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VOL. I, NO. 1.
Huttig Odd Fellows Celebrated the Occasion
Last Friday Myht in Proper Style.
The members of Huttig Lodge
No. 348. 1. O. O. F. held a public
installation of officers and celebra
tion of the 88th anniversary of the
foundingof theorder at thelodgehall
on Friday evening which was large
ly attended and highly appreciated.
The following officers we install
ed for the next six months:
N. G.—T. H. Carter.
V. G.—C. N. Caldwell.
Secy.—J. Brigenax.
Treas.— R. P. Inzer.
Chpalin—J.J. Walker.
The following program was car
ried out after which all present en
joyed an ice cream supper:
Opening Ode.
.Mr. and Mrs. Cargill
Prayer*. Rev. Briereton
Solo. Mrs. Graham
Installation of Officers.
Song .Flora Gargill
Address on Order.E. A Wooley
Instrumental Music .
.Mr. and Mrs. Gargill
Song .Flora Cargill
Instrumental Music
Jewell Wells and Ethel Cargill
Benediction - - Rev. Briereton
The Huttig lodge was instituted
on June 10th 1905 with 72 char
ter members and now has 96 mem
bers with new ones joining every
meeting night which is every Tues
day ■ e v^niTigr- n-irs hits auoirr
$350 i‘n their treasury outside of
fiixtures and regalia and was the
banner lodge of the state last year
in the amount of money given to
ward the support of the Orphan's
Home which certainly speaks well
for the members and town consid
ering the short time the local lodge
has been organized and that Huttig
is only a town of 2,000inhabitants.
F. G. Wooley, W. H. Wheler and
Berry Woods are the past grands
of the local lodge and are still resi
dents of Huttig.
Free sample of “Preventics"
and a booklet on Goidswill be glad
ly mailed you. on request by Dr.
Shoop, Racine, Wis., simply to
prove merit. Preventics are Lit
tle Gold Cure tablets. No quinine,
n" laxative, nothing harmful what
ever. Preventics prevent colds as
the name implies—when taken
early or at the "sneeze stage” For
a seated cold or LaGrippe break it
up safely and quickly with Preven
tics. Sold by Fe smthai Drug Go.
Koadmaster Plummer Resigns.
Roadmaster J. M. Plummer,
who has had charge of the El Dor
ado & Bastrop, the Farmerville
Southern and the Little Fock &
Monroe railroads since their com
pletion has’ tendered his resignation
but same had not been accepted
up to the first of the week’. His
many friends up and down the line
are in hopes that it will not be and
that Mr. P'ummer will remain in
charge. ____
For Sale In Felsenthal.
Lot 31. block 14; lot 9,block 18;
lot: 16, block 82.> Will take $175.
for all. Address P. G. Gunst,
Yazoo City, Miss.
E. S, Bales Dies at Camdin.
The friends of E. S. Eales, who
for the past two years has been
living at Huttfg and Strong were
shocked to learn of his death,which
occurred at Camden on Sunday,
April 21st. Mr. Bales was only
sick five days and his death was
wholly unexpected. In March of
this year Mr. Bales was married tc
Miss Nannie McGill of Strong who
has our deepest sympathy in hei
bereavement. He was a member
in good standing of Huttig Lodge
No. 348, I. O. O. F.
Dairy Helper Wanted.
A woman who understands dairy
work can secure steady employ
ment at good wages by addressing
Wm. Morris,
Huttig, Ark.
Will Co Vbroad.
H. B. Davis and wife left Wed
nesday for St. Louis, Mo., and af
ter a short stay there will go to
Boston, Mass., from which port
they sail on the White Star Line
Steamer Canopic on the 18th for a
three months trip abroad. They
will stop two days at Gibraltar and
also at Tangiers before arriving at
Naples. Before returning they
will visit France, Germany, Switz
erland, Holland, Belguim, and En
Mr. Davis has been chief ac
countant in the offices cf the Un
ion Saw Mill Co., for the past two
years and their many friends will
wish them a safe and pleasant
voyage. _
Angora Goats Lost.
Two angora goats strayed from
relsenthal about three weeks ago.
Will.give reward for their
... »!■, - ' ■ ■■■ « .Ulii'i TTLU
turn or information where to find
them. J. A. Knox.
Were Accommodating.
A woman in a ne’ghboring town
going from home for the day, lock
ed everything up well and for the
grocers benefit wrote on a card:“A'l
out. don't leave anything.” This
she left on the front door. On her
return home she found the house
ransacked and all her choicest pos
sessions gone. To the card on the
door was added: “Thanks; we
haven’t left much.”
Advertised Letter List.
The following letters remain un
claimed in the Huttig postoffice for
the week ending April 28. 1907:
Webeater. John Fike. Walton (2)
Ganes, Eliah Gaster, Harvey
Himsann, Elah Lambert, Frank
Smith, Lee Toyel, Dalas
Darrington Rev.W P
Bates Mrs. Emma Smith, Mrs. M. G.
Jones, Mrs. Davis Payne. Miss Mary
Washington, Mrs. Laura
When calling for above letters
please say advertised.
J. U. Brown, P. M.
Notice is hereby given that the
law firm of Moore & Green has been
dissolved, as to all future legal bus
iness by mutual consent. This
March 29th 1907.
J. B. Moore.
J. H. Green.
Let me send you free, just to
prove merit, a trial size box of Dr.
Shoop’s Gatarrh Remedy. It is a
snow white creamy, healing anti
septic balm.. Containing such heal
ing ingredients as Oil Eucaliptus,
Thymol, Menthjol, etc, it gives in
stant and lasting relie’f to catarrh
of the nose and throat. Make the
free test and see for yourself what
this preparation can and will ec
complish. • Address Dr. Shoop,
Racine, Wis. Large jars 50 cents.
Sold by Felsenthal Drug Co.
Buttermilk as a Medicine.
Even when it is sourest, if it is
still in good condition, buttermilk is
a valuable medicinal agent. A re
freshing acid, it is always nourish
ing without being insipid.
The lactic acid which it contains
attacks and dissolves every kind of
earthy deposit in the blood vessels:
keeps the veins and arteries supple
and free from matter which might
otherwise clog them, and destroys
the irritating calcareous deposits
that may gather around the joints,
as well as any poisonous waste in
the muscles. It is not only bene
ficial to the digestion, but also for
tuberculosis and all other pulmon
ary complaints. It is also a harm
less substitute for intoxicants.
Drinking buttermilk freely—two
quarts a day would not be too
much is said to preserve the com
plexion of youth, and as gouty diffi
culties generally arise from slug
gish excretion it is a blessing to all
who suffer from such complaints.
Buttermilk not only tones up the
feaves Arrives
12:20 p.m Huttig 4:50 p.m.
Connects at Dollar Junction with El
Dorado & Bastrop Ry.
Leave Arrive
4:43 p. m. ... Felsenthal 12:20 p. m.
4:50 p. in Huttig 12:10 p.m.
J 9:35 a. m.Monroe _ y 7:35 p. m.
--- ■■■■ ’"r‘"
Leaves Arrives
*12:35 p. m Felsenthal 10:00 a .m.
North South
4:25 p. m. Felsenthal 12:35 p. m.
4:20p.m. Huttig 12:40 p.m.
4:13 p. m. L. R. &M. Con 1:00 p. m.
4:00 p. m. . Cecil ...1:30 p. m.
3:00 p. m. Marion.. 1:50 p. m.
2:30 p. m.Farmerville 2:15 p.m.
^Arrives Monday. Wednesday and Friday.
Leaves Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
M.meets every second and fourth Satur
day evenings at 7:30 o'clock. Visiting
Masons always welcome.
W R. Mauser, W. M.
W. H. Wreler. Sec.
HUTTIG LODGE No. 348 I. O. O. F.
meets every Tuesday evening.'/- Visiting
brethern cordially invited to attend.
T. R. Carter, N. G.
J. Brigenax. Sec.
SWEET BAY CAMP No. 411 W 0. W.
meets every first and third Saturday eve
nings. Visitors made welcome.
S. Farmer, C. C.
E. L. Adams, Clerk.
I have found a tried and tested cure for Rheu
matism ! Not a remedy that will straighten the
distorted limbs of chronic cripples, nor turn bony
growths back to flesh again. That is impossible.
But I can now surely kill the pains and pangs of
this deplorable disease.
In Germany—with a Chemist in the City of
Darmstadt—I found the last ingredient with
which Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Remedy was made
a perfected, dependable prescription. Without
that last ingredient, I successfully treated many,
many cases of Rheumatism; but now, at last, it uni
formly cures all curable cases of tins heretofore
much dreaded disease. Those sand-like granular
wastes, found in Rheumatic Blood, seen, to dissolve
and pass away under the action of this remedy as
freely as docs sugar' when added to pure water.
And then. When dissolved, these poisonous wastes
freely pass from the system, and the cause of
Rheumatism Is gone forever. There is now no
real need—no actual excuse to suffer longer with
out help. We sell, and in confidence recommend
Dr. Shoop’s
Rheumatic Remedy
stomach, but furnishes material
from »'hich healthy blood may be
easily made. It is also easy of as
similation. and in cases where
sweet milk would prove objection
able from a medicinal point of view
it may safely be given with every
assurance of beneficial effect. For
creaky, aching, or swollen joints it
should be taken frequently, and
care should be observed to procure
it freshly churned.
Do it now. Subscribe for The
News $1 per year.
The Farmer’s Creed.
More than sixty years ago Henry
Ward Beecher, the great pulpit or
ator, gave voice to the following
farmer's creed, which possesses
lasting qualities:
“We believe in small farms and
thorough cultivation.
“ We believe that soil loves to eat
as well as its owner, and ought,
therefore, to be liberally fed.
“We believe in large crops which
leaves the land better than they
found it making the farm and the
farmer both glad at once.
"We believe frn going to the bot
tom of things, and therefore, in
deep plowing and enough of it.
All the better with a sub-soil plow.
"We believe that every farm
should own a good farmer.
We believe that the best fertilizer
for any soil is a spirit of industry,
enterprise and intelligence. With
mif tl
Oil® If."lUP’ff
I1 ‘llm. o - --
in. ofur-gyps-mir
and green manure, marl and guano
will be of little use.
"We believe in a good fence,
good barns, good farmhouses, good
stock, good orchards and enough
children to gather the fruit.
"We believe in a clean kitchen,
a neat wife in it, a spinning wheel,
a clean conscience.
“We firmly disbelieve :n farmers
that will not improve; in farms that
grow poorer every year; in starving
cattle, in farmer’s boys turning into
clerks and merchants; in farmers
ashamed of their vocation, or who
drink whiskey until honest people
are ashamed of them.”—Gotton
The Union Saw Mill Gompany
will pav &50.00 as a reward to any
one. not in its employ, who will fur
nish information from which any
person shall be convicted of depre
dating or trespassing upon the tim
ber of said Gompany.
This let, day of February, 1906.
Union Saw Mill Go.
By F. W. Scott,
Sec'v and Treas.
Let me mail you free, to prove
merit, samples of my Dr. Shoop's
Restorative, and my book on either
Dyspepsia, The Heart or the Kid
j neys. Address me, D- Shoop.
I Racine. Wis., Troubles of the
, Heart, Stemach or Kidneys, are
merely symptoms of a deeper ail
ment, Don t make the common
i error of treating symptoms only.
Symptom treatment is treating the
result of your ailment and not the
cause. Weak stomach nerves—
the inside nerves—means a weak
stomach always. And the heart
and kidneys as well have their in
s de or controlling nerves. Weak
en these nerves and you inevitably
have weak vital organs. Here is
■ where Dr. Shoop’s Restorative has
made its fame. No other remedy
eyer claims to treat the inside
nerves. Also bloating, biliousness
: bad breath or complexion, use Dr.
Shoop's Restorative. Write for
my free book new Dr. Shoop’s Re
storative sold by Felsenthal Drug
SpenJTwo Hours Here Thursday Afternoon -
Out After Trade.
The third annual excursion of
the Monroe business men given
under the auspices of the Progress
ive League and in charge of that
prince of jolly good fellows, Col.
E. W. Anderson, arrived here at
12 o'clock Thursday noon on
schedule time and left for Strong
and El Dorado via Felsenthal at 2
The special train consisted of a
baggage car two coaches and a
dining car and was in charge of
Conductor C. K. Thomas of the
Iron Mountain.
The party was composed of sixty
representatives of the leading bus
iness firms of Monroe who were
out after business and each dis
tributing advertising matter. If a
man visited their train and carried
away what was given him in the
way of souvenirs he would have
looked like an Xmas shopper.
During their stay here the editor
heard many words of praise for our
school and church buildings, also
the public library and comfortable
homes. A large number of the
party were shown through the
plant of the Union Saw Mill Go.
and marveled at its completeness.
The train left Monroeat? o'clock
Thursday morning and the night
iii.QP f IT I TT^ »•« <-» «■» — J •-1~ —
h vtu jymn -T Lhr
toRustonover the Arkansas South
ern and to Monroe over the V. S.
& P. Ry.
Lath Mill Men Wanted.
Twenty men for lath mill work
wanted at once at Union Saw Mill
Company's mills. Feeders, grad
ers, bolters and tiers. Don't wait
to write but come at once. Em
ployment guaranteed.
L. G. Gibson
Lath Contractor.
Diamonds in a Turkey.
A. E. Culbreath of the Culbreath
Logging Co., who has just returned
from a trip to Gurdon is authority
for a story we have failed to see in
print regarding Pike County dia
monds. Ed says the sheriff of that
county on last Christmas found
two genuine first water diamonds
; in the craw of his Xmas turkey
and that nearly all the available
land in that neighborhood has been
optioned the purchase price of
some named as high as $40,000
for 40 acre tracts. The people
who hold the options will not even
allow a person upon theground and
rumor has it that over 100 fine
diamonds have been found since
the first discovery some six months
ago when specimens sent to Tiffney
of New York were pronounced
Does Away With Special Stamp.
Postoffice department officals
are looking forward with interest
to the patting into effect of the
law permitting the transmission of
letters and packages for special de
livery where the necessasy 10
i cents postage is attached in addi
tion to the ordinary' postage. The
law will become effective July 1
; next, and is intended to do away
with the necessity for the usual
special delivery stamp. It is be-'
lieved at the department that a
considerable increase of business
1 will result.

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