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Real *
Following are a few of
the many bargains I
have on my lists:
No. 1, A.—172 acres fine
sandy loam, 100 acres in
cultivation; good five-room
frame house; cistern and
three fine springs; $1,600.
Terms: One-half cash,
f balance one, two and three
No. 2, A.--200 acres, nine
miles from Batesville; 50
acres cleared; 150 virgin
timber; sandy, clay soil;
good four-room frame
house, good material, well
built; good barn, well and
spring. Price, $2,600.
Terms: One-fourth cash,
balance one, two and three
years, or exchange for
Oklahoma or Texas land.
No. 3, A.—40 acres in Oil
Trough liotton, 6 miles
from Oil Trough, half
woodland; county fence.
Price, $600. Teim : One
half cash.
No. 24, A.—160 acres, 12
miles from O’Kay. Pope
county; one mile from
school; 105 miles wood
land; sandy loam; 1,000
fruit trees: sell $250 to
$300 fruit a season; good
spring. Price, $600 cash.
No. 10, A.—Good general
store, Swifton, Ark.; stock
invoices about $3,500; will
sell right; fine location on
corner; $12,000 annual
-v business.
The above were selected
at random among many
good properties>
You have worked for your money, now let
us work for you. Invest a part in a good pay
ing investment. Let us tell you of some
Remember, Penn-Wyoming Copper Stock is
advancing. Are you a lucky one?
*— Co-Operative Real Estate Agt
• -.• --~“!l
Begin Taking Gsomulsion Today
and Your Cure Begins Today j
'od Liver Oil Emutaian "Par Exaellente."
Its Vitalized Medicinal Fond Proper
tius are Very Quickly Realized.
In Bringing Healthy Color to the
Cheeks of the Pale and Sallow.
In Producing Strength to the Weak, to
the Feeble and the Invalid.
In Toning up the System of Convales
cents from Exhausting Diseases.
In Cleansing the Entire System.
In Nourishing the Wornout.
In Rounding Out the Thin. Peaked
Faces of Children. '
In Building up on their Little Rodiet
the Desirable Pink and White Flesh, and
In Dotting their cheeks with the Pretty
Color and Dimples that make Mother's
Heart Glad.
Is an Antidote for all Diseases Caused by
Exposure to Co>d and Wet.
To prove Its Medicinal Food Merits a
Trial Sottle Free by Mail
Will be ont on request. Write by letter
or postal card to
Ozomulsion Co.. 98 Pine St,, New York.
All Druggists—Two sizes—Mo. and 51.00.
And all users of axle grease
that want the best grease on the
market and that recognize a good
thing when shown its merits, we
recommend our Golden and Cas
tor Oil brands of Axle Grease.
It is put up in 1 pound tin boxes
and 3 pound tin buckets. For
sale by all up-to-date merchants.
Ask for it and take no substitute.
It is guaranteed to have no equal
for quality on the market.
. —1— ■’ ■" ■■ —1
"Planters House
Renovated and
Under New Management
Best $1.00 Day House in City
A. J. MEAD, Prop.
Read the Daily and Weekly
V ..-_
A great lake steamer can go up to
Hugsoo, 117 miles from the mouth; that
Is 130 miles from the nearest point on
Lake Ontario and 240 from the nearest
point on Lake Erie.
If the number of people daily enter
ing the city of London were to be dis
patched from any given station by train
1,077 trains, each conveying 600 per
sons, would be required for the pur
pose. Moreover, if all these trains were
arranged in a straight line they would
cover 221 miles of railway.
The United States geographical sur
vey has just issued a map of New York
and vicinity. The map is engraved on
copper and printed from stone. The
cultural features, such as roads, rail
roads, cities, towns, houses, etc., as well
as the lettering, are brought out in
black, and other features, like swamps,
etc., are clearly defined, making a valu
able chart of the territory.
More matches are used in ths-Unlted
Kingdom than in any other one coun
try in the world. It has been estimated
that English people use an average of
eight matches each person per day, and
annually over 1,700,000,000,000 are
burned. The largest match factory is
in Austria, and each year It uses 22,000
pounds of phosphorus, turns out 2,500,
000,000,000 matches, and for the boxes
alone 160,000 feet of wood are used.
One pound a day is said to be the most
that an organ grinder ever takes, while,
•with some exceptions, five shillings
is about the least, so that a London or
gan grinder may be regarded as a fair
ly prosperous man. An organ can be
hired from the makers for one shil
ling sixpence a day, while the price of a
new organ is 6 25. The cost of setting
an organ to new tunes is about four
pounds, and, sinoa novelty ia essential,
thia is a frequent source of expense. -
If you wish to make a fountain pen,
take two ordinary steel pens of the
same pattern and insert them in the
common holder. The Inner pen will he
the writing pen. Between this and the
outer pen will be held a supply of ink,
when they are once dipped into the ink
stand, that will last to write several
pages of manuscript. It is not neces
sary that the points of the two pens
should be very near together, but if
the flow of ink is not rapid enough
the points may be brought nearer by a
bit of thread or a minute rubber band.
Faulty I,an«aa<re Used la Child
hood la Hurd to Correct la
After Lilfe.
“Why do educated parents allow
their children to contract habits of un
grammatical speech that will have to be
conquered in after-life?” asked a spin
ster of a mother.
“Because they hate to worry the poor
little things about such matters when
they are young and should be care free.
It seems cruel to be all the time cor
recting them and keeping them on their
good behavior. They will have to learn
the rules of our dreadful language all
too soon^as it is.”
“Yes,” said the spinster, “and in ad
dition to learning to speak properly
they will have to unlearn the tricks of
speech in which they have been allowed j
tu indulge all their little lives. I know,”
laughing, “that there is much ridicule
of ‘old maids' children,’ but I believe
that my theory in this case is correct.
It is a positive unkindness to let your
child double his negatives and say
‘ain’t,’ when several years from now he
will be harshly reproved for such
lapses. The child must learn to talk,
anyway, and is it not as easy to teach
him to say ‘It is I,’ as ‘It’s me?’ And is
it not as simple for the little tongue to
lisp ‘I saw it,’ as ‘1 seen it?’ I love baby
talk, and should not correct a child for
his mispronunciation of hard words,
As lie grows older lie will himself see
his mistakes in that line and ehange
them. But I insist that it is a parent’s
duty to make the difliculhpatli to gram
matical speech as easy as possible by
never allowing the little ones to stray
from it in the beginning.”—Harper’s
Some Mexican l.aw*.
A Topeka man who recently toured
Mexico tells that they have some very
curious criminal laws down there. For
example, the statutes make it twice as
much of an offense to mutilate the face
of a woman as that of a man. While in
the City of Mexico he attended court
one day and saw a man sentenced to
one year in prison for cutting his para
mour across the face with a knife. If
his victim had been a man the sentence
would not have been, more than four
months at the outside. The law seems
to be based on the idea that a woman’s
best possession is her beauty, and that
to mar it does her a great injury. There1
is another curious law. If a person
should be wounded in an encounter the
punishment to the offender is fixed by
the number of days his victim has to
stay in the hospital or under a doctor's
care. A line is fixed at 40 days in the
waj’ of a genera] division. If the in
jured man occupies more than 40 days
in his recovery the penalty doubles up.
As we understand the Topeka man
these are not court customs, but statu
tory enactments.—Kansas City Jour
Another N'npoleon of Finance.
Solomon—Cohn killed two pirds with
vun stone at his latest fire.
Isaacs—How vas dat?
“His whole stock vas destroyed,
undt he purned his hands so padly he’ll
be laid up for months drawing twenty
life tollars & week, accident insurance."
- Brooklyn Life.
Oat of Hla 9I*fct.
“Get out!” commanded her father.
“Don’t ever let me see von here again."
“Very well,” replied the consistent
young man. “Your daughter ean tell
you the night# I am to oall, and you can
arrange to be out until I leave.”—PhD
sdalphla Iforth Ansdesa.
Invisible bi-focals?”
“No, I haven’t.”
“It is useless for you to wear
a pair of glasses in two pieces,
so that when you are walking
you seem to be falling into a
We have an agent located in
^our town who has the exclusive
right for fitting you with a pair
of these glasses, with .which you
can see far or near, without any
Is the right man.
Office—St. Louis Shoe Store
310 Front St., Newport.
rba Tea-Gown a Cootume Wboae
Womanliness Is Especially Liked
by the Masculine Folk.
That the tea gown has come into its
own again is cause for rejoicing to every
member of the sex feminino. Not only
has thia informal style of garment al
ways been in favor with the gentler sex,
but many a man has been heard to de
clare that woman always looks her
daintiest and most womanly best
rhen clad in the graceful, trailing
draperies of a smart tea gown.
We may one and all of us unanimous
ly vow and declare that we dress for our
»wn pleasure alone, that the criticism,
favorable or otherwise, of other women
affects us not in the least. But, deep
down in our hearts, whether we ac
knowledge it to ourselves or not, a cer
tain respect and liking for masculine ex
pressions of approval exists.
The new tea gown, as it has come
back to us, is quite a different style of
garment from those which preceded it.
It Is not longer than the old gown, but
it is decidedly looser, so loose, indeed,
that to the uninitiated just where the
differentiation between the tea gown
and the negligee is to be made is some
thing of a problem. The boundary line
is vague, to be sure, but the woman who
makes even the slightest pretension of
keeping up with the vagaries of Mme.
La Mode can tell without an instant’s
hesitation which is negligee and which
is tea gown.
The characteristic and keynote of the
new importations of tea gowns is the way
In which they cleverly conceal and yet
reveal the fascinating curves of the fig
ure. For the new figure simply must
have curves! The Parisienne. even in
her most negligee moments, retains her
corsets, and she prefers that some little
hint, no matter how vague, be given as
to the delicate proportions of her slen
der figure.
Hence it is that the tea gown is now
Invariably constructed upon a carefully
boned and fitted lining. Sometimes the
doublure is en princesse, but far more
often it is the usual corsage and skirt
lining, cleverly joined together below
the waistline.—Chicago Record-Herald.
Always be prompt in attendance at
meals, particularly when you are the
guest of another.
Never seat yourself at table until
your host or hostess gives the signal;
and never, gentlemen, unfil all the la
dies present are seated.
Always sit quiet in your chair, neith
er too near the edge of the table, nor
too far from it.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will
be pleased to learn that there is
at least one dreaded disease that
science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is Catarrh.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is the only
positive remedy now known to
the med-ical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease,re
quires a constitutional treatment.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surface of
the system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease,and
giving the patient strength -^y
building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietory have so
much faith in its curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred
Dollars for any case that it fails
to cure. Send for list of testi
monials. Address
F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, 0.
Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall’s Family Pills for
' constipation.
FOR $1.00 DOWN AND $>.00 PHR WEEK.
Until You Have Deposited Fifty-two Dollars,
The Price of the Lot.
% ;
We can build you a home
And allow you to pay for same in weekly payments of ONE DOLLAR
EACH. The lots mentioned here are ioeated in South Newport. The j
population of Newport will double in three years, and must build south; 1
nature interposes no barriers, and it is the same character of ground j
on which Newport is built. We have purchased fifty acres of land iv !
the southern part of Newport and have surveyed and laid out an ideal \%
manufacturing village, which will be known as South Newport. The
lots offered here will be in easy walking distance of various manufactur
ing plants. Three manufacturing plants already have been definitely
decided upon, and ground has been reserved for that purpose. If you i
are living out of town and can’t come to see uf ; : : ; : i
Mail us your requesttoday j
! ENCLOSING ONE DOLLAR, the first payment on a lot. Necessary :
! papers and receipt, bearing number of lot and location will be mailed j
j you immediately in order that we fhay be able to interest foreign capital
and labor in Newport Real Estate and in order to induce them to seek a
home in Arkansas. We have decided to limit the number of lots sold to
residents of Newport and Jackson county to one hundred, after which
our representative will place the remainder among the people of Tenn- |
essee, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana, our intention being to have resi
dents of neighboring states to own land among us, as it will encourage
investigation and later immigration. No one person will be allowed to j 1
purchase more than three lots, as it is more largely to have you inter- j
| ested with us than to have your money. You have undoubtedly noticed
the rapidly enhancing value in Newport Real Estate during the year j I
1905. There is a reason why the present price of Newport Real Estate I
I _ i
will advance twenty-five per cent during the year 1906. : :
We know that reason!
ASK US WHY. WE CAN TELL YOU. Property adjoining that which
we are offering is held for four times the price quoted here. The lot
you pay us Fifty-two Dollars for and a year to pay it in will be worth
Three Hundred Dollars before the end of eighteen months. You never '
heard of such liberal terms being offered before. This opportunity will
not come to you again ::::::::::
! Remember, We Will Guarantee These Terms to the First One Hundred
Purchasers Only>
Lots on Sale Beginning Monday, Nov. 20th.
Temporary Office With C. R. HITE, JAMES T. CUMLEY,
107 Hazel St., Wishon BPd. Resident Manager.
A Weak
i Seldom gets strong again with
out help. Awake or asleep, it
j never stops, and consequently
has no period of rest or relaxa
tion in which to regain lost vig
or. You should avoid exertion,
excitement and worry as much
as possible, to relax the strain,
and take Dr. Miles’ Heart Cure,
which is a heart tonic, to
strengthen and restore vigor to
the heart nerves and muscles.
The symptoms of a weak heart
are shortness of breath, palpi
tation, feeble or too rapid pulse,
hungry spells, hot flashes, diz
ziness, smothering spells, pain
in heart or side, etc.
"I had been treated for heart disease
by different physicians without any
i improvement. Finally my doctor in
formed me that the-e was little hope
of my ever being able to do a day's
work again. About that time a gentle
man called upon me, and said, ‘I heard
of your condition, and have com., to
tell you that Dr. Miles' Heart Cure
saved my life, and I want you to try
; it.’ 1 did so, and after a week or so
I went to my physician and told him I
had been taking Dr. Miles’ Heart Cure.
He examined me and said, 'God bless
Miles’ Heart Cure, it has made you
better in a few days than I ever ex
i pected to see you again.’ I am now
well, having fully regained ray health
■ by the use of this remedy.”
B. R. LANSING, Rensselaer, N. T.
Dr. Miles’ Heart Cure Is sold by
your druggist, who will guarantee that
the first bottle will benefit. If It falls
he will refund your money.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
Juicy Steaks and Roasts thal
bring you back for another at
Pettet & Stiles’ Meat Market,
Con Dean’s old stand. 46dtf
9 You will never get well and strong, bright, hap- 9
9 py, hearty and free from pain, until you build up your 9
9 constitution with a nerve refreshing, blood-making 9
9 tonic, like > 9
| v e ©r«ui
I It Makes Pale Cheeks Pink I
I|| It is a pure, harmless, medicinal tonic, made from vegetable K
Ingredients, which relieve female pain and distress, such as headache, H
B backache, bowel ache, dizziness, chills, scanty or profuse menstru- B
■ atlon, dragging down pains, etc. fi
S1 It is a building, strength-making medicine for women, the only B
9 medicine that is certain to do you good. Try it. fl
flj Sold by every druggest in $ 1 .00 bottles. B
, in strictest confid
your symptoms and
ill send free advice
envelope), how to
iss: Ladies' Advisory
nooga Medicine Co.,
n. ,
of mine,'’ writes Mrs. F. L. Jones, of B
Gallatin, Tenn.: B
“For since taking Cardul ! have H
gained 35 tbs., and am in better health |gt
than for the past 9 years. I tell my m
husband that Cardui is worth its B
weight in gold to all suffering ladies." jjt
PRINTING offtices in Jackson connty. Being ns yonr
i Printing anklet ns qnote yon one prices.

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