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s st e et e- ————————————— e “'
: =1
S ' - SRR e, - ) . i
i NI TTEY S Lt o
| At SMITH’S, Including
. e gy g Sy N .
: ' + - 5
'l_‘ ‘ eBT S fl:{\ 3 "D ” 'S
eXarang i UFNHIure s «o
| The Texarkana Furniture Manufacturing Co. has a full
line of their own manufacture of goods at theirsample rooms
in the Henry block opposite the Benefield Hotel, where thcyl
invite the citizens of M'exarkana and surrocunding country to
call and see the styles of goods manufactured at home. Thel
| prices at vetail for Cash will be as follows until further notiee:l
E Bed Room Huits, three pieces, Solid Oak and Waluut Ant,%and 16.1 Cent, finish, from sls to 835 (0
® No. O, Bed Sieads, Solid Oai Aut, fiaish, at - - . . - - - P 8,
:.‘;‘ NO. 1. ol s X ‘6 ‘4 4 . 2 s . £ z & 2 200
e N()‘ 2' ‘e ‘e ‘ol [ ‘e 6 £ 2 g o W v = 8 275
\j N(). 3, o . e 11 ‘s ‘e = 5 2 g & " . d 350
No; 4, % At it s “ 6 3 g s i . . £ G dBO
£ No. 45, Kxtension Tables, Turned Legs, per fret . 2 - . . “ 65
f No. 50, 4 H Bolted ** Shaped, per feet - - - - . - 75
3} feet Kitchen Tables, Hardwoud frame, Cottonwood Tops, - . . - di si LB
" l 1 € ‘ ‘ 0 ‘e ‘e ¥ 2 o i = & 150
ys‘eio6¢“v & 3 = g i & 15
‘.}_:‘ “ 6 (e ‘o (¢ ‘o 6 € d N & & 4! 5 2 0()
No, 14, Bed Room lables 19x28, Sheltf 12x20 - - - . . 4 % il 28
Hall Rockers, Oak, Ant. and 16th Cent. fin sh, trom - - - - - $3.60t0 $lO 00
H. T. HUEY, Propristor, ;
I R R TN }
Billiard and Pool Tables in ihe City.
I ——————— =]
T, s[ o |
1 4 0R Y g IR 5 ]
b W W B L.GO ME'S t
B Sl Mial Wk
For Choice Beef, Veal, Matton, Pork, Eic.
i.! d ma' Y LIS é;ar's,‘ B £ A
ieatfuarers 10l Al
m B PR
{ ; —AND—
A. DeMARCE, Proprietor.
Steam Engi i Boil
eam Engines and Boilers,
| gk T 1 ;
e A
e By
- l , , :
T Gas Pipe, Brass Goods,
‘.*, A) Steam Fittings,SteamPumps
< \\o and Packing o all Kinds Al-
Sddg ™ 0” ways Kept in Stock.
Texarkana, . . . . Texas.
Phospiho-~EFeptine=sPLCIPMC FOR [INDIGESTION ~DELICIOUS.~-At Smith’s Fountain,
Tatln Cexarkana Temocrat,
| Stockhelders’ miesating. ‘
; Notice is hereby given that the an
| nuai mecting of the stockholders of
i‘ the Texarkana lair Association to elect
'c]vwn directors for the ensuing year
' will take place at the oflice of the
' Company in Texarkaua, Texas, July
80th, 1892, at 8 o’clock p. m.
I, W. MuLrins, Pres,
By E. A, WARREN, Secretary.
The best liver pills on earth are
Elliott’s Little Chickasaw, at Smith’s
The display ot I'ine Summer Pants,
in front of the east show window at
J. W, Stuart & Son’s, excels anything
|we have ever before seen in Texark
| ana. The Stuarls’ assuredly risk a
| great deal in bringing such handsome
goods to this market, !
Orange phosphates, at Smith'’s Foun
The Stuarts will duplicate the
price asked by any st. Louis clothing
or gents’ furnishing house. Young
men, write to St. Louis and get their
prices, and then visit J. W. Stuart &
pon, If they don’t duplicate the goods
and price, purchase in St. Louis,
s L
Peaches and cream, at Smith’s
Huckins louse Barber Shop is the
place to go to if you want nice, clean,
comfortable shaves and baths, hot or
cold, or your hair cut in the latest
style. DPrices: Hair cutting, 55-cents;
shaving, 15-cents; baths2s-cents, First
class corps of colored assistants,
ts War. Kerny, Proprietor,
For torpid liver and la grippe, use
Littie Chicasaw DPills and quinine, at
——— .
Good day bhoard may be obtained
in a private family. Apply at the
DiyocrAT ofllce, ts
Glace, all flavors, at Smith’s Foun
e st e
Sewing machine needles at the
Racket Store. {f
lor coughs, colds and pneumonia
use Positive Cough Cure, at Smith’s
lee eream soda, at Smith’s Ifoun
Unredeemed diamonds, watches and
rings, at low figures at Louis Ileil
Smith Drug Co, have just received
a big stock of wall paper, and are pre
pared to sell it at a lower price than
ever before offered in the city, W,
R. Jester will take pleasure in furn.
ishing estimates for any kind of work
desired, ts
Louis IHeilbron, Money Lender
Money to loan on all collaterals,
S e———
Mineral waters, all Kinds, at Smith’s
S o fponsseass
Little Chickasaw Pills, for colds and
La Grippe, at Smith's,
| Mg Eprrori—At the last meeting |
‘of the City Council of Texarkana,
Arkansas, an improvement district
Iwas established for the purpose of
l constructing a system of sewerage. |
The lines of the distriet can De as
certained by reference to the ordi
nance publizhed a sow days since.
The district includes all resident
property north of Broad street, up to
and including that in the neighbor
hoods of the Federal building, court
house and school house, also Ul busi
ness property of Broad street and the
Iron Mountain and the National Cot
ton Oil Mills properties.
For municipal purposes an annual
tax cannot be levied exceeding five
mills, The entire amount of the city
I revenue hae heretofore been, and is
now being consumed, in the legiti
-1 mate expenses of the city government,
!without making any substantial im
Prior to making the water and
light contracts, the City Ifall was
built and the fire department wasf
equipped, but since that time, owing
to the large amount required to pay ‘
for fire protection and electric lights,
no improvements have been made ex
cept what were absclutely necessary
to make the streets passable. Since
the beginning of the present adminis
tration, the light contract has been
amicably modified so that the city
pays annually, for lights, $1020.00 less
than heretofore, and with this reduc
tion and the present economical ad-
I ministration of the affairs of the city,
the floating debt of the city, amount
;ing to about $5000.00, brought over
trom the former administration, will
be gradually reduced and finally paid.
But this is all that may be expected
from the revenues of the city, and all
improvements of a permanent and
substantial character, such as grading
and paving streets, and sewerage, will
have to be done by voluntary taxa
tion, as is done in Little Rock, I'ort
Smith, Pine Bluff, Hot Springs and
Camden, § uch improvements in these
and all other cities and towns in Ar
kansas, are made by establishing im
provement districts and agreeing to
taxation for the purpose of making
the improvements,
The City Council hasno right to
assess more than a five mills tax, and
whatever may be said of our high
taxes, it is not the municipal tax that
makes the burden. The State, coun
ty and school taxes each amount to
five mills, and certainly as great ben
efits are derived from taxes paid for
city purposes as any other, though all
the taxes now levied are necessary, 1
believe an additional tax for sewerage
purposes, in the district mentioned, is
equally necessary as the taxes now
being levied and collected.
Sewerage has become a necessity,
and the risk too great for us to delay
further in preserving the health of
our town,
It is remarkable that Texarkana has
not been afllicted with a greater
amount of fatal sicknes during this |
summer, There is hardly a street, al
ley or gutter in the district without
pools, of green, stagnant and offensive
water? Stagnant ponds of water
stand under nearly every business
house on Broad street several months
in the year, and service pipes running
from private residences upon the
strects, are creating intolerable nuis
ances daily,
Aside from the sanitary advantages
of a good system of sewerage, the
real estate within the district would
be improved 25 per cent, and its ren
tal value greatly enhanced,
The proposed district needs sewer
age more than any other part of T'ex
arkana on either side of the line, and
the people of the distriet are amply
able to bear the expense,
Other cities of less size and wealth
and with far less prospects for future
development in Arkansas and Texas
have seweragoe systems,
Private sewers, running inte the
large gutter below the depot to the
oil millg, have for years carried the
filth of the town upon the property of
the oil mills, and owing to the nuis
ance thereby created, growing worse
from time to time, unless something
is done for theirv protection, this valu
able plant is likely so be abandoned,
and the mill closed,
This Company pays thousands of
dollars to laborers in Texarkana
weekly, and it would be a calamity
for them to quit business here,
While we are making all efforts to
induce other industries to locate in
Texarkana, we should not forget to
do all we can to keep those we have,
One principal causo for the Oil Milis
selling their compress machinery was
on account of the exerement of the
town being drained upon {heir |
With a proper system of sewerage
the OQil Mills would be protected in
the just enjoyment of their property,
and being in the district, would have
to bear their proportion of the sewer
age taxes,
Now the only way we can get sew
erage in this district, or substantial
improvemenis of any kind in the
city, is for the real estate owners to
| agree to additional taxation {o raise
| the money necessary.,
In other words it is left to the own
ers of real cstate, who would be the
beneficiaries, to say whether we shall
keep pace with our sister cities and
! towns by making this much needed
The steps necessary {o be taken for
: sewerage taxation, the district having
been formed, is for & majority in val
t ue of the owners of real property
therein to petition the council to lay
an annual tax for the purpose of
doing the work. Upon the presenfa
tion of this petition to the city coun
c¢il a board of public improvement
consisting of three owners of real es
tate m their district will be appoint
ed be the council, which board will
make an estimate of the cost of the
improvement proposed, and an ordi
nance will then be passed assessing
the cost of the improvement upon the
real property in the district, assessing
each parcel of real property according
to its value as shown by the last Coun
ty Assessment.
If the estimated cost of the improve
ment exceed one per cent of the as
sessed value of the real estate in the
distreit the then ordinance must pro
vide that the asseasment shall be paid
in successive anual asessments,
The annual assessment for gewerage
m Camden is 2} mills.
The money so raised can not be
uged for any other purpose than that
stipulated for in the ordinance laying
And for the purpose of raising the |
necessary money to do the work be-'
fore the taxes are collected, the Board
of Public Improvement are authorized
to pledge all unpaid assessments as
security for borrowed money.
The obligations of Improvement
districts issued for borrowed money
are regarded as first class securities,
and money may be borrowed at the
rates of 6 and 8 per cent,
The Board of Public Improvement
are required to serve without com
pensation, and can not be interested
in any contract for the improvement
contemplated, o
We ought to have a good system of
sewerage, if any at all, and nothing‘
can be expected but that it will be
expensive, although the eost ofsewcr-}
age here, on account of the light sandy ‘
goil, will be as cheap as that of any
city in either of the two States.
The exact cost of sewerage in this
| district can not mnow Dbe estimated,
and this can only be known after tax
ation has been agreed upon and the
estimate made by the Board of Public
Improvement. The cost will depend
upon the specifications of the hoard,
11 have written anumber of letters and
| expect to have estimates made by per
| sons who will bid for the contract, and
| by this means, the approximate cost
[ may be obfained,
I So far as the cost of the work is con
| cerned 1 think the burden of taxation
| will not be great in raising the neces
gary amount of money, The assessed
| value of the property within the dis
| trict amounts to $589,160, A small
| tax upon this amount of property for
| a few years would be suficient, This
above assessment includes the Iron
| Mountain Railroad and the National
| Cotton Oil Mills plant in 'T'exarkana,
| which two corporations pay upon an
| assessed valuation of $95,560.
The City Council can have nothing
| more to do in this sewerage (nestion
E until after the petition is presented,
‘| asking that the cost of sewerage be
' levied upon the property in the dis
{rict, They have nothing to do then,
' oxeept to pass an ordinance levying
' the tax, and to appoint the Board of
’ | Public Improvement. 'The labor of
: getting the signatures of property
-1 owners devolves upon the citizens of
| the town, T'wo or three men should
| uot be expected to do all this work,
- | In order to make this matter asuccess
»| it 1s necessary that all citizens who
Lave an interest in the welfare of Tex
£l{o unite in explain the advantages of
V| sewerage, and the mode prescribed by
" | law whereby the improvement can be
made without excessive taxation,
’ Respectiully,
; W. 1L Arxonn,
) g i
| fthe Weekly Disocrar will go to
| press carly to-morrow morning, and
5| every Dbusiness house in the city
) 'ghould advertise in it
| c————
Is now complete, C.D. E. and E. E. Lasts.
Wo sell t_l.le Ja‘mes Meajfji??é’ therst ,(_m earth,
Spring Underwear, and
| C. L. Shepherd.-
_IHJ East Broad St., - - Texarkana.
e —————————————————————————
| - s
Harry Watkins, late of the Little
Rock Gazette, is dangerously ill.
The National Democratic Commit
tee met to-day in New York,
President IMarrison has returned
from Cape May,
Secretary Nobte appointed three
Montana gentlemen to the Crow
Obstruction tactics against the Hatch
anti-option bill consumed the Senate’s
Unless debate on the World's Fair
upm-oprih(iun is unexpectedly pro
longed Congress will adjourn next
Chairman Oates, of the ITouse Com
mittee, creased to investigate the
[Tomestead trouble, will hear the
‘[’iu!\crluns in their own defense, if
;lhcy desire to appear, beforo submit
ting his report. j
. Cattle in Lynn County, Texas, are
guffering from Texas fever.
[ToMesTRAD, A, July 19.—The
wretchedness of Homestead was at its
| height to-day, when Gov. Paitison,
whose coming has been anxiously
1 awaited on all sides in the little bor
ough, arrived in the drenching rain,
Mud was everywhere, and the strikerg
| had each individually. before them a
| disheartencd prospect of being served
| at any moment with a warrant that
| might eventually land them in the pen
.lctcutim'y or on the gallows. Up a
I steep yellow road from the railway
‘s[utiun past the Carnegic works
|to the top of the IMill, where Gen.
Snowden, commanding the militia,
has his headquarters, the Governor
was slowly conveyed by an escort of
goveral hundred cavalrymen, Irom
the headquarters every few seconds &
| bright flash could be seen against the
| leaden sky, then a huge pufl’ of white
gmoke and immediately a thunderous
{ explosion, that rattled and re-echoed
down the valley, starting the people of
I' IHomestead into the streets bareheaded
Gov. Pattison took the shortest cut
i from the train to the camp, owing
L chiefly, perhaps, to the storm, undj
thus did not appear at the usual stop
ping place for railway travelers at
; Homestead, The main depot is in
the center of Ilomestead, In this
i way the first intimation the strikers
had of his presence was the firing of
; artillery, supposed by many to mean
r that another riot had broken out, and
. another day of bloodshed had already
; begun,
Dry Goods.
NO. 298
W. S, Haywood Isup from Jefler
G, I, Hall, of Magnolia, is in the
sherifl' LMeay is over from La Fay
| ette County.
Will McCartney will spend a week
at Galveston,
Miss Mozelle Tyus is visiting at
Capt. Bd Alexander is over from
New Lewisville,
Col, J. 11, Draughon was up from
sulphur last night.
D, C. Wise, of Jeflerson, is passing
the day in the city.
W. 11. Moore came up from It
Worth this morning.
' Bishop litzgerald, of Little Rock,
gpent yesterday here,
[Ton.W. I\ Hamilton and family,
have moved to the city.
W. L. Conevey returned to New
Lewisville this morning,
Miss Nellie Few is spending &
while at Dalby Springs.
11. W. Myar, President of the First
National Bank, is over from Camden,
(ieo, Rosenberg, & prominent mer
chant of Fulton, was in the city to
Louis Heilbron has returned from
New York, and reports a delightful
trip. :
Miss I"annye Williams will leave
to-morrow for a visit to relatives and
fiiends at Arkadelphia.
Alderman B. I, Pinson has returned
from Smyrna, Tenn,, and we are glad
to learn that he found his wife and
child much better,
(. 1% Hodges, late of San Antonio,
is now in charge of the carpet depart
ment at the popular house of O’Dwyer
& Ahern, We welconie him to Tex
arkana, A
Miss Mattie Alexander passed
| through the city this morning, return
|ing to her home at New Lewisville,
from o visit to relatives and friends
| in Hempstead County,
| The editor will be kept- busy with
| the business management for some
| weeks, hence will rely upon Col. Wars
|rento do most of the writing yet
| awhile,
| L O e—
| James Davis died at the residence
| of his mother at Fairview {his morns
|ing. The bereaved family have our
| sympathy,
l mncnlfcmatitiedy
The Iron Mountain pay cate is hotes

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