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VOLUME XXXIV.___hot springs, Arkansas, Sunday morning, February 25, 1917. number 231.
. GRAPH productions at
* new central.
The first of the jrreat features to
be seen at Ihe Nrtn Central this week
will he the Paramount feature, re
leaser! under the Moroseo banner.
Alire Joyce woh will appear at tli •
Xew Central Tuesday In "Whom the
Cod'- Destroy.' Vitagrnph Hint K.i
lion feature.
"The Happiness of Three Women,'' a
truly Paramount photo-play. Myrtle
Btedraan and Mouse Peters, share the
honors in this pleasing attraction.
Tuesday Will he the great event in
motion picture circles when the dar
ling of the screen, Alice Joyce, re
turn- to captivate the hearts of ev
eryone in the Greater Vitar.raph Blue
Hilthon Feature. "Whom the Gods De
stroy." a picture you will marvel at.
and remember for days to come Sup
porting Miss Joyce will Me the mati
nee idol, Harry Morey.
It is a strange, but intensely inter
esting storv that is unfolded in "The
Tied Woman." with Gail Kane, the
picture Wednesday, in whi, h Miss
Kane is supported by an excellent
company. The picture tell- of the
lovp of an easterner who comes to
Mexico to operate the mines left him
'by his father. Their love is beset
by trials and tribulations which are
only surmounted after many exciting
experiences, narrow escapes and a bit
ter fight
Thursday, pretty little Fannie Ward
in "Betty to the Rescue,” is a Fa
mous Player- production with scenes
laid in picturesque California with its
gold mines and orange grovep. Sup
porting Miss Ward in the cast are
Jack Dean, James Neil] and Ted Ibin
A tale from the heart of the Blue
Ttidee with the divine actress, Clara
Kimball Young, comes Friday, present
ed by the World Clara Kimball Young
Feature Company, a master offering.
with Miss Voting shown to host advan
til go.
Ham and Bud will ho on hand, ar
cording to a special wireless fron
those tiwo fun makers, and will con
vulsc you with their comical antics. /
\itagraph comedy-drama and n Kalett
anil Vim film will close the big Sat
unlay program.
Th • Lyric on Monday will present
another musical comedy company
The Virginia Belles,' in the in it in
Mil for the week, and this company ot
(miic'dy artists 'with a smashing bi
chorus of girls mho dance and sing i'
a manner that is sure to please tin
large audiences that are packing th<
Lyri since ii reopened recently umhu
new management
The ,-onipany that plays next vvee'u
comes with the highest reoommenda
lions from the public where it hat
pla'ed. and in the ini'ial bill trnnor
:nw night iho Lyric pulrmis are prom
i-er a rare treat in up to the minute
musical comedy, interspersed with
catchy musical numbers and special
ties of the highest type.
The chorus is reputed to he one of
the best on the road, with a bevy of
pretty girls who can sing and dance,
and also partake of the comedy of
the bills in company with the chiet
tomedians of the company.
In addition to the musical comedy
bill, there will he a brand new motion
picture feature from one of the best
studios of the company. This will be
a regular five part feature attraction,
in itself (worth the price of admission
The prices remain the same Gen
eral iiH-e i,mi la cents. reserved
stais _a cents Kntire balcony for
colored people, 1.7 cent-- to all. Mati
nees each afternoon at :i o'clock, with
the general admission price of la
cents, any s it. Two shows at nigh'.
7: lift and ft: 1 j. ... .
The Lyric announces that the "Vir
ginia Belies" company will present,
three different bills during next week,
running thiM'P' uing bill Monday and
Tuesday, and changing again Wednes
day and Friday, Also the motion pic
turc featuring will be changed at the
same times as the musical comedy,
the opening picture Monday being the
Lnbln feature, “Man's Making." fea
turing Miss Kosetta Brice.
Ni e rooms mol apartments at thq,
HesU'tt, 10 Park Ave. (1 Crystal
St. I 2-1’2-tf
— —
Pains improves everything, when
wv paint we do the work rinht. end
voir property sains value. Puggs Art
We furnish toe only pasteurized
milk sold In Hot Springs. The Pas
teur 1.4*1 Vllk Co. «-11 »♦
In “Malting Million*," at the Princes* Theater Wednesday.
The Emir.. Frank Keenan
Sly via Damien.Enid Markey
Colonel Damien.Charles French
The Abbess..Fanny Mldgelev
'Hie Mayor.Roy Laidl&w
The \'un. Aynes Herrin.;
Basel on th(, yreate-t of hntnani
t-arian principles, preservation of fem
inine Chastity. "War's Women," at the
Princess theater Friday elucidates a
vital moral of modern times. The
play delineates a potent wrong result
lng from victory In warfare, which
the weaker sex are compelled to en
ft is a strong advooatlvo nsfr’ment
of preparedness, touching on a theme
of drastic importance, of which much
has been written and little said. The
produotioon opens up a new vein of
thought, and is produced in such o
manner as to leave the beholder with
a profound impression.
In the manner of the presentation,
the visualization of what can occur in
our very hemes under conditions of
national conflict is most tellingly
brought forth. The prodouoers have
exercised infinite rare in avoiding an
approach to indecency, and while the
'subeot hnnd'ed is « delicate one, it i J |
treated deftly and impressively
while the play attacks no particular
nation or class of men. it -hows in a
masterful way what can happen un
der certain circumstances anywhere
nnd any time and what naa and is
happening in the belligerent eounfies
across the sea. The theme is a titan
ic one
The story opens amid the peaceful
and happy surroundings of Tour
,,a se, a hypothetical village, where a
devoted family is suddenly separated
by the demands of war, tnto wJhi h
the country is plunged
The father, portrayed by Charles
Vroneh. is a colonel in the army and
is first to answer the call to arms.
He bids his beautiful and unsophis
ticated daughter farewell and leaves
for the front. His troops capture a
nearby town and learn that a sum of
money Is being raised for the enemy.
This he demands, hut the stem pa
triots refuse to divulge its Sliding
place. Inspired by a villainous sttn
erdlnante, the colonel informs the v‘l
lagers that unless the money is pro
duced within a given time he will
tun h's <snldicr3 into a convent, in
which the women of tJie town have
gone for refuge. The hour of decision |
arrives and the request of the com
ntandcr is denied. The order to oc
cupy tihe house of worship :s given.
Vt thp convent the colonel’s daughter
sacrifices herself t<> the fiendish sub
officer that the other women may he
spared her ordeal. Crazed by the
horror that has been wrought upon
Bank Cashier Almost a Wreck-How
He Regained Strength.
Hot Springs people will realize that
this is one more link in the wonder
ful chain of evidence proving that
Vinol Which contains beef and cod
liver peptone*, iron and manganese
peptonate* and glycerophosphates,
has no equal to create strength.
Mr. Chas A. Ogle- Monrovia, Md..
'••For many years ♦ "as a action
•teacher, then for three years was
Deputy Clerk in Frederick County
Md. and for the last three years I
have been cashier of the First No
tional Bank. My nerve got m ««ca
a had condition, and with poor e ■
similatlon of foed. 1 was fast becom
ing a physical and mental wreck.
Seeing an advertisement for Vinol l
purchased a bottle, and found it to
be exactly "hat 1 needed. It has not
oalv benefited my nerves, hut built
mo up mentally and physically and 1
want to recommend tt to anyone sin
tering as 1 did
Trv n bottle of Vinol with the un
derstanding that your money will he
returned If it does not help you.
K c, Morris Drug Company. Ho
springs. Ark., o.so al the leading drug
.stores in all Arkansas towns.
lif,r. ilie ru ui'd girl kilts the barba
rian with iiis own pistol.
I ie .ill) -,, unaware of the outrage,
and incensed over the loss of his of
1ieer, orders the execution, of the
guilty per.-nn. Wearing a heavy veil
and grabod o- a nun, the wronged
woman s shot in the presence of her
lather, unknown pi him mtil it is too
late. I ii - are the aidiorent wrongs
aris up in time of war presented. The
play ha- no room for comic touches,
being too full cf sterner interest—
comp, lling qualities.
Tito question of expeii jn produc
ing War- Women" has evidently
been one of little consideration. If is
a timely picture and is destined to
mark n n“'v era in filmdom.
Enid Marker, ad the. martyr-her
oine. 1ms unquestionably i xer her
scint'Ilating position in motion pic
tures. by her admirable interpretation
lb r histrionic achievement beggars
deseripfon. Frank Keenan is a
wonderful villain, and the remaining
members of the east of register Artis
tic trilimps in roles of lesser require
ments. At the Prince-s theater Fri
day, March 2.
ThJ^ prodiKdion marks the return
to Paramount pictures of the inimit
able House Peters, the. popular pho
toplay favorite, mho enjoys the dis
tinction of having appeared in the
productions of two other Paramount
producers, in Famous Players and
l,a<ky features. He is now co-starred
with the captivating Myrtle Stedman,
... 1 111 —1 — r:
Myrtle Steadman at Central Mon
day in "Happines oi Three Women."
and the stellar combination will un-j
doii'htedly delight discriminating pho-|
toplay followers.
•‘The Happiness of Three Women”
was written by Albert. Payson Ter
hune, one of the most noted and pop
ular fiction authors of the day. The
Oliver Morosco Photoplay Company
has set lin'd some startling unusual
scenic effects in the production, nota
bly the flashes of lightning that play
an important part in the development
of the story.
This unusual feature will be the at
traction at the New Central Monday,
n Paramount play of photo-dramatic
value, a society drama, based upon a
rather racy flirtation between a wo
man and a friend of her husband,
with ruinous results.
— -o-»-—
S. Harris and family. Delowarc, Mien
C. K. Allen and wife, McClelad, Ark.;
W. .1 Httfley, Missouri: H. P. Craw
lev. St Louis, Mo.: T. 11. Philips, Jef
ferson City. Mo : F. L. Martin, Little
Hock; Mrs. las. D. Milliken, Chicago;
J. M. C.oodr and family. Lexingtoon.
Ky.; J. s. MoCurdy. Blnmlngton, 111.;
H. n. Bunnell, Bhtmlngtono, 111.; P.
S. Holmes, Newark. New .lersev : f.
q. Kelleani. Hot Springs; M. De-nii
re-t .and wife, New York; Mr. and
Mrs J. Carson. N *w Yorw; Sid Wolf,
Boston. Mass.; Melville M. Maye,
New York. .1. W. Allen, Little Hock;
r. F. Young, Katt'us City; as. H. M'd
lany. Ch .-agoo; W. C. Kirby, Chi
cago; Chas. . Castell, Tampa, Kla.; L.
I*!,-as.•* Tanroa. Kla ' W. c. MeKea.i,
St. Lt uls, Mo.
-- ^ ’I''" — ■ — ^
Aronianoe of the "one-night-stands"
fs “The End of the Tour," the Metro
Columbia five net feature protodrama
eta-ring Lionel Barrymore, to be
shown at the Princess Theater on
Monday. Buddy Bennett (Mr. Barry
more) is the leading man of the Chi
cago Ideals Theater Company, a barn
storming troupe which comes to grid
on the road.
The play depicts graphically the life
of traveling players who are nr*t over
burdened with success. The company
is playing "Camille" through the west
and the receipts dwindle .with each
performance. “The End of the Tour
shows the interior of three different
small town theaters, in all of which
the company plays “Camille.” On the
first night the players take in $19.30.
the next $9 tiO. and finally—nothing.
Irate sheriffs pounce upon the com
pany to demand money for overdue
board bills, and the enterprising man
ager puts costumes on them and
makes actors of them for the night to
impress the audience with the size of
the “troupe."
Small town fire engine houses, rivaJ
companies of which give amateur per
formances of “The Fireman’s Bride.”
anil other gems add to the fun. The
actors, stranded, teach the firemen
how to act, and thus earn a few sir*** i«
meals. Finally help comes from an
unexpected source. Some of the in
teresting characters are Skinny Smith,
the fat property man of the troupe;
Lester Montague, the villain; Lottie
Lee, soubrette; Seth Perkins, of J. K.
Jessup Hose Co.; Hen Springer, of
Hose Co No. 1, and Percy Penninp
ton, a “fresh" commercial traveler.
Full advantage is taken of the possi
bilities for human in "The End of the
On the same program is Francis X.
Bushman and Beverly Bavne in the
last of the great series of two part
dramas, "The (Ireat Secret ” Don’t
miss this number.
Tuesday comes the greatest of all
westerners, William St Hart, in a
smashing Triangle western. “The O.un
Watch the daily announcements tJils
week for the biggest and bes* features
in the city. Brices for Monday, 3 and
33 cents. ' 1
The Gay Now Yorkers will present |
"A Corner in Cowboys” for the open
ing bill this week at the Comedy the
ater. the blS* as its title suggests is of
decidedly western flavor and intro
duces a wild western cowboy who in
an effort to win his sweetheart, raises
a lively rookus and su. p thiuRS
very much in general. All tt.’ princi
pals of the company are e,ast in roles
that are well adapted to their person
alities and the comedy will s'.and up
well in comparison with anything this
excellent company has so far offered.
A number of nifty specialties will be
Introduced by the principals and the
chorus 'will he daintily clad and fitted
out with some rattling good numbers.
The six reel Selig feature, *Tha Mil
lionaire Baby,” will form thie picture
program, pictures rwill be Tun continu
ous and the musical comedy will be
presented at ft. 7 :.'10 and 9 p m.
Prof. Bilbert H. Ambrose, cf Mos-|
kogee. Okla., one of the most noted j
bara-tone singers of the colored rnre|
will sing «t ‘Roanoke Sunday, morning
and night. Jubilee songs will occupy
a large portion of the program.
Tin* pastor will spi-ok jn special dis
course on "The Eternal Question.”
Our large beautiful auditorium will
be comfortably heated. Polite usliers
will meet you at the door. We are
sure our whit® friends will enoy tih"
singing. All are Invited and made
welcome. Our own peopol** visiting
here are especially Invited. The Huff
brick church on Wbitlngton avenue.
,T. H. Hetider-ion, pastor.
—--n-- -
A Woman's Experience With Grl pf**
When a oouifn or eoirt "hangs pn.
and you have aches and paiins in pour
joints and muscles, it ut likely that
grippe is taking hold of yeuif system.
Mrs. ,1. A. Rodgers, Switzer, R..
says: ”1 am susceptible to colds;, oft
en ending in grippe. In this eos^ 1
have fmttrl Foley's Honey and Tar to
prevent doctor bills." This sterlinU
family remedy loosens the phleghmj
stops Irritation, allays sorenosa and
inti* motion and frees the air pas
wxgc-i. Good for children. A. C. Jen
i lull’ t < , ) Jf { •
A Daughter of the Gods
Annette: ,kellermani^
. •-* > +
GREATEST woman ;w '
few I M ME R ANO &TAR 0)F
William fox $1,000 ooo
.■ : .
It is by no means due alone to the
fact that a million dollars was spent
in its making that "A Daughter of the
Gods," the great William Pox spec
tacle, which comes to the Audito
rium for four nights and four mati
nees, beginning Monday afternoon.
March 5. has the right to the title
if lhe greatest motion picture pro
duction the world has ever seen.
There are many reasons for this. In
telligent direction has evolved a story
that for sheer beauty of theme, for
magnificence of setting, it stands
“'A Daughter Of the Gods” is pre
eminently n picture for women and
children. On the first anniversary of
his wedding. President Wilson and
Mrs. Wilson made their first public
appearance at a moving picture show,
when they saw this film, and their
party gave it an unqualified endorse- 1
mont. in Now York City the censor
committee for children’s pictures, re
quested Mr. Pox to give a series of
children's matinees, which were given ,
every morning at lb o’clock ot the
Lyric theater, and from which thou
sands twere turned away every day.
In a recent interview Mr. Pox said:
"1 believe every mother In the world
will wish her sons and daughters to
see this picture. 1 especially want the
members of women’s clubs and feder
ations and the great artists of the
world to see it. My reason is that
beauty has heen captured and trans
ferred to the film, and that a theme
of sweetness and goodness, linked
with vast spectacular episodes, can
he made Into a picture of immense
magnificence and appeal.”
me Slar OI LIU* wnimnuu »
production is Annette Kellertnann,
who Is not only the most beautifully
Conned woman in the world, the mo-t
during swimmer and one of the most
accomplished of dancers and actresses
Mut has that infinite charm which is
h voag'ht forth in all Us glory in the
Fo? production.
AJ» entire island in the Hay of Ja
ma, Va in lhe West Indies was used to
mak t this wonderful picture, and near
ly th>* whole native population of Ja
ma' l( to the number of more than
twenty thousand, were used as super
numeral : *». in the Mg scenes, while
a oomi*tif,> of several hundred from
New York J> 'frayed the acting parts.
A river was diverted three miles from
its course, antj a water fall and new
water ■course built tor the liopae j
village aJone.
Eight months work and
were expended in building (he City
of the Sultan, which was destroyed by
fire in fifteen minutes.'. More than
two hundred women swimmers jour
neyed from New YoMi to play the
mermaids in the story, and twelve
hundred little Jamaican negroes play
ed the gnomes. More than --V'Uh
. yeet of film were taken b.V seven pho
[toaruphers which had aftigrwards to
m:.'. . ...
J*» ****:< mmmrj) *wmm «*.
to rut (town to 10,000 foot in ten
Tho opening scene alone, showing
i bit of love making between two
tin's in a tree top, one of the most
Marvelous tilts of photography ever
presented in the world, took threo
nonths to photograph and almost,
wove out tho patience or four direc
Cyril Maude in “Grumpy.”
Mr. Cyril Maude, the distinguished
English actor, in his international
triumph, "Grumpy*' will he the tenant
of tho Auditorium theater Tuesday
night. The ei^fgomont promises to
be one of the tnW§i notable of the
present theatrical season, and thu
lad that Mr. MauiW will, ui>oi^M^|
occasion, make his
in Hot Springs, asr^S-tan f ,,11
anoi of a brilliant au&ence.
Until three years a'^o Mr. do
had confined his stage career exclu
sively to England, and in fact mp',o
tne maor number of hig appear?
in London, where for the pay* fhieeu
years he has controlled his ojwn thea
ters and made his own productions.
His first American tour, as planned,
was to Include a short season in New
York and visits to a few of the
larger cities of the eastern part of the
country, but fate had written differ
ently, nnd the third week of hig en
gagement. at W’ullack's, New York,
saw the production of "Grumpy” and
at the same time witnessed one of
the most substantial successes that
Uroadway had known for a decade.
The tremendous appeal of his lovable
| •‘Grumpy” chsraetematioi* t caused
Manhattan theatergoers to el *r for
the continuance of that play\ viise
qu -ntly other productions con\ ’at
ed hy Mr, .Maude were abandon^
road tour, and later London eng
monts (were cancelled, and "GruJ
run the year at the house of its'tif^
■ 1 ...jL::::,:=dS>K======a«
Rheumatism j(
makes the joints ache and causes the afflicted person much misery. e H,
For quick relief use J V
Bit Is a Powerful, Penetrating Remedy « fffl
• The relief is prompt and very gratifying to the sufferer. It eases « |||]
' t he joints and conveys a strengthening influence that soon restores
! normal" con ditions. Use it also for healing L **Sores. Wounds.
» Bums. Scab Vs. nelieving Stiff Neck. l^me Back or Sore Muscl«
rtjj It rarely fails’to give good results. Prlca 25c, 50c ami $» per bailie.
; JAS. r- BALLARD, Proprietor. ST. LOUIS, MO.
**•«• .» W Sale by A. t:
v __

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