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p Sexartow Bawcrat.
I Is not complete
without an ideal
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terosting io a vari ity of reader*.
In political mattery it gives the nows
and views of all sidos, allowing the
reader to intelligently decide for him-
Lsolf, as all ireo American citizens 'L
Jshoald. , ,„/•„*«
13 jsidos its full and general news feat
-1 uros it contains dm itralions by famous ,
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sffl nJ!3) ?! h tSfell 1,1
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'WFuiii. p, iut; u Whlmuaii bu. Atltiai*. ua
Congressman Bryan, the Eloquent
Nebraskan, Answers the New
York Member.
At the close of representative
Cockran's vehement protest utter
ed in the lower House of Congress
on Tuesday against the income tax
bill, the enemies of that' measure
experienced their first gleain of hope
and, for a brief while, wefe actual
ly jubilant. But all of this feeling
of transient enthusiasm began to
give way before the sledge hammer
blows which were struck at the very
heart of their hopes, by the next
speaker. This speaker proved to be
the eloquent Nebraska Congressman
Mr. Bryan, who, as champion of the
income tax measure, has added new
laurels to his already brilliant rep
utation as an orator and statesman.
In his opening remarks Mr. Bryan
made reference to a recent show
ing that 91 per cent of the people
of the United States own only about
29 per cent of the total wealth,
while the remaining 9 per cent own
71 per cent of the total wealth. The
people of the United States who
have small incomes pay on an aver-,
age more than ten per cent of their
incomes to support the Federal gov
ernment while the rich pay a small
er per cent. Why should not this
tax be added in order that the bur
dens may be partially equalized? It
is objected that this tax will endan
ger the tariff bill. I am not afraid
that any Democratic members will
refuse to relieve the common people
of the heavy burdens placed upon
them by the McKinley bill for fear
he will impose a light burden by
means of an income tax upon those
who are amply able to bear it. I
protest against the perversion of
language, which we have witnessed
in this chamber. They tell us that
those who make the load heaviest
upon those who are least able to
bear it are distributing the burdens
of the government with impartial
hand, but those who insist that
each citizen should pay in propor
tion to his wealth are blinded by
predjudice against the rich; they
call that man a statesman whose
ear is turned to catch the slightest
pulsations of a pocket book, and de
nounce as a demagogue the man
who dares listen to the heartbeat
of humanity. Ward McAllister,the
leader of the New York 4000, said
the other day that if the income
tax were adopted it would compel
many of the best people of New
York to live abroad where living is
cheaper, but while there what will
they pay? England taxes incomes
more than 2 per cent; Prussia as
high as 4 per cent; Switzerland as
high as 8 per cent; Italy as high as
12 per cent, and Austria as high as
20 per cent; But who will expat
riate himself rather than support
his government? Who will choose
life under a monarchy even without
an income tax rather than live in a
Republic with a 2 per cent tax? If
such there be let them depart. We
can better dispense with their
wealth than’submit to the contam
ination of their presence.
At the close of Bryan's speech he
was accorded an ovation rivaling
that which had just marked the
close of Cockran's attack on the in
come tax. The advocates of the
tax crowded about the Nebraska
member, and for several minutes a
long line of members filed up to
shake hands with him, while the
galleries joined in the repeated
sounds of applause coming from the
members. The House then recessed
until 8 o'clock.
From all acccounts, telegraphic
and otherwise, to-day’s session in
the National Congress, will prove
one of the most memorable in the
history of that body, during the
past decade of its existence. The
struggle, which promises to be
crowned with a full measure of
Democratic victory today, has been
a lasting and bitterly contested
one, at every point. It has, indeed,
been a hard fight, but it is now well
nigh over, and, if the whole legisla
tive theory is not at fault, before
another sun shall rise, the bright
plumaged bird of victory, will have
perched upon the banner of Democ
racy and two of the greatest legis
lative reforms of the age, will have
been accomplished, those of “Tar
iff Reform and an Income
Tax.” At last accounts, yesterday,
the outlook for the passage of both
measures, today, was more than
favorable. Indeed there has never
been a moment of doubt in the
minds of Chairman Willson and the
democrats who have been associat-
ed with him in leading this fight as
to final success, and the number of
doubters has been gradually lessen- ;
ing since the Democratic caucus of
last week endorsed the proposition
to make the the income tax an
amendment to the Wilson Bill.
There are some hard fighters among
the Democrats who have refused to
be bound by the action of the cau
cus and the opening of the debate
on the Income tax amendment
shows a bitter state of feeling,
which will probably result in lessen
ing the majority by which the Wil
son bill will be passed by about
twenty votes, but the object long
sought for will be obtained; it will
be passed.
At Y. M. C. A. Hall, Given by the
Ladies’ Episcopal Guild, Monday
Eve, Feb. sth, 1894.
One third of proceeds to be devoted
to I he Y. M. C. A.
Prof. McCanu’s Band
Recitation Miss Katie Taylor
Quartette.“Sweet and Low.”
Misses Ella Kelly, Cornele Cook, and
Messrs. E Gibson, Prof. Gideon.
Solo Mrs. C. S. Todd
Cornets... .Prof. Lee Hoy and Parkes
Recitation —by the talented youuir
Elocutionist.... Miss Eva Payne
Solo Mrs. McCann
Music by Mandolin Clijb
Messrs. IV. Motley, Henry mid Adam
Offenhauser and Fred Palmer.
SdloMiss Mamie Ilynson
Bass Solo“ Rocked in the
Cradle of the deep”. Prof Gideon
Recitation Miss Ferguson
Music—Mandolin Club
Solo—“He was a Prince”Lyne
Miss Maggh Webb.
Baritone Solo .“Anchored”
Mr. Goss.
Mrs. 11. P. Jones.
Prof. McCann’s Orchestra
To .conclude with
(W. D. Howels.)
Mrs Roberts Miss D Whittemore
Mrs Campbell Miss Ollie Mills
Mrs McllhenyMiss Mozelle Tyus
Cook Miss Joanna Costin
Mr RobertsMr F Welcome
Mr CampbellMr W McCartney
Mr McllhenyMr Ben Williams
Train PorterMr F Offenhauser
Not “wheels in the head,” so com
mon to humanity in this la ■, but
steriug coins of the realm, upon which
the gilded chariot of Government are
wont to roll so smoothly. All to be
given to some lucky purchaser of a
single dollar’s worth of goods at
O’Dwyer & Ahern’s Mammoth Dry
Goods Emporium. The story of this
unique aud tempting device, by which
every purchaser of one dollar’s worth
of goods, becomes a possible heir to
fifty times that amount, in “hard cash,”
has been told in thousands of circulars,
too fully to require repetition. We
will add, however, that every pur
chaser must be the gainei thereby,
as lie buys the latest and best goods
iu the market from the largest and
most responsible house in this section,
and that too, gt greatly reduced prices.
The award will be made on, or im
mediately after, the Ist day of April.
The tugs attached to the keys, one of
which is to unlock this “treasure
trove” contain full and explicit in
Comet Pile Remedy cures.
Ail Free.
Those who have used Dr. King’s New’
Discovery know its value, and those
have not, now have an opportunity to
try it free. Call on the advertised
druggists and get a trial bottle, free.
Semi your mime ami address to 11. E.
Buckl’en & Co., Chicago, and get a
sample box of Dr. King’s New Life
Pills, free, as well as a copy (>f “Guide
to Health and Household Instructor,”
all of which is guaranted to do you
good and cost you nothing. Regular
size 50e and sl, at Smith Drug Com
pany. 4
Bargains for Ladies I
The Temple of Fashion is now
closing out their tine stock of ladies’
hats, millinery, etc., at a big sacrifice
-. prices lower than ever. Ladies, we
offer you special bargains. Call at
once. Temi’LH of Fashion.
MnF. fttrs WINE OF CARUUI 'or w««k Ncr«e«.
Wanted—Every family In tho city
to know that the choicest groceries,
freshest country produce, and moat
desirable of table delicacies, the mar
ket affords, can be had at
1-22-ts 820 .West Broad St.
Fate of the Third Olyphant Train Rob- 1
her Hangs in the Ralance.
The trial of Albert Mansker, one J
of the four Olyphant train robbers,
and the third of that number to 1
face the outraged laws of his coun- ,
try. at the bar of justice, was re- <
sumed in the Circuit court .at New- ’
port, Ark., yesterday morning. The
story of the robbery, as known by
Engineer Hewitt. Fireman Quarles
and Baggageman Chittam, was told 1
by them for the third time on the ‘
witness atand. Tt was precisely the
same as that told in the cases of '
Brady and Wyrick.
Dr. John B. Bond, of Little Rock, '
testified that, when McNally was
shot, that he must have leaned for- '
ward as the bullet ranged downward
and that the orifice of the exit was
about two inches lower than the or
ifice of entry. His evidence had a
visible effect upon the jury. Super
intendent John E. Rose, testified
next, and as he came upon the stand
was recognized by Mansker, who
nodded his head to him. Mr. Rose
first met Mansker at Newport and
afterwards in the Penitentiary. —
Mansker complained of being sick
while in the Penitentiary, and he
(Rose) interceded for him to get him
in the prison hospital. Mansker
told hitn that he did not shoot to kill
anybody, and stated furtheremore
that from the places where he was
during the robbery, it was impossi
ble for him to have shot McNally.
He stated, further that after the
arrest of Brady and Padgett near
Jamestown, the Sunday morning
that the others abandoned their
horses, that all the uncaptured men
save himself resolved to resist ar
rest and fight it out.
He did not agree with them, and
left them at the forks of the Clarks
ville and another road, and went up
through Searcy County, where de
tective Charles Copeland arrested
The jury in the case of Albert
Mansker having failed to agree on a
verdict at 9:30, having then had the
case four hours, the judge called
them into the court and took the
case from them until this morning.
He swore in three special deputies
to guard them until the hour for
convening court today.
A special telegram from Hia
watha Kan., announces that a de
cided sensation and almost univer
sal indignation has been aroused in
that city by the outrageous action
of a few disorderly members of the
local Post G. A. R,, in tearing down
the flags raised by the Ladies Equal
Suffrage Association to commemor
ate Kansas day.
The ladies hung across Main
street two flags having the regula
tion stripes but three yellow stars
taking the place of the regulation
forty-four in the field. This is the
regularly adopted emblem of the
National Suffrage Association, two
stars standing for the states of
Wyoming and Colorado,, which
grant the right of Suffrage to
women, while the third star, just
showing above the edge of a field is
supposed to represent Kansas, A
few local Grand Army politicians,
headed by one of the number who
had just paid a fine of 130(1 for vio
lating a prohibition law, saw in this
a desecration of the flag and pro
ceeded to tear the offending emblem
down. The better element, of the
G. A. R. are said to condemn the
action of their comrades.
The Modern Invalid
Has tastes medicinally, in keeping
with other luxuries. 'A remedy must
be pleasantly acceptable in form, pure
ly wholesome in composition, truly
beneficial In effect ami entirely free
from every objectionable quality If
really ill he consults a physician' if
constipated lie uses the gentle family
laxative Syrup of Figs.
Money Package Found.
The owner of a lost money package
can reclaim same by calling at the Pa
cific Express Office, corner State Line
Ave. and Broad street, proving prop
erty and paying expense of advertis
ing samo.
M. Thompson,
' 1-27-ts. Agt. Pacific Express.
First Annual Ball.
Ou Tuesday evening, February 18th
tho members ot tho Texarkana Lodge
No. 1. K of G. C , will give their first
, annual ball and banquet, nt the Harm
ony club rooms and Benefield Hotel,
respectively. The event promises to
bo one of unusual social magnitude.
Music to be ftirni’hed by Prof. Mc-
Cann’s famous Orchestra. Tickets
are now on sale, and can be procured
from members of the local lodge.
Added importance is given to the j
affair by the probable meeting of the j
Gr»ud Lodge, at this place at the
same time. f
Liberal assistance should be extend- {
ed by our citizens to aid the local or- ’
der in making the occasion an elegant
aud memorable one.
Sewerage Bond Signed. (
In accordance with the terms of 1
contract between the city of Tex
arkana, (Ark. and Tex.), and the ;
Little Rock Sewerage Company, j
composed of W. H. Ward and asso- ,
ciates, of that city, the company's |
bond for $5,0000, to guarantee good ]
faith and prompt performance of
contract, was received in this city ]
today, Feb. Ist, 1894, being the last ]
day allowed for presentation of ,
same. The bond bears the signa- (
tures of seven sureties —among oth- ;
ers are those of Messrs, Rombeau, |
W. H. Wright and Nick Peay. The i
bond will be duly presented for ap- ;
proval to the respective authorities. ,
This would indicate a determination ,
on the part of the company to whom j
the franchise has been awarded to ,
proceed promptly in carrying out (
the terms of their contract, and ;
gives excellent evidence of their
full and perfect ability to do so.
The sewerage system is a pressing
public necessity, and its completion
at an early day is a consummation
greatly to be wished by both city
and people on both sides of the line.
Purely vegetable—Dr. Pierce’s
Pleasant Pellets. They’re a compound
of refined and concern rated botanical
extracts. Those tiny, sugar coated
pellets—thesmallest and the easiest to
take—absolutelv and permanently cure
Constipat’ou, Indigestion. Sick and
Bilious Headache, Diziness, Bilious
Attacks, and ail derangements of the
liver, stomach "and bowels.
They cure permanently, because
they act naturally. They don’t shock
and weaken the system, bke the huge,
old fashioned pills. And they’re more
effective. One little pellet for a cor
rective or laxative—three for a cathar
They’re the cheapest pills you can
buy, for they’re guaranteed to give
satisfaction, or your money is return
You pay only for tho good you get.
Those Wonderful Kings.
F. L. Schuster, me well known Tex
arkana jeweler, has secured a con
signment of those- wonderful rings,
said, by those who have tried them,
to be an intalible cure for rheumatism
Mr. John Buron and others of this
city are ready to testify as to their
virtue'as a certain rheumatic cure.
Call and secure one of these magnetic
treasures. F. L. Schuster,
No. 208, State Line Avenue.
For the next thirty days, unprece
dented bargains will be given, in all
lines of furniture, to make room for
the largest stock of furniture ever
brought to this market. Our Mr. C.
M. Reeves will leave for the eastern
market tn a few days, and parties
wishing special orders, would do well
to place the orders in ills hands.
1-24-ts E. A. Schicker.
The earlier symptoms or dyspepsia,
such as distress after eating, heart
burn, and occasional headache, should
not be neglected. Take Hood’s Sar
saparilla and bo cured.
Hood’s pills are the best family ca
thartic and liver medicine. Harmless,
reliable, sure. 4
Kplloper carad by Dr. Mil*®’ Nervine.
Furniture Repairing and Upholster
1 do all kinds of upholstering, furni
ture repairing, mattrees making, pack
ing anil crating fiine furniture;
al"o cl“an and scrub faded and Boiled
carpets, on door; aud make to order
door", windows and drop awnings.
Henry Reukopf.
1-29-1 mo. No, 314 Broad street.
McEiree'e of Ca*>*du)
(or isle bv the following merchants in
Smith Drug Company
W A Robinson
S Lemly,
E M Williams.
New Board.
For the Arkansas Building & Loan
Association,(perpetual) of Little Rock,
Arkansas: President, Osgood Whitte
more; vico-President, Max Schott;
Attorney, W. G. Cook ; Secretary and
Treasurer, D. L. Willlatne at O'Dwyer
& Ahern a. 1-27-lwk
Attention I I
The Sewing Machine office hereto
fore at the Reeves Furniture Store,
lias been moved to City Hall building,
opposite Turner Bros.
12-15-ts C. M. Johnson,
1 Thus. 11. Estes, Blacksmithing and
t Woodwork. Hacks, Wagons and
t Buggies bought and sold. Ilondioeing
and Carriage Painting a Specialty
Shop, corner Spruce and Broad Hts,
’ next door to Ico Factory. 1-25-
>- ~ —
Beet coal brought to this market
. for sole by Texarkana Ico Co. 10-ltJ
NO. 134.
Today the Democrat dons its
handsome new dress of copper alloy
type, (size nine point) bought, to
gether with other new material,
from Messrs. Barnhart Bros &
Spindler, proprietors of the Great
Western Type Foundry, Chicago 111.
This “body type” is of the “Herald
series,” a new and nobby style got
ten up by the Chicago and New
York dailies of that name.
With this new dress and over a
thousand dollars worth of bran new
job type, a new Acme mailer, etc.,
we are certainly well equipped
for all branches in the printing
Having bought and paid for the
name, good will and business of the
Daily and Weekly Texarkanian, as
well as the Democrat, we have deci
ded to hereafter use the name Tex
arkanian, as it is prettier and quick
ly suggests location to the mind.
We have strong faith in Texarkana,
and adopt the new name also on
this account. In politics the paper
will remain as heretofore Democrat
ic in the core, but reserved the
right to criticise the official conduct
of all officers, and all measures,
inside, as well as outside the party.
Man's Inhumanity to Himself.
The most inhuman outrages,
which would disgrace the sav
age, man perpetrates upon hie own
system by ewallowing drastic purga
tives which convulse his stomacli, ago
nize hie intestines and weaken hie sys
tem. Many people constantly do this
miller the impression that medica
ments only which arc violent 1n their
action, and particularly cathartics, are
of any avail. Irreparable injury to
health is wrought under this mistaken
idea. The laxative which most nearly
approaches the beneficent action of
nature is Hostetter's >tomacli Bittern,
which le paiiileee but thorough, and
invigorates the infestinnl canal instead
of weakening and irritating it The
liver aud the stomach share in the be
nign discipline instituted by this
comprehensive medicine, whose health
ful influence ie felt throughout the
system. Malarious, rheumatic, kidney
and nervous complaints succumb to it.
This is to notify the public gener
ally, that I will not be responsible
for, nor pay, any debts contracted
by my wife, she having left my
bed and board.
F. M. Burrow.
Texarkana, Ark., Feb. 1 1894.
Comet Pile Remedy cures.
What ie a guarantee?
It is this: If you have a cough or
cold, a tickling in the throat, which
keeps you constantly coughing, or if
you are afflicted with any chest, throat
or lung trouble, whooping cough, etc.,
and you use Ballard’s Horehound Syr
up as directed, giving it a fair trial,
and no benefit is experienced, we au
thorize our advertised agent to refund
your money upon return of bottle. It
never fails to give satisfaction. It
promptly relieves bronchitis. Sold by
Smith Drug Co. 1
What to Give for a Present.
Initial Linin Handkercbiefi,
Initial Silk Handkerchiefs,
Silk Neckwear,
“ Suspenders,
“ Umbrellas,
“ j Hose,
“ Gloves,
Aud Jewelry. At
Sharpe & Brewer’s,
12-11 Hatters and Furnishers.
Real Estate.
We liave established an office up
stairs In the old Arkansas postoffice
building, formerly used by Col. Kelly.
General real estate and financial
agents. Buy and sell nil kinds of real
- estate,and negotiate loans on satisfac
tory paper; also land agents for tho
Iron Mountain railroad.
l-80-10t Shaw & Foreman.
Dr. MiW Narva and Liver Pill®. 50 doee«9s cte.
For folding beds, parlor goods, bed
room suits, wardrobes, hall trees, cen
ter tables, side boards, book-cases and
lancy rocking chairs, E. A. Schicker
can’t lie beat. (Reeves and Richard
son’s old stand.) Cash or on install
ment plan.
For baby buggies, E. A. Schicker
has the finest line.
( A cream of tarter baking powder
Highest of all in leavening strength.—
' lucesl United States Governaieut
Food Report.
t Roval Baking Powder Co.,
< 100, Wall St., N. T.

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