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WCJ. KUSStl.L, Editor. Finaiuinl end Bb’m
J.L. RUS8KLL Fabllsher
fnli paper Uu been entered at the Gre
Borept postollice, C'j^rrc 11 eouuty, Arha as
•r transmission through tlio mails as seinin'
Mss mutter
IV MAIL—1-osT ■ l.K I*UKI*A1I>
• ae cepv , on } eat,
'* 1 six months
“ three months
Correspondence containing news " i ter's
and importance desired from all part:
•oontrj _ _
Advertising rates given on application at th
nlTlee _
All business or news letters or telegrams
souid be addles m\ to
Green Forest, Arkansas.
Eureka Springs R.R.
Into Kskkct Mi *N \ • M>' i
Sued at
Stations and sj.lings 1 No. I
! i.v a in
Kureka Springs
Gaskins ; s o
Mixed | i’HsH.g’
i.-. a m | ).' p ■
. , i.i
, i4 1 ■ •
j < :
. So 4 Snidir
Stations and Sidings j l’n. • gr i Mixed : no »•
I Ar a m | Ar p m | At p i
Eureka Springs ! 10 :;0 | 7 IT j i 07
Uaskins I 10 .11 i i OF. I ti
The Nanows 10 n ai : t> 4n
Seligman ! '■< >0 | (i 07 | (i O;
Piiwki i (’t.wTiiN, <;• oral Manager
Wf are authorized to aononce A. 1’ M*fi.k>
as a candidate lor toe oitici* oi sheriff of Carroll
county, subject action of th# Democratic party.
The third party movements are not
ho amusing to some people as it was
Conokess ,or at least its House end.1
appears to like to here the jingle id
silver. So do we all, if it he in our
The politician who has not been
“proiniuf ntly mentioned” fur the
presidency is not on good terms with
his home newspaper.
Belya Bock wood says her being a
•widow and Hill’s being abamelor had
frothing to do with her preference for
him as the democratic candidate. Sin
passed the flirtation stage several
months ago.
The loumor that Senator Hill had
ordered a green ores-, suit to wear on
Sit. Patrick's day, when he will attend
tlie anual dinner of the Hibernian so
eiety*at Savannah, Georgia, was doubt
less originated by a Cleveland man, but
will he carried out by a Hill man.
Hill’s Presidential train has an
electric headlight of great brilliancy
and carries an extra supply of steam
calliopes, bass drums, and Irish
whiskey. *■
This is how the Charleston News
Courier sizes up David B. Hill: “Acan
dii’-ate without a creed, a politician witti
out a principle, a statesman without a
('0,1 V* t.a) a IV;;.- A,^,.r;Uini|0 plat- ;
form, aS-enator without a well-defined
opinion upon any leading question.”
It is, of course.shocking to our Ameri
can ideas of freedom and wholesome
regards for law, to know that a news
paper has been suppressed, in Germany
for having expressed an honest opinion;
but before we say too much about it
suppose we think for a moment of the
minister dragged from the rostrum
by police, in a New York town, and the
rnobing of a hau l of Free Methodists
in an Iowa town, the mobbing of thr, e
prisonersin the proud city of .Memphis.
Tenn., the burning at the stake of an
other prisoner in the city of Texar
kana, this state, the match being appli
ed Ly a woman, and a hundred of other
as diobolical deeds perpetrated almost
everyday u tlii- country. What do
these pei-jde think of our boasted free
1 residetial I’osishilitius.
For the democrats(l) D. B. Hill of
N. Y. (2) ohu er of III. (X) Gov.
(frrayoflnd, (4) Gov. Boise of Iowa
(5) Sen. J-mn G. Carlise of Ivy. (ti)
tlrover leveland of N.Y.
Forthe republicans (1) Benj. Harrisou
of Ind. (2) i>en. Clarkson of la. (M)
Whitelaw Heed of N. Y
For tiie peoples party (I) Gen. Jam“i
B. Weaver of la. (2) Ignatus Donnelly
of Wie ,t. FoI * i f N. C.
Temperance party (1) i.utbor Ben
aou of ii 1- (2) John i’. St. John of Kas.
Worn* suffrage darty Balva Lock
• “KattleHead” Noticed,
In the Progress of March, !Uh, an in
dividual styled by his father, mother
and friends, by the eup! oneorts titie at
tlie a this articl , makes his b->
an n iea the nublie that he, t o, it
a ihinTKiBU.SK. But nnf
n is ,>r t his person lie if so weak i
y uni); that itie full strong diet of gtovr
ni n base tendency to addle his n h r
wise weak brainpan. However, if !i«
w cio uuiie to read our paper am
mark the truths to be found hi iti
cniuins, tie may, in time, arrive a: a stall
in ■ me hi.'brains will till the smal
sp i icoi. From t he tout
oi^Uaitle Head’s effusion, it would inns
cert ni my base been very amuaiuir to sei
the eliVct produced when lie read on
editorial of February, 25th, We havi
in our imagination sought for paralie
example and can tint! only one: Hen Bai
I’s reformation as told by But Loving
“He look’t a sorter listenin’ look dowi
at the gro i fur a secou’, an’ sot inti
hoppin’ up an’ down ontu svim taig, an
then ontu tutber, a shakin’, the laty
vs bat ssarn’t immejuntly engaged in hop
put’ air mentionen 'hell lire’ every time
lie changed iaig> an’ that svus everv t»<
hops. Then he fell down ami sot intu
rollin’ wusnurayutig dorg what bet
igmirently yamped a pole cat.”
.ho ssoiitler he is tiriven almost to
frt-n/.s t n* tix in which the party hue
gotten itselt is calculated to unnerve
esenstonger men than our friend, itat
tl- . rain. But for his information ami
edification, will say such is the unhappy
condition, or t-ise toe leading Heino-jour
nals should lie sued lor libel.
Bonny, we would advise you to read
more and spell better, then you would
not be compelled to make your caai- o(
female deer ami have to calc . t <n.eJ
beside. No, Bonny, we have not o--t
anything; and svill sav too, in contidenm
if you svill continue to read The i kibuni
jt will make a man of you.
As to your fiing at the Hon. Powel
Clayton, we are proud that he is citizei
of our county, aud if we could get hio
tor president he would he an dnipivve
im-i i on any uamevet stiggc/<ed hv “uc
gang.” And as to our friend, Worth,
iugtoii nt s arrollton, if “de gang” c itild
_et such men in their councils, their fu
ture state would be much better than
the past,
“Lay on MePutr,
Ami damned be he sviio first says null'.”
Cali for a Mass Meeting-.
hivery one interested in the Bu
torin move is herein invited to met I
■ 11 the Central Hall, Eureka Springs
on March 26'. h as one o’clock P.
W. J. Crawford.
Chairman, Cen. Coin.
Wanted Leaders.
(What a leading democrat'heet
has to say for democratic prospects.)
Memphis Commercial: The pos
ition of runny _<>♦ .nr Democratic
leaders u.'-tle IL-use • *t l?ejti;esen
tatives is just this-they fullv rea
lize that they are burring ih ■ party
to inevitable defeat; they thorough
ly understand that mur ruin ami
disaster lies in the path which they
are forcing the parly to travel;
they are perfectly aware of the
fact that the Democratic party has
no shadow ot chance to win the
presidency it it undertakes to carry
he tree coinage issue ’ to victory.
They know, too, that defeat would
in all probabilly mean destruct
iod; tiiat it would so utt'erly do
hearten the thousands ot young
converts who have lately come
into the ranks of the Northern
Democracy as to drive them
from the party; that thousands whe
have s ji .ort d t ie Democrats
party as the hope of tariff reform
but who regard tree silver coin
age as more dangerous than tar if
robbery, would abandon the part}
forever; they know that defeai
would establish the Republicar
parly in firm posession of the Gov
Miss Lillie Johnson, who if
charged with aiding Alice Mitchel
in murdering Freda Ward in Mem
phis, Teim., has been released 11
$10,000 bail. Judge DuBris ha*
exprecsed his belief of Miss JoLm
h n * guil', but the young lady’s
friends believe she will be acquitted
The indir-’rial conference at St.
Louis on the 22nd of lust month
led to pu t • ' y ticket
o field A. i’ ti n plank
was offered, bin r o • te i, and a
W man’ Sail’ r J adopted
in its stead fTie hp
.•nti<> Orn * c ■ V to
i imin;. ' i ’ ' i vioo
'' The ecenl < ri war '• 1
' cost . • ri • ■ - niiI
par* v. 5}! ) «>0 Ot / to
a re<-»-n • stuna- ; i !■ ■ Crti I
■ a n • vv>i-a |■ H i i amount
> .5885,000 IV!I« '• nil r n ;! 'V i'elio
ri Don Juana dwards, noth
■ -rot Don Aligns i'■ K d- minis
i ter of fi , t<>r
■ tune The cos! • w:. the
Baltimore partisan* a- n been
figured out, perhaps b e. they
lost everything and t s a ti g thing
to estimate on.
Three negroes wer. a ken out of
the jail at Memphis, Penn, by sev
enty-five masked men on Wednes
day morning at 3 - ’clock p. in ot
last week and led just out sole ot
liie city and shot down ni< dogs.
The negroes were accused of at
tempting to murder some of th
city officers the night before
It is now said that Chili will not
have an exhibit at the World’
Pair. It will he a Chili day vvhe-;
the United Slates cares a fig wheth
er the little, dumpy, South Amen
! can republic makes a display there
are not. Chili has not much to
display any way, and that is on
good reason, and probably th
main one, why no display wiil i ■
. made,— Memphis Commercial.
John Wanamakcr, the Philadel
phi a merchant, says that during
the ten days previous to Uhristma
his sales covered about 8100,000 a
day, so that the grand total toi ten
days was only a tew dollars under
a million. He adds: “I spent 85,
000 a week in advertising, and 1
pay a skiliui man—a farmer editoi
and a good one—8000 a month to
do it forme. 1 make money by it.
Advertising is a leverage will
which tins store iia.s been raiser
up. I Oo not see how any business
an tie successfully done withou.
liberal advertising.”—.VAn BtN-ri
The country newspaper is tin
most useful and least compensated
otail trie agencies which stamp tin
villages and inland cities. Withou
the aid ot the local newspaper town
are thriftless and dead. It is com
mon tor small great men to speak
with contempt ot the 1 jcal news
papers, nut the newspaper nmk<
j more great men out ot less material
more brick without straw, than any
j other factor in politic, and it is tin
| one ladder which men edinb to loca
distinction at the begining of a wid
tuine. The advent ot the local
paper has always dated the increas
ed thrift of the community. The
local paper is the life of the locality
and the measure ot its supp .
inensurres the advancement ot
! people.—fix.
One Dollar Weekly
' Buys a Gold Watch by our Club System.
Our 14-karat ,_oid-lilled eases are war
| ranted lor -0 years. Fine Elgin or
Waltham movement. Stein wind and
set. Lady’s aud Gent’s size. Equal to
ony $00 watch. To secure agents where
j we have none, we will sell one of the
! Hunting Case Watees for the Club price
a. d send C. O I), by express with
privilege of examination before paying
for same.
( Our Agent at Durham, X. C. writes:
‘'Our jewlers have ciuifesaed they don’t know
how you can iurnish sach it work lor the money. ’ ’
Our Agentat Health Springs S. C., writes
I " Your watches take at sight. I tie gentleman
who got the last watch said that he exami e-i
aid priced a jeweler’s- watcle-s i i I,a>e st.-r,
| tuat were i.o better tmiit yours, but the price was
I sii. ’ ’
i Our Agent at Penington, Tex., writes:
'Amin Teccipt o' the watch, amt pleased
■ without measure. All who have seen it say
it would he eiieup at etO ”
. I One good reliable Agent wanted for
^ each place. Write for particulars.
Empire Watch Co., New Yoke.
The tonmil announcement of Mr.
A C. Hull, of Boom- county for See
rotary of State appears in the Ga
zette this morning'. Of course lie
runs subject to the democrat'll' nom
j ination, tor he was born and reared
la democrat. Mr. Hull is a native of
j Arkansan, arid though a young man
has given -vidence et greiH ability
: in whatever '‘ailing lie has beer en
gaged. H s elearical training is
very fine, he having been .Deputy
■erryviil®, Arkansas.
in Session ten month* ft the rear tRe-organixed, BniH;x<r
Repaired, better work being done now than cv*r,
Low tmt i good dine.-line, personal atlerjtion of teachers. For
-Vd>lre«« either the President or Secretary.
c ir
Clerk f Boom- ciii"tv, md laier
chief clerk in the U. H. Lund office
at Harrison. Hi* is editor of the
B ><>;i Banner, and has ramie it one
of the best weekly papers iri the
state. He is, in short, a successful
man, and should b> receive i he nom
ination will make a most excellent
official_Little Bock Gazette.
The Hill Club ol Bentonville
s ti»c most liarmimi hi political
rganization i 'lie country. n
aasoii is obvious; It is comp
of one member,—Little Kock
.VeDster’s Messenger Boy.
While Daniel Webster was
Secretary ot State under President
Fillmore, a young boy named
Stephen Wise was employed by
timas messenger. Mr. Webster
grew very fond of the thin, delicate
lark-eyed lad, and finding him
honest and relible intrusted him
with papers and personal effects in
t most cir-i 'ss and wholesale
manner. But Stephen’s sharp eyes
aw everything ,and his attentive
ears heard all that was passing,
and he gathered up information
adout everything that came into
his hands, and could have supplied
my tacts Mr. Webster had forgot
Mr. Webster said one da}’: ‘You
read too much. My law book.
ire too dry and oid for chaps of
ii. While you wait for mo run
up i .v i, icr the trees.”
Stephen shook his head. TIe|
said eagerly; ‘‘No, Mr. Webster
L can’t lose such an opportunites
us I have with you sir.”
“Ambitsous, Stephen?’ Drily
asked Mr. Webster. “Going tub
a lawyer or a president?”
“ A lawyer, sir, I will study
twenty years to—be.”
Stephen’s head drooped under
the deeps, t eyes looking h»m
i h rough.
“A gnat lawyer, of course,
Stephen?” Mr. Webster said,“with a
Yes, sir! Not ^reat like Mr. (
Daniel Webster—but as great as T
can I'f'omo.^
In all Mr. Webstcrs public^ life he
rarely asked favors tor himself or
friends, but that night he spoke
•about his messenger boy to his
friend, Judge Marshall, of Virginia,
“It 1 die first I want yon to look ai.
ter-Stephen. When a hoy of his age
starts up the ladder with the persis
tanceand pluck of a middle-aged
man of ability he must be helped
along. Stephen’s in a tai way to
get to the top.”
For four years Stephen had the
advantage of working for Mr. Web
ster—an advantage^he knew how to
use. He copied speeches, read crit
icisms, examined and arranged pa
pers—each and all food for his own
thought—and into the small hours
he studied Mr. Webster’s law
When Stephen Wise was 25 he
was practicing law in Virgina, his
native State. Then did the resi
, dents of Washington remember his
magnetic arguments in the law
i courts of these ealy days, remem
ber well the dark, wiry, thin V.rgin
ian, -yho with his court papers un
der his arm, was always dropping
into the Senate c'nauibir at the
hour >r ji^ri'rt »J*»<>r into the
libraries Dr fresh knowledge t<>
bear on hi? own arguments and
ttear.' ie, v;ih with the first jurists
of the time, and was retained in the
same causes with the most errdnen
men of his profession. Fathers wit
wont to point out Stephen Wise, t{
celebrate ! lawyer, and tel! their S'
the story of the little fellow, hung
for knowledge, who was picked upb.
Daniel Webster and got the larger part*
i»f his learning while acting as the great
mau'a office bov.—Ex.
| s, %■ s
: V, |
OwMi’t Cure. X
l»aM8ni,Lm, Eaiatlto® Co., Ohio, June, 1KJB.
9m bottdo *f Pastor KootJgM Motto Toni#
■tod out uottrwlj, alter phyafni—a had Mod
nvaocessfuhj tor 8 month* to rectors ton of
rsiONnurj^ Mo., January, lt»L
t m •meanly *»y that Pnaser Koenig's Motto
Ttmto baa aotst womderlai ; stum my hoy com
■terse* to aw it he has not had the slightosM
symptom of fits and is gatting stoat aad
»o»r«y: oTory one is surprised at the result, bo
wsnoo 1 had bought eight bottle* of medicine*
from Krw Tort at 8A...S per iw.tti* which did uo
ItAMSSa Cxtt, Mo.. Oot. 8, to
Jsod Pastor Ko-tnig s Nerro Praia for n*rr
-1 0E.1 aakrai debility, aad was rr Rally
“1 by U|4 It had the desdrvd effect.
MU. OlftU. & iUUiKM.
Tins remedy bas i
'.Mi.-or Kosuia. ot For
5iww prepared unc
.,i.n <&ii •, i
'ret to any ad treat
...s ^..._
. -isod by the lit q
vi. In:.],, since ut'.i
i ■ -Dieetjou i>j the
CO., Chicago, i!».
S*M by atSBflfe t ?. per Bottle. 6 for u ~.
tan* State, aids. h .rie* f,»r f*t.
costs only p»-r 100 square feet.
Makes good rouf for years and anyone
can put it on. K>nd stamp for sauipla
and full particulars.
Gum E: o:;r tvion sn to.,
.°>9 A41 West Broadway, New Yokk.
Local A:;cuts Wanted.
Professional Cards.
W. c. itUSSELL.
jJK.VCJ ICIN'U At'iijiiNhV ai.d Notary’ wblie
1ureu‘1 to <-at, Cairo 11 con.itv, A k. ,
.ate agent an.! anctjhn.eer. tKUectioi.s u m,.
iauv. C/onospoi.(laic,, solicited. *
Ai iounli-at* Law.
Berry vi lie, Arkansas.
*♦ * +
* * r
-*• ♦ -f
. . r ^ T t * + + * +
AuHtracIs prtjiuri d ui.<i Lejjal buri
nest> Ueiuied tu promptly in all fetat
or Federal (Jounn.i
4. M. PiHman, W. L. Stuckey
Pl'I TMAN & o i uCKEtf,
f A\ tT'fEVILLJi Ark.
.Will practice in droolt com t
Prompt attention >tivtui to all bu»iu*»*
intrusttU »•» s,• i( arc.
CJ'Office oi>-etair« iu Oiurl Howe.
Physician: £>id; Sorgenn.
O-Mce : ujtbtairs ia ilabcrt Drug Store. Ottfe
promptly answered day i,f
E. R. RAY,
Attorney-A t-Law,
Eureka Springs - - Ark.
Will practice in ilw> Circuit aid mi
nor Courts of this jiintri-t. Alsolefor*
the IJ. S Laud oftirp m Sprinirfieft \1«.
and Harrison Ait-.. f.nd project!*
claims against tlie tkovennnent.
Office up Blairs over Post Gtflic.
P. 0. Box 919.
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and get
©n® year
Si Fr 3a!/ m 3 Liar. $1

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