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Tuesday And Wednesda nd 3ist
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Pittsburg Regulars
The Yannigans
Whittington Pork
Game Galled at 2:30
e Whittington Ave. Cars
W. Os
i of prom
ar«e»t<*d by
authorities on a
ing the mails in an at
rand, today went before
vu»cu district Attorney II.
Bnowden Marshall and sworn that
she had made an "honest mistake."
The man oho associated with, she
told the government, officials, was
Oliver Osborne Detectives were <■»»
pseed tonight in checking up that
part of Miss Taiuer's statement
which Mr. Marshall declared lo be
Miss Tanze-r told of some of tlu*
things which had transpired between
herself ayd her former counsel, is lade
and Slade. Mr. Marshall said that i:
would tie prejudicial to t ic ends of
justice to divulge this part of Miss
Tan/.ers statement at this time.
Speaking tonight of the examination
of Miss Tanzer. Mr Marshall said:
As for the reasons given by Miss
i'an/.er tor believing that James \V.
•Osborne and Oliver Osborne were
the same, tier statements are under
Investigation, and nothing further can
!*• said at this time A> for the rea
son she stated for deciding that
James \V. Osborne was not the same
as Oliver Osborne, she claimed that
she believed that James W. Osborne
was the man nntll after the hearing
before United states Commissioner
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ships encroach |
Captain of the William P. Frye Re
asserts That the Prinz Eitel Will
Not Attempt to Go to Sea.
Newport News, Va.. 'March 21).—
VYiiih the battleship Alabama due in
Hampton Roads early tomorrow un
der orders from the Washington gov
ernment lo enforce neutrality and the
German converted eriulser Prinz Kito
Friedrich still moored here with
steam ii >, uncertainty regarding the
disposition of tlie German sea raider
tonight was expected to lie dispelled
before many hours
Although rumor persists that the
commander of the Prinz Kitel desires
to lie towed to New York for intern
ment. keeping within the three-mile
limit to prevent attack from British
and French warships, verification of
tiu> re Kirt lias been impossible.
Captain Kiehne, mastetr of the
America u bark William l\ Frye,
which was sunk in the South Atlantic
last January by the German sea
raider, today visited Captain Tliic
richens aboard the Prinz Kitel Fried
rich. Captaiu Kiehne had with him
his wife and u party of women
"What did I tell you when 1 left
the Prinz Kite! a few weeks ago?"
Captain Kiehne declared when asked
what lie thought Commander Thie
riehens intended to do.
The American captain was remind
ed that he emphatically had declared
the Priny. Kitel never would leave
until the European war was over.
"Well," Captain Kiehne replied, "I
have nothing to add to that statement
Reports are persistent here that tile
ordering of the Alabama to Hamp
ton Roads was because of undue ac
tivity on tin- part of foreign warships
which have been hovering off the
Virginia capes in wait for the Prinz
Kitel. Tlie order to the Alabama was
given at Washington Saturday night.
On Friday night the lights on Fort
Monroe and Fort Wool were kept
blazing for many hours illuminating
the waters of Hampton Roads In
addition to this tlie torpedo boat Bar
ney sailed far out toward the capes
and signals were exchanged bet ween
the forts and the torpedo boat.
Reason for this vigilance on the
ipntt of the military and naval forc-s
here was declared tonight to e based
on a report that one of the British
warships on Thursday night passed
inside the Virginia capes while two
others stood within tlie three-mile
limit outside. Reports from several
sources are to tlie effect that the for
eign warship which came in the capes
ventured in almost off Thimble
Shoals light.
The foreign warships now reported
off the capes are the Britisli Suffolk,
Berwick and Coronna and an uniden
tified French vessel.
As to the time limit for the Kitel to
remain here without being interned,
officials still remain silent. Ex pi ra
tion of tlie time is variously esti
mated as between Tuesday and
Thursday nights.
.-- -
Was the Original Promoter of the
Hot Springs Western Railroad.
Houston, Texas, March 29.—Colonel
Uriah Lott, aged 73 years, a resident
for more than a score of years of
Brownsville, and t.ho builder of three
of the principal railroads of southwest
Texas, died tonight in Kingsville after
an illness of two weeks’ duration.
Colon el l/itt 2x years ago, practically
penniless, tossed up a dollar and
"If it comes heads 1 am going tp
build a railroad from San Antonio to
Corpus Christ!.”
Tile flip of the coin was as he had
called it and lie built the San Antonio
and Aransas Pass railroad.
. -— - -o .
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just received
at Woodcock & Lawson’s,
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Deny Evidence Produced Against
Them by the Government.
Indianapolis, Ind , March 29.—De
fendants in the Terre Haute election
fraud ease here today continued to
deny the evidence produced against
them by the government. Two more
defendants—Andrew (Tip) O'Btien
and Kdward Driscoll, assistant city
engineer and secretary of the demo
cratic county committee, made their
denial at the afternoon session. Seven
defendants have testified so far.
O'Brien denied helping rush re
peaters through the challengers and
that Sheriff Dennis Shea, a defend
ant, was in O'DonneH’s saloon paying
tho repeaters ns charged by the gov
ernment. lie also said ho did not see
any automobile loads of repeaters ar
rive at the saloons where he said he
worked as a bartender. Tn reply to
a question by Judge Anderson, the
defendant said he did not know it was
unlawful to sell liquor on election
A general denial al-o was made bv
Driscoll. He assertetd that he did
not pay any repeaters in his precinct
and that he knew nothing of fraudu
lent, registrations. On (moss examina
tion it was brought out that he cor.
tinned to draw his pay from the city,
although tie worked in democratic
headquarters more than a month of
the time lie was on the city pa\ roll.
Gives the Dash and Go to the Per
formance Which Typifies the Out
door Life on tlie Ranches of the
Strenuousness, it 's announced, is
the keynote of Miller Bros, .v Ar
lington's 101 Ranch Wild West show,
which will renew It# acquaintance
with tins city, Saturday, April If),
In the 101 Ranch show, it is de
clared. it. is not necessary for the
horses to run In a ring as in the circus,
for the arena is an unobstructed one
and it is possible for them to run at
breakneck speed. This gives-a "dash
and go" to tlie performance that i
impossible with any oilier form of
tent entertainment.
The 101 Jfcinch -just as Wild West
shows have always been is pre-emi
nently a horse show; hut this manage
ment has the advantage of owning a
great 101 .Oou-acre ranch at Biiss.
Oklahoma, where tlie horses are per
mitted to run at large all winter, ab
sorbing the wildness and spirit which
give such zest to tlie exist lit'.on. One
of the most exciting features of the
performance is tlie broncho-busting,
and this is insured by the fact that
at least, fifty absolutely wild horses
are always kept with the show. When
any of these horse# show signs of lie
coming "broken” they are returned
to the ranch and replaced by other
"wild" horses.
The daredevil riding in the show
is not confined, it is declared, to the
cowpunchera. although they are cred
ited with performing many feats of
horsemanship that are both thrilling
and unusual. Some of the most sen
sational tiding is done by the cow
girls in fact, they are credited with
doing stunts in roughriding that
would stump the average cowboy.
The .Mexicans and Cossacks, who have
a peculiar interest for the public at
this time, also accomplish feats of
roughriding that stir the blood, and
the Indians perform strenuous stunts
that create enthusiasm.
Tills i- merely a suggestion of the
strenuousness of the 101 Ranch ex
hibition. As a matter ot fact, those
who are familiar with this character
istic western exhibition declare that
there is never a dull moment in the
performance and that slrenuosity is a
mild term to apply to the sensational
teals offered by tile cowboys, cow
girls and other rough riders with the
show All the 101 Ranch people, :t
is announced, will appear in the pic
turesque grade that inaugurates Wild
West Day. •
Little Talk Among the Workers on
the Trawlers Is Indulged While the
Work Is Progressing at Sea.
London, March 2:*. A young \mcri
can who recently signed for adven
turous service as a member of the
crew of a mine sweeper, sends tin
following account of one of hi trips
out into the North Set.;
" ‘Order: You will proof(.1 :tt once
to and will sweep the area mark
ed on the accompanying chart; Inis
Was the order which sent ns hammer
ing into the head seas of a lively wind
on a bitterly cold Sunday morning at
<( o'clock. Probably few of ns on the
staggering trawler at that hour pans
ed to reflect t it a t the duly of sweep
ing the sea has (been imposed upon
us by a ‘discovery' made in the Far
Fast, when Japan and Russia entered
upon costly tests of modern naval
fighting equipment to the benefit of
keenly interested spectators. That
discovery was the offensive value of
the submarine mine. Japan led the
way in the matter. Mint Russia, once
awakened, followed with such ell:
eieney that at the final balance it
was found that Japan had lost ten
warships through mines and Russia
fourteen. The mines had done prac
tically as much harm to the respect
ive navies as the ships had been abb*
to inflict upon each other.
“Therefore it was that wo were
plunged into a snowstorm to collect,
if possible, any free mines which the
gale might have swept into the track
of shipping. It takes a tight vessel
to survive the welter and smother
Which rise so quickly in the o wa
ters. In the winter months, especial
ly, the work goes on amid conditions
of great severity, and our ships fre
fluently keep the sea as mine sweep
ers when as trawlers * hey would flee
to the shelter of their harbors.
"Our ship is one of th» best of her
staunch type, and she r 1 ed along
wonderfully on that Sun la. morning.
Somewhere in the darkiKifs to star
board there showed thfimgh the
whirling snow the lights Oi another
vessel running on the same i-ourso as
H ^B '
to On ^ t
t • a
' ' OV ,. 1
I here w. ' \ a
‘Our partner was an old friend and
knew the work.' arrived at the Hp
pointed area, Hiehittle vessels ran
close in and the ge.ir was linked up.
It was hard work, even for trawlers,
That marked the beginning of the
day. The little ve pels separated,
found i heir distau i •
’ l
reelj t wot istered, and the
long day's work was \de way Hour
after hour, through a iyicce-sion of
rain, hail and snow, ca-ej'ul drag was
kept. If there were t'roren feet in
the trenches that day. fhc$.' wa re also
frozen hands on the seas.
"Fifteen hours of drenching and buf
feting were onr portion that day. The
vessel with the pull of the tackle and
the drive of her engines keeping her
down like a half-tide rtwk, was never
clear of the sweeping seas. Thud,
slap, crash, swish they came over
her bita - and swirled along the deck,
never ceasing their constant assault.
'When the snow passed, there was
a glimpse of the sun. Then the wind
bached against the svin. and came
down upon ns in wild gusts, icy cold.
As the afternoon wore on tin1 cold in
creased. and just before nightfall
came a strange lull which let in a
biting frost.
The hardy fellows on hoard were
stiff and numb before the day was
done, and when the gear 'was slipped
and shipped nobody was sorry.
"The disposal of the mines recov
ered depends upon their character and
the circumstances of their recovery.
■Ktetpientiy our gunners explode them
by firing into them ltotn the deck.
“The mine sweepers have won re
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Lice and Mites Cost Money
For sa'e corner Fourth and
South Ave. 3-25-tf
eognitnon for their service in the
war. Working with them at their
toilsome and dangerous task, one is
iinpri - eil with tile precision and care
with which they fulfill their appoint
ed duty."
Solvent and two gold fish. price 25c.
It. (1. Morris Drug Co.
-o- .... —
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ment or deformity, see the School
demonstrator at Edsall Shoe Co. to
day. Free advice. U
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lie Drug Ce.
Ijpndon, March :1ft.—2:17 a. m.—A
di-patch to the Morning Poet from
Berne says Germany lias agre >d to
send coal to Italy in return for food
stuffs and certain other products.
Just the ordinary knowledge
of baking requirements and a little
Calumet—that's all.
No great skill, experienee or
special directions lor use are needed.
Calumet will do its share and more.
It will produce the lighte/t, tenderest,
tastiest pastry you ever at»—you can de
pend iijhui it absolutely. It will save you
materials and disap|>ointnient because it is
certain. It will save you money because it is
moderate in cost. One test proves it's best.
Guaranteed pure. Grocers recurnuieud it.
WarkPfl Pure Food Fa position, Chicago, 111.
Farit Lxpotitioa, France, Match, 1912
tT You don’t save money when you buy cheap or Lig-rnn baking powder. Don’t be misled. Buy Calumet. ^
It's more economical more wholesome gives best results. Caluinet is far superior to sour milk and soda. ’

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