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Telephone Social Itema to Picayune,-Phone 232.
O. G. Wynn of route •" is in the city to
• • • •
J. A. Hood of Emmet is in the city
• • • •
R. R. Fairchild of Rosston. is a vis
itor here today.
• • • •
A. P and John Jones .if route 2. are
In the city today
• • • •
Rev. H. T.Baugh of Blevins, is a
visitor here today.
• • • •
L. B. Jones made a business trip to
Texarkana today
• • • •
W A. McMillian made a business trip
to Delight t<.day.
• • • •
Lewis Te Woody of Bluff City, is a
Prescott visitor "odny.
• • * •
Mr and Mrs. John Barham of route
2 .are viators here today.
• • • •
Geo. Fuller of Mt. Moriah is among
the visitors here today.
• • • •
M. W Fry. oil promoter from Tulsa.
Okla., Is In the city today
• • • •
Pete and Bill Eaves left this morning
for Hugo, Okla. on business.
• • • •
Miss Myrtle Moore of Boughton, is
the guest of Miss Fannie S»mith.
• • • •
Dr O. P. Young was called to P.ierne
this morning on professional business.
• • • •
Geo. D. Hackney and wife left this
morning fo ra visit in Shreveport. La
G. W. Cummins returned to El Do
rado, after spending a few days with
hom efolks.
• • • •
J B Dalrymple r»f Prescott. a
guest at the New Papital yesterday ~
Star of Hope.
• • • •
H L. Orrick of Kirhy returned home
this morning after spending a few
days in onr city.
• • • •
H. Miller of Little Rock, was i nth
city this morning en ronre to Texark
ana on business
• • • •
Miss Dorothy Stevenson is home frorn
a visit with her sister M ss Edna Stev
enson in Little Rock
• • • •
Mrs. Ora Carson arrived this morn
lng from Little Rook fo visit a few day
with Mrs. Rolf Wylie
• • • •
Mr. and Mrs L S Laudenndk - f
Prescott, were guests it the Barlo
Sunday—Star of Hops
Foe Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Signature ot
p " " .
Healthier Livestock
Better Milk
The dairvmar can protect I
the health ot in- i «■ stork, keep '
disease away, secure a be tter 1
quality of riu.k, *:.< rc.j e toe {
value of los livestock a, i. ,
Sj/.c of n.s ci cam ciicc/.
How ? j
By disinfecting stat ics, pent, ,
troughs, mangers, and live■ .t ck
thoroughly with I rcto; !■> us., g
becto to disinfect tiie udders j
of cows, the hands of rniikr: ,
milking machines, pails, c.r , 1
1 bottles, vats, separators, strain
ers, and all receptacles used in
the handling and shipping of
becto kills the germs of dis
ease and of decay, destroys foul
odors, styriliy.es and purifies
milk receptacle s, making them
sweet and clean.
becto is a clean, colorless,
non-poisonous liquid; is ten <
times more powerful as a germ- j
destroyer than carbolic acid,
becto is the ideal disinfectant
| and sterilizer for use on the
i farm, dairy, or creamery, be
cause it is non-poisonous when
properly diluted; because it
does not leave a disagreeable
odor; because it is economical.
.VI r*. « 111r Arnoiu kuu up; unHiiri.
Mrs Owen McDaniel, are spending the
: day in Texarkana, shopping.
• • • •
Mr and Mrs. Beidleman and daugh
ters. Misses Mary and Martha, are
spending today in Little Rock.
• • a •
t'ni le Tip Franks, the father of our
»county judge, is spending a few days
! wit hthe judge and his family.
• • • •
Geo franc and wife of Texarkana,
were in the city yesterday to attend
j the funeral of Fnele I’ad Purrle.
• a * a
Nat Martin, the wideawake real e«
fa?e man of Prescott, was registered
a fthe Barlow yesterday.— Star of Hope
• m • •
Miss Ludie Crumley of Prescott, is
spending 'he week with Mis- Marie
Ag.icolier.—Arkadeiphia Daily News.
a a a •
Chas Itike of Blevins, returned home
this morning, after spending the week
end * nii his aunt. Mrs. Jessie Free
a a a a
R. .7. Lambert, E. B. Sutton and C.
B. fox of Prescott, were in Hope yes
: ter day, registered at rhe Flofel Barlow.
star of Hope.
• • • •
Mr and Mrs R. p Fuller of Hope,
spent a few hours in the c.ty visiting
Mrs. Galloway, who is in the 7’arl;
j Sanatorium here.
a. C’allieott made a business trip to
Hope today on returning he will have
i in the morning for Memphis, where he
! will spend ten days.
• • • •
Miss Katie Mae Shankle, who has
been attending the State University, re
turned home yesterday for the summer
vacation. Siftings Herald
• • • •
W. K. f.oe of Dcanyville and S E.
f.oe of Dunlap, were here this noorn
, ing en route to Tale to visit their par
enfs. Mr. and Mrs. P» F. f.oe.
• • • •
Douglass and Harold (Buzz) Brooks
are visitors here today. P>ofh are very
prominent salesmen and are calling on
the merchants here today
• • • •
Mr and Mr* Ofho Stevenson and I t
tie daughter. Mary Elizabeth, lef' this
morning for Stamps, where they will
visit Mr Stevenson's sister.
• • • •
{ Mrs. C. S. Martin, who has been vis
iting her mother. Mrs. W, J. Dill.
! since last Friday returned this morn
ing to her home in Texarkana.
• • • •
Mr and Mrs. H. L. Sutton returned
this morning to their home near Hope.
While here they were the guests of
their daughter Mrs. E. D. Shapley.
• • • •
Mr. and Mrs. .T J. Tubbs returned to
their home in Magnolia this morning.
They were here ro attend the funeral
! of Mrs. Tubbs brother. P. M Turtle.
• • - •
J H. Boyd who represents the Sim
mons Medicine company, leaves this
1 afternoon for Sr. Louis to visit the
manufacturing plant of this company.
• • • •
Fate li nes is home from his vaca
: tion. wh eh he spent in Hot Springs
and El Dorado. He will resume his
! duties with the expre>s company to
• • • •
Mrs p M. Turtle had a severe chill
i yesterday and was unable to a“tend
| the funeral of her husband. She is in
a e Leal condition, is the report that
, i omes to os.
Mrs. f A. Shaver, who has 1*h-m vis
ring here for a few days returned ro
! her home in P.ie ne this morning She
was accompanied by her -ester. Miss
Ruby Garre r.
• • • •
Mrs. .1 A Henderson and daughter
of FI Dorado are in the city Mrs.
Henderson i- in the Park Santatrium
for treatment. She - the wife of our
; former presiding elder. Rev. .1 A Hen
1 derson.
• • • •
Mr- W F Hi"st and nephew, little
1 Floyd Hubbard Jr., went to Texarkana
this morning to meet Miss Thelma Huh
! bard who has i«-en visiting relatives in
Paris Texas. They will return home
this afternoon.
• • • •
Mw Karl Wilbanks and I ttle daugh
' er Margaret of fjalvin t'kla. are
expected here ton crht. They will '-’sir
Mrs Wilbanks mother. Mrs w .1
i White Mrs Wilbanks will he rt-meni
bere dher>- as Miss Mnta White
Money heck without ijueetion
Hunt’* Solve end3oep ,feil in
the treetment ofltch, Eceema.
R:ntfwortn,T etterorotheritch
in« *kin dieeeeee. Try thie
treetmeot et our nek.
ious at Seventeen
Her First Victor Record
Erika Marini hue already takan War place among tbo grmtaat
of tWa world*a ridinatt To appnciak her genine hear this
min caprice of Waenwweki's m it donrie lorth. jnaptrwd from
beneath the tonck of her bow.
Vwtor Rod %ad Dnii 74tM
Delicate Melodies by Cortot
Girl With Flaxen Hair)
(b) MfcNESTRELS—(Minstrels)
Two neglected gem* of Debuaey'* musk appear at iaat under
the finger* of tiaj* celebrated pianist
Victor Rad Seal Record. 649M
Philadelphia Orchestra
**WALKCRE—The Rkie of the Valkyrie*”
A dramatic ooncaption of the Novae legend, ruahvng out in
tnnmltacma barmcniea from ail tha instrument* of the orchestra.
Victor Red Seal Racxad. MtM
At your conwnieoc* let as play for you them
New Victor Records for June
Victrola Department
H. H. Vaughan of Blevins Is a vis
: itor here today
• • • •
The friends of N. E. Ward will be
glad to know that he is better today.
• • • •
Newt Cook a prominent merchant
and farmer of Sutton was a pleasant
caller at this office today.
• • • •
Hon. J.‘ O. A. Bush has returned from
Newport where he has been on legal
• • • •
Miss Jeanette McKenzie is improv
ing today, and we are glad to report
| it to her many friends.
• • • •
Mrs W. M Hart will spend the day
tomorrow with Mr. J. M Duke and fam
ily. She will leave on No. ti tomorrow
for Little Rock, accompanied by Mrs.
M J Duke to visit P. E. Duke.
• • m •
Mrs. W L. Godwin of Idabel. <*kla..
arrived yesterday r<i visit her mother.
Mrs. J. L. Galloway, who is in the
hospital. Mr Galloway, her father,
seemed very proud of his-twin grand
children. Cecil May and Ethel May,
and we can't blame him for they are
fine looking babies.
• • • •
Mr. and Mrs Carl Him s left yes
terday for Magnolia, where Mr Eline*
wt- to 'oin the Welfare S?pee:al Truck
v.k:,!; h.- - driving. They reached
Hope wlvre "hey received news that
on account of so much rain it would he
impossible fo; tie- Special to leave, so
they returned and will wait until the
latter part of the week to go.
« « 0 •
Chautauqua will open here June 21.
The committees have begun advertising
in earnest with the display of pen
nants and placards The committees
for selling tickets met and divided the
four wards into sections and are work
ing these sections thoroughly. P»e sure
and ge*- a season ticket. Adults *2.75.
children $2.10. _
They may not believe
you but the pictures prove
it. And the Kodak rec
ord of your catch does
J !
more than merely “con
vince” your friends. Per
manent and personal, it
becomes a pleasant re
minder of your outing.
Take a
with you
While any Kodak is compact, the
Vest Pocket Kodak with belt case
particularly appeals to the sports
man. He wears the camera on
his belt. The V. P. K. costs
(8.00, the belt case $0.75.
We Want Yon
to keep in mind the
fact that in addition to
printing this news
paper we do job work
of any kind. When
in need of anything
in this line be sure
To See Us
1921 CLUB.
Mr and Mrs. Wm. D. Burdine will
entertain the 1921 Rook Club with a
porch party this evening at their home
: on West Elm Street.
Notice to Teachers
I will hold the regular quarterly ex
amination for teachers at Prescott,
June 16. 17 C. If. Hirst,
5-26 tf County Examiner
• • • •
Among the pictures of pretry brides
to be appearing in Sunday's Gazette,
was that of Miss Gertrude Davis, the
popular bride-elect of our city. Miss
Davis is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Davis. She is a graduate in
voice from Centra! College Her mar
riage to R. Clark White of this city is
announced for July 7th. Both are
among the popular younger set of the
Article |
is one in which the merJ
chant himself has implicit I
faith—else he will not ad-l
vertise it. You are safe ini
patronizing the merJ
chants whose ads appear!
in this paper because their |
goods are up to date and I
not shop worn. : • : I
I Children Cry for Fletcher’s
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over thirty years, has borne the signature of
- and has been made under his per
CZjU&MXfi,, ^ supervision since its infancy.
1 *^n+*^*'v*. Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good ” are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Never attempt to relieve your baby with a
remedy that you would use for yourselfc
r What is OASTORIA
Castona ie a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contain*
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Ita
age is its guarantee. For more than thirty year* it has
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Comfort —The Mother’s Friend.
y^ Bears the Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Hove Always Bought
By An All-Star Cast.
What Shall I
Get for Dinner
It is the eternal question which every house
wife must solve each day.
Our great variety of Groceries makes a quick
decision easy and wearisome duplications
The freshness of our eatables makes them ex
tremely palatable, and their purity insures
the greatest of health giving properties,
Let us have your Grocery orders.
Geo. Christopher
PHONE 371.

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