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Publisher and Editor
? ront St., NEWPORT, ARK.
Daily—Single copy, 5 cents; per
t»«ek, 10 cents; per month, 40 cents;
Car year, $4.50 in advance, by carrier
» city, by mail in country. I
Weekly—$1-00 per year, payable in
Entered at the postoffice, Newport,
Arkansas, as second class mail mat
Additional Local.
— , I.
Easter postcards lc each, ati
Palace Jewelry Store. 9d8
That boy's suit is here. They g
are extra good. 5d6. j t
(vnox mends shoes cheap. Ill! 2
Walnut street. dtf.
Mrs. S. M. Jones of Searcy a
spent today in our city.
Sterling silver flat ware for s
„_-- Easter presents. Palace Jewelry t
Store. 9d8 E
To Let—Two or three connect- j s
mg rooms.—519 Walnut St.9d6 i f
For Rent—Nicely furnished (
front room. 215 Vine st. dtf
Something new every day at
Fife & Moore’s. 5d6 (
Extra good suits for extra A
good boys at Fife & Moore’s.
5d6. s
Sweet potatoes, new cabbage (
and lettuce at Bowen’s Cash f
Store. 7d6. 1
Mrs. B. E. Snetser has been
very sick for two days.
Don’t forget to see the Palace
Jewelry Store for that gradua
tion present. 9d8.
For Rent—nicely furnished
front room. Apply 204 Laurel. 1
__ ~4d6t.
Big show going on at Fife &
Moore’s. Doors open, 6:30 a. m.
close at 8:30 p. m. 5d6.
Have you seen those new shirts
that Fife & Moore are showing?
Miss Ray Churchwell was
thought to be a little better this
....o •
What do you mean, you won’t
need a suit for Easter? We have ■
it at Fife & Moore’s. 5d6.
Have oak and hickory wood
for sale, any size load.—Jno R. '
Loftin, Jr. Phone 125. 22dtf J
w Kauga garden hose in 50 foot J
""^^Slengths, guaranteed for two '
years. Bowen’s Cash Store. (
7dlmo. i
Special this week—Nesselrode
Pudding.—Bevens’ Drug Store. „
Bd3t. j
Miss Juliette Bateman of El
mo is visiting Mrs. N. B. Wish- C
on for a few days.
Miss Glenna Hazlette. who has
been visiting Mrs. Mattie Lane,
was stricken suddenly Wednes- j«.
day night with appendicitis and
was operated upon by Dr. Willis j
th’s morning at his sanitarium. |
The young lady is reported as |1
gating along nicely.
For Sale—Horse, mule, wa- j
ron and harness, cash or on
lme. Apply to J. H. Elfrank.
Wanted—Clean COTTON rags
it Independent office. dtf. 5
We are showing W. B. Cor
ets in all of the newest styles,
his week, and if you want your
Caster dress to look its best it j
ihould be over a W. B. Corset in
font lace.—Heinemann’s Dry j
doods Store. 5d6
Dick Hurley and James Stri
der of Tuckerman were Newport
visitors Friday.
Our special this week is Nes
selrode Pudding. We pack and 1
deliver from one quart up in new
sanitary packers. — Bevens’
Drug Store. 8d3
Mrs. Aaron Keedy, Jr., and
baby left this morning for a vis
it to a Little Rock.
Miss Ellen Jones will open her
voice studio April 14th. Those
wishing lessons will please call
before that day. 6d6
Mrs. W. M. Biggers and child
dren of Tuckerman stopped over
Friday en route home from a
visit with relatives in Yellville,
and spent Saturday and Sunday
here with her sister, Mrs. 0.
F. Craig.—Newark Journal.
Just the thing to complete
your Sunday dinner—Nesselrode
Pudding at Bevens’ Drug Store.
E. S. McDonald came up from
Little Rock on No. 4 this morn
ing, on business for the day.
Mr. McDonald reports Mrs.
Margaret Johnson of our city to
be very ill at fhe home of her
daughter, Mrs. Harry Herring,
n Little Rock.
M. M. Scott, traveling auditor
'or the Iron Mountain, with
leadquarters in Newport, was
:alled to Quincy, Illinois, this
norning by the critical illness
>f his mother.
The Camille Cafe will serve
; hie ken dinner Sunday, price,
J5c. Bring your friends and
;at with us. 8d3.
Graduating presents—the dia
nond is appreciated most. See
;ame at Palace Jewelry Store.
F» n fT°n /p»a M cpr [?» A m tFm rpm mm m &
dj iw uru » MnoruaruanJ anan&ni^niam annniaieneni &£2rs&v2rv3r$3N3!\
" i ‘ |g !
[| OUR]]LINE OF || i
| Spring and Summer 1j
| Dress Goods jjjj!
Is complete. Don’t think of buying that Easter Frock
; before you see our selection. New] spring stock of 5qj
shirts and Pant King tailor made trou'ers just received.
Our stock of footwear is up to th minute. All the ^
new shapes in men’s and boys hats ;d caps. Let us |j|
j show you our line of Black Cat Hosi y for spring and |p«
summer. Leave your order "today for that Easter suit
f . *P:
| We guarantee a fit and quick deliver’ ,
‘ J. D. Carvell Co. I
proof st. The New Store i. a price |j‘
■ V
*x ^
* dSh News of The County jjj
mttB Contributed by the Independent’s ^
3^j \ Special Corps of Correspondents g^*
We are not having so much rain
this week as usual and the farmers
are making good use of the time.
We began our Sunday School at
Oakland last Sunday.
R. L. Stuart filled his regular ap
pointment at Grand Glaize Sunday
Measles and mumps are quite a
common thing in Bradford, but we
hope they will not get so far up the
mountain as Oakland.
Mr. O. P. Hamilton has been very
sick but is improving.
J. C. McFadden and Nathan ’Guinr
and Misses Almera and Lillie McFad
den wen to Newport Friday, retaurn
ing Saturday.
Nathan O’Quinn and B. C. Hucka
bee are still in the poultry business
Mr. Joseph Jacobs has a very del
icate apetite. He only ate five pies
at dinner last Wednesday at Mr
Miller’s log rolling.
Jesse Dunn, our local photographer
is now doing excellent work.
Prof. C. B. Coffey came in Friday
and began his school here Monday.
Miss Hester Grady came in Sun
day from a week’s visit to home folk:
and took up her work as assistan
teacher in our chool.
Mrs. Della Beede is in Hot Spring:
for a few weeks’ stay for her health
J. C. Smith, O. E. Jones and other:
were up from Gourd Neck Sunday.
0. P. Hamilton, who has been or
the sick list for the last week, i:
Sharley Dawson and wife visitec
Mr. and Mrs. Munger Sunday.
Interest in our singling school ol
Sunday evenings continues to grow
Mr. T. C. Reid, our leader is doing
some splendid work, which is greatlj
appreciated by all interested.
Preaching next Saturday night anc
Sunday by Brother Northcutt.
F. W. Beede made a business trip
to Poplar Bluff. Mo., the latter pari
of last week.
Arch Conway was hauling freighl
from Auvergne Monday for our mer
John Grady of Pleasant Plains is
here visiting his sister, Mrs. Z. D
We are still getting plenty of rain
but the frogs do not think so, as they
keep on praying for more rain.
Pearl Slatton has been very sicfc
with catarrhal fever, but is on the
mend now.
Mrs. J. H. Camp visited her daugh
ter, Callie Stegall, Sunday.
Coroner-elect W. H. Nolen, and
wife spent Sunday at P. P. Stegall’s.
Jas. Rushing spent Sunday at W.
A. Eiland’s.
M. M. Stegall is on the puny list
this week with an attack of rheuma
B. F. Lawson passed through our
:urg Tuesday, looking for a horse
;hat had gotten away from him some
:ew days ago.
D. P. Brunson has bought him a
;ract of land near here and is very
)usy trying to get some of it put
n cultivation this spring.
Will (better known as Bob) No
en says he is going to move near
Newport after this year. We are
;orry to see him move away, but sup
>ose he could serve the people bet
er as coroner out there than he could
mt here. We hope to see him a
nount to something yet. He says
io never has.
Everybody is invited to come out
St. Paul's Church.
Thursday evening at 7:30
> clock the Rt. Rev.- James R.
Winchester, Bishop of the Dio*
:ese of Arkansas, will formally
nstitute the Rev. L. W. Heaton
lector of the Parish, and re-1
eive into the Communion of the ,
Jhurch by the Apostolic Rite of
Jonfirmation all who are pre
ared to enter upon God’s work
dth Mr. Heaton. All are most
ordially invited to attend this j
to singing at the school house next !
Sunday evening at 2 o’clock. We
hope to have a good crowd out.
X. Y. Z.
Farming is progressing nicely at
this writing.
Rev. Burnett of Eight Mile filled
his regular appointment here Satur
day night and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Balch are im
proving some now after a long siege
with lagrippe.
Dos Jackson, a young minister of
this community preached here Sun
day night.
It is being rumored that a crowd
of men took a man of this place out
a few nights ago and persuaded him
to go to work and suport his family.
W. N. Ball’s barn burned Sunday
evening about 3 o’clock. Some small
children were playing about it with
matches and carelessly set - it afire.
The loss was about 150 bushels of
corn, $80 worth of cottonseed, some
. hay, a saddle, set of harness and a j
buggy badly damaged.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Balch and Mr. |
and Mrs. T. A. Berry were visiting [
at R. E. Howard’s Sunday.
, Mrs. I. Sprigg and daughter, Miss
i Elizabeth, of Newport, spent Thurs
; day here the guests of Mrs. E. B.
. j Wilmans.
Austin Monroe was taken quite ill j
j Monday and has been confined to his I
i bed all the week, but is some better j
at present.
Some of our farmers intended to i
[ j plant corn the past week, but the rain
has kept them out of their fields.
Constable-elect Terry Guin, was a
business visitor to Newport* Thurs
Speaking of bad roads, our district :
has its share. But how can we ex- j
pect good roads unless they have the ■
proper drainage.
J. W. Bramer of Aurora, Mo., was a !
business visitor to Diaz Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Shannon came i
down Friday from Carthage, Missou- I
ri, for a visit to relatives. Mr. Shan- j
non who is a structural iron worker, |.
left Saturday for Memphis to join i
the force of the Pittsburg Bridge and
; i/i uguiuii v^uiiipaiiy.
^ Col. R. M. Laird was a business vis
! itor to Newport Saturday.
J. M. Witt was a business visitor to
; Tuckerman Friday.
Cromwell West had business in the 1
county seat Saturday.
Henry Grant of Happy Hollow was
here on business Thursday.
Miss Willis Guin, who has recent
ly closed a successful term of school '
at Campbell, has returned to her |
home in this city.
Mark Harper of Village township I
was here on business Saturday.
Cromwell West and J. R. Stanley
spent Sunday in the Hickory Grove '
neighborhod. ,1
Mrs. Nora Allbright attended a j
meeting of the Teachers’ Association
in Newport Saturday.
| Mrs. Walter F. Hurley was shop
ping in Newport Saturday.
Miss Gertrude Allen spent Sunday .
at Tuckerman, the guest of friends. 1
Jerry McCarty left Monday for ,.
Duluth. Minn., where he will accept J
a position with his first love, the Du- ;
luth South Shore and Atlantic Rail- ;
way. 1
The J. T. Rambo’s Show arrived r
here Monday from Sulphur Rock, ,
and will put on exhibitions this week, j
The program consists of moving pic- !
tures and vaudeville. j 0
Quite a number of farmers are
planting corn this week.
Mrs. J. G. Armstrong of Newport s
visited here Monday. I u
W. F. Hurley was a business visitor
to Newport Monday. I
We note with pleasure the interest I E
the Grubbs and Adelaide correspond- 0
er.ts have taken in the matter of a =
meeting of the correspondents, and !
also, of the organization of the writ- !
ers into a club, and we are willing to
do our part towards making this
a reality. A great many of the writ
ers are no doubt, very busy at the
present time and we would suggest
that we set a date for the meeting,
when we will not be so busy, thereby
we could get a good attendance, j
which would make the meeting much j
more interesting. We w'ould sug
gest that we call the meeting for 1
Saturday, May 16th. This would give !
sufficient time to make all arrange- !
ments and also would be a time that
we would not be so busy, that is, that
portion of the correspondents who
aie. farmers., Our plan is to have an
outing on this occasion, which would
bring us closer together and we could i
have the day to ourselves. Our edi- t
tor has expressed himself as being
heartily in favor of the movement, !
and will no doubt, advise and sug- I
gest that we have the meeting on the ;
plan we have mentioned. It’s only a
mateer of getting started, then the
5jjj This week we will show our Silk
Dresses, Ladies’ Suits and Ladies’ Coats
^ for Easter, which you know is like
^ Christmas. If every lady has not bought jgj \"
M her suit or coat by Easter she will wait $
ii and get her a lighter material, and for 5R
=jjj| this reason we are going to make a cut SR
S2 on all of our ready-to-wear merchandise, II
m J Si
nF $25.00 Coats.$17.50
£ffl $20.00 Coats.$17.50
ys $15.00 Coats. 9.98
snj suits
[US $25.00 Suits.’..$17.50
311 $20.00 Suits. 12.50
$15.00 Suits. 9.98
sfa $17.50 Dresses.$10.00
iye $12.50 Dresses. . 7.75
anl $10.00 Dresses. 6.50
m ___
. ■ -
Heine m ann sf
Dry Goods Store SJL.
S !£i Eli SR S 5 »»»«»> Hi SWiir
oe easily realized. We will ask each
writer if the plan mentioned suits
*ach of you, and if the date is sat
isfactory. Let every one respond.
L. E. Phant.
Spring is here at last. The farm
ers are making much of it, too.
W. W. Henry and family of Argen
,a visited home folks last Saturday
md Sunday.
Miss Carrie Ross entertained a large
lumber of young folks at her home
Sunday afternoon.
We have had a few weddings in our
Trinity and there is talk of more.
Mrs. Ora Osmon and Miss Dora
dinkle made a business trip to New
port this week.
Some of our girls are talking of go
ng to Judsonia to pick strawberries
Lis spring.
There is some talk of a thirty da
neeting here.
The boys seem to be having mu.h
success shelling.
The boys of this place are going
.0 nlay ball this summer. We sure
will enjoy watching them.
Health seems to be improving at
his writing.
Blue Eyes.
There is not mucn farming done yet
n this part of the country.
Leon Land was out hunting year
ings the other day, or claimed to be,
ut I think his main object was to
rade horses. So I suppose he is in
he ring with S. B. Vick. H. Hick
lan and Lewis Edens.
Ernest Edens of Swifton is visiting
is grandfather, B. Walton this week.
Leslie Whitlow has bought 40 acres
f land from Mr. Adams.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Friz
ell. on March 25th, a big boy. He
iould be a democrat when he grows
p, whether he is or not.
Mr. S. C. Viczk of Adelaide gave us
good sermon last Sunday at Aunt
ollie Stuart’s. Mr. Vick is talking
’ coming to Oakland again and we
—- -- ^
i shall be glad to have him with us. ''
The singing at W. S. Brown’s was
attended by a large crowd of young
people. We hear they had quite a ^
lot of singing. (
We are glad that Oldfield got
there, and also sorry that Kirby lost.
Some are just to the reverse, but if Jf
everyone saw alike there would be no
use of but one man running for each
I Success to the Independent.
Here I come again, after a wedk’a
absence, wishing the Independent And
its many readers a happy Easter. ;
Health here is reasonably good at
this write-up. \
Farmers are very busy in this neck
of the woods. Some have planted
corn, and most everyone preparing toV
plant. PI
Miss Maude Turner returned home)
Sunday from Galveston, Texas, where!
she has been for her health, and herl
many friends are glad to learn she!
is improved in health. 1
Miss Ola Rainwater has retume*
after a two weeks’ visit to her grand
, father, L. E. Rainwater.
Mrs. Susie Willis and children were
guests of Mrs. Matilda Turner Sat
urday night and Sunday. *
There will be church at the Island
school house Saturday night, April
j.lth, Sunday and Sunday night. Let
everyone be out to the services. - 0 J
Success to the Independent and its *
many readers.
Fat Bill.
Fresh Car of Bananas. _
J. B. Heard, the banana man,
I will have a fresh car of bananas
here 11 next week, nd they will
be fine, too. If you wnt nice, %
ripe bananas, see him on the '
Iron Mountain tracks, opposite
Wolff-Goldman’s, where he has
his car. dtf.
Your Success and Ours
The success of this institution is in helping others to suc
ceed whether their dealings be large or small. It is the
help we are able to give them that helps us. That* the
reason for our constantly growing list of customers and
accounts for our increase in business. We offer a helpful,
consistent, understanding service.
The Farmers Bank
r oi Mswi’jir, miusu

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