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by bvans a winford.
VOL. 1.
A Guest Os The City That Was
Named In Honor Os Him.
And Others Visit Our Thriving
Little City And Are De
lighted With Its Progress.
In the afternoon of Friday of last
week the special car bearing some
of the high officials of the K. C. P,
& G. side tracked here and the town
had for its guests some of the most
distinguished individuals in its
short history. The party was com
posed of Mr. J. de Goeijen (in Eng
lish, Mr. J. De Queen), for whom
the town of De Queen was named,
| and his estimable wife Mrs. Mena
| de Goeijen of Amsterdam Holland,
Mr. Theodore Gilissen of Amster
dam Holland, Mr. L. R. Gratama
of Leeuwarden, Baron A. Von Na
gell of Amsterdam, Mr. E. do Quin
cy of London England. They are
all large stock holders in the K. C*
P. AG. Ry. Mr. De Queen was
very much pleased with the growth
| of his name-sake. He also trans
| formed the Bib from a local to an
j international Journel, ho left 826.
| with us and bad the Bee sent to
| quite a number in France, Germa
ll ny, Holland and England. He in-
I structed is to continue sending
I same, year after year, and draw on
I him. Mr. Stilwell, the president
I of the road who is an exceedingly
I pleasant gentleman has been a typo
I in days gone by and drew his chair
I to the ease and proceeded to‘'stick
I type in a manner that was conclu-
I sive proof that he had been an ex-
I pert at the business. Below is bis
I name which he set up.
Arthur E. Stilwell,
Kansas City, Mo.
I Mrs. de Goeijen is an elegant
I accomplished, pleasant lady and
I carried away with her, as curiosi-
I ties 4 large Texas cow boy hats
I which nhe placed on tho heads of
I the gentlemen and photographed
I them.
I When you need anything in my
I ’line and have got the cash to pay
I for it, that it will be to your inter-
I eat to see me before spending your
I money. I deal in no auction, shelf-
I worn or cheap John goods. My
I goods are new, fresh and clean, up-
I to-date, both in style and price. 1
I will not promise to sell you goods
I at less than cost, and throw some-
I thing in (when you see a merchant
I who does that, you had better keep
■ your eye on him, you will bear
■ something drop,) but if you are
■ willing to pay an honest price for
■ honest goods. Come to see me,
■ W. F. Clardy,
| Lockesburg, Ark.
I Last Friday night Deputy Head
I Counsul Geo. W. Austin, organ-
B ized a camp of o oilmen of the
■ World in this place.
B The organization was named
■ Frontier Camp and the following
■ officers were elected: W. G.
■ McKean, Oonnsul Oommandei;
■J. R. Miller, Adviser Lieutenant;
■ Chas. McKean. Banker; H. E.
■ Mitchell, Clerk; Joe Biritb, Es-
■ cort; L. B. Whitfield, Watchman;
■ F. A. Clapp, Sentry.
■ This is one of the best fraternal
!■ orders and cheapest life insurance
■ organizations in the country, and
9we congratulate onr young city
■ upon securing so popular an or-
■ ganization and hope it may live
■ long and prosper.
■ Bring in your corn, I will be
■ prepared to grind it Saturday.
■ Mill near stave bucker.
■ if Geo. Hill,
• •
J* Bishop and Allen Pinckard
were in the city Tuesday on busi
ness. Mr. Bishop took advantage
of the 75 cent cut on the Bee, while
in the city
A. Little, one of the leading and
best farmers of Sevier county of
near Lockesburg was in the city
Tuesday with a load fine turnips, a
sample of which was left at this of
L. D. Dollarhide, of 8 miles south
west from Lockesburg, who is a
prominent citizen and merchant of
his community, made a business
trip to De Queen the first of the
Lee Brothers have about com
pleted the fence around the public
square that adds greatly to the ap
pearance of it. They are
efficient mechanics and have done
a nice job.
(.’apt. T. W. McCown, of Lockes
burg and one of the leading mer
chants of tho county, was in town
Wednesday and purchased his
share of the cotton offered for sale
by the farmers.
J. W. Hill, of Centre Point How
ard co., was in our town Wednes
day. He is well pleased with De
Queen and says it is astonishing to
a person who has never been here
before to see the town so well ad
vanced in so short a time'
Mr. T. F. Garner, of Forgey,
one of the most enterprising and
best farmers of that vicinity was
in our market Tuesday with cotton.
This is his third trip here with cot
ton this season. He had his name
placed on our subscription list*
Among the many farmers who
took advantage of special cotton
sales day Wednesday weref 0. G'
Herring, D. L. Hoover, J. R. Og
den, W- H. Selman, N. C. McKin
ley, A. D. Wright, of Chapel Hill.
Ross Whitmore, (colored), of
Howard county, brought bis cotton
to Do Queen Wednesday and sold
it. Rohs is a hard-working, polite
and accommodating colored man
and enjoys the confidence of his
neighbors, both white and black.
The express office at this place
was broken into Monday night but
the ihief got only eight or ten dol
lars. They broke the window so
that the latch could be easily reach
ed and tho window raised. For
tunately Mr. Webb the assistant
had all the money with him except
the amount named above. No trace
of the crook has yet been discov
ered. This is a warning to every
one to be on the alert.
Some parties rode into Lockes
burg last Sunday night for burial
suit for a child and on
passing Capt. McCown’s store dis
covered the back door open. They
at once went to the Capt’s residence
and awoke him. But when they
got to the store the burglars bad
skipped and left their tools near
the safe. They had drilled a hole
partly into the safe, and the sup
position is they heard the parties
as they rode in to town and thought
they had better get farther.
I carry the finest line of tobacco
cigars, cigaretts in Locksbur
among my stock will be found the
following popular brands :
6xlo—Battle Ax, Horse Shoe,
Star, Purity, Deer Head, Willie
Harris, Morganton, Lone Hand,
West Tennessee, Merry Weather,
and Marlin’s Greenville, Red Rib
bon Twist, Natural Leaf, and sev*
oral other less popular brands. I
handle Metropolitan and I exas
Siftings cigars, among the finest
5 and 10 cent cigars on the mark
et If you want something good,
remember I am headquarters for
same. Yours for tobacco and
“g»r«. W. F. CLARDY.
Lockesburg, Ark.
T will buy your piling timber.
C.II .Bd W All,n ‘
Joe Smith.
Something About What Every
body is Doing in De Queen
and Surrounding Country.
You Can Count on it That
If You Did Not See
it in The Bee it
Never Happened.
W. G. McKean will deliver goods
free of charge in the city limits.
De Queen is the best cotton mar
ket in southwest Ark.
W. J. Wyatt of the Chapel Hill
vicinity made a business trip to
town Monday.
J. E. Payte, one of Chapel Hills
promising young men and educa
tors called on us Saturday.
Rose Cream Vermifuge is gua
ranteed to expel the worms. At
DeQuecn Pharmacy.
Mrs. John Ogden and'Miss Ola
Hankins were guests of Capt. Og
den’s family Saturday.
W. K. Dollarhide of Eagletown,
I. T., was circulating among his
many friends here the first of the
Merrideth & Allen, painters and
paper hangers.
Departments: Primary, Grammar and High School.
A special course of instruction for those desiring to
perfect themselves in normal methods of teaching. The
commercial course will be thorough and practical. Ex
perienced teachers in every ..department.
W. F. Clardy one of Lockesburgs
enterprising merchants, has had a
telephone line run from his resi
dence to his store.
Messrs Simon Dollarhide, W. L.
Holcomb and G. S. Turrentine be
gan the erection of a 32 ft addition
to the Bee office Monday,
Mr. Carrol McGee, a leading
farmer of Holly Creek in Howard
county, was here last week with
Ah, there! Are you needing a
suit or overcoat? If so, call and
see Will Lambright, he can fit you
up all O. K.
Goods of all kinds are being sold
at greatly reduced prices by the
merchants of De Queen. Come and
trade with them as money saved is
money made.
Branche Isbell’s place with Lam
bright Bros, has been vacant for
several days. His 10 lb girl is mo
nopolizing his attention. Congrat
ulations are in order.
J. A. Wommack, engineer for the
Austro-American Stave Co, at this
place, returned the latter part of
last week from a sojourn at Hot
That old saying, “ the best is the
cheapest,” was never truer than it
is today; we sell nothing but the
best. Remember the place — the
Morgan Drug Co., DeQueen ave.
Our Mr. A. T. Evans returned
the latter part of last week from
Kansas City accompanied by his
wife and little daughter Fay, who
are quite an addition to the Bek.
Call at Finley’s cash store and
buy one dollars worth and get a
guess at the jar of beans; tbe near
est guess gets five dollars free in
merchandise—DeQueen Ave.
T. J. Reeder and family of tbe
vicinity of Centre Point were in
De Queen shopping the first of the
week. De Queen’s territory is al
most unlimited.
F. M. Cain, a leading farmer liv
ing aboqt 5 miles northeast of town,
brought us a sweet potato this week
weighing 3 1-2 pounds and said he
had dug several considerably larg
er. It is a specie of the yam and
is very fine.
Try Brook’s Iron Bitters for
tho blood ; it never fails. At the
Morgan Drug Co., DeQueen ave.
Our subscription list is growing
rapidly. A large number of our
friends have taken advantage of
our special offer and others are
coming in daily. Remember the
75 cent offer only laststill Novem
ber the first.
Pure Headlight oil at Smith Bros.
I am agent for Pershing & An
derson Wholesale Tailo rs of Chi
cago for ready made clothing. If
you need a suit or overcoat I wil
guarantee you satisfaction in price
style, &c. My orders are increas
ing all the time. Respectfully,
W. M, Lambright.
L. C. Swicegood, the popular
pharmacist of the Morgan Drug Co.
spent several days at his old home,
in Centre Point tho latter part of
last and first of this week. Dr.
Man McCreary is attending the
drug store in his absence.
Farmers insure your property
Gibson, of eOueen.
J. Perkins of Letberwood, creek
was in with cotton Tuesday.
Messrs Rogers and Nelson of
near Horatio, were in the city Mon
day on business,
C. C. Speares, a leading farmer
of Muddy Fork, Howard county,
was here shopping Wednesday.
G. M. Ayres, a leading farmer
who lives several miles south of
Horatio sold cotton here Wednes
Smith Bro.have the Needle-point
Tee, in shoes.
Walter Stewart and family, from
five miles east of Lockesburg, were
in De Queen the first of the week
Felix Reeder and wife, of Centre
Point, were among the Howard
county people who visited our city
I sell my own brand of baking
pjwder, W. M. Allen.
The lumber is being put upon the
yard for the school building and
tbe erection will begin in a very
short time.
Dr. D. A. Maxwell, a leading
physician and farmer of Cerro Gor
da was in this market with cotton
Robt. Westbrook and wife, of six
miles north of Centre Point, were
in the city the first of the week
trading with our merchants*
Take out accident policy in the
best company in the world.
A. S. Gibson.
W- D. Cosoy and Custer Hughes
two ot the enterprising farmers on
the Cossatot were in the city tbe
first of the week on business.
Quite a number of Howard coun
ty people were in the city tho first
of the week trading. They are all
pleased witn De Qubeu as a trading
i point.
Bring your hides, wool, ginseng
and snake root to Allen’s.
The people are busy gathering
Mr. S. Franks and Henry Simp
son have gone to De Queen trading
Messrs- James F. Earnest, Char
ley Packnitt, Monroe Louis, Will
Walker, Charley Burris and John
Reel visited Clarksville Tex. this
Mr. Taylor Isbell, a promising
young man of Chapel Hill, Ark.
was here buying cattle yesterday.
Mr. Ross M. Nation, a prominent
stock man of Silo,Chickesaw nation
is here buying cattle.
Mr. Ed Nelms is hauling bis cot
ton here to have it baled.
Mr. B. F. Miller went to Ultima
Thule the 13th.
Mr. Wash Thompson has goes to
Albion Tex. to collect rent off of
his place.
Mr- Willie Gardner, son of Ex
governor Jeff Gardner, was in town
It seems as though we are going
to have some weddings pretty soon
from the appearance of some of the
young people.
I wonder why it is that Mr. B.
F. Miller loves to walk down the
road so much.
Dr. 6 M. Simonds seems to ba.
still under the weather, but we are
glad to see him riding around.
There will be another big ball
game among the Choctaws next
Thursday Oct. 14. The people of
De Queen ought to come out as it
will be a free show and will be
very interesting.
Dr. Williams of Ultima Thule
has moved down near here. Dr.
W. is a good man and we welcome
him to our midst.
Get your blood in shape. The
hustling season is coming, and you
should get rid of that tired feeling
try Brook’s Iron Bitters; it is the
medicine for men, women and
children. For sale by Morgan
Drug Co., DeQueen ave.
TERMSi f 1.00 A YR AR.
All Well Pleased ’ With What
They Saw And Some Will
Locate Here.
300 Bales Sold in DeQueen
Wednesday And Double
That Amount. Expected
Next Wednesday.
Dr. E. F. Lowry, of Mason City
lowa, who visited De Queen some
weeks ago returned the first 6f tbe
week to make De Queen his home
in the future. He is a very enthu
elastic believer in this making a
good town, and has as great faith
in tbe future of Sevier County.
John Dettinger, of Portland
lowa and Wm. Richards, Rockwell
lowa, two intelligent farmers have
been riding over the country trib*
utary to De Queen for several days
past. They have found land to
suit them and all that they want*
They speak as though it will only
be a short time till they will move
their families here. We bespeak
for them a cordial welcome at the
hands of the people of Sevier coun
ty, for no people are more anxious
to have good citiaens locate among
Middling cotton was quoted ia
Shreveport, Tuesday, at 5 9 16 and
St. Louis just a little above that of
Shreveport and it sold as high as
5 7-8 at De Queen Wednesday, a
difference of oyer a quarter o! a
Over twenty car loads of freight,
consisting ‘‘of cotton, and staves
were on the track at this place
Wednesday beside tbe lumber and
I passed through Gllham the
other day and tbe familiar sound
of saw and hammer was heard,
rbat’s right, boys.
I passed Mr. Zachary’s the other
morning and he bad an extra fine
smile on bjs face and everything
seemed to please him. 1 could
not take the hint at first, but when
I learned that it was a boy it
seemed all right.
Mr. Rickman is building a feed
Cripple Creek had nine inc eb a
of snow on Sept. 15 and I have
peaches ripening on October 9.
J net choose which you prefer.
For Fire Insurance see Gibson
of DeQueen.
Wanted—A peek or half a
peck of cbinquepins at this office.
Goff & Allen of Gillham Ark.
sells 25 pounds of sugar for 11.00.
Hon. lebam Walker, ex-auditor
of Choctaw Nation, was in toe
city Tuesday on business.
Mr. Goff, of tbe firm of Goff 9
Allen, enterprising merchants of
Gillham, made a business trip to
our city Wednesday.
J. A. Smith one of the progres
sive farmers of Farribaville made
bis first trip to De Queen this week
and biought some fine cotton along
with him,
Craig & Burg are expecting to
let a contract tor Nome clearing
n the land purchased by Presi
dent Stillwell for the purpose of
raising peaches. If you want
work see them.
Our merchants are extending
their trade to quite a distance. The
enterprising firm of Tinny and La
Grone sent quite a large bill of
goods to parties at Ft Scott Kan
sas. this week.
Mr. Travis and wife, of the Red
Colony community and about 5
miles east ot Lockesburg were in
town the first of the week shopping.
Uncle Archie Carrol from the same
neighborhood and one of the most
prominent farmers in the county
was here Tuesday.
NO. 20.

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