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in a fire
uth End
s (Wed
j other
in the
own fire
ort that
en were
ig when
ey were
50- The
ay ten
>f whom
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ould see
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15 and zu oouies.
al'for Dr. Leary, the
examiner for the South
lict of Suffolk county, to
[ William Walsh, the
rk, said between 150
men were asleep in the
fth floor was so full of
nd steam when Dr. Mc
roped his way there that
npossible to say how
idies were there. He
he could make out sev
iwede who was on the
ior, wrapped a mattress
im and landed on the
with a few scratches,
others jumped into life
o’clock this morning it is
lascoreof men have lost
ambulance loads of in
ere taken away to the
. Men jumped’ from the
1 others were taken
dders and fire escapes,
iedby flames. The mon
ss is estimated at $10,
be cause of the fire is
Iipreme Court,
)ec. 3.— Tony
convicted at
large of having
•om Louis Nov
el to one year in
, has appealed
iourt. He was
with Tony Sa
eparately and is
of $500.
ara House
'hite child froir
* with Josie Sad
ackay—A stronj
-Wes and mush
and 10 CENT
-“Alone in th
Salary of County Superintendent
I Special to Independent.
Little Rock, Dec- 2.—Attorney
General Moose has advised Su
perintendent George B. Cook, in
answer to a question, that the
salary of a county superintend
ent of schools shall be the same
as that of his county judge, but
in no instance shall the salary
exceed $1,200 per annum.
“This seems simple enough,”
says the Attorney General.
“The difficulty arises from the
fact that in some counties the
county judge performs other du
ties than those which ordinar
ily attach to the office of coun
ty judge. For instance, in Prai
rie conuty, the county judge re
ceives a salary of $800 as coun
ty judge, and an additional $200
as road commissioner, and $200
for presiding over the common
pleas court, making his com
pensation in the aggregate $1,
200. As the county superintend
ent of schools is entitled to the
same salary in Prairie county as
the countv iudere. it would seem
to follow that his salary in Prai
rie county would be $800. The
county judge is entitled to a sal
ary of $800, the road commis
sioner’s salary of $200 and the
judge of common pleas a salary
of $200 and the three offices are
held by one man.
“If'the law had made the
county judge an ex-officio road
commissioner and ex-officio
judge of the court of common
pleas and his salary had been
fixed at the sum of $1,200, I
should say in that case, the su
perintendent of schools would
be entitled to $1,200 salary. So
I may state as my opinion that
where the salary of the county
judge is fixed at a definite sum,
even if he has official duties out
side of the ordinary duties of
county judge, the salary of the
county superintendent of that
county would be the salary of
the county judge, provided it be
not less than $600 nor more
than $1,200.”
'Jackson County Medical Society.
Jackson County Medical Asso
ciation held its regular meeting
December 2, 1913 at the office of
Dr. C. W. Martin- The follow
ing officers were elected for the
pnRuincr vear:
Dr. Ira H. Erwin, president;
Dr. L. T. Slayden, vice president;
Dr- H. 0. Walker, secretary and
treasurer; Dr. E. L. Watson, L.
E. Willis, K. K. Kimberlin, cen
sors ; Dr. A- L. Best, delegate to
Arkansas Medical Society, Dr.
C. W. Martin, alternate.
Copk Book For Sale.
The cook book compiled bj
; Mrs. 0. E. Jones has just beer
• completed and is for sale by Mrs
Jones, Mrs. Scarborough ant
Miss Mabel Stayton. The cool
book is made up from receipt;
for desserts and fancy dishe.
given by the best cooks of New
[ port and will be a treasure it
- any kitchen. The proceeds o
f the sale of the book will go t<
the Woman’s Missionary Socie
ty of the Methodist church.
1 *©8d6
Liquor Petitioners.
Your name must be publish
ed in two issues of the conn
paper. When the petition i
5. presented, look for blood- Stud
the character of the one carry
S ing the petition,
e Study the law.
07(j2 B. L- Wilford.
! i
The “Old Guard’ Will Ask For
Re-election At Democratic
Helena, Dec. 2—Seven of the
“old guard” in county politics
today announced their candida
cies for re-election. They are:
|J. C. Rembert for county clerk,
Amos Jarmon for sheriff, A. G.
Burke for circuit judge, E. P.
Molliter for county judge, W. J.
Polk for assessor, J. R. Turner
!for justice of the peace for St.
! Francis township and W. L. Jar
mon for constable of St. Fran
cis township.
| With the exception of Judge
j Molliter, each of the candidates
has been in office for several
terms. Mr- Rembert, at a re
| cent meeting of the Democratic
j Central Committee, announced
! that the coming term would
! round out approximately 25
ivears of nublic life for him. and
that if elected for another term
he would not again seek public
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Dodd, who
are old residents of Jackson
[county, left Wednesday morning
[for their home at Detroit, Texas
after a visit to friends in this
section. Mr- Dodd has leased his
[farms for another five years to
[Littleton Bros., which will make
■ 31 years in all that Littleton
I Bros, have had charge of his
[ farms.
0. M. Bowen, John R. Loftin
and P. H. Van Dyke left this
morning to appear before the
i railroad commission in an endea
vor to secure better passenger
I service for Newport over the
j Rock Island. A longer stay here
of not less than 3 hours for the
passenger train, would bring
much business to Newport from
: the South half of the county
j W. W. Dutton and Earl Wish
jon were members of the Texas
[excursion party, who left here
over the Irdn Mountain this
morning. Quite a party from
Tuckerman were also members
of the prospecting 'party, who
are interested in some of the ir
rigated lands along the Rio
The many friends of the fam
iiiv nrp e-lnd to know tihat \er
non Ridley is thought to be im
proving slowly.
. Reward For Benton Murderer
Special to Independent.
Little Rock, Dec- 3.—Governor
Hays has offered a reward of
| $100 for the arrest and convic
tion of a man known as “Joe” or
“Shorty” who is wanted at Ben
ton on a charge of having beer
implicated in the robbery anc
! murder of L. H. Thompson, ar
1 old man and esteemed merchanl
: of that city, November 22. Th<
i citizens of Benton have offeree
> $150 reward. The other men
■ William Herman and Charlei
i Lee Dewin, are in jail. The mer
: j chant was killed for $7.50 whicl
)' he had concealed in a sack. Sher
-! iff A. B. Cox is doing everythin!
i in his power to apprehend tin
I fugitive
I Saloon Petitions In Little Koch
'Special to Independent.
-1 Little Rock, Dec. 3.—The pet]
7 tions for saloon license are be
s jng systematically circulated i
7 Little Rock, and those interests
- jn the retention of the saloon
are confident that 'they will b
able to secure enough signature
to insure the issuance of licens
under the new law. It is estim
ated that about 9,000 names will
be required in Little Rock. A
| house-to-house canvass of the
city is being made.
The question has not been
presented in any form to the
| city council of Little Rock, but
the Argenta city council adopt
ed a resolution requesting the
people to sign the petitions, as
the city needs the revenue- In
that city nearly 3,000 signatures
| have already been secured, more
|than enough to insure saloon li
censes for that place. This is
j being used as one of the strong
! arguments in favor of saloons
; in Little Rock, that “those who
| want liquor will go across the
river and get it anyway.”
An anti-license league has
| been organized to oppose the in
suance of licenses, and the min
isters of the city are waging an
active fight against it. George
Thornburg is president of the
League. As an auxiliary, a
Woman’s Anti-License League
nas been organized with Mrs.
John Fletcher as president.
To the Editor of Newport In
As the report is being circu
lated that all the citizens of
Jacksonport have signed a peti
tion for the sale of whiskey in
Jacksonport, Arkansas for the
year 1914, we the undersigned
citizens of Jacksonport, wish to
jsay through your paper that we
iare strictly opposed to the sale
j of whiskey in Jacksonport, Ark
ansas and will do everything we
' can to keep whiskey out of Jack
M. B. Williams, J. E. Bridger,
J- S. Black, Ella Anderson, Mrs.
R. W. Anderson, Mrs. J. D. Nix
on, Mrs. F. L. Cathey, Mrs. F
;H. Champion, Mrs. Fannie Mc
| Donald, Mr. S. F. Massey, Mrs
S E. R. Massey, Mrs. S. E. Massey,
Mrs. Pearl Massey, Mrs- Thel
ma Massey, Mrs. M. B. Williams,
Mr. * Charlie Hall, Mrs .Ellie
; Hall, D. J. Blount, C. O- Ander
| son, Mrs. T. H. Strieker, Mrs. C.
IH. Cauble, Joe Bezenah, Flora
Dixon, Miss Mary Arnold, T- M.
Finch, Mrs. Bertha Dixon, Mrs.
Julia Rupple, J. H. McDonald,
Mrs. Belle Lovoo, Mrs. Irene
Finch, Mrs. G. S. Norris, A- A.
Lovvo, Gv S. Norris, W. H.
Thompson, Ada Thompson, Mrs.
Fred Mason, Mrs. Ben Davis,
Maude Blount, Jennie A- Bridg
er, Alice Cathey, Mrs. L. E.
Whitt, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Delia
Massey, J. D. Lane, S. E. Mas
sey, Katie William*
Crime Through Heredity.
“Ada Jurke, who died at the
'beginning of the last century, at
about sixty years of age, was a
! drunkard, a thief and a vaga
bond. Seventy-five years later
: her descendants were found tc
[ consist of eight hundred anc
'thiry-four persons, of whom th(
; history of seven hundred hav<
.'been studied- Of these sever
i j hundred there have been om
- j hundred and six illegitimat
r | children, one hundred and forty
i Ifour mendicants, sixty-four sus
tained by charity, one hundrei
and eighty-one lewd women, sev
. enty-six criminals, among whor
Were seven assassins. In sever
- ty-five years this single famil
- 'had cost in maintenace, expens
a | of imprisonment and interes
J one and quarter million dollars,
s I -—
e Celery, cranberries, new nut;
s raisins, figs and fresh fruits i
e Bowen’s Cash Store. 03d
Craighead Farm Demonstrator
Jonesboro, Dec- 3.—R. C. Da
widson, U. S. government farm
demonstrator, who is well known
in this county, arrived this |
morning from Little Rock. Mr.
Davidson is accompanied by F. !
R. Curtis, who has accepted the
position for this county as dem
onstrator of agricultural work
under the auspices of the Unit
ed States government.
Mr. Curtis, the new demon
strator, is a graduate of the U- j
niversity of Alabama, and well
informed along all lines of sci
entific farming. He was for
two years the manager of the
Sunnyside plantation, one of
the largest plantations in the,
state- He will co-operate with
the farmers over the county in '
demonstration work, and those
who wish his services should
communicate with him. He will
be located at the Agricultural !
li l. _ i_ ... _ • n i___!
» MCI C JI* v> ill kJ\J
eel by President Kavs
Panther In Craighead.
Jonesboro, Dec. 3.—It is j
learned, from parties who re- j
side at Otwell, that a panther
scare is on at that place, a pan
ther being thought to be in the
It is said that the screams of
the supposed-to-be panther can
be heard right after dark at i
night and before daybreak in the
morning. The screams, which
are heard resemble those of a j
panther in ,every detail.
Parties will be organized to go
out and hunt the beast, which is
so alarming the whole neighbor
About two years ago a similar
panther scare was on in the
neighborhood several miles
north of the city and it is
thought that a panther once in
awhile passes through this coun
ty on its way from the Missouri
river bottoms to the Cache river
Jonesboro Wants Rev. Mr. An
Jonesboro. Dec. 3.—There is
much speculation as to who the
new preacher will be for the
First Methodist church, which
is one of the strongest churches
in the conference. He will be
named by the Bishop who will
preside over the conference.
'Some of the members of the
church are anxious for Dr.
James Anderson, who has re
cently transferred to this con
ference from the Little Rock
.. 1 /> L <1 , I ■ i 111 I I tin
t'MII tliv-v. »um v»iiv7 mi' u" v.i » ^
cently been editor of the Arkan
sas Methodist- He is a strong
preacher and a good man for
this church and would be wel
comed here by Methodists as
well as many other Jonesboro
Ladies you have never seen
such towels and all kinds of
dresser scarfs and table run
ners as will be on display at the
Presbyterian bazaar Thursday,
December December 5. 08d3.
All who have articles to con
tribute to the Presbyterian ba
zaar will please send them to the
home of Mrs. C. P. Dunaway,
Wednesday, December 3, not la
ter than 3 p. m-, for the purpose
of having them marked- 08d3.
Drayage of an kinds handled
promptly. Phone No. 10. —
Chester Robinson. 18dtf.
The Bradley line of
Jumbo and Shaker
coats and Jerseys has
no equal.
Every garment is
carefully hand knit
i) throughout and fash
r ioned to give the wear
y er that classv swagger
i or varsity effect which
is so much desired.
I Clever, Classy, uorreci
Prices Range From $3.00 to $6.00.
The Best Christ
mas Gift Is I
to Wear
... ..J

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