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h: the jk na weekly star =
Many People Are Seeking Homes in Polk County That They May Escape the Discomfort of Northern Winters. There’s a Reason
% ' “■
Secretaries Knox, Hitchcock, Meyer,
Ballinger, Wilson and Nagel Sworn
In by Chief Justice Faller of United
8tates Supreme Court—Many Per
sona Call Upon the President.
Washington, Mar. 7.—President Taft
[ has issued a call for a special sessios
‘ of the Sixty-first congress to .convene
jj March 15. The call does not mention
r .the object for which the special ses
I sion is called.
I No nominations were made by the
I president Saturday, but six members
I of President Taft's cabinet took the
loath of office in the cabinet room at
| the White House shortly after ten
jto’clock Saturday morning.
The oaths were administered by
# Chief Justice Fuller of the supreme
li; court, first to Philander C. Knox, sec
retary of state, then to Frank H.
S.HItchcock, postmaster general; Georgs
Von Lengerke Meyer, secreatry of the
navy; Richard A Ballinger, secretary
of the interior; James Wilson, secre
tary of agriculture, and Charles
Nagel, secretary of commerce and
I George W. Wickersham took the
oath of office Friday as attorney gen
eral. Mr. Dickinson, secretary of war,
and Mr. MacVeagh, secretary of the
treasury, will not reach the city for
some days.
; President Taft, Secretary Carpen
ter, Senator Burton of Ohio, Richard
u. nuriitu, nun ui justice narian oi
the supreme court, and John Barrett,
director of the Bureau of American
Republics attended the ceremony.
As soon as the ceremony had been
completed President Taft gave him
self up to the reception of several
hundred persons who gained admit
tance to his offices by reason of being
accompanied by senators and repre
sentatives. Senator Aldrich of Rhode
Island interrupted the reception pro
ceedings by a somewhat lengthy con
ference with the president.
While the friends of senators and
members were being received in the
office building several thousand per
sons gathered in the east room, being
delegations with proper credentials,
and when Mr. Taft had disposed of
the first crowd he went to the east
room wiit^-e the handshaking process
continued for some time.
Big Oil Deal.
Tulsa. Ok., Mar. 10.—Property in
the famous Gleen pool oil district con
slsting of 1,250 acres of land on whirl
are fib producing oil wells and 600,OOt
barrels of oil In storage, was purclias
ed by J. E. Crosbie here Mondaj
from Robert Galbreath. The consider
atlon was $700,000.
Do Not Suffer.
No use suffering from Itching Piles
when one box of Hunt’s Cure is absc
lutely guaranteed to cure any case.
One application will convince you of
its merits.
To Rocky for Burial.
The remains of the Rev. T, B.
Phelps, who died at the home of
hia sor.-ir.-law at Nunley Monday
night, passed through Mena Wednes
day^ route for Rocky, where inter
ment was had this afternoon.
Uncqualed as a Cure for Croup
^Besides l>eing an excellent remedy
for colds and throat troubles, Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is unequaled
as a cure for croup,” says Harry Wil
son of Waynetown, lnd. When given
as soon as the croupy cough appears,
this!remedy will prevent the attack
It is useu successfully in many thou
sands of homes. For sale by Jackson
Drug Co., and all dealers.
Meeting of Citizens Requested Repre
sentative Hamilton to Pass Bill
Legalizing Franchise.
About twenty reprisenta’ive
taxpayers of Mena met at comt
bouse Monday night and passed
a resolution to ask Ripresenta
tive Hamilton to pass a bill to in
validate and confirm the franchise
granted by the city of Mena to
H W. Cardwell to construct and
maintain a sewer system in Mena.
Mayor Davis was instructed to so
notify Mr. Hamilton by wire.
The committee appointed at a
recent meeting to investigate the
matter, W. E. Watkins, W. M.
Pipkin and J. W. Gardner, were
unnnimous in the opinion that
the law should be passed, de
manding of Mr. Cadwell, how
ever, that he release the city
from its obligation to furnish free
water for sewer. This, Mr Cad
well conceded, and the resolution,
offered by Mr. Gardner, was
adopted unanimously.
Mr. Cardwell proposes to begin
the extension of the sewer system
within 30 days, covering practi
cally all the water district, and
expending $15,000 in Mena.
John Thompson, president of
the Commercial club, presided at
the meeting.
Qood tor the Blues.
Ts your appetite on a vacation, your
energy absent, and everything else
out of “Whack?” If so, you had
better take something and take it now.
Simmons' Sarsaparilla is the King of
Tonics. It will make you eat all you
want to pay for. Try it and hear
vourself lautrh airain.
Wind Hasn’t Hurt Wheat.
Salina, Kan., Mar. 9.—Reports re
ceived in this city from various coun
ties in the western and central part
of the state show that the few days
of warm weather Just past have
brought out the wheat In fine shape.
It was reported from some localities
that the heavy wind of a few weeks
ago had caused great damage to the
crop. This report is shown to be
erroneous in many cases.
Killed in a Forest Fire.
West Plains, Mo., Mar. 9.—Mrs.
Emma Webb, wife of Samuel Webb, a
farmer who lived in the north part oi
this county, was burned to death
Saturday while lighting a forest lire
that threatened to burn their home
Her clothing caught fire and she lei!
dead in her husband's arms. She
leaves live children.
I . _
No Need of Scratching.
Other afflictions may be more pain
ful, but none more annoying than
many forms of itching trouble. The
quickest and most reliable remedy for
itching diseases of any character is
Hunt’s Cure. One application relieves
—one box guaranteed to cure.
Graveyard Working.
All persons intereste 1 in the
Dallas cemetery are requested to
meet there on Thursday, March
18, for the purpose oi completing
the work ot clearing off the
grounds, planting shrubbery, etc.
A. L. Durham.
Bloating after eating, indiges
tion, flatulence or water brash,
may be quickly corrected through
the use of Prickly Ash Bitters.
It strengthens digestion, clenses
and regulates the bowels. W. C
Vandiver, special agent.
ThomnK A UuhhcII, plaintiff, va. Mrs.G. W
JaiuMi, defendant—In the Volk Circuit court.
The defendant. Mm. G W. James, Ik warned
to appear In thl« court within thirty days and
answer the complaint of the plaintiff', Thomas
A ItuHKell.
March 10,190H II. J. Green, Clerk
m ND MOST PEOPLE usually want new
fk clothes for this occasion. Of course you |
can buy goods at any store—but there is
i diffm-nce in stores; the better the store the
letter it is for the people who patronize it.
f you don’t trade at this store it is certainly
lot our fault, for we assure you we are
uixious for you to become our customer, and
n addition to offering you one of the largest
md best stocks in this part of the state to
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No shoddies here.
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You can get everything to
fll wear right here in this store
Grand Leader |
Che Report Says Twenty-one Are Dead
and 150 Injured at Brinkley—Se
vere Storm Damage at
Other Points.
Little Rock, March 9.—The
latest reports from Brinkley, the
stricken city on the Rock Island
92 miles east of here, indicate
18 are dead and n million dollars
property loss incurred by fire,
Hood and wind, as a result of the
tornado which struck the city at
7 o’clock last night.
Two traveling men of this city,
W. M. Wilson and J. C. Ayers,
were stopping at the Bnnkley
hotel during the afternoon. They
had left the hotel and gone to a
pool hall, where they were when
the tornado struck.
“It had been a sultrv after
noon,” said Wilson. “Suddenly
a heavy rainstorm broke, contin
uing about five minutes, followed
by a tearful wind. The wind did
not last longer than three min
utes, but when we reached the
streets they were blocked with
debris. Every business house ex
cept the Braud'a dry goods store
« % « > , i i. » .1.__
Wda W1CUVCU, UUlli Iiuitio, vuv O
splendid three-story brick, and
both the Arkansas Midland and
Cotton Belt depots were total
“Fire broke out in three differ
ent places in the residence section,
where homes had been splintered.
We counted eight dead and help
ed move them from the wreckage
bv midnight, when we left for
Little Rock.”
Judge Jacob Trieber, Prosecut
ing attorney William Whipple.
Captain Akers and the whole fed
eral official family, of this dis
trict, were in the Brinkiey hotel
enroute to Helena to hold court,
fortunately none was severely in
Governor Donaghey, Speaker
Epps Brown, of the house of
representatives and a relief party
j from this city, left at noon for
i the scene of the storm, on a Rock
Island special.
The storm all about this section
last night was severe, especially
at Fourche Dam, Kerr Station
and other points, where residenc
es were blown away.
A negro girl named Anderson,
10 years of age, was killed at
Fourche Dam. A negro, Arthur
McChristol was killed by light
ning in Argenta during the storm.
Telephone and telegraph con
nections were paralyzed for hours,
at one time only one out of town
connection being intact.
A message has just been re
teived from Brinkly asking the
governor to order the militia to
the scene. Companies of the state
guard will be sent out this after
Carried Call For Help
Weakly, Ark., March 9.—Resi
dents of Brinkley, which was de
vastated by a toanado last night
are arriving here. Six white
people are known to bo dead and
probably fifteen injured.
Brinkley is a town of three
thousand inhabitantsand refugees
say the entire business section is
demolished and probably eight
per cent of the residences were
razed to the gronnd. Relief
trains have arrived at the scene
but all wire communication is
Reports from southeastern Ar
kansas say a heavy wind storm
passed over that section last
night doing considerable minor
damage, but no lives were lost.
L. M. Kimmell, railroad tele
graph operator at Brinkley, one
ot the first to reach a point of
communication to summon aid for
the devastated town, graphically
describes the scenes immediately
following the passing of the
Together with several compan
ions, Kimmell was in the Rock
Island depot when the storm
struck. As if it was a toy the
substantial structure was twisted
and broken, the occupants being
caught among the falling timbers
and bruised but otherwise un
hurt. Extricating themselves af
ter halt an hour’s effort they
found the town in darkness and
the streets filled with a terror
stricken throng.
Intermittent dashes of light
ning revealed wreckage every
where, a portion of a building
standing here and again onlv a
tangled mass of debris. As Kim
mell and bis companions made
their way through the street.
they encountered two of the dead
and stumbled over others wbc
were injured. Huddled about
the ruins of their homes familioi
were standing in groups clinging
together in terror while here and
there a searcher was gropin about
in quest of a missing member of
the household.
As the party started to leave
Brinkley, intending to walk to
the nearest town the added horoi
of fire appeared. When two
miles from Brinkley, Kunmell
and company were forced to turn
back because of a gale. As they
returned the fire had gained head
way, and, fanned by a stiff wind,
was spreading but prompt work
of citizens suppressed the confla
Boarding a locomotiye, Kitn
mell and his companion, J. M.
Wojtanski, Richards, a lineman
and Conductor Gale made a quick
run here bringing news of the
storm and an appeal for aid.
Million Property Loss.
St. Loui«, March 9.—A special
from Brinkley, Ark., says 30 per
sons were killed and 15 to 40 in
jured and a million dollars in
property loss caused by a cyclone
last night. The city is a total
wreck. The business section is
in ruins and ‘>0 per cent of the
residences destroyed.
Town of England Also Struck.
Little Rock, March 9.—A spe
cial from Brinkley saysthe known
dead now number 21 with 151 in
The new Cotton Belt station at
Baucum was absolutely wrecked,
the mammoth establishment of
the England Mercantile Company
at England was unroofed and
stock ruined. From England to
Kerr Station the storm, in places,
was a mile wide and its path is
literally strewn with dead cows,
horses, etc.
The main track of the Cotton
Belt was choked by cars blown
across the track near Baucum,
last uight, holding the passenger
train till 6 o’cIock this morning.
Many plantations in Lonoke
county wero entirely stormswept.
The dead: Porter Foote, J. L
Sterrett, Henry Stovall, Jr., Mrs.
Phillip®, two unidentified men,
Charles Krense,.Clara Rose, Mr.
and Mrs. Hood, four negroes.
A Religious Author’s Statement
Rev. Joseph II. Ji'e®pVman> Salis
bury, N. C., who is tho author of
several books, writes: “For several
years I was afflicted with kidney trou
ble and last winter I was suddenly
stricken with a severe pain in my
kidneys and was confined to bed eight
days unable to get up without assist
ance. My urine contained a thick
white sediment and I passed same !!«
quentiy day and night. 1 commenced
taking Foley’s Kidney Remedy, and
the pain gradually abated and finally
ceased and my urine became normal.
I cheerfully recommend Foley’s Kid
ney Remedy.” Sold by all druggists.
The Present Members Decide to Dis
continue Efforts to Carry on Im
provement Work Pending
John H. Hamilton came over
from Little Rock Saturday after
noon to meet with the watci
works commissioners of Mena
District No. 1, which had been
called by M. A. Stratton, chair
man of the board.
When the board met Monday
morning it decided that becaus'
of certain dissatisfaction existing
it was best not to take up an
proposition toward raisin ; fund
or making any improvem.u;s cti
the present plant. This decision
led to an adjournment in order ti
try and find citizens who would
accept the responsibility of the
work and who would be entirely
satisfactory to the people of
In the afternoon the consent of
R. A. Tomlinson to serve on the
commission was obtained, and
the board will make efforts to
bring about a reorganization as
soon ns possible.
Mr. Hamilton returned Monda)
to his post as representative of
Polk county at Little Rock.
The Downpour Yesterday Is Said to
Have Played Havoc Along
Mountain Fork.
Reports by telephone from Hat
field say that the downpour Mon
day raised Mountain Fork
west of there to a point where it
overflowed some of the bottom
lands, doing considerable damage
to early planted crops and some
of the laud.
The rain in Mena was very
heavy, and the streets were flood
ed, but no damage of consequence
is reported. Ward creek was
quite tempestuous in appearance
and those who had 'occasion to
cross it went to some of the con
crete bridges.
Lon Goff, who has confined
the stream between two cement
laid stone walls where it crosses
his land, watched the torrent
closely, but says that the swift
water did no harm.
The promise of the weather
bureau tint we would have frost
Monday night was not realized.
Mena Store Makes Sales of China to
far Away Points in Opposite
One day recently a lady visited
The Cash S'.ore and bought soon
pieces of chinaware, remitkint
that she would take them with
her and put in her trunk. This
brought out the fact that she
was a residmt of Port Arthur,
The next day at about the
same hour another strange lady
made similar purchases and it
developed she was from some
point in Old Mexico. Mr. Ad
kisson today received a pretty
postal from his C inadian custo
mer, Mrs. Claudia B. Burriss,
that the ware had gotten
through all right and expressing
appreciation of "such kindnefs
from a stranger.”
Thus does Mena become known
in all parts of the continent, and
the more it becomes known the
greater will be Mena.
What’s the Use?
Aches, pains, burns, cuts, sprains,
and all similar afflictions are always
instantly relieved; often entirely
cured by an application of that un
equaled remedy, Hunt’s Lightning Oil.
Don't suffer, Don't delay. What’s
the use ?
Farm for Rent.
40a, 25a in cultivation, good 3
rootn house, barn, fine spring, 3
mi. west of Mena on good road.
Cash or crop rent.
J. L. Horner,
Littlejohn Bldg., Mena, Ark.
310tf lOtf
For Sale.
One acre of land with three
room house, facing two streets in
Olmsted suh-division. Address
cash bids oetore April 30, 1000,
to J. D. Cranor,
301 lift b 2t Mena, Ark.
If you have legal business in
the Staite Circuit. Court, Federal
Circuit or District Courts, or a
damage claim against a railroad
or other corporation, write or
telephone (Bell ’Phone No. 1052]
Simmons & Hunt, Lawyers, Ft.
Smith, Ark. w-tf
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Black & Dickson, best vork,
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days. We want you to consider this a special invitation to be present.
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Full table size-Etched with Your Own Initial without any advertising whatever
on them.
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you the other five, all with your own initial on, when you purchase from us amount
to $10.00.
Our Store is the People's Store
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Court Holds That St. Louis Concern
Has Complied With Requirements of
Decree of December 23 Last
Standard’s Partnership Proposal Ig
nored—A Dissenting Opinion.
Jefferson City. Mar. 10.—The su
preme court In banc has overruled the
motion of the Standard Oil company of
Indiana for a modification of the judg
ment of ouster and made the order of
ouster absolute. The court Ignored
the Standard's much discussed propo
sition to take the state into partner
The court also overruled the motion
of the attorney general to make tho
decree of ouster In the case of tho
Waters-Pierce Oil company absoluto
and held that the Waters-Pierce Oil
company has compiled with the re
quirements of the decree of December
23, 1908. Judge Lamm and Judge
Woodson dissent.
The not result Is that the Standard
Oil company of Indiana Is ousted ab
solutely except for Buch protection as
It can get from the federal court. The
Waters-Pierce company, on the con
trary, Is given a clean bill of health
and may continue in business In Mis
Judge Woodson, who wrote the dis
senting opinion In which Judge Umm
concurred. Quoted the return made bv
the Waters-Plerce company when It
paid its fine and the statute under
which the companies yere prosecuted.
The court had ordered the Waters
Plerce company to pay a fine of $50,
000, and furnish satisfactory proof that
it had severed all trust relations with
any company violating the law. Judge
Woodson says the company compiled
with the first part, but did not com
ply with the last.
The decision Is considered a great
victory for the Waters-Plerce com
pany and incidentally for the minority
Interests of that concern who assert
they have been making unavailing ef
forts to free the company from control
by the Now Jersey corporation. With
this object in view they declined to
approve the proposition made by the
Standard Oil company of Indiana that
tha. company bo allowed to continue
business in the state under a trustee?
ship composed of representatives of
the court nnd the company.
This proposition excited the liveliest
Interest, in that it would have given
to the state a measure of direct con
trol of a corporation's affairs, had It
been adopted by the court. But It was
Ignored In tbe announcement by the
chief justice which simply said that
the motion for a modification of the
ouster decree had been overruled.
With the Judgment of ouster made
absolute against the Standard Oil com
pany of Indiana and the Republic Oil
company those concerns must now
pay their fines cf $50,000 each and
cease business In the state.
The $50,000 fine assessed against the
Waters-Plerce company has been paid.
In conjunetleri with the certified check
which the Missouri company filed with
the clerk of the court there was pre
dated a document "accepting" the
court’s original decree which carried
l conditional permit to continue busi
1088. i nose proviaioiiH included one
that the company must bo reorganized
so as to be free from Standard Oil con
rol. There was nothing In the docu
ment to show that this bad been done
md on this basis the attorney general
moved that the ouster decree bo made
fTective at once.
As Advertised.
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lain's Cholic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy, and found it to bo all claimed
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the family have vised it with good re
sults in summer complaint.—H. EL
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land VVis. For sale by Jackson Drug
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