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Eat Thanksgiving
New Fulton
Jtnast Turkey Oyst* r lann i i i
Celery An Old'Faahiaiied Thank
giving Dinner. 35c.
11 A. M. to S f*. M.
Arkansas National Bank
capital . »ioo,oco.e»
Surplus and Profits $295,000.00 |
CHAS. N. RIX, Pr#»ldenl
K. F. KLEIN. Vice Pre»ld*n»
O. LASER. Vlrt President.
T. D. McCALLUM, Asst. Ca ih.
S. P. COLLINQS. Director.
A Roll of Honor Bank of
High Degree.
Doss a full banking , buainea*
Ca*he» draft* and cheek* for via
ttors. Draw our own dials on s 11
part* of Euroos *We *cll Trevel
Sr’* Money Order*, with Idenllfl
-atlon pajhble In all foi’ l^n eoun
1e* Ir. the money of the country
.-on may he In upon presentation
Locating Engineer and Timber
Will locate government land for
homesteads. With Wootten & Hec
tor, corner Valley and Malvern ave
nue, Hot Springs, Ark.
Practices In AM thr State and Feds'*
Pfcon#** Off lr* 7*At R*«ld«nr* Ills
Waw you wain to itore tmu*eno*»
geod*. er srala, pace of ablp furniture
cah on
Wt have got tbr omt rireproot e-er
bourn In the cltv. Warehouse rnnatruet
e<l with separate apartments for rnrt
▼eleahen. e* *. .*
! ■ ^ v~ - ■■ ■ 1 —
]F iociety
HUH D. A CROCKETT, Editor Telephone *144
Mall Items to 120 Garland Ave
Family Reunion Dinner.
iMr. and Mrs. T. A. Pace of 2■!>
Garland avenue entertained Tuesday
evening with an elaborate i; o'clock
dinner, the honorei s nl tin* occasion
being their so i and pis wife. Mr and
Mis. Claude Pace, of Paducah. Ky.
All ol the appointments of the din
ner were elegant many choice viands
were served in n succession of de
licious courses, while tin* decorations
if ft rus and tlhr.vaantbemiims added
a deli; ififul tour'll of color and fresh
less to the attractively arranged
This was the first time in manv
long years that the family had neen
together, and the affair was a most
happy occasion for all.
In addition to Mr. and Mrs T. A.
Pace and ilheir honor guests. Mr and
Mrs Claude Pace, there were l)r. and
Mrs. doe Pace of the Imperial hotel
iDr. and Mrs. Charles Pace iMr and
Mis. Forrest Pace an'1 their children,
all of this city.
» r •
Lotus Club Program. Nov. 26.
Music .Mrs (I. A. llngubooin.
Vender Mrs. Alice VVeimer.
Hi spouses, quotations '’’•oin Shake
speare- -iClith members
Palter, "Shakespeare's Women"—
Vliss Marnette Wood
Sketch, "Shakespeare's Witches"—
Mrs F. M. Sigler.
Talk. “Is the Modern Woman a
Better Home Maker Than the Wo.
man of S lakespeare’s Time'’"—(Mrs.
J II Averq.
First Lieutenant Donald Algernon
I hinson. Eleventh United States
! cavalry, is now enjoying the wonder
ful baths here after u very strenuous
tour of duty with his regiment in the
itrike regions of Colorado. Lieuten
ant Robinson is an honor graduate
from both West Point and the
Mounted Service School, Fort Riley,
j Kan. He is master of hounds of the
'Eleventh cavalry Hunt Club and an
! inpates the Thanksgiving afternoon
phase. l ieutenant. Robinson is a fa
mous army athlete and lias served in
Mexico. Lieutenant Robinson is now
| at die Army and Navy genera! hos
' tdlal located in this city.
* * *
Thanksgiving Ball,
All will |>e a scene of gayetj at tlte
Arlington tonight. The annual
Phanksgivlng ball has long been the
stellar event of the Spa's early win
ter season of Jollity and the stage Is
set for a riotous inning of pleasure.
Granting that the season proper is
still some distanc e off. still there is a
splendid colony of fashionable people
from many of the Idg nor,thorn, east
ern and southern cities at tile Arling
ton plenty to assure the , success of
tlie ball. Then, the smart set of the
Arkansas Hot. Springs has ever
chosen the \rllngton's Thanksgiving
tall as the proper function to get
startl'd on its winter's social life.
'Tis really naught but (die truth that
the resident elite always holds up its
i nil at tillo great dances and i arties at
the Arlington; in fact, when H come,;
to handsome and suprebly dressed
matrons and debutantes tills fair
town ranks In just about first place
it. the entire land
Little Hook's ultra swoii set enjoyed
itself so well at the state fair ball
that finite a party is expected over
.from tiie capital city. Manager Cor
ringtoti, though still confined to an
invalid's oliair as a result of his re
cent illness, has made elaborate plans
for tonight's special tall and his
aides can lie relied upon seeing that
everything comes off as arranged
The beautiful ball room will be gayly
and appropriately decorated, while
Prof. Richard Barton promises the
dancers an unusually attractive pro
gram. The ball will lie strictly of the
formal variety. Dancing# at 9: If)
Dr. Leonard H. Ellis, George
Schmelzel, Robert Kittleberger, Her
ry Bowman and Will Lake and wile
have returned from Metnplhis, wher'
they attended the Shrine ceremonial.
* * »
President Col. 'S. W. Kordyee of the
Arkansas State Fair \ssoeiat'.c,n will
leave the latter | art of the week for
St. Ijottis on a business trip. He
will return about December 15 and
remain for several weeks.
* * *
Arrivals at the Spaulding: Mr. L.
Bear of New Orleans, l.a.; Mr. and'
Mrs. .1 11 McCool, Kansas City; \V.
>1. I.iffler, Clifton, 111.: .1. H. .luelrson,
W. M. Todd. Hugo. Okla., H. Wil
iams, El Paso, Texar.
* «. -
County Superintendent 1). A Crock
ett and Houston Emery leave this
jnornlng for Center school, near
Omar postoffice, where they will at
tend a Thanksgiving dinner given by
the patrons of the school in Ihonor of
,*.he county .superintendent.
• * «
Goddard Hotel Arrivals: Harvey
Robison, Ohlcago; Mrs. Kathleen Ab
bott. Nashville, Tenn.: Miss Mary S.
I Anthony, Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. J.
I it. Wilson, Memphis, Tenn.
• • *
District Attorney W. H. Martin of
the federal court is spending Thanks
giving with friends near Helena.
« » *
lb nest Latta and Hartley Wooten
left lust evening for "White Bottoms"
near tiie Saline county line, where
they will spend today huntinn.
Gen. Funston Ordered to Land Troops
Not Later Than Friday.
San Antonio. Texas, Nov. 25.—A
wireless message picked up here this
afternoon from the war department
to tiie steamship t’ristchal Colon,
which is en rouet from Vera Cruz to
Galveston w itii troops under Genera!
Funston. giving orders that tlhe troops
must tie landed in port not later thaj
Friday morning, appears to have
something 1o do with reports that the
border patrol is to lie increased at
once several thousand men. The de
partment ordered tint the speed of
tiie Cristobal lie increased to 9 1-2
knots, indicating the necessitv of get.
ting tiie soldiers on American soil as
soon as possible. Reports from bor
der points toniGht say tiie patrol is to
be increased by two or three regi
Coincident with these reports comes
an order that the Twenty-second in
fantry. en route from Vera Cruz, lie
hurried to San Antonio as soon as it
lands at Galveston. Army officers
here refuse to give out anything
about proposed troop movements.
Philadelphia. Nov, U.l. lh solutions
condemning what was characterized
as treason in the ranks of organized
labor at tne closing session of the
annual convention of the building
trades department of the American
Federation of Labor here today.
Charges were made that orgaui/.a
tions of plasterers, stone cutters,
steam engineers, hod carriers and
common laborers had worked with
the International Union and of Brick
layers and Masons wnich is not affil
fated with tlic American ederation of
Tlie convention also vetoed that
the charters of local and state coun
cils that fail to expel local unions of
uuaffiliated bricklayers and masons
be withdrawn.
THANKS FOR THE *6,000.000
Earl Kitchener Says Thoughtfulness
of America Will bring Joy to Many
Homes in tpe War ione.
Plymouth, Nov. 25.— via London -
A dinner given tonight by the .ail ot
Beauchamp, first commissioner off
works in the British cabinet in uonor
of the officers of the United States
naval collier Jason, the Santa Claus
ship closed a day in which the British
foreign officers and Lae citizens of
Greater Plymouth manifested in every
possible manner the hearttelt appre
ciation of the king and the country
for the six million Christmas gifts
sent by the people o! theUnited States
to the unfortunate cnildren in the
war zone.
following the arrival ot the Jason
at Uavonport today American flags
float* il over every public building in
Plymouth and from the main masts
of all warships and commercial craft
in the harbor until sunset.
Among tile visitors oil t.ie Jason
was Mrs. Waldorf Astor, who present
ed Lieutenant Commander C. E.
Courtney, C. S. N. in charge of the
ship, with a beautiful boquet of chrys
santh* mums on behalf ot tile women
of England.
Fifty covers were laid lor the din
ner tonight which was served in the
Royal hotel. The dining room was a
mass of roses and chrysanthemums.
Mayor Baker of Plymouth and Major
Waldrorf were among the guests.
The Earl of 'Beauchamp replied to
the toast "The King’’ while Francis
Dyke Acland, under secreatry for for
eign affairs, responded to “The Pres
ident of tin- United States."
Jomi Lallan O’l.aughlin, represent
ed two hundred newspapers through
out the United States which assisted
In collecting the Christmas gifts, re
sponding t oUie toast "The Children
#t America," reviewed the history o!
the movement.
During the dinner the Karl of Beau
champ read the following telegram
from Lord Kitchener, tue British sec
i clary of war:
"PI ase express on my behalf and
that of the British army our cordial
appreciation and gratefulness for the
kind thought of tue American people
The welcome freight the Jason car
ries will bring pleasure to the homes
of many of these wnose father- are"
Kempner’s Shoes For
today that you have a good pair of feet.
Be thankful also that you kn w the lo
cation of the shop where you can buv
good-'iooking, long-lasting and perfect
fitting footwear .or those teet. ^ ou 11 b"
thankful every day if you have the good
judgment to buy
Kempner’s Shoes
Mens and Womens Prices: $3.50 to $7.00
Sec Our Windows
"The Shoe Store Ahead"
Berkely, Cal , Nov 25. Tillie Klcar-'
tra. a Holstein cow, lias broken tlie
world's record in milk production,
according to announcement made
here today by the bureau of animal
industry of the University of Califor
In the last ‘165 daysArillic Klcartra
has given a total of 30,152.6 pounds
of milk 8M pounds more than her
nearest rival, another Holstein named
Creamtlle, who held the previous
The record breaker is owned by A.
W. Morris, a rancher near Woodland
and has been nurtured along lines
laid down by tne Davis form school
a branch of the University of Cali
Oklahoma City, Okla.. Nov. 25.
Sale of hog cholera serum manufac
tured in Wliicita Kansas was stopped
by order of the state board of agricul
ture here today. The order was made
upon recommendation of Dr K W.
Brewer, superintendent of federal
livestock inspection in Oklahoma,
wno is now in Wliicita
Three shipments of stockcrs and
feeders from Kansas grazing in Grant
county were quarantined by the board
today. Additional velinarians liavo
i been -mployed to assist in tin- exam
ination of cattle reported to have
been snipped into the state from in*
feeted districts.
Believed Responsible For Small Blaze
in the Buckstaff Gymnasium.
About midnight last night the lire
department responded to a fire call
to the Buckfitatf baths, whore a fire
and been in l'alrly good headway m
the gymnasium deiartnnnt on the
third floor back. It was In-lived the
fire was from spontaneous combus
tion. The building being fir.* proof,
there was nothing much to he consum
ed but tile equlpement in the room,
and that had become ignited. Piaster
iug torn front the ceiling pointed to
tl;»re having been some sort of small
explosion in the room previous to tiio
tire. The damage was slignt.
Oklahoma City. Nov. IT*.- The trial
of the Oklahoma two cent lure cases
w hit-a was scheduled to begin her. to
day has been continued until January
i! by PYderal Judge Frank A. Youinas
ol Arkansas.
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OOT BUTCHER; “Hey? Vaf’ Vat’ 1^, u
«"»/»d, in n.poin' Jt Z r " ' hw r» i
I ' / /
International Cartoon Co., N. Y 138
BERTIE FRONTROW : Ah 1 Say,' Miss Even.ngstar, you’re breaking the
speed limit; we’ll be arrested, don’t you know! ”
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sayin’ a word ■'
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barbershop!" 3
' Go way. niggar, I ain’t shaved a man since I’ve been in the
business hut dere's five hundred ra?w$ In dis comma'.
mty dat I have to keep sharp!"

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