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Vt;L. Viil
fc; 3St
tJMITH’S, Including
■' uiM
■ ~Texi Furnitur ’actory
Fhe Texarkana Furniture Manufacturing Co. has a full
line of their own manufacture of goods at their sample rooms,
in the Henry bl ock opposite the Benefield Hotel, where they
invite the citizens of Texarkana and surrounding country to
call and see the styles of goods manufactured at home. The!
prices al retail for (-ash will be as follows until further notice:
Bet’ R«otn tins, three pice- s, o’i-i Oak and AYa'nut Aut.'and 16. h Cent. fiiiish, from -sis to $35 (0
N>. 0 Be i beidi. S lid Oak nut. finish, at - - • - - - - ■ 150
lx . 1 “ “ .... . . 2 00
<0 2. < U .. . 2 75
No 3. • •< “ 3 50
’ 4. “ . “ “ • " “ JSO
No. 45. Exi n-i.m T :blnq ’’urned Leg .p-rs- el . . - - ... 65
No- 50, *• “ Belted “ Shaped, per f.-et . - - ... 75
3: lel Kilche i I'uoDs, fi rdwi d frame, (.'o'tonwood Tops, • - - . . - 125
4‘“““ “ “ 1 50
•’ “ 1 75
IS “ “ ■ “ “ * “ ... 200
5.. H. Bud Room Tab r 8 19x28, .“be t 12x20 - . 135
j.i.i'l li e.kers, Oak. Ant and 16th Cent, fin sb, from ..... $3.50 to $lO 00
H. . S UEY, Proprietor.
■ G A . . < !) IMPORTED
’HGG din Pq»l iabh in ths City.

Omi Stel W Mil.
For Choice IW, Vaal, Mutton, Fork, Etc.
ra Game,
t I] A fl \ —AND—
IIJ/lllU .KOVr*i *'» rY WORKS.
A. DOMARCE, Proprietor.
Steam Engines and Boilers,
4L Ilin Mt, nWRMNI
gOaRMr — -and—
EVAl*'* K '«'<> i:><
Fflw *
Gas Pipe, Brass Goods,
1 W Steam Fittings,SteainPumps
g 5../ av 1 nll( i Packing of all Kinds Al
ways Kept in Stock*
.'25? CI ■- Xj AOTBI-TIOiT TO TOI3 ■\<VCSX,K.
T( \:il b Mil' 1 , - - - I; \;i ..
> ei>tixi.<>-Si»BC!FIC FOR INDIGEST.ION,--4>E1,W14W«.-At Smith’- Fountain.
Xhiily 3 xt ou S)cnioctat
Young men, if you can’t get what
units you in Spring Novelties at the
Stuarts’, you won’t find the goods in
Traveling men assert that J. W.
Stuart & Son carry the freshest,
cheapest, nobbiest, and most fashion
able stock of gents’ furnishings to be
found south of St. Louis.
For coughs, colds and pneumonia
use Positive Cough Cure, at Smith’s
lluckins House Barber Shop is the
place to go to if you want nice, clean,
comfortable shaves and baths, hot or
cold, or your hair cut in the latest
style. Prices: Hair cutting, 35-cents;
shaving, 15-cents; baths,2s-cents. First
class corps of colored assistants.
ts Wm. Kelly, Proprietor.
For torpid liver and la grippe, use
Little Chicasaw Pills and quinine, rd
Louis Heilbron, Money Lender
Money to loan on all collaterals.
Champagne mis’, at Smith’s Fotin
Sanga, at Smith's Fountain.
Ladies’ necklaces at Louis Heil
bron’s. Im
Raspberry Phosphates, at Smiths
ice pream soda, at Smith's Foun
Mineral waters, all kinds, at Smith’s
Unredeemed diamonds, watches and i
rings, at low figures at Louis llcil
Glace, nil flavors, at Smith's Foun
Bert Warren has been appointed
agent for the Little Rock Steam
Laundry, ts
Little Chickasaw Pills, for colds and
La Grippe, at Smith’s.
Sewing machine needles at the
Racket Store. ts
The Directors of (he Fair Associa
tion will meet to-night.
Miss. Bello Ghio has returned from
a visit to waco.
Mr. mid Mr. McGrath loft for St.
Louis to-day,
Col. J. M. Kelso of .Magnolia, is in
the city.
Tho Ladles.
'i’lio pleasant effect and perfect safe
ty with which ladies may use tho Cal
ifornia liquid laxative Syrup of Figs,
under all conditions, makes it their
favorite remedy. To got tho true and
genuine article, look for (he name of
the California Fig Syrup Co., printed
near the bottom of the package,
Conditions of the Crops and the
Business Outlook.
New York, July 16.—R. G.
Dun & Co’s, weekly review says:
Crop reports promise results not
equal to last year’s, which would
I ? disastrous, but not beyond ex
pectations. With the decrease of
6 per eent., the wheat yield would
be far beyond the quantity con
sumed and exported in any year
except the last and nearly equal to
last year’s consumption and ex
Corn shows a decrease of 4.46
per cent., and the price has drop
ped 3 7-8 cents during the week.
Oats have also declined 2 cents,
while hog products are stronger,
pork 25 cents per barrel higher,.
i and coffee and oil unchanged.
The cotton reports condition on
ly 26 per cent, below last year and
an estimate with the yield with the
surplus yet in sight will more than
meet all demand for the year.
Business is good for the season
at Detroit. At Chicago business
lis larger than a year ago in dry
goods, as large in clothing and
shoes; collections are better, while
crop prospects are excellent and
business increasing Business is
strong at St. Louis; especially in
building materials, and crop pros
: peels are brighter. At Kansas
, City receipts of grain and cattle are
I good, and trade is satisfactory there
i and at Denver.
At Louisville, trade is fairly sat
isfactory, but not much improved
at Memphis, quiet at Montgomery,
and good at Atlanta, considering
the unfavorable weather. At Sa
vanah the trade holds on well and
money is easy. At New Orleans
business is seasonable with im
provements in demand formoncy.
Pig iron has been weak at the re
eent production. The closing of
many mills has greatly increased
the immediate demand for finished
products and prices are stronger,
though contracts for future delivery
are at old prices and for beams the
lowest ever quoted. Copper is
weak at 1 l-4c., tin lower, and lead
weaker at 4.15 c
Committee Meeting.
Pursuant to a call of the Chairman
the following members of the Demo
cratic Executive Committee of Miller
County, met, in the law offices of
Messrs. Hayes and Cook, in this city,
The members present were: Messrs.
G. A. Hayes, John Sheppard, W. F.
Kirby, J. W. Harris, by G. A. Hayes
proxy. Kirby was requested to
act as secretary. It was then stated
by the Chairman, G. A. Hayes, that A.
G. Stanley, a former member of the
said committee had severed Ills con
nc< o n witli the Democratic party,
hence was no longer qualified or com
petes to serve as a member of the
eon uittee. On motion, the place
forimc ’y held by Mr. Stanley on this
comm;,tee was declared vacant and
I Dr. 1. S. Few, of Day's Creek Town
ship was elected to Tilt vacancy occas
ioned thereby. At this stage of pro
ceedings another member of the com
mittee, Mr. C. C. Dorrian, arrives and
enters into the deliberations of that
body. A telegram from Mr. Winham
of Cleveland Township, presented and
rend. The proceedings and instruc
ions of the Democratic convention of
July 9(h,1892, as to the rules and reg
' illations to govern in holding the pri
mary elections of Miller County, were
read and adopted. Convention then
adjourned until 1 o'clock p. m. On
reassembling at the hour mimed the
following order of business was pro
ceeded with. On motion of C. C. Dor
rinn, each candidate for county office
was assessed $3 to assist In defraying
necessary expenses of primaries. On
motion the Chairman was authorized
to appoint a committee of three
whoso duty it will be to properly
carry out the rules and regulations
prescribed by said Democratic con
vention of .J uly 9th, 1892, for holding
Miller Countle’s primary elections.
The Chairman appointed on this com
mittee Messrs. M. Winham, 11. F. Hu
son and W. F. Kirby. On motion the
meeting was declared adjourned,until
10 o’clock a. m. Saturday, July 30th,
1892. G. A. Hath,
W. F. Kihbv, Chairman
Mr. and Mrs. Hickner, of Memphis,
era the guests of Mr. and .Mrs. Stuart
1 ho Cato City Bank.
Ou Saturday the bank of Col. J. G.
Kelso at Magnolia failed, it is said for
about $30,000, mid till the property of
Col. Kelso was attached.
He is president of the Gate City
National Bank in this city, also nlarge
stockholder in the bank. He lias been
in feeble health for quite a while, and
is now at Blue Lick Springs, Iml.
As soon as the report of the failure
of the bank at Magnolia reached here
it very naturally created some anxiety
as to how it would effect the Gate
City Bank, aud this morning as soon
as the doors were open, a run was
, made upon it. Vice-President Mul
lins, Cashier ('nrman ami the employes
of the bank were at their desks, and
promptly cashed the checks of the de
positors as they were presented, and
by 10 o’clock the excitement, which
was but little, subsided, and the bank
continued its regular business until
the hour of closing.
i We had an interview with Vice-
President Mullins, and lie informed us
that the failure of the bank at Magno
lia has not, and will not, effect the bank
here; that they have no connection
I whatever, and that the Gate City Bank
has sufficient cash in its vaults to pay
every demand against it, and that
there is no cause for uneasiness.
The many friends of Col. Kelso
sympathise with him in his misfortune,
and trust that he may pull through all
Bowie County Primaries. ,
The Bowie County Democratic pri
maries were held last Saturday, with
the following result: Governor, Hogg;
Attorney-General, Culberson; Land
Commissioner, McGaughey,and Judge
Culberson for Congress. The county
ticket instructed for is: For Senator,
Benjamin Whitaker; For Representa
tive, F. M. Ball; For Sheriff, Robert
(.’anon; For County Clerk, W. 11. El
liott; For District Clerk, SV. R. Wil
son; For County Attorney, J. Q. Ma
haffey: For Treasurer, Win. McCright;
For County Judge, Warren Jones;
For Tax Collector, AV. 11. Doan; Tax
Assessor, C. F. Wallington. Precinct
officers: Commissioner, Chas. Galla
gher; Constable, W. 11. Hargett. Jus
■ lice of the Peace still in doubt be
tween Stokes and Barkman.
Millions of people have suffered for
years from catarrh, neuralgia aud
head-ache, ami could get no perma
nent relief until Aztec Catarrh Killer
was discovered, it relieves neuralgia
and cures head-ache in five minutes,
and cubes catarrh in 60 days.
If you suffer from La Grippe, Kid
ney diseases or Indigestion, take
Aztec Wind, perfectly' harmless and
a sure cure.
Women who suffer with cramps
and pains or bloody flux, can get
prompt relief by using Aztec Wine.
Try it, it is an infalible remedy.
Aztec Medical Co., of City .Mexico,
Texas office, Fort Worth, Tex.,
For sale by Smith Drug Co., 3md
Not’ooto Candidates.
All candidates for county offices
are requested to forward names and
fee at once to W. F. Kirby, secretary
primary election committee, Texarka
na, Ark. The candidates for town
ship offices may' have their names
printed on the tickets by sending $2
each to said secretary by July 20th.
Milton Winham
Chairman Primary Election Com.
BLACK-DHAUGHT tea cures ConMipiitlon.
After recuperating a short time, Col.
Warren will engage in the practice of
the law in this city. He was a success
ful practicioner for over twenty years
before he came here.
Mrs. J. L. Grillin of Waco, accom
panied by her children, are visiting
the family of Hon. A. L, Ghio.
Children Cry for Pitchers Castoria.
Mrs. 11. B. Scofield and little son left
yesterday tor a visit to relatives ai
J. W. Stuart and family loft yester
day lor i. visit to relatives in South
fUcElree'i WHE OFCAROUI for female <l lK t>ea.
.Miss Clara Smith of Clarksville, is
the guest of Mr. amt Mrs. R. D. Har
Misses Fannie and Joe Smith arc
theguestsof Mrs, Johnson on College
l.n E'SWIXEO; KDIII for W auk Nerve.,
Mr. Finnell, representing the Stock
Association of Tyler, is in the city.
V. M. Davis is over from Waldo.
An Ordinance laying off a portion of
the City of Texarkana, Arkansas, ns
“Improvement Dist i let Number One
(1),” for the purpose of constructing
sewers in said district.
Whereas, Ten and more resident
owners of real estate In the City of
Texarkana, Arkansas, and within the
» ' -vr- --
y-IAT.T©•-'Jfrt •Xrse»a di
oxros&o TIES
Is now complete. C. D. E. and E. E. Lasts.
We sell the JaIDC . illcaus $3 Shoo, the Best on earth.
Spring Underwear, and
C\ L, Shepherd
115 East Broad St., - - Texarkana.
territory hereinafter designated, have
petitioned the council to take the nec
essary' steps towards the making of
local improvements by constructing
sewers as provided by law, therefore
in order that such local improvements
may be made, be it enacted by the
Council of (lie City of Texarkana, Ar
Section 1. That all that portion
of the territory of Hie City of Texar
kana, Arkansas, embraced in the fol
lowing lines, to-wit:
Beginning at a point on the Slate
Line between the States of Arkansas
and Texas, where the center of 7th
Street intersects said State Line,
thence along the center of 7th Street
in Texarkana, Arkansas, to a point
opposite the center of (lie alley run
ning through block No. 27, thence in
a straight line along Hie center of said
alley to a point opposite the dividing
line between lots Nos. 3 and I in block
No. 27, thence along the line between
said lots to the center of Hazel Street,
thence along the centerof Hazel Street
to the center of (itli Street, thence
along the center of 6(h Street ton
point opposite the alley in block No.
23, thence in a straight line along the
center of said alley to Hie center of
7th Street, thence along the center of
7th Street to the center of Hickory
St reet, thence southerly along the cen
ter of Hickory Street to the center of
6th Street, thence along the center of
6th Street to the center of i’c.can
Street, thence along the center of De
can Street to the center of .sth Street,
thence along the center of sth Street
to the center of Beach Street, thence
along the center of Beach street to the
center of Itli or Forrest Street, thence
along the center of 4th or Forrest
Street to the cent .■ of Laurel Street,
thence aloug 11 center of Laurel
Street to its inter ction with the cen
ter line of Broai reel, thence along
the center of Hr. ,d Street to a point
on the south line the northeast of
the northeast of Section 30, Township
15 South, Range 28 West, thence east
to the northwest line of the right-of
way of tli<> St. Louis, Iron Mountain &
Southern R’y. Co., thence along said
northwest line in a northeasterly' di
rection to tin' intersection witli the
East border of the City' of Texarkana,
Arkansas, I lienee south to the point of
the intcrsecMon of said ' corporation
line witli the southeast line of the
above said right-of-way', thence south
l westerly along said right-of-way to
the intersection witli Hie south line of
the northcast qaartcr of the northcast
quarter of Section 30 aforesaid, thence
east to the east lino of said section,
thence south for a distance of four
hundred and forty-three (443) feet,
thence in a southwesterly direction
for a distance of one thousand one
hundred and sixty-eight (1168) feet to
a point on the soutli line of the north
east quarter of Section thirty, and be
ing seven hundred and seventy-two
Dry Goods.
\*o 293
(772) feet west from the southeast cor
ner of said northeast quarter, thence
west for a distance of live hundred
and forty (540) feet, thence parallel
witli the main track of the St. Louis,
Iron Mountain & Southern Railway
in a curve runniug southwesterly to
the soutli line of the northx tst quar
ter of the southeast quarter of Section
thirty (30), thence west along
the said south line to a point
three hundred and seventy-nine and
five-tenths, (379 5-10) feet eastfrom the
northwest corner of the southwest
quarter of the southeast quarter of
said section 30, thence in a soiitliwes- .
terly direction to a point on the west
line of the southeast quarter of sec
tion thirty, and being two hundred
and eighty-nine tcet south of the
northwest corner of the southwest
quarter of the southeast quart# of
section thirty, theuce south along the
west line of the southeast quarter of
section thirty where the same inter
sects the center of the main track of
(he St. Louis Southwestern Railway,
thence southwesterly along said main
track to the east line of the property
of the American Cotton Oil Compa
ny as described in deed record, “p.”
570, thence south to the prolongation
of the north line of a tract of land de
scribed in deed record, “p.” 421, and
belonging to the Texarkana Gas and
Electric Light Company, thence in a
southwesterly direction to the north
west corner of said tract of land, said
paint being on the State line and
three hundred and nineteen (319) feet
north of the southwest corner of sec
tion thirty, thence north along Slate
Line to the point of beginning, be and
the same is hereby laid off into an im
provement district for the purpose of
constructing sewers therein; that the
lines aforesaid be, and the same are
hereby designated, as the boundaries
of such district, and that the territory
so embraced (herein shall lie known,
and is hereby designated as, the Im
provement District No. One of the
City of TexaTkana, Arkansas.
Sec. 2. That this Ordinance shall,
take, effect aud be in force from and
after its passage, and all Ordinances
in conflict witli this Ordinance uro
hereby repealed, and the Recorder is
hereby ordered to publish this Ordi
nance within live days from its pas
sage as required by law.
Sta te of Arkansas, i
County of Miller, [■
City of Texarkana. )
I, G. W. Treher, Recorder of Tex
arkana, Arkansas, do hereby certify
that the above and foregoing bill for
an Ordinance entitled a bill for an
Ordinance laying off a portion of the
City of Texarkana, Arkansas, as “Im
provement District No. One,” for the
purpose of constructing sewers in
said district, was passed by the Coun
cil of the aforesaid City on July 14th
In witness whereof, 1 here
unto set my hand aud af
[SEAL.] lixed the seal of said
city, this 15111 day of Ju
<, & 7£ ij:b, Recorder.

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