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Newport Daily Independent.
But Not At Berryville, Being Required tc
See His Eureka Springs Friends.
Little Rock, July 25. —Senator
' F. 0. Butt was arrested yester
day at Berryville on a charge of
bribery in connection with the
k bill appropriating $800,000 for the
completion of the state capitol.
indictment was one of the
, ' fjjj/e retjjjrn^d by . the Pulaski
> ' county grand §ury just before
Sheriff Tor Wdorris made the
arrest. The #|pflsation is that
the senator* ps® a bribe of $100
to Senator Pi. PL 'Adams for his
vote for the passage of the cap
itol bill and with promising him
$400 more.
Senator Butt experienced some
little difficulty in securing the
amount of the required bond of
$5,000 at Berryville, and so in
company with Sheriff Morris, he
went to Eureka Springs, where
he is very popular. Withjn a few
minutes the necessary amount
had been several times over-sub
scribed by friends of the prison
er, headed by Judge Maples.
Senator Butt in an interview
denies absolutely the charge
against him and expresses every
confidence that he will be r
miittpfl nt thp Spntpmhpr tprm
of the circuit court.
Newport Takes Second Game.
Newport won the second game
of the series with Prescott Tues
day afternoon by a score of 13 to
8, and a double header is on for
this afternoon. Tuesday’s game
was a pretty exhibition and the
attendance was nearly as large
as on the opening day.
The pair of shoes to be given
by the Bailey Mercantile Com
pany for the first home run still
dangles before the vision of every
man with the stick, and in the
double-header closing the series
to be playe’d this afternoon is apt
to be brought down.
The battery for Newport was
Bandy and Austell; Prescott,
Northern and Shackelford.
Umpires—Kinman and Mon
The score by innings:
Innings 1 23456789
Prescott 004 3 0000 1-8
Newport 0 1 3 1 5 2 0 1 x-13
May Invoke Anti-Trust Act.
Little Rock, July 25.—The
bricklayers on the new building
were out on a strike yesterday.
The question of wages and hours
of work is the cause of the
trouble. W. R. Casey, the con
tractor, says he will at once
bring suit against the officers of
phe union under the Logan anti
' ' trust law\ He declares that the
union is nothing more nor less
than a combine to control the
price of labor and the conditions
under which it may be controlled.
Business Course Scholarship.
One of the best business col
leges in the South is the Mem
< phis Commercial College. The
^ famous Byrnet Simplified Short
hand is taught there; also prac
tical bookkeeping and other
studies of a thorough business
course. The graduates of this
school never fail to attain good
positions. The Independent owns
a $40 scholarship in this school,
which will be sold for $25 to the
first applicant. tf
saw miliTfor SALE.
- I
Saw mill and 1,000 acres of
oak for sale cheap. Party de
- sires to look after other business.
Apply at this office. This mill
is a bargain and can be secured
for $450.
0 0
In publishing a few of the
comments upon our magazine edi
tion these expressions of compli
ment and good will are not repro
duced from any vainglorious mo
tive, but merely for the purpose
of showing the friends and pa
trons who made the edition pos
sible by a generous patronage
that it has not been without re
These quotations are only an
index of the comment created
and the distribution of 7,000
copies over the country should
advertise Newport, Jackson
county and this section of Ar
kansas in a manner that must for
years to come have favorable
fruitage in turning immigration
and capital this way.
A Successful Edition.
“You are to be congratulated
upon the excellence of your suc
cessful edition.”— Col. V. Y.
Thoroughly Interesting.
“Many thanks for the maga
zine, which is well gotten up and
thoroughly interesting.” — Mr.
and Mrs. George J. Terry, Pres
cott, Ark.
Read With Interest.
“We are in receipt of your
special magazine edition of the
Newport Independent, and have
read same with much interest.
We are making a bulletin of
everything appearing in regard
to the White River line, and will
be obliged if you can favor us
with six more copies of maga
zine. H. C. Townsend, G. P.
A., Mo. Pac. System.
Beautiful Edition.
“I congratulate you very
heartily upon the beautiful spe
cial edition you have lately issued.
If I can do something near so
well with mine I shall be very
glad indeed. ”—E. L. Givens,
Editor Batesville Guard.
Splendid Work.
The Newport Independent has
just issued a splendid souvenir
edition of Jackson county. The
magazine is profusely illustrated
with excellent half-tone cuts. It
is a splendid piece of work on the
part of Editor Van Dyke,—Jone
boru Tribune.
The souvenir edition of the
Independent recently issued is a
very creditable piece of work,
and the editor is to be congratu
lated on the success of this pop
ular edition.—Newport Herald.
Interesting Reading.
A handsome special magazine
edition has been issued by the
Newport Independent, and it is
so attractive that the story of
Newport’s progress, which it
teHs admirably, can be read with
great interest. —Little Rock Ga
Advertises Is Well.
We have just received a hand
some souvenir copy of the New-;
port Independent, which con
tains a lot of handsome views of
the enterprises and attractive fea
tures of that city and county,
which presents them in a very
creditable manner.—Forrest City
Win Attract Attention.
The magazine edition of the
Newport Independent is out, and
it is a daisy, reflecting much
credit upon Editor Van Dyke.
This edition will surely be the
means of attracting attention to
Jackson county.—Walnut Ridge
Credit to Any Town.
For its fifth anniversary the
Newport Independent is an illus
i trated trade edition. The work
is a credit to any town and coun
ty. — Pocahontas News^Herald.
Unusually Attractive.
Percy Van Dyke, formerly of
this city, has just issued a special
magazine edition of his paper,
the Newport Independent, which
is unusually attractive and well
edited. — Marshall (Mo.) Repub
Should Benefit Newport.
The Newport Independent has
gotten out a special magazine
edition, “What we are and what
we have to show the homeseek
er.’’ The edition is well gotten
up, the illustrations fine and it
will no doubt be of considerable
financial benefit to Newport.—
Judsonia Advance.
Work of Art.
The souvenir edition of the
Newport Independent, which
reached our desk last week, is
not only a work of art but ably
on/] otfvopfnrolir wviCton nr> nrp
senting the resources and advan
tages of Newport and Jackson
county in a most inviting man
ner. Bro. Van Dyke deserves
particular credit for his efforts in
this enterprise, which excels any
thing of the kind that we have
seen. —Yellville Echo.
Shows Newport a Good Town.
The Newport Independent’s
souvenir edition, a copy of whiqh
reached this office this week, is
in magazine form, 20 pages with
an art cover. It contains many
illustrations and good descriptive
articles. The publication shows
what a really good town New
port is and speaks well for the
enterprise and ability of the In
dependent. Editions of that sort
widely circulated are of inesti
mable value to the entire state.
— Cotter Courier.
The Best Ever Seen.
The anniversary number of the
Newport Independent has been
received and it is unqualifiedly
the best paper of the kind the
writer has seen, both as to con
tents and illustrations. The spe-j
cial edition of the Republican
was deemed the best thing of the
kind issued, but the Independent
is cheerfully accorded first place.
—Yellville Republican.
Will Be Appreciated.
We have on our desk a special
magazine edition of the Newport
(Ark.) Independent, edited by
Percy Van Dyke. The souvenir
is a 20-page edition, replete with
handsome cuts and excellent
reading matter. The compila
tion, printing and distribution of
such an edition is indeed an ar
duous task and the editor’s en
terprise will sure be appreciated
by the people of his city and!
county. —Marshall (Mo.) Index.
—- j
Knock From Brother Knocker.
The magazine edition of the
Newport Independent does not
do us justice. There can nothing j
be said as to the mechanical work, j
as it was turned out by one of
the best printing establishments;
in St. Louis. It is with the illustra-1
tions that we can criticize, and!
that is the work of the two men
who ca. issed the city. They
are small and poorly executed,
some of which had better been
omitted. Newport and vicinity i
deserves a belter exposition of
its many advantages.- Newport
Value Can't Be Overestimated.
We tine among our exchanges
this week a special magazine
edition of the Newport Independ
ent, published by Percy Van
Dyke (formerly of Marshall), at
Newport* Ark. The paper is a
most creditable production, the
illustrations are numerous, and
as a whole presents a picture of
Newport and Jackson county,
Arkansas, that make a splendid
showing of this enterprising
community of the great South
west. The value of the publica
tion as an advertisement of the
town and county in which it. is
printed cannot be overestimated.
-Marshall (Mo.) Democrat
Congratulations AH Around.
We are in receipt of the special
magazine edition of the Newport
(Ark.) Independent, edited by
Percy Van Dyke, formerly of
this county. It is illustrated
throughout with half-tone cuts
of handsome buildings, prom
inent business men, scenes in the
cotton fields and orchards of that
county, which is rapidly coming
to the front. The edition is one
of the most creditable we have
seen come from the South, and
speaks louder than words for the
enterprise of Newport, JackSm
county and Percy Van Dyke, j
Slater (Mo.) Rustler.
Thank You, Brother Sandidge.
One of the most creditable
publications emenating from a
public office we have ever seen
is the “Newport and Jackson
County Illustrated,” issued from
the office of the Newport Inde
pendent, of which Percy Van
Dyke is editor. The Newport
and Jackson County Illustrated
is as creditable in its artistic
make-up as it is in the write-up
of the town.
As a journalist Percy Van
Dyke has won his spurs and is to
the front with the best of them
in Arkansas journalism. As a
Marshall boy we are proud of
him as a representative of our
town in another state.—Marshall
(Mo.) Progress.
- ♦ ♦ —
AH 65c to $L50 lace and
lisle hose, while they last for
50c. Also fancy colors
worth from 50c to 75c, for
35c. Wolff-Goldman Merc.
Co. 783t
The Union Pacific Railway has
just issued an illustrated booklet
on the Lewis and Clark Centen
nial, which is a complete guide
to P rtland, the Exposition and
the Pacific Northwest generally.
It is eminently a pocket manu
al for visitors to the Centennial.
It contains a map of the United
States; large birds-eye view map,
in several colors, of the Exposi
tion grounds with directory; col
ored map of Portland, beautiful,
half-tone illustrations of the Ex
position buildings; and much
general information concernin g
hotel rates, street car lines, and
other things which strangers to
Portland will want to know about.
It tells you of the shortest way
to reach the Exposition City,
what is to be seen en route, and
of the return trip through Cali
Those who intend to visit the
grt at Western Fair will find in
this publication a rare fund of I
Send two cent stamp in your
request, and the book will be
mailed you promptly. Address
J. H. Lothrop, G. A.,
903 Olive St, St Louis, Mo.
™ S(al0c(Mng & ™
t'\cr\s Oi'ffitters jVu porlArk
We are offering our friends the greatest
treat of the season. A line of the famous
Lord & Taylor 50c Hosiery Samples,
Which our Mr. Merger purchased while in New
York for SPECIAL SALE. As longas they last
Wednesday and Thursday
July 26th and 27th. 05
They will be sold for
25 Cents per Pair
And not more than six pairs to the customer.
Positively no goods charged. Remember the
Dates. First come, first served. No favorites.
N. B. — Another shipment received of our famous
Suit Cases and Bags.
I '3Por Your
If so I can get it fortyoil and quickly; I have a list of prog^
erties to pick from in nearly every state in the'union.
Don’t you think I may be able to give you what you want?
I can sell your property no matter where it is, and bring
you a buyer quickly. . . •"
My plan is the best yet discovered for bringing the Buyer
and seller together.
Drop me a card stating your requirements and I will furn
, ish you my plan.
Wouldn’t you rather have your money earning 12 per cent
or 15 per cent than 3 per cent or 4 per cent and still be as 1
safely invested as at the lower rate of interest?
I know you would, all of us would, I have a few of the
very best investments offered today, they have been selected
by efficient financiers, more than 800 investments submitted.
Let me tell you about these, write today. m»n’t delay, you
know how we forget things when once put aside:; This is your
opportunity. ,
Jacksonport, Arkansas.
Procrasti nation is the Thief of Time. Act Today.
V, ■ -■■■—..l
^ ——-—-^
Get Your Moneys Worth! I
We have the finest
$1.00 and
$1.95 SHOES
On the market. We guar
antee every pair of our
shoes. Come and let us
show you.
310 East Front Street, NEWPORT, ARKANr 1 ^
---f -

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