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Engineer and Bridgeman Were
Hurt, the Former Probably
Fatally—Train Struck a
i Cow Near Switch.
Extra freight train No. 141 on
the Newport branch of the Choc
taw, in charge of Conductor E.
W. Jones, was wrecked at Wel
don, about ten miles south of this
city, Wednesday night at 11:50.
* Upon nearing the switch at
♦Weldon the train struck a cow,
I causing the engine and six cars
to jump the track. Four cars
j were completely demolished and
the engine ran about twenty feet
to one side of the track.
The engineer was thrown out
i of his cab, receiving probably
! fatal injuries. His left foot was
crushed so that it will have to be
; amputated, and he also received
- a bad scalp wound. Ed Keel, a
bridgeman, who was also on the
engine, had his right leg hurt in
two places and was pulled out
from under the trucks of one of
the cars near the engine.
The injured men were taken
to the office of Dr. Tankersley at
Weldon, where their wounds
were dressed, after which they
were sent to the company hos
pital at Little Rock.
The doctor in dressing the
scalp wound of Engineer Joe
Bogart was compelled to take
nineteen stitches.
The fireman and head brake
man, E. Ray, who were also on
the engine, escaped without a
The undersigned citizens of the |
Second ward solicit you to offer j
your names as aldermen in the j
said ward.
We are well satisfied that you
will use your best efforts in ad
Ivancing the material interests of
the city and aid us in making
such public improvement as is
possible for the public good dur
ing the coming term of the city
Reposing full confidence in
vour ability to give us a good ad
ministration of municipal affairs,
we are, respectfully,
W A Billingsley A D Holland
W W Dutton W J Knox
L L Bowen J W McCarty
Frank S. Hess Abe Heiliger
T D Kinman A F Bailey
W B Egan F A Jones
W T Parish 0 J Hubert
T D Kinman, Jr J C Bridges
A T Cummins Bell Crow
R M Johnson C. W, Beard
C E Crook.
i ---
Miss Mabel Stayton entertained
very pleasantly though informally
a small party of friends at cards
^ Wednesday evening. Delicate
refreshments consisting of Neap
olitan cream, assorted cake and
salted almonds were nicely served
by the charming young hostess,
assisted by Miss Amanda Laird.
(Those present were Misses
Lucy Brandenburg, Lula Wolf,
Mary and Amanda Laird, Lula
Empie, Mary McKinnon, Messrs.
J. M. Berger, Jr., C. E. Carroll,
Arthur Bailey, W. T. Dunn and
Ernest McDonald.
m m
Hot Springs, March 9.-Sev
eral members of the local bar of
this city are organizing to make
an effort so secure sessions of the
Manuel Wise Killed Wife and
Then Committed Suicide
—Became Suddenly
Violently Insane.
Fayetteville, March 9.—News
was received here today that
Manuel Wise, who resides near
Thompson, close to the line be
tween Washington and Madison
counties, became suddenly insane
and with a pistol shot and killed
his wife.
Wise then turned the pistol
upon himself and blew his brains
The couple had three small
children, none of whom was
around at the time Wise commit
ted the bloody deed.
Wise was a justice of the peace
in Durham township in this
county and was well known in
this section.
Attorney General George W.
Murphy in his speech before the
Wood clubs’ convention Tuesday
at Little Rock paid much atten
tion to the matter of the state
convict farm purchase. It will
be remembered, says the Little
Rock Gazette, that the peniten
tiary board had under considera
tion a number of places before
making the purchase of the Cum
mins farm. A number of farms
/ere suggested. One of them
which Col. Murphy had visited
did not meet his approval and in
speaking of it he said: “This
particular farm would not suit.
If we send the convicts there
they could swim in winter, fish
in the spring, suck water out of
the crawfish holes in the summer
and do nothing all the time.”
Arkansas City, March 9.—The
Desha county Democratic cen
tral committee, after canvassing
the returns of the recent pri
mary for county officers, declared
the following the nominees:
X. 0. Pindall, representative;
W. F. Bessellieu, county judge;
H. Townsend, sheriff; George E.
James, treasurer; W. L. Procter,
assessor; J. W. Davis, clerk; T.
L. Pertuis, surveyor; C. F. Kroe
ger, coroner.
The newly elected central com
mittee organized by electing C.
C. Hemingway chairman and Joe
Denmarke secretary.
L. P. Marceline, a well known
banana man, is in the city from
Mobile with a carload of bananas
and will remain in the city a few
Major Newman of Pine Bluff
Commercial Mixes it Up With
Grant County Man on a
Passenger Train.
Pine Bluff, March 9.—While
i returning from the meeting of
i Wood clubs at Little Rock yes
! terday afternoon on the Pine
| Bluff-Little Rock accommodation
I train on the Iron Mountain road
Major Charles Gordon Newmafi
of this city and a Mr. Fletcher of
Grant county got into a fight and :
several blows were exchanged.
Mr. Fletcher and a companion
were discussing the gubernator-;
ial campaign and Major Newman,
who was sitting just across the
aisle, joined in. Mr. Fletcher
resented something that was
said and hot words led to blows
before the men were separated.
No arrests were made. Both
men wore Wood buttons.
Jefferson township was visited
by the county candidates Wed
nesday, the speaking taking place
at Hickory Grove school house.
Probably thirty-five voters were
in attendance and manifested a
keen interest in the several pleas
of the candidates.
The order of speaking was re
versed and the candidates for
representative given a first hear
ing, but this innovation will pro
bably not meet with the approval
of a majority of the candidates
again, for interest centers in the
representative’s race and the
crowd dwindles after these speak
ers have been heard.
The speaking thus far has been;
in the afternoon and not at 10
o’clock in the morning as adver
tised, a point those in townships |
not yet visited will do well to
bear in mind.
Conductor Ferguson, who runs
on the Gillet branch of the Cot
ton Belt railway, took a poll ofj
the voters on the regular train ’
Wednesday and found only three
Davis men. The train was com
posed of three coaches, which
were full of passengers.
Evening Shade, March 9. —
Capt. John M. Wason died at his
home in Evening Shade, Sharp
county. Capt. Wasson was one
of the best known and most!
prominent citizens of Sharp
county. He was an ex-Confeder
ate. He also served that county
for a number of years as county
and circuit clerk.
Newport, Arkansas•
Under the supervision of the United States Government.
" t
PAID IN CAPITAL $50,000.00
SURPLUS - - - 8,000.00
Deposits in sums of one dollar and upwards will be re
ceived—the same careful attention is extended both small
and large depositors.
T. J. Graham W. A. Joyce Sigmond Wolff
Jos. S. Harvey J. W. Ferrill
T. J. Watson, J. 0. Taylor G. W. Hurley,
President. Vice-Pres.
W. A. Billingsley, F. A. Jones,
Cashier. Ass’t Cashier.
iai r ^
'pH ERE is always an interesting newness about this store. The changing Ui
A season’s styles and conditions are constantly being reflected in th eever- fYj
fefa moving display of seasonable and suitable wearing apparel. With March, spring be
Pj gins in earnest, and our immense stocks with their carefully selected assortment and K&j
many styles, are prepared as never before. All the many little details that go to I/m
make this great store perfect have received our careful attention. The greatest pos- yJ
sible care has been exercised in securing goods whose quality is absolutely unquestion- pj
ffj The Administrator of Your Estate ra
gf ■ should have good Judgment, financial responsibility, integrity and ES
should live a long time. W
jjj the Last legislature jg
IS passed a law permitting TRUST COMPANIES to act as administrator, $
Bfi executor, or receiver of any estate, guardian or curator of any infant or gk
IM insane person, agent for any corporation or indiviual, agent for Fg
fefc married women in the management of their separate estate and
P*J to execute any trust placed in their hands by the courts,
pQ We have complied with the provisions of this law and with our large capital
$ of $*00,000 and conservative board of directors we are better equip
ped to* handle this class of business than any individual. The
business career of any individual is short, besides by neglect or tyj
fk dishonesty your property may be wasted. The TRUST raj
93 COMPANY will live on forever and always be on fifiS
jX hand to give your business honest, careful attention. j»
gj Capital, $100,000. §jj
J. W. Grubbs, President. Nathan Graham, V.-Pres. taa
4 Chas. G. Henry, Cashier. vH
Pf B. B. Bond, R. F. Drummond, C. J. Saenger, jJLj
K> M. D. Campbell, F. D. Fulkerson, 0, D. Watson. fYt
ljy S. D. Campbell, Abe Heiligers, L. E. Willis, KsS
fft G. D. Clements, W. D. McLain, J. S. Wilmans LLJ
fej* L. Minor.
Successor to Black Bros.
Office: Watson Building
Rooms 1, i and 3.
Newport, - Arkansas«
. . VOTE FOR . .
The Farmer Candidate and
Poor Man’s Friend.
Read the Daily and Weekly In
Farm, City and Timber
Lands Bought and Sold.
Farm Insurance
Notary Public.
Will Pay Your Taxes.
Call or write, No. 107 Hazel
street, Newport, Ark.

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