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The Sentinel=record. (Hot Springs, Ark.) 1900-current, March 10, 1917, Image 7

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WAXTKD Lillies, how much monev are
.'on muklng7 Would >t a o,.v interest
.'■•u? Mum be under -V Willing 10
travel, rail between ii and l at »;i.»
Ohirnl Ave Ask for Mr. Anderson
PMFISOXA1 / \tivoile knowing address
or Mrs. L. Kiniii 'l. formerly Miss Wil
belmmu Fenm-. who had Mitchell auto
nuddle agency litre few rears ago im
portant. Address J H Davlin. Seilthn 1
lh cord office. .{-10-11
WAXTKD To buy diamonds. will abo
buy any kind coupon* Harrell, 7«»2
Abllvcrn Ave. 3-11*-:;t
WANT FTP---Oheckor at Frisbv’s cafe*
W V.VTKb Situation In \om._; lad>
sienogninher . xpci fk nee ibn-ei mop
than wages \v T. T . tins office.
WaNTFCD Walt re-'- at au< a a, i) del
WAXTKD Ladies io bring me fancy;
work to sell for them on commission. ,
Want, frrimedintch hand embi od< •
tcw' is, pillow slips, diosser ^»i*t-. t.aih
foweis with envhet edge, abo luncheon
sets, fancy combing jacket, boudoir cops,
etc. Mrs. \\ II Itams'air, l Central
Ave. Phone 2112. ::-8-lw
W A N r B1 > •
housework; good wage.. Telephone
WANTKD—Machinist to turn up br:i>«
cat binctm* parts, one who has bad bra
lathe experience. Dr. A J. Kdwards.
office Sumpter Little Bldg. ;;-S-lvv
Wanted part
ern Florida and return in an autonp i.ilc,
hy wa\ of M**mphi-. Dirt itanonga. At
lanta; good pik< from M*mphi on
WhHo D Jlaughrnan. laMb lb k AD
8-7- It
J'AJtTV who took by mistake diaoi i
cluster stick pin from 1m*\ at the Mau
rice Bath House .return t - <! M. Bond
New Duvton Hotel and r» • a\c ' ■» D
wnrd and no questions asked. .‘bl-iw
WANTED--t'ompetent woman t . cook
ing and ocncml housework. nU two in
family; Ub«i;d nnv Aopl\ t-• Mr. I leg
Dempsey, 209 r. dar S:. -I -m
OAN- 1
SCeliritV Phone 2«>f»7 ' 2a-If
WANTED \ gruel color* d viol rn a
v bo can wo;k in nod n. • • • le • h
rtf ilk., run in a "•». Apolv in p» is- a, . 1
Ptnspect \ve. No n« >i to apply wb .e
r« fcif ncc«. • ' I -1 i
WAXTKD Sir) fcr trerernl lexisewt a
family of two. white or colored girl
will give good home to right kind of
white uni <,i colored mammy1 who
wants and can appreciate good trea*
nent. Phom
WAXTKD- Fust class maid for house
work; small fa mil . good w g» s Must
have lefeionct.s. Apply i.M C'entrai
Ave. lit-If
■ —-—---- - -— ~ — -r—
WANTKD Ten rn* i 1o w«.:k a farm
APOty to Dr A II. ilousli . . ;; I. Uua
chita A\ c. _ 2 -14 -1 f
WANTED- --White Leghorn eggs foi
hotelling. Pure blocd. Addn-.ss Kggs.
cor« Sentinel Ilyootd if
Highest price paid for second- I
hand clothing S.u.ii.uy cienurs. i
l*iJ) Ouachita Ave Phono 7,v i
j-10-lm i
WANTED —To lrad« an Overland car in
pci feet condition for buggy hO;s* W
II Hall. phone a. _ i li-tf
I WANT to clean v«.nr fAKPKTS an.i
RI’dH. Telephone 347 and wagon will
calk Chat Hotohki l-10-tf
itturk«’t inh'<‘k n.*i'J for
*<*rai» iron, rub) * ! •,*fl
Southern Irnn an»1 Co.. G.l
Ouachita \v.-. Photo* i;.»v« 2-S-tf
T'ltlCKH iv-tl.-J fur <**<nivl-lii ii! SMok* O
J Horn-r <"o __
WANTKU Sti onil limil funiituie. I'lii'iii
3!>Si J. li. Rimy a Bum*.
Our plan makes it easy. Arkan
sas Savinas a Loan asso,'union,
II. A \v htitmutou. Se rotary
j'htHN.- 630. ( mi if* . Arkansas i rust
HlilB . u to 1 :*.:u u.ui i J-tf
Buyers of All Kinds of Junk
l OU liKNT -AVUIte Hock Soriiri H i
Ula.lp St. _1-l:n
r.i.mi*, *l.:r, nor \\-*ok it ml m- Mr- l
A. nkik. lv. l’rop , n Onnvijii Si.
u - 8 - :i t
FOR RENT—11-room hotel, sta
ttonary wash titand*. office, cafe.'
kitchen and ser.my room, hot and
cold water, modern. Onpor.it. Ma
Jostle Hotel. Phone 399. 1-14-tf
VUE MORGAN HOUSE, l UJ"* t< fi'»n|
race track entrance furnish'd rooms,
meals or board. Phone l»;7s. M-tm
FOR RENT Modern unfurnished two
Story residence, reception hull and s'x
rooms: with sdccidim porch and hath up
stairs: furnaee heat. Apply :I1<* Park
A\e. Mrs. \\\ S Sarn-Ps. idiom*
FOR RENT—1-room modern ootuiRi* 221
TVoJodbine St . rear of courthouse per
manent tenant. Abe I.evv. no CYntraT
Ave, 2-11-lf
rrnN4S!IED ROOM Eoree. del ahtfulh
located, on Park THU: modern, bath etc
suitable for couple. References. Phor••
10M 3-14-tf
wife, the restaurant conn*’' t* d with the
Great Northern Hotel. \pplv at hotel.
^ __ __ _3- t-tf
FOR RENT—Modern 1. 2. 3. 4
room apartments all conveniences.
and b">th: laundry included. 137
Crest S* and No. 11 Carlton Ter
race. Phone 1551. 10-15-tf
VOU PKN'I'—t>r» V \ w \ ' . 7 i . i hr
Mnhor hnns«» n from** with* tw<
ftoties oral has fh’Vn rooms
jihnrlv on*‘b^s. hat hr.mm fit hat oaf ro*
r Ih^hts *!i« nml wtoi real >or*
7-\>*- fti»*1ViAi* iivi’v 1 > $*t
J. hn’» Plic*”. V.»l W «tm n<I Av U-?fi f
von RENT -Vta<4r fm-nUbWJ **<»!
*ifp« r»r>/l all mo,<>on
ronippnp^- $1i» t)«*r month •’»»»* on.
TaU#» Pa»U n rprjUi" 'sir to t>*'ll St
Tn noire 11 D&ll Phono 204?
r, 7 JL _
FOR RKNT r$f*jnnt fun !n*d cot tunes.
4.:: and I.".* Whimim • AppIv A
I* < »1: RKNT Two lai-Ro well lurulshed
room-5 I'.ir lijiht liousokoeidim: modern
- • -nvoni»-1f-ov, ( lose in. 115 Hazel
st. 3-io-ai
Clean and homelike—3 blocks
from center of city.
Rates $12 per month and up.
705 Malvern Ave. Phone 860 or
007. Cor. Malvern and Jefferson.
KENT J 7 ro m lu>u ■ kitchen amt
dining room, 337 Mmket. St Fad Mi —
Wooltnan, :»hone G'tO 3-i-ti
FOR RENT One furnished room* ni • l -
• * i • n • • • \ 1 M
Av. T* lr luim- 1500. 3-10-31
Aj.piy 1 : J - J»»_* Uai land Avt* , 1 block tram
o.ikI iwn car line. Phone 3345,
PA LACK UOTEf *—Opposite bath houses,
lie•• ipr1; furnish' d room-. $l.5u i»er \v« ck
ii. Wmitark iV \V oodcock, owners and
liiaii{<K> i~ 413-4 IS Central Av. 3-G-t
FOR RENT Bod room and sitting romn.
0,11 ail pi •» ii.in., -is Parker Asti. Phone
Svi. S-7-tf
F<*K RKXT-Kui nished rooms,
with in without hoard: all outside
iiMriw. cloMi- in. one bkx*k of post
(ifi’in*. Malvern Ave.
U-4 • I m
Fumished rooms with private family:
» >1.1 .i.:• I hot u • t:: U.irlmd AVe . ec
on i door Christian 8< k '*> «j eliurch
Phone 1688._
I * *lt KKNT Three room :t;».irtm^nt
| I ... 1 ■ ' ' L
Ipi 1 Ai .iv< in Phone 465. j Iw
F*’»K ril’NT Ni.ejy furnished rooms ‘it
vate home km heai 721 Mal\ern
Ave. or ohone 12)2. l-20-t»
I • .r i;i.NT you '• •:i set ..r nl« • I\ fur*
i. i. with a 1 unity i>'
calling teleohono 16.18 -'J-t'
poll ItKXT One large room in private
family; close In; l block >>f 08r lint
1’Iioik* Ju74. Appl.V IN! HarUel St.
444 Prospect Ave. Phone 2285
- <-'<
FOU RKNT -Extra large room for two
r i1 til « i‘i . v • t • • bom
Address A. H. care Kentincl-Uccord.
2- 23-P
reasonable. 13'H Central AVc. Phon*
571. Steam heat. Mis. B Shannon.
; i 18-t
LIEUT airv housekeeping rnoms, on*
hflrtok from bath house; electric lights
$1 50 tier week and up. 2h> Court S;
Ph>*ne 1G43. 7 -14 -1?
THF Mf CRAR Y —T Ik hotel with |h<
id* al location opposite A .v N\ hospital
free from dust and nois»*s. cool and pb*as
ant. and very rmiVt nicnf to bath house
and theaters, lav the McCrary arid b
pleased_ s-ll-t
SIMANTON S Mud Paths, furnished cot
ti:l.cs and bnt' hing ao.u tment.s. 110 Hn
vine St corner Park Ave. J-S-t
light housfkcenihe idles brick buildup
ideal locution Also- single rooms wIP
running w.-i'-r: 4 includ'd
C! »t **1 St. Phono XS5. Mrs Ch is Ba
ker. Mcr ^ __
QUELLA APARTMENTS—’ and 3 roon '
apartments, modem, stri'tlv first-clap
accommodations, hot and < dd runn'n
water. Mrs E. Pennington. Mr; 30
Park Ave. Pbrttlft 1023 _
THE DERBY—616 Ouachita Ave. Fo
Rent—Modern rooms and apartment*
everything furnished fm housekeeping
an. tor cooking and heating. 1 noms. IL.o
per week and up. l'hone 1U»2. Mrs (.
I • Brady.__t
THE PLAZA—Light housekeeping apart
nunts and furnished rooms—all model 1
eiu*l"s»*d sleeping in,relies, beautiful loca
lion, opposite IT. S. Superintendent's res
idem c. 610 Beset ve A\* . Phone 95 i
Mis. M. F. CTreen.
Hill SALK - Blue evening dress. new
vei\ cheap Aidless 105 Park Terrace
3- 10-21
FOB SALK one first i'!a-•-* meat mar
ket and one first class grocery and teo<.
husino-: both gi*«nt locations. 1*h/»TTi.
Merchants Association. 3-10-ti
Foil SALE One high bred Priintei roi
sale: •' y« us i»ld and w*dl trained Cal
Ji'MJ. 3-9-2:
i' in , ; ""i imsim - in It n t of
M \ ,i _ ".I i>l:n • i' .»• .1 l; tocl m:i it
\ ' !\ i . !*'!»•: t It Molf«»l*orts
... \ \ St. ;M<Mm j
I<»li SAl.j; (Mi.can for n quick sale
< >\ »• 11.1r,.I • 111•». 7.111 mm! !. 1» A
Smith. .VU-s Ouachita Ave. Phono t.:
FOU SALK ■Funu>hfd rooming Hums
for Male, containing li rooms. It7 1
Bentoi _H-7-ln
First class rooming house, with
in on*4 block of • ».>stofi'ieo and hoth
depot-. N.'wlv furnished tlvough
i'iii and has rv<*rv modern conve
nience. All outside rooms and has
nice si' i •inns Inhln f->r truest.**.
Will sacrifice for notch sale on
account of family trouble. Fv»ry
room in the house now let at big
prices. Rent reasonable and lease
•‘an he made satisfaetorv to buyer.
Chance of a liftime 1 » »ig,ht natty
2-11-lni :ir»l V. Malvern Ave.
VOU SALK Trees. fc>. <ns'n: »|rst class
Kllnrtn Peach trees, 12H cents each
fresh from Rirtons Creek Nurseries
Temie-;sc Call at M K. MeCiuin’s bat •
her shop. 205 Third St. and pick ou'
what von want 1-26-1f
l’t)Il TH.' DK 320 acres of land to trade
far Hot Spiinus property: 100 in eulti
' at Ion. balance a nod timber; all level and
no rock-; 1* miles southeast of Monti
oelln \rk 3 miles from railroad station,
i'li e .>.■'» net ace or will trade 160. In
(lU.ic it ReUlIn Jlntwe, .1, T. Hatties
PcK s \LI ’ Mv 'oiburhan home. 20 acre'*
dr! joining race track, front fug* on Central
avenue, 0 jnom humwlnw Phone 1007
i 3-4*lw
n >li s.\U*; i" i I- unimproved,
L i K""«l. * \ < ’ las!Inu v|»i ini;, •
iw » sir in m >i.v ihi** fhmrh. I mil*)
><mth tfull links ll.'fiO inr inre
Id\ l: M- i ritt. U. y I • i
A". .. Hmv :j*. t-u»-17
Fmr SAl.i: Furnish'd rooming hoiis*
for sal*-, containing 14 room: 177 1-2
lienlon St. .1-9-itu
l’oK SALK Five v-ur old driving and
riding horse. bURg\ and harness; vn p.
truth* in on good .seennd hand .citotnobile.
i'.. uhone 2 -SI. 3-1-1 \v
Foil SAI.K Splendid i bar er* to bu . for

good lc ith.a. 'i• v<■ u rooms. hall and two
t. tin live rooms. iall and hath; all
convenient.- -’»;i and •*,;* F*dar St See
owner, #12 Central Ave. - -1 •
FOB SALE — One five-Jtaited Kentucky
■ n< dlo i o • •• u -i on< Ken - Nrnbi
nation hOVHe and trap. Apply Major
1' ' • l ' \ ' • I • . '
models 1 -7-til i
JCUGS ITtB SALIC Singe ■•••mb white
le ghorns. Turned PB mouth Bocks. sei-|
• I? - • •! !.". Jo: XI W I »• 11,; . U j C-.ll- j
trgl Ave. Ph .- , .__4_3-S-“i
ALTO FOR SALK Roadster. six cylin
der motor, self starter. Willard battery,
.•ill appointment first class. Cash trans
action, cheap. Ad.li- s XXX. cate Sf-n
or! _3-17-tl
FOR SALIC Tin**** ti - ts of land on
M v* i n i oad, bet wei . i . limits and
Fountry Flub: *»n<- tr.n t t" acres. one lo.
and one acres: ci- Hoc crosses 10
acres, liaiuin* M s M .1 Monnc-v, Root**
No. 2,_ 2-17-tf
ft ■hi* iti.Ii " >in i-ity. on #
a < it. S'llr.i i n ■ ■ i ■!. -i * ir«;i #
% •
% Tri m ; can "■ —
tf 11 ■. 111 > ff
• r :-!Mf a
Fort BALI i ew 1 eeond hand Ford
und.ster bodies. H M Steel.-. phone
15._ 2-lH-tf
^OB SM.lv lull blood Whit. Leghorn
•ggs Fall .IV Mf hl.i St Telephone
! - Itn
'•'mi: BALE Pnoflledogs and puppies. 241
West Grand or phono 1065. -1 -♦m
X»B SALTC—Light Babcock burtrv good
•H new; cost $115. $4 » Will Cel it. Phono
V240. _*-17-tf
'Tip. s VT.K Mtt TRVDK Seven pn&cn
*er Mhlstnohjb- A tocmt touring car;!
•olor blit** black n’e kei trimmed; Klax *n
orn new heavy Pantasort1i» top. new!
'loneycomb i uniat or: tlr* ■ nd entire • -url
n excellent * or iiti'»n Will sell far cash
-n time oi trail f«* * • real estate, payhig
'iff*-, nee. I > ivle- K idd lM> Goods* Co. i
'.ittie Ruck. Aib_ _ 2-23-if|
Y4T> SAI.K- Verv dealt a hb* hotel. ex-j
••ns ve • Bpring 1
~*b»n«nnt. \t*nlv 31fi Benton St
Overland car. rjood order. In use
months, model 75. Phone 3461.
'Of: SALK At a bargain by owner, |
otnr lion . and 4 : ooin house, all good (
•ondition. ua ■ water, *tght>. frontage -*5
t. on Bower. It:* on Poplar and 40 on
Erie St. level lot. two blocks of Park
Vv* If looking for home or investment
.ee ine before buy in* it will pav you
VppU 105 Poplar Si. or phoMe 1231.^ ^
'OR SALK One large two d'uwer Nu
ionai i'ash Register, electric, connection:
»n** fire-proof safe. Phil Levy. 322 * *en
ral Ave. ____Ll?7if
rnnnv* diniticr i'1 ;n and Mtch

1 .it. t t and M t 'tnir.im \s iter
m e.i . h room: cheap tent; long
lease. Phone 1161. l--°
you SAUK OR HUNT A luce
home, f.uir and one-halt a r< v "i
land with IV c room liou.-i. can
crele Cellar fine well. Hisiy imii
trees, chicken houses and ■ aci
all iindci (rood who feta • O 1
block- west from Oaklawn i too
track, near OnfcLtwn school In
quire at lOS Alcorn Ave. >-t:
'•OK SAL.B Busch Slaters' eie ..no
uies eomijstlng of how fuses, «ail
uses. shelling, beautiful office, safe urn:
telephone Miss Busch. 1582. l-Je-tf
FOR SAI.IC—Very cheap, chicken incu
bators, feed choppers, complete out t a.
Phone 1737.___1* t*
, - •
cm. ... tu ts . n |. foi ile. *' "rib, *
9 on Summer Farm. Cedar Glades
• load Nil delivery. O II. Sump
S ler, phone 1298. 1-20-tf
• OK SAT.17 Small soda fountain. Phono
tgf _ _ _2-27-tin
VOK SA1,1-7 —Tw- litv-four room rooming
'O HS., eenI r.'tIIv 1. rated. Phone 7 ’"8
2 -27-1m
"(IK SXT.K Ford oitotnohtle, good
tlnllr i'lmlle 1 o 7 '* ■ -1 df
FOR SABF. — Finest improved stock firm
t(l Gu rlu nd onuiily. all conveniences.
nouse. tiarns, etc . i’.JO .. mate! fence.
i50 in iltivatlon; inipleinenls siocK and
min an laded A tiargaiil to lip- right
i rn f further information see .1
, Slice oil I. O.m.. Arlington l.ngine
doom. ___. -' -1 **•*
By Non - Resident Owner
W l.il 1 am here, for short time
only, l am offering f«>i ante
t w.. farms, joining. ‘t>c. miles
eointy : <.t; the -1'1 n i» I irm ha
five )(»mi holts** with large hall
and p »rch "II i hr. < gid< Hit -
nl i bungalow brown .iiHl white,
and newly papered. Theie arc
two frame barns; fine, well of wa
ter which never goes dry. one
acre fen *e.l with six foot chicken
wire; three Chicken houses.
The fortx acre place has three 1
romn houge. porch in front; lar^e
log barn; well, two springs and
creek; both places have Klberta
peach trees. soil is exceptionally
g.M.d as both places lie in xalb >.
called Pleuguni Valley Forty
acres of the -ixl> are in cultiva
tion, ail femcd with hog wire
i fence, bn la ri.-r. timber, hickory,
oak and pine
I-1 year tenant raised I 1 wiles
of cotton on less than five acres
and average I !«> bushels ot corn
per were, and average of 10»» bush
els of sweet pot.1 toe.-, to act'j^.
Only wish to sell because have
ranch interests in tin xv**nt. Will
make bargain price while 1 am
here, anil it will nay you to inves
tigate. fall 331 Central Ave
Phone ?H:. 3-7-tf
LOST An ensign citrneia. lefi on moun
t«• in se*u bfn k of Mam :*•«- hath* Reward
if t i*f intied io d*>k at A'.tnU*-- i.a li .1 *-l
3-9 -3t
I * >ST < • • M
Ml.eh tl .til e.i> a IK- 0-*inplet»* With
iii,i'll eitone t• "i U ro rtintabit i it
'l in- i i \ . t li cl. * Part* i ndh . w ill I
hi natty r» w.ii«ie< in I! y Phillips.
Malvern, ArK. 3-9-It
and \V# icitirn 1‘nio ft* •« It*
turn to |*oom 160, L. tn n I
The S lit me!-U*-eo: *1 i- a nthoi iz**d to
• * ;• nee El Hi Ulii g • < and l■
date for m yoi und* i the comnuthdon
iorni of government plan
The s- itInel-Record is a u then iz***l to
a nr Olin 0 U«M>! ge A. < * 11'’ lap a - •
did.ite for mavor of riot Springs under
the comtnis. ion form of government *>!:* • .
Th* Sent inei- Record .» to
announce the muno oi I n .1 W ,Mi-(’l< i.
04 ; a a i.a ldiont* for tnavoi ot H*»r
Spring unden th* commiti.m; form *»f
^ov* n.ment plan.
'f 111 St . ’ • ’• It* ' d
nniwunp! the .name «.*f tins Straps as .i
candid - • ■ i wni I t Bp
unde ” ti. omtfll Ion foi ng of grovei n«
i'li • Sentlnel-IUa'or*! l-» :p tlmi isied t<>
announce the name ••! L Morris* at n
i.indidnle for commissioner *»f H*>? Soring
under th commission form of govern
'I he S :it inel-R. rord is m tin ’ ized tn
announce the name of K. N Roth as a
■ ndldato for commiMVl >nei ol Hot Spi ni
unde- th** commission form of govern
Th*- Sentho-i-H* < oid i ih 1 laed to
nnimtuv* the name oi Leonard U Kill- as
, indidatc for comml *sio or of II t Bpr i
me m
The S. ntinel-Re«nrd is tiuthmized fo
announce the name ot tlarap William an
, andid Ue for oommli aioi« r of Hot 8p it*
under the commission form of goVern
imn t.
; Sentinel-!V tl • I 1
. . me* the naro of B A do nor
endidate for comml lo ei of II"! Spi
under the * orumission I 1 Tit ot govern
The Sentinel-Re cord is authorized t*.
onnounei GQorRo A .fnltahan . a
earulidat*' for oomniisshoner «>t Hot Borin-',
m fer tho • iron is Ion i h ni of spaarm*
mi’iit. . , . ,
The Seiitir !-Ree.»rd is pd ho: r/ed ln
nnvmunce th* name of M A Lis* n* as a
candidate foi • iTTtmi alonci of 11 •’ Oi
uiutr: • ." kIoi form Ol 80*1 I ii
The Sent in- 1 Record is rnith'-i i/ed t >»
nnnoiinoc W K. Poe as a candidate for
, j j \ .mm i • ; -i ah * th* anin *tom
form of gta rument plan
The Sentinel-Record author)/ d t«*
ann< un< e i eo P MeL* lughlin i i a nui
■ laic t\ r < ommlssjoner under the new
e. mmi-si'-n form of government pun for
I iot Springs.
•Ri ord la iutl »ii*ed
ann mi a Frank A Steal n« for comtnis-,
sinner under tbo new commission loan*
of government.
I »sell at public auction, to the
highest bldtic . at W. .11. Over'S Ciarm:
Si..rt .'"I ('.-nival avenue, an tin -' 1 ht day
-.1 March A. O 1917, between the hauls
fai judicial ales, the following personal
uoperty. la-wit: One slack *>f groceries,
c .n-'isting at staple and fancy urac -re -
|,.vital upon by m.- as the property of \V.
tl (it ei. to it i--fy an execution in m>
)nr.I ag.-iln.-t him. which Issued from
th. Municipal ('"mi of Hot Sidings, in
• P.rlund .-.unty, in favor ot Plrnkett-.lai -
r.'li ci-aaert ('a In tlarland county. Ark-.
Tern*: Cash in hand,
t HCAO it SMITH Sheriff
Fit ,1 II 111eckenrldge I’ S
Hat S..rings. Ark.. March 9. 1917.
I will s*ll at public auction (.■ the
high, si bidder, at W M Over - Hra
...u i Store, li*I Central We., on the -1st
day Of March. A. O. 1917. hetwi on tb«
hours for Indicia! sales, the following
personal propertv. to-wit: Ah the ac
count- .l'te \Y. M. Over, and a stuck
n.' cpM-etliv. considing of staple and
e..n, \ groceries, levied upon bv m as
(i„. „1- , .11 • VV M. Oyer to satisfy
n ex- I dlop .11 nn hands against him.
wh . Ii is- ae.l norr lh.- Municipal c,,-jri
of not Sining- (airland county .in luvor
of lic.itl M m er Cnnimi.ssior. Co., in Car
land .-on n t x- Arkansas.
Terms: Cash.
BRAO O. SMITH She fit f
|o .1 H lircckenrliljte. I>. S
Hal Springs. Ark.. March 9. 1917.
administratrix notice.
. is her-hv given that the under
i.balnistrotrix of Ihe estate of
NTth<- Thomas. deceased, will appiv l"
H ,. |*ri.:.'ie rrmrt of Garland county.
VI. m on the twelfth day of March.
p i a a.-, soon thereafter as she ean
l . |. i, f.ir an order authorizing and
.o- the sale of certain real e.Ktale
!>..|,,• .';n t.i said estate, lying and tie
situated In Montgomery county.
A i ' univ.
v. ■ ■ ,.ne-''.a!f of the northeast eighty
. ► '-at rtf the southwest of til* U.irth
m ■ .-nt four neres. pa:t of the w.si
of the southwest eighty acres
' 'i ist of the southwc** forty acres.
' 11 iu s'-rtion thirty-six. township ore.
u... t wenfy-two west, Montgomery
0 lv Arka peas.
’I la above (:. rihed lands will he sold
■"!■ it..- put’](Osc of paving tile debts pm
l,.:sl an,I allow, .i against the estate of
N:.than Thomas, deceased, and the sur
plus. if any. be trial to the legal ami
lawful In its of said estate.
Given under mv hnd at Hot Springs.
Ai Kansas, this seventeenth day of Feb
ruary. ml?.
Administratrix of the estate of Nathan
Thomas, l incensed.
Thus .1. Gladson, attorney for ajhnln
bstratrlx. -9^
Notice is hereby given that on the
Nth day of March. A. Ii 11.17, between
tin- hours of Judicial sales, in pursuance
"f the order of the Probate Court for
GtimnU County. \rknnsas, made on ihe
1 th day of Kelii nut v. Isl7, I w ill, as ad
mini"traior of the estate of J‘eter Such
Inxki. Offer for sale to the highest bid
"i r on a cr. dit of three months. the
put chaser giving security for Hie pay.
ri. nt of the purchase money, the follow
nig lies'"i ihe.i nail estate* situated In
Garland county, Arakneus. tnvrlt: Tip.
southwest quarter of Hie ‘■.tnlinv. -'t qp ir
tir of s,.ct|on IT. township | north of
range 19 west.
THOMAS 11 AN I .Ii V. Admlni-orator.
Dated Match ;l. 1917. - I'll
Uni Springs, Ark. Feh. :x. 1917.
Nolle is hereby given that cite, uv
Rom this date \v». ar,* not responsible
foi any check- signed hv I. Ko- , 1- ■ foi
the J.lnnn Art A Dry Goods Co. ||c:
authority i., sign for the firm has been
rcyo', d and tuoi ■ .eases, Japan Via
,V Dc Goods Co J-JK-lt
Alabama Itomedy, price li.no a hot
tic. 11. G. Morris Drug Co. 2-28 tf.
Prettiest Residence Lots in
Hot Springs
See A. J. KEMPNER, Owner
New York--Chicago
Stocks, Grain and Cotton
Private Wire, Service by Permission, Dept. Interior
Branch, Arlington Hotel. Phone 577 Geo. Whiteman, Mgr.
Market Quotations
B anrh office in the Arlington Hotel, by permission of the Depart
ment of the Interir.
New Y"Hi. Mart'll 9.—The action "f Urn
t • « I 1 i "in li.* Stall which W»* the 1* ud
. I JI t1 llgtll UMlUY Itlipart - t ■ Mil idelie**
in tlu elvo* ties ut higher prices and in
iii* final hour the general market dl«
fl.i.Mii im<i>amj with all <- -ues inclining
upward There was an insatiable de
mand in l lilted Slat Si* * I imm ninny
.■.nil t-s. much **f tin being inspired by
the report* of fui tin r adv ances in the
pi i... uf the finisthed ar-title. Copper
sh.iivs rune in for more attention, the
high price of tin- red metal stimulating
a i.road"! inquiry. An item of interest
vv t Pa .-Litem.*nt eiedlted to the fe<l-J
teal r* serve board. apparently changing I
it^ attitude as to it - feeling!* toward!
American hanking participation and in-1
v* stnv-nt in foreign Pond flotations.!
There were no sensational fe* e»of>m* nis
in the inteniati*)oaI situation and tin* I
hot i tshing condition of domestic trade I
in mostly all biam-h«s of industry are
now i • l iving din* i onsid«-ralion with tpej
je. nit that ii further enhancement in
valued i»i ihe mur. substantial industrials ’
and *• *ppei issues will n*» doubt take
New York Stock Exchange Closinq
Nrneric.in licet Sugar '*.: 7-s
Anaconda Mining . . . Sf» r*-s
American Locomotive 71 Is
Ameri iin Smelter Pm> I :
American fa; foundry . . t>9
Atchison % ....... 101 1 * I
American Pan 4l» 1-1
Tlaldwin Loeonvitiv* . ... fit 7.-S
Unite *\ Superior . 47 7-8
Hethh hem St* el IP* 1 1
(*«. nt i a I Leather 03
« hill * 'opper . 15 I -1
('htno Cooper . kl 1-X
< ’* lorado (las hi 3 - s
tjoodrich . 55 (
I h i* . If, 1-4
Marine, common . 18
Marine, pi‘feind ...... 7k
Mexiein Petroleum . 90
New York Central 9*1
New I la ven . . 13 7-8
Kay Cnn»truction Lt* 7-s
lhading .94
Republic Steel XI 1-4
SI*, -s . .. bk
Sout-hrn fue.ifh ..e ..... frj 1-1
Si *leb»ki * Corporation .. . . 1»)1 11
T*vhs r’nmtnny . ill 1-4 1
fnion Pacific . 135 7-8
l nit* d States Steel .1111-4
l tali (Nipper . 114 7-S
Chicago. March 9 Wheat: Buying |
was gem*: a I and In large volume fnr the
first hall of th** session, .substantial,
ploportm, *' which was credited to ox-j
\ a tei Bat the selling was correspond-]
high !.• v and . th*- mark* i deivn I
St rated, was in or*; than sufficient 10 sup
1 iy the demand A sagging tehdeney
pi • dominated and th.* cl was at low
point. News emanating from export
circles was conflicting, some authorities •
expressing tho belief that re-selling of
>li grains has been in nrogi.-s for some
lime p.r-t. while others, equally well in
fottned. i\ they do not think there *•
i!i\ ) » - "lUnu in « videne**. Kansas City
quot**d a h who u. rather slow at un
• hanged promiumsl Winnipeg claimed
the edge off of cash wheat then and
the market 1 1-2 to 2 rents lower Crop
report- vary, the Modern Mill* i con
tinued the need of moisiute southwest
and said ciop damage in Kentuekv an.I
Tonne -• *. by winter kill, but conditions
' iVorilt • in th** soft wheat area. At
tention is call'd to the fact that me
ci lini'Mii report showod only 23.flOO.tl0a
bushels of wheat in farmers' hands in
the northwestern states, which is only
slightly in excels of seed requirement*.
W . fee! confident, that there was consul
era hie more export business eonsummit
•;d 1 ’da\ than has been reported and be
lieve it reasonable to assume that this
»'iiy aig i reflection .v sum" well de -
fined prospect of an improvement qi
the cat situation The mat k* i should
be In * much healthier tochnh «i position
aft**, todav • decline. and those who sold
on th** theory that th** government re%
port has Ivan discounted might find it
jn * < -'sai s to reinstate their lines at
higher price-.
Coni Notwithstanding Ho* engine*--- of
whoai. this Picket showed stubborn re-!
si-t acre |d selling pressure and closed
with an undercurrent of strength, I-1
to :.-s cents higher than last nglnt. Talk:
w»y again heard of re-selling by sen-!
board interests. Put apparently nothing
•■••uld offset the bullishness of the situa
tion as suhstanti.ited by yesterday's go\
• n.m.-nt report. Movement in and out
of primary markets continues moderate.
I'n ii thoiigii this reported re-selling may
act as a temporary check against the
upward mAv.-tnont the speculative trad**
miieh not los.* sight of th*' Urgent rc
oupemonts of eastern consumer* and tin*
likelihood ofl nr. s -nt i •• -wUcr*. being
compelled to re-purchase at higher prices
will'll I he ear situation e*.*«es -niff let* rp I
to permit shipments and with stock*
it such a low ebb. this would mean a i
much higher range of prices.
*>at> Followed the action of corn to!
<» large extent. Selling piossuie was
n"i oineiv ne.ivx, nut buyers fippui
ilv wllllm: to await a sympathetic sot
back. Titer* was good class of support
it) evid* in < nil tile PteaK. Ne-d roa>
novel inn i epot t was a decidedly bvM
i*h n\ mg and at the present e vol ot
pile* i market can lie legal d**d as
i:iu on an cv.-eilent Investment basis.
Provisions: Sentiment mixed as to
• be nrobai I*, result of the art of the
Hntish government In assuming control
ni png products cheese and Putter, and
Uiete was some selling at tin lari. baHed
on this news.
< i!*• n. 11 igh. Low Close.
When t
Max. 191 1-2 |,91 1-J 1ST 1-2 1.97 1-2
a uly. 1.61 J.tJi 1 .'»•» 1-x 1 36 1-2
^■•pt. } is ::-1 I is 1-4 1.44 i ll 7- >
Mi > I 1" 110 1.ii9 1-2 1 09 1-1
July. 1.09 1-2 1.09 1-2 i.07 5-R 1.09 1-1
S« pt l.o7 7-S J ns l -1 l.oo 1-2 l.o7 1-8
.61 :.9 1-4 59 1-2
July! 3 s .38 14 .36 7-M .37 1-8
Pork -
Max l . t;o ,:i*10 11 20
.lllly 12.2a .5 2.90 12.2a 12.30
May is S7 19.02 18.70 18.so
.lutv 1 x.s7 |v !), is 70 is 77
Max 17 Pi 17.32 17.13 17.17
-July 17 » * 17 60 17.42 17.42
New \ »rk. March -Notwi ths t a n d i nff
tin* if . jjM ,,f southern advice** indicating
the pro habllily of exn- me difficulties l»e
11»< \[<er icre ed in - urinu a rgo space
f"t . ttou shipments in the near rmurc.
the market advanced One report from
the south intimat'd that the Hritish
government ha- taken permits awa> from
dm- cat rylng cot ton to Norway and
Sw.de.i while another said that no ton
nag. w;- • available for shipments dur
ing .March. The hulltshti'*'**- of tho
situation l»y many was regarded as nn
>\ . i shadowing influence and the stead
ily decreasing local stocks. th< certified
on••amt of which yesterday totalled :’.7,
HS bales cotniiared with 48.936 the dav
previous, and I.47a on Mar. h L\ was an
added incentive to constructive tactics.
The diminishing snptdi. h of cotton here
in New Yoik and he highei southern
basic which militate*, against deliveries,
a condition whkh. if maintained, it is
assured, will create a rather uncomfort
able position for shorts in the nearby
months Liverpool locks, owing to the
^trailer imports, showed a decrease for
tin- week of all kinds of cotton of 47,000
bales. True, exports the past few days
have been mcagia hut the allied coun
tries cannot afford to allow their stocks
of cotton to decrease at thi: ratio or
the\ will within a short space of time he
reduced to alarmingly low point. It Is
therefore more than nrd able that ex
r*ot t.s should inctaase in the near future
and as spot holders s. cm to Ih> indif
ferent a si to the cllspoftal of his supplies,
purchase.* on recessions would seem to h
the I >gi> a I course to pursue
Open. Mien 1,1." t I. IS'1,
''"■'ll 17 I7.H.-I 17 17.HI *11.1
Mi.> .I •.5.> 17.74 1. 56 17
■ I ul" . 17.41 17..-.1 IT I • |: Mi-r.t
October 1T. «7 IB.7s IB.(17 1B.7S-77
I'.. ib v. it. m; ib s.i ib 79-sn
Hit W. II Hick'on announces that
ho treats eczema, blood and all kinds
of skin diseases. by a method that is
simply wonderful. Also diseases of
the rectum and cures piles without
the use of the knife. Twenty years
in Hot SpriiiRs. Citizens' Nall Bank
rid it.. 2-21 l m
T< the It*! D*' - «»r Gurnmd County War
nulls :
Yuii avc her*hy notified that the fol
lowing Is a true copy of an order made
and mined by the county court of Gar
land county tm rh- 18th day of IX*c»-m
l*r, A. I* .11*16, calling in the outstanding
warrants of Garland county issued prior
to ihe 12th day of December, 1016, for the
pi ipo.-.- ..I irtlcrnung. cancelling, clftswi
fying oi ie- ssuinpr the wime:
BK IT 11K M K M BKttBD, that on the
18th day of December. 1016 nald clay be
ing a day of the regular October term of
the Garland Coilnty Court, with ihe Hon
orable S. \. Buchanan, Judge, present
attd piesiding, the following among oth* r „
proceeding.-, weie had, to-wll:
In th* mailer of calling in ilia outstand
ing wnnants of Garland County, Ark
n n.sjis:
It being by the Court deemed expedi
ent lo call In ti e outstanding warrants of
said < minty for the purjxjse of ivdecmiiui.
•Mtuadling. re-is tiing or cluHRlfying tic*
same, and for tin* further purpose of as
certaining the true financial condition of
said Garland County; it C theiefor* oy
the Couit ordered ttutt all holders of any
Garland County warrant* Issued prior to
the 1th day of December. A. D. 11*16,
shall present same to the County Court
oi aid County of Garland at Hot Spring*,
in said county, on the 26th day of March,
j 17, for redemption, cancellation; classi
fication or re-issue; and it in further or
ij'i-d that all holders of any warrants of
said county, who .shall neglect or refuse
to present the same at the time and place
aforesaid, as required bv this order, shall
thereafter he forever debarred from de
riving any benefi t from the.r claims;
and n is further ordered that the clerk
of this court furnish the Sheriff of Onr
i land Countv with a true copy of the
above order to the end that he may give
the notice to th. holders of suJd warrants
•!S Inquired by law; and it is further m
... red that th.* Sheriff of Garland County
notify the holders of said County war*
iants to present the same to the County
Court at the lime and place as aforesaid
im* redemption, cancellation, claMiflci*
lion or r. -issue, by putting up. at |h*
Court House door and at the el ’ti\U
preelru ts ;n each township In said c0t nv**
ty, at least thirty days before rhr t
appointed by the older oi s«»d Cob ..V
Court for the presentation of said \v;u
lants. o tine ctrpy of said order, and by
l ubiishlbg the s»nt- in newspapers print
ed ami published in the Slate of Arkan
sas (tw * of which papers shall l>e print
id ami published in Garland County and
State aforesaid and having a bona fid*
circulation therein», for two weeks In
sucre -don, tin* last Insertion to be at
l- ast thirty days before the time fixed l»v
said County Court lor tin- presentation of
said warrants.
St..t" of Arkansas,
County of Garland, rs
I. Allen Hotchkiss, clerk or the Cotm
*j and Probate Courts within and for the
County and Slate aforesaid, do hereby
certify Mint the foregoing on** page con
tains a full, true and perfect copy of iho
order of the County Court of said county
calling in for examination. cancelkHioti.
redemption or re-lssve, all outstanding
count\ warrants as the same appears of
record in County Court Record. Volume
"M." at Page :;‘J1, now on file In this of
In witness whereof. I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed the seal of sold
court, it my office in the City of Jlot
Springs. Aikunaas. this ”01 h day of De
cciuhei J91f
Ar<1 *11 holders of any warrants
of Garland County, Arkansan, are
hereby notified t<» present the *am<* t*»
rIre County Court at the Court House, in
Hot Spring*. Garland County. Arkansas,
<ui the *hh day of March, A. D 1917, for
redemption, onnccllfi Con, class I float Ion or
redssre. and nil persons who shall hoJ*f
any warrant of said County and shall
neglect •" refuse to present the same as
requir'd hy the order of the County
Court and the noflc»* aforesaid, will he
fiiii-v- i debar -‘ d from deri .ing any hon
• fit n .i'ii their cla ims.
Done I-* order of the Garland County
Court th s .Ini day of December. 19I(;
Sh. riff i># Garland County, Arkansas.
Dr R. K Wlnegar ha« returned to
his practice and can he found at hi«
I office 316-248 Central avenue from
9 to 12 and 3 to 5 p.m. tl-M-tf.
The New Central Garage
Wiilys-Koight and Overland
Motorcars. Chandler Automobiles
Wlt;y«-6ight, Th. Sedan. Coupe Four, Light Fours, Seven Pa?s>en.
ger Touring Six, Chandler Clover-Leaf Six
•'hose that car which 'a ill best serve vour needs w lib in yo’ir
means. This constit te.s tr economy in the purchase of an uu
toim 'lilt*. The Overland car ■ it practical advantage that In
crease- your pelaF.ure.

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