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form* supportiii;.' or connecting evi
dence should not be yiven much
s weight in a court of law. But identi
fication by newspaper cuts goes to
yet a greater extreme and no value
should be attached to It. This wit
ness. like Dosner, maintained silence
until the last hour, notwithstanding
that he knew of the public interest
in the case.
Jleo testified to the delivery of a
note from a female friend of t’irofici
at libs tjottsc. The only bearing that
this testimony can have is the alibi
interposed by Cirofici.
"It is unsupported by unquestion
' able proof. This witness, like the
: preceding witnesses, did not come
1' rward uii-il the last hour to give
his testimony, though he had been
questioned by a deputy commissioner
of police, to whom lie admitted he
lied In respect to the delivery of this
"Kaluianson testified that lie was
in Forty-i'hird street, saw an auto
mobile and recognized Vallon stand
in;; on the runninghourd holding a
pistol in his hand. He did not know
Vallon, had never seen him. and the
only means of recognition tliat he
hail was that two months later he
saw in a Cleveland newspaper a pic
ture purporting to be that of Harry
Vallon. Tills testimony is worthless.
This witness also maintained silence
until after the decision or the court
•of appeals In the Meeker case.
“Briefly 'have t touched on the
principal points iu the testimony of
each of these four witnesses, and In
doing so I have not referred to the
testimony of the affidavits in contra
diction nor to the impression which
via-- produced upon my mind during I
their examination and cross-examina
tion. That impression was most per
suasive of disbelief in what they
said. If no other cireumstance ex
isted but that of their silence and
delay in coming forward until the
las; moment, notwithstanding there
existed ggreat public excitement and
widespread newspaper reports and
comments, of whlcfh the court of ap
peals lias taken judicial notice, it of
itself would lie sufficient to create
.rave doubts of their truthfulness
anti good faith.'*
Glynn Remains Firm.
Albany, X. Y„ April 11.—Telling
callers that the matter of a stay ot
the execution of fhe four gunmen
entenced to die for the murdor of
Herman Rosenthal rested with Su
preme Court Justice Goff, Governor
Glynn today declined to comment
further on the case. His attitude
was interpreted, however, as equiva
lent to a definite decision on ills part
not to exercise executive clemency
unless the judge demand the evidence
today of sufficient merit to win a
A number of incidents leading to
tliis interpretation, principal among
them being the statement of Superin
tendent Riley of the state prison de
partment, that in his opinion the gov
ernor would not grant a respite. This
declaration followed a long confer
ence between the governor and Mr.
Riley after Mr. Riley had returned
from Sing Sing prison.
Although neither the governor nor
Mr. Riley would admit it. the gen
eral impression prevailed around the
capitol that Mr. Riley had been de
tailed by tbe governor to talk to
"Dago Prank," who lias maintained
lie has an alibi.
Mr. Riley brought with hint a state
ment from “Dago Frank" and placed
it in tlie hands of the governor. As
soon tis this became known, there
were repeated rumors that one of the
gunmen had confessed. These Mr.
Riley set at rest by asserting that the
statement was only a reiteration of
Giro riot's allegations concerning hie
whereabouts on the night of the
The governor declined to make
public the contents of the statement,
declaring that it was “not worth any
Exclaiming how lie came by the
document, Mr. Kiley said that last
night 'he had had a talk with Cirolici
and (he latter had told him then that
he was not with the three, other con
victed men when the murder was
“I told Oirofici,” Air. Riley con
tinued, “that anything he might say
1 would tell jhe governor. When I
suggested that his story he put in
writing so I could take it to tiie gov
ernor, he agreed, hut seemed to at
tach no hope that it would prove of
value. Father Cashin, the prison
chaplain, and Warden Clancy read
the statement and said it contained
nothing that Cirofici had not already
said many times.”
Mr. 'Riley declined to say what he*
had told Governor Glynn concerning
his impressions gained from his talk
with "Dago Frank "
"What is your personal opinion?"
he was asked.
“If there is any doubt of Cirofici's
being actually present when the
shooting took place,” lie replied, “it
seems clear to my mind that lie
knew all about it,”
In order to he prepared for the at
testing of a reprieve in the event of
the governor tleciding to grant one
at any hour, the office of the secre
tary of state, which usually closes a!
noon Saturdays, was kept open t'his
afternoon and tonight. The govern
or's signature to a reprieve must be
attested by a representative of the
secretary of state's office and sealed
with tiie great seal of the state,
which is kept hj tiie secretary of
Dashes Hope of Gunmen.
(Winning, N. Y.. April 11.—While
futile efforts were being made in
New York city today to prevent the
execution early next Monday of the
four -unmen convicted of the murder
of Herman Rosenthal, Electrician
.I avis, who dire s the mechanical
phase of electrocutions, arrive! at
-Sing Sing prison to engage in the
preliminary ol the task set him.
A dramatic occurrence marked his
arrival. Just as Jacob Rosenberg,
father of “J.efty l.oule" Rosenberg,
one of the quartet condemned to die,
appeared in i1ie prison clutching a
petition from Rabbi Goldstein asking
for the postponement of the execu
tion until next Thursday, he met Mr.
When told who the man was, the
gunman's father muttered something
under his breath, turned his face and
rushed into the prison. Mr. Rosen
berg saw IPs son for a few moments.
I.ater he was told that his petition
would be useless until it could be
presented to Superintendent of State
Prisons Riley, who had Just left for
The arrival of Davis seemingly put
the seal of finality on the fate of
th<* Jour gunmen.
A r’lmor that Superintendent Riley
had in his hands a full confession
from "Dago Frank’ Cirofici, with
whom he had a long conversation be
fore leaving the prison, was disposed
of tonight by" *» clear statement front
Father Gasilin, prison riiaplain.
The chaplain explained that “Dago
Frank,” in whom Superintendent
Riley had taken special interest in
his overnight visit to the prison, had
dictated three pages of comment on
his own case as distinct from the
others. While the exact text of the
;<■*'*+' ’ i m*C* *
.Political anti military circles in
The Vnlonfsts in that province are
local government of Ireland a*- prov
Great Britain are just now torn with excitement over the situation in l ister1
determined to meet with force any attempt to compel them to submit to a
ided in the home rule bill. The picture shows 1,200 volunteers drilling at I)Ua
statement is not known, it is under
stood it is not a confession. The
other juiimen again reiterated today
t'lieir persistent declaration that
"Dago Frank" was not [.resent at the
time of the murder.
The prisoners were kept in igno
rance of the progress of the hearing 1
before Justice (5off and extracted j
what comfort they could from iliisi
last hope. But the belief In an elev
enth hour deliverance which has)
defied and survived -the failure of j
evt ry appeal today collapsed. I’he
gunmen were sure they are going to
die, it was saiil aliout the prison.
Win-11 they went hack o theii 1 ells
after being bathed and realized the
significance of the new prison
clothes and the new mattress, a for
mulity which always precedes the ex
ecution. they showed for the lirst
time what a small residue of nervous
strength holds them from ..leaking
They met Father Casltin, however,
with t'lieir customary show of spirit.
The following letter from "Lefty
Louie" to the press was given out
by Warden Clancy:
“Gentlemen of tlie Press The edi
torial in today’s paper speaks of
"swaggering desire for a game end;'
it also speaks of 'sudden piety,’ and
•old bravado.’ As our keepers may
prove, there is no talk of game end;’
there is no ‘old bravado’ here.
"There is piety, sudden as your
editorial says, but ii is here, thank
(iod, and our spiritual adviser. Uen
tlemen of the Press, ’Thou shall not
bear false witness.’
(Signed) ’LOUS IIOSWNI1B1W5."
Pittsburg 3, Kansas City 4.
Kansas City. \|>ril 11. The Ameri
can Association Hub today defeated
tlie Pittsburg Nationals I to Score:
Pittsburg. 3 K 11
Kansas City. 1 ‘J 3
Kantlelmcr and Hibson; All, on,
Covin; on and (leibel.
Haltlniore, \prd II -The Baltimore
International defeated t! e New York
Nationals 2 to I today. Score:
Baltimore. 3 5 1
Tesrean, ilearne and Mel.can;
DanfortU and Kian.
Atlanta 8, Rochester 7.
Atlanta, (la., April II. The At
lanta Southern Association team won
here today from the Itorihesler Inter
nationals S to 7 in a free hilling
contest. Score:
Doescher, Perryman and Dunn;
Hoff, Noyes and Williams.
Athletics 5, Phillies 6.
Philadelphia, \prll II. -The Phila
delphia Nationals won today's game
with the local Americans, the score
being (I to f>. Score:
Nationals. (I 14 1
Americans. 5 12 1
Mayer, Alexander and Burns;
Suawkey, Bush and Schung,
Giants 1, Baltimore 2.
New York
Washinton 5, Boston 4.
Washington, April 11.-The lo.-al
Aniericans nmdc it two strai ght nv. r
the Boston Nationals hy winning to
day's game r> to 1. Score:
Washington. 5 10 L’
Boston. 4 t 1
Hoehling, Harper, tlallia and \in
sinitli: Tyler, Kritchner, HeftVrman
am! dowdy,
New Orleans, April 11. -A' rutnente
on exceptions to 1 n«; suits demanding
damages in the aggregate of $1*10,.
000,0(10, filed hy various Louisiana
sugar interests against the American
Sugar Refining Company and Jack
son Witherspoon, local manager of the
company, were heard in tile United
Slates district court today and the
case was taken under advisement.
The sugar company and Mr. W tie
erspoon are attacked in the suits,
which are practically identical with
suits for violation of the Sherruan
PV<r erpert Kodak finishing. SorreP
Drug Oc 14 *
It is claimed that the Hal.i'im
Army lias tin? livest, most line ■ nu.
wide-awake Sunday School in Met
Springs, and one ilm-s not reilizo
w'liat tills means unless they nil ’lid
an l see for themselves. The prom
of the pudding is in t e eating lie ays.
Tin -e children will < oil t • 11111 -«• to
thin community an Easier program
tonight w lich will Open tl’e i»y - "d
make " ad the heart of every indi
vidual who is fortunate enough to he
Possibly the most speoacular and
soul moving feature of the evening
will lie the dramatic production of
"Holy, Holy. Holy," by ten girls in
an-tedc costumes, indiraating their
Heavenly relation. "Rock of Ages"
yvl'l also be enacted wit , living mod
els true to life. This is. calen ated
to reach the best in man. and move
the most callous* 1 to a higher and
nobler idea of life.
Dialogues Violets Blue," “(Trcs
land frown." ".toy of the Morning"—
[descriptive of "Life's Morning” will
likewise have a conspicuous place on
the program.
Tlie tabernacle is at tne corner of
Central. Ouachita and Market, and
the exercises will begin at thirty min
utes after eight o’clock.
The public is invited, and seat.- are
Former Frisco Grafter Recommended
For Parole Freedom.
Son Francisco, April 11.—By a de
rision today of the slate supreme
court Abraham Re if, former politi
cal boss of Han Francisco, who ;s
serving fourteen years for bribery,
becomes eligible for immediate pa
role. The decision, however, altiiou It
makin it mandatory that v ■ p'i
ration he considered by the state
hoard of pris in director-, in no way
directs them hi grant it.
A ■■e-rsistent campaign in behalf of
Rent bus been waged by Fremont j
Older, managing editor of the San
Francisco llullelin, .vho was one oil
lilt* foremost anions those to expose
Ke if and press his prosecution
ho ip-''|i cnlv on" of many ind cted in
connection with raft in Sun Fran
cisco, Iteiif alone was convicted ami
it since lias been argued in his he
half that to keep him in jail while
hi- aliened as ociate* walk free was
an injustice.
At Hot Springs, Ark., for Garland
County, Saturday, May 9, 1914.
'lit- United Stales civil service
commission announces an open com
petitive examination on the date and
at tie* places named above, as a re
sult id' which it is expected to make
certification to til u vacancy in tin?
position of rural carrier at Hot
Sprit e-. \i . and other vacancies as
they may occur on rural routes at
P toffice- in the above named conn
t . unless it is found to lie in the
interest of the service to fill any va
ca.icv by reinstatement, transfer, or
rural carrier is based upon the length
In tlie route Salaries range frotn TIM
i to $ 1.100 per year.
A rural letter carrier aft«r one
year's -atisfa'tory service may lie
i transferred to the position of clerk
i or carrier in a first or second class
postoffh e, to the position of railway
or to other positions in the
ervit.e subject to such ex
on tnav be required hy U»«
mail clerk,
classified .
| ’ivll service rules
A .V
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y 15 COCO AS L
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U t. it s when you ih.i..e your wu^on show it:, real character, the stuff
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give you servut, else u is no good ; t all. Yo i \ .,nt a vagou that will
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