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I 1
ry of Shooting of Greer By
)octor B. E. Black, Former
ly a Newport Dentist.
In the second of January Dr.
E. Black, formerly a dentist
;his city, who was given to
iking spells, during which
e he was hardly accountable
his acts, shot and killed
liam Greer, an employe in the
r-oad office at Muskogee, In
a Territory. News of the
£edy reached this city several
is ago, but the details of the
lir were not known until a
_y of the Muskogee Phoenix
was received.
Mrs. Black, after the shooting,
was immediately placed under
arrest, but after an examination,
in which not the slightest in
criminating evidence was found
against her, she was released.
To the Phoenix reporter she
told the story of the crime as
follows: Upon her return from
Corsicana, Texas, where she had
been nursing her sick mother,
she found that her husband had
been on one of his drinking
spells, at which times he was in
sanely jealous and had often
threatened to kill her.
I He charged her with being in
tinhate with William Greer and
demanded that she accompany
hiftn to Greer’s office. She re
ft sed at first to go, whereupon
he i threatened to kill her if she
di 3 not go; she then agreed upon
comdition that he promise not to
dorany violence to Greer, stating
he livas guilty of no offense. Dr.
feck pledged his honor not to
' lhave any trouble and about 8
of clock they went together to the
Kvtty ticket office. When they
wdint in the doctor and Mr. Greer
spjoke as usual to each other. Dr.
SBlack asked Greer to accompany
/them to his office, but Greer at
first refused, stating that he did
not have time. He afterwards
When they arrived at the office
the doctor opened the door and,
pointing to a seat, closed it and
said, “Take that seat, Mr.
Greer.” Mr. Greer seated him
self and had scarcely done so
when th^Moctor drew the pistol
from his bosom, saying, You
have destroyed the peace of my
self and wife,” and fired at him.
Greer sprang toward the doctor
and she ran out in the hall, call
ing for help, and saw nothing
further that took place in the
She said that she did not think
Mr. Greer ever suspected he was
in danger up to the moment of
the shooting; that they had been
boarding at the same place ever
since they had been in this city;
that Mr. Greer was a nice young
gentleman who was on friendly
terms with all who knew him,
and during all the time they have
been here Mr. Greer had never
by sign, look, word or token
made any familiar advances to
ward her, and that he was inno
Mrs. Black’s manner in detail
ing this awful tragedy impresses
one very strongly of the truth of
her statements, and Mrs. Rob
ertson, the keeper of the board
ing house at which the parties
stayed, and her family are unani
mous in the statement that Mrs.
Black’s character was above re
The death of Gr6er, which fol
lowed, will make it hard for his
irderer, who may pay the
deat)i penalty, and if not, is in all
probability good for a long peni
tentiary sentence.
■ — »■ — ..
For the news read the Daily
Threw Cats Into Air for Jeff
Davis to Shoot at—Back In
Penitentiary Again.
Little Rock, Jan. 15.—Warden
S. T. Abraham of the state peni
tentiary has returned from Nash
ville, Tenn., with a somewhat
noted negro convict, Joe West
brook. The negro is about 30
years old and has a record of
crime that is out of the common.
At first he was sentenced to hang
in Crawford county for murder,
but was granted a new trial, and
sentenced to twenty-one years in
| the penitentiary. That was while
; Jeff Davis was attorney-general,
and one day while he was at the
camp at Altheimer Davis told
the negro to throw some cats into
the air for him to shoot as a tar
get, and when he was elected
governor he would pardon the
negro. He did as bidden, and
after Davis was elected governor
Westbrook reminded him of his
promise, and the governor grant
ed the pardon.
Then he went out and entered
the house of a citizen with felon
ious intent, for which he was ar
rested and sentenced to a term
of four years for burglary and
larceny. Again the governor
pardoned him and took him to
his home as a stable boy. He
worked one day, got his meals,
came down town, stole a bicycle,
spent the night in jail and in a
few days was again in the peni
tentiary serving a term of a year
for grand larceny.
This time he escaped, and going
to Tennessee, continued in his fa
vorite avocation of snatching the
property of others, and was
given a year in the penitentiary
at Nashville, which he duly
Now he is back to finish out
his term for the theft of the
bicycle, and then there are some
offenses against the United
States postal laws, of which he
is guilty, which will probably
send him to Atlanta for a season.
The eyes of all the world will
be turned toward St. Louis dur
ing the year 1904. Everybody
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hands, the news of the greatest
| World’s Fair which the world
has ever seen. Our readers are
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paper—a newspaper which ack
j nowledges no equal or rival in
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great newspapers of the world,
i Subscribe for the St. Louis Globe
; Democrat and get all the news
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; of the national campaign, and all
the news of all the earth. See
advertisement elsewhere in this
! issue. 24d6x
Mrs. P. Deaderick was called
i to Hot Springs Saturday morn
j ing on account of the illness of
her grandfather, G. W. Hurley.
She was accompanied by Mrs.
Thomas Henry.
Now is your chance to get a
fine magnolia and have it planted
: by an experienced florist. Call
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i Specimens of both palms and
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Circuit Court—Second Monday
after third Monday in January,
and second Monday after fourth
Monday in Mugust.
Strong Voice of a Representative
of the Farmers Raised
Against Davis.
Judge C. D. Wood has received
the following encouraging report
from a prominent citizen of Lee
“Old Lee is just as sure to go
for Wood as I am to vote for him.
I have just returned from the five
bottom townships of Lee and
every thing is all 0. K. over there.
I enclose you a clipping from
the Courier that one of my old
county friends wrote. This man
is as good a man as you will find
in the state. Put your time in
somewhere else and don’t worry
about Lee, for she is all 0. K.’’
The clipping is as follows:
Eleener Township.
Mr. Editor: I address this
communication to all whom it
may concern; every Democratic
voter in the state of Arkansas
who expects to vote in the com
ing primary for a Democratic
nominee for the governorship of
the state. As an humble Demo
cratic voter of the farming ele
ment I feel like raising my voice
in protest against the nomina
tion of Jeff Davis for re-election
to that high and responsible po
sition, one which he has abused
most outrageously since having
it. For the sake of our mothers,
wives and daughters, especially
those living in the country, fre
quently in an unprotected state,
fathers, sons and brothers being
off in the fields at work or off of
the premises on business, I deem,
it the sacred duty of every lover
of true womanhood to use his in
fluence and cast his vote against
the re-election of this pardoner
of an incestuous father and a
black rapist. Judging the future
by the past, what protection would
the purity of woman have at the
hands of a self-confessed adult
erer, as he is anyway?
As a son of an ex-Confederate
soldier I call upon all such to lend
their influence and vote to defeat
for the highest office in their gift
such a character as Davis has
proven himself to be. Arise,
brother Democrats of Lee coun
ty, and relegate this demagogue
to the rear!
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Year’s Start. Ij«
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_ :

- ■ ■■ ... .■■=
Successor to Black Bros.
Office: Watson Building
Rooms 1, - and 3.
Newport, - Arkansas.
■ ! I -
Newport, Arkansas.
Under the supervision of the United States Government.
PAID IN CAPITAL $50,000.00
SURPLUS - - - 8,000.00

Deposits in sums of one dollar and upwards will be re
ceived—the same careful attention is extended both small
and large depositors. ;
T. J. Graham W. A. Joyce Sigmond Wolff :
Jos. S. Harvey J. W. Ferrill
T. J. Watson, J. 0. Taylor G. W. Hurley,
President. Vice-Pres. I
W. A. Billingsley, F. A. Jones,
Cashier. Ass't Cashier.
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^ Is now on, and will continue until stock is reduced. ^
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