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A* £ y y a*--fi
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A 12-INCH electric fan
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Just Two Wt'fks Less Than a Year
Since on Smouldering Ruins, Order
of Removal Was Made to Tempo
rary Quarters.
Today in county court Judge
Mooney will make an official order of
that court In effect that the --eat f
court affairs of the county henceforth
will be at tlu» tiarlnnd county court
house on Ouachita avenue.
The tornii'r order chnngiu- the
idac. ca holding court in this county
aw t made on Si plember h, l!ii:i, an
the smoudorlng embers of the eld
con11 Itousi, the day following the iii
fire of last year.
The offices of County Clerk Charles
Dftv i - and encuit Cleik Sullen aertrer.
they being the custodians of the larno
sunt of the records of the county,
were heln removed yesterday to the
new building. Today other records
wall t• c removed from these offices,
and within a v. ry lew days these
<lerks wih lie in their new quarters.
County Treasurer Jesse Murphy,
and A essor Krank Howies, both of
whom have had offices in the tempo
rary couit house quartern, are pre
pared to move their offlc. s on short
notice, and it is probable they will
both be situated In the new court
house permanently after this week.
The order ot the county court
made by Judge Mooney this morning
will designate from and after which
date the courts shall be reconvened
in the new court house. County court
and chancery court sessions will he
heal in the temporary quarters this
morning, and it is likely that these
will he the litst sessions of tiles.’
courts held at the Rxchange street
The regular fall term of circuit
court opens the fourth Monday in
September, and that court !,,rni will
tie opened in tin* new circuit cdurt
headquarters, for which entirely new
furnishings and fixtures linvo lip'-n
bought for the county hy Judge
in speaking or the reconstruction of
.ip court limisp Judge Mooney ina It'
t ho following statement:
“The (iurlattd county court house
was originally constructed in tiv
year Jiuit; at a cost of about $175,0110.
It was of semi-fireproof construction;
that is all floors were of reinforce.1
concrete with metal and piaster par
titions. The roof, however, was of
wood and all windows of the ordinary
wood type.
' I’lte fire of 1!tl.‘t proved conclu
sively that senti fireproof eonstriu ■
lion is only a little better than or-li
nat.v wood construction. For, al
though tiio court house occupies an
isolated position, the wood roof and
window construction permitted it to
fall an easy prey to the flumes and
intense heat.
*»•«» • mum in 11 < i in i ii virm ri|
away an investigation was made Info
Hie condition of lhr building. It was
found that the roof was entirely gone,
in al ly all outside openings ami many
liisido openings bail been destroyed.
I’artitlons, plastering, pnlntlng, wood
work, glass and marble were either
destroyed or badly damaged. So mo
of the brick walls bad boon badly
dnmn«i‘d bj fading timbers but gen
erally the* walls and floors wort* la
fairly good coudil'P”
“I (‘oinnilssionoil Tboo M. Sanders,
atchlfect, to proparo plans and speci
fications for reconstructing tbo build
in ■. My instructions wore as fol
lows: Reconstruct tbo court house
to make it as nearly fireproof as
human ingenuity cun devise. Alter
the old |nun to add alt possible con
venience to the arrangement. Take
out all old ami defective plumbing
and install a modern and sanitary
system. The old healing system was
biefticiont and expensive to operate.
Itemodel this as may be necessary to
give us a good plant. Above all. give
.. a good, convenient and substantial
structure and do not waste the
county funds on useless ornament and
"Acting under these instructions,
the architect proceeded to prepare
the plans, and after they bad been
duly approved bids were advertised
for. The contract for the general con
struction was awarded to the Fair
City Construction Company, their bid
In ing much tlie lowest. It was my
policy to favor the home contractors
Plta.e send me your free Ixxik
1 do not um- a t\prwritrr at present.
01 am using a typewriter and would like to learn
sots ia! otter to tatlrjiiire it for ■ new one.
109 Louisiana St
Little Rock, Ark
(lives Business
The small town merchant, the rural business man or the
farmer who uses a typewriter lias the advantage over the man
who does not.
The typewriter not only saves time in writing letters and
making out lulls, but it adds prestige and reputation to the user.
The L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter
is especially adapted to use in rural districts because it will stand
more wear and does not require an expert operator. Hy follow
ing the instructions we will give you, you will have no trouble
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Women members of the League of Death holding tho (lag unfurled In
defiance of Austria. Let ween them is shown the skull and cross-boo.:s badge
of tlio league.
Ins much as possible, nnrt acting under
this policy the plumbing anil heating,
th.> e.ectrienl wiring, the inillwoik
and the painting contracts worn
awarded to local contractors.
"It may he interesting to compare
the present building will; the old and
to earn with what care the funds of
the county have been expended ami
what result hits been accomplished.
"T he new court house has ro’n
forci d concrete roof construction,
supported on steel beams, and cov-i
ored with the best grade of asbestos
roofing and burnt clay tile. The old
building had wood constructed roof,
supported on wood trusses and w.v
covered with tar and gravel.
"A.I outside windows are now of
the highest grade of metal construe
tiim glazed with polished plate wire
‘glass. In the old building all of ihe
construction was of the ordinary
wood type.
"All extirior cornices, ornaments,
copings, etc., arc of terra-cotta, the
most enduring and host fire-resisting
material known. In the old building
all of this was of sheet metal on
wood forms. I
"All plumbing work is of the most
mod< rn ami sanitury type, with
marble partitions and tile floors.
Toilet rooms have been added to pri
vate offices, and the pubic toilets
altered so as to admit of outside light
and ventilation. j
"A new heating plant has been
stalled by constructing a boiler room
against tip' rear wall of the building
anil making such other improveme its
as will give the maximum eflieieney
ai the minimum cost of operation. I
"A new elevator oi the most
most modern and safest type ha
been installed. i
"All electric wiring has been done
in full accordance with the strict ro
ipiirements of the National Hoard ii
Hire Underwriters and electric fix
tures of the ‘indirect lighting’ style
have been contracted for.
"All court room furniture through
out is to be new. Only ipiarter-sawed
white oak is used where it was
ncet ssar.v to m e wood linisli. The
side waits throughout are painted
with sanitary oil paint. ;
"figuring on a conservative basis
ii is safe to say that the building is
it now stands is wortli at least f in.
ObO more to the county than was the
old Imildtng. The comity will profit
by the reduced insurance rate, the
added conveniences, the economy of
operating heating, plumbing and wir
ing and tile greatly reduced rate of
deterioration due to its permanency
of construction and tin* enduring
qualities of materials used.”
Panama. A us. 2d. ICxhanstive teats
w ere today of the huge rubs at
the Pacific end of the Panama canal
to ascertain their fitness. The testa
were satisfactory.
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lic Drug Co.
Tli o banishment of war corres
pondents from t.h.» armies now fight
in;; each other in Purope has added
another burden lo the newspapers, f■ >i
man of the trained war reporters
wore expected to send in whenever
opportunity offers a; many picture;
a they could set past the censor, and
now, since the correspondents have
In i n relegated to the rear, ti develops
on those in charge of the aeroplanes
to do this feature.
To take a picture from an aeroplane
or dirigible ret pi ires tin' very best, of
cameras, those that are “sun. fire."
with the very latest and approved
Venae, and in work of this nature the
Anseo leads. That is why many of
the cameras now engaged in “shoo!
itig up" fortifications over (hero ire
the Anseo. The reason that Anseo
lias tin1 call in warfare as well as in
peace js In-cause it is the very hep
camera made, and the reason why
you sec so many Anseo cameras it:
i.se in Hot Springs is because the It
(!. Morris Itritg Company has secured
the agency for this camera and the
work that their developing room turns
out is the kind that is giving the beat
satisfaction. Stop in the store and
note the pictures that, this camera
lias taken and see tin- high grade work
that the Morris store is turning out
in this respect. (Advt.)
Washington, Aug. lift. Paul Puller
ol New York, who, it is predicted,
prolmbly wil lie tile next ambassador
to Mexico, reported to President Wil
son today that there was little dan
ger of a conflict between Villa and
Carranza and that prospects for con
tinued peace in Mexico were liright.
Mr. Puller prolmbly will leave for
Mexico shortly «s an unofficial repre
sentative of the American government.
m ft
The beaut V*.* nf the Aihiiiin court
ii otl a lotion which wn s * ••fleetn il In
keening tin* face h month a ml free from
wrinkles. even In tin aged, they named
it iho “water of ntiiT.ctl youth."
Some olio reec*Mtl> has divulged the -e
cret of thin wonderful* though ex<*eeding
lv simple wrinkle lotion, which In Ini"
gratitude she has similarly duhhed a
pi i >f*j \ < r of youth: » nte ounce pure sa\
oilte << powder« d). diwufdvisl In a half
pint witch hay. I that's oil ihi to Is to it.
Any worn an 'tit grot thee ingicdlentat
her dii k Hon put them together and
use the solution with entire atety. To
bathe the fare* In the same brings bu
rned a et results, even in ea <e of the
il».eper wi inkles and furrow This is
• Iso effect Iv* for hanging checks and
double chin
Several Matters of Vital Impoctance
to the Future of This Organization
to Be Presented for Considera
The Chamber of Commerce will to
night hear the report of the Raria.id
Count> Mar Association, which in
l.rlef is the presental ion of a legisla
tive hill which provides for a com
mission form of government for Hot
Springs, and which report will prove
ot the utmost importance to the citi
zenship at large. President Ca'l i
han of the Chamber of Commerce m
very anxious that public interest I •
shown in this measure in its incip
ient stage, as well as in the latter
assent that it is necessary to ns
“The bill itself is of the utmost im
portance,” said Mr. Callahan yext -r
duy. “We are confident that Hot
Springs believes in the adoption of a
commission form of government that
will put the city on a business basis,
and that will result in nonpartisan
officials of (lie highest type of our
citizenship. Rut the detail of lire
bill to be adopted is a very serious
matter, and we would like to have
the citizens of Hot Springs take part
ii the formation of tills hill.
“No measure could lie devised that
won.(I please all. Hut it is our aim,
and would lie our pride, to have Hot
Springs inaugurate such a superior
form of commission bill that the
resort would gain some notoriety
from its measure. We are eonfub-At
that if it could he said hereafter
about the country in dlsett-sin - '•om
niission bills. ‘Hot Springs lias the
best,’ that advertising alone would
prove worth thousands of dollars to
our resort.”
Secretary l.atta will have some im
pprtant matters to bring to the atten
tion of the organization toni-lit.
There will be a report on the prog
less of the Little Rock highway, an I
the ipiestion of adopting an advertis
ing department along advanced lines
may also come up for consideration
at this time, that a full test might
he made or thfi opportunity this war
otters for putting Hot Springs forth
as the first health and pleasure
resort of all the world.
London, A hr. 26.—II: I 5 |i. m. Many
Americans have enisted with the for
eign egion organized 1>\ Captain Ric
ci, who fought witli tlarilmldi. The |
services of the legion have been of
fered .to the British war office hut
have not been accepted. The legion
contains 3,1)00 men and 200 officers.
One third of its membership speaks
English, one third Russian and ore
third Italian.
The \mericans who enlisted here
nre uncertain as to this legion and
many will go to Paris to enter the for
eign corps accepted by the French
Paul and Kiffen Rockwell, brothers,
young college men. from Asheville,
N. <\, are among those who left to
day for Paris to enlist. Before depart
ing Paul Rockwell said:
“We came over to Europe just for
a pleasure trip but have made up our
minds we want to fight tor the allies.
Belgium won our admiration by her
game fighting. France is in the thick
of the fight nnd we want to help her
out as best we can.
‘We desire to get Into notion rignt
away and the French army seems to
he the place for us. We realize how
set ions the game is. hut are willing,
if necessary to offer our lives for the
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Sheriff Williams Sent Out Special
Men and Secured Evidence Against
Those Who Sold Liquor at Negro
Fred Harvey ami wii * etiffr d picas
of guilty In local justice courts yes
terday morning and each received a
tine of $imt and the costs in the case
The charges wore made liy Sheriff if
I.. Williams, who some days ago prom
ised that he had evidence to convict
those who had pedaled the liquor 'J I
at the negro picnic some weeks ago
at which picnic one negro lost Ins
life in rioting Hint ensued.
Fred Haney was arraigned before
Justin ol the I’eaee Tom J. (i ad on,
and there he appeared and nt red a
plea of guilty, and Judge tlladson t
sey ei| a fine of flUO and eons. I .a
ter in Judge Alford's court the wif
ol the negro was arraigned on a slm
lar charge, and she too entered a
plea of guilty and r> ceived a similar
it has h»‘en the custom in lit' past
for some individuals to sell liquor il
legally at all the negro picnics and
gatherings. It is said that even at
me white gatherings in the country
the practice still obtains, but it i
very difficult to get tlie evidence in
any such cases, and Sheriff Williams
in the latter instance had to send m m
out to the country to get I lie evidence.
It is believed that the prompt actio tj
by the sheriff in getting the evidence
against these parties will have a
<';iinV,>n]tiK effect on tin- enthusia m
ul any who might bo templed in ’ n
guge in tli»‘ illegal sale of liquors in
the county in the future.
A special communication of Hot
Springs Lodge No. r>2, \. K ti A. M.
will he held this evening at N o'clock.
Work in the M. M. Itegree. Member*
are urged to he present and visiting
brethren cordially invited.
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enable it to perform its factions na*li
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good until 1 began using Chamber
Iain's Tablets. It Is decidedly tha
b<*st medicine for stninaeh trouble I
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brims Sec Hom at Willey's II i
Shop. It
Mrs. Tennie May yi s|. rda.v filed a '
suit in chancery court a..tin: t loj
May, asking that the court require )
her li ns band to make suitable poti
sion for tier support. They were uiar
tied in Not ember. 1 f* 12, and the peti
tioner claims site was deserted on
August 13, 1 !M I.
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