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THE building of our special machinery at
New Orleans made it possible to de
liver tiie genuine French Market Coffee
to every home in perfectly sealed cans.
Great quantities of this coffee is now sold
throughout the South.
Therefore, we have Inspectors of Sales who
will call at stores where French Market
Coffee is sold to see that th: stock of French
Market Coffee is always kept fresh, so
French Market will he fresher as well as
superior to any other coffee sold in the South.
The Wonderful Old Secret Blend
Think what this means to those who
love and appreciate fresh superb cof
fee. Judge by actual test how much
better French Market coffee is than
any other coffee you can buy.
Send 10 cents for 12 cup sample and booklet
of the Story of French Market
1 Pound Cans - - $ „25
4 Pound Pails - - 1.00
French Market Mills, New Orleans, La.
New Orleans Coffe j Co., LAd., Props.
'Washington, ,lan. f>. Baltimore
bankers will argue before the federal
reserve board tomorrow against the
decision of the reserve hank organ!
zaiion committee iu locating the fed
eral reserve hHiik of the Fifth dis
trict in Richmond instead of their
This will he the first of a serie of
hearings which will last about siv
weeks and in which protests from va
rious cities in other districts will bo
heard against, the work of the organ
i*R»Ion committee- The reserve board
lias authority under the law to change
the, decisions of the committee,
though action of this sort is not ex
pected in many cases.
—---O. .
Use Liggett’o Golden Tip tea foi
making iced tea. This tea is pro
curetl only from the early flower)
[tickings, which In this country h
found in but few of the most exclusive
stores, and then at prices varying
from *2.00 to $5.00 a pound. Price
$1.00 a pound. For sale by U. G. Mor.
'Is Drug Co. Phone 242. fi-10-tl
On a deal of mutual interest. Uncover the "coin” you've been hiding and
convert It Into the real thing—HOT SPRINGS PROPERTY. I tell you
this IS a good time to buy—Try one of these:
Perhaps you want to build from a
plan of your own. Look at this Cen
tral avenue Tut. 60x150, next to the
.McKeehan residence. An attractive
site for that bungalow. Only $1500.
See mo for terms.
A niHn who has moved to a western
state has listed with me a lot tlOxlOS, j
improved with frame cottage of :: j
rooms and bath, located near car
^Varn; modern conveniences- Price I
l a y terms
\ $1250.
A honte, for white or colored, suburb- i
an to Hot Springs. 5 lots and 3-room
house, good bam. substantial fence, I
plenty garden room, well; price $1250.
Terms easy.
Another not quite so well improved,
same amount of ground, boxed house,
2 rooms and hall, outbuildings, well,
and like above, on a corner; price
$600; terms $200 down, balance $15 a
Truck farm of 20 acres, 2 miles east
of postoffice, with 2 dwellings, tone
for tenant) and a store building; lat
ter can be used for groceries and feed
to supply the neighborhood. Price
$2500. -Live stock and vehicles extra;
terms made.
Someone wishing plenty of elbow
room and possessed of around $2<VKVi,
would do well to see me about a tract
of nearly 10 acres, right in the city
located 2 blocks from car Hue, and
within one-half mile of the P. «>., and
improved with commodious dwelling
and several useful outbuildings, part
ot this tract being susceptible of sub
division Into city lots if the purchaser
does not need it all for home pur
poses. Owner’s business interests call
him elsewhere and might entertain a
less offer than the price given me of
$2O,(M)0. IxKik fu1o this, It may be
worth your while.
| $1500.
What about that home iu the coun
try? I have one for you. not too far
from car line. 5 acres good garden
| land, 6-room dwelling, well, barn,
small orchard; large frontage on
road, south of Fair grounds, at $1506
j Terms $vmi down, balance $100 a year
' at s per cent.
■’.•story frame hotel building. 115
rooms, occupying a lot To ft. front on
ear line, by 216 deep to another street,
■where the lot widens out to 90 ft. and
| there occupied by four room cottage.
Large building used by owners; can
he rented at around $100 to $125, fur
nished, furniture being Included iu
the sale, cottage used by tenants.
Price on the whole. $15000. There is
a small incumbrance; if buyer is not
prepared to pay all cash for the equity
some trade may be taken. With a few
alterations this property would make
a fine sanitarium.
One section of timborland, 61" acres
at $lu an acre or $6409, mostly in
white oak. with plenty of pine as well,
located 16 miles from Hot Springs.
When the timber is removed, at least
half th*' land can be tilled for agricul- i
tural purposes and all of it would do
well in fruit, or as an up-to-date goat
or sheep ranch. An auto can go all
the way to this land. The timber on
this tract is estimated to run 2500-ft.
white oak and 2<Hh> ft. pine, merchant
able size, .per acre.
A lot on car line, with a future, cor
ner West Hrand and Violet, 168x269
ft Has store building and several
dwellings; income about $12<‘0 per
annum; price $15,OtXl. Fine neighbor
hood, in which arc some of the hand
somest homes til Hot Springs; this is
convenient to several churches,
tlround alone is worth above price. Iu
hands of resident owner this large
frontage can lie manipulated so as to
afford a much greater income than it
now brings.
Entire Day Taken Up With Speeches
and Appropriation Bills Called Up
by Opposition.
•Washington. .Ian. —Continued bel
ligerency on the part of republican
senators toward the government ship
purchase bill has begun to worry
leaders who failed to get the measure
before the senate today owing to mo
nopolization of all the time with
speeches and appropriation affairs.
Inasmuch as but two months re
main in the life of the sixty-third con
gress and the senate lias not yet pro
vided any of the sig supply bills, the
reiterated determination of the mi
nority to fight the ship bill to the last
ditch and to prevent its considera
tion wherever possible, has aroused
the fears that the administration leg
islative program is in danger.
informal conferences of majority
members were held today to clear
methods of procedure. It is probable
that night sessions may tie forced in
the near future. By compelling the
icpublieans to be constantly on hand,
the democrats think an endurance
contest would result which eventually
would force an agreement to allow the
ship measure to be voted on.
Although democratic managers
found no opportunity during the day
to get the bill before the senate the
commerce committee met and adopted
amendments submitted yesterday by
Senator Stone. One designed to pre
vent secret shipments of contraband
abroad would authorize the president
to designate ports where customs col
lectors would be required to inspect
before loading all goods consigned to
foreign ports on ships of American
register or vessels to be acquired by
the United States under the terms of
the pending bill. Another amendment
would place American ships under in
ternational maritime regulations.
An amendment submitted by Sena
tor Lodge would provide that "no ves
sels shall be purchased which are the
property wholly or in part or which
are in any manner controlled or sub
sidized by any of the nations now at
war, nor shall any vessel be pur
chased under this act which is the
property of any of the subjects or
citizens of said belligerent nations."
A similar amendment was rejected .
I by (lie commerce committee before
the bill was reached.
'Milwaukee, Wis., .Ian. 5.— Negro
boxers will be permitted to engage in'
contests with each ether before licens
ed boxing clubs i:i Wisconsin, tint no]
bouts between white and negro con
testants will be allowed, according to
a ruling of the Wisconsin boxing com
mission today, after having consulted
with title attorney general.
Today's ruling rescinds a former or
der which prohibited negroes from en
gaging in fistic contests in the state.
Washington, Jan .1. -President Wil- j
son tomorrow will receive a delega
tion of nearly 1 <Mt democratic women,
many of them voters, who will call at
the white house to ask him to support |
il* constitutional amendment for na
tion wide suffrage The amendment is
to lie voted on in tlie house on January
12, and tflie call on the president will
open the final effort of the suffra
gettes at the present session of con
The delegation will ride to the
white house in a long parade of auto
mobiles decorated with suffrage col
'■ \J - —■ - ——
St. Louis, Jan. j.- fourteen thou
sand dollars worth of jewelry be
longing to Adolphus Busch 111 and his
wife was stolen from their home on
Grant View farm, St lavuis county,
yesterday afternoon, according to a
report made to the police department
by Mrs. Busch today. Busch is a
grandson and namesake of the late
millionaire brewer.
Chicago, Jan. 5. Miles Main,
pitcher for the Detroit ball club in
litlt, today signed a two years con
tract with the federal league, accord
ing to an announcement by James A.
Gilmore, president of the league. He
will lie assigned to a club later.
Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 5.—After de
ciding that at least some of the
mines in the eastern Ohio coal field,
where a strike of la.000 miners lips
been on since the first of last April,
should bo operated—either by strik
ing miners or non-union men—the
coal operators at their meeting here
today delegated to a committee of
seven of their number the task of for
mulating plans for action. The com
mlttee expects to report tomorrow.
.Sentinel-Record Want ada Get R»
Chicago Jan 5. -Axel .Teneson. a
police sergeant, admitted I aim that
Georgy tlennessey, whom lie bad shot
Make the Best at Home
Money spent for the old-style, ready
made cough syrups in bottles holding
only 2 to2,lj ounces is very largely wasted,
localise most of them are composed
principally of sugar and water. Yet you
liave to pay the same price as if it was all
medicine. Stop wasting this money. You
can make a better cough medicine at
home at one-fifth the cost. Merely go to
the drug store named below and ask for 2
ounces (50c worth) of Schitfmann’s Con
centrated Expectorant. Mix this with
one pint of granulated sugar and one
half pint of boiling water, which makes
a full pint (lfi ounces). This new, simple,
pleasant remedy is guaranteed to relieve
the worst cough or cold. Also excellent
for Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup,
Hoarseness and Whooping Cough. One
bottle will make enough home-made
cough medicine to probably last the whole
family the entire winter. Children like it,
it is so pleasant to take and it positively
containsnochloroform, opium, morphine
or other narcotics, as do most cough mix
tures 'Keep it on hand in case of emer
gency and stop each cough before it
gets a firm hold. This store lias been
authorized to return the money in every
single case where it does not give per
fect satisfaction or is not found the
best remedy ever used. Absolutely no
risk is run in buying this remedy under
this positive guarantee. For sale here by
R. U. Morris Drug Co.
and killed after discovering him rob
bing a drug store, was a boyhood
chum with whom he had been inti
mate for years.
The coroner's jury exonerated Jen
esen and commended him for his
promptness and courage in perform
ing his police duty. Jeneeen wept
when he told the jury of killing hi3
former playmate.
Washington, Jan. 5. -Fortifications
of the Panama canal were described
us satisfactory today by Colonel Go
ethals. governor of t lie canal, before
a house appropriations sub-committee.
The colonpl told bow the great guns
mounted at the entrance to the
waterway measured up to the heav
iest weapons that could be brought *o
bear* by any foreign war craft atloa',
of carefully plan-.ml mine fields anrl
of mammoth searchlights capable, of
sweeping the entire range of gunfire.
With the committee Colonel Go
ethals went over the estimates ag
gregating $18,000,0<>»i needed tor com
pleting and maintaining fortifications,
and constructing public works in the
canal zone during tflie next fiscal >eat
He explained tin situation caused by
recent landslides into tihe canal, tell
ing tlie committee thn ttlie problem
had proved to be. much more serious
than was firs-t supposed
Brigadier General Crozier, enter of
the ordnance bureau, and Brigadier
General Weaver, chief of coast airtil
lery, gave the committee some de
tails concerning the canal fortiiica
lions. It was explained that tlie \^■
inch guns of the main batteries were
being bored out to enlarge their
powder capacity and give them a
range as effective as the I5<indh gun
carried by some of the foreign war
ships. Originally, the committee was
told, the i owder chambers had been
bored to less than their maximum ca
pacity in order to increase the life of
the guns. When these changes are
completed the guns are expected to lie
more effective than any carried by
ships because of the advantage in
fixed mounts ashore
Colonel Goethals urged retention of
an item of $40,000 ,for two light
houses in Panama bav.
New Orleans, ha., Jan 5. -Ship
ments of wheat to European ports
through Now .Orleans amounted to 8,
0811,028 bushel:-, during the month of
December, 1011, acco'ding to statis
tics made public today by the New
Orleans hoard of trade Tlie increase
over December, 19111, was approxi
mately 7,50(1,(top bushels.
New Contracts covering shipment
of more than 7.000.000 bushels this
month already are signed, the hoard
announced. The December shipments
established a new monthly record for
the port.
Scene from “The Marked Woman."
at the Uyr:o next rriday.
$57,000 GIVEN IN
Nephew of Eccentric Man Who D ed
Here Last Week Wiil Contest Will
Which Provided For Sanitarium in
This City.
Dr. \\ . tl. Choate of this, oily is the
beneficiary in a will made ou last
Christman day by Patrick Kenton of
Knoxville, Iowa, lo the extent of $57.
ObO, the sum being ffl ven according to
the last will and testament for the
purpose of furthering ideas Dr. Choate
had expressed to his patient in tin
matter of establishing in this city a
The will has been t'.ie subject of
some discussion tille past few days,
after a n< phew of the deceased, Dan
Lynch, secured attorneys here to at
lack the will.
The (full provisions of the will had
been ofter misquoted in the discus
sion. Attorney Janies I/. Graham,
who went to Knoxville to file the will,
returned last night, and submitted a
copy of the will for inspection.
(Mr. Graham stated that the do
ceased, Kenton, was an old bachelor,
and very wealthy in Iowa lands, his
(state being probably worth any
where from $150,ooo to $20(1,(1(10. It is
said that Fenton had made previous
wills, Mr Graham learned that at
one time Mr. Fenton mad, a will In
which ne gave almost the total oi Iks
fstate to the town of Knoxville, hut
that later he became aggrieved and
is said to have destroyed that will.
The attorney also says that later Mr.
Kenton made a will giving a I irge
sum to a Catholic institution at I.es
Moines, Iowa, hut that the last will
written here invalidates that me.
Dr. W. G. Choate made ; statement
yesterdnv in which lie said that he
had been treating Fenton for about
four years, and that Kenton had heard
him express a desire to 'nave fund:,
with which to build a sanitarium in
this city. The bequest in the will is
for that purpose, but is placed wholly
within the hands of Dr. \V. G. <' io.it
to that end.
Tlie will which Attorney Grnlham
wrote on Christinas day for Kenton,
and w.iirh was attested by himself
and A. 11. Williams, at whose house
Fenton was stopping, gives I'r
Choate $57 <*<»(». It also gives lo A nude
Taylor, who had nursed him, the sum
of $2.(>!Mi. It gives to iiis nster. Mis.
G. .1. Lynch, tile sum of $1,000.
The residue of ilhe estate is to he
given to Dan Lynch, w ho is the
nephew contesting live will, and also
to Walter Dane, who is made execu
tor of the will. They are to share an I
share alike in the remainder of the
estate after the $(10,000 bequests are
made to Dr. Choate, to the nurse, an I
tlie sister of tile deceased.
Philadelphia, .Ian. fi.—Negotiations
lor the sale of Charles S. Dooin,
catcher and former manager of the
Philadelphia National league baseball
team, probably will take definate
form here tomorrow, it was learned
tonight. Manager Herzog, of Clneln
nati. is expected here to confer with
the Philadelphia officials and it was
stated that the object of his visit was
to obtain Dooin for Cincinnati.
Washington. .Ian. f>.- With the ox
eeption of an item for $5."i 1,1171 for ox
peases in eonnneetton with the occu
pation of Vera Cruz, the senate today
completed consideration of the pend
ing urgent deficiency hill.
Senators Lodge, Smoot and other re
publicans intend to make the Vera
Cruz item the medium for discussion
tomorrow of the administrations Mex
ican policy.
Richard Thornton Shoots Himself in
Field Near His Home South of City.
Richard Thornton, one of the pio
neer farmers of Garland county, and
who resides in Antioch township
Month of tllie Ouachita river, s ot and
killed himself yesterday afternoon in
a field neai his home. He had in . n
mentally unbalanced for two da
having brooded over flimncial tr >:
hies which wen- only apparent to his
mind, as he is i.i g(xid financial con
dition as farmers of this county go
Coroner Randolph was notified and
instructed Squire Cooper to hold ir.
inquest over the remains. Mr. Thorn
ton was one of the early settlers of
the county, and was known to all the
oldtilmo citizens of tlhe county.
Washington. .Ian. f>.—The eleventh
annual conference on child labor w ill
begin here tomorrow. The work ot
the conference, which will isat two
days, will tie directed by Dr. Feiix
Adler of New York, tlhairman of tin
national child labor committee, ami
will include discussions of ail ques
thins pertaining to tlie child.
Prominent among those on the pro
gram lor speeches are Miss Julia <'
I.athrop, head of the federal children's
bureau; Senator Owen of Oklahoma.
P P. Ciaxton. 1'nlted States oomroii
sinner of education, and M . Jam*
Aitdams of Chicago.
our winter stock of evaporated fruits have arrived and a finer lot
we have never seen They are exceedingly fine tin- season,
large, bright and appetizing in appearance.
M’KK'OTS- large uolden-vcilow hal . sweet and tender, 20c lb.
* -ws
I'EACHES - hip, fine yellow frees cut in halves; sweet and de
licious. ..2 lb. for 25c
l'ElOldOl* I’K.M ”11ES the same line yellow frees a above with
the peel removed, 25c.
PEAKS- large, white halve-. 20c pound.
KIGS—1California whole pulled figs. 2 lb for 25c.
Omv\)~7§\M\j£ tber.
707 Central Avenue Phone 120
I My Greetings for 1915-=
re clings to all mg old friends, also ym tings In mg ncir friend
Quality of oats, like wise quality of service such as will merit
the friendship of all, is my resolution for the futures.
I plan many changes for 1915, but, all for the customers’ ben
efit, rl he character of this store—honesty in all dealings—will re
main the same—my Pure Food Store will still lie a Pure Foo l
Store. The old and popular brands will continue to he an exclu
sive feature, but many new and good brands will lie added.
I promise a policy of progressive improvement, holding fa 1
to all that is good, and planning a future establishment which
shall excell the best of the past.
To keep the old friends; to make and hold new ones; and t<>
wild the oid and the new together into a bigger pure food family
for the general betterment of all—that is my purpose. Fet me
count on YOU to assist me.
Harry G. Smith’s Pure Food Store
| Ouachita and Orange 2 Phone*, 830 and 831
! PHONE 227
_ ___ _ 15
Will touch the HIGH PLACE in your bump
of admiration and the LOW PLACE in
your Pocketbook
245 Cent ml Avenue
High Class Remodeling
County Scrip 1
For Sale
I hold fora client a large amount
of county scrip which is for sale
at a very low figure. Same can be
furnished in amounts to suit pur
If taken at once will accept
good and approved bankable paper
drawing interest from date of sale.
This offer is for a limited time
O, IT. Sumpter
Phone 1298j Sumpter-Little Bldg.

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