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-Of — '
Sheds Are Being Erected for the Star
'Vv' * i*ef of the Aeroplanes—Will Be
an International Meet.
\ -
Hresrlaly Italy, Aug. .11 The next
great aerial race •leetlng will be he'd
ln-re on the field\>f Montleliluii and
many of the oWe.i: who made in
Hheinis mooting To notable, will par
The competitions will begin on Sep
timber 5 and will continue for two i
weeks. Prizes are offered for two
classes of ali'>-hips, dirigibles mid :no
tor Hying machines. For the dirigi
bles there will be speed prizes only,
while for the aefoplants, the chn-r
prize, 110,000, will be awarded to the
Machine making the greatest, sixs-d
and other prizes wit be given for the
hlghesit altitude attained, and for the
carrying of passengers, both In jvolnt
of s|M'«>,| and in number.
The field measures five ad one half
nikjes and the eoinmitee in charge has
erected shed- for the storage of the
flci\ Manes. It Is located a few miles
from ■Jilts city and Is a splendid plain,
^MirrotilK1* <1 h t!m \lp i N
i irTr-Hit'Uurwii](i'v.
he majority of the «■ wnWiiJTJ>>pen
aviators of all nations, but several
them are limited ti> Italians.
The importance of the meeting lies
In the fact that so many of the avia
ters who will conic here are tuned up
from the Kheims mee-Ung. In addition
it will give an opportunity for testing
a large number of Italian built tna
chines, including nionoputne, bii-ini:'
and trlplane. The entries contain sov
eral of Him lot's monoplanes; one of
the Curtiss biplanes, a monoplane
built by Ksbault IVlterio; seu-ial of
the Wright machines, one of which
will bo piloted by Lieutenant Caldor
arn; the dirigible Zodiac, with ('mint
1)( Livaulx in charge, besides several
military dirigibles.
The keenest interest is felt in the
mooting by King Victor Emmanuel
uiul the military authorities.
Via. Utile Hock A Hot Sp in: -. Wrsl
ern r:>itrc»ail, Saturday. I, '
ft.DO Round Trip. Ticjvcls g » >re I
turning on special exclusion train
leaving Pine Hluff Sunday afl • i on [
Mt 2 o' lock. Oil special e» u sin-1
Hi Hln h..-. ing Pine Hluff Monde. ■ mm
•ing at s o'clock, and on regular tialii
leaving Pine llluff Monday afternoon
at 4:3d.
This special excursion train will
leave Hot Springs at 3; :tu p in , from
tile 1,. it. & II S It. 1+ depot
Mrs. L. K. Ashhahr, wife of Louie
Ashbahr, died at the family home
321 Kasl til Mid avenue, at 7: lie
o’clock last night of congestion Sin
had been lb since tly death of an in
fani child less ilian one mouth ago
Mr. Ashbahr is one of the proprie
tors of the Albright eo.uer, and they |
had resided in this city seveiul yiais I
The funeral will be held from the j
family reiid' iice this afternoon tit 3 I
o'clock. Friends of lie faintly are i:i
Miss Stella McLaughlin leaves to
day for St lams where she will enter
the Sacred Heart academy for a win
ter course of study.
Horn, to Mr and Mr Ashley Wood
a girl.
The People's Laundry Company an
nounce to the public that they are not
in‘any combination with any other
laundry in this city and . sp- tally
that they are not in connection with
Craighead or the newcomers from
Kentucky, who claim to have bought
he Craighead Laundry and we would
■„ e that the only laundry combination
know- of in this city as 1 .two-year
.-combination entered Into be
/h. i tie newcomers from K.-ntuok'
certain hotel men, wherein the
Ael men take 15 cents out of every
££ i™Gar his guest pavs for laundrv for
Wt.Ay bene til of the parlies to this two
jfejfe, combination
, -7yje have first class new machinery
will do your wo> k light at low
price. We solicit your patronage
pi-:t'jfr,K s i.Ai ,\"i.i .’o
After Hiring an Auto is Unable to Pay
for Its Use.
Chicago, Aug, .11,—Mrs Alice \V< hb
Duke, divorced wife of Hrodle I. Dube,
"as arrested hare tonight ami spent
the night in a ci II at the Harrison
Ktrcc station. I
Mis Duke was ammted >m the c< m
I’lant of an iiiitoniohlle ooinnany he
‘ inis- of her inability to pay $40 rent
for a machine dating the lay.
lli'fore her arrest, Mrs. Dak** cre
ated d I-1 art winces at tnr Paltnct Hous"
ami in thi’ Criminal Court Ihiiiding
\t the Painter House she deniinh.it
tlie best sake In the hotc and when
asked for it In advance admitted she
had mi money, lint saw! sac would
have l.iiiin tomorrow. She then tried
te semi telegrams to (liitorno' Ulncc’i
of tin slate and other prominent men.
hut the telegraph operators te th" ho
tel refiiH"il te accept them unless paid
f> >• in mlvnnee.
Hater she went to the Criminal Court
Hiuldmg and told Vsslstant Hide's At
torne) fm\ that relatives of bet lor-I
inrr I ms band were plo'.t'm to ratio
"m i life After leaving iheic she vis
ited a number ol lawyers ami business
me.i and tried to interest .bent in a
plan to float a Ixnid Hsu to save Tir
key from bankruptcy.
Mis. Cuke bad been using i heed
tr '"mobile for n’I these trips and
when mo chauffeur demindeu ms
no t.ev she declared she ha 1 to ne.
Hawhlde, Nov., Aug. HI. -.-hpi itter
low ii, a settlement pt-ii sni'li 1 Raw
hole, was swept by t, ten toot wall of
v a.er, following a el ui.i'turs in the
liie.e to the north tonight, and Hill
'Pings were deployed. It Is re
. d that two vv to i and Han chit
", are missing.
• -j timid broke on the summit of
. . no ! 1
I Kin* the slop ’. Several rtrue
I „ son from tlimr feandit it n
,..]i. *W II t lie • t ealll whill I be
#t .. (.J t)l(, oil .VI! coveted with
fundlti! l*1^ ftit suits ol de
$500,000 Los
Alexandrovsk, Russia
today at Krlvoyrog di
buildings. The property
$100,000. Five thiiusund
homele- s and destitute.
An ordinance establishing Improvk
ment District Numbei Thirty-threlL
(33), for the purpose of .omI u<ttngl
storm dniniige, grading and paving
I’nrk avenue, defining its boundaries,
Whereas, Ten owners of real prop
erty in the City of Hot Springs, Ar
kansas. and in the limits of the ills
trict hereinafter set forth, have potl
tione.l tills City Council to form an \
Improvement District for the purpose
of constructing storm drainage, grad
ing and paving Park avenue from the
south line of Crystal street to the
north line of the Hot Springs Reserva
Therefore, rte it ordained by the I
City Council of the City of Hot Sprlns, i
Section 1 That all that portion of
the territory of the City of Hot
Springs, Ark., embraced within trio |
follow ing boundary lines, to w it. Lots j
2. i and 5, Block M3; J»ts. 1, 2,
3, I 5 and 6, Block UK; lmts 1.
2. t. r.. and 6, Block 1 IP; Uds 1. 2.
3, I 5. K and 7. Block l.H; Imts 1,
2, 3, 1 and 5, Block KiK; Lots 7 and
N, Block 137; lsits 1, 2, 3, 1 and 5.
Block Mi; Lots 1. 2 and 3, Block 117;
Lots 1 2. 3. 4. 5, 6, 7. S. P and 10,1
Block Its; I ai'.s 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. 6, 7. S, I
P 10 and M. Block 152; l/'ts I. 2 and
Block 153: Iax* 1, 2, 3 4, 5, K, 7.
S, P, 10 and 11, Block 151! be and the
same is hereby laid off into an im
provement district for the purpose of
constructing storm drainage, grading
and paving all that part of Park ave
nue of the City of Hot Springs. Ark.,
within the following described bound
aries. to-wit;
Park avenue, from the south line of
Crystal street or tnc north terminus
of the pavement as now constructed
in Improvement District No. 2b, to the
north boundary line of the Hot Springs
Reservation; that the territory em
braced within the boundary of said
li ts and blocks be and the same is
hereby designated as Improvement
District Number Thirty-three (33) of
(he City of Hot Springs. Ark
S«K-ti«>n 2—That this ordinance take
effect and be in force from and after
its passage
Passed August 5, 1909.
m h jonn.
i Attest:
City Clerk.
Published ill the Sentir l-Record.
Vngusi 10. 190!)
Attorney General Norwood Will Take
Up Punishment tor Escaped and
and Make More Severe.
All hough several reports have been
i evolved to the effort that .some of the
escaped convicts .. the work on the
lion Mountain toad had been seen
ron-tii of this c:tc, seeking refuge in
the wood-, the aliened refugees have
always disappeared when an investiga
tion was conducted, and if the convicts
came tills way it Is probable by noev
they Irtve secured change of e othihg
and cannot he identllied.
The recent daring escape of elgnt
"bad record” convicts from one of the
re l oad construction camps, has
prompeted Attorney General Norwood
to take* steps that will tend to muse
jail-breaking less attractive for con
victs hereafter.
At the next meeting of the peniten
tiary hoard. September (!. he will In
ti oduce a resolution Instructing Super
intendent Piteock to furnish to mo
pre scenting attorneys of the state the
name s of a'l convicts who have* rs
caped within their jurisdiction within
tile past -three years.
The majority of this will, of course,
he furnished to Prosecuting Attrnoy
(’am; hell of this place, but there will
he some within the jurisdiction of oth
or prosecuting officers.
Mr. Norwood's purpose tn this Is to
secure 'the better enforcement of the
statute provided for the punishment of
convicts who have been recaptured af
ter havig made their escape from the
poltetiary or front any covict camp
or police officer. Te law provides that
a punishmet of from thirty days to
ttve years' contiliemet in skate prison
may he inflicted upon a convict for
the crime of escaping.
Heretofoie there have been few
prosecutions under the statute, appar
ently. but it is the opinion of Attor
ney General Norwood that a strict en
forcement of this law would deter con
vlcts from attempted escape. If a con
i ii-l low till- wivwilito oYtonsinn of ftVo I
ans' sentence staring him in the face
^k in '.i attempt his
|U1l thinks aJ.
jaw is a very valuable one,’’
, ,, \Norwood, "and i the only
i.rgume,l#,*ains' a" attempted ex
% vict is merely brought
hark aml\r,Ml 111 'M'n,h'n,ia:y
;.i ■ lK.ving\ <-,',''l,'<l iM bn‘aki"8 ,,"t
. 1(vi.Hni ...Jfcv given nothing more
than He rental,\r ,,f 1,ls 0,i«lnal s,'n
him ..rv. uX'liere is nothing »°
P,event Ids repeaV ’° Bain
ht- 1. rtv Hut it h<\ prosecuted and
sentenced for he cri\« of »s,-a',inff’
addition to his otht*ry'nten<'<>',then
Here will he every reasoi ,al b's rP'
ng it tailed with hti wl**n*»
prison -eidn.ee. rasher than r,,»lninK
tl - rtfk oi getting anotlier °1,e 011
top of ii
Wdl Br One of the Most Interesting’
Features at the State Fair.
Captain w M. Crawford. of Hot
Springs, who lias for many years been
identified with the mineral interests
of Arkansas has been appointed to
l:;l «. active charge of the assembling
and disp living of the mineral depa.t
menl at the Stale Fair, under the
supervision of Mr, Kisele, d i rc-ctor if
this department.
Car lain (Taw foul desires to get In
touch with alt |>ersuns and firms inter
tested in mineral lands or the devel
opment of any class of mineral in too
iale, and is prepared to classify, ur
lange and properly display all exhtlts
that are received.
Tnc extensive balcony. .’’.OOxHO feel,
en the west side of the main exposi
tion hall. haa been turned over to
Captain Crawford for a great compo
site display of minerology. All those
who are interested in this department
are requested to send their entries ivr
v rite t r inuvruuition. either tv Ca|v
tii ii \\ H Crawford. Hot Springs- *'r
the S;ate Fair Association.
Opportunity for Some Arkansas Boy ti>
Win Rich Cup and Distinction.
\n unusually attractive prizi of a
Si non loving loving cup vs < fl'ered y
$ 1,01kt loving cujv is offered by the
\V K Kellog Toasted Corn Flake Com
pany to Me awarded at the National
Corn ShowAm (intuits this winter. The
prize whu.ingVxhUdt* of tin state ecu
* (H 08 ^ IW ^ v
test of tin* Boy-’ Com Clubs, held in
connection with ill" Arkansas State
Fair, October 7 to 1 .'*, at Hot Spring-,
will be forwarded lo the national e\
position, and it is possible that litis
spt ntlid prize may be awarded to some
Arkansas boy.
Hot Springs Park Co. Smoothing Out
“Leap the Dips.’’
Architect Miller, who constructed
the "Leap the Dips'' on the side of
the lake from Whittington Park. Is tn
the city and is hard at work taking out
the little rough places in ttje dips amt
straightening the supports. He Is mak
ing many Improvements in the "dips"
and will put in three or four brakes
in convenient place.-, so i hat the cars
may be stopped, if desired, at most
any point on tin track. Mr. Miller Is
tin architect for the Ingersoll Con
struction Company and has made rne
construction of this kind of amuse
[ j'ent devices a life study. The "dips”
| |,(j'e are said to be one of the finest
jr {jo country. and a- Manager Baker
was p<‘iis,',l before with its successful
constrii'tkn1, he will be more than
.1 'lien Mr. .Miller finishes Ills
I • It rtM’tl
r W
present wt
The Hot »l)rl|l«s '^rU Company are
planning to ,.>ui,tl a mittiaturo auto
course around \he u,k''- whlch wt” be
greatly enlaige/l the chi,dron
a delightful rhle ^cireling the lake.
Thev contemplate \allv othoJ in"
provemcuts in the ^lr futu^. «"><*
ihere will be "sometlirni d<>ins al
amusement park every
_ \
Last night at the Airdome >f. ^ l0'
odore l-orch and hLs excellent com'
paiiy presented "A Prisoner of
j giers," a thrilling drama, to anotlf'1
j large and appreciative audience at tilt
!! opnlar summer play house. The
| scenic, effects, interpretation of the
1 in and the full presentation was up
to the high standard that has caused
I) he l.orcli eompHiiy to be termed the
j best repertoire comivany now on the
| read.
i Tonight Mr. l.orcli will present "Dr.
fvekyl and Mr. Hyde." This is one
iV Mr. lurch’s strongest plays, and
made a great hit in Little ltock in his
MiVnt engagement, as will be attestisl
by the following criticism of Mr.
WrigSit ot the (lazette:
Tht'fHluie Lorch made Ins drat pro
nounced reputation as "Dr. Jekyl and
Mr. Hyde.’ and he sustained it well
in the production at the Airdome last
eight. It was by far the best produc
tion seen in Little Rock for years, and
ibis without regard lo the |xrice of ad
mission or the prestige of the actor.
The i call-in in tile last act was uncan
m —if tile real can he properly so
called. Burning chemicals in a way
that the Haines seemed to lap his body
the actor tuade the change from Dr.
Jekyl to the misshapen fiend Hyde in_
full view and wiili face to the audi
ence. The changes throughout were
made very rapidly and the actiig or
Mr. lxirch was the best he has yet
done here and that is saying a great
It is a one man part largely, tint
the support throughout was goal and
the frequent applause and curtain calls
evidenced the appreciation of the au
Mi's. M. <! Thompson lias contented
l< give a lecture Friday evening. Sep
tember it. at the public liigli s.’hool
building for the benefit of the build
ing fund of the First Baptist Church.
Her lecture will be "Tennyson's
Women." and as Mrs. Thompson nas
devoted much time and study to tre
subject her lecture will be both In
teresting and instructive. Mis Thomp
son is a very talented woman and
handles her subjects in a an original
and h!ghl\ : leasing manner. 9-1 •
George T. Schmelzel, the popular
electrical engineer, and contractor, an
nounces a reduction in all sizes of
Tungsten lamps on after this date.
Complete stock always on hand. 61 .<
Central. Phone 221. 9-1 :it
Imported Wurtzburger Holfbrau at
Gunther’s Bar. 3-19tf.
1 1 "
Are you the victim of base decep
tion^ i’alvar never sold only in orig
nRi yottles at $10 each. Have you
been \Xonked. it so call at Jeffrey’s
IPhannar'; 50U Park avcm,l‘' Hot
Springs. \ __82961
Passage of Such an Ordinance Would
Effect the Present Garbage Con
tract Materially.
At the mi t ting < t the ritj council
tonight probably the most imiKirtant
matter to lie disposed of will be an
amendment to the present garbage
law which will permit, any person to
remove garbage who may file a bond
ol $500 for the proper fulfilment of
any work undertaken.
I'nder the present ordinance the
garbage contract is let to the highest
bidder and others are prohibited from
interfering with the wotk <f garbage
removal. There have been many
complaints, the substance of which
charge that the present plan formu
lates a kind of monopoly for the eon
tractors, and because of this there has
been a sentiment calling for some
modification of the system by which
others could remove garbage if they
cared to do so.
K'ev. W. T. Sullivan and family leave
today for Brownswood, Texas, where
Rev. Sullivan has accepted a call at
■:he First Presbyterian Church of that
Alliert Mendel returned yesterday
from New York and the east where he
bought a large and select fall and win
ter stock for his popular emporium.
Robert (Ellis of the police depart
ment has gone to Lithe Rock on busi
Mr. Joseph Davis, a prominent at
torney or S . Louis, arrived in the
city yesterday and is looking after
the business interests of the Salvar
M *• * M * H » ■ +
P'ne Bluff Preparing to Take On the 1
Word comes from Pine liiufr that
he ba.-e bull team which i-s training^^flP
•springs l»oVs Whittington park
bul'or J'.v. iiM' i oiili lent that they vv^fl
n ii. a'- liluJT '’it' wi h the ;ea^H
of tie Vapo (httgllng tin
HfS^emiut :hB^B
local admirers. flfl
Alto-c her the -ann jn-oni■: t y
the exciting tl/e fl
> * •bipt. I’l iec, manager ^-f Whit- ^fl
bii-ton pai k. nitcs that lie w ill bo
taxed to his utmost to provide e.n fl
ing aeconwnoda t ions for the lmtnen e
crowd that is sure to be present. fl
"ill be no: hs. than I .nun spectators
■ flflflflflflfl|
route being liberatod^flflflflflj|
These pigeons are of the finest
breed in the country, some of them
having made a flight of more than
1 (100 miles. The time they arrive n
Little Rock will be wired back to Mr.
Bowman, and will be announced in
tomorrow's Sentinel-Record. It is
estimated they will be two hours on
the trp.
Mr. and Mrs. Kd Wright left yes- ' »y
terday for their home in Memphis af
ter spending n vacation here visiting
Percy Henry has returned from Alt- *
mipolis where he has been attending
school ,
'14S4H414141414II4I4R4 ♦ 1 ♦ I ♦ B ♦

ij She Leaves No STINK in Her Wa
* Because She Doesn't
* Chu-Chu on Gasoline
" ‘. • '
_ This is to remind you that the new Kerosene Vaporizer, used only 4
4 on the 1910 Model ■ ^
L i
m is the most practical Auto Invention of the year. It reduces the 4
4 cost of actual practical usage to about one-half of that of the^^
a Gas Cars of like capacity and power. ' _
4 4
<k Before buying a car cosider the following points: Z.
The White Steamer is the most perfect Ladies' car on the market. ■
4 The White Steamer employs no electricity, and has less than half ■
® as many working parts as Gas Cars of like power and capacity. ♦
* The White Steamer is the car that takes you there and Brings "
4 You Back again, Makes no Noise about it, and is always m
m ready for action, 4
* ■
“ No Smoke. No Smell. No Vibration. Absolutely no Danger in a WHITE CAR ♦
* Cal! on us. or PHONE 89 TODAY
: HA M & HAM'
" ^ Agents For Southwestern Arkansas ■
m ■

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