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Tries to
fy Governor
Wilson Stand
n, Oct. 23.— Woodrow
t as well be the Demo
ate for president again
Governor Cox, Charles
dared in an address on
f nations here tonight.
to say that Mr. Cox
or president, and Not
Mr. Hughes explained
time has now passed
0 placate an autocratic
1 Mr. Cox is going to
wiht Mr. Wilson, and.
D articc ten (of the i
nt,) why should he not
that he favors its eli-j
of Governor Cox end1
Ison are identical to i
United States to the.
rticle to the league with
^article 10, and only meaningless res
Nervations, Mr. Hughes asserted.
Neither the president nor thi
governor changed«their attitude ir
this respect, andwai'l instinuatiom
and declarations to the contrary an
misstatements, he addid.
Des Moines, la., Oct. 23. - Mis
souri University today defeated
Drake by the slim margin of 3
points in their annual gridiron clash
at Drake Stadium, the score being
10 to 7.
shington, Oct. 23. President
Wilson telegraphed the Young Amer
ican’s democratic league through
Holland Bradley at a meeting at the
Columbia University today his be
lief that the young men and women
of the country “will raily to the
support of the perpetuation of high
ideals for which we fought in the
great war.”
-Room House
nediate possession—Easy terms
truck farm, 1 mile from car line.
:res rich farm land, well improved
See A. G. Russell
ome Insurance Co.
Phones 480—2496
Identify Man
Found in Yard
Memphis, Term., Oct. 23. Ar
nouncement rvaa made today that
man found in a railroad yard her
yesterday with his skull fracture
and in a dying condition, had bee
identified by the police as Paul Ken
dall of Wagner, N. D. It is the be
lief of the police that Kendall wa
! attacked by thugs and his skull frac
tured by o blow with a piece of iro
pipe. He client without regainin
Kendall's wife was located in Ok
I lahome City, by the police throug
an address “608 Concord street
written on a bank book issued t
Kendall and found in his pocket.
j _
j New Orleans, Oct. 23.—Genera
Arsene Perrilliat, former member o
i the Mississippi river commission am
t regarded as an authority on engi
neering problems connected witl
'Mississippi river projects, died her
I today. He was 59 years old.
Shreveport, La., Oct. 28.—Fredd;
Red Hill of Fort Worth won a dc
cision over 6illie Kleek, welterweigh
champion of the A. E. F., in the 19t]
round of a scheduled 20-round bou
here tonight when Kleck fell uncoil
scious in a clinch. Kleck put up ■<
game fight coming strong each roum
after taking much punishment.
Joe Gorman of Denver lost oi
points in a 10-round bout with Tom
my Fisher of Fort Worth. Tonj
the Greek of Shreveport, won ovei
Ted Lewis of Fort Worth in tin
Ollie Thomas, negro who burglariz
ed the home of Roy Fowles and sev
eral other houses some time ag<
pleaded guilty to burglary and grant
larceny in Circuit Court and ha:
been sentenced by Judge Sorrells t<
eight years in the penitentiary._
- 231
107 -117
E. Third
rice Reductions
In Our
iece Goods and
Ready-to- Wear
' \
considerable discount has been made in these depart
lents, owing to a slump in the wholesale prices. Our
hiyer has been in the markets for sometime buying mer
pandise at reduced prices.
■hese goods are arriving daily and are placed on sale at
mch lower prices than you have been paying.
'ome in and inspect our stock—you will find it complete
|n every department.
? *
nderwear for the entire family.
107-117 E. Third
t •
Radical Leader Says England
Made Mistake in Not Deal
,j ing With Russia
-: Moscow, Oct. 23. England by tlu
\\ breaking off of negotiations with Lee
' Kamencff, the former Russian trade
| commissioner in London, has lost an
opportunity to play the leading roU1
: in world politics, says Karl Radek
radical leader.
“The political sceptre has fallen
[ I from the hands of Lloyd George, from
: the hands of England,' he asserted
jin an article in the Isvestia.
“Trade relations with soviet Rus
I s\a would have represented for Eng
; land a victory over French and Amer
ican imperialism—over French im
! perialism because French creditors
would have been obliged to allow the
gold which the French capitalists con
■ s’der their property to pass into Eng
-1 lish coffers, over American imperial
II ism because the English government
; would receive supplies and raw ma
1 tciials not under the control of
j American monopolies.
“To realize this victory it was ne
j cessary to establish political peace
with soviet Russia.
France Has Initiative
; “The breaking off of diplomatic
I negotiations means that the political
initiative passes into the hands of
j France which is openly supporting
; Wrangel,” Radek continued. “Simul
! ta.ieously the republican party of the
j United States and its presidential
:] candidate Harding, have declared in
j-tfavor of the recognition of soviet
R-'ussia, demonstrating that American
■1 capital intends to put England in
the second place by beginning trade
relation with Russia and cutting off
England’s non-jAmerican source of
oil supply.” ’
j Radek concludes the article by say
j ing that the action of the British
i gavernment was induced not so much
by the defeats of the red army as by
J the victories of the communist idea
in London and Warsaw. “The Eng
lish government has concluded that
we are too strong to be further
| strengthened by official recognition
| and diplomatic pourparlers and it is
l too weak to tolerate in London poli
! tical representatives of soviet Rus
sia,” he added?
“The voice of soviet Russia has
j been stifled in London but it will be
' heard not only in London but among
| the millions of workers in the east.”
San Francisco, Oct. 23.—Announce
ment that he would support Governor
Cox for president was made by Ches
j ter H. Rowell, former publisher of
the Fresno Republican in a telegram
! to United States Senator Key Pitt
: man of Nevada, head of the western
| headquarters of the Democratic no
| tional committee here.
Mr. Rowell is former chairman of
! the Republican state central commit
tee and four years ago was a mem
1 her of the Republican national cam
I paign committee.
Little Rock High
Loses Close Game
Little Rock, Oct. 23.—Hendrix
college seconds 21, Little Rock
High school 20.
Superintendent of
Mine is Shot
j Williamson, W. Va., Oct. 23.—John
Rhodes, superintendent of the Gates
Mine of the Crystal Block mining
company, was shot by unknown per
sons this morning while walking al
ong the Mingo county road near the
company store at Gates, ten miles
east of Williamson, according to re
ports received here.
Federal troops on duty in the Min
go county strike zone immediately
were sent from Sprigg, near Gates, to
establish patrols in the woods which
flank the road and from which the
shots came. Also bloodhounds were
I hurried from Williamson to the
i scene in an effort to trace those res
ponsible for the shooting.
Mr. Rhodes, who arrived at his
| home in Williamson today, said the
i wound was not serious.
Wants All Banks
to Join System
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 23.—M. B. Wel
born, governor of the federal re
serve bank of Atlanta in a statement
; today urged the advisability of non
member banks joining the federal rc
j serve system and mobilizing their re
! serve deposits with those of member
banks to meet the present unsatis
factory financial conditions in this
“Public \opinioriv” said Governor
Wellborn, “which is the governing
power of this country should, we
think, take a hand in this mattei
and urge upon the state banks the
necessity of becoming members of
the federal reserve bank, and thus
strengthen our great financial sys
tem so that all the people in the
j Atlanta federal district would get the
benefit of the state bank reserves.’
Auto Slides Off
Ferry; Two Drown
Lewisville, Ark., Oct. 23.—Mrs
1 Ford Farr of Lewisville and her three
i year old daughter were drowned to
j day at a ferry six miles from here
when the ferry boat dipped and al
| lowed an automobile in which the>
j were riding to slide off into Rec
Houston, Tex., Oct. 23.—Georg
Whiteman, former Boston Redso>
outfielder once star of the World’
j series and last year with Toront
will manage the Houston club of th
Texas League next season succed
ing Jewel Ens, it was announce
| here today. Whiteman graduate
from the buffs to the big leagiu
lie will act as player- manager.
Washington, Oct. 23. Establish
meat of a base differential of fiv
cents per hundred pounds on flou
over wheat carried in govemmfn
Owned Jnorchnnt vessels bcginnini
November 1, was announced toda;
by the shinning board.
Showing practical
pleasing, pep,
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rose, yellow and green, high
ly and richly colored—
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tation to visit us and let us
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that counts
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<».) '
* It
'■! i ft
>*> £•►*
Graphic Want Ads Get Results
In sterling many new arrivals unpacked yesterday of
which we list only a few.
Hammered cream and sugar, sterling, in velvet case .*....
Individual salt and pepper in pierced holder, sterling,
10-inch vase, sterling, graceful shape......*.
Steak set, in case, sterling...L
Almond set, bowl with six individual bowls .
Sterling candle sticks, from......-.
Bon-bon basket, two compartments, .!...
Mufineer set “for two”.—.
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