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classified ads of the newspapers to see Arkansas—Thursday, cloudy, rain in
what is offered. An ad in the Sentinel- east portion, coider in west portion;
Informs Berlin There Can Be
No Armistice Except Upon
Terms That Would Make
it impossible for Germany
to Renew Hostilities.
If the United States Must Deal With
the Military Masters and Monarchical
Autocrats of Germany'Nowor in the
Future it Must Demand Not Peace
Negotiations But Surrender.
Washington. Oct J_ —President
Wilson has submitted lie Herman pi* a
I for an armistice and peace to in. ai.n
and at .the -tamo tune It.- informed
Berlin that there can lie no armistiee
exr< | t upon terms th^i xvfiTftfl null .■ If
impossible for Hermans t * rene a ho -
While .consenting lo deal l mle
M iHi the present atithnritie m ner
many the president lue- given tlum
thi* warning
“If ii (the ru led Sialtsi tiie-l deal
with die military musters an I mon
archical autocrats or many now,
or if if is likely to Imvc to d<*al with
them in regard-in International obli
gations of me Herman cm re. it luu-i
demand in-' ■ .-a,.-e n-got lations hat
surrender. Nothing < ill I ■■ rained **»
leaving this e sentiai tnil. unsaid"
The presidents reply to tin la-1
lUerman note was handed t i tin*
charge of the. Swiss legation tonight
for transmission to the ( ‘tninn •
ft accedes to the rpi|iiesi that lie lake
lip with tin allies the [>ro: >sa!s o: tli•*
new spokesmen ot the Herman "i>
jilc. hut does it with notiec that stir
render of the Teutonic armies in the
field will lie the prim demanded l.ir
intr:million of the be.Bine n > '■ hem
In transmitting the matter to the
allies the president say- he has sue
nested that if they are disposed to
efiert peace on Ills ti ilis mil prill
eililes now acePliled by the pres ‘tit
Herman nuthoiities, flic Aiimrii an aim
allied military advl-ers he asi. il If
they deem such an armed ice possible
from a military point of view to su'i
r mlt such terms as will fully protect
the interests ot tIn* people involved
and Insure to the associate,i -nvo.ti
incuts t lie unrest rtf 11 d i >wer to on
fore peace on Ihe conditions siecrpt
The president says lie feels he < an
not. decline to take up tie qiie.-tion of
an armistice, having received solemn
and explicit assurances of the Herman
government it accept; the term; "t
peace enunciated, by him: that tin h'
sire to discuss their applications conn..
from ministers speaking lor an over
whelming majority of the Herman peo
ple and that the Herman mined force
will observe the humane rules n* civ
ilized w art are on land and <*a lie
ignores entirely the Herman protest
and denials in response to nis state
ment that an armistice could not hr
l.xmstdered while the Herman army
ml navy continued their atrocities.
As to the authority of the new
spokesman of tat Herman permit*, lu
f|i' aks as tile note says, without aa_,
attempt to soften what may sects
ha>sh words” and tells the men will,
whom he is dealing and through then
j. Hie i ;■ nu hi p'~
(Hilary safeguards must be demanded
Ktietore hostilities can cease.
,Significant and inupoilant as the
^ \ preposed constitutional ebanges seen
ygt to lie, he declares, it docs not appeal
that the people of a Government re
sponsible to the Herman people hie
yet been worked out. and it is evulen
that the people have no means o'
commanding 'he utxitiiesence ur tm
tf- military anthorUies.
Jlo reminds the Hermans that tlx
power of too King of Prussia (til©
kaiseri to control tlv policy of the
(‘moire is unimpaired, anrl concludes
■ iih the warnin ' that if this power Is
to iie (teal! with the Kmted Mates and
The allies can demand nothing but sur
As the note v. as dispatched, S- !-■
I a r \ Tumulty at the white house gave
emphasis to the assurance given by
all members of the government that tie
inteirui-tion o. tlit? military program
is intimated
Approval of the prc-ldentact oil
■as voiced everywhere among nine
i:i 1 - who c< cl ired that the note rre
m. mued nr. ndcr on what a merit .1
and tile allies insi-t and at the same
time i • ■ i• 1 to tim liernum ; eopii- a 1 v
ture of their situation 111 a way like-ly
10 hasten their rise in throw out pie
kaiser and bis war lotus complete!*
in congress the expression of lead
ers indiiatcd a divided opinion. Sen
ator 11 it it' >i nt NelvtasUa. -chfiirnuur
of the senate D reign relation- com
mifei-. approv-d the note in unounll
fied terms declaring it. called lor uu
'conditional surrender and wourn i a . -r
a crisis in tlermany.
On lie? other nan I, Senator Podge1
i f Mus.-achuset:rcpu'hli, an lea 1. r
and ranking minority member of ftto
jforeign relations coniiiiitleo express-!
rd regret that the president had enter
led upon any discus.-ion with the tier
man government and declared any tie.
-ot-ntion should toll >w a report from
(iencrai Koch that Die Dorman armies
had surrendered
How the note is received 1 *> the p.’ >
pie of ilie allied countries will he
awaited with the greatest interest, r-o
far as the ailie.i governments are con
cerned 't i' as itimd that they huu
, heeii informed and are m ent ire tie. or l
, with the culminating step o; the pr( -
.Ideal's i-oliev. Fxchanges have been
igoing on since wireless version of the
Herman reply to the president was
picked up Monday. The official trans
lation into English, made at the lier
lm ioroign office and delivered with
the Herman text does not differ ma
terially in any particular from the
wireless ver on and slight verbal dif
ferences in the latter tending to make
more obscure some rather vague
phrases in the original ma\ hit' been
(Me to errors in transmission
t The statement follows:
| “Thi' Secretary of State makes puli
1 lie the follow in?:
I “From the Se* rotary of State to
| the Charge d’Affuires de intermin In
Marge of Herman interests in the
I'nited Statis:
1 “Department of state October d 1,
| “Sir:
“I have the honor to acknowledge
the receipt of your note of the ddnd
transmitting a commnnieaion under
|date of the doth from the Herman gov
ernment and to advise van that the
President lias instructed me to reply
: thereto as follow s:
I ‘ Havin'-: received the solemn and ex
plicit assurance of the Herman gov
ernment that it would unreservedly
accept the terms of peace laid down
I in liis address to the Oon-rosu of Ilie
Veritable Nest; ct Machine Gens Are
Going tncountered By the Ameri
cans As They Attempt to Press For
ward Along tite Front From the
Meuse to the Town of Grind Pre.
i My The Associated Pre.- i
Thi allied armies in France and
Bolg tm are driving the i it t n rn to
ward their border bin t!te priiro-s L
now comparatively slow.
On the sectors that ar<- mpti site In
the stability of the entire German line
-where a crash throu.h would prob
ably mean the immediate eollnvse „(
the whole defensive system the nui-l
stniiltorn resistance is nciiig off. rial v
I he enemy tut:! what gains a re Inina,
made by the allies -are virtually lent
by foot in the face of the hornets of
the- luttle line the machine --mils
Particularly vicious fi lilting Is in
prog: ess west cl the Mens river vv nerc
the \inerleans i:i their endeavors to
overcome natural obstacles barring the
wav northward to Sedan a-c -.ucd with
picked troops vviili orders to hold them
back at all ca l- In the :i don tram
LeCat trait to liio north of Valoncu-ii
ties where the British and American
gradually' are tearing their way
through tie' enemy's front and netvvei n
dTmrnai and Vudciuit'de, .vliere the
British also arc I aril alter tne enemy.
Not withstanding the frantii emlrav
ors of tin enemy to maintain tlu-ii'
IHjsliioiis ca all three of these sectors
material progress has bc.-n made
Likewise northeast of Latin the
French on right miles of front nave
delivt red a thrust that tarried Ilium
forward from two to time miles In
the hands of the British have fallen
more than two thousand prisoners
whi'e the Americans on the Meuse a*
so have gathered in numbers m the
enemy and a considerable tpuuHIty
-.4- hi ■ ..It... .....
V. ritabie nests of machine gum's arr
being encountered by He Americans
as they attempt to pres.- > iraard alon
the front front the .Meuse to the town
of (irami ere, shunto i mr;h of tin
Argonne forest, but in spit' of those
obstaifes tiny have taken fnithoi
ground and at Iasi a i oum v. ere
steadily l.ec ing up their pressure
[against the enemy.
I The extremely heavy counter at
tacks have been successfully sustain
ed north of dram! Pro and on this sect
or particularly throng concentrations
|of enemy artillery f-ro have gone al
most for naught.
I On tin* western hank ot the M use
[the town of Hreuilles bus peen taker
.the enemy having burned and evn.-uat
ed it and retreated in the general di
rection of Dun.
dxactly what has been aeconiolishef
by the French in a drive northeast o
l.aon, except that they have gainer,
over a wide front, has not vet heroin'
apparent: net it brrings appreciably
nearer Mont Cornel tli" last Important
'railroad junction in this region
I North and south or Yulenciennei
Field Marshal Haig ha; continued hi
attacks againsi the (jcrmatis and ov
2 000.000 AMERICANS
Washington, Oct. 23.—At the
same time the Presdent's reply
to Germany was made public ihe
white house gave out correspond
ence between Secretary Baker and
President Wiison showing that
more than two million American
soldi“r« have embarked to parti
cipate in the war overseas
"I am sure that th's will be a
matter of deep gratification and
re-asseranc, to the country and
that everyone will join in con
gratulating the war and navy de
partment upon the steady accom
plishment in this all - importan t
application force to the liberation
of the worldt” said the president
in responding to the letter of Sec
retary Baker informing him of
the overseas embarkation.
Tin* oorre.syi.ndenee follows:
War Department, Washington,
Oct 22, 1918.
My dear Mr. I resident:
More Ilian two million American
soldier.- have vailed from the ports In
this countr> to participate in the war
overseas. In reporting this fact to
von. 1 fuel sure that ran will ne In
terested in the following tUita show
ing the progress of our military ef
In lay letter it .Inly I 1 fttS. 1 intorrn
ed von linn between May S. 1917, and
lime 11* 1. over a million men had
either been landed in France or worn
onroute thereto. .Since. July 1. ISIS,
embarkations by mom Its have been
ns follows- July ".•Hi.1SJ; August
;•*(!> sl s ; September 2t>l.41 r.: October
11 to 21*1 I : 1,498; total 9S9.S1C.
I Kinlinrked to July 1, Ibis, l.or.i.n*.
Grand total 2.'M!K,9.".I.
In onr over.-.-;:• operations I feel mat
thankful of lin- results obtained. Onr
Jos- os have bpen exceedingly small
considering the si/e of the force trans
j ported and tills dire to tile efficient
‘ protection given American convoys by
the naval forces. We also have been
greatlv aided in lhe di patch of troops
:,Iti .ad -In the allocation of certain
j vessels front oar ullies. principally
, those of Great Urltlan.
Cordially yours,
Secretary of War
i Tii" President.
The White House.
The pi-sideul s reply follows:
The White House, Wru-hin ton
October 22nd. 1918.
My dear Mr Secretary:
I I ant very glad to have your kite
of this morning reporting that more
than two million soldiers hue sake
from the ports of this country to par
ticipate in the war overseas. 1 am
sure ill will lie a matter of deep grat
ideation and p- assurance to the conn
i. ... . _ ... ... .
I . _* tl 11II i uni i i ' i j i'll' >• ill juiii ill' in
congratulating the war and navy do
j i artmotits upon the steady movemon
|accomplished in this all important tip
•plication of lorea to the liberation o
i the v.orl l.
Cordially and sincerely yours.
I lion. New Ion I) Baker,
Secretary of War.
• .. - T-.- ■ - ■ =3
cryivhnv made good progress. Between
tl.eCateau and Solesmes a sharp wedge
j has been driven Into the German line
i threatening th town of Matibege on tho
east and outflanking Valenciennes on
the south.
North of Valenciennes the town >f
Bruay lias been captured making Val
enciennes untenable for the enemy
To the north of tais region the British
have reached the west bank of the
.Beheld canal.
Already the British tire in the west
ern c.ntskirts of Valenciennes where
hard fighting is in progress, the Her
mans having posted machine guns in
numerable on the eastern bank of I he
| canal which runs to the center of th.
< W
| In northern Belgium the German*
are still retiring Unofficial report!
1 are to the effect that Gtlhcnt is beov
■ evacuated.
Enemy in Belgium and Northern
France is Moving Fiom One Position
to Another* As the Allied Armies Ad
vance—Germans Unable to Remove
Railroad Cars Apply the Torch.
With tlm British Army in France
and Belgium, Oct. IT. The British
'third and fourth armies today stnasn -
'Oil through strong German defenses
eont.li of Valenciennes They gain 'd
ground to a depth of more than ri.nou
yards on an extended front, eat-iur
jing many important villages and < \
i ral thousand prisoners, together v/tth
numerous guns and driving a wcr .■>
onto the enemy positions at whih
probably is the most vital point of tii •
I lines the Germans are holding
The lighting was of a d< per.ite n*.
jntre, the German machine gunners
holding out to the last Large numbers
of the enemy were killed.
The advance continues and the nten.
ace to the Gormans to the north and
south of the front attacked is hour
ly growing. Further retaieats are e.x
1 poi-1 ed.
North of the third and fourth armies
the British first army continued its
attacks and reached posit ione well to
to the northeast of Valenciennes which
is gradually being squeezed out It is
probable that the Germans have al
ready evacuated that town.
Tiut British re approaching l.oQit'vs
noy and wore only about three miles
from the gates of that place according
to latest rei|M>rts and were stiB ad
The heaviest fighting seems to have
been it) L'Kveque wood which is Ht ill
being' cleared up, although the Brit
is!i have passed ceiPi’dPtely' around it
and are before the great Mornial fore st
Pn lie- eilee of tins the Parmitns were
reported to be concentrating at Prenx.
Catilllon was taken early in 1 tie* fight
ing by assault. Ors is in British
hands. The Germans before retreat
ing blew up all the bridges over the
eaual between < atillon and Ors.
One corps holding the center of the
fourth army front opposite GeCatrru
alone had take n 300 prisoners early In
the day.
The Infantry massing for the at
tack was supposed to lie a target for
the German artillery ’which concen
trated a heavy fire on two points cast
of Hamel and east of GeCateau, just
before midnight. The infantry, how
ever, moved forward on schedule and
soon had Jumped the Germans Hear
out of tin* lirsi of their hurriedly con
structed defen ive positions.
This was about half past oik* o’clock
this morning. Since that time the
fighting has been continuous ami
shows no signs of quieting down.
Accord in-’to the best information the
next line the Germans intend to stand
rn is through Amougles, which under
, liodnial conditions should be reached
, in two days. After that they have
ja line west of Brussels which may re
reached ’before the end or the month.
Further back there is a line on the
With the American Army Northwest
of Verdun, Oct L’l. The American
11oops captured the Belle Joyouso and
Talma farms and the video IreCween
them after an all-day light today
These positions are sit tutted northw-i
of Grand I’re.
Karly Wednesday the Americans
launched an attack with the determi
nation of cleaning up Grand I’re and
that region. This was accompllsjien
hut the Gormans, counter attacking
drove hack the Americans til places.
The Americans later regained their
ground and advanced despite desperate
machine gun defence.
The German losses In dead and
wounded were heavy.
With the American Array Xorlh
wcat of Verdun Get 2.T.—r> p. in.—
The stlffest fighting of the American
< ffeusive west of ilie Meuse was un
der way today. The line is swaying
riml finlli In Hio rrpVttti
(■'rand I’re, on Hie western end of the
front, the Americans threw bark re
pealed violent German attacks.
The Germans are using for the most
part machine guns and light artillery
with plenty of gas. The enemy ma
chine gnu nests were pounded all day
by the American artillery and by
homhiti: machines, hut Hie Germans
apparently had dug in against hells.
With their hacks to a great series
of woods, the Hois do Has and llm
J>ois de Bourgogne included the Ger
mans are fighting for their live
Prisoners assert that the woods are
literally full of machine guns and
guns of heavier calibre and these
prisoners have expressed the opin
ion that the Americans can never
capture Bourgogne ami the woods to
■ the northwest.
The American troops fought all
Wednesday in the face of machine
gunfire from Talma farm to hill 220
northwest of Grand I’re I'pon the
elopes to the north of Grand I’re th“
German rnachin- gun nests extended
front hill 201 lo Belle Jo,reuse farm
With the American Army North
west .if Verdun, Oct. 2 1 American
bombing aeroplanes aided |>y machine
guitn* i s w ere busy today in checking
German troop movements toward the
fighting front. At mid-day two
squadrons of bombers attacked Buz
alley wiih excellent results. hater
about 1.2(i machines attacked enemy
troop concentrations in the woods in
the region of UemonvHle.
The attack on Httzaney was in re
sponse lo a report that (lernian troop
trains were arriving there The at
tack on the woods near Ttcmonville
I was on the Itois de la Foche arul th >
| Hois tit' Rarricouit. A large n 'Tuber
of twenty pound bombs were drop
lied on the woods while machine gun- j
r.er- attacked eneinv troops on the
Several formations of Pokers at
tacked l>olti groups of llu' American
bomber.-, but were driven off m each
There were n“rial combats all along
(he front during the early morning.
Lieutenant Kdward V. ltiekenbuckor
was credited with one bocho before
lo t ukfa t.
In a most spectacular combat over
Doulcon which lasted half an hour,
four American fighters badly worsted
an equal number of Germans, three
Fokcrs being downed. Captain Alfred
Grant Ren ton, of Texas, single hand
ed, fought two Fokcrs and shot down
in flame* atrey No Man's Lautd ft
German two seater bound for the
American lines on observation duty.
-.—_ )
Hmdenburg Asks That the Confidence
Accorded Him In the Days of Success )
Be Continued By the Army in His f
Hour of Defeat—Documents Were -
Taken From a Bavin Ian Prisoner.
With the l-'n itch Army In France.
,:,,t. i'ihii Marshal von Hintien
!mr in an order to German officers
in the field, referring to negotiations
f"r an armistice declares he approves
th peace move and is obliged to sup
port the government. He asks that
th confidence reposed in him in the
day: of success lie continued.
I : orman crowy prince in an
liter to the gro p of armies under
Id eomniaihi reminds the officers of
the r. ponsildlity they Incur when
tin h'se a position or modify the line
in :i’ way without orders. Copies
"•' t'n e documents havc fallen into
tli hands of the French
"I’* Idieal events of the last few
'in -ns Hliidenburg, "have pro
dic « d the most profound impression
upon the army, notably upon the of
ficei It is my duty to support tho
government instituted by his ma
I appreve the steps taken toward
Peace The German army lias a su
I'erloiltv n r all others in that tile
troop, a ini officers have never en
d'd in i idftics. \Si> desire to ad
here to that principle. I expect that
• be <>!ifid»nce that \u. accorded me
tin days of access will be all tile
strong now."
The order of the crown prince is
shorter and almost, curt. IJt says:
lit exchange of diplomatic notes
si'es no- the occasion to recall my
order according to which each officer
CllllllYVmil (Mlirnire . Uh. __1LM
ily when hi> loses a position or modi
I*1 hi lines of resistance without
express orders.”
Another eider which emanates with
Gtrnian hisrh command says:
"Diplomatic negotiations with a
view to terminating the war have be
gun Their conclusion will be all
the mort favorable in proportion as
v, ucce' d in keeping the army well
in hand in holding the ground con
h'li red and in doing harm to the en
i in> These principles should guide
the dil ation of the combat in the
e.u's that arc to follow."
All of these documents were taken
Horn the Fifth Bavarian division.
London, Oct. a dispatch to the
Daily Mail from The Hague eays:
From all information available here
in Germany there is wiresproad dread
of winter and of daily and nightly air
raid; from German acre,Ironies in Bel
gium, which are now in the hands of
the allies. It is slated that such raid*
will produce internal results in Ger
main quite different from the present
I symptoms of unreeit.

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