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tV ANTED — At once: Middle-aged
■woman a- companion and ho lsekeep
er. (Apply 0,28 Prospect Avenue.
4-22-1 wk
LiVK AGENTS are making |4 to $7
per day selling our 'onions lee Saver
Cloth. This article la guaranteed to
save 30 per cent of anybody'- ice bi'l
and can be >used for two years. Every
home is a pro pert. You sell size to
cover 5t> ibs. for 73c, or larger size to
cover 73 lbs. for $1, making a profit
of 60 per cent. Send 3Pc now for
sample. We give you credit for ii on.
your fir«t order. The Dixie LMfg. Co.,
Box 309-A, Dallas, Texas. 4-21 -1 Ot ,
HlilllKST DUCK Pa 11) for s* cond ham!
clorluig Sanitary ('tenners .mil
2-iik* Ouachita Av».. Phone 776. 4-;;-lf
JS ANTED—R< liable white or colored wo
man cook, private family in the country
Good home. Phone ltiux. 3-24-tf
tVANTKD—A good eoioreo yatd man,
t ho can work in turden. .. s , I. .n h.<u
ndlk. run an auto. Atmlv In pertfiwi, 701
Pmanect Ale. No need to apply wdP'
references. 2-24-tf
W ANTED- -White Leghorn eggs for
hatching. Pure blood. Address Eggs,
care Sentinel-Record. tf i
WANTED To trade an Overland car Ini
perfect condition fur buggy horse. \V
11 Hall phone 9. 1-14-tf
I WANT tn clean your CARPETS and I
RPOH Telephone 317 anil wagon will
rail. Cha». Mntehlfiss, Mcr. 2-10-tf|
Highest raarkec prices paid for
scrim Iron, metal told" ■ and rags
Southern Iron and Metal Co.. 634
Ouachita Avc. Phone 156‘J 2-8-if
PRICES paid for second-hand sack - C. I
J. Horner Co. 10-29-tf
WANTED— Second hand furniture. ITioue
S88. J. H. Ermy it Sons.
Buyer* of All Kind* of Junk.
FOll RT1.YT—(Desirable modern turn
>8hup cottages 521 Park avenue Phon •
t2(F 4-2G-U
WILL KENT to a KinaII family for :he
summer at a reasonable price, 0-room
veil furuialied flat, bath, gas electric
lights and water; fine front and rear
^ >ard*, roses, fewer*; larjye fine vera
to .Mr li hn H. Lewi
(>6S Ouachita Avc„ or 'o John II
Lewis, t!23 Central Ave. 4-2l-tf
FOR RENT -Ftve-rooom house, includ
ing bath, hot and cold water; lights
and gas; on. oar line, Kent $10 pei
mon'h. Phone
121 -tf
LIGHT alrv housekeenlna ri-»ma. one
block from Imth house; ele> It.lights;
$1 £>n per week and up. 216 Court t-H.
Phone 1643. # 7-14-tf
FOR RENT—Furnished 4-rootu clttag©
gas, light and water. Call 15-2'.i Cen
tral Ave. 4-14-tf.
FOR RENT OahAP -Purill bed and
unfurnished mod or u brick apurtmeutB.
Bt-o John H. Reece, at Arkansa Trust
Co. MS tf
slid three rooms nlet-h furnished, with
bath; beautiful location, close In. HI
Prospect. Phone 228a. 4 a- tf
Park Place. Phone l'.ifiT. Sttb llv modetn,
newly furnished, hot ami cold running
w-iiei-, gas. electric lights and bath,
tes (Including laundryi. tl and 5- net
,ek. 4-1-tf
(ANTON'S Mud Paths, furnished cut
tntvs and la tching apartments. 11» Ita
vlnek t dhtmer Park Ave
T --*
FOR WENT-Modern 1. 2, 3, 4
roo" apartments, all conveniences,
and Vith; laundry Included, 137
Crest '♦1. and No 11 Carlton Ter
race. Rhone 1551. 10-15-tf
FOTl HUNT t'lo.sr hi. modern furnished
am] unfurnished cottare- Phono 137''
or call Mrs Joe Btonc. 113 Guupau .\vr
nue. , 5-3-tt
FOTl RENT - Glean nt furnished cottages
423 mil 1:.’9 Whlttlncton. Apulv 473
_Whittin*t..n Phone r. :i 11-1-tf
inOOMS anil llorht housekeeping iiDart
r ments. TUB ItKSKKTT. No 1 Cr\ *U1
St., cor. Park Ave. 4-1-tf
FOR ftKNT—On Park Ave.. 713, the
Maher house, a frame building with two
siorlea and basement; has eleven rooms,
sl-adv nor-lies, bathroom; fitted out for
electrle iic'nls. kus and wafer; rent $33.
For furlliei' InfuiTnntlon annlr to St
Jilin's Place. 531 W Orand Ave, 1I-t6-tf
THE McCRARY—The hotel with the
Ideal location—opposite A. & N. hospital;
free from dust and noiser. eool and pleas
silt and verv convenient to hath houses
end theaters. Tiv the McCrary and be
plea sed.__8-11-tf
T*AT3AiCE IlOTBl, — Opposite ha'h
houses. modem furnished roods; sum
mer rates now on. Womack & wood
cork. owners and managers, 112-41S
Central Ave. 3-0-.f
llrht housekeeping suites: brick building.
Meal location Also single rooms with
running water; was Included. 137
Chanel St. Plmne 885. Mrs. Chas. Ba
lter. Mct. _._
apartments, modem, etrletlv flrst-elne
accommodations, hot and cold running
water Mrs E Bennington. Miff .308
Park Ave. Phone 1023._
Ouachita Ave. Foe
and «narfmenl»,
fo* housekeeping;
1-eat Ilia coop'* $1 r.n
Phone 1103. Mrs O
looms. apartments^
. Prw aura Kb*
1.1. 4 2
Clean and lionu like—.i blocks
from eenler of city.
Rates. $12 MCI month an U up.
705 Malverrt Ave. phone 860 or
507. Cor. Malvern and Jefferson.
the plaza—i.mm houseiuepm* apart
ments and furnished rooms ill modern,
enclosed slocnma in.relies beautiful |ocn
tion. oDDosila C S SunerlnteniKu f' s res
idence. 610 Reserve Ave. Phone U54.
lira M. P. Green
FOR. RiE.N'T — Three-room partinent;
-lose in; water, lights, gas and. bath.
Phone 2002.
roil RK'N'T—Two-story bui'dlng snlt
\li!c for grocery, drag or general store;
souod opprtunity lor live man; seven
living rooms upstairs; show cases,
counters and wall easts go ,\ith store;
■ea onab’o rent: corner t'entml mid
Henderson avenues. Also good lively
lo se and light buggy for ab- Phone
laik Krisb.v, 2OT. 4-22-tf
i’arker Ave., clone in. Also rooms,
drs Newsom, phone 1423. 4-28-tf
1-'i't KKMT—i>i-hp <milts, modern tur*
pished for housekeeping, on ground floor,
close In. Phone 465 2-n-u
FOR RENT—1. room . ,»e. kilchn and
i" ”t- room, :i17 Market Rf Call Miss
iVoolman, phone 6;'.0 3-4-tf
ft>R PION’T—(Modern nppohiled
l irnislied cottages, on Cedar
street. Apply 2bl> Cedar snreei
oi telephone 299. 4-lS tf
FOR SUNT Nicely furnished cot- •
tag' i and fl its, all modern con- •
ven em-o-- f 1 c p> r month and up. ■
Taki Main avenue car to Dell fci. •
Ireiu.re 14 Dell Phone -06J •
6-7-tf_ •
K«>V*. UK NT Ni« i front loom In private
'uinilv. Phone 1717. 3-28-tl
F'f»K RH3NT—You can *pcuro ns«ly fur
nit tied nioma with a private family by
c*allmar t<'h‘i>honr IflSH
NICELY FlTliNialiED ROOMS, rites
reason.! hie. 1.TJV4 Central Ave. Phone
i71. Steam heat. Mrs. 13. Shannon.
■oil SALK—One S-Pussi nger Fori',
9iu model: fir i-' laHs condition .Jolui
leavers, at. Pulps’ Auto Supply.
'"Oil SAI.K- Large run .-ale and fur
liturc I “hone lt!4U. 4-HU-t f
•';)!( SALE—Apper«on Roadster, elec
r<- -tarter and lights: new tires; a
mrgain. John Reavers, at Phelps’
Into Co. 4-28-tf
.i|! SAI.K—Harden tu dairy farm at
i.ilr It value if taki n in ten days. A
v Allen, uhnne 2879. 3-29-lm
•'OR SAluE—Newl;. furnished rootli
ng house, cheap. See F. A. lJlake'y,
k’o S Canyon St. 4-2t>-iwk
-'Oil SALE—One bay mare, 9 years
>!d, heavy with foal, also wagon, buggy
md harness. cheap if taken at once,
all ;;n-J ,\lt. Ida. Phone 1918. 4-26-tf
''RE 84! BUTTER costs too much
notify Phone tit’S or 1441 and have
leinonstrauir call and show you how
o save money on .'our living expenses
»y iir.ing a guaranteed pure and whole
lomo article at a price within the
•< arii of .ill Hot Springs Rutter die
o . Ed SVheelock, manager. 4-24-lw
b'Olt SALIC 4)11 account ol bad health
Vn l grocery and market, at Invoice
nice-; doing good business. Phone ski
)r 647. 4 -1 -ti
FOR SALE—40 nrres unimproved,
has good, cvei Uistlng spring, near
iwj schools, one church. 1 mile
south Roif links. $1*2.30 nor acre
Adrtiegs A. R. Merritt. It. F O.
No. 2, Box 3K. 4-10*17
FOR SATifi—One five-waited Kfn*
tueky saddle horse and one Hoti
tuckv combination horse and trap.
Apply Major Bantu. Artnv and
»\a\y liuspitkl. Perfect models.
PoH RA 1/3--Confeet lonei y and grocery
128 Park avenue, doing good cash bus*i
icsh. Phone 837 4-24-lm
-’Oil SALE—Remington No. 10 type
.vriter." Pfiotft 12P0 1 U-tf
• •
• 1i;m aciar one mile fi cm ilty, on B
B Whit. Sulphur i ■ ■.< • 1 l.i I bun;.In B
■ III ell\ : must Tip ■ .*1.1 it onpp. B
B Price $ mu pip Terms can ha •
B an-nmred Cohen-!.atta IP illy B
• I'u 2-17-tf •
• liume. four and one-half n.u'es of B
• land with fl". room house, eon- B
B crete cJ'ltar fine w<*i', sixty fmlt •
• trees, chicken house-, tml stable. B
0 nil under Rood wire fence Four B
0 blocks west from Onklawn race A
0 tru li, near Oaklawn school In B
0 quire at 108 Alcorn Ave. 2-23- If B
FOR RALE One first class meal mar
ket and one first class trrooerv and feed
business: both cord locutions. Phone
Merchants Association 3-10-tf
FOR PALE—Three tiacts of k-nd on
Malvern (road, between cHv limits and
Fonntrv flub: one tenet 10 acres, one JO.
and one 2 acres, nie line crosses 10
acres. Inuuire Mia. M J Mooney. Route
Vo 2 2-17-tf
Oil SAIjE -FiftePti rooni. well furn
ished rooming bonne; low rnnla : fine
(|p:iiiou u "nap. ilia Fail; itvonc;
l To FOR ssa1J£ —Two-passenger
car, well appointed and very cheap for
^ash. i1 e Dick. Ckwyn, stand in front
of Krisby's Gale. tt
for SALK OR TRAOE—-l^andsi La Ar
kansas, near Texarkana, for Hot
Springs property; also North Arkan
sas mountain land. Writo 265 Cedar
street or c hone 244>,s. 4-UO-Gt
■FOR S VI.K liilti Kord; eon he been at
garage, ill .Malvern Ave. Phone 670.
I OST—Friday night between Princes?,
Theater and iSchneck Drug Store,
filial leather purse containing about
■M6. Finder re:urn to 613 Central Ave.
and receive reward. tt
FT) 1 \l>—New (usttitners every day
for GOLD COIN Olcotnargerine; a new
and better artiel" l'hone (128 or 140
t.nd have demonstrator call on yootv
Hoot Springs B Uterine Co.. Ed Wheel
®ock, manager, 4-24-1 wk
Win reus. for the ntm-.ayrr.vnf of ta>.efc
f‘*r the vcar 1911 the collector of revcmtu
•if Ourlnd county. Arkan-is. did on tin*
li'th day of June. ]'*r:. duh -jtlf to L.
Kuhn tin- Nutbestst Quarter of the N< 1h
*ast Quarter of Keotl.-n Tweni>vmne i2!*V
fownnhln I \\o iji South. Itafi^e Nineteen
H9» West, in liarlntid countv. Arkansas,
Whereas the s*ld I. Kuhn did oil th
-lst d.i\ of \pril, 1911. duly assign ti^
» crtifieatc ,f - <l»* of the property nfoie
*«id. and ;<!l his rlcht. title and interest
therein to Ida M Halim.in and th' paid
Ida M Hllnian did thereafter* dulv as
•'ip’n ;4 n undivided i w< '-thirds J ■ J > inter
est th* rein to William II Dobbin. and1.
Whereas, said lands remained unre
deemed after two (j) year* had expired
from and after the date of sule to 1
Kohn. nnd.
Whereas, the countv clerk of Ha; Land
''ounty. Arkansan. on the 17th. day of
•lane. 191,). deeded an undivided two
thirds (2-3) Interest in said lands to
VN Jiliam H. Dobbin. and.
Whereas, the said countv clerk of Car
land countv Arkansas, on the iJOih day
uf dune 3915. deeded to Ida M Hallman
in undivided one-third tl-3i interest in
tiul to said lands. and.
Whereas, the said William If Dobbin
and Jda AT Hullo an paid tlu-j-efor tin
sum of twenty-two f$jk-.7j) dollars and
s<\«nty-two (••‘nts. and.
Whereas, the said William 11. Dobbh
i:.d Ida M Hallman have naid the taxe*
on said lands for mure than tlm-e < 3 •
ytars In succession. next precediitc the
publication of this notice to confirm.
Now. therefore, notice is hereby iriv*
to all persons who can set up anv riarhi
to said lands so purchased in >•ousequenpr
of anv informality or irregularity con
Tj«rt«d with the forfeiture and nulc r»f
id laiuls to the *ald t.. Kohn for tne
non-payment of taxes, a herein state.,
to Kh« i wr a use at the next June ( 19171
term of the Harland <*binrvi\ Court of
'•a i iarul Count'. Arkansas. to which
court at said term amdh’.ition will b.*
made bv ns. the undersigned for the
confirmation of said sale and convey
ance of tax title to said lands, whv tie
Hale and conveyances so made *h«\u!d no"
*>o confirmed.
Murph' & Stalleup.
Solicitors for Petitioner?1 3-^o-Hw
Sealed bidr. will be received bv the
District Kotester. Washington. U uy»
to and imvutiim April i". 1917. for all the
men hanLible d»*ad tim1>**r Klanding of
down and ill the live, timber marked oi
hsiunated tor cut tine on an ar» \ pm
braelncr about soO acre*- within sections
17. 1%. 19 and 20. township North. Il-uic*
17 West, ind Sections 11. 1U. II.
and 24. Town-mil) North. Lange lb
West. »dh H. M.. Arkmsa< National Km -
est, Arkansas, estimated to be 100.0o'
f. et IV >1 . mure or less, or wbde oan
timber No bid of less than 51.50 i.**'r M
f«'et for the timber will be considered.
Deposit with bid $409 The right to re
j et anv and all bids reservu i.
bids are submit! *d full information e u
ccrnhnr the timber, conditions •>; • «le.
leposits and the submission of bid.
should be obtained from the l’oic-t Su
pervisor. Hoi Springs. Arkansas.
Notice is hereby Riven lha st-alou
ruopotals lor ilie custody of city funds
wi 1 be received by the City Coin;nis
sion up to S o’clock p ui., April 20,
I PIT. The bank or trust company py
his? the highest rate i*f interest and
offering the best security will ire gi'
Eli preference. No bid for a rate of In
tere t k'ss than 2 p-r cent upon the
average daily balance per mouth Mill
be considered. The commission re
series tlie right to reject any and all
bids. All bids should be filed wlih the
City Clerk. .1. VV. McULENOON,
Wle-reas. lor the non-payment of taxes
for the yeur IX'iT the eolleeto- of reve
rt e of Garland county, Arkansas, did on
the 13th dav of June. 183k duly sell to
\V II Harry, th" northwest quarter <•<
tl,p .-,.nt• ; quarter of section Hi'"*
I1. I on| liiu three <:!> south. lanr
iwen v i hi weal, in Garland county, Ar
kairsa •
And wlieiias. raid iamb remained un
redeemed ilti— two i 'i veins bud cx
pired from au-J itflei the date ot said
And whereas, sold lands were on the
3rd due of August. 19U0. deed- d be the
* minis cl.-rk of aid ton lit S' to IV. H
Huirv fer the um of one dollar and
seven!s e nls itl.kli;
And wlu-reas. on August 3. I«M. the
said W. II Karrs- foined hv his wife.
I, tV. Harr''. deedeit said lands to
James M. huac-h and Henrietta Hoach.
Ills wife;
Ami whereas, on Oe.tob"r IT. 1904.
Jana's M. ftoaeli. iolned by lib- wlf-. Hen
rietta' Roach, deeded said lands to the
undersigned. II. 1,. Wall, who immediate
Iv thereafter went Into unssessloii of
said lands, and who hits aiuee paid the
taxes on said lauds for more than three
i'll years In succession next preceding
the publication of this notice lo confirm.
Now therefor", notice Is hereby, given
lo all persons who can set dp and right
to said lands so purchased in conse
quence of am iuforniallU or b regularity
connected with the forfeiture and sal"
of said lands to the said W. IT Harry,
for the n ai.payment 01 taxes, as-.hereto
iut**d. in -di w ell us*' a' th*- tr-xl June
fl&ITt tom of the Garland OliVe t ry
Coii' t of Garland i iiml*. A rk:,i; 1'. to
which i-ourt. at said term, a unit -at tor,
will lie made I' me the under ign'd. fof
the eotiflr.iMlion -if -aid sale .u d e|iv,sy
Blue of t it title to said I an (Is vv/c th"
sale and conveyance so made ehuAild not
lie confirmed.
Murphy A. Slulh up
not be taken off Ills fort by a motion
to adjourn, so the handful of senators
on (ho floor settled dow a for au !»
I definite stay.
Washington, April 1'S i Saturday i
Senator l a F.llettc c neiuded his
speech on the army bill at 1:5.1 a.
m. this morning alt< . having spoken
two and half hours, and the senate
| recessed until in a. ni . when donate
on the measure will continue.
I.a Fo lette made a ffnal plea tliat
the United Stales should exert its
great influence to bring the war to
an early conclusion, but said that i
should not be drawn intp an agree
tnm with the allies that would pre
vent it fr ni making a separate pca.e
with Germany.
Notice Is hereby given, that, in pur
suance of the authority and direction*
contained in the decretal order of the
Chancery Court of Garland County,
made and entered on the 1st day of
February, A. 1>., 1917, in a certain
<«'v-e (.Vo. 5055). then pending therein
tctwccu Wm. H. Dobbin end F. H. i
K'.ldy. Trustee, complainants and Ida
M. F.ddv et at, defendants, the under
signed. a- CommissKmer of said Court,
will otter for sale at public vendue to
the highest bidder, at the front door .
or entrance of the Countv Courthouse, ;
in which said Court, i* held, in the J
Cunty of G-arland, within the hours
■rcsgribed by law for judic al sales, on
the 2iud day of May, A. D., 1917, the j:
following described real estate, fo-wit: t
All of Crlm'a Subdivision of the South
west quarter of the Northeast Quar
ter of Section Twenty nine (29). Twp
Two (.2) South, Range Nineteen (19)
West. a. the same appears of record
in Volume Thirty (3D). Page Forty-nine
(19) of the records of Deeds and Mort
gages cf Garland County, Arkansas, ex
cept Lot; One (1). Two (2), Sixty (€0)
and Sixty one iCli. of sa-id subdivision,
al situated in Garland County, tn the
State of Arkansas.
Terms of Sale: One a i red it. of
three months, the purchaser being re
quired to execute a bond as required
bj law and the order and decree oof
said Court >n said cauee, with air
proved security, hearing Interest »t
the rate of H per -cent. per annum from
date of -a e unt'd paid, and a lleo
being retained on the premises sold
to secure the payment of the purchase
Given under my hand this 27th day
of April, A. D , 1917.
Conimis-ioner in Chancery.
Notice is hereby given, that ‘u pur
suance of the au.hority ond directions
contained In the decretal order of the
Chancery Court of Garland County,
mad and entered on the 5th day of
April. A D, 1917, in a certain cause
(No. 6871). then pending therein be
tween Robert tMcAdam et al, com
plelnam.it, and Arzena Speaks ot a),
ric'eiidnnt*. the undersigned, as Com
mi. snnier of said Court, will offer for
sale . public vendue to the highest
l.ldder, .it ih*> front door or entrance
of the county Court house, in which
s; d Court is heldi, in the County of
Garland, within the hour- prescribed
ic m » fv>r judicial sales, on the 12th
day <>,' May, V '!>.. 1P17, the following
<«•«• rioc i r«»i estate, to-w,:
N e if*) HrVtrgs and O’Neal Rubdivl -
Ion N !. of l^ots Two (2). Three (3)
end Knur (41, Bock Ten *10). of Hot
Springs Reservation as mapped and
l latud by tr. S. Commission (55 feet
fieri b. lift) feet deep), in Garland
Count), Arkansas.
Terms of Sale: On a credit of throe
month-. the purchaser ive’iij? required
to execute a bond as required by law
end the order anil decree of said
Court in said cause, with approved
re.iirity. bearing interes' at the ra*e
of U) per cent per annum from date
of sals until paid, and a lien being
retained on the premises sold to sr
cure the payment of the purchase
Given under my hand this 2tst day
of April. A. D., 1917.
F. W. ROWl-HS,
Commissioner in Chancery.
Department of the Interior—tr. S.
Isanti <>ff;ce at. 1-ittle Rock, Arkan
sas. April 17, ‘1917.
No'ice is hereby given that Vender
W. Blocker, of Ceadr Glades. Arkan
sas, •who. on April 15 and .\fH\ :t, 1913,
made homestead entries, No. tMJ052
OM84. for S. Mi ft. ’J SK t* SB. V*. N.
t,i aw. 4 »R. V« SK. 'i and NK. 'i
GK. <4 I8B, K. Sec. 3-2. T. 1 N„ ft. 21
t\'.. tattle Book district, and N. 4 N.
>i, .VK. »4 N\\. 4. T. 1 S.. Ft.
21 W., In the Oaimden district. Fifth
iPriiu-ipal Meridian, has filed notice of
Intention to make three-year proof, to
estabi-h claim too the laud above de
-uribod, he ore Cnited States Comnits
-siner, at Hot Springs. Arkansas, on
tile l*-t day of dune. 1917.
Claimant names <ss witnesses:
I dame C. Riley, of Cedar Glades. Ar
kansas; .lamer- IV. Halsell. of Cedar
Glade*. Arkansas; dohn tV. B ocher,
of Cedar tMad* Arkansas: Hou ton
Riehardson. of Cedar G.ades. Ar
kansas dNO. W VfyljBX,
jtegis or.
fry a •entinaii R«c*ro want A*.
coNTim mn itiom pagi: on® I
loon and sallied forth under tho start
h-'l night on a great bombing expodi*!
boil during which they upset three
Herman trains bringing trotjpa toward
the iron'. Two of the trains were com
pletely derailed and the engine of tho 1
(lord appeared to explode.
One of the British pilots during the
ra d temporarily lost his bearings. He
" tr fir. d at front the ground, some of
the projectile- being in the nature of,
in -nish colored rockets In the glare
of these he happily saw a supply depot
i >i beneath him, whereupon He let
go me of his bombs and obtained a
direct''hit, the depot disappearing in
a gnat flatme. All tho British rna-'
chines returned -afely notwithstanding
the darhne* of the night.
The German machines recentfy have
taken on variegated hues. Pilots re
port. encountering them in white,
brown and red and sometimes striped
a ni<' t like zebras.
i ji • ucnuitiis tune aenuy uroiigtn.
more of their best pilots opposite the;
British front to meet the determined
aerial offensive that luis beeu in prog
ress since enrh in April. Moost' of
the machines met nowadays are handl
ed in a manner far above the German
average. It is seldom, however, that,
the Germans ever attack the British,
unless they outnumber them at lea-st.
iiiree to one.
A lone German pilot, however, took '
a fatal chance ve-terday against a1
liritish scout formation which was j
e sorting rei onnaissanee machines. By •
cl ver inone.ivering, at which the hos
tile airman also was an adept, tho
British managed to cnfce him to at
ta k one f the machines from be
bind. As be did • a second British
machine dived at the German's tail and
down he wen . one of his wings break
llir otf n the deadly descent.
One of Uie most thrilling f re
cent adventure was that <;f a you nr
naval airman who now is attached
to the army service With several
<liter machines he was esc rllng
some bombing planes over the Gor
man lines, when seemingly a flock
of geese dashed at them from the
clouds. Bor five minutes me e was
hot flgh Ing. In the genera melee
the naval man selected one particular
opponent and after a brilliant duel he t
drove him down in tlanie
imring uns newiii” the firitis.ier
had become entirely detached from
the remainder of he formati n See
ins this, three f the hostile ma.hine*
made for him. lie bravely at ached
and drove the German leader tumbling
out of control, lint the other two Ger
mans kept tip the battle. In a few (
minutes, however, one f these sud
denly flew away and the combat,
again be ante a duel with the ma
chines wing to wing. Ihua ly the naval
flyer maneuvered Into a ito-sltton
which gave him the vital opportunity.
There was another burst f fire and
down crashed the last German ma
D : itig certain periods of the fiuhi
liter the machine- were less than lo
feet from the ground. The Britisher
managed to struggle back to his
lines. Kx.iaustcd from tin* fury f rhe
fight;ng, he let his machine fall in
landing He was unhurt, however.
The wings of his plane had been
peppered with bullets. The airman
had not reali/.ed the fact, but during
the fighting he had been fired on mt
alone by his aerial opponents, but by
German infantry and cavalry as we I
In the Chancery Court o;' Garland
County. Ark., T. J. O'Ned plaintiff v-.
William It Turner and Kumw C.
Tlie defendants, William It. Turner
and Ktnnm C. Turner are named to
appear in thi Court within thirty days
and answer the complaint of of lit?
Plaintiff. T. .1. O’Nei l.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said Court this 12 day of April, ilM.7.
The Sintlnel-RecoiJ Is authorlzeil to
announce Jolm F. Disheroon for school
di,fetor in the Miv school elections.
Whittington Parte
BAUXITE TEAM vs. II C Athlfltinc
Game Called at 3 ,p. m.
Standing of Teams.
Club— W.
New York. S
St liOii <t ., . U
lies .on . .. ;•
Chicago . S
Cincinnati .. . a
Philadelphia t
Brooklyn . ••
Pittsburgh . 5
Phillies Beat Giants.
I’h ladelpiiia, Ai*ril 37.—Philadelphia
mixed Ill s with base* on balls given
ii; Tesrean and an error and easily
xx an today'' gaime from New York, 3
to 1. Lavender was so effective that
onlv two of the visitors reached third
l>a e. one of them was dlolke, who
prevented his team from being shut
on bj 'making a home run. Zimmer
man, who was spiked on the right
ankle n a l/Wednesday s game, was
unable to play today.
Score— R. H. K
New York .OOP 001 (KM)—1 5 1
Philadelphia ....010 to):! Olx—5 7 0
Tt reap and McCarty; Lavender and
Reds Beat Pittsburgh.
PUtsl irgli, April 27.—Cincinnati de
feated Pittsburgh today, f> to 3. Cold
weather affecter the pitchers and
Tones and M'llcr each made a poor
Score — |R ill K
Cincinnati .210 0O0 (KM)—3 7 1
Pittsburgh .300 0<K> (KM)—3 S O
Tones and Wliigo; Miller, Carlson.
Jae i s and S liniidt
Standing of Team*.
Club— W.
Chicago . ft
Boston . 7
New York . 6
Cleveland . 8
?t. Louis . 0
Phtlladel’phta . 5
Wahinlgton . 4
Detroit .. . 4
Dauss in Good Form.
I'ttroi!.. April 27 -Dairas held St.
I -on 1 -i to three hits today1 and pitched
Detroit mto a 2 to 1 victory.
Score— R H B
St. i cuis .oift noo otto—l a 3
Detroit .000 200 (Mix—2 4 2
Wellman. Kooh aud Severeid; Dauss
and Stallage.
Balk Lost Game.
Chicago. April 27.—A balk tailed on
Danfortli in the ninth inning gave
Cleveland the final game of (he series
with Chicago today, 2 (o t. Idanforth
replaced t-cott with the bases filled
and none c it and the next two men
who were pm< h hitters were easy outs.
lAVth the toll two and three on
'Jraney, Danfortli stopped long enough
n his windup for Umpire N’allin to
rail a balk and (iuisto ,-cored the run
which won the game.
Score— R H B
Cleveland .000 000 101—2 6 1
L h eago .000 000 010—1 8 0
Klepter. Covaleskie and O'Neill. Bill
ings. Williams, Scott, Danfortli and
The Arkansas (limits end Yd ow
JU' kcls will itsnew the'r fight again,
I t ginning Sunday at iFordyee Field,
ormorly Kogel Field. Snelltnc: Palm
>i. who was injured at ’Little Rock
recently alighting from e train, has
forwarded hl~ (ontract to Giant head
quarters and will be seen on the mound
in these conflicts. B. B. WHson,
catcher extraordinary, whose salary
difference has been settled, wt'-l al- o
be seen in the Une-uip with Wilson.
The locals will be invincible.
Bedding pluni.s of all kind- and vcge
table plants oi all kinds. Greenhouse
at end of Park avenue. Phone HI8.
Johnson Floral Co. 4-tO-tf
ONLY. 4-15-22-29
Standing of Teams.
(’lulu, —
Now Orleans
Na-hvllle ..
Won I.ost
10 «
3 t!
3 7
8 8
8 8
7 8
Little Rock
Memphis ..
7 »
0 11
Atlanta Beat Mobile.
Atlanta. <la.. April 27.—Two * ingles,
a triple and a home run in the first
nning gave Atlanta the advantage la
today's game. witlelt ended in a vic
tory tor tile home team over Mobile,
8 to 2.
etctii'O— R M k
Mobile .ooo o;«> uoo—2} 7 3
Atlanta .N410 (HO 00*—6 9 2
Blodgett and tlrifiitli; Brennan and
Travelers Played Poorly,
Chattanooga. Tenn.. April 27.—Chat
tanooga defeated Little tRock 8 to 7 In
a eottly played game today. Errors
iad much to do with Cha'tanooga pll
ttg tip a lead. In the seventh inning
Little Rock pounded Bacon bard1 arid
canto within striking distance of tying
the si or-., when Know Ison was sent to
tl*e rubber and checked the Traveler*
Scored- R H ts
Little Rock .TOO 100 500—7 8 4
Ci.uttanooga -011 150 OOx—8 8 5
I edited or. Baumgardner and Chap
man. Kouncdj; Bacon. Ifnowlscn and
Decatur Won Another.
Na-hvllle, Tenti.. April 27.—Decatur
pUelif I Ills th>rd consecutive victory
today, .VtOivdle winning over Mem
I'iiis i to I. Bunched lUts gave Nash
ville three rua» in the second Inning.
Score— R Jt K
Memphis .O00 010 000—1 5 h
Nashville .O.'tO <*00 lOx—4 II 1
Ilargor and Ituel; Decatur and
Birmingham Bunched HUa.
Birmingham. Ala., April 27.—Birri
nghaiu Ironchod hit- in two innings
today and defeated N'e\i Or’ians, 7 to
2. An error by Higgins in the first
tiling helped Birmingham to gain an
early lead.
Score — R. H. R.
New Orleans ...020 000 000—2 0 2
Birmingham ... .502 OOo OOx—7 10 1
Kroh and Higgins; Ponder and
-:— -o 7-1-—
amer:can association.
l/ouisvilio 2, Kansas City 0.
Toledo 1, St. Paul 7.
Coltinr'uif Milwaukee, rain.
Indianapolis-M irieapoii-, ra>n.
San Antonio O, Dallas j.
Galveston 0, Shreveport 1
(Bea Itnont 0, Waco S.
Houston 2, Port Worth 1.
Team That Ha* Beaten Locals Twice
by Narrow Margin to Return Sunday.
The Beaux itc team of the JJttle
Her k Commercial league will be in
Hot Springs again f-cr a game Sun
day afternoon at Whttington park.
The toam has made two visit* hero,
and on each occasion has won by a
small margin. The locals hope Sun
day afternoon tj reverse these former
verdicts. Manager Charles Ilishetoon
is making efforts to secure either run
or two good amateur pitchers for this
cession. BrownsViti Chambers is go
ing to come lateT and remain through
the seas u. but may not reach here
for the game Sunday. Jop Wagner
of the Western Association will take
first base, paying in the place of Mc
I au-hlin, who «a- injured Mt last
Sunday's game. y
Dr. B W. Breedlove has returned
to the city and can be found at his
offices on the third floor of the As
kansas National Bark building. 2-11 tf
W# furnish the only pasteurized
milk nold In Hot Spring*. Th# Paa
taurluad Milk C*. HM»

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