables you to
m I
buy useful Christmas Presents
at a sacrifice.
Ghas. Meyer’s
ij Great Bargain Store. j
K - ---- -
j HIGH GRADE GOODS of every description |
( . — —
y I
\Jv|e VC^ S^'
= Capital, $50,000 —.—
- % *
Directors: T. J. Watson, John M. Cook, Ben Adler, 8. Wolff, J. <y.
Taylor, T. J. Graham, G. W. Hurley, W. A. Billingsley,
B. B Bond.
Officers:—Sigmund Wolff, President; G. W. Hurley, Vice-President;
W. A. Billingsley, Cashier; F. A. Jones, Assistant Cashier.
Coma and Try the French Process in Cleaning.
The Newport Steam Dye Works Co. use it. We use no
inferior dyes'or acids to rot the cloth or fade the colors. Let
ns press* your garments. Thirty-live years’ experience—two
years in your town
Next door to Chastain's grocery store.
D. H. SMITH, Manager.

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