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*-—“— -1-'
The regular ante-election cru
sades against vice have been inaug
urated in all the large cities.
No doubt Red River begins to
feel unsafe in its channel as the
time for Jeff Davis’ inauguration
draws near.__
t Senator Jones has attained a
prominence in party ranks that no
Arkansas man has ever reached
before. The papers that are at
tacking him so bitterly will do
well to consider this fact.
Congress has appointed a com
mittee to investigate the practice
of hazing at the West Point mili
tary academy. Recently one of
the eadets died after an unusually
severe and brutal hazing.
The Senate, by a vote of 65 to
17, decided the Nicaraugan Canal
should be an American waterway
and that the United States should
have the right to fortify it and con
trol it. Good for the Senate.
Americans should all feel proud
of Gen. Chaffee for his stand
in regard to the looting of Pekin.
The spectacle of the young giant of
the west protecting unfortunate
China is a Stirling one indeed.
It seems now highly improbable
than any of the Powers will inter
vene in behalf of the Boers and
England will usher in the new
century with one of the most cruel
and heartless wars the world has
ever seen.
Every few days some long-haired,
unwashed anarchist, who takes
himself very' seriously, annpunces
that he feels bound to slay Presi
dent McKinley. The vagrancy
law should be applied to these
would-be martyrs.
It is now said that Republicans
will not favor the bill introduced
by' Representative Cumpaeker, of
Iowa, which has for its object the
reduction of the South’s represent
ation in Congress. They evidently'
do not care to go on record as re
cognizing the right of the South to
disfranchise negroes.
England is becoming alarmed at
the tenacity of the Boers. It seems
that although England has burned
their farms and driven their wives
aud children into bondage, the old
burghers are not through fighting
yet. Simultaneously with this re
port comes the news that Great
Britian has been forced to borrow'
$100,000,000 for her military ex
penses. Imperialism comes high.
The grewsouie cargo of the Han
cock which arrived at San Fran
cisco from Manila last Monday is a
stern reminder of the bitter fruits
of imperialism. This ship brought
back the bodies of 1,500 American
soldiers and sailors who gave up
their lives in the Philippines. A
few days ago a ship brought home
a load of soldiers who were com
pletely broken down in mind and
health. The worst thing is that
there seems to be no end to this.
Granting that we can some day gain
complete control of the Philippines,
will they be worth the awful price
we are paying for them?
A Strong Fortification.
Fortify the body agaiftst disease
by Tutt’s Liver Pills, an abso
lute cure for sick headache, dys
pepsia, sour stomach, malaria,
constipation, jaundice, bilious
ness and all kindred troubles.
“The Fly-Wheel of Life”
Dr.Tutt; Your Liver Pills are
the fly-wheel of life. I shall ever
be grateful for the acc*T- nit that
brought them to my notice. I feel
as if I had a new lease of life.
J. Fairleigh, Platte Cannon, Col.
Tutt’s Liver Pills
A number of business men's con
ventions have passed resolutions
lately favoring the creation of a
consulaf board, which is to appoint
all our consuls. Under this plan
it is thought that our consuls may
be better qualified in a business
way for the discharge of their duties
than under the present method of
passing around consular appoint
ments as rewards for political service
Democrats lost several hundred
thousand votes in the South in the
last election. This may be alarm
ing to some, but on the whole it
should be beneficial. It should be
a warning to the Democrats that
they must nominate good men and
make a clean, honest fight. It
might save Jeff Davis the trouble
of turning Red River through the
State House if we had a close state
election in Arkansas occasionally.
It is gratifying to the friends of
organized labor to know that at
the meeting of the American Fed
eration of Labor in Louisville, the
conservative element predominated.
Labor can never gain for itself pub
lic commendation when it allies
itself with anarchy, ,and the action
of the Federation in voting down
several incendiary measures is
especially propitious. American
labor should greet the new century
as a body of conservative and dig
nified citizens._
Those who.believe that sentiment
ps a factor in everyday life is be
coming extinct, will find a beauti
ful contradiction of this opinion in
the action of Congress in regard to
Congressman Boutelle, of Maine.
Mr. Boutelle has long been a lead
er in the House of Representatives,
and not long ago his mind and
health broke down completely. A
bill passed Congress a few days
ago giving Mr. Boutelle the pay of
a retired captain in the navy and
this will enable him to end his days
in comfort_~
Prof. Shinn in his biennial re
port says that the time is not yet
ripe tor compulsory education in
Arkansas. This is a question
which has been discussed consid
erably of late. Those who object
to it urge that the state should not
interfere with the private affairs of
its citizens; that every man has a
right to be the judge of his own
child’s welfare and for the state to
usurp this prerogative would be a
species of paternalism repugnant
to American ideas. But as the
state owes its existence to its citi
zens, and its welfare is dependent
upon their wisdom and intelligence,
it is plain that the state should
have the right to regulate the edu
cation of those who will some day
control its destinies.
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Ornaments fbr Christmas trees, Christmas tables. Make
your church and your home pretty, bright and attractive. We
have some beauties, but they’re not expensive.
The price of- sugar and salt
took a big jump the past week.
The latest is n corner on eggs,
and it is a Chicago man that is en
gineering the scheme.
The work of constructing a tele
graph line from Tacoma, Wash., to
Alaska will be commenced early next
A lire at Fulton, Ivy., started by
burglars, destroyed a quarter of a
million dollars worth of business
By the explosion of a boiler in
the power house of the Chicago &
Northwestern railroad in Chicago
five workmen were instantly killed
and about fifty injured.
The Standard Oil Company's cap
ital of $100,000,000 has now a mar
ket value of over $800,000,000. The
stock is the second highest priced in
dustrial in the country.
Capt. Carl Ileichman, of the 17th
infantry, who was detailed by the
war department to report on the op
erations of the Boer forces in the
South African war, has returned to
Washington. In his report he says
the total strength of the Burghers
was never more than 55,000. He es
timates that about 10,000 men are
yet in the field.
The report of the isthmian canal
commission submitted by the presi
dent to congress gives as the unani
mous conclusion of that body that
“the most practicable and feasible
route for on isthmian canal under
the control and management and
ownership of the United States is
that known as the Nicaragua
route.” The commission esti
mates the cost of this route at
Commissioner of Pensions
Evans’ report, as submitted to con
gress, shows that at the close of the
last fiscal year there were on the
pension roll 993,225 names, a net
increase of 2,010 over the fiscal
year 1.899. The number added fo
the rolls during the year was 45,
344. 'The amount disbursed for
army pensions during the year was
$134,TOO,597.24, and for navy pen
sions $3,161,533.41, a total of
$138,462,130.65, which shows an
increase over the previous year’s ex
penditure of $107,077.70. There
were 681 names added to the rolls
during the year by special acts
passed at the first session of the
fifty-sixth congress.
In a speech in the French senate,
when the naval bill was under dis
cussion. Gen.' Herder caused a sen
sation when he said: In view of
the possibility of war with Great
Britain, the use of the army is noi
sufficiently taken into account. Tin
jtimes are not the same as they wen
a hundred years ago. Steam, tin
navy, the teM'p'aph and t'-e •ail
Nobody knows all about it;
and nothing, now known, will
always cure it.
Doctors try Scott’s Emul
sion of Cod Liver Oil, when
they think it is caused by im
perfect digestion of food.
You can do the same.
It may or may not be caused
by the failure of stomach and
bowels to do their work. If
it is, you will cure it; if not,
vou will do no harm.
The way, to cure a disease
is to stop its cause, and help
the body get back to its habit
of heahh.
When Scott’s Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil does that, it
cures; when it don’t, it don’t
cure. It never does harm.
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f this picture on it, take
no other.
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road have' rendered the problem, of
the invasion of England much
easier of solution. Moreover, Eng
land herself is no longer the same.
The Transva'aJ war has-shown that
the British army, although brave,
is not equal to the task which Eng
land expected it to perform. The
British navy is powerful, but it has
many coasts to defend. France is,
therefore, numerically England's
equal at certain points, and even
her superior in instruments of de
struction. History furnishes many
instances of mutiny in the English
navy at the moment of battle. A
landing in England is, therefore,
not beyond realization.
It is proposed to hold a great tex
tile exposition at Atlanta, (la., in
Secretary of the Treasury Gage’s
.annual report shows that during ihe
fiscal year ended June 90. govern
ment receipts from all sources ex
ceeded expenditures bv $79,527,
Mrs. Marv Salee was slain by her
husband at their home in Louisville.
Ivy., jealousy being the cause. Salee
used a revolver anti also. took his
own life. The woman recently fell
heir to a large fortune, left her by
an uncle.
twelve hundred Filipino insur
gents ori the Island of Luzon sur
rendered to ('apt. Green of the 33d
infantry last week. This is the
largest number of men who have yet
surrendered in Luzon at one time.
The emperor of Germany has re
fused to receive ex-President Kru
ger. Emperor Francis Joseph lias
also declined to receive him. It is
said, Mr. Kruger was greatly affected
when informed of the German em
peror’s decision.
The monthly statement of the
public debt shows that at the close
of business Nov. 30, 1000, the debt,
less cash in the treasury, amounted
to $1,101,174,875, a decrease for
the month of $3,227,445.
The police judge at St. Joseph,
Mo., suggests a novel plan to rid this
country of tramps. He proposes that
congress enact a law deporting all
professional hoboes to the Philip
A phwi is on foot for the opening
up of the Osage reservation in Okla
homa territory by the temporary
and, finally, permanent allotment of
the lands. The plan is to induce
the individual members of the na
;ion to take temporary allotments of
150 acres of agricultural and 500
acres of grazing land. After these
allotments have been taken the Ind
ian agent will be called upon to rent
the lands for the individual Indians
to reliable parties, who can give
bond for the faithful performance
of their contracts.
At Braymer, Mo., Frank Young,
jr., shot and killed his father, Frank
Young. It appears that the father
who was a drinking man, went
home quite drunk, and a quarrel fol
lowed, the old man abusing and
threatening bis wife, the mother of
the bov. lie was gotten to bed, but
later got up and started another dis
turbance'. having a butcher knife
ind threatening to kill the whole
fa mi hr. The bov, a lad about Id
years old. into f. -ed. and the result
was that the father was shot, the
ball entering his head just behind
(he ear, killing him instantly.
The secretary of the interiors re
port to congress shows that during
'he fiscal year ending in .1 line the
nthlic lands disposed of amounted
to 13. 153,887 ,9t! acres, including
d.2,423.09 acres of Indian lands,
in increase of 4,27 1,478.80 over
the preceding year. The total re
ceipts from the -ale of public lands
luring the (heal year were $4,379,
758.10, an increase of $1,309,
(!20.7ti over the preceding year.
Then1 remains undisposed of 917,
935,880 acres of government lands
subject to homestead.
The first measure introduced at
the presenl session of congress was
by llrpresentalive Crumpacker. re
publican of Indiana, “making an
apportionment of representatives in
ongress under the twelfth census''
It provides an increase in member
hip from 357 to 3(15. Should the
■ill become a law the following
tales will gain in representatives
\rkansa-, 1; Colorado, 1; Cahfoi
nia, 1 ; Connecticut. 1 : Florida, 1 ;
Illinois, 2; Massachusetts, 1; Min
nesota.^; Missouri, 1; New Jersey,
2; New York. 3; North Dakota, 1;
Pennsylvania, 2; Texas, 2; Wash
ington, 1 ; West Virginia. 1. The
following states will lose: Kansas,
1; Louisiana, 2; Mississippi, 3;
Nebraska, 1; North Carolina. 4;
South Carolina, 3; Virginia, 1.
A dispatch from China reports a
fearful mission slaughter in the
province of Shan Si. The first vic
tims. the dispatch says, were a Cath
olic bishop and his coadjutors and
four European priests, Franciscans,
Italian and French. The governor
invited them to his house, pretend
ing to guarantee them protection,
hut when they arrived their hands
were tied. The governor himself
poigniardcd them all. Later he
went to the bishop’s residence with
a number of soldiers and seized six
Marseilles sisters. lie promised
them money and distinguished hus
bands if they would renounce
Christianity, which olTcr they
unanimously rejected. Fifteen
seminarists who had hidden them
selves in a cistern were killed. Mr.
and Mrs. Atwater and their two lit
tle children; Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Price and their son, all of the
American board : Mr. and Mrs. La
gren of the Swedish, and Miss El
dred. an English woman, were
Missouri Pacific railroad has is
sued $2,S)83,5G0 additional capital
stock to purchase the Kansas City
Northwestern railroad.
I’car Admiral Itemey, in his offi
cial reports of the recent typhoon
which visited the island of Cuam.
reports that the storm was the se
verest in forty years. The town of
Marajan was leveled and twenty
eight persons were killed. Several
persons were killed in various small
Caroll D. Wright., United State
commissioner of labor, has com
pleted his fifteenth annual report.
It is a compilation of wages in com-,
inercial countries, and embraces data
relative to the highest, lowest and
average wages paid, and the hours of
labor'in ninety-two countries, prov
inces and colonies, exclusive of for
ty-seven states and territories in this
country. It gives quotations for
each country as far back as any offi
cial statement was to be found, and
down to the present year. These
quotations are for 4,459 occupations
and subdivisions of occupations. The
figured are taken from nearly 1,500
different official reports and they
cover 900,000 definite rates.
The famous pan-American beauty
contest closed in New York on the
3d inst and the awards were made.
This was a competition held for the
purpose of selecting the two most
beautiful women in America, blonde
and brunette, to typify North and
South America on the official em
blem of the pan-American exposi
tion in Buffalo in 1901. A commit
tee of ten, of which Senator C. M.
Depew was chairman, selected from
photographs sent to New York, Miss
Maude Coleman Wood, of Char
lottesville, Va., to represent North
America, and Miss Maxine Elliott
(Mrs. N. C. Goodwin), brunette, to
represent South America.
The commissioner-general of im
migration in the annual report of
the operations of his bureau for the
fiscal year ended June 20, 1900, sub
mits tabulated statements showing
the arrival in this country during
that period of 448,572 alien immi
grants, 425,372 through ports of the
United States and 23,200 through
Canada. Of these 304,148 were
males and 144,424 females; 54,(524
were under 14 years of age, 370,382
were from 14 to 45 years old, and
23,566 were 45 and over. The total
immigration reported, 448,572, is
in excess of that for the preceding
year, 311,715, by 136,857, or 43.9
per cent. As to countries of origin,
124,700 came from European, 17,
946 from Asiatic, 30 from African,
and 5,896 from all other sources
Tables showing the pursuits of the
immigrants reported distribute
them as follows: Professional, 2,
592 ; skilled trades, 61,443; miscel
laneous, 249.796; no occupation, in
cluding women and children, 134.
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that our duties will begin January 2d, 1901. W. H. Duncan,
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18 One set English China Plates.
19 One fine Pocket Knife.
20 One fine Pocket Knife.
21 One fine pair Scissors.
22 One pair Best Children’s shoes.
23 One Ladies’ Hand Bag.
24 One pair Fine suspenders.
35 One fine Gentleman’s Cravat.

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