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VOL. 1.
.labout the roads.
I Suggestions Os A Farmer As
■ To Adopting A Systematic
I Plan Os Action.
I things that happened.
■ Throughout the County And
I Other Localities as Chroni-
I ded oy our Correspondents.
■ And Two “Wild Cutters” Cap
I tured by Deputy United
I States Marshals.
I De Queen, Ark., Oct. <5, 1897*
I To the farmers and citizens of
■ Sevier county:—The question of
I good roads has been agitated in the
■ columns of the Bee from time to
■I time and yet there has been only
I one eff »rt made to accomplish any
■ thing and that was on the road
I leading to Chapel Hill. A few men '
■ met and worked two days and they I
■ were mostly men hired by parties!
■ in De Queen hut meeting with sol
I little encouragement from the I
■ farmers living in the vicinity
■ through which the road runs, they
I gave up alter the 2nd days work
I and nothing more has been don**.
■ Now 1, a farmer, talk; ig to farmers |
I ask, are we going to sit like stump'- ;
■ or blocks of wood or mummies and
■ allow the winter to come on us
■ with our public highways in the
■ condition as at present, or will we
I be men and citizens worthy to live
■ in this enlightened age and in this
■ civilized country? Will we sit
I here on the “stool of do-nothing”
■ and allow the progressive citizens
I of other so ‘lions to pass us by and
■ go to counties or slates where there
I is enterprise and progress. Here
I some of us have sal for ten, twentv,
I thirty or forty years and dragged
I out our existence following up pig
paths or no paths nt all, wrecking
onr teams our vehicles, our finan
ces, and our selves plodding along
in the «<nn? beatten pathway of
our Indian predecessor. We should
he laughed at, ridicule*! and brand
ed as “mosshacks * if we do notact
>.nd that at once. There is not a
decent road in the county and it is
a shame. Our high ways stand out
in shameful prominence as an ad
vertisement of our indifference to
progress and our prodigality of
time. I for one am ashamed of
the existing conditions and would
advise a hearty co-operation with
the committee appointed by the
citizens of De Queen to look to the
opening and buildin i of roads lead
ing into that town, Let others do
as they please, we are interested in
this part of the county and who ex
pect to make Do Queen our ship
ping point should come together
in our respective neighborhoods
and where now roads are to be
opened up, lets make an organized
effort and where the present roads
only need work, see to it that the
overseer gives the matter immedi
ate attention and when the rainy
season b r, * , 'n« wo will have roads.
x/Uxt i tuHdbl'
When you need anything in my
line ami have got the cash to pay
for it, that it will be to your inter
est to see me before spending your
money. I deal in no auction, shf s
worn orcheap John goods. My
goods are new, fresh and clean, up
to-date, both in style and price. 1
Will not promise to se'l you goods
at less than co a t, and throw some
thing in (when you sec a merchant
who does that, vou had better keep
your eye on him, you will hear
something drop.) but if you arc
willing to pay an honest price for
honest goods. Come to see me,
W. F. Claiuiv,
Lockesburg, Ark.
Take out accident policy in the
best company in the world.
A. S. Gibson.
I sell my own brand of baking
powder. W. M. Allen.
Smith Bro.have the Needle-point
Toe, in shoes.
Farmers insure your property
u, of DeOucea.
de queen bee.
Col. J. R Hudson who came
I down on the noon tia.n We/Jm-s
--i ‘lay from Mcirn gave us the follow
ling bit of news: On | ast llight
.(luesdj.v Oct. 5) Capt. Holman
deputy U.S mar-hal captured two
of a “wild cat’' di-tillery
a tew miles from Gillham in Polk
County, alter winch lie burned the
‘>lab i-hment with its appertimin.
ces Uupi. Holman went tliroimh
to leiurkuiia with the piiooners
on the train on which Col HmUon
‘■ame. but the latter did not find
’ ut all the details of the arrest.
The latest news of the captuie
of the “wild cat” distillery is to the
effect, that Deputy U. 8. marshal
11. B. Holman, with ex-Deputy
White, of Silver Hill, went in to i
the rendezvous while the violators!
oi the law, whose names we learn
aie Johnson and Herring were
asleep. There was no whisky, but
several barrels “singlings” were
f und ready to “double.” As ev
erything seemed to i«e in running
order the supposition is they would
have began ./ork Wednesday.
Messrs A. C. PotU, couaty tnx
assessor, A. J. Alston v leading
farmer and W. A. Story of the Dem
ocrat -sass were p'onm u t cal era at
the Bee otlicc lue-dav
Ycr, we all wan* them —artistic
photographs. Eberhart makes
litem ai the photograph tent. Bring:
your wife, your babies, tour best
I'irl. tour neighbour ami jour
irieu Is. This is a grand oppor
tunity for fine work.
The Bee claims to be a pr g:es
aivr iu*w.*.p ip*-r and is adding new
iiliactio'is ir uii lime to time. The
latest how ever is our typo, Miss
We will probably move our pic
ture gallery from DeQueen about
Oct. 1. Don’t neifb-ct this oppor
tunity for first-class work at
reasonable prices.
M. 11. Eberhart,
F. J. StroHc, of I’ex >s. is in the
city this w» ek with a view to ea
tahiisidng a newspaper. W»* ex
tend to hi m the light Land of fel
lowship and should he locate with
us, we wish him success.
Get your biood in shape. The
hustling season is coming, and you
should get rid of that tired feeling. I
try Brook's Iron Bitters; it is the
medicine for men, women and.
children. For sale by Morgan
Drug Co., DtQueen ave.
Riley & Brown are having their
front nicely painted. J* W. Olm
stead also is having the front of
his house, occupied by Williamson
Bros, beautified with an extra coat
of paint. Eve: v one who has not
yet done so should follow suit.
Bring in your corn, I will be
prepared to grind it Saturday.
Mill near stave bucker.
ts Geo. Hill.
Rev. Jas. Dyer boarded the train
here the first of the week bound
Terahkahotna the Choctaw capital.
He represents his county (Eagle)
in the council or legislature that
convenes this week. Ho was ac
companied by Miss Hudson who
will enter the siminary atthat place
Walter A. Boyd is not with the
Bee any more as typo but says his
heart is with us. He has accepted
a position with tho Morgan Drug
Co. at Centro Point.
He is a capable and efficient me
chanical man in the printing office,
a jovial pleasant associate and a
high toned gentleman. We regret
that circumstances were such thatj
he s»w proper to give up his work;
here. The latch string always 1
hangs on the out side to him and
should ho ever decide to return to
his old trade ho has only to retrace
his steps and hang his hat up in
the Bi-e office. We wish him suc
cess in his new- field of labor.
Tin* merchants of De Qtieen h tve]
arranged to build a cotton yard, j
where every farmer who comes
hern with cotton can store it free
of charge as long as he wishes to
hold it, and the eb“d will be in
chat ge of a responsible man who
will always be on Imikl to look
after it. '1 he advantages of this
plan will be readily seen as « farm
er can haul his cotton while the
weather is good and if he does not
wish to sell, it will co«t him nothing
to hold it and when he decides to
sell all he will have to do is to get
on Llh horse and ride into town
with out pulling a load over slip
pery ioiids. ' *
Something About Whqt Every
body is Doing in De Queen
and Surrounding Country.
You Can Count on it That
If You Did Not See
it in The Bee it
Never Happened.
BE IT EXACTED and ordained by the Council
oi the Incorporated town of De Queen.
SEC. I. 1 hat every t»how anil annisament
i-hall pay into the Treanury of tlie town of De
Queen Die Burn of $5 oo to J 100 dollars for each
and everyday or parts thereof, which said
show or aniuwnieiit shall perform within the
corporate limits of said town of De Queen.
SEC. II '1 hat this ordinance shall be in full
force and efl, ct from and after the dtuo of its
passage and publication.
v I’. H. HARRIS, Mayor.
k. 11. Brown, Recorder pro tern.
BE IT ORDAINED by tho Council of tire Incor
porated town of De Queen.
Articlw .
Sb. I. That any person form*! guilty of fir
ing or shooting a gun or pistol within the cor
porate limits of the town of De Queen or making
any loud or unusual noise without reasonable
cause or permission shall be Uned in any stun
not less that, one nor more than live dollars for
each and every offense.
SEC. 11. 1 his ord!nance to bo in effect from
and after the da’eof its passas' t and publica’ion .
BE IT EN l( '| ED and ordained by the Council
of the Incorporated town of De Queen.
D. H. HARRIS Mayor
E. H.Brown, Recorder pro tern.
Article .
SEC. I. That the ofiiee of City Attorney is
herein created.
sac. 11. That said City Attorney herein pro
vided tor, and hereafter to be elected, shall re
ceive as compeusatlou for ids services, fees as
follows to-wit :
For every conviction for the violation of any
of Ihe ordinances of said Incorporated town of
De Queen, s2.f<j, wh-jii the 'lefendaat gow into
a trial ol the case- $1.50 where the defendant
pleads guilty
sr.c. 111. That this ordinance shall be in full
force and effect from and after its passage and
D.H. HARRIS, Mayor
E. H. Brown, Recorder pro tern.
BE IT OKDaINED by th’j Council of the Incor
porated town of De Quet- .i.
A a rt cl K .
src. I. That all privies or water closets with
in the corporate limits of the town of De Queen
be kepgin good sanitary condition and it Is
lien by made the duty of the proprietor of eacli
and all privies and water closets to clean same,
at 1> ast. once a week.
skc. 11. Any person violating the provisions
of the foregoing Beetton shtill be fined, upon
conviction, one dollar for each offense together
with all costs of proaeculioti.
sec. 11l- Ties ordinance shall be in force and
eff* cl from and after the date of its passage and
Aproved : D 11. IlAttats, Msyor
E. II Brown Recorder, pro tern.
Pure Head]'gLt oil ut Smith Bros.
J. T. Wright of Jordan Brook
was in the city Tuoeoay.
Ask Mr. Littlejohn how he sells
Mr. Carter frmi north Howard
was in town Tuesday with cotton 1
De Queen will soon have u mer
chants cotton yard.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D* Murphy, of
Lockesburg, were i n town Wed
Dr. S' M. Simonds a prominent
physician of Eagletown was in to
see us Tuesday.
P. P. Ashley of Anderson coun
ty S. C., is prospecting with a view
to locating in Sevier county.
Ed Lipscomb a popular merchant
lof Horatio, made a dying trip to
our town Tuesday.
Mias G. Ilewlette of South Car
rollton, Ky.. is stopping at the De
Queen Hotel for a few days.
| W. J Gurley of Shreveport La.
| is here this week in the interest of
ithe Austo-Ameiican Stave Co.
Mrs. E. A* Craig left Sunday for
I Kanßais Oily to see the celebration
iof the Pries’s of Paila-.
Mrs. A.N. LaGrone and Miss
Nettie Johnson of Lockerburg were
among the visitors bore this week.
Messns D. R. Shaw and T- D.
North, nf Felty, w/-re in town the
firct of the week with cotton.
Thomas Gilbert, of Gillham,
came in and swapped jokes with
us Thursday. Come again Bro G.
A few of the young people gath-1
cred at the beautiful home of Mr.
Allen Saturday evening where
they were delightfully entertained.
D. C. Christy a prominent Choc
taw farmer of Eagletown I. T. was
here shopping and looking after
other business matters Tuesday.
Eli Harris is now erecting his
residence just south of his old home
place which be sold to the Town
Site Co.
Esq. W. M. Kolb and son O. P.
Kolb of the vicinity of Holcomb
were in the De Queen market with
cotton Tuesday.
Mrs. 8. P. Adams of Chapel Hill
accompanied by her daughter Miss
Bell were in town shopping Tues
Quite a number have, up to this
writing (Monday) taken advantage
of our special offer of 75cts for the
Bee one year.
And still they ?orne in to take
the Bee for twelve months while it
can b« bad for only 75cts. No
vember the Ist is the last chance.
Try Brook’s Iron Bitters for
the blood; it. never fails. At the
Morgan Drug Co., DcQucen ave.
Mr. Willis Owens and his charm
ing daughter, Miss Coitie, of
Lockesburg were in the to«zn shop
ping Vi ednesday.
Bring your hides, wool, ginseng
and snake root to Allen’s.
Mr. Geo. Farmer and bis son
Geo. Jr. of White Cliffs have mov
ed to De Q ieen and located per
Mcrrideth & Allen, painters and
paper hangers.
Mrs. J). F. Johnson, of Horatio
brought us some very fine apples
Thursday which we enjoyed very
For Fire Insurance .see Gibson
of DeQueen.
Clus. P. Martin one of the pro
gressive farmers of the Lockesburg
vicinity was here on business Tues
That old saying, “ tho best is the
cheapest,” was never truer than it
is today; we sell nothing but the
best. Remember the place — the
Morgan Drug Co., DeQueen ave.
Hon. Jeff Gardner tho popular
ex-governor of the Choctaw nation
was in De Queen the first of the
Jas. A. Smith of the firm of Smit h
Bros, is building a neat cottage in
tho southern part ot the city in
which he will reside when com
Call at Finley’s cash store and
buy one dollars worth and get a
guess at tho jar of beans; the near
est guess gets five dollars free in
merchandise—DeQueen Ave.
The Southwestern Baptist As
sociation will meet at Sardis church
about 12 miles east of Do Queen in
the vicinity of Holcomb Saturday
Oct. 9th‘
Rose Cream Vermifuge is gua
ranteed to expel the worms. At
DeQueen Pharmacy.
Those of our northern visitors
who have never seen a cotton field
should ride out to tho Cossatot and
see a real live cotton plantation.
No norther# flower garden ever
looked prettier.
I carry the finest line of tobacco,
cigars, cigureUw in Locksburg
among my stock will be found the
following popular brands :
6xlo-Battle Ax, Horse Shop,
Stat, Pmity, De* r Head, Willie
Hanis, Morganton, L'-ne Hninl,
West Tennessee, Merry Weather,
am! Martin’s Greenville, Red Rib
bon TVist, Natural Leaf, und sev
oral othet Jefia popular brands. I
handle Metropolitan and I exas
Sittings cigais, among the finest
o and 10 cent c gare on the niatk
et. If you want something goml,
remember 1 am headqußrieis for
same. Yours for tobacco and
cigars. W. F. CLARDY.
Lockesburg, Ark
Os the various localities ot Se
vier county. What it is
good for. Its People*
In the greatest County in the
greatest State, in th6
greatest Government.
Sevier County, one of the best in the
State of Arkansas, lies on the wesi
boundary and in the southern portion
of the State. Tlih County is naturally
divided into seveial belts extending
nearly east and west anl giving-rise to
many varieties of soil. The Mineral
belt extending about six miles south
from the north boundary ami reaching
across tho County, is simply aeon
tinuation of tho great mineral belt v hieh
spans that„undeveloped region from
Little Reek southwest to the Choctaw
Nation (Bee Brunners Geological Sur
vey.) About two miles from the north
line of Sevier and twelve miles north of
DeQueen on the greatest and best lint
of railroad in tho United States the K
C. P. & is the town of Giliham, sur
rounded with Lead, Silver, Antimony,
Slate, Limo. Mineral point, Kaolin etc.,
and great valleys of fine laud with the
hulling fork bottoms four miles to the
west and the Cossatot six miles to the
south east of Gillham. About twelve
miles from DtQueen ami ten north of
Lockesburg is the belt of gray sandy
laud, clear of rock, on the east is the
Saline ami on the west is the Cossatot
with their tioe and unlimited bottoms;
this is known as the Jordan Brook ami
Farrabaville neighborhood settled with
good people, ami thick with schools and
churches. Loek< sburg, the County seat
was established in Few towns can
boast of a more beautiful or healtlihil
location, a more generous, relined, intel
ligeut or better people, with the Saline
river east about six miles, and the Red
Colony, a beltot red land, as itisealled
for productiveness, durability and cer
tainty of crops, it is not excelled.
South of Lockesburg we
find the famous White Cliffs, in the
south east corner of the County,
is the o.d town of Brownstown, ami
near this is lien Lomond, and to the
west and near the Casxatot is the )ld
County seat Paraelifta. This section
of County is noted for the line tire proof
brick ami cement, equa l or superior to
Portland cement, and where the Alfalfa
is raised and four crops harvested in
one season No better County for all
kinds of farm products. West and north
of tide part of the County we come to
Clear Creek Township, a red gravel soil,
witli clear creeks and springs where corn
cotton, and all kinds of grains, vege
tables etc., grow to perfection. J ying
west of the Cossatot and north of Little
River, spotted with the towngof Walnut
Springs, Norwoodville near Horatio, the
railroad town situate*! on the great K‘
C. P. &G., beautifully located and east
of Rolling fork. About three miles
west of Horatio and west of the
Rolling fork, borderingon the Choctaw
Nation is the township of Buckhorn, of
which to much cannot be said. The
soil is of a black sandy loam, surpassing
in feitility and juitiy celebrated for
easy cultivation. In northern part of
this township We come to Ultima fhule
one of the oldest and among the
first places settled; situated about
ei‘ r ht miles west of DeQueeu on the
Choctaw Nation line, on the beautiful
mountain stream, Rock Creek, with
tine, black, sandy loam bottoms that are
second to none. East of this we
come to Chapel Hill. On the east
side of Rolling fork and west of the Cos
satot and near Bear Creek we find the
new town ofDeQuecn with its future as
bright as the Morning Star, surrounded
with no better country and a large Ter
ritory to draw her trade from.
The several belts of land and the fer
tile river bottoms afford a greater va
riety of soils than be found in so small
a space; indeed it is hard to imagine any
class of fertile land that is not to be
found somewhere in the county. Our
lands are adapted to the growth of cot
ton, corn. wheat, oats
sorghum and ribbon cane, Alfal
fa and nil kinds of grains, fruits ami
vegctaldcH, timber of almost eve:y va
riety ami of the finest quality. Health
schools, churches and good law abiding
citizens are second to none
In no other State are the > peo
ple more prosperous and surely there is
no section in which they have so u<ny
reasons to expect greater prasperilv..
)ur immense forest of timber, our
minerals of various classes ami our rich
soil are such as to render the future
prosperity of our County, not a inear
possibility but a certainty.
Ab, there! Are you noodinga
suit or overcoat ? If so, call and
I see " ill Lambright, he can fit you
j up nil O. K.
I am ngent for Pershing & An
derson Wholesale Tailors of Chi
cago for ready made clothing. If
you need a suit or overcoat I will
guarantee you satisfaction in puce,
style, &c. My orders are increas
ing all the time. Respectfully,
W. M, Lambhigiit.
I will buy your piling timber.
Cull und see me at W. M. Allens
Joe Smith,
fife- '
Eagletown, I. T. >
Coal weather and lota of duat. 1
Come to E. E. Dyer 1 ! and buy* 1
your groceries. ?» !
Rev. J ames Dyer has gone to tha . "
capital of the Choctaw Nation a
Tushkahoma to till his place at rep
resentative of Eagle county. Ho
was accompanied by Miss Levian
Hudson the charming daughter of ||
Sheriff Daniel Hudson. She lias
gone to attend school at the Tush* *.
kahoma female institute and some
of the young men around here'are
wearing long faces.
Deputy Sheriff Joel Dyer visited
Ultima Thule the 6lb. \
N. E. Wade, county judge, held
ounty court at west Eagletown
cesterday. The cases tried
Choctaw Nation vs. Albert Steven,
introducing liquor.
Choctaw Nation vs. John James,
carrying concealed weapons.*
Choctaw Nation vs. Noel Colbert
carrying concealed weapons and
inroducing liquor.
Choctaw Nation vs. Eaton Fobb,
introducing liquor.
Choctaw Nation vs._ Joo Wal^ v (i .
disturbing peace. S,
They were, ail convicted and • •
bound over under bond to appear
ut the next term of district court 3
at Sulphur .Springs. J
Conn: y Ranger Elias Wesley
soldsom) stray property at the
court ground yesterday, one pnny
sold for 88.75 one steer for $15,75
and another nteer for°slo.so.
Mr. S. R. Hallman and a lawyer
from Michigan were at the court
ground the Ist. Mr J P. Hallman
of Ultima Thule and Dr. Hunt op
Dog Town vicin |y there.
Mr. S. Franks has gono to De J
Queen to do some trading.
Messrs . James F. Earnest. Ed
Nelmo, George Franks. Aoner /
Haw kins, John Earnest bnd Char
ley Packnitt visited Clarksville, y J
Tex. this week.
E. E. Dyer and Wash Thompson
visited U itima Thule one day last
There will be another fish fry ijk
the old river next Monday.
\V»il ace Homa and Sheriff
Hudson are here today. *
How do you l : ke the Choctaw
ItumK? A Spwwm, / K

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