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the classified ads of the newspapers »■■"
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VOLUME XXXV. ~ .— . ......". ..=-mxj*gn— ■ .. . :■ ..'a:.;:.1 • a
Will Attempt to Take the
Remaining FwoThousand
Yards of the Hindenburg
The Germans Give Up Their Attacks
Against the French Which Have Re
suited in Heavy Casualties to Them
Germans Throw Numerous Shells
Into the Devastated Town of Rheims.
Nee York. May i.’.—Although on
both (hr British ami French from.' i.u
per od of victual ina ion < oir u u n
is not e\(«' tod these conditions w ,
long pre aii.
Tlie orfenahe of the Uritislj on tins
Arra* front cannot be deem- <1 to how
ended until Field Marshal I la g\ men
once more have thrown he r streug' >
• gainst the two thousand yard of tin
Hindeuburg lino till held by thi l,ei
mam west of Bulecourt’aud straight
ened out 'he*r bne for the mam blows
tbs* arc to come against the Itrocou •
Queant switch line, on which tin tier
mans ere placing dependence (> ward
©if advance by their enemies ea-*» ward
Last reports bad the -British bm-il.v eu
gaged in consolidating ga us made
along tho liiindenurg hue and w tii
the*a captured, the expectatou is that
another of tiie greai botth-s whiili
Lave marked the progre eastwmd oi
the Brt’iah soon will be m full sway .
Probably finding their counter at
tacks against tho Fretu.il 'u tSie. reg on
aro nd Moronvlllers. in winch t«e.>
were repulsed -Mondoy night w h
licav) casualties, too tost >. the tier
Dia; on Tuesday d'd not renew then
efforts to regain lost ground. In-lead
H.ey engaged with lie Trent , mi vio
lent artillery due's in the regions of
Vaueiero. the i'al'foriiH' plateau and
east of Clievre ix, whiUli I e> between
Boisscn-- and Hlieitus, not foreettMig
again to throw imnioro, shells iut■ •
the already devastated town ii
Kin m
A noticeable diminution in lie iuteu
•it) of the fighting along tin- I on o
Iron tho Austro Malian tlieit-r lia
f t in. Only tme utiaek I>> lie M.t ■
lens is reported Mere, aeeordlng to
Vienna. \ip- Italians attempted t" ad
Vance, bu were stopped ny the An
trians. On tlie Trcnttno front for to
tl.e West the Austrians «r«* keiphig up
their heavy bombardments and infan 1
trj it’ucks, which tin- in>!■ tur> aiitliori
tm- i. Klim, i o.. der attempt.- to dt
v« r■ tip- attention of the Italians l.-om
their offensive along tile lsonzo. Ac
> ordiug to Rome, all attacks in in,*
r> gum nave been repulsed
lit none of the other tlheaters lias any
engagement <>, spi« .a importance
taken place
Vienna, v sc London, May tO.IO p.
in The Austrian official communica
tion issued today says:
Vt terda>, after several day- of
ru ■ i .-.- fight'ug. t :)<■ enemy on the
lsonzo saw him c t compelled to grant,
tits intan'ry a rest
“On the Carso plateau there was
strong infantry activity at intervals.
"hi (aruse and Tyrol tlbe situation is
'flu the casern and 'ontheastern
theaters there is noth ng to report."
Washington. May •Completion
of plans for the twenty seventh annual
reunion of the ' nited Confederate
Veterans to he he d here from June
t no June s was announced by Col.
It" ' ft N Harper, chairman of the*
i itireiis' reunion committee, bet re a
meeting inlay of members of con
grits Itizens and newspaper men
Mr Harper stated that 10 hours of
each t!u> in the reunion week would
be filled with patriotic, social and
spectacular even's
Commander in-Ch ef Ceorge i’ Har
rison of' he Veterans will i niet upon
his arrival in Washington liy an es
, rtitig column of Cnion and Confed
crate Veterans and members of ci n
l*r«‘ idetlt Wilton Is ex pm ted to ad
I dress the opening session of the Vet
erans June .V The parade will be
President Restates
Position on War
Declares Ettortsto Becloudthe Mat
ter Is for Purpose of Weak
ening the Government.
Washington. May J-. So nation
that respected itself or the rights of
humanity could longer have borue the
•overwhelming wrongs that Oerinuny
Inflicted upon tile United States,
President Wilson dee a red n a letter
JtMatlng the reas-tis lor the nation
entrance into the war, written to Hep
tt'sciuative Heflin of Alabama, end
made public at the white house today.
'Mr. Heflin had written to the pros!
dent saying some of the recent utter
nnces ci| (||c war apparently had
caused confusion over the Issue w h
Germany. In restating his position
the president again made it clear that
the l ailed Slates- has no uuurrel with
the Herman people, out with an unto
era y ‘ which ae's upon pnrp *es I"
which tlic Herman people han never
The letter follows:
U is iDconiprchouaiblc to me bow
“uy frank or honest poison coni'
d ulit or (|uostion mv position with
tenant to the war unit its objects.
1 bu\e again and uauin stated ibe
V'ty serious and long continued
ftfongs which tlie impi'n.' 0*l®»n
V• ament tins perpetrated against
^ right in, ■ o in no ' i
ail. of the United States Tho
img and overwhelmin N”
j^^ri'sjii'i, s itself or the
right, of buuiaulty could have born*1
those wrongs any huger.
"i Mir objects in going into the war
have lu'in staled with equal clear
imjks The whole of the conception
w hich I take to he the com option of
our fellow countrymen with regard to
tile outcome < t the war and the terms
of its settlement * sot forth with the
utmost evplicitness in an addro-s to
the senate of the United Slates on the
twenty-second of January. last Again
in m. message to congress on the
second or April, last, tho e objects
•Aore stated ill llinuistakiil) c terms
1 ran conceive no purpose in seeking
Ui lieeloud this matter cvccpt lie put
pose or weakening the hands of the
government and making the pari
w ll ell the United Stall’s is to play itl
diis great druggie for human liberty
.hi Inefficient a'"1 hesitatin'-' lmrt
“\W art* in war lor our own rt'u
sons anil with onr own objects Hear
|> stated and slu I forget neitbci the
reus ns to r the objects.
••( here is no hate in our hearts for
he (iermun people, but there is a
rtwolve wliiHt cannot l>e shaken even
h> misrepresentation, to overcome the
pretensions of the autocratic govern
meat whb'b acts ti|s.n purposes to
which the (iertuau pc pie have never
held June T There will be open-air
concerts in the ec ipso south of the
white house and 1,500 public school
children will form u human flag in
red. white and blue.
The visitors will po to ilhe battle
field if Gcttvsburp June 8 to lake
part iu the cedication of the Virginia
memorial, of which an equotrian
statue of Clenenil Robert 1C. Leo is
the central fiRure.
-o --—
Memphis, Tenn May UH.—Their
"rath apparently appeased by the
burning today of K i Persons, self-con
fessed slayer of Antoinette ttappul, 1">
year-old schoolgirl, bin few residents
of the Macon road community, the
girl's home, near Memphis, were in
evidence at the gathering places of the
settlement tonight, and indications
were that the mob spirit hud been
broken and no further disorder would
Two negroes, implicated by Persons
in his dying statement, were captured
by a posee of citizens lute today anti
subjected to a searching inquiry us t<
their movement on the day tbo child
was murdered and beheaded. One
jwus released and the other, a deal
mute, w.is ordered detained tempo
racily. but he was later released. It
was understood that reputable citi
/ens touched for the negroes and
made statements tending to verify
their assertions that they were not in
the vicinity
Hunter Wilson county attorney gen
rial, announced tonigh: that a grand
jury investigation of the lynching
h uld he instituted at once. A coro
ner's jury, which held an 'liquest late
today, returned a venlb t that Per
sons came to hi»% death "from causes
unknown to 'the jury.”
Persons was taken from sheriff's
deputies last night by a tuob which
met the train aboard which the negro
was being brought to thi- city from
.Vashv lie. where he hud ecu held for
safekeeping nt Potts Camp. Miss. He
was returned to the scene of the crime
this morning and. with a crowd of
several thousand person:- including a
number of women, as onlooker*- he
was chained to a pyre and burned to
death The gir's mother watched ihe
lynching from an automobile
Washington. May T.’ Samuel .1'.
Felton, president of the O.idcago, (Ireat
Western, lia-s been selected to take
charge of arrangements for sending
the regiments of railroad men to
Mr Fel on ome time ago was ap
pointed l.y the Council of Natonal De
fense as adviser to the chief of army
engineers in relation to railroad al
rairs As such, it was .said here to
day. in would be in charge of arrange
ments for .-ending the American rail
road men. 11 is not understood here
that j.Mr Felton will accompany the
force .
The plan >s to send 10.000 ‘killed
men to operate and maintain t.itc
Frenuh roads behind the lines. They
need reconstruction and expert opera-,
lion, for which the French military
forces cannot spare tluir o.vjt men.
Chicago. May 22 \ deeree which
may sum end the four y ear receiver
shirt of the Chicago and Kastern III
nets Railroad company and its subsidi
aries Wit entered of re; ord today by
Federal Judge Oeyrge \ Carpenter.
It directed time the properties be
li aced on sale ut - p. m. on July IT at
(he company's station in Danville 11..
-Stockholm. May 22. via London T T,r.
p m Several lighthouse station- re j
port Hiut (tennaii submarines have
captured three Swedish steamers
loaded wth freight off Finland Mi
merens submarines apparently are
patrolling the Hot Union g ill working
in conjunctlou with Zeppelins, which
Ireijiientlv are 'I’fit at different pomt
,iff the ea.t coast of Sweden.
Tralfi teiSweden In water route?
recently wai temporarily -upped
•ako a protest
Washing*!!, May 22 Protest to
i. i mm n - m
governin' It
B*TI Makes 5t Unlawful to CommR or
Permit Preventable Waste Or Dete
rioration of Necessaries; to Restrict
Supply or D'stribut'on or to Enhance
Pr ces to Excessive Levels.
■Washington, May 2-.—The second of
the administration s food bills revised
*o create a emergency agency .to con
trol nder i lie president's direction <nv
tribui .on and alv of necessaries of life
was introduced in the house today by
Chairman tLever of the agriculture
ommittce. Tine first bU] aims at stim
ulailon of production und calls for a
general survey o fthe country's food
T'li eregulatory measure was re
drawn after I’resklent Wilson had held
a scries of conferences with Herbert
t'. Hoover, who is to be food admjnis
irator under tliie bill, and with tSecrc
tary Houston end members of the agri
culture committees of both houses. It
places tlie widest powers of control
over necessaries of all kinds, Includ
ing price fixing, iu tho bauds o£ tbe
Cunsidonatloj* of the measures will
he hurried as much as possible 'll con
gress. Tho senate will take up t7ha
first hi 1 tomorrow and the senate
committee is expected to report a bill
‘m'lar to the one introduced today
within u xhor: time. The house tvlfl
take up t8ie loud uu< lion us soon a
the revenue bill >s out of Hie way.
The legislation a now proposed by
the administration, Mr. Hoover thinks,
will meet ithe tood problem. He is-neti
this statement tonight regarding the
MMon j bill;
"The bill covers very ably and in
LcUigenily ih>vv*th necessary for the
president to possess in order to set up
a competent food administration.
These power- combined with the pow
er of embargo proposed in other leg
islation should intake t possible to
i liminato hoarding, speculation am?
waste ia (11 ribulion. They are more
moderate tilian those posses-ed by the
various ICnroileon food ministerie-, but
llit* good will and co operation of tlie
diskrlbutlng trades sliouid make suc
cess certain without becoming burden
some upon legitimate trade.”
The measure classes (specifically as
necessaries food, feeds, shoes, clothing
and fuel.
Brietly the measure would do these
Iteelare product on. manufacture,
s'otage, distribution and sale of neces
saries to restrict supply or distribu
tion or to enhance prices to excessive
leve -.
Vuthtorizc the president to establish
standards and grade- of foods to es
tablish their quality and value.
Authorize licensing of manufactur
ing. stonge, and di-trlbution of fooos
to prevent mieeouotn'eal 'manufacture
or Inequitable d>sJvilmtion, empower
the president to direct tihe dispo-ltton'
of hoarded stocks
Authorize tiie president to prevent
hoarding, monopolization or exaction
of excessive profits, by having the gov
ernment either manufacture or deal in
tveres aries: authorize the taking over
of factories or plants for government
operation, if nece-sary. to provide
proper di- rlbution at fair price--: au
thorize the pre-idem to pres, r'bo rttles
tor tile, conduct of vxch'inges and
boards of trade or to prrthlbit entirely
rlieir derations if in public Interns'.
\uthorlze fixing of minimum uriees
to t ie trod icer to stunillale produc
tion: fliitibori e Import dittos If ini
pop'at or.-, tlireattui operation of gnat
«:nteed minimum prices: authorise pur
clia ■« by the government at the prv
scribed prices supplies lor allies of ihe
I United Stales.
Establishment by tlio president of
maximum prices to break food corners
or to prevent buordiug and epecula
A !ii':uiri/.e changing of milling grades
or mixing of grains m malting ilour.
Authorize tlio president to presenn*
restrictions on use of foodstuffs in the
manufacture of alcoholic liquors.
Tito mensure is based on the war
powers of congress and senate and
bouse in connection wiuli tno food bills
and also, but only in tlio senate, upon
the war taxation bill. Senator Gore,
chairman of the senate agriculture
committee, who will have charge of
the food production bill to bo pressed
[ ui the senate tomorrow, said the com
mittee will resist any effort to attach
prohibition amendments, of which «•.
score are pending, to that bill.
To expedite legislation comprising
taps only for increasing foodstuf: pro
duction tlio senate committee hopes to
exclude all extraneous atnendmen/s, es
pecially those proposing lo prohibit
manufacture of grain or other food
stuffs into intoxicating beverages or
other prohibition proposals. Conline
‘1110111 of sul* ii amendments and pro
tracted debate they are certain to pro
voke to the house bill dealing nth
provisions for regulating and conserv
ing food supplies is desired by me
senator (i»rr is now writing a pro
fhlbition amendment ti> be offered t.o
the war revenue bill after it passe- t'bie
house. Various other prohibition pro
posals are being considered bv the
senate.fmamx committee in which seu
timent i> reported strong for butue
action along prrtlithition line-.
Apparent spread of sentiment in
congress for some degree of prohibi
tion legislation effective during ;he
war, both «s a wartime measure and
also to conserve foodstuffs is causing
widespread belief in ultimate enact
incut of “dry" laws, at leant ito a Um
ited extent
I*aris, Monday. May 21.—The Brazil
tau steamer Tijuctt was sunk off the
coast of Brittany ye-terday. Par of
her crew u«i.-, picked up. The Tljuca,
last reported as having sailed from
Pernambuco for Havre on April it, was
of 2,304 tons gross and was owned by
a navigation company ol Rio Janeiro.
$7,000,000 WORTH OF
The Reserve Districts of Boston. New
York and Philadelphia Are Sched
u'ed to Take Forty Nine Per Cent
of the Entire Amount.
Washington, May 22.—What cvriy
section of the country is* expected to
do tn unloosing its purse strings for
"he Liberty loan was officially an
nounced tonight by the treasury de
partment. It is hoped there will he
such an oversubscription as has never
before been recorded in the history
of any nation.
In framing the schedule of minimum
performances expected t>y the Last.
Went, South and Pacific slope, treys
ury experts have built a structure of
figures with entire banking resources
of the country as its foundation They
have based their cu mulations not upon
the patriotism of any particular sec
tlon, but upon the number of dollars
to be found in banks of that section
The problem thu* tentatively created,
it is realized, probably will be re
shaped entirely by the response ot
the people of the United Stales, bul
as a guide in the •absence of any other
precedent, it will serve the purpose ot
showing each district just what the
nation, expects of it.
Coincident with announcement of
the teiHative allotments— which in
reality are not a lotinentc. but esti
mates of what each section should
take, the federal reserve hoard an
nounced tonight It had availed Itself
of the extraordinary powers vested in
it by * ongress and virtually had placed
at the disposal of every bank in the
United States, member and nun mem
be-r the powerful machinery of the
I reserve system to assist in making
the 1 an an overwhelming success
In making public its tentative allot
ments ot bonds the treasury depart
ment has adopted two bases of esti
mating. a two bll ion dollar lassie and
one of $ 1 ioo.o0o.ooo. the latter do
signed to meet the possibility of »ny
one seetiou failing to take the amount
estimated. The tentative allotments,
maximum a ml minimum, by reserve
districts follows:
Boston. $2 iti,000,tWl> to $200,000,000.
Nvw York, $000,000,000 'tp $75o,
Bblladelidtia. $110,eoti,()00 to $175,
(’let eland, $ 180,000,000 to $225,000,
IKichunmd, $So,ooo,ot>0 to $100,Ooo
Atlanta. $ii0.ono,ooo to $75.ooo,ooo,
Chicago, $200,000,"00 to $225,000,.
iSt. Louis, $80,000,000 to $100,000,
Minneapolis, $80,000,000 to $100,
Katv-as City, $100,000,000 to $125,
Balias, $10,000,000 to $50,000,000.
San Kn.m isco, $110,000,000 to $175,
Ana ysis of the -tabulation shows
tint tin' three reserve d.stricts with
headquarters at Boston. New York
and Philadelphia are expected to take
19 per cent of the loan.
Minimum tentative allotments liv
states estimated on the same basis
showing as each state s approximate
proportionate share include;
'IiOtiisiana, $1:1,500,000.
Texas, $ III,000,000.
Arkansas, $7,000,000.
Tennessee. $ I 5,000,000.
Kansan, $20,000,000.
Oklahoma, $! 4,500,000,
These figures represent only the
minimum expected from each state
which s expected to top the minimum
i>> as many hundred per cent as pus
The action of the federal reserve
board in aiding members ami non
member banks in the flotation of the
loan was announced in u letter writ
ten by Paul M. Warburg, vice gover
nor, to all roerve banks.
m'aduo pleased with
JUNE 14.
Denver Aluy 2d.—Secretary .Me
Adoo of ili<* treasury department an
nounced here late today his -intention
to make a second trip til behalf of
the Liberty loan. This journey will
carry him t<» tNe-.v York, Boston, De
troit, St. l.ouis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh
and Harrisburg, Pa. He will leave
Washington June 1 to make this tour
"Because of the patriotic response
of the people i f the cities 1 have al
ready visited and Hie deep interest
ihey have displayed in the Liberty
"oan, Secretary McAdoo announced
upon his arrival here, "I am con
vinced I should go to other cities and
explain the situation.
”1 hale found tli*> people of tin- Mid
dle West and West co-operating mag
nificently to make the Liberty loan
a succes s. Wc must greatly oversub
scribe this first, issue of two billions
tp show enemies of liberty that the
American people are aroused and
thoroughly in interest in this war tor
freedom and humanity.”
Clilougo, May 22.—-J. Ogden Armour
today subscribed for one million dol
lars' worth of the Liberty loan bonds,
p, was said by Mr. Armour's associates
that tilne subscript ton w as on IPs per
sonal account. and 'had no connection
with the Lriu of will loll lie is the head.
Mo^/'m Claims Invention
to Overcome Submarines
Declares That Device Would Cause
Torpedoes to Explode Harm
lessly Against Ships.
New V rk. May :'L’.—iHudson Maxim
announced today he had invented aud
perfected a device which will mak'
ships immune from dead motion 'by
mibnar lies He said t‘rpedoes even
when fir<w at close range and sirik
iiu tlieii lurgets would explode harm
tssly aca list the hull* of their in
ti tided victims.
The inventor made the announce
meui a a luncheon givei m Hrook
lyn He asserted that the Invention
mm hi will be demonstrated by the gov
eminent, which already hud bceu ad
vised of the details.
“The invention is practical for every
| type of vessel." he said “It can be
applied vv ihlu a few mentis* at a
I comparatively cheap price to the hulls
i of ships already icon st rue ted. Thu
only change necessary in vessels al
ready bui t will lie a slight enlarge
ment in their beams My device la
of solid material uhd encircled tbo
entire ship from bow to stern. It in
no sense or manner resembles either
* a screen or uet,"
Aviation Corps Is to Be Used to
Familiarize the People With the
Bond Issue by Dropping Pamphlets
as They Will Make Flights From
One City to Another,
•New York, May 22.—To enable per
son of small means to buy Liberty
loan bonds on an installment bask,
tbe federal reserve bank of New York,
in conjunction with the Liberty loan
committee, is perfecting a plan for
the issuance of participation certifi
cates, it was announced tonight.
The certificates probably will be in
denominations of $10. They wife bear
the same interest as bonds' and may
be exchanged for bonds when tho
holders accumulate tho required $30
Although it is not proposed to have
the certificates negotiable in the sense
of $nt bank notes, tho committee
points out that they may become so
in course cf time, this depending en
tirely upon merchant* and others to
whom they may be tendered.
Another plan to enable persons of
small means to purchase bonds was
announced by the League of Co-opera
tive Savings and Loan Associations
operating under the national defence
share law, which recently was ap
proved by Governor Whitman. Any
individual with < ne dollar, the league
has decided, may purchase a bond on
installments with the understanding
that the balance may bo paid at the
option of tho buyers at any timo with
in a year.
The federal reserve bank of New
York issued a statement tonight to
the effect that it had established a
special rate of rediscount of 3 1-2 per
cent for paper given for the purpose
of purchasing Liberty loan bonds of
tho government about, to be issued,
such paper having a maturity of not
exceeding !*0 days. This special rate,
it. was said, w 1| only apply to the re
discount of paper which has been se
cured by a pledge from the customer
to the member bank of United States
isinds or interim receipts therefor, or
United States certificates of indebted
Jn a ettor today to Guy Kmeraon,
secretary of publicity of the Liberty
loan committee, Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt asserted it is “the duty of
every man and of every woman in
this country who can possibly afford
to d<> so to buy Liberty bonds in or

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