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■ At SMITH’S, Including
I iciE3 OJRDDJLZM: soda.
_____ »«» M iiiwr7nTti r -• •▼*ww<jri-. ■.r’S’.iJX a. ■■ ir a mai 1 ar ”
I i an 1 IMi -
| Texarkana J urnitureFactory
The Texarkana Furniture Manufacturing Co. has a full
line of their own manufacture of goods at their sample rooms
in the Henry block opposite the Benefield Hotel, where they
invite the citizens of Texarkana and surrounding country to
call and see the styles of goods manufactured at home. The
prices at retail for Cash will be as follows until further notice:
Bed Room Suits, three pieces, Solid Oak'and AYa’nut Ant.’and 16. h Cent, finish, from sls to $35 (0
No. 0. Bed Steads, Solid Oak Aut. finish, at - - - - - ... 150
No. 1. “ “ 200
No, 2. “ “ “ “ ‘ 275
No. 3. “•••<“ “ . 350
No. 4. “ “ “ • “ “ 450
No. 45. Extension Table?, Turned Legs, per Let ....... 65
S No. 50. “ “ Bolted “ Shaped, per f«et - - - ... 75
B}feet Kitchen Tables, IlardWO id frame, Cottonwood Tops, - - - ... 125
4 ■' " “ “ 1 50 -
5 .< « ♦< .. U 175
f, “ “ <■ << u t. << 200
No. 14. Bed Room Tables 19x28, Shs 4 12x20 - - - - - - - . 135
flail Reckers, Oak, Ant and 16th Cent, fin sh, from ..... s3.bl) to $lO 00
H. T. HUEY, Proprietor.
dbaler in
Billiard and Poo? Table: in the City,
-zt’.tv K w»e««Bwntr'TT*v-: r-r A.c.;r--T7n’r««
L, €
Brni Stel Mill Mtl.
For Choice Beef, Veal, Mutton, Pork, Etc.
Headquart ' ame.
1 A U \ -AND-
. LRlllU FOIL'MG’Y V7 . •■UIv--.
A, DeMARCE, Proprietor.
—M A N UFA CT Ull EHS 0F —
Steam Engines and Beilers,
mu mm, nmtcim hills
lj>® H
j Gas Pipe, Brass Goods,
Sleaui Shillings,WtenniPiunps
an d Packing of all Kinds Al
ways Kept in Stock.
Texarkana, .... Texas.
I»llOS]pla.O»'l? i ’«ei>tixie-SPECIFIC FOR INDIGESTION, -DFLICIOUS. -At Smith’s Fountain.
Uailg Texarkana fflettwerat
□ aby Show.
To the prettiest baby taken be
tween now and July 22nd, we will
present an elegant life-size pastel por
trait. Siibeves & Hoop,
The Leading Photographers.
Tlie candidates for Governor of
Arkansas will speak here August 12,
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
fnambe! lain’s Colic, Cholera and Ihar
rhii’.i Remedy
Can always be depended upon, It
is pleasant to take and will cure
cramp, cholera morbus, dysentery
land diarrhcea in their worst forms.
Every family should be provided
with it. 25 and 50 cent bott es for
sale by Smith Drug Co.
Uy his courteous, business like de
meanor, Mr. Vaughan, cashier of the
Inter-State National Bank, continues
to make friends; and no young man
in Texarkana is more worthy of them.
It Savis the Children.
Mr. C. H. Shawen, Wellsville,
Illas, siys: “It is with pleasure
that l speak of the good Chamber
lain’s Colic, C oleri and Diaarhoea
Remedy has done my family dur-
Img the last fourteen years. In the
most obstinate cases of summer
complaint and diarrhoea among my
children it acted like a charm,
making it never necessary to call
in a physician. I can truthfully
say that m my judgment, based on
yearn of experience, there is not. a
medicine tn tbemnrkft that is its
equal.” For sale by Smith Drug
While some Democrats favored con
ventions to nominate candidates for
county offices, the party chose to
adopt the primary elections, and now
all should vote and work to got out a
ticket composed of first-class men,
How’s This?
Wo offer one hundred dollars re
ward for any case oi catarrh that
cannot bo cured by taking Hall’s
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co.,
I’toprielorn, Toledo, Ohio.
Wo, the undersigned, have
known F. J. Cheney for the last
15 years, and believe him perfect
ly honorable in all business trans
actions, and financially able *o
earn out any obligations made by
their firm West & Truax,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Walling, Kinnan & Marvin,
W holesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hab’a Caturrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surlaces of the
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price, 7oc per buttle. Sold by all
druggists. Im
At last a man has been found for
Chairman of the Republican National
Committee. After much effort Mr.
Thomas 11. Carter, one of President
Harrison's U. S. Land Commissioners,
i was induced to accept the thankless
St. Louis, July 18.—George 11.
Williams, the messenger who was in
charge of the Pacific Express Com
pany's car that was robbed at Adair,
I. T., has been suspended pending an
examination by the company.
Hot Springs, July 18.—Gen. S. B.
' Sherer, of Aurora, 111., died at the
| Plateau Hotel late on Saturday even
ing, after a very brief illness. Gen.
' Sherer was largely interested hi mln
| ing operations at Bear and Silver City.
! Deeeased leaves a wife, daughter and
i a son, the two former being now on a
visit to friends in California
Pittsburg, July 18—The Home
stead Steel Works strikers indirectly
cuused the indefinite suspension of
the Bradlock Wire works and 600
more men are out of work. The
I mills, nail and barbed wire depart
ments have all closed down owing to
a lack of steel billets to make wire,
rods, etc.
New Brunswick, N. J:, July 18. —
The rioting has broken out afresh
among Ibe Hungarian railroad labor
ers at Woodbridge. The Reading
Railroad officials havo notified the
Sheriff of Middlesex County that the
riotors arc destroying railroad prop
erty, and that the local authorities
have been overpowered and are una
ble to handle them. The Sheriff has
just dispatched sixty deputies to the
scene of the trouble. The rioters
claim that money is due them from
their contractors. The latter, howev
er, deny this, and bloodshed is antici
Green B. Raum's mismanagement of
I the Pension Bureau will be reported
to the House during the present week.
The record of Chairman Carter of
the Republican National Committee,
which would not look pretty in print,
will nevertheless probably be publish
ed soon.
Congressman Cannon may be taken
off the ticket in his district and run
for re-election at large.
The triangular light in the Fifteenth
Missouri District has been productive
of much interi A.
Pine Bluff, Ark., July 18.—Capt.
' B. F. Smith, one of Pine Bluffs oldest
citizens, die here yesterday morning,
after an illness of six months, caused
from a stroke of paralysis about nine
years ago, from which he never re
Washington, July 18.—The Ways
and Means Committee of the House
this morning adopted a resolution
providing for the final adjournment of
Congress on the 25th, one week from
. o-day.
Mrs. Maria Nevins Blaine has re
turned from Euoepe. She will not
publish her husband’s love letters.
The starvation of thousands in the
drought districts of Mexico is avoided
only by Government aid.
Seven counties of Northern Texas
have refused marriage license to a
boy of 16 and a widow of 40, who has
thirteen children.
West Superior Iron and Steel Com
pany has discharged all Amalgamated
Association men and closed the mills
The houseless and homeless people
of St. Johns, are said to number fully
15,000, and are in a most pit iable con
The Harrison campaign in Indiana
is in very bad condition. One mem
ber of the State Committee has re
signed, and a county chairman lias
followed his example.
London Anarchists denounced Ra
vacbol’s execution.
Six factories burned in Berlin, and
four persons perished.
A volcanic eruption in the Malay
Archipelago is said to have caused
the loss of 12,000 lives.
The Tories will probably resign In
order to compel a showing of ihe Lib
eral .Home Rulo programme.
Pittsburg, Pa., July 18.—The most
important move of the day was the ac
tion of the machinists, repairmen,
yardmen and laborers, in deciding to
' stand by the strikers. This action
was the result of a meeting held yes
terday, and was a surprise to the Car
negie officials. All the men in the de
partments mentioned havo been work
ing every day, and when they quit for
the week last Saturday, there was no
intimation of their intention to join
the strikers (o-day. The nows was re-
ceived at the headquarters of the
strikers with intense satisfaction, and
the leaders were in a hopeful mood.
Although the work is quit,the strikers
are doing more than appearances indi
cate. At headquarters the Advisory
Committee is well represented and
the members are kept well informed
With one exception, no attempt has
been made by the strikers to trespass
on tjie company's property. A man
was found near the general office and
was ordered away by Superintendent
Wrigley. The workman obeyed, but
not until denouncing the official, using
strong, if not eloquent language. “The
company need not fear auy destruc
tion of property,” said a member of
the Advisory Committee, “for our
men have agreed not to go near the
grounds. But if Superintendent
Wrigley thinks his force ot watchmen
is not sufficient, our organization will
detail men to guard the works.”
The Little Kock Gazette of this
morning says: “The private banking
house of J. G. Kelso, at Magnolia, was
closed through attachments last Sat
urday. Mr. Kelso is a man of consid
erable means, and is believed to have
more than a sufficient amount of avail
able assets to meet all his liabllties,
which will net exceed $40,000. He
has been suffering from ill
health for some time, and on last
Thursday left his home for Blue Lick,
Ind., in the hope that a brief vacation
at that resort would bo beneficial to
him. He was in Little Rock on Fri
day, and in his conversations with
friends said nothing that would lead
them to believe that his bank was on
the verge of failing. The collapse of
this institution is the first bank fail
ure in Arkansas since 1874. None of
the banks of this city, or anywhere in
the State were affected by the failure.
It is the opinion here that Mr. Kelso
is not aware that his bank is closed,
and that when ho hears of it arrange
ments will be made at once to make a
settlement which will enable him to
resume business.” Vice-President
Mullins, of the Gate City Bank, |
showed us a, letter this morning from
the president of one of the leading
banks in Little Rock, stating that Mr.
Kelso spent last Thursday there, “but
did not intimate any of his troubles,
had he done so, we would have furn
ishee him $50,000, so great is our con
fidence in him.
At Ohio’s Opera House.
Through the kindness of Mr. Smith,
the popular and accomodating mana
ger of Ghio’s Opera House, the use of
that building has been tendered rent
free, to the ladies of the East Side Co
lumbian Chib, to be used on the occa
sion of the public meeting given by
the members of the club on the even
ing of Thursday, the 21st -instant.
This meeting, as is generally well un
derstood, will be given for the pur
pose of securing the generous assist
ance and hearty co-opperatlou of our
cit izens, in the effort to raise Texar
kana's and Miller County’s prorata of
Arkansas’ fund to (ho World’s Fair.
A laudable effort, truly and one that
deserves to meet and will, we think,
meet with universal approval and un
bounded success.—Texarkanian.
The Democrat joins its contempo
rary in urging the people to turn out
at the meeting, and assist the ladies in
their most laudable work —a work
that will result in great benefit to our
city and county.
Let the opera house be crowded.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of the stockholders of
the Texarkana Fair Association to elect
eleven directors for the ensuing year
will take place at the office of the
Company in Texarkana, Texas, July
30th, 1892.
F. W. Mullins, Pres.
' By E. A. Warren, Secetary.
At the entertainment to be given
Thursday night at Ghio’s Opera
House, by the ladies of the East Side
Columbian Club, speeches will bo de
livered by Messrs. L. A. Byrne, Lee
Estes W. T. Hudgins, W. 11. Arnold,
W. E. Kirby and others. Everybody
No admission fee will be charged to
the entertainment to bo given on
Thursday night at Ghio’s Opera
House, but the ladles of the East Side
Columbian Chib will servo refresh
ments. Kot them bo liberally patro
nized in their splendid w ork.
W. L. Connevcy, the popular Cir
cuit Clerk of LuFayctto County, is in
the city. Mr. Conuevey is one of the
leading merchants of New Lewisville,
and one of the best men we ever
lion. B. B. Battle and wife, of Lit
tle Rock, will visit the family of their
cousin, Col. E. A. Warren, this week.
Bowie Hose Company will meet to
night at the West Side City Hall.
is now complete, C. D. E. and E. E. Lasts.
We sell the James Means $3 Shoo, the Best on earth.
stkZaTw - zhjvts,
Spring Underwear, and
* swtiRUW
C. L. Shepherd
115 East Broad St., - - Texarkana.
Hon. M W. Bates is over from Og
Dr. Candler spent yesterday in the
Ice cream soda, at Smith's Foun
Col. J. M. Montgomery is at New
Judge Byrne went over to Ash
down to-day.
Capt. C. L. Dellohunty was up from
Mt. Pleasant yesterday.
The East side City Council will meet
in adjourned session to-night.
Miss Jennie Magee of St. Louis is
the guest of the M isses Rosborough.
Louis Heilbron is expected home
from New York to-morrow or next
Mr. Byrne and family, of Jefferson,
' have arrived and will make Texarkana
their home.
A large lot of letter heads,bill heads,
cards, card board, etc., just received
at this office.
We regret to learn that Capt. O’Pry
is confined at home by illness, but
hope soon to see him o. k. again.
The grass widower's club is getting
along splendidly, and having a jolly
time while their wives are abroad.
The candidates before the Miller
County Democratic primaries are put
ting in some hard work this week.
Assessor Winham is now assessing
taxes in this city, and may be found at
the court house until the 28th inst.
And still no postmaster has taken
charge of the elegant postoffice de
partment in the new Federal building.
The catalogues for St. Agnes Acad
emy, now being gotten out at the
Democrat office, will be quite hand
Business in the city is very quiet,
as the farmers are “making hay while
the sun shines” and don’t come to
The Reeves’ Furniture Factory will
soon be operation. The more facto
ries wo havo, the better it will be for
Col. Warren is now ready for law
business. For the present he may bo
found at the Democrat office, but
will open a regular office soon.
Dry Goods.
NO. 297.
Do You Want a Baby
Photo taken, free of charge? If so,
take baby to the Popular East Side
Studio, where they will make you
those incomparable ansto finished
photos, absolutely free, during the
18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of Ju
ly. Every mother receiving an ele
gant souvenir. This offer doos not
apply to children over one year old.
Studio over Texarkana Hardware
Company Store, 204 E. Broad Street.
Shreves a Mood,
The Leading Photographers.
Young men, it you can't get what
suits you in Spring Novelties at the
Stuarts’, you won’t find the goods in
Champagne mist, at Smith’s Fotin
Young gentlemen, in order to make
room for our extensive lines of Kum
mer neckties, we have this day cut
the price ot our genuine white em
broidered ties from 75 to 50 cents.
Wo have to-day received the first
shipment of our summer “Dunlap”
hats, for which we are sole -.gents.
They are beauties.
J. W. Stuart & Son.
April 16 ’92.
Sanga, at Smith’s Fountain.
Ladies’ necklaces at Louis Ilcil
bron’s. Im
Raspberry Phosphates, at Smiths
The display ot Fine summer Pants,
in front of the east show window at
J. W. Stuart & Son’s, excels anything
we havo ever before seen in Texark
ana. The Stuarts’ assuredly risk a
great deal in bringing such handsome
goods to this market.
Orange phosphates, at Smith’s Foun
Fine stock of Jewelry at Louis Heil
bron’s. Prices low. Imo
Positive Cough Cure, tbr coughs, at
1 Smith’s.
The Stuarts will duplicate the
price asked by any St. Louisj clothing
. or gents’ furnishing house- Young
men, write to St. Louis and get their
prices, and then visit J. W. Stuart &
Son. If they don’t duplicate the goods
and price, purchase in St. Louis.
' Smith Drug Co. have just received
a big stock of wall paper, and are pre
pared to sell it at a lower price than
ever before offered in the city. W.
■ R. Jester will take pleasure in furn
r idling estimates for any kind of work
desired. ts
f The best liver pills on earth are
Elliott’s Little Chickasaw, at Smith’s
t Peaches and cream, at Smith’s

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