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Don’t you want to make
biscuits like this?
—browned perfectly on top, without being baked hard;
—a top crust that is velvety in texture;
—white as snow inside, breaking open with an appetizing
—and so light in weight that you wonder how they can be made.
That is exactly the kind of biscuits made with
* t
The one great test of any shortening is with biscuits.
Use Cottolene—use a third less than of any ordinary shortening. It creams up
quickly; it mixes easily; it blends perfectly with the flour.
It bakes wonderfully, and when you have enjoyed biscuits made with Cottolene
you will be ready to believe that it is easily the finest cooking fat you ever used,
and you will use it for all your shortening, frying and cake making.
□ Your grocer has Cottolene now
Your grocer will deliver a pail of Cottolene to you today.
Arrange with him for a regular weekly supply. Thus he can
always deliver Cottolene to you—pure, sweet and clean from
original sources to finished product.
Write to our General Offices, Chicago, for our real cook book—
“HOME HELPS”—mailed free on request
| THE N.K. FAIRBANK company]
Cottolene makes good cooking better
Arrivals at Hotels
Hotel Eastman.
Mr. and Mrs. j, Q. hen don. Clear
Lake, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs F. M. Tut
tle, Spencer, Iowa; .1. V. Cartlan.
New York City; U K. K White, N w
York City; W. 1>. Harding. Scranton,
Pa.; L. W. Malone, Kansan City, Mo.;
Roy Schultz, Chicago; John L. Tye,
Atlanta, Oa
Hotel Como.
M. T. Rlsley, St. lands; Mr. and
Mrs. H. L. Doty, Little Rock; 1'. A.
Kessler and wife, Chicago; R. S.
Hemphill and wife. Carllnvillu, 111.,
O. S. Davis, Fort Smith, Ark ; Geo.
YV. Wilson, Chicago; Jno. Clmer,
Kansas City: (!t*o. 1). McQuurri \ New
York; Helen MaoKellar, New York:
JO. Aukennillor, Kgg Harbor. N. I :
Cltas. Harry, ansas City; .1. C. Rol
lins, city; Mrs. W. C. McGuire, city
The Howard.
K. A. Noonan, Chicago; S. A. Hart,
New York City; 11. 10. Bromtner. Lake
Providence, La ; R. A Shea, St.
J.onis; II. A. Wagner, Buffalo Cen
ter, Iowa: W. A. Dressmaker. Ger
mania: W A. Cook. Junction City,
Kan.; Jake Boon, Zanesville, Wis.;
J S. Jackson, Grand Junction, Colo ;
S. A. Hart, Chicago: F. A. Noonan,
Chicago; T. 10. McSpadden, Clifton,
Texas; W. M. Morgan, Paris, Texas;
I,. C. Dalton, Paris. Texas; J F. Ma
son, Kentucky; James Hauer, St.
Paul. Minn.; Joj Kalina. Little Hock;
W. ('. Markam, Milwaukee, WIs.; M
Lillie, Memphis; J. Keenunesky, lk>
ealur. 111 ; W* .<• Northup and M C.
Northup. Rxeter, Nel>.: K Yentposi,
Winslow, Ariz.; J. Harrison, Little
Hock; H. Deeds, Carlfnville, ill : H.
Wilson, Chicago.
Majestic Hotel.
K. () \V. Skinner. Milwaukee, Miss
Slella llarpol, St l-ouis; A. I), Lewis,
Hridgeport, 111.; Mrs. M, L. McN Ml
and daughters. Hector; Mr and Mrs.
Kenneth McLean, Miles City, Mont.;
Dr. and Mrs. O. M Orr and daugh
ter, latke Linden, Mich.; 11 C, How
ard .Ir., Champaign, III.; John C,
Murphy, Clinton, Iowa; Harry M.
Maas, Peoria, 111.; H. O- Doyle, Clin
ton, Iowa; Miss Ida C. Clothier, Man
Say that over the ’phone Eat Red Ball Oranges in
to your dealer nou\ salads and desserts—eat them
It brings the very finest whole between meals and
fruit of its kind—fresh from at bedtime.
California, fully ripe, juicy, Order today—a dozen or
6weet, firm, tender, delicious a box. Low prices place
—just as it tastes when picked them within the reach
direct from the tree. of all.
Red Ball Oranges
Picked Ripe from the Tree — Shipped to All Markets by
Fast Freight—Sold by Best Dealers in Your Neighborhood
Try Red Ball Lemons
Juicy, tart, practically seedless.
The most attractive looking lem
ons—sliced, quartered or
halved—to serve with
fish, meats and tfea.
Pure Red Ball Lemon
juice in place tf doubt
ful vinegar adds a dainty
Savor to scores,of dishes.
Beautiful Silver Premiums
Save Red Ball Wrapper*. Our book tells 110
ways of using oranges and lemons, also how to
exchange these wrappers for beautiful Wrn.
Rogers & Son tableware of pure silver plate.
Exclusive design. No advertising.
We refund the trifle you pay to get this silver
if not satisfactory in every way.
The book pictures the popular pieces. Get J
your copy now. /
California Fruit Growers Exchange
139 N. Clark Street, Chicago UISiV
f S.r.
itou, Colo.; C. H. Owens, New Or
leans; J .W. Grubb, Newport: Mr. and
Mrs. Cr. R. Rnnisey, New York; (1. K.
Koontz, Salem, Va ; Harry S. I-ouIj,
Cleveland, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. G. 11.
Dlswell, .laeksonville, Del.; Mrs. Lou
ise Gallagher and daughter, Washing
ton, D. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Pres
cottfl Iowa City. Mich; B. Gaschard,
Washington, I). C ; Mr. and Mrs. C.
W. Scringers, Columbus, Ohio; Mr.
and Mrs. M. K. Coombs, Youngstown,
Ohio; N. M. McNeil. Herrin, 111.; S.
S. Walker. Carlinville. 111.; Marie K
Jlrnska, Christopher, 111.; Mr. and
Mrs. ,r. C. Cribble, Worcester, Mass.;
.T, A. la'ssard, Dover, N. H.: Mr and
Mrs. Otto Remmel and daughter. St.
Paul; Mrs. M. A. Zinley, St. Joseph,
Mo.; Mrs. J \V. DeFord and Miss E.
Sailor, Marion, Ind.
-o -
Captain Anson’s Visitors defeated
the strong Fordyee team by f>8 pins.
Anson made high score, 194; also
high average. 179, beating Captain
Morrow one pin. A large number of
visiting and local ladies and gentle
men were present to enjoy the game.
The same teams bowl again nexr
The Arkansas National-Public 1'tili
tles game is off for tonight. All the
alleys will be open. Score:
Morrow.178 182 193
iftapley. 142 17.'! 145
Mazzia.134 139 140
IH. St rook.120 145 137
T). St rook.L5f> 150 108
Totals. 730 7»!9 723
Berg.172 Hi8 190
Oster.155 103 137
Fiegen. 145 143 138
Bishop. 123 138 141
Anson.191 171 172
Totals. 789 723 778
A slated communication of Hot
(Springs Lodge No 02. F Ai A. M. will
be held this evening at. 7:30 o'clock.
Regular business and all members are
requested to be present. Visiting
■brethren cordially invited.
KV>r the Linen Fund at New Ten
tral Theater, Saturday. February 6.
Buy your ticketR from the ladies who
will solicit your patronage for this
most worthy cause. 2-4-3t
Regular service* will 1*> held to
night at the Temple, corner Qtiapaw
and Market street, at » o'clock Rabbi
A. B. Rhine will officiate. The public
la cordially invited.
In Society
Cake and Pie Sale by Methodist
The ladles of thp Malvern Avenlle
M K. Church will have an all-day
cake and pie sale Saturday at Wood
cocki A l.awsou's dry goods store.
They will appreciate generous pat
* * *
Turkey Dinner Tuesday by Episcopal
The, Ladies’ Aid of St. Luke’s
church will serve dinner Tuesday in
the store room just vacated by the
Parker Sthoe Company In the Sump
ter-I.ittle building.
Musicale at Baptist Church Sunday
There will he a free musicale given
at the First Baptist, church Sunday
evening and. as it is under the direct
supervision of Mrs. L. |{ Ehmann,
choir director and voralist. a treat is
promised to music lovers. The public
is invited. The program follows:
Anthem, "Praise Ye the Father"
Ladies' Quartet—Aliases Margaret
Hitter. Dean Robertson. Alta McGee,
and Lula De Vault.
Vocal solo, selected—(Mrs. It. L.
Anthem, “Rock of Ages"—Choir.
Vocal solo, “Jerusalem"—'Miss Al
'Male quartet
Vocal Duet—Mr. and Mrs. Ehmann
(with violin obligato by Miss A dele
.1 <lhn son i.
Anthem. “Gloria"—Choir.
Address, “The Place of Music in
Worship” iRev. IDana Terry
* * *
Another Informal at Arlington.
The beautiful hall room of the Ar
lington will again entertain the danc
ing set tonight. There is another in
formal assembly underlined and the
management cordially invites ail its
friends to attend. Dancing at b
* * *
Ball at Eastman Saturday.
Throughout the season the Hotel
Eastman's famous hall room will he
the scene of a formul assembly on
(Saturday night. All friends of the
fashionable hostelry will always be
welcome. The dancing hour decided
aipoti by the management is 9:1.5
Brilliant Crowd at Arlington.
Society, visiting and resident alike,
fairly stormed the noted ball room of
the Arlington last night. Though the
assembly was of the informal variety,
milady was exquisitely attired, look
ing practically equally as stunning a
she did at the gala formal hall the
preceding night.
'Illte Barton orchestra rendered its
usual choice program and encores
wore unusually numerous. Promin
ently observed in the brilliantly
gowned throng were IMrs. Edna M.
Dean, '.Mrs. J. C. Rigeimer. Mrs C. AT.
Lauritzen and Mrs. Ilenry Rawstron
of Chicago; Mrs. Albert Fink. .Miss
Cecil .Tacque Archer, Mrs. .1 F Flan
nery, Mrs. J. J. M<*rhi!liim and Miss
Luretta Eagleton of New York city;
Mrs. Paul P. Fitch of Youngstown,
Ohio; Mrs. Louis Hanson of Oak
Park, 111.; Mrs. C. F. Edwards of
Huntington, VV. Va.; iMrs. Graham
Vreeland of Frankfort. Kv.; Mrs. Jo
seph Kilgour and Miss Irene Dyer of
Toronto; .Mrs. A1 II. Block of New
York city; Mrs. George F. Gale of
Boston, and Mrs. Philo K. Perkin .
Mrs. H. A. Rice and Mrs. Alexander
(Downey of Providence, R 1.
* * *
Daniel S. I. A.
A most interesting entertainment
will be given Friday night. Februai
5, under Hie auspices of the S. I. A. of
ijtaniel school iri the school building.
Tlie program will consist of the fol
lowing numbers:
Address -iMr. Covington.
IMuaic —(Sir. and Mrs. Walter Lane
(Reading—(Miss Chloe Dttren.
A’ooal Solo—(Mias Bennie Hall.
Reading Miss .Mildred Bouse.
A’oeal Duet—Messrs. Bud Johnson
and Mark Hardin.
A play, “Uncle Basins' Kinging Con
vention,” by blackfaces.
Piano and bear bone—Mr and Mrs.
The public is invited and a small ad
mission will he charged at the door
* * *
Arlington Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Kendall,
iMatloon. dll.; Air. and Mrs. A. O.
White, Fremont, Mich.: Thomas 1.1.
Jacobs, Little Rock. Ark.; H. Kliem
well, Birmingham. Ala.; Ben F. Bar
low, Birmingham, Ala.; J. M. Wake
field. Little Rock; Williams l-anslng.
Buffalo. N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Lennox, Oak Park, 111.; Mr. and Mrs.
C F. Unrath, Chicago; F. H. AVondo
rey, Chicago: Airs. Elizabeth Fullen,
■New York citv; F F Merry Chicago;
Mr. and Mrs. AV. O Harris, Kterling.
K'ol ; H. P. Dilworth, Pennsylvania;
Benjamin B. Levy, Dayton, Ohio; Mr.
and iMrs. J. W. Shay and 'Mrs. D. F.
Shay. Pittsburg, Pa : Joseph Bascti,
Columbus, Ohio; Joseph Kchonthal.
IColumbus, Ohio: AV. T. Glsson, St.
d/mls; J. S. AVilliams, Atheron, Im:
J. C. (Mitchell, St. Ijouis.
* * •
Dr. T.eon Harrison, noted St. Ixmis
rabbi, left yesterday for his home.
* * *
Rev. Dana Terry will leave today
for Little Rock on a brief business
• * *
The friends of William Earl McKin
ney will he pleased to know that he
was recently re-elected at an In
Do You Know?
National Bank
GUS STRAUJS, President. C. E. MARSH, Cashier.
creased salary to the position of sec
retary of the Chamber of Commerce
of l.Mexia, Texas, where he and family
have resided lor ilhe last two years.
Mr. and Mrs. .1 \\ . Shay and Mr
il>. F. Shay, their daughter in law. ol
Pittaburg, I’a.. reached the Mlington
yesterday. They intend repeating
their month's stay of last winter. Mr.
Shay is a (hotel man of national prom
5k * *
Harry F. Kendall, publisher of the
iMattoon, 111.. Journal-Gazette, with his
wife, reached llie Arlington yesterday
They plan spending the month oi
February in the Spa.
* * *
Gordon 'Henry lias returned to
'Cooper, Texas, after a short visit to
relatives in this city.
* * *
Mrs. ..VI. Roberts spent yesterday
in 1-awrence, where she went with her
guest. Miss 'Myrtle Huffman, state
organizer of women's work in the
(Baptist churches.
* ¥ *
\lliert Mendel relumed yesterday
from New York, where he lias been
for tiie past ten days making his
spring purchases.
* * *
Joe Brichisen of lies Moines will ar
rive today and join his wite, who is
visiting her moOher, Mrs. Sue
hi ■—.. - n__
Let Sorrells Drug Co, look arter
your KODAK finishing. C-14-tt
Bulgarian Buttermilk will make you
fat. Positively pure. 1-30-tf
Be Cured First-Pay WhenCured
A safe and painless cure for Alco
hol and Drug Addictions. Strict pri
vacy and personal attention assured
hy a physician with years of experi
ence Address Drawer No. 11*7.
And That Someone Came in and Bought a Place With Real MONEY—
However, There Are Still in Stock the Following Choice Bargains For
Your Hopeful Consideration.
808 Prospect Ave., 1 room bunga
low; a tidy little home near the gov
eminent drive; modern enough for
t.he money.
21 acres strawberry land, partly
cleared; some shelter and fence; 5
miles southeast; Shads drove road.
Cheap but good.
2 lots and three room cottage, with
barn, Hagen street, w°st of Central
avenue. $350 down, balance $!"> a
month, 7 per cent Interest
The "Famous” Spring and 85 acres,
mostly in virgin timber, located about
11 miles northwest of Hoi Springs,
with 3 room dwelling, outbuildings;
5 acres under fence. The Famous is
one of the finest springs in this
country, with daily flow of about
6,000 gallons purest health giving
table water. Testimonials in abun
dance as to this. Huy it, go live there
and get well.
Beautiful home on Parker street,
corner Oak; lot over 100 feet front;
commodious dwelling, i; rooms, hall
and be ill; place for an extra cottage
or two on vacant part of the level,
well sodded grounds, fronting Oak.
6 acres Malvern road, adjoining
golf links; fine for a close in truck
garden, or a business or professional
man's country home; has plenty of
timber for fuel purposes.
A poor man' palace; lot 100x145;
Mineral street, north H. S., with 2
room house and barn $50 down and
$10 a month; snap for someone
Vacant Central avenue lot 25x175,
north D. S. building This should sell
quickly at the above price.
Four-room dwelling and deep lot.
No. 125 Flint street, between Quapaw
and Pecan; terms $200 down and $P*o
a year at 8 per cent. Ample yard for
poultry' and garden.
Lot southwest of fair grounds, near
Central avenue, 75x300 from street to
street. Very good.
r<ot ttenr Oak lawn, on side street,
west of Central avenue; 100x300 to
alley; cheap and good ; $125 down.
A close-in cottage of 1 rooms and
hath, 233 Plateau street; two blocks
from Central avenue.
A beautiful 8-room residence, on lot
70x240, on Qnapaw avenue, facing
south, strictly modern and a bargain
ext raordi niry.
Do you want to build. Look at this
Central avenue lot, 5oxl50, next to
the MeKeehan residence. An attrac
tive site for bungalow. See me for
I’retty place, 315 Bower street, 5
rooms, lights, gas, city and well
water; small orchard, barn, street on
each end of lot.
Corner lot, 3-room cottage; best of
well water; can have modern utiti
eles; dandy garden spot; location east
of M. I). K- G. depot; $1,100 Is price,
$200 down, $10 to $20 a month.
Three-story frame apartment bouse,
19 rooms and bath, nicely furnished;
the whole for $5,750, including furni
ture and extra ground enough lor
two cottages. This property is with
in two minutes' walk of car line
and In fine condition. The improve
ments alone cost over $i,500, furnish
ings about $1,800. 4f you have $5,750
buy this.
"The house on the hill.” Great big
lot, 180 feet front; 5 minutes’ walk of
car line. Crest street, near ‘ Majestic.”
A royal place to live. One 4-room
house on this lot; space for three or
four bungalows
Convenient 7-room home. two
blocks west of Central and 8. Border,
renting at $15, for sale at $1,500. An

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