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K -—— —— ~ "*“
Texarkana Furniture Factory
The Texarkana Furniture Manufacturing Co. has a full
I line of their own manufacture of goods at their sample rooms
I in the Henry block opposite the Benefield Hotel, where they
liinvite the citizens of Texarkana and surrounding country to
I (call and see the styles of goods manufactured at home. The
I prices at retail for Cash will be as follows until further notice:
Be I Room ’uiis, three pieces, So’id Oak'and Walnut Ant and 16 h Cent, finish, from 815 to $35 (0
No. 0. Be ISi e.t<ls. Solid Oak Ant. finish, at ....... 150
:nv. i. 2 oo
No. 2. ‘ ‘ - 2 75
No 3. •>• •«« '• “ 350
No. 4. “ ‘ “ 450
No. 45 Exten-ion Tables, Turned Legs, per Bet • ...... 65
K No. 50. •• “ Bolted “ Shaped, per set - - - - - 75
I 31 Kitche i T,<l’s. HarrfwonJ frame, Co'to'iwood Tops, - - - - • .125
f >■ .. .. U 150
5 « •< • “ “ •• 175
H u << u .< .«• * <• 200
Na. 11. Bed Room Tables 19x28, She I 12x20 - • • • • . - 135
Ha l Rockers, Oak. Ant. and 16th Cent, finish, from ..... s3.bo to $lO 00
Physician and Surgeon,
H. T. HUEY, Proprietor. Ofßee ovor uity ])ru(t storo ReM .
denco, State Line, in front Christian C burcb
DEALi.K IN Telephone at Office and Itosidonce.
I WIN 33. LIQUORS AND CIG Ab 8. PfjllSl PWlSlli Smil
Billiard and Pool Tables in tha City.
' Specialist in Urethral Troubles and
| BROAD STREET - • TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS all Chronic Diseases,
L. C. WELCOME’S /=~„.
Brill Slral 110 l Irffl.
For Choice Beef, Veal, Mutton. Pork, Etc. Notary Public.
Texarkana, Arkansas.
; r lor WIH -ui stairs bi.
f<,l>, ’ l - AI! l ' l; ' , ' ES - sss®
1 A 11 % , A Mil Fl—- •' V. fit every day: soon know
I /ill i MliwU , .<X (/ > yourself a king among
I /l L-l I v 1-- mon in body, mind nun
'//7/™ Il 1/7 wveil. Tfr’ 8
/ W « / wiit.enare#,bnilni><»M>
A. DeMARCE, Proprietor. SrfeiE
// IL ZIiJuJM portions of the body or
Zv/i If ( IM/TY 1 larged and strungtlior
\oiyZ// lill M V I victims of Abuses <
*• manufacturers of — Xlffl/i/ud J\l excesses, reclaim y<
\ M mnnbood! Sufferers fi
K LJSIK folly,overwork,lll hen.
(Sk regain your vigor! b<
Steam Engines and Boi ers, fs
Writs for out Wook with explanation. . p.
n,.ll»iJ srolcfl K*oe. Over JB.OOO rel>r<
Public Spenking.
Hun. W. V. Tompkins, Democratic
Jf VAPOH A r rO I <S. elector, and Hon. J. 1). Conway, will
apeak at the following times and
Gas Pipe, Br ISS Goods, Hope, August 5, 10 a. m.
~ 1 . e,. r> „ Texarkana, August (I, 2p. in.
Steam ittings,Steaml umps Gurdon, Angus 8,10 a. m.
and Packing of all Kinds Al- okohma, August», w a.m.
“ . Malvern, August 10, 10 a. in.
ways Kept in Stock. Sheridan, August 11, io a. m.
_ -nv Princeton, August 12, 10 a. in.
r- T>S"CT A. t ■ a rn'Ti'F! TO TOI3 Xs r
A dlvlalou of time will bo given to
Tt’Xarktinn . . • - ICXHB. represcntlvca of the opposition.
Ulailg IBcnwcrat
Gen. A. 11. Garland is at his coun
try home near Little Rock. “Hominy
Hill" and is enjoying fine health.
'The Fayetteville and Prairie Grove
telephone line will be extended in the
near future to other portions of the
In the West Virginia Republican
convention yesterday. Thomas E. 'lay-1
lor was nominated for Governor bj
acclamation. Dnvis is a wealthy bus-'
iness man, a Crafton banker and :
State Senator from his district.
Richmond, Auk., August I.—The >
Democratic primary election held on
Saturday resulted as follows: Rep- ■
resentative, Austin Wright; County !
Judge, Dr. J. 11. Gray; Sheriff, Hiram 1
Sanderson; Clerk, J. L. DeLoney;
Treasurer, J. A. Alilter; Assessor, I
Curry Wright.
At Minneapolis yesterday, the
State Democratic Convention nomi
nated Daniel W. fowler for Govern
or, by acclamation. 'The platform I
adopted was a strong one—endorses |
the nomination of Cleveland and the I
National platform; calls attention to j
the Homestead riots as an instance of
the evils incident to protection.
Sevier county primaries came off
on the 30th tilt., and resulted in the
nomination of the following Demo
cratic ticket: 11. L. Norwood, for
Representative; W. K. Dallarhide, for
Clerk; R. M. Grady, for Sheriff; YV. 1
K. Peaking, for County Judge; J. 11.
Turrentine, for Tteasurer; W. W.
Millwee, for Assessor; Wallace Pool, 1
for Surveyor, and Broxton Benson,
for Coroner.
St. Paul, August 3.—Gen. Jas. L.
Baker, the Alliance candidate for Gov- 1
ernor of Minnesota, last night wrote a 1
letter withdrawing his name. This
will leave the field to the other wing
of the party, headed by Ignatius Don- 1
nelly. The Alliance wing are ap- ’
proximated at 2000 voters and will
join the Democrats. The Alliance <
faction will make its fight in the legis- 1
lative districts. 1
Washington August 3. —The (
Democratic caucus to-day, took ac- (
ciou in respect to bringing in a rule
forcing the Durburrow bill on its
passage and the question must yet |
arise if Mr. Kilgore and others con- ,
tinue filibustering whether or not a ,
cloture rule shall be brought in to put (
an end to it. it is expected in view of ,
the general sentiment of the House in (
favor of a termination of the dead- j
lock that such a rule will be reported (
if necessary,
Montgomery, Ala.. August 3.—
'flie new legislature of Alabama is
overwhelming strait Democratic. In
the Senate twenty-two of the thirty
three are supporters of Gov. Jones and
the regular State ticket, and in the
House sixty-one out of 100 members
are of the same faith. Returns from
all but ten counties shbw that Gov.
Jones lias a safe majority of 25,000.
The other counties will not materially
change the result.
Jeffehsonville, Ind., August 3. —
'Die town of New Providence, just
north of New Albany, was visited by
a disastrous conflagration this morn
ing. Fifteen business houses and
dwellings were destroyed, among
which wns the SIO,OOO residence of
Prof. Bordon. 'Die loss will amount
to $25,000. Fifteen people were pros
trated by the neat while fighting the
(Ire. which was fimilly controlled by
the New Albany department.
Little Rock. Auk., August 3.—
The dreaded, n strike in the Iron
Mountain shops, is amicably settled to
the satisfaction •of all parties concern
ed. Air. Frank Reardon, General
Superintendent of Motor Power of
the Misiouri Pacific, arrived yesterday
morning at 8.10 from St. Louis, and at
once went to the shops, where he
held a consultation witli Master Me
chanic Roberts. A cominitteo of
three of the striking bli cksinlths and
another of three of the striking ma
chinists called upon them at 9 o’clock,
General Foreman Mitchell and Fore
man Beattie, of the blacksmith shops,
being also present. The strikers laid
their grievances before these gentle
men. They listened patiently; they
stated that they were ready to prove
every assertion thev made ns to El
kin’s character. Master Mechanic
Roberts agreed to accept the resigna
tion of Jilkins and reinstate the
New York, August 3.—When the
Norwegian bark Neptune, from Rio
De Janeiro, arrived nt qiiiirnntlno
yesterday afternoon she bore on the
main mast a yellow ling showing that
she had the dread pestilence Yellow
Jack nbonrd her. Officer Jenkins
caused her to be detained, and when
the officers boarded the vessel a piti
ful tale of the ship, when, on May 29,
lying off Rio. when the entire crew
was seized with the yellow fever.
Captain Allen was taken aboard by a
physician, who died, while the re
mainder of the crew were taken to the
hospital ashore. On June 18, Albert
Anderson, 2t> years of age, died in
the Rio Hospital, but the remainder of
the crew, twelve in number, finally re
covered and were brought on the vee- j
sei to this port.
A “Cut and Dried" Ticket.
. In the I’. P. County Convention, held
, at the court house yesterday, some ac
! count of which we gave in yesterday's
; r’pile, together with the ticket nomi
| an amusing incident occurred,
wli h conclusively proved that it was
I a “cut and dried" affair throughout.
' Mr. W*. W. Carloss was Chairman and
I George Brackman Secretary of the
body. Only one man was placed in
nomination for each office, ami Chair
man Carloss, as is the custom, put the
question for ballot. When time came
for selecting a Circuit clerk,
lie hesitated, and Secretary Brackman
got up and said that as Mr.
I Carloss, their worthy chairman, “was
[ on the ticket" for clerk, he would put
question to vote—then somebody else
noting the secretary’s break, inter
rupted him, and placed Mr. Carloss’
name in nomination regularly.
This, taken in connection with
the fact of their closed
door meeting in the morning, and
that only one name was voted on for
each office, gives the “cut and dried”
work of the bosses away.
The people will not endure such
dark and tricky methods.
Shooting Affray.
Thiii morning about six o’clock M.
I’. Anderson aud Jack Edmunds,(latter
known as “One-armed Jack’’), met out
on State Line Avenue, near Sand Flat,
when Edmunds drew a pistol and shot
Anderson, the ball taking effect in the
face near the nose, coming out on the
opposite side of the head near the ear.
Anderson's wound is considered dan
gerous, but not necessarily fatal. Ed
munds gave himself up to officers, and
is now in the Miller county jail.
It will be remembered that about
six weeks ago the same parties had a
difficulty over a family affair, and
Anderson then shot Edmunds with a
shotgun loaded with bird shot, the
load taking effect in his face. Ed
munds said at. tha* time, we learn,
that he would “get even" with his
antagonist, and it seems that he has
carried out the threat, he having re
covered, aud first opportunity present
ing itself this morning, as shown
Public Speaking
Notice is hereby given that the nom
inees of the Democratic party of Mil
ler county will speak at the following
times aud places:
Roberts, August 15.
Boggy, August 16.
Genoa, August 17.
Cameron, August IH.
Collins Mill, August 19.
Homan, August 20.
Garland City, August 22.
West Track, August 23,
Sand Hill, August 25.
Era, August 26.
Bright Star. August 27.
Mt. Pleasant, August 29.
Shiloh, August 30.
Lost Prairie, August 31.
Texarkana, September 3.
Well known Democratic speakers
will also make speeches, and represen
tatives of the opposition will be ac
corded a fair division of time..
Hon. W. M. Fishback the Demo
cratic nominee for Governor, will
speak nt Texarkana August 12.
W. 11. Aknold.
J. 1). Sandekhon, Chairman.
Secretary. •
The State Debt Reduced.
Since Woodruff’s biennial report as
State Treasurer was filed October 1,
1890, Treasurer Morrow has redeem
ed of the outstanding 6 per cent
funded bonds and coupons of 1869-70,
$398,120. This, of course, applies to
the reduction of the indebtedness of
the State. —Arkansas Gazette.
There are a couple of Turkish wo
men tramping around town in shoit
skirts and bare feet, accompanied by
monkeys, who are supposed to earn n
living for these women and probably
I for worthless liitsliands. This class of
immigrants should lie returned; they
are of no service and are simply va
grants who should lie made to “move
We most heartily concur in the
above. No such vagrants should be
Tlie Itipubliiiiiib id' l.illli’ River
County on Monday put out the fol
lowing county ticket: Representa
tive, Pinkney (colored); County Judge,
John Layne; Sheriff. S. S. P. Mills.
Clerk, Jno. S. Walker, Jr.; Assessor,
Elias Conway (colored); Treasure r,
Tom Mills (colored).
Is now complete, C. D. E. and E. E. harts.
We sell the James Means s>3 Shoe, the Best on earth.
Spring Underwear, and
C. L. Shepherd
115 East Broad St., - ■ Tcxarkaiia.
A Horrible Murder.
An old man, named Bunn, while
fishing' in Backman's creek, about
five miles from the T. ('. junction, on
Tuesday last, discovered the trunk of
a negro woman, with both legs and
■the head missing, sewed in a sack aud
partially sunk in the water. The old
man made further search and succeed
ed in finding the missing limbs a little
further down the stream, whiel like
the trunk, were sewed in a sack and
sunk in the, creek. The head how
ever. though diligent search has been
made, hud not been found up to Inst
night. Mr. Bunn gave the alarm
promptly, and in a short while
the remains had been fully
identified, by scars upon them,
as those of Mary Keeling, who
had been missing from her home
since Saturday last. It appears that
of late the deceased and her husband
George Keeling, who lived on a small
farm about a mile from where the
body was found, had not lived agreea
bly together. George bad grown ex
ceedingly jealous of attentions his
wife was receiving from another ne
gro, named Harry Tucker, and the
pair had, of late, had frequent quar
rels. On Saturday the woman left
home saying she was going to Texar
kana and would not live again with
her husband. After she had gone,
Keeling followed and overtaking her
at a neighbor’s a mile away, forced
her to return with him to his home.
This was the last seen of her alive.
That night at about 10 o’clock, a
shot was heard in the vicinity of Keel
ing's house, and later hi the night, he
went to the house of a neighbor and
stated that his wife had rim away and
left him. He was arrested at the junc
tion yesterday and will have a prelim
inarp trial at the junction to-day. The
clrcumstatial evidence again! the pris
oner is said to De very strong, but the
full extent of it was not learned. Har
ry Tucker, the woman’s supposed lov
er, and a brother of Keeling, are also
under arrest, supposed to know more
about the murder than they dare to di
vulge. So far as we could learn no
effort has yet been made to procure a
statement from the alleged murderer.
It is thought Keeling killed his wife
by shooting her and afterwards chop
ped her in pieces with an axe or hatch
et.'—lnter-State News.
The negro Keeling was not brought
to the city, as was expected, and we
learnjjhis committment trial is being
held this afternoon, at the T.-C. Junc
tion. YYe understand t hat there is no
evidence against Hurry Tucker, the ne
gro woman’s lover, who was also ar
rested, and that he will likely be re
Col. Carloss is not unknown to the
people us an office seeker, having been
in the field for some time. He is a
good man, but will hardly fill the
Clerk’s place.
Sunday Excursions.
Commencing Sunday, July 31st and
continuing during the year, the Texas
and Pacific Railway will inaugurate
the side of Sunday Excursion Tickets
at rate of one and one-third faro for
the round trip between local points
on its line East of Ft. Worth. The
tickets will be sold to all points East
of Ft. Worth within a distance of 100
miles from selling station and will be
good going ank returning ■•" Sunday
only. The Ticket Agent knows all
about It. Ask him, or address,
Gaston Memi.iek.
Gen’ Pass, and Ticket Ag't,
Dallas, Texas.
C. E. Swindell,
Ticket Agent,
ts Texarkana.
Try BtSCK-nRAIIUHI U«lor iryqwial*.
NO 311.
L. F. McGcc, from Cut Oft’Town
ship, Is in the city to-day visiting his
mother, Mrs. Julia McGee. He reports
crops very good in his neighborhood.
T1 e Democratic Club will meet to
morrow night at the city hall, to
elect officers aud attend to other Im
portant business. A full attendance
of the membership is earnestly re
quested. Don't fail to go.
Mesdames Janies Matthews and W.
L. Williams, together with their chil
dren, left this morning, to visit rela
tives near Arkadelphia. Mr. Mat
thews, on a drumming tour for the
Produce Co., accompanied them.
The Sheriff of Lamar County, Tex.,
slipped in here yesterday with the
negro rapist who came so near being
lynched at Pans, a few days ago, but
the fact of his being here with the
fiend leaking out, be feft on
the T. & P. train this morn
ing, and it is supposed, took his pris
oner to Dallas. Texarkana is not a
safe place to harbor such criminals.
From reliable information, we learn
that the p. p. leaders are going around
exacting an iron chid pledge from
members of the third party, to vote
for the nominated ticket, in the com
ing election. 'fills is nn outrage and
in violation of the new secret ballot
law. We say to such leaders beware.
We get our information straight and
can give its source if necessary.
Au Ordinance for the purpose of levy
ing taxes for the year 1892.
Be it enacted by the Council of the
city of Texarkana, Arkansas:
Section 1. That the following
rate of taxation be and the same
is hereby levied for the year 1892
for general purposes to-wit:
A tax of five mills upon the taxa
ble property within the city of Tex
arkana, Arkansas, according to the
appraisement made by the County
Assessor and Board of Equalization
of the County of Miller for the year
Sec. 2. That the Recorder of said
city shall, on or before the time fixed
by law for levying county taxes, make
out and certify to the County Clerk of
Miller County, the rate of taxation
levied by the City Council of the City
of Texarkana, Arkansas, on real and
personal property as shown in section
1 of this ordinance, which amount so
certified shall bo placed on the tax
books by the Clerk of the county and
collected in the same manner that
State and county taxes are collected,
and that all moneys received by the
County Collector, arising from taxes
belonging to the city of Texarkana,
Arkansas, shall b), by him, paid to the
City Treasurer thereof within five
days after he shall have settled with
the County Clerk, and nil delinquent
taxes that said Collector may receive
belonging to said city, he shall pay
the same over within five days after
ho shall have received same.
Six'. 3. That this ordinance shall
take effect and bo in force from and
after its passage.
State of Akkanmah >
County of Millkk'
City of Texakkana. \
I, G. W. Treher, Recorder in and
for the City of Texarkana, Arkansas,
do hereby certify that the
foregoing ordinance entitled
an ordinance for the pur
pose of levying taxes for the year
1892, was duly passed by the council
of the aforesaid city on August 2nd,
In witness whereof 1 have here
unto set my hand aud affixed
I [seal] Ihi< seal of said city on thia,
the 3rd day of August, 1892.
31 (». W. Tukheh, Recorder.

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