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MRS. D. A. CROCKETT, Editor. ~
Mail ItAna to 320 Rector Avenue. ° ep'iono 2245.
Rebekas’ Social—The South lloi
Springs lodge of Rebekas, composed
of members of both sexes, are plan
ning a social affair for next Friday
evening, March 13. to be given at the
bail on Third street, occupied by both
the Odd Fellow and Rebekas lodge3
The feature of the evening will be
a "shadow” box party, which is said
to be mirth provoki:»'
The proceeds of the sale will go
toward paying for Odd Fellows’ hall
The public is invited to attend. All
leadies attending will be expected
to bring nice boxes tilled with choice
Woodmen Circle Social—The Wood
men Circle are planning a shadow box
supper for Friday evening, March 20.
Park Avenue M. E. Church Social
The Park Avenue M E. church so
cieties are planning a social during
the month, the feature ot which will
be a shadow box party.
D. A. R- Musicale The D. A. It.
gave a most delightful concert Mon
day night at the beautiful new Buck
staff bath house, with Mrs. Jacque
Frances Manier as chairman. The
Huckstaff lias a very handsome music
.room, equipped with a brand Busch
and l-kiiie piano. Mrs. S. E. Dillon
and Miss Amelia Rector assisted Mrs.
Manier in the arrangements of the
entertainment, and the result was
one of most artistic and flnifthed con
certs ever given in the city.
The program was opened by Mrs.
Frank Rayley, who appeared at her
best, in an overture from La Seinir
anide, by Rossini; Mr. C. P. Bum pass
sung in a deep, rich bass an aria by
Kncbeasteiti, from Paradise Lost. Mrs.
John F. Manier played Meditation
iroiii Thaiff by Massenet, with the
skill of a born violinist and gave
with Mr. Jonas a most delightful duet.
Sextet from Lucia, by Dorezitti; Mr.
Jonas is a member of the Eastman
orchestra and an excellent musician,
Mrs. Manier and Dr. Akers gave a
violin and cello duet, Andantino,
which was persistently encored. Mrs.
Edward Stigler who is possessor of a
rarely clear ami bird-like lyric soprano
sang an aria, which showed to per
fection the flexibility of her voice, and
she was forced to respond to an en
core. Mrs. James E Hogue played
Mendelssohn's Twenty-fifth Concerto
with the skill and oh sc of an artist,
and this number was one of the best.
Miss May Finley sang a soprano sdo
in her unaffected, delightful manner
and her voice, in tine form, never
sounded better. She responded to an
encore. Mrs. Stigler, Miss Madge
Witt, Miss Olive Faulkner gave a
most harmonious rendition of De Cop
iah Moon, and seldom did their voices
blend better. Miss Madge Witt l>os
sessi*s a natural contralto and sang
Spring Has Come. She has a mellow,
sweet voice, which makes her much
much in demand
Every scat was filled and aii de
parted, feeling that they had heard
hu exceptional treat.
Young Ladies' Guild—The young la
dies met at the First Presbyterian
church in regular session yesterday.
I 1 iie election of officers for the ensuing
'.'ear resulted as follows: Mrs. W
j °- Creason, president; Mrs. Pritchard
.vhe president; Miss .lean Brown, sec
] ond vice president; Miss Mae Ellison
I secretary; Miss Lula Beldin, treas
Mrs. Choate Entertains—Mrs. Win.
<i ( hoate will be hostess today to the
ladies’ Aid of tiie First Christian
church, at the Kempner Apartments.
All members are urged to be pres
ent. Business of importance will
come up for discussion.
A delightful musical program has
been arranged. Among those who
will contribute to the musical num
bers will be Misses Effie Bledsoe,
Martha Hooper and Hazel Small; Mrs.
Berrill. Mrs. Will Shelton and Mrs.
Wm. i;. Choate will read interesting
Silver Tea The silver tea given
yesterday by the Ladles’ Aid ot the
j First Presbyterian church a as a well
attended, pleasant social affair, and
a success financially.
The cozy home of Mrs. C. C. Lemly
on Park avenue was brightly lighted
by electricity and presented an at
tractive appearance.
The hostesses for the day were:
Mesdames S. B Steels, P. T. Vaughan,
C. C. Lemly and Ed King. They were
assisted in graciously receiving and
dispensing hospitality by Mrs. E. T.
Cook, the charming president.
The dining room was especially
pleasing. The immense central ctr
cular table with its exquisite chiny
iuncelion cloth and decoration of ex
ceptionally beautiful roses, was grace
fully presided over by Mesdames W.
H Deaderick and C. E. Hikok, who
p ured the coffee and tea
The dainty iuncelion served by
Mesdames E. T. Cook and Ed King
was delicious, especially the salad,
which was made by Mrs. F. A.
During the afternoon Misses Jose
phine Brown and Dale Williams ren
d('red pleasing piano select! ns
The musical treat, of the occasion
was given by Mr. .1 O Becker, who
lias au exquisite vole e of rare quality
and tone, the richness and melody of
which always captivates his audi
ence. The charming selection sung
by Mr. Becker Li Ciiaiimcy oleott
style, ’ Killarney, My Home O’er the
Sea"; "Isle of Dreams,” and "None
So Sweet as My Nancy.”
The piano accompaniment was play
ed by Rev. C. E. Hikok, who later
surrender his place to Mrs Hikok and
she, in turn, to Mrs. Frances Hardin.
The affair was most enjoyable,
largely due to the cordiality of Mrs
Among the distinguished arrivals
in Hot Springs yesterday were the
Ccnnine Borsaifno Hats from Italy.
The Katz Co., are the sole agents for
these fine Hats.
St. Joseph's Mission The Paulis'
Is Liable to Produce Catarrhal Deafness
A Case of Catarrhal Deafness.
Mrs. ffm, Bowman, R. F. D. 1, Coon
Rapids, Iowa, writes:
"Some time ago I wrote you about
my little boy, Clarence, five years of
ago. He was troubled with his cars.
They were very sensitive to the touch,
and ho was quite deaf at times. He
seemed to be worse after catching
cold. I had taken him to doctors, but
they did not seem to be able to relieve
him, and I was very much afraid he
would lose his hearing entirely. He
was getting more deaf every day.
I wrote to you for advice, and you
prescribed Peruna. I began giving it
to him, and can now say that he is
entirely cured. He is now well and
hearty and can hear perfectly."
Catarrh Causes Many Diseases.
Many diseases are caused by taking
cold. A cold is very likely to settle
In the nose, causing nasal catarrh.
It may settle in the upper part of the
throat, called the nasal pharyngeal
space. In this space are two little
tubes 'called eustachian tubes, that
lead to the middle ear,
If the catarrh settles in the pharyn
geal space It may follow the mucous
membrane through the eustachian
tubes into the middle ear. If it does
It will cause noises In the ear, and
later on be sure to cause deafness.
. Catarrh of the throat may follow
the eustachian tubes up into the mid
dle ear without causing much conoam
ou the part of the patient. The par
ial loss of hearing is apt to be over
ooked. A person may lose Half his
tearing before he knows it.
For instance, suppose a man can
tear his watch four feet from the ear.
f he loses his hearing to tho extent
hat he can only hear the tick of his
vatch two feet from the ear he may
lot suspect it at all. Ilis hearing is
rood enough for ordinary purposes,
•ie goes on without the slightest sus
picion that he is losing his hearing.
:Ie may have ringing in the ear, or
tracking and snapping sounds in tho
>ar, or a feeling of pressure in the
>ar, but he is not aware that ho is
oslng his hearing.
Testing the Hearing.
It is a good thing to test your hear
ing with a watch. First hold the
ivatch against your ear, then move it
gradually away from the ear and see
now far away from the watch you
can actually hear It tick. Try it on
the other side and see if both ears
iro alike. If you find that you aro
inable to hear the watch on both sides
dike and at a distance of four feet
[rain the ear, you may know that
ieafness has already begun. You
should begin taking Peruna at once,
gargle the throat with cold, strong
salt water, as directed in the "Ills of
Life,” aent free by Peruna Co., Co
lumbus, Ohio. Persist in this treat
ment until a cure is effected.
The Best Way to Gargle.
Sometimes catarrh of the nasal
pharyngeal space will cause an ac
cumulation of secretions in the throat,
that completely fill the space. Unless
these secretions are promptly re
moved by frequent gargling polypi
may be formed Once formed the
polypi or adenoids, as they are some
limes called, will require a long time
with the gargling to remove. Gur
gling according to the proper method
will sometimes remove polypi or ade
noids, and no surgical operation Is
In order to understand exactly what
ts meant by proper gargling send for
a free copy of the "Ills of Life.
During the whole course of gargling
Peruna must be taken according to
directions on the bottle.
People who object to liquid medi
cines esn now obtain Peruna Tablets.
fathers continue to draw large num
bers to Bt. John's church."
l ast night Father Allard answered
many questions covering a number of
the doctrines of the Catholic church.
The Rosary was then recited by Fath
er Tjuin.
Father Devery preached an eloquent
sermon, on "The Friendship of Christ.'’
'•‘he service closed with benediction
of the blessed sacrament, after which
the hymn, "Holy God. We Praise Thy
Name," was sung by the whole con
Tomorrow evening a sermon will be
pleached on “The Passion of Our
Services liegin at 7::30 each even
ing. All are welcome.
Arlington Formal Ball- Society, vl»
iting and resident alike, afforded last
night's formal assembly at the Arl
ington particularly lavish patronage.
The ball room was completely filled
ail evening. Milady was especially
exquisitely gowned; In fact, is was
really one of the best dressed assem
blies of the seaso
Prof. Richard Barton’s dance pro
gram was unusually well arranged
and his superb orchestra did every
number full justice. Then, the after
life in the gay grill room was thor
oughly typical of mid-March at the
Eastman Mid-Week Hop The iiali
room of the Hotel Eastman will li
the scene of the regular mid-weekly
hop tonight. Manager Osborn cordi
ally invites the guests at the other
fashionable hostelries, as well as the 1
resident ultar swell set. to attend and
join the Eastmanites in the dancing
and attending Jollity. Dancing at 9
F Personals j
M. ('. Johnson < f Minneapolis. Minn.,
is at the Arlington
W. C. Walker of Detroit, Mich., is
a guest at the Arlington.
Mrs. 0. A. Branch of Joplin, Mo.,
is n guest at the Eastman.
H. E. Adams of Richmond, Va., is
stopjiing at Die Arlington.
Arthur i). Campbell of Tulsa, Okia .
is registered at the Arlington.
Miss O. U l.edgerwood of Chicago
lias joined the Kastman's colony.
Mr and Mrs. 1. K. I^cvy of Houst n,
Tex., are guests at the Arlington
Mr. and Mrs. Most- Kalin of Chicago
are new arrivals at the Eastman.
Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Winter have
joined the Eastman's Chicago colony.
Mr and Mrs. Thomas Higgins of
Manitowoc, Wis., are guests at the
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nusbaum f
Cincinnati are registered at the East
man and plan making a protracted
Mr. and Mrs. Fred a. Wolffs and
their son and II. H. Harris joined the
Eastman’s Chicago colony yesterday
They intend making a stay of several
Mr. and Mrs. D. I. Bailey of Den
ver are stopping at the Eastman. They
intend spending the month of March
in the Spa.
Haul Klelst, who scored so heavily
the first half the week at the Prin
cess, was a guest at the Eastman
during his stav in Hot Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. .!. H. Fahiney of Chi
(ago are paying their annual March
visit to the Arlington. They plan
making their customary stay of three
to five weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. M t-rienianoor ana
Mr ('. Lelclitmnn of Hazelton. IJa..
registered together at the Kastman
yesterday. They are bent upon mak
ing an extended s'
Mr. and Mrs A. H. Stange of Mer
rill, \Vis„ are Arlington regulars back
at the fashionable hostelry for their
usual month's visit. They have been
touring since early February, having
visited (lie West Indies and made the
Panama <nna! trip ere coining to the
Spa, their pet resort town. Mr. Stange
is one of the northwest&s most prom
inent lumber operators.
C. O- Whitten, F. H. Downs and
Frank Marshall of Boston reached
the Arlington yesterday They arc
regular March callers and Intend tnuk
baktng their ususal substantial stay,
Mr. Whitten is a membe - of the firm
of J. O. Whitten C' ., lnanufa hirers
of gelatines and glues, one of tlie big
gest concerns of Its kind in the coun
try, while Mr. Downs is one of the
big men in the P. .1. Nangle & Co.,
shoe manufacturers.
Included among yesterday’s arriv
als at the Kastman were It F. liar
rls t;f Alexandria. La.; D. i> Iordan
and C. Prichard of Ashland, Ky.; .1.
W Applebaum. M. C. Hunt and W. P.
Burke of Memphis; R. q Rapp, E. p,
Erickson,' R. C'larey and W I. Nelly,
of Chicago; M. A. Proper, A W. Mul
lersou. J. 1.. Hollander and P D. (Smith
of New York: L. .1 Haessley of Cleve
land, O Joseph C. Bloch cf Lotiis
vllle; Max Kahn of Lincoln, III.; H. O.
Peyton of Boston; F A. Fllndt of Sait
Lake City. I Hail; Joel Cohn of Oreen
ville, Mias.; John Fry and Ue< tge W.
I Lumbago-Sciatica I
I “ The directions Beys, its good for
lumbago too,— Sloan's cured my
rheumatism; I’ve used it and 1
know.” Do you use Sloan’s?
Here’s Proof.
"I hnd my buck hurt in the Don War
nnd two years ngo I was hit by a street
car. 1 tried all kinds of do;»e without
success. 1 saw your Liniment in a drug
store and got a hottle to try. The first
application caused instant relief, and now
except for n iitt’o stiffness. I am almost
well.”—JVelcJber !\orman, H'hitiimr, Calif.
Instant Relief from Sciatica $
k " I was kept in bed with sciatica since
tin- ilr*-t of Kciiruma . hut I had almost in
slant relief when 1 tried your Liniment."
— U. II. Hawkins, Frankfort, hy.
Sprained Ankle ^
"As a user of your Liniment for the last 15 years, 1 ran any it is one of the best on
the market. Fifteen years ago I sprained tny ankle and had to use crutches. and
the doctors said I would always he lame. A friend advised me to try your Liniment
and lifter using it night and morning for three months I could walk without a cnne
and run mb good ns any of the other firemen in my department. I have never been *
without a bottle .since that time.”—Mr. W illiam 11. JJnscoe, Central I slip, y. i. a
At all Dealers. Price 25c., 50c. and $1 00
;| Sloan’s Instructive Book on horses, cattle, poultry and hops, sent free. I
Taylor of Bar Harbor, Me.: George H.
I.ee of St. l.ouls; F M Keates and
if). Hasten of Milwaukee, and I). A.
Wheelork of New Orlennu
Washington, March Ilk—A second !
case of bubonic plague in Havana
lias been reported t'o Surgeon Gen
eral Blue of the public health service" ,
and innoculations lhave confirmed Its
nature. The first victim found there i
several days ago has died. Dr. Blue -
sees nothing in the situation for
alarm. The force of public health
service office at the Cuban capital
has been Increased.
Chicago, March HI.—Ed. Sweeney,
(atelier, who has been negotiating
with tlho Fed era Ik here signed a new
contract with the New York Ameri
can league team today, It. wag an
nouneed at the office of Ban John
W. R. Downen Warns His Friends
Against Fake Politcal Trades.
To the Voters:
No greater evidence of the fact that
I have won the race for constable c.ri
he produced than the desperate offer
being made by some of the support- 1:
ersf f my opponents, as shown by t ie
attached affidavit, which explains it
self :
State of Arkansas, County of Gar
I, Joe Lankford, do solemnly swear
that on Saturday, March 7, 1914, that
l was offered the pcsition of captain
of police of the city of Hot Springs,
Ark , at the same salary as the chief
of police, and after sixty days was to
be made chief of police, upon cold
ti( n that I was to support Oscar Su -y
livan and one other candidate whose , ,
name l will not mention in this affi
davit, Li the coming primary election
of March 20, 1914
This offer was made tue 1*v Rube
Gilliam, who told mo that the mayor
had authorised him t make this offer
to me under those conditions.
(Signed) JOE LANKr-ORU.
Subscribed and sworn to this, the
9t!) day of March, 1914.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Mv commission expires July 5. 1»tr,
The mayor positively states that ho
did nit authorize Mr. Rube Gilliam to
make any such promises as he made
to Mr. Lankford; that he is thorough
ly satisfied with the present chief of
police, and that he is engaged in try
ing to conduct the city administration
for the good < f Hot Springs, and not
using the patronage of his office to
support or defeat any candidate ' 1
the approaching election. And 1
Horn the statement of Dr. McClendon'
is true. Mr Gilliam will pr bably
promise all manner of appointment*
and favors to everybody. He hopes
to in that way influence the vote for
Mr. Sullivan, hut Rube's defeat, itf
his last race should lie some evidence
that he has lost cut as a po'ithal fac
tor in Garland county politics and
cannot deliver the goods. I ask my
friends and supporters to pay no at.
lentlon to the reports and promises
made by Mr. Gilliam or others, hut
stand firm and on the 21th show by
your votes that the day of political
trickery, trafficking and trading in
office lias past.
1 am making my race fairly and hon
estly. I have net and will not say
one word for or against any other
candidate. 1 am not and will not
make any promises • of support, ap
pointments or patronage C any per
son, and if I cannot win In the »ai
t am conducting my campaign 1 would
prefer to be defeated.
(Advt.l Candidate for Constable
t-— -
Concord, I'i H.. March 10.- Counsel
or the state of New York, in the
■ase of Harry K. Thaw, today tiled
lie supplementary brief ordered at
he hearing on Thaw’s (habeas corpus
ictition two weeks ago.
The principal questions discussed
ire the matter of admitting Thaw to
mil and whether the proper proceri
ire has been adopted for his extradi*
ion to New York.
l akes Off Freckles,
Removes Tan*
Beautifyyutrrumj/c'iicn. Get
rid of tfr i !. Y<»u can
invest :>0i’ it: ;; joj (lf Wil..
SON';* FUEL KM*! ( M'.AM
and they'll disappear. Severe
jarcr may require two ja:: —
no more. \\Y positively gnnr
antee this, and if your com
plexion Isn’t ft:tty restored to
;‘.s intur .1 1> oittv, we ngrt«j to refund your
nnm v wii. t ■; \j 'in nt, A t l i., addition,
WILSON'S i ivM '• ! !. « I\I'A >I Is a line, fra
grant ti'ilet tr. am. i).»* ,,rt caiv-c hair $■> grow,
-ttul ,d(M’4 j* • 'l . I;.’ • rt.-w TAN and
FlvLCM KS. Try ii ;.t <ur risk. J'ricc Me—
• nt by trni! it d sin .'. Y mini -th jars fl.ffO.
'V'!.SUN’S l \ i SLIN SOAi* . -t. \\ ilsmi
1 r«-i; le ‘ . t ... t , • : .rk-jt S. v.maker?,
lor fcule W
R G. Morris Drug Co.
I or Sale at
One Third Price
The Heerey Machine Battery
iVcrks, Chicago, III., will sell any
Electric Car, Woods, Detroit, Rauch
t. Lang, Baker, Waverly, Columbia,
itrgo, Etc., at one third price.
/ICTORIAS .$450 TO $750
;OUPES, 2-Passenger. $550 TO $750
3ROUGHAMS, 4 and 5-pas
sengers . $650 TO $1,200
Mr. Heerey is in Hot Springs for
i short time, and if you are tbink
ng of purchasing an Electric, call
^hone 658, Goddard Hotel, and he
will be pleased to give you full par
■ EmasintcciaananBaBKi
m ***** ** » »** yg IW
All of the new patterns in Men's
Spring Oxfords now ready for your
On Display in our street case.
Slack, Tan, Blue, Grey, Etc.
"The Shoe Store Ahead"
Announces a first I
display of I
Suits j
For Spring ’14
Emphasizing a comprehend
siOe showing of Y oung Men's
English Models.
You are cordially incited to I
call and see the new things.
It Will afford us much
pleasure to show you, Wheth
er you are ready to purchase
or not.
j % & (Emnpaitij E
4 “Our New Store Will be the finest
I Mens' Shop South'*
| ""■....". " - ‘ — — .. ’ .. ■.- — -
Mew Bath House £ Ozark Sanatorium
Is re-opened to the public under the
management of
Olive Street near Central Avenue.
t ' ... ■"■■■ ' ■——■ '"■■■■II ..
New Hot Springs Bath House
. c. m. SMITH. —
1 ~T--lTir--~iiTiTl---,-j.
Clip ant and present six coupons like the above, bearing consecutive
dates, together with our special price of either 68c or 98c for whichever
style of binding yea prefer. Both books ere an display at the
The Sentinel Recori No. 22
6 COajnd,° 98c Secure the $2.50 Volume
Baautifully bound In rich Maroon—cover stamped in gold, artistic inlay
design, with 16 full-page portraits of tha world’s most famous
singers, and com plots dictionary of musical terms.
6 C°ANDNS 68c Secure the $1.50 Volume I
i Well bound In plain green English Cloth, but without the portrait
gallery of famous singers.
“HEART SONGS” The «®n« book with e seal I 4S0 efthe leeg.treeswea
“ ^ 1 ef the world In one volxme ef *M p-aee.Cho.ea hr
*w°° Iwa Font run to oornptoto tho book. Every •o«\« a f*ra • I molodjr.
L”' ' """" ■ i ■■■■ ■■■■...

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