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1921 - MARCH = 1921
Sun Mon Tuo Wed
6 7
13 14
20 21
27 28
Thu Fri Sat
3 4
10 11
17 I 18
24 25
12 i
Published Every I>ay Earept Sunday.
C. B. Andrew*,-Publisher
Orto Finley-Reporter
Tbe Picayune Office 232
C. B. Andrew* re*ident 149
Blngie Copies _ Bel
One Mouth ..40c
Three Month* _SI-00
Advertising Rate* made known on
All advertising e</py must be recelv
at tbe office of The Picayune not Lat
m than 10 a m.. of the day on which!
It la Intended for use, otherwise It will i
appear In the Issue of tbe following day |
Advertising copy for use in ’he week
iy Picayune should reach this office
act later than Wednesday morning
Any erroneous reflection upon the
character, standing or reputation of
any individual. Arm or corporation ap
pearing In The Picayune will he
promptly corrected If brought to thei
attention of the pulhher Statements
of facia however will not be retracted
“Entered as second claaa matter Jan
uary S, 1921. at the post office at Pres
eott. Arkansas, under tbe Act of March
8, 1879"
El I torsd« is the m-ogn zed oil city
of Arkansas It required t;me and
money to develop the field hut once a
“gusher” wa*. brought in. the wave of
enthusiasm ha* reached heights never
dreamed of a few month' ago.
The bringing In of a well over there
now is no longer a matter of curiosity,
but a simple achievement of the confi
dent drillers from the time of spud
ding in" until the oil sj»outs high als»ve
the derrick'
So will It N* in Prescott, when the
fir't gii«lier corn**' in i h ng- will
tak< i 'urn lu re a'foni'li ng to the old
os’ native and om-e certain of one big
well, willing and eager hand' w II eon
tinue the deveiopmenr nut I Prescott
tsH-ona*' a snuml El I'medo Aeeord
tut to 'til experts who ought to know
what they are talking nt«> t our first
gusher -l.oiilil l» annoutiied at all ear
ly date
si TTON "< K\I*S
Ebler .1 W Erwin visited h ' sou. W.
K. Krw in Satuiilav u •■ > ;;x• - near Wit
lisi Hie
Hr' Waddle Weave' I.Hi and! Hi
lion of Hop,’ met a I the re'idei • * of I ‘ ■
J. 11. Sutton II oliil'I'l s i f U rda V
School i' moving along nicely I
will la Weil fi-|n . -I'llled at tl • nil
contest at I'li'o It Friday and Sit :m
The ml prosper I' arc * m »>n,,.t
fci.. ... ■ n t .a In ding'
Sv«?ry town ln»» h Jolly Fat Mau
Uhe this, who likes Everybody aud
whom Everybod> like* He’s always
to Good Humor and goes about dia
pers) n it Hood Cheer. This Good Scout
has just as many Troubles as Any
body Else, but be does All his Wor
rying In Private.
you had !«Ptter ger it **«ki for .t may
noon lie too late
.!.# Bate# had th<- misfortune ■ >f ge
tijig hi# residence ImriiHi Saturday
Tin* fire started in the foiling Ail of
the content# were destroyed nil'll « I
small is’i cent of the t*edd ng and a few I
clui;r# Mr, Kate# carried a -Uiall j
amount of nsuramv on hi- home
Are you sorry for him? if you are. si I
jionjf one don't tail on you tend him j
something or go and carry it to bun- j
Mr. E M Murry i<>-t a good horse j
one day last week. We know how to
sympathise with a tuau when he lose#
h;a la#: horse, but that have mu#t lose.
Prof. C. B. Erwin and wife and little
son and Mrs Jaunie Phillip# and -on#
of Prescott wen- visiting relative#
and around Sutton Saturday and Sun
da y.
J. A. Water# and Willie Bimpson of
Holly Spring# en route from Piwott.
home stopped over and spent Friday j
night with Eugene Simpson
Elder L K Whitten, one of Sutton'- ;
rustler# shipped several barrels of rad- -
fsthe# the past week
I. F Armstrong and K P Bright
u ide a business trip to Prescott Sat
\[ Carle#- Erwin and Murle C il
loway is #i>enditig a few days in Stamp
this week visiting friend# and rein- i
tl ve#
f'lemmie Mitchell wa# the guest of I
M -so- Vera and Mur!. Erwin Sundav
M # Velma Simpson #petr Saturd;
night with Miss Fay Armstrong.
We Want Yon
to keep in mind the
fact that in addition to
printing this news
paper we do job work
of any kind. When
in need of anything
in this line be sure
To See Us
T* ► Eaeter part* g ven by Mi» Vel
ma '•(UJp-./Ii Kn'-urOUJ- e*eIUB* Was- w.-ll
attended and all report * most joy fuJ
J» K Kv»t» K-< »«* "f SattwiV **
tired Eaerduaci.* wti now » rnnuin.
a 'Tin e, .farra »<■» f- ■ ,ii». *jmit v
(la oi l T-tlD*- f-> • ■
Uncle Wali’s
44/''\l«f-> S ■ --foot l* going to cele
brat** h s g-i den wording to
morrow,* said the amtesaor: “wr are
plant ag to g:ve him a smrprine party,
and would like you to go along."
“You oouldn t drag me there with a
team of govern
taent mules- re
plied the Tillage
patriarch. “About
the meanest trick
you can piay a man
is to spring a sur
prise party on him.
Of course tbe ®a
jorit> of surprise
parties are fates.
Tbe victim has
fieeti informed in
advam - that he is
going to be am
r,U'h"'l upon a cer
tain date, and he
makes fils preparations accordingly.
Then when the visitors arrive at his
anode he pretends to be immensely
astonl«hed, and says be never dreamed
of such a visitation; but the fact that
he is wearing his Sunday shirt, and
iias his hair parted In the middle,
gives the lie to all his proles tions.
“There is no serious objec- jI> to a
surprise party when the Victim is
warned in advance, although, as I ' ive
shown, it encourages sltullduggc id
hypocrisy, for no man can ,.e thor
oughly honest who pre els amaze
ment over a visit he has been pian
* -=r
Come to Us
Let outside parties gobble up all the choise
leases in your County. _ You, as a citizen owe
your confidence to the development of Ne
vada County. Why will you expect out
side parties to invest, and you sit back and
buy nothing. Be a booster for your home
town and county and buy a lease now,
while you can afford it. Don’twait until a
well comes in, for then only the big fellows
can buy and you will be poorer than ever.
Moore & Martin
n?ng for.
* But the genuine surprise party is
an outrage. and people who resort to
t should be severely punished. There’s
l 'thing more humiliating to a self
re-j.ee.• lag man thaE to have a whole
nelghborhool blow into his dwelling
"when he isn't looking for it.
“When I am at home I sacrifice
everything to personal comfort. I
!nke <>*1 my shoes and collar and neck
tie and roll up my shirtsiwves and
-iip my -usj«enders down over my
arms. I don't care how I look if I am
eeiing at ease. If I am expecting
visitors. I go to my boudoir aDd fix
myself op so I look like a bridegroom.
My wife has theories similar to tame,
nd doesn’t believe in being arrayed
n purple and fine liDen all the time.
Bat «he wouldn't be seen looking
- tuchy for anything.
“S*itne months ago my wife casually
remarked to a neighbor that my hirth
tay would occur on the following
Wednesday, and that neightsor. being
<1 confirmed busybody, got busy and
'ganized a surprise party. I never
'„<..!Ved the faintest hint o? the
!■ doled catastrophe, and on the
-vening of my birthday I was !y;ng on
t*;e floor of the sitting room with
boot a hundred newspaper* around
me. My wife was wearing an old
wrapper, and was popping corn on the
wit hen -tove. There was noixidy else
n the house, and we had no id**a v!«l
•ors would come, for it was a bad
“About eight o’clock. Just wh»m I
was thinking of going to bed. there
-as a knock at the front door. My
wife thought it was some boy on an
| errand so she went to the door with a
-fovehook in one hand, and the corn \
;topper in the other, and she gave a
shriek of engn!«h when she saw the
rna®« meeting on the front p>>rch The
minute the door was open all those
delegates poshed themselves in. amil
ine and giggling as though they were
thing something mighty funny.
“Our i -• hadn't been in such dts- !
! v°
i No.
| No.
| No.
i No.
St Louis, fast-5 ;
St Louis, fast_3:
St. Louis, fast_6 :
, Local_4
. Local_10;
. Local_9
Fast. 10 :
55 a.
:20 a.
15 p.
11 p.
:45 p
00 a.
10 a.
:15 p.
20 p.
order In twenty years. I! looked as
though a cotjple of amateur t^am® had
been playing basketball In it. ^ My
wife and I began apologizing and ex
plaining as people will do under -uch
conditions, although they know tha.
nobody will believe what they «ay
the guests assured us that it was ah
right. but I could see them squinting
around and making meDtal notes f •'
future reference. and inside of a week
the story was all over town tba’ our
bouse wks a fright and no respectable
cow could liTe in it.
“That was the mo«t miserable even
ing I ever spent, rny friends, and I
have never forgiven the people who
took part in that upn«ing. And you
nay be sure I'll never treat another
tiifeii £u> 1 was trea *4.”_—
We Are
Always Ready
to serve vou with good
printing. No matter what
the nature of the job may
be we are ready to do a
at a price that will be
Children Cry for Fletcher’*
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over thirty years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his per*
sonal supervision 6ince its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good ” are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Never attempt to relieve your baby with a
remedy that you would use for yourself^
Vi/hat is CASTORIA
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Comfort—The Mother’s Friend.
Report of the Condition of
as made to Commission er of Banks of the State of Arkansas at the
close of business, February 21, 1921.
Loans and Discounts-1726,401.80
Overdrafts- None
United States Bonds- 86,250.00
Stocks, City and County Warrants_ 7,032.64
Due from Insurance Department_ 1,507.37
Building and Real Estate_ 8,000.00
Furniture and Fixtures_ 8,072.50
Other Real Estate_ 677.45
Total Resources.-$970,180.60
Capital Stock, fully paid-1 75 00O.OO
Surplus, certified - 75,000.00
Undivided Profits, net_ 25 502 62
DEPOSITS- 794.677.9*
Toul Liabilities..»970.IS0.60
The above statement is correct.
THOa C. McRAE, JR., Cashier.

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