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make changes
j,anges Being Made By
j count But Both Can
|tes Claim Election.
to Independent.
Rock, March 30.—(2 p.
counties are begin
send their official vote
10f the large ones are
j before midnight, if
perry finally went to
y a light vote, Calhoun
id the Kirby majority
teen. Clarke gained six
A by official count and
raised Kirby fifteen,
don reduced Clarke lead
irty-two. Both sides
ling victory and are pre
or a contest.
131,112 votes accounted
(Monday) morning, ac
othe Gazette, Kirby has
ty of eight over Clarke
cefor United State Sen
IUUV ^ —-—
m 100 ballot boxes un
it is not thought that
itain as many as 4,000
1 it is certain that no
was held in some of the
i from which no report
i made.
wasted in the Gazette
day morning, there was
the reporting of returns
day. Only 997 addition
rere accounted for yes
Today conventions will
all those counties of the
lere the vote has not
daily canvassed and to
le official vote will be
Within five days the re
I be certified to the sec
! the State Central Com
nd will be canvassed by
f a contest before the
mmittee was heard on
ie yesterday and the im
seeny? to be general
ntest over the senatori
ition will follow the an
tnt of the result. The
alk came from neither
idquarters of the sena
Bdidates. It seems to
mg from the general o
it the race is too close
ided in the usual man
Hild there be a contest
t Pictures
era House
the detective’s
es him when the
jt him in a mail
:ed up by the fast
Cooper, James
nd Moore.
^/thrilling ride on horsebacl
wie leap from the horse t<
■ passing limited train is i
Ms feature of this story. G
Anderson and pretty Marga
I (Western—S. and A.)
■RSDAY— “A Lady o
Bty” a four reel famous pro
the appeal from the State Cen
tral Committee to the Democrat
ic State Convention can be in
voked. Should this matter get
into the state convention, the
show at Pine Bluff will be worth
Yesterday the Gazette ac
counted for missing townships
and this morning it accounts for
missing voting precincts. In
talking to the correspondents
over the state yesterday, esti
mates of the vote now out were
obtained by taking the vote in
the last general election in the
missing precincts. The vote has
been canvassed officially in 17
counties of the state. The Ga
zette has the official figures from
Stone county because the tele
phone line to Mountain View was
not working.
It is expected that the official
■vote from Mississippi county
j will show figures other than
'those given in the Gazette’s ta
bles. The report from there
was given in round numbers and
nothing has been obtainable
No new returns were received
from the Gazette’s correspond
ents yesterday affecting either
the Railroad Commissioner or
Congressional district races. Of
ficial returns from Lawrence
county gave the count for Con
gressman Oldfield and Tom
Campbell, his opponent, just as
was unofficially shown in the Ga
zette’s figures Sunday morning.
Oldfield’s lead over Campbell is
2,963 votes.
In the Third Congressional
district the official count from
Madison county and small cor
rections made from more com
plete returns from other coun
| ties, while increasing the total
I vote of all six candidates, cut
! Tillman’s lead over Fuller, his
nearest opponent, to 372 votes.
The vote for the six candidates
on the Gazette’s count today is:
Tillman, 5,725; Fuller, 5,353:
Harvey, 2,427; Bratton, 2,031;
Hudson, 1,241, and Stuckey, 113
There were no changes in the
returns from the Seventh dis
trict, where Congressman Good
win is leading Warnock, hie
i 1 . 1 /»A
nearest .opponent, uy
The standing of the Railroac
Commissioner races remains
the same as in Sunday’s Ga
zette without change in the re
turrfs from any of the six candi
dates in the two contested dis
So much interest has beei
manifested in the tug of war foi
the senatorial toga that the re
turns for state offices have lag
ged in the rear.
The total vote reported at Th'
Gazette office is near the 100,
000 mark, and about eight coun
ties have not reported. Addi
tional returns received yester
day from Johnson county, am
the complete official vote fror
Lawrence county made onl,
slight changes in the totals
en yesterday morning. The tc
' tals as they now stand are a
follows: Hodges 66,026; Dowr
ing 27,835; McCain 44,158
, Coffmlan, 48,830; Cook, 48
t 287; Rogers 45,153.
This leaves the majority i
’ each race as follows, up to thi
morning: Hodges, 38,181: Cofl
iman, 4,672; Cook, 3,129.
—— ---
| Do It Electrically.
f I See Sam Dentv about the Vai
-! urn Cleaner before doing yoi
1 spring cleaning. Telephone 11'
Jackson County Teachers’ As
sociation, to be Held In New
port, April 4, 1914.
j Opening 9:30.
Welcome Address—Judge E.
L. Boyce.
j Response—E. E. Herndon.
Supplementary Reading in
jthe grades—Prof. H. L. Lam
i Discussion—Mrs. Harmon and
'Miss Burton.
i Music In The Schools— Prof.
|D. K. Hubbard.
Discussion — Miss Hamilton
and Mr. Balch.
| Noon.
1:30 — Music— High School
1 The Teacher’s Duty to The
! Community—Mrs. Albright.
Discussion—Mr. Vick, Mr.
i Use of The Victrola in The
| School—Miss Harder,
j The Future of Our Schools—
|Prof. Bowman.
Address—The School As A
ir actor in i^ivic improvement—
Mrs. Dorsey.
Duet—Miss Mashbum and
Mrs. Williams.
The Needs of Jackson County
Schools—Prof. W. M. Shaver.
Discussion—Mr. Morris.
Address—J. J. Doyne, Presi
dent State Normal School,
i General Business.
Dr. David Bateman Dead.
Dr. David S. Bateman, aged
188 years, passed away Sunday
afternoon at 2:30, after a long
Dr. Batemian was one of the
| pioneer settlers of Jackson coun
ty, and probably its oldest citi
zen. Ha had been living in Oil
Trough bottom, at his present
home, for more than half a cen
tury, and was a man of wealth,
owning the largest plantations
;in the county.
i He raised a large family of
children, all of whom have pass
ed away but two, a son and
j daughter, Charles T. Bate
jman and Mrs. John Runyan of
i Lakeland, Florida.
The funeral was Held this af
jtemoon at 2:30, conducted by
the Masons, burial following at
Surrounded Hill. w

Jess Whitley On Trial.
Des Arc, March 29.—Jesse
Whitley, a young merchant of
this town, will go on trial tomor
row in the Prairie county circuit
court on a charge of murder in
( i connection with his killing West
. 'ley Munn, January 2. It is ex
pected that the trial will occupy
i several days.
j Whitley shot Munn to death as
he left a store on the main
: street here. It is said that ht
had sought Munn, and had gont
j to Munn’s boarding house for
him, and not locating Munn had
\ \ returned down towm. Five shots
1 iwere fired by Whitley. All took
effect in Munn’s body, and ht
died quickly. It is said tha1
Munn and Whitley had had diffi
g culty about a young woman ol
this city, whom, it was alleged
. 'Munn was to marry Februarj

Heavy Rain Raises River.
White river has been rising fo
several days and the heavy de
luge of early Monday momini
| is expected to continue it up
:- ward. The river wras 15.5 fee
rion the gauge Monday and th
r. rainfall was 1 inch. a

Villa Reports That Rebels Hold
Nothing But Barracks In
Juarez, Mexico, March 29.—
An official message from the
front tonight states that fight
ing is still going on for the pos
session of Torreon.
The telegram says the rebels
now hold all positions except the
main barracks and two smaller
barracks. In the last 24 hours
it is reported that General Villa
took Cerra de la Cruz and the
Torreon foundry. Another tele
gram admits a rebel loss in the
last six days of 900 killed and
wounded and places the Federal
loss at 2,000. As there already
are at Chihuahua 500 wounded,
the report of rebel losses is
thought to have been minimized.
Among the rebel wounded is
(fen Thomas Urbina.
It is said that private soldiers
taken prisoners are being taken
into rebel ranks, but their of
ficers are executed unless they
take the oath of iflegiance to the
Constitutional cause. All ir
regular troops in the Federal
garrison are executed on cap
There have been no newspaper
disp; ches dealing with the at
tack, md the similarity of this
situation with that a Gomez Pal
acio is pointed out as significant.
When Villa was successful there
he permitted the newspaper men
to send their dispatches, but
when he was repulsed, as he was
twice, press messages suddenly
Rainy Weather For a Week.
Washington, March 29.—Fn
Isettled weather with rains over
'nearly all parts of the country is
I predicted by the Weather Bu
“Temperatures during the
next several days,” says the bul
letin, “will average above the
normal over the Eastern and
Southern states. A disturbance
central Sunday morning over
the Southern plains states will
move slowly northeastward and
be attended by general rains the
i i e . i _ _1. 1^
jiirsi part iiic wtcjv iti wiv
Mississippi'valley and the dis
tricts east thereof.
“Another disturbance will
cross the great central valleys
Tuesday or Wednesday and the
Eastern states Thursday or Fri
day; this disturbance will be
attended by rains and be follow
ed by a change to considerably
col ler weather in Northern and
Central states.”
Girl Poisons Two Wolves.
Mountain Home, March 29.—
Miss Anna Adamts, daughter oi
E. E. Adams of Big Flat, poison
ed two wolves a few nights ago
They killed a fine goat for hei
the day before she got them
She put the poison in the car
cass and next morning when sh<
; went out to see the results then
were two black timber wolvei
’ stretched out dead. The larges
of the two weighed 84 pounds.
Log Teams Wanted At Once.
Have a large amount of tine
ber cut in the woods and mus
* move Will pay good price fc
- moving same. It will pay yo
r to come and investigate. Fc
- particulars' call Newport phon
t 1608-5 or write Muirhead Lun
J ber Company, Weldon, Arkai
sas. Obtf.
Association To Meet Vt Tuck
erman, April 21st.
To the different lodges of the 1.
O. (). F. of Jackson county:
You are hereby notified that
the Jackkson County Odd Fel
lows’ Association wil meet at
Tuckernian, Arkansas ,on April
21st, 1914, at 1:30 p. m., and all
lodges of Jackson county are re
questsp'1 to be represented by
delegates, and all members of all
lodges are invited to attend.
And such lodges are urged to
send representatives to this
M. G. SEE,
President of the Association.
H. S. GRANT, Sec’y.
Jail Delivery At llatesville.
Batesville, March 28.—Some
time last night, two of the coun
ty boarders, Phil Medley; white,
and Will Land, alias Will Jones,
a negro, made their escape from
the jail.
It is not known what time of
night the two made their get-a
way, but they got a good start
of the officers, and are still at
The officers have sent out de
scriptions of both men and hope
to capture them before they get
out of this section.
Medley was serving a term for
selling whiskey, and the negro
was serving a term for assist
ing federal prisoners to escape.
Hats Cleaned And Blocked.
Old hats made new again. Now
is the time to have your old
spring hatsf made new. All work
guaranteed- Phone 78. Bee
Stella 1
ville was ci.
Arkansas ('ha.
a! Society of th.
Daughters of 181.
annual council Satin
Hotel Marion. Mrs. i
Lraddock Harrow retiring
ident, who organized tiie c,
tors in this state, was present,
with a cameo brooch by individ
ilia members, of the state organi
zation in recognition of her won
as organizing president TL'
brooch was inscribed,
sas lT. S. D. to K. C. C. 7?
1914.” Miss Daisy Delon,
made the presentation speech.
The other officers elected were ;
[Mrs. S. 1’. Davis, Little Rock,
I first vice president; Mrs. John
L. Mills, Line duff, second vice
president; Mrs. J. N. Belcher.
Little Rock, treasurer; Mrs. J.
M. Carter, Texarkana, registrar ;
i Mrs. S. S. Wassell, Little Rock,
historian. The retiring officers
!who had served six years wer‘
not eligible to re-election. Bab*
ville will be the next place
meeting, March, 1915.
Car Of Banana.
J. B. Heard) this afterno.
ceived a telephone message s..„
ing that his car of bananas, di
rect from the banana fields in
Cuba, had reached Jonesboro,
| and will be here tonight. He
asks the retail dealers to hold
!their orders for bananas until
his car reaches here and says he
has 75 bunches of nice bananas
already ripe. dl
_i.. ■ .i . ...j_i. l i ..i.-LUJMiagyy
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