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■fcosecuting attorney
Clark Makes Bad Break.
Champ Clark at the Trans
Mississippi convention appears
‘to have been the same witty,
genial companionable fellow that
he always is at every function.
His speech was interesting, and
in a gefteral way emphatic as to
most of the important matters
under ^consideration, but, upon
one of the most important ques
tions with which the convention
attempted to deal he fell down.
That was the Aldrich currency
scheme. He was not enamored
of it, he said, though it might
possess good points. He did not
understand it, however, and for
that reason he was opposed to it.
It savored too much of concen
tration of the financial interests
of the country.
There is a great diversity of
sentiment as to’ the plan propos
ed by Mr. Aldrich to make the
currency system of the country
more elastic and to prevent the
disasters that attend the flurries
or panics that come now and
then. Many of the ablest finan
ciers of the country endorse it,
equally as many are opposed to
it, and the feeling among the
__j_ .. i_ _11. _
wuxxtx.y uiuuisc xt, c^uiux^ no
many are opposed to it, and the
feeling among the leading men
of the republican and democrat
ic parties is the same, but most
of those who have taken a stand
either for or against the meas
ure have studied it and are able
to give reasons for the faith
that is in them. Not so, howev
er with our geqjal friend Champ.
Although it was submitted to
the American people nearly two
years ago, and has been discuss
ed in various commercial bodies
gs well as congress, he is “agin”
it because he doesn’t know any
thing about it.
j One would naturally assume
that an aspirant for so impor
tant a position as the presiden
cy would give some considera
tion to all the great questions
before the country, and that a
question so momentous as one
which relates to currency re
form would not escape his no
tice, but it seems to be other
But then, there are so many
statesmen who are, or at least
^profess to be, ignorant of the
merits or demerits of questions
relative to which there is a
fierce discussion and criticism
among the people all around
■ them. Statesmen of that kind
are not rare, but they seldom as
P *re to the' presidency.—Fort
ISmith Times-Record.» ^ - -
’arty Killed Eight Deer,
hunting party from this
spent last week near
, returned Monday
l and with all kinds of
luding four deer, killed
it hunters of the par
3ummins, who lives
i Sam Cantwell,
man, each killed
M. Quinn ,the elec
$<5he and mi -
> boys report a jol
no serious acci
plentiful. —
, A Great Meeting Was
The Tabernacle Last
| Last night a large congrega
■ tion greeted the evangelists and
| as visual they heard a strong
! sermon. It was an appeal that
i brought much . conviction. It
| was a message to the Christian
| to live a higher life, to the un
| saved to accept Christ NOW.
Mr. Burke’s text was taken
from Ecclesiastes 12:1 “Re
member now thy Creator in the
days of thy youth,' while the
years draw nigh, when thou
shalt say, I have no pleasure in
them;” His theme “Eternal
Remember just now; not to
1 morrow, but NOW. “Those that
seek me early shall find me.”
The first business proposition is
to seek your Creator, while you
can be appealed to. The longer
you neglect, the less pleasure
will you have in the message of
mi i i ji • • i i *
A11“ UIUtJieSL tiling 111 tills
world is neglect. To neglect the
one who loves us» Mother
wants to be remember, because
she loves us.
It will be a mighty sad day
for some of you when you shall
remember, you have neglected
your Salvation, your Saviour.
If you neglect you will get to
the place that you will not care,
if the church bell rings or not, if
preachers want to preach all
right. I don’t care. When a
man gets to the place he don’t
care, he has struck the bottom.
You become so negative you are
beyond appeal.
Neglect your child, while you
give him a good education. You
say he can then make money and
he will be all right. Yet if you
| neglect your child’s salvation
I you have ruined him.
We need more parents to
teach their children to respect
the church and Sunday school.
Church members in this town
I that belong to churches away
from here should put their mem
bership in Here. If the churches
are not good enough for you
move away from town.
If you want to be happy fol
low Jesus every day. If you
want to keep close to God keep
telling the story.
The laughed at Noah but
wnen tne iiooa came iney re
membered, but too late. Some
of you will remember the warn
ings and the neglected Christ
when you press the dying pil
low. - '
"Are you happy? No. Why?
Because you have neglected
your Creator and your memory
shall haunt you and you cannot
shake it off. You will feel the
sting of your conscience.
At the invitation many re
sponded. It was a great night
and many are on the verge of
deciding for Christ. Tonight we
.are expecting a great time. Sub
ject of sermon, “Come For All
Things Are Now Ready.”
Sunday morning each church
■will Hold their own services at
lurch. In the afternoon
meeting for every
i Tabernacle at 2:30.
will preach on
and Heaven.”
; o’clock the
Down to So
that tomor
day in New
bring others
house Wednesday evening, No-'
vember 29, for the one perform
ance are Grace Lord, Ida Root
Gordon, Raymond Wells, Frank
Patton, Chas. T. DelVechio, Ed
mond Sprague, Wm Weston and
The majority of these players
are well known to local playgo
ers, having in the recent past,
with but few exceptions, appear
ed herein one of the many suc
cesses seen at the Newport op
era house. 03td.
ooececooa oeoeoooooooooooco
Services for Sunday next be
fore Advent.
9:45 Sunday school.
11 a. m. Morning Prayer and
7:30 p. m. Evening Prayer
and Sermon.
Thursday, Nov. 30, 1911.
Thanksgiving Day and St. An
drew’s Day.
Holy Communion at 10 a. m.
Our Bible school meets
promptly at 9:45 a. m. Our slo
gan is one hundred. Won’t you
help us reach it? Preaching at
11 a. m. Every member is urg
ed to attend. Those who have
signed cards during the Union
meeting are most -cordially in
Corner Hazel and Third St.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.
Will you be one of the one hun
dred and twenty-five in school
tomorrow? A class for every
, 10:30 sermon. Subject: “Im
portant Place to Fill.”
Be sure and come out to ser
vices tomorrow. The talks will
do you good.
L. C. Bauer, Pastor.
Oscar Bishop Killed.
Jonesboro, Nov. 24.—Oscar
Bishop, 22 years of age, brother
of County Treasurer George
Bishop, was shot and instantly
killed last night at Weiner, the
tragedy being due, it is claimed,
to family troubles.
A man named Miller is charg
ed with the crime and officers
are in hot pursuit. County
m T1 * 1 _ _ u J » vt /-v4-1-» nw
lreasurer jl>ioiiup aim cumvuv*
brother left today for the scene
of the crime and will bring the
remains here for interment.
Much feeling is expressed and
the chase for the murderer has
aroused both Craighead and
Poinsett counties.
Regular services at the Pres
byterian church tomorrow at 11
o’clock, conducted by the pastor.
Sunday school at 9:45. Great
Union meeting at the tent at
2:30 p. m. and 7 p. m. for every
Enlarge Button Factory.
The Black River Button Com
pany of Corning, says the Cour
ier, moved their factory from
the Thomas concrete works
building, first of this week, to
the building just recently re
paired and built for them, by G.
. A. Booser. The button plant
• formerly consisted of ten ma
• chines, but since moving, the
i company has added twenty new
machines making it now a thir
ty-machine plant. ,
Increases Proposed In Faulkner
County Are Cut In Half
After Protest.
Special to Independent
Little Rock, Nov. 25.—An im
portant hearing was had before
the Arkansas Tax Commission
Friday, sitting as the State
Board of Equalization. Senator
A. C. Martin of Conway appear
ed on behalf of the tax-payers
of Faulkner county, and pleaded
for a reduction in the increase
that- had been announced for
that county.
The Commission had announc -
ed that it would make an in
crease of 50 per cent in Conway
merchandise, but this was re
duced to 25 per cent; the an
nounced increased of 25 per
cent in Conway real estate was
reduced to 20 per cent;; the an
nounced increase of 40 per cent
in Arkansas river land was re
duced to 20 per cent; the an
nounced increase of 20 per cent
in the rest of the county was
cut out altogether. The Conway
county assessments were par
tially considered and went over
until December 1.
“The Third Degree.”
If a woman’s devotion to a
man in desperate straits, mak
ing a pure love story of unusual
heart interest, as shown in
Charles Klein’s latest play, “The
Third Degree,” should interest
play-goers, then the forthcoming
production by the United Play
Company of this drama should
be heralded as the dramatic
event of the season.
“The Third Degree,” while
Raymond Wells, Frank Patton,
Charles DelVechio, Edmond
Sprague, Wm. Weston and oth
ers. OStd.
Damage Suit Ended.
Special to Independent, _ <
Little Rock, Nov* 25.’—The
damage suit of E. R. Bailey, of
Muskogee, Okla., against certain
Little Rock persons for alleged
malicious prosecution, went to
trial Friday in federal court.
After the evidence for the plain
tiff had been taken, a technical
ity arose as to the form- of the
complaint and the issue raised,
and a non-suit was taken.
Bailey, formerly of Little
Rock, was threatened ^ith ar
rest in Conway, on the morning
of his wedding, unless he paid a
board bill in Little Rock. He
claimted that the bill had been
paid, but said that to avoid fur
ther humiliation, he borrowed
the money and paid it to stop
Room For Rent
at reasonable rate, near the busi
ness part of town; comfortable
and well lighted. Apply to Mrs.
Johnson at Independent office.
I Turkey Day This Year
November 30
A little late but it's all right for Turkeys are roosting
high these days.
You’ll surely want to spruce up and look your best
on this, Our National Thanksgiving Day.
I Our store is full of choice “Dressing” for Men.
Some handsome new Suits at.$15 to $30
Splendid Overcoats at.$15 to
Garments that are correctly cut and tailored
Then, when it comes to Hats and Toggery you 11
us showing new and exclusive Fall and Winter styles
at prices you’ll not object to paying.
We’re showing just the sort of Outfiting that you will j
be very thankful to own. ■ _ . -w,, \
Star Clothing Co.

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