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All on^wlorv Under Compilation Win
t/Uptx'w Newport's Population to
mWwF Be Over five Thousand.
BBr The canvassers’ books :or the
Bf city directory, now being eom
W piled under the direction of Ma
or D. B. Castile and to be pub
lished by the Independent, show
J,604 names and there
ably 100 more to be add_d,m
districts that could not be reached
on account of the high water.
A total of 1700 names, means
a population for Newport of over
5000 figuring on the very con
servative basis of 3 people to'
every head of a family.
While the canvass shows a
large.number of unmarried males
and females, as well £s many
temporary residents and would
thus cut down the average per
cent, usually taken in estimating
population from directory sta
tistics, we find on the other
hand numerous entries of large
families especially among the -
negro population.
Newport thus shows an in
crease of about 70 per cent in the i
six years following 1890, when j
her population was but 2800, j
compared to 1571 in 1890. I
Shadowed the Sheriff.
A difficulty arose Tuesday os
tween Allen Morris and Sheriff
inn T T.fwan which came near
ending in a serious affair, fne
trouble started on the night of
the Democratic primary when
Morris “shadowed” Logan while,
on his way home. j
Morris claims that Logan had j
turned on the combination at the;
‘"'■'•'Vault where the Jonesboro town-j
ship ballot® were kept. Logan;
said he did it to keep Ferguson’s
friends from stealing the box as j
Logan carried the box by a h.m-;
drod majority over f erguson. i
Morris is a brother-in-law of,
Ferguson. He approached Logan!
Tuesday and said Logan had told j
a lie about him. This started a i
rough and tumble fight and in j
the fracus Logan pulled his pis-1
tol, but further trouble was pre-j
vented by County Judge Rains j
and Clerk Armstrong. —Jones-j
boro Tribune.
Everything fresh and good in
the grocery line at R. D. Den
nis.’ ’Phone No. 1<>7. I7d-tf
Villiam Eppert of little Rock Will Not
be Compelled to Serve Penitentiary
Little Rock, April 12. —William
Eppert, the self-confessed fire
bug, who was responsible for a
number of incendiary blazes in
Little Rock a few months ago,
was sentenced to five and one
half years in the state peniten
tiary and two years in the fed
eral reform school today, but
Gov. Davis tonight notified the
officers that he would issue a
oardon to Eppert in the state
;ases tomorrow morning and he
ivill then be required to serve
>nly the two years sentence in
:he federal reform school. Ep
pert was arraigned in the circuit
‘ourt today to Answer to two in*
lictments. One charged him
,vith burning a barn belonging
:o Judge R. J. Lea and the other
,vith burning a stable owned by
rheo. Treadway. Eppert plead
ed guilty to a charge of arson in
30th cases. Judge Winfield of
:he second division passed sen
:enee in the former case and
ixfjd his punishment at two
pears in the penitentiary. In
:he other case Judge Lea sen
-OTforI Fnnpvt to three and one
'ialf years in the penitentiary.
In the meantime the federal
grand jury returned an indict
ment against Eppert today,
charging him with petit larceny
in two counts, i he indictment
charged that he stole 40 cents at
one time and 20 cents at another
from Grover Bratton. The case
was in the federal court because
of the fact that the money was
stolen in the federal building,
over which the federal govern
ment has jurisdiction. Eppert
entered a plea of guilty to both
counts. Judge Trieber sen
tenced him to one year in the
federal reform school at W ash
ington, D. C., on each count.
Gave A* ay Whiskey.
Marianna, April 12. —The Lee
county grand jury returned ar
indictment against I. N. \ ale oi
Oak Forest township, Lee coun
ty, charging him with giving
away whiskey on the day of the
legalized primary, March 28. I
is understood that several other;
’nave been indicted for the sam<
I Divides its profits by paying you 5 per cent interest on 12
months certificate of deposit, or 4 per cent on 6 months cer
tificate of deposit. Many people prefer to take a smaller rate
of interest and be sure of getting it, rather than to loan to
relatives or friends at a higher rate, and have the trouble of
collecting. Certificates made in amounts from $200.00 to
E. LESS. President, ALEX BERGER, Secretary.
(Merchant.) (Capitalist and Pres. Y. A.
Cole Wagon Mfg. Co.)
(Merchant.) (Abstracter of Titles.)
(Funeral Director.) (Merchant.)
Correspondence invited and booklet on request.
Jonesboro, Arkansas.
Dedar? They Faithfully aruf HoRestly
Managed Affairs of Defunct in
surance Com pern.
Little Ft>ci:, April 12.-In a
response of K. E. Wait and H.
P. Edmonds":: n the petition of
.Chas. McKee, receiver, against
the directors f the insolvent
Security Fire Insurance Co.,
filed in chancery court Tuesday
afternoon, respondents state that
it is not true that the Security
Fire In urance Co. has ;;een
damaged to the extent S5ro,
000 by any mismanagement,
neglect, or carelessness "he
part of the respondent-, out
these respondents say that they
have in all things za.th rally,
honestly and d’bgently discharg
ed their duties in said r: 'ra
tion and have at au tunes att- l
with a view solely to ?t- ’
terests. It is not true C a:these
respondents are h.-r ;s. t. o: any
of their property with ’he inter*
to defeat judgment whi m r.
be recovered herein,
true-that they have any inten
tion of doing so.
Railroad to Be So c.
Little Rock, April fZ-W. R.
Smith, an attorney of tnis :.ry,
returned yesterday iron Harri
son and reported that ihe suit of
the bondholders of the St. i/xus
and North Arkansas E-abroad
for foreclosure on * r.e line was •
decided in favor of the complain
ants by United States District'
Judge John H.. Rogers. Tne oe
cision was based on proof, and ■
May 29 was fixed as the date of
the sale, which will be help at
, Harrison.
At the sale the road will m .
all probability be bought m by a
representative of the reorgani
zation committee of the railroad
company and its purchase will;
mean the extension of the line
at the western end from Selig
man, Mo., to Joplin, Mo., via.
Neosho, and from the eastern
end at Leslie, Ark., to either
Helena, Ark., or Memphis,
Tenn., with a possible branch
line to Little Rock.
A Blind Deaf Mute Insane.
An unusual case is reported by
5 the Conway Log Cabin-Demo
crat. Hezekia Z. Hawkins,
whose home is near Vilonia, was
taken to Conway for examination
| and adjudged insane by the
| county court. Besides this in
firmity Mr. Hawkins is a deal
mute and is totally blind. An
attack of meningitis when he
was 7 years of age resulted in
the loss of his hearing and the
I sight of one eye. Last Friday
i while cutting sprouts on his field
i| he was struck in the eye having
the power of sight, putting out
that eye. The pain and inflam
mation from this was so great
that his mind was affected and
he has since been raving. He
was taken back to his home
pending his admission to the
asylum, but physicians believe
that he is not likely to live long.
Burglar After Legislator.
Senator T. C. Jobe frustrated
the plans of a burglar at Hope s
few nights ago. Senator Jobe
was awakened by a noise in his
room and upon leaping out oJ
bed he began a lively chase witf
a white man who had evidently
just begun operations. The bur
: glar succeeded in slamming th<
!' front door in the senator’s fact
and made good his escape. Th<
only article stolen was one o:
Mr. Jobe’s house slippers, whicl
the burglar grabbed as he lef
_ the room.
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\ entless coat
__ ___M
Th'. ' .-. ,] Benjamin k To. are among the style leaders
:yle makers, and not in the ranks of imitators,
an • : they are at the very center of America’s fashion
.... i« again proven by their early exploitation of
The ex cl
The suit v/ ith the Ventless Coal promises to be very
jt . "-tv be: amine' either *o ‘he tali or the st Hit man.
515.00 to $30.00.
■ ~:r: I
[we \flvnwatans. at. lleast Aiv f<v th
Mistk Bv Hot Sprints I
“ i
State Conventicn. \
Little Rock, April 12- • There
will be plenty of business for the
democratic state convention
which will meet at Hot Springs,
June 5, and it is quite probable
that three days will be consumed
in the meeting. There will be
at least two offices which must
be settled by the convention, the j
candidates and their standing!
being as follows:
For Agricultural Commissioner
—Guy B. Tucker, 208; John P.
Logan, 100; B. F. Witt, 96; Ran
som Gulley, 61; J. T. M. Holt, 4r:
necessary to a choice, 257. j
Railroad Commissioner, North-;
western District-Polk Fancher,
63, R. P. Allen, 57; J. H. Fry,
11; George M. Heard, 10, Oscar
Winn, 10. This nomination will
be made by the delegates to the
state convention from the seven
teen counties composing the
•» • « * i t
There is also a prospect ol a
contest in the matter of the cer-!
tification of the vote for United j
States senator. There will be1'
' contesting delegations from Poin- ^
sett, Hempstead, Cross and j
Mississippi counties and pvoba- j
bly others.
There is more Catarrh in this!
section of the country than all j
other diseases put together, and
until tne last few years was sup-j
posed to be incurable. For a
great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and
prescribed local remedies, and
i by co‘ stantly failing to cure J
with local treatment, pronounced ;
it incurable. Science has proven
catarrh to be a constitutional
.disease and therefore requires
i constitutional treatment. Hall’s
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
Ohio, is the only constitutional
cure on the market. It is taken
, internally in doses from 10 drops
' to a teaspoonful. It acts direct
ly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. They offer
■ one hundred dollars for any case
. it fails to cure. Send for eircu
; lars and testimonials,
i Address: F. J. Cheney & Co.,
: Toledo, Ohio,
i Sold by druggists, 75c.
: Take Hall’s Family Pills for
...OF THE...
* S
Stein - Bloch
“Wear the Best.”
Bailey [
I Mercantile
Company ^
■* * * • 3L
_ ___ ■' -i-ii—a_
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The location of your new home.
The community in which you
intend to locate.
How best to dispose of your old
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How best to secure “your mon
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any one of the above you can se
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through e

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