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Bernsterff’s Documents Taken From
the Mass of Evidence In the De
partment's Files Disclosing German
Intrigue Before and After the
Un.ted States Entered the War
Were Made Public. .
Washington. Deo. 7. Further chap,
lias iii the si.ij of Hip cijrrls >’f
< unt Bernstorff, the former German
am i):is«aflnr ;itwi ni >*-»»• tnh n
agents to influence -cntiment in
America toward firman,v and to pro
Votit U’f sbipnn nt it war supplies to
the allies, were revealed in doeanienl
laid before the somite investigating
committee today, by \. Bruce lliel
ashi ■( the department. of .tistice.
Wreck of the pro mgamla syalent
'mill dp by Bernard Ibunburg. the
kaiser s pars nil agent iy the United
Metes, by e sinking u.f the I.u .
t.mia, and. i" i • imiidin i ii
’>44.g. a ju ail It ■ III
i if i' becomes kno.vn."
■alt with in conimuuiea
lie former arn .1 aiim' to
■(a-TTTr t lei 1 elfiy
/here also was evidence relatin ',
to the organization in IPl.'i, and
senuent activities of the America'!
Kmhargo Association, with the hope
ot (topping shipments of war sup
plies to the a lib ( and hy so aroti
ing feeiing among the votcri as to
compel legislative slot ion One < i lie
communications offered hy M. Bb'l
aski. and purporting to have been
written by Kurt von itch .Hz, former
Herman eon it at < 'hica dealt wi b
a mass meeting of Hie association
soon to he held, and said iBut am ng
the- ■ wiio had "agreed to co-operate '
wor' Senator Hitchcock o! Nebraska,
if hairinan of the senate foreign r. la
« 1 ions ( mmifteo: former Hoprcson! u
ij live Buchanan of Blip is. who was
f connected with 1 vi i *or'-= National
Be.sc ■ t’ouncil: William Bayard Hale
.*-Vf ' and Hr Aim.I, > mmist-»r if San
. I' rancisco.
j Allot!" r I- mil' in at i'«i relating Hi
m a meet ini of ; b . c'.k ,irt i a .c.a
Hon. and said, to have keen written
hy (>. I. .lac ( of Chicago, acting
eh airman. a:d that former Senator
Works, of California and Senator
Coorge HilMieoek. support! I the prin
ciples df tpe conference.
Mr. I’.iel.iski rend a docirment sign
(•(I by Senator diit< heock. suiting tlnil
the senator would do all in his power,
both as senator and os editor of the
Omaha World-Herald, to min , about:
an ' mhargo on arms
ltelswitz'' le.tor rcga ruing Hie cn
hargo association made this reier
i■nee to Senator Hitchcock:
“Hitchcock seemed to he very
strong for the plan, lie told our rep
resentative at a conference hi Oma
*• 'if this matter is organized in the
right way you will sweep the United
States.' '
Counsel Reisivitz. in a letter, be
lieved ly (lie department f justice
to have been written to Heinrich K
Alliert. a former tier.nail agent, out
lined a plan for the ae'iuisil ion of the
Wright aproplnne factory at tl avion,
o., as a means of preventing the ok
pmt of living machines from the
United1 States.
’Mr. Iiielaski also testified tltiit ■>
make previsions for the di semination
of pro-Ciprman news to smaller news
papers, the (lera tn agents <ontcin
pluted the purchase of tlie American
Pre*.i Aspneiation which furnished
manor in type to ■papers, but he said
til' ie was no evidence that the deal
was canned Ihroir-'h. In this eon
i . • t lot), tin •.vi'tn- n ad i ll • . i
' drawn upon pr.sumanly liy tin*
agents of .Albert, whereby the ass
ciation was to "place it, whole or
gnui'/allon at the disposal cf" Albert,
in enter to spread pro-Herman news
ami suppress anti-Herman news.
The option was to e valid bet ween
July L’o and October 1 fi, 1:»1and dur
ing ilia! lime Albert was in deeidt
wliellu"- be w aid purchase coiilnd ol
the property tor $1* a.m.ii.
t ale today tiro state deportment
made public the lull !e\i of the Hern
riorff documents read into the com
nnllee i ‘cords by Air llielas'.i
They «■ re taken from the mn s o
(A'deuce in the department's file dis
elo-dng Hern hi intrigue before and
after the l'nil< d Slates entered th
war. The document relating; to toe
shipwreck of the Iierniiurg pr: pagan
da was dated November 1, HUY
Another document referred to the
use of the New York representative
of the Wolff bureau, the (iennnn
semi-official news organization, in
sending telegraph reports to Berlin.
I’ndcr dale ot September I'•Mb,
Berlin warned Von Binistorl'f that
lhn Wolff Imre.hi agents w re c'iti
i l/od as i o one sided and said more
unbiased ii port.s "s'em to he urgent
1. desirable.”
Von BemstoriT's rues age dale:'
August 21, 1 It I J. si id .
"As your excellency is aware. I
have used the intermediary of the
New York representative of the \\ Iff
agency, Herr Klaes- iin order to
send fe], urapiiii reports to you.
These telegram ■■ to you, intended for
yen, are indicated by the fact that
they do not begin by naming the day
of the week.
"la order tiiat the reports shall nf!
excite atttuition, it has been net's
nary, in many ease.-, to disguise them
in the form of pro s extracts, or put
into the mouth of members of con
intended to ho merely the expression
of s me individual opinion, but as
being views which, in m> opinen, ore
important lor me direction of oc.r for
idgn policy, mid for a proper com
prelien ini' 01 tbc iocnl sitliali n.”
Berlin sent this me.-sage via Slock
holm and Buenos Aires, date) Sep
e mher Hi, IP id:
“The reports of th • Wolff bureau
agents are rightly criticised by a part
et the Herman press os one sided, as
iie ha reported for some tin:1 noth
me hut indignation against Kng’i >’t
i in ruacitnient, w hich ... hen
takes seriously.
“As Hie matter will probably he
taken up in the reichstae, more un
biased reports seem to ho urgently
' He i-e advi. i; Kiuessi: in thi
General Beswits1 letter reagrding
the etniiargo conference said that th"
leadership in Hu- movement to Stop
shipments of arms t > the alb 's A:e
in the hands of two men, one in Chi
cago and the other in Detroit. There
va« no indication as to th., identity
of the men.
This part of the letter follows:
“Fur your r nfkieniial Information
I would further inform you that lead
ership nf the movement, thus far. lies
II the hands of two gem I,>men (one
ii Detroit and one in Chicago) who
are firmly resolved to w rk towards
the end that the Gorman community,
which, of course, will lie with us,
without turllior ureine, shall, above
all tilings, remain in Hie background,
and that the movement, to all out
ward appearances sliail have a pure
ly American character.
have known both the gentlemen
very well for a long time and know
that per ;'mil inlere.-d does not count
linn i ; i • 111 ill'1 1 ■ till will min:
tnmr onli reward."
•Mr. Itiela, ki introduced Jetton
written by G. Thomas, .it UotIonium
to George Bnrtheleme, former repre
sentative here of the Cologne GazoC-o,
outlining a retime for outwitting the
British censors and getting German
news to the I nilod Mates and C n
(ral und South America. Aer rding
to the letters the plan was to estab
lish a cable news service system be
tween Holland and America which
c.stemildy would be an exchange ser
vice between a Dutch paper and a
newspaper or news association in
The United States broke off diplo
mats relations with Germany before
the plan wa put into opi-rati n.
Organization of the citizens’ com
nr!ttr,e for food shipments, ostensibly
formed to send food to German civ
ilian . was aliened by Mr Hiolaski.
who sa il the apparent cxpoitilil .ires
lor ii si ll shipment of condensed
milk amounted to more than tlu1
value of the good shipp'd
Tliirtv thousand dollars collected
by the organization, under the guise
ot intending to send food t Germany,
apparently, was pent for other
causes, lie raid.
Tin committee wa form d, Mr
Bielnskl said, at the V’m,> of Samuel
Cntermoyer In New York.
The German l*u lieation Seenly to
dlslrilmte Gorman classics, tils • wa
formed. Mr. BielasM -aid. Dr. Albert
.v-eat-V. »rnt- WTBS- gWMT1 ,VI «v v«rg» - ■... - - .... . .....
I,ii«- . ■ v. I ■, he I-'! .ml: < ill ■ ■ i I | >ln ii !■. !'n | <li i l'ii Hr,i m In' ... in lilts ei um ll\v nl I lii* net util lira 11 in*, i.f I lie
iinni ■ lice terms In : In ."Ili I j >1 cii i i itti i "Hi i i lie ,ii Versailles. * Mi I He left, iibulll lUe earner <»i tin* laliie, are <'"Imiel
llmi.'ii tmil (iciiernl itli' . American representatives. -»
T-.-=---:------- -z-------: ——-—
riving S-“b.'nhi fur the oii>-,..
"As ii --u.il.' said the wifrn
“George K.lvi . i r Vic-reck i::• rI some
thins: to do with this organization,
rveil after the United Slates entered
the war, lint lie erased his activities
after tin- passage of the cspinnaui
a ct.”
.Mr. Mielaski submitted to the com
niiUOo copies cf letters flu wing that
several lecturers wit: toured the
country speaking in favor of Or
many, were paid hy Von neynstorff
Ww York, Dree 7. • Uiienip'ornioi't
is tite greates. danger confruntiti tie
Unitf'd States dnrim t!i.■ next i
ntonths, the labor re instruction i in
ference of tile Academy of Political
Science was fold at its meeting lu re
tods: by Nathan A StiinTi. n. -i.--t .iit
director general ol the United States
employment sen ice.
‘Soldiers ere iitine: discharged l>>"
the tlinus.r.d.s daily, on tin-' basis of
military units, wh no reference r
iii imlusti ■ said Air. Smyth.
"They are behe mlisten d out on
a i'civ days noiici and given in money
t'ie cost of transportation le th ir
homes, free to buy tickets wherever
they please. Already they are lurr.
iiu; up in the cities, in:provident ’>r dm
away from home without, work, i,
tpltcant - for i i k'ian i . of. ,\iany
others .me unv filing to undertake i >
day labor .•> s which alone, they ran
find- There H every pro.-need that
Hides remedial measures aiv prompt,
ly ialceii llir sight of -tramlrd. work
ps :. moneyless soldiers will he com
mon throughout the land.
‘The gnat danger iu tile etude'
four months i- Hint there wouldn't
lie jobs enough ti go areum., tn>t
unemployment wouid eiiino wi ii :n
t«ndflnt mis'ry. and soe.it linn -t a,
a lime when unarehisTi onden m.
are emifa4iou«
San Fiaticisci). lire. 7. William
Denman, formerly chairman of the
1'nit'Ml States sii.ppiiig hoard, tonight
declined appointirent by Secretary ;T
Rfiiuir U imam is. \\ us>n. ,t- sin
eial ro-'roset'taiive of that depart
raent in a county grand jury investi
gation of alleged irregularities char
(1 in a report published here under
signature of .Tulin I>. Densninre, deal
ing wlilt the ease el' Th -ma- J.
('llilianooga. Tcnii , Dee. V.- Indict
ments eoniainiitg se>l*n comis were
returned l>. the raia! lur. heie to
day auaiust Sam .lorn l orn. - ■
council nan; ((sear \Y. Smiiii, < or.
din-tor, and \V !l McVVUor1 ?r in > on
nection with the larceny <>f linuoi
while in transit from ear.- on the
Southern railway.
Three counts charge hire, ny while
four are for violation;. < f the pro
hibitory -I., line - ;’he .a ■ are I a
result of it.ves! .ga'ion of Hu* lose "i
dimntities of whiskey being Iran'
I ported to non-prouililtlon .-.talas fol
lowing <h rand on the railroad fur
parmint for the liiitio- i > :
The indictments allege ti it th
w ill -key a< as l lie properly o' " R
Mt-Adoo, director cenpi.il of nil
r<» i.R
. 'l
Number of M,.n Discharged in the
United States During the Past
Week Was O.rr 200.000—General
O LJ ^ ~_r:.n. a __i
for early Return 125,525 Men and
5.325 Officers.
W; 1:in;:ton. r- c. 7. - Right r£ th >
thirteen divisions comprising the
Amerieun Tliinl army innv approach
mg t!n> Rhine eltlier are national
guard nr national army tru ps. and
I ihero is every reason to nolieVe that
tlt-v "'ll i e i>n American > iil again
i by midsummer.
(le.teral March, chief of staff ni>
. Tiouneed today Rial in- anticipated no
; trotiiili* in netting lite-e units lunne
l air months after rea< e had been es
labli died
I’r. orient Wilson, in his recent ad
■ eii ss to congress, laid tile sessions
of the eeiifereiHY. probably wciild fie
t lH'h.ttled by spring, and based on
• bis e 'in Re of the time, (ieneral
March's statement was accepted to
mean tiial tiles,. f rees would return'
I during the summer
T ie mitioiial guard divisions, the
• fml and l.nd, and two of the na
tion:’1 rmy, Uie sath and Su'dfc, are
• j w in li e front line of Major CVen
' . 1 ' *v 111.1 II '■ , 111 \ III UU' 'JH'IIUH,
‘ which ,v i \viiliin twenty miles ©t th,.
iiliino last night, according to (ion
ci.d I'c-hing's rop'.'ri.
I .'■th and. national guard
and lie 7hi.1i uatinnal army arc in
the second line, constituting the re
y'.ew, which is occupying Luxemburg
and various rail critters in Franco,
lie hiding Alortmcdy, Longuyon. Elain
and St Mhiiol. The 1st, drcl, 1th and
: lhe r. s.liars comprise the remainder
i: il . dvaiK'ing army, while the 2nd
and Tiii divisions arc with the re
The estin ite a.j lo the possibility
dial !! i • c opt regular divisions will
a re; been withdrawn fr 'it Franco ny
ciiicl>ciiiiinc .■ is based on (lererul
‘ li.cn h's re ply a c lo • top necessary lo
obtain an extension of the enlistment
period in the army of occupation.
The iaw about the men who wore
j raced in ill' na" mil army is that
j ip. y mee t lx- discharged four months
lift i r i ho dec duration of peace, lio
That. I thin';, also was extended
to' include men who made* voluntary
enlist mints in !he regular iirnry. 1

won't liav. any difficulty in bringing
back from Franco (he so-called nit
lional army divisions in fur months
alter tie declaration of fence. It is
entirely possible that wo will have
to ask congress for some modifica
tion of thi> law to provide a longer
peried for tile units which will re
main In Unropo "
A total of 5.725 officers and 125,
5t'5 men, General March said, have
Iteen specifically assigned for early
return by (ionoral Pershing', lliclud
(>d in file additional units reported to
< ay are 1,l•_>i; officers and 2,2,81 men,
the largest rognni/.alions mentioned
being the field artillery brigades of
the stii (re-Milan and h2ml (notional
army negro) diiisi ns and the 245th
and 71(itii infantry regiments from
the sT'li (national army division).
The remaind. r consisilargely of
motor repair units and auxiliary divi
ion 11 troops The 2H)!li infantry Is
numerically the laigc-i unit yet or
(b red home, showing 77 officers and
:: Is2 men, while ihe 24.7th, with 1!
• (fleer; and 712 nu n, lias apparently
been stripped by rrpfacement drafts.
The full strength of an Infantry
regiment is approximately 2,C>0() men.
Dt cussing demoliitilzaiion of the
forces al home, (ienend March stud
college men, other than those in of
ficers' schools, wer ■ being alKimloncd
anil would receive up preference as to
the time of I heir discharge. The or
der of diMi.oblllzation providing that
coral-it divisions lie abandoned last,
lie said, lias not been altered.
“The sy leni if- working at, a very
tnucli greater speed." General March
• aid. "and I have initiated a system
\ which I get a daily record as to
officers and n weekly record as to
cnlistel men. The actual number of
officers discharged at the time of the
lust announcement was IT!, the num
ber di.-i barged tins week up to yes
terdnv was T.fi.’iS.
"The number of men discharged In
Hie I’nitcd States in iho last week
was over 200,(lot),"
T.c.iulon, Dec. 7 The London new s
papers n ?e; in appreciative terms
11. the celebration of “British. Pay" in
the I'nited States.
“We in liiis country," says the
Morning Post, “mo t cordiality appre
ciate the honor, and we appreciate
the chivalry and courtesy with which
the Americans have fought and work
id along side of us on both Rea and
land. Nor shall we ever forget, how.
weary, as we were ofthe lor* a drawn
of America came to ouv aid."
Washington, Pee. 7.—The American
government, though entirely in sym
pathy with the Armenian cause, is
lift prepared to express its views on
recognition of the Armenian republic
c‘ Ararat, or the other Armenian or
ganizations as co-belligerents in the
Notification to this effect, was giv
en today hv Acting Secretary Polk
in a letter to Pr. <!. Pasdennajian. i
age ip < f I he Armenian Catholics, to
the Tinted Hiatus.
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 7. Cp to nocn
ocia there had beeg cases of
influenza reported in Sr. I.oiiis this ;
week as comparer* with L"s<> last,
I week.
• •n Hoard (In i'. S. K George Wash
ington, nor 7, ,\t the present rale of
'■I I I’resid at Wilson will n I land
a1 Fred iefnre Friday and lie proto
nidi will reaeli Harts Saturday '111*
eonl'ereneeH with iln> French states
men ar( expected in begin promptly
Tuesday, after ail exchange cf official
\ isils.
i was expected tile Azores ivoal 1
he passed tonnorrow, tout Ihe George
\\ .c hin,Hon and her i uvoy of war
sta i ps are ploughing through ono
- <iua 11 after another, which are lieavv
for the southern course. As a. con
seriuenco the \zurew will not he
refilihed before Tuesday
The super dreadnought, Pointsyt
vanla is steaming acre than a mile
ahead of the president’.- ship. The
destroy, ra which make up tho re
niainder of the di nvov often are hid
■M 'I II III I ,111 ill III' III.
tween the great rollers whirlt ara
washing them so frequently that, flio
crews eon. scarcely cling to the
The George Washington, li wever,
is keeping a. comparatively steady
c urse In the heavy sen. and none
of the official party has horn sea
sick thus far.
Tho president, lock a constitutional
on deck after his morning's work
after which he again to k part in a
heat, drill and then retired to his
suite lor a nap.
New York, lie ’. 7 A denial that
ho had ever served ns agent, counsel,
or in any capacity in the interest of
the German government was issued
tonight by Samuel llntermcycr, who
asserted that his suggestion in IH10
to Dr. it. F. Albert, commercial at
tache of the etlrman embassv, thn»
tin* latter acquire an intere.-t in a
New York newspaper, was purely
personal negotiation.
As far hack an lull Air. Cntermeyer
said, he and a e-roup of friends nad
considered acquiring control of a mm
ropolit.an journal and Dr. Albert Lao
shown interest in th< project. When
an apparent, opportunity to carry out
the <1*1111 Tc-velopul, Mr Unterrncyei
stated, he offered t ie Herman attache
a minority Interest. ,
Though upholding tho propriety t-i
any lawyer serving as a legal coun
sellor to the Herman goverutiie.it in
this country, while the United States
was neutral. Mr. Untermcyer stated
that he had r< pcatedly refused to oer
form pri f< sslotial sen ices for am*
ha v.ador Iternsl ul" and tils ntsootfi*
tes. lie told tin* Hermans, he added,
British people, many of whoso in -
terete: he htul represented in this
country for ;i loth, period ef years.
Dr. William Bayard Hale issued a
formal statement tonight denying
that he htul received funds from the
German government, while he was
serving in Berlin ns special corres
pondent of the New York American.
‘The statement,” said Dr. Hale,
“hy wiionvsoev r made,” that while in
the employ of ti e New York Amer
ican I ever received one penny from
the German government, or from any
body connected with the German gov
ernment , directly or indirectly, is
' The allegation that tlio Gorman
-overnment or anybody connected
with the German government, uire t
ly or indlre tly, contributed one cent
toward the payment or tny expenses
in Berlin is false,
Copenhagen, Dec. 7.—With refer
ence to the interview with Frederick
William, the crown prince, obtained
hy the Associated Press, the Berlin
papers say that in a letter to a friend
la.-1. March he declared that he had
witnessed with great anxiety how Bn
(lend iff undervalued the power of
the United States The then crown
prince, however, the papers continue,
v.-as without Influence. IHe several
times attempted to get a conference
on important matters, but. was pre
vented by Bmlendoiff. ft was no so
orot hi higher Berlin circles, the pa
pers added, that (here was a eon
filet between ihe enineror and the
crown prince.
Message Will Be Read Prom Kina
George Expressing the Hope Tna»
Britain and the United States May
Always Be United af They Are T°*
d*y- i: . . ...
New York, Bee. 7.—Gaily decorat
ed with the 1 nion .lack, New York
joined today with the rest of tho na
tion in 11'.'brating Britain Pay, and
nt numerous gnthoringk speakers
paid uti“tintecl praise to tho British
soldi- is and -ail.ns who laid (Iowa
their lives for democracy in tho
world'ts greatest war.
Tic- ni.MiL public ceremony, however
wiB lie held tomorrow, when, at a
met in in 1 he Hiptprodrome, will ho
rend n message which was received
tonight from King George, expressing
the In,re that Britain and the Unitea
States mn\ always do untied as they
are 1od:t> -
Alton B. Pa ■ kor, vVi 11 preside, andy
among the ■-pea ker-s will he Sir iHeriry I
Ite'ti.ringt >n Smllli, actlngi British /
liiclt cmnmiKsion; Charles 1C. Hughes,
Samuel R. Rompers, president of th‘*
American I'Vdci-ition of l.albor, and
In- George E Vincent, head of too
Rockefeller foundation.
Special services wtl! flic held in tho
churcnes of the cityi
Tho features to<la> were a lunch
eon given by (lie Pilgrim .society hi
holier of the llritlr-h army and unvy,
ml a dinner held tonight under tins
an pices r r the Sul-rave institution
and Canadian club.
•Messages from distinguished Bri
tons and Americans were head at both
. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt sent a
met-, igo in which he expressed “tho
deep obligation that America owes
to the British empire, and above, all.
to the British ny»y’’ and declared /
that “we must show' our sense of obli
eption in (practical manner lit tho
peace table.’’
Asserting that America must r
sent a soli1, front with her a
t ie former president declared
“the peculiar position and the
needs of the British empire rep
imperative that her navy who
first in the world’’ and tha
I'nit' d 'tales fortunately has A
or to ask excel i that we eh m
tinu • to '.»o ourselves the s
atitors of the LVIonroo 1>0 t
thia centinent and the sol (C
era of the Panama caJUil.’V y
-0- jt—-r a»
—1 . ♦ i
VIES OF 0T^5 ^ J

Washington, !>??
efficiency of the A ^
night will be inerefts
cent by the perfection
oiu ratio ; .e long range ^
ditions at ‘ea, ,£$, V...
The new sh'dl, which
cel any produced by <>▼
and the history of if* de«H
described in a Hateiment.
tin* navy department- *
The diell is said to be
firin ;' from guns of Worn tf I
inch calibre and is fitted wu.t ,t -
achute attachment. The shell
ed with illuminating material, g>. ,
anteed to burn in spite of the terri
fie rir-h of air it meets when freed.
The value of the shell, lies said U*
navy department .' statement in
!u in:n.i b'l. i ii- n I ' al unit of the
emy without dlsclnfflnjf the posj
of the craft using the shell.

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