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for fishing tackle,
tackle at I. D. Price’s.
—Jersey milch cow,
Best. Hhhf
Gold Leaf Flour 80c at Bowen’s
Store. 02
i Rase ball goods and fishing
tackle at I. D. Price’s. 03btf.
T. S. Ball of Cotter was in
Newport Wednesday.
Frank Anderson of Brinkley
in Newport Wednesday.
Not the cheapest but the best,
Wrwfe Silk Flour. Bowen’s Cash
-G. W. Decker came
Louis Wednesday
E. Moberlv
k were in Newport Tues
the city will
the Hotel Creigh
shipment of lace,
» values, only 5c yard.
Store. 03btf
J. Stewart will enter
ay afternoon with a
_ _ ..
Jones of
hopping in
will meet
Igood Thurs
furnished rooms
Ray boarders so
furel street. Mrs.
C. Wishon returned from
[Hot Springs Wednesday morn
where he has been for sever
). H. Kennedy, the well known
oat man, came up from
Tuesday afternoon on
.. ,j'never sell a watch, but
you should watch us sell cloth
ing. Chas. Meyer’s Great Bar
gain Store. 84d4w
Mi'-, . Mrs. L. J. Cypert of Searcy
f was in Newport Wednesday on
[ her way to Batesville to visit
hoo^in ''the bse
^Mof Mrs. B. F. Whitaker, who is
Anyone desiring a trained
T^^iurse can find one at the corner
^tfThird and Vine streets. Mrs.
A. E. Clark. 84d4w
A. Mortensen has moved his
cleaning and pressing shop to the
newly remodeled building oppo
site city jail, 86dtf
Mrs. Will Stewart left Tuesday
ternoon fet--Little Rock to
v bnnVirl +Vi n voet nf rhn WPfik wit!;
fr*'-v ' -
her husband.
Ladies, the new Batiste R. &
G. corset is just what you want.
See them at Chas. Meyer’s Great
Bargain Store. 03btf
Matt R. Smith and bride came
down from St. Louis Wednesday
-—morning on their way to theii
^ home in Cotter.
If you want to look neat have
your suit cleaned and pressed by
A, Mortensen. In new quarters
opposite city jail. 86dtf
Dr. R. M. Black, formerly of
v^his city butrwho is now located
Pine Bluff, spent Wednesday
*"'wfth friends here.
and two children of Paragould,
are in the city visiting Mrs.
Crumpton’s parents, Prof, and
Mrs. George Hopkins.
Rev. John P. Lowery was ex
pected to arrive on the 2 o’clock
train Wednesday afternoon to
assist in the protracted meeting
at the Methodist church.
A message received at the
telegraph office Wednesday
morning stated that snow had
fallen in St. Louis to the depth of
5 1-2 inches and still snowing.
The ladies have begun the
work of preparing the hall of the
house of representatives for the
meeting of the Arkansas Federa
tion of Woman’s Clubs. — Little
Rock Democrat.
Mrs. P. V. Ferguson returned
Tuesday night from Little Rock.
She and her husband will proba
bly remain in Newport instead
of making that city their home
as was first thought.
Spring time has come, Gentle
Annie, and the base ball season
will soon be in full blast. I. D.
JMci^ha,s a complete line of base
Dali supplies and is prepared to
supply your wants in that line at
reasonable prices. 03btf
Ex-Gov. Dan W. Jones was
able to be out Monday for the
first time in two weeks. He was
confined to his bed for that time
as the result of a severe fall sus
tained on the Pulaski county
courthouse steps. — Little Rock
A ljirge number of store build
ings a3:e being repainted, pre
paratory to receiving the Arkan
sas Travelers, whose convention
is thus proving a good thing to
ward stimulating public interest
and civic pride. Why not invite
them to come again next spring?
Mrs. Fenetta Haskell came
down from Batesville Tuesday
night and is at the Hazel. She
gave a parlor reading at the
home of Mrs. M. A. Dorsey on
Wednesday afternoon, the pro
ceeds to go to the improvement
of the school grounds in our city.
The Wolff-Goldman Mercan-j
tilo company seem to be getting j
their “rep up” on shoes, having
received an order Tuesday from
Rome, Italy, for two pair, from a
former resident of this county.
They were expressed via the Pa
| cific, and it may be a surprise to
many that the rate charged for
this long haul is only $1.75.
Mrs. Louisa Cheney died at her
! home on Beech street Tuesday
1 morning 4 o’clock from a pro
I traeted illness of several months.
She leaves a husband and two
] children, Frank and Mrs. Annie
Willis. Burial Wednesday at
Walnut Grove. Funeral services
were conducted by Rev. T. F.
Richardson of the Christian
; church. _
a ist t/m rk tf ^ Ml
IUUK UnUlililoT
We know that many people hesitate to
spend their money for medicines adver
tised in their local papers, because they
are not positive whether they get some
thing good or something worthless.
Many people hesitate to try new medi
cines, and they are right in so doing.
Every man and woman should be careful
what they use in the way of medicine. For
these reasons we make arrangements with
your druggist to protect you on every
bottle of Paracamph. We know from act
ual experience and from the unquestion
abl testimony of thousands of America's
i best people that Paracamph will do exact
: ly what we claim for it, so when we tell
you that Paracamph is a quick relief and
cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sore Feet,
j Tiles, Skin Diseases, Catarrh, Sore Throat
Sore Lungs, Croup and all forms of swell
ings and Inflammations, we know that it
will do exactly what we claim. If it fails in
any case when used as directed, your drug
gist the mail you know and the man you
have confidence in will refund your money.
So why experiment with the various rem
edies oil the market, when you buy Para
camph on a guarantee like this? We believe
that you are honest and believe.that you
will treat us right. We kuow if you do that
you will be pleased with Paracamph. If
you are suffering from any of the above
aliments, get a bottle of Paracamph today
Sold only in 25 cent 50 cent and |i.oo
bottles, all good druggists, or sent direct
upon receipt of price. The Paracamph
Company, Louisville. Ky., U. S. A.
Correct Clothes for Men \
OUK coat-hanger,
inside coat
pocket, or waist-:
coat strap should
bear this label
Copyright 1903, A. B. & Co.
if you want the finest possible
ready-for-service apparel. It’s on
all the “Correct Clothes for
Men,” and means the same as
“18-K” on gold, and “STERL
ING ” on silver.
Equal to fine custom-made in all but
price. The makers' guarantee, and .
ours, with every garment. We are
Exclusive Distributors in this city.
! i
i—————————— |
—---—_-- I
The Rock Island system offers
twenty prizes of the aggregate i
value of$390 for letters relative’
to the territory along its lines in
Arkansas, Indian Territory, Kan- j
sas, Oklahoma, Texas and New
Mexico. Letters should deal
with the writers’ experiences j
since he settled in the Southwest, j
They should tell how much money |
he had when. he arrived, what
measure of success has attendee:
his efforts and what he thinks of
that portion of the country in
which he is located. Letter?
should not be less than 300 nor j
more than 1500 words in length,
and will be used for the purpose
of advertising the Southwest.
Letters are desired not only
from farmers and farmers’ wives,
but also from merchants, school
teachers, clergymen, from every- j
one, in brief, who has a story to
tell and who knows how to tell it.
For circular givingdetails write
to John Sebastian, Passenger
Traffic Manager, Rock Island
System, Chicago.
A bay mare 6 years old, full
above the eyes; mane not very
long; hog backed; slim made;
weight about 800 pounds; hair on
part of neck and shoulders friz
zled. Will give $2 for informa
tion leading to the recovery of
her. L. M. Conditt,
50w4t Tuckerman, Ark.
Jim Ridley repairs lawn mow
ers, water pumps and scales. 03
Why the Twice-a-Week Republic
Has Achieved Such Wide
Established for nearly a cen
tury and read regularly by more
than 500,000 persons in the west
and southwest, the Twice-a-Week
Republic of St. Louis can justly
lay claim to that enviable dis
tinction, “Favorite Home Pa
It is great because it has al
ways aimed to inform, instruct
and entertain its readers on all
matters of public and home in
terest. In 1904 it will be espe
cially interesting and valuable.
Here are some reasons why you
should subscribe for it:
This is campaign year and you
will want to be informed of the
movements of party leaders, re
ports of the great national and
state conventions, the progress
of the campaign, reports of the
election, etc.
You will want to know all
about the World's Fair, to be
held in St. Louis from April 30
to December 1,1904.
You will be interested in and
kept well informed by the farm
visitor, a regular supplement of
the paper, prepared especially
for the farmer and his family.
You will want to know what
the world is doing in every line
of activity, and through the un
surpassed news and special ser
vice of the twice-a-week Repub- j
lie you will not be disappointed. |
In short sketches, choice bits
of fiction, articles of interest to
women, children and household j
suggestions the Twice-a-Week i
Republic easily leads among the j
weeklies of the great West.
If you want the Twice-a-Week
Republic sent to your address,
order it at once direct from the
office at St. Louis, Mo., or
through your local newsdealer.
It costs only $1 a year.
A Subscriber to the Service
of the
, Is and enrolled member of the 1
REGULAR ARMY of telephone!
users, at whose disposal is placed i
the comprehensive system oper-1
ated by this Company in Texas i
and Arkansas, comprising GO,-!
000 milles of copper metallic cir-;
cuits, affording connection with j
upwards of 3.000 cities and j
, towns and 70,000 subscribers in j
these two States, and with long
distance lines reaching far dis
: tant points throughout the
And all users of axle grease
that want the best grease on the
market and that recognize a good
thing when shown its merits, we
recommend our Golden and Cas
tor Oil brands of Axle Grease.
It is put up in 1 pound tin boxes
and 3 pound tin buckets. For
sale by all up-to-date merchants.
Ask for it and take no substitute.
It is guaranteed to have no equal
for quality on the market.
Jack Herron
For Granitoid and Stone Walks,
Curbing, all kinds of Brick Work.
Don’t fail to get my figures
before contracting.
My Work Talks For Itself
Parties wanting crushed Lime
Stone Walks apply to me. I
& Builder
Plans and Specifications
furnished on short notice
All Work is Guaranteed
Jack Jones
The Crack Barber, keeps
a neat and busy little
shop. Upper end of Front
street. Expert tonsorial
ists. Easy shaves and
the best "haircuts. Our
work pleases.
“Come on, ye stubby beards.”
Weems Laundry
When you want good
work. They make a
specialty of Dyeing and
Cleaning Clothes. Let
them show you how well
they can please you.
Leave orders with
T. P. Umsted&Co.
Local Agents.
Henry Owen,
Physician, Surgeon
d n d Oculist.
v I
Office - - Sells’ Drug Store.
L Vice-President of the Palmetto Club, Memphis, Tenn. i
is a thoroughly i
scientific and mod- I
ern remedy, meet- |
ing the needs of the modem
woman in the modem way
—without the torture of an j
operation. Wine of Cardui i
ha3 cured them in the pri
vacy of their homes and it
has found a place in the
following praise on Wine
of Cardui:
"Among the numerous
medicines placed before suf- |
fering women for their relief
I none can touch McElree’s
Wine of Cardui. It towers
above them all as a reliable
female remedy. It simply f
drives pain and disease away
Hearts or American wuuieu ■ —
that no other medicine has found. In
their gratitude over 10,000 American
women have written letters commend
ing Wine of Cardui. Wine of Cardui
meets their wants as no other medicine
does. It sustains the young girl at the
shock of her entrance to womanhood.
Women who take Wine of Cardui have
little discomfort during pregnancy and
little pain at childbirth. When the
change of life appears they enter a
happy, healthy old age. Every month it
comes to the rescue to assist Nature in
throwing the impurities from the body,
Miss Sarah Finley, of Memphis,
Tenn., vice-president of the Palmettc
Club of that city, speaks for herself and
many friends when she bestows the
and restores health in an incredibly short |
period. I have taken great interest in this I
rnMicinr. for the past two years, since it
brought health and strength to me. I j
have also recommended it to a number
of my friends and they who have used it
speak of it in the highest terms and I feel
that it is praise well bestowed.”
If you are suffering from female i
weakness Wine of Cardui is the medi
cine you need.
You can have health the same _ as
Miss Finley if you will take the Wine
of Cardui treatment. If you need ad- ;
vice further than the complete direc
tions given on the bottle, address The
Ladies Advisory Department, Chatta
nooga Med. Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
To ONE and ALL we wish
When you have business to offer a Bank do not
forget your old Friend, the Bank with the
of any Bank in Jackson County,
Geo. W. Decker, President, R. M. Johnson, Cashier.
A. D. Bailey, V-President, T. D. Kinman, Asst. Cash,
Thos. J. Graham, Ed. P. Shoffner, J. T. Henderson,
Jos. M. Stayton, Dr. J. M. Jones,
T. S. Stephens.
wmBmmmmmm «sr
Low^Colonist I
Rates I
-VIA - —
: .
— TO THE ..
WEST a n d |
This is a good route to the R
new and fertile fields of ^
Oklahoma, the Indian Terri- R
tory and Texas. Low rates j
—both single and round
I trip—in effect on the first
and third Tuesdays of each
month. For detailed in
formation, address
Division Passenger Agt.
Successor to Black Bros.
Office: Watson Building
Rooms 1, s and 3.
Newport, - Arkansas> 1
Farm, City and Timber
Lands Bought and Sold.
Farm insurance
Notary Public.
Will Pay Your Taxes.
Call or write, No. 107 Hazel
street, Newport, Ark.

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