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(Continued from page 5.)
1874—Dave Montgomery. Marianna
2327—John Bly Hook, Haynes.
48_Robt. L. Foreman. Marianna.
38—Maxcy D. Daggett, Marianna.
742— John Braden, Council.
640—.Monroe Valley, Marianna.
1950—Eugene Davis. Pillow Mound
2240—Elmer Douglass, Marianne.
127—Everett Hooker Morgan, Mari
1986—Robert Jackson. Soudan.
1481—Jim Holt, Aubrey.
1643—Burrell Ford. Council.
668—Stephen Whitefietd, Brickevs
88—Robt. Jefferies, Marianna.
2518—Essie Smith, Aubrey.
2127—Nat Murray, Marianna.
1494—Tommy Jones, Marianna, il l
1797_Robt. F. Russell. Marianna.
1518—Finis La McCay, Aubrey.
2169—Roy Grizzell. Askew.
743— Ester Barnes, Council.
827—Jim McCuthin. Happy, Ark.
1242—Aaron Bryan. .Thr.masville.
1903—Lem Stevens, Palestine.
2262—Willie Jones. Lexa.
1038—Horace E. Christian, Mari
1386—Willie Welch, Moro.
976—Clarence Lockhart. Marianna
437—Chas. Kirby. Marianna.
1683—James Willie Lewis, BricKcys
1614—Albert Banka*. Briekeys.
287—Hugh Davis, Marianna.
586—Malikiah Sephus, Marianna.
260—Sam Cheers. Marianna
2524—John Sumplir. Marvell.
527—Ed. Chas. Paschor, Marianna.
2629—Handy Webb, La Grange
254—Olden Carter, Marianna.
. *1 If_Li._T
ZZll—dailies r%.vy Tauguwi,
2451—James Pitts, Forrest City.
446—Carey Lewis, Marianna.
1888—Oliver Price, Marianna.
89—Thos. Griffin Johnston, Mari
2354—Wm. Henry Trail, Haynes.
1726—Ed Sanders, Brickeys.
H97—Jerome Cadmus McGowang.
2282—Dave Sanders. Rondo.
1204—Abner Oxnor, Moro.
1377—LeRoy Turner, Moro.
863—Foley Stephens, Council.
358—Robt. Hampton, Maiianna.
451—Bassett Lockhart. Marianna.
745—Henry Brown. Peters.
2287—Jim Tinsley, Lexa.
573—Will Rogers. Marianna.
1789—Freddie McElduff, Marianna
1742—Lesser Ximberlake, Brickeys
1137—Geo. Wilson. Soudan.
110(5—John Monroe, Soudan.
2525—Will Turner, Aubrey.
308—Geo. Edwards. Marianna.
429—Harry Jordan, Marianna.
1833—James Franklin, Palestine.
1703—Will Phillips. Brickeys.
1431—Henry Brooks. Aubrey.
1383—Jerrie Woodard, Moro.
1787—Dolph McGraw, Palestine.
2103—Pleasant Stevens, Jr., Pales
2050—Chas. Gover Hasley. Goodwin
2164—Frank Bean. Askew.
Him—Joe rausi, ivioro.
2320—John Ed Free. Haynes.
2341—Sterling Francis idles, Hay
2114—Willie Burke, Marianna.
1608— .Joe Barber. Brickeys.
1459—Sterling Calvert. Aubrey.
2291—Cnestei Wilburn, Lcxa.
22.5?—Monroe Lipsev. Lexa.
2095—Willie Page, Marianna.
181 i—Alfred Bonner, Marianna.
1055—hobt. Childers. Soudan.
1225—Joseph Wh. Tolnnd Monroe
394—Andrew Howard, Marianna.
1025—Levy Williams, Thom.mville.
417—Hardie Joiner, Manannfl.
354—Ason Haley, Marianna.
1931—Kenzie Williams. Marianna.
445—Benny Lewis. Marianna.
1497—Will Jones, Jr.. Aubrey.
1819—Oscar Brown. Marianna.
1609— Scott JJank, Brickeys.
2308—Luther Perry Bledsoe. Hay
217—Elvin Betts. Marianna.
2507—Will Jones. Marvell.
1615—Andrew Boler, Brickeys.
259—Ira Cheers, Marianna.
1295—Willie Hays, Moro.
1756—Boyd Williams. Brickeys.
2067—David Vester Thomas. Moro.
2572—Alva Davis. Marianna.
1068—David Grant, Soudan.
1374—Ben F. Thomas, Thomasville
1268—James Callihan Moro.
1631—Henry Davis. Brickeys.
1450—Henry Dudley Curry. Aubrey
322—Russell Fitzpatrick Marianna
268—Frank Collier, Marianna.
1120—Robt. Rain, Haynes.
1365—Jesse Sims, Moro.
242—Steve Brown, Marianna.
1333—Lawrence McCain. Moro.
1584—James Zarbo, Aubrey.
2511—Henry O’Neal, Marvell.
702—Calvin Winfield. Marianna.
232—Paul Brandon, Marianna.
597—Geo. Strong. Marianna.
2207—Lee Ray. Rondo.
694—Sam Williams. Marianna.
1927—James Walker, Marianna.
198—Win. Armstrong, Marianna.
1421—Win. Edgar Wright. Moro.
1318—Bert King. Moro.
1018—Jackson Thomas. Marianna.
1666—WiU Harris. Briekeys.
2581—Pompey Hall, Marianna.
799—Clarence Harris, Council.
671_.Henry Williams, Briekeys.
561—Miles Robertson. Jr.. Marian
2258—Geo. Lee. Lexa.
1621—Lee Collin. Briekeys.
195—Henry Andrews, Marianna.
1061—Jesse Davis, Soudan.
145—‘Isaac Lafayette Pyron. Mari
1310—Willie Jordan. Moro.
2366—Albert Avery. Haynes.
98—Claude Felton LeRoy, Marian
1058—Emmett Doyle, Soudan.
801—Nepoleon Hollins, Council.
286—'Henry Davis. Marianna.
990_v7111 Madden. Marianna.
2227—Sandy Betts, Lexa.
2442—Anderson Macklintock, Hay
1573—Geo. Peter Williams, Marian
na, R. 1.
44—Eldridge Paris Douglas. Mari
226—.Lee Roy Bradford. Marianna
2112—Isaac Green. Marianna.
2183—Will Roberson, Askew.
1746—John Henry Thomas, Bnck
7—Julius Benham, Jr.. Marianna.
2404—Jesse Guydon. Haynes.
2586—Evelin Huston. Marianna.
2488—Arthur B. Thompson, Mar
846—James Randolph, Peters.
T-111 * _ TT_L/vn Vfnxinnna
O*7\f-JlJIUO - --
2411—John Gibson, Haynes.
216—Jona Benton. Hope.
2312—John Austin. Haynes.
847—Frank Russell, Council.
302—Willie Duncan, Marianna.
| 1340
Our patrons are kind enough to say
we are giving them the best meats
I they have ever been able to obtain
in Marianna. We KNOW v>e are do
ing our very best to operate a high
class meat market, carrying native
and cold storage meats. If you have
not given us an order suppose you try
us out once. We want an opportu
nity to serve you. H. B. Shumacker.
Phone 313. *26
A Motor-Car Grocery-Store
(Literary Digest.)
The old-fashioned peddler's cart,
with its pictureque array of new
brooms and shiny pans, is outdone by
an elaborately equipped grocery
store which now motors up to the
farmers' doors in the ne.ghborhrood
of Pine Bluff Arkansas. For a time
this grocer supplied a fifteen-mile
circuit, but his customers took his
idea so readily that he now finds a
five-mile route quite enough to han
dle. The ingeniously contrived motor
car store, is both the invention and the
handiwork of the owner. He bought
a two-ton truck chassis, and built the
body himself from ash. yellow pine,
- . 1 » 1'
ana sneet sieei. nttuiumg
description in Motor Age (Chicago),
it is 16 feet long, 6 feet wide, and
6 feet 2 inches high. More facts re
garding this boon for the busy farm
er's wife are thus given by the Com
mercial Vehicle (New \ork.)
“The groceries carried in the truck
are sold on the cash basis and are
bought, paid for. and delivered at one
time. The vehicle starts out on its
daily route stocked with goods which
experience has taught can be sold.
It pulls up outside tHe customer’s
house and the driver rings a bell
mounted on the left side of the wind
shield. This notifies the customer
that the truck has arrived.
“The body is divided into two main
parts, that for the driver and that
for the store proper. The former is
entirely enclosed and is provided with
a full-length door on the right and
adjacent glass panels. The driver
walks into the store part of the body
from the cab through a usual sized
door in the center of a partition sep
arating the two. At the entrance rear
there is a customer’s vestibule (with
0 -o-o-o-o-o
1 , I
0 Civil Engineer anu Surveyor o
1 I ,
0 Office with Johnston & Hope c
1 Marianna Hotel Building
o-o-o-o-o-o —o—-c
mjr F.ififS
poached on smoked
salmon in cream in
t “Ldor.-Fgg.
wOrUK Best &ever‘"’ poached on chicken I
croquette with
/' «, - . truffle sauce.
f Ne»-lot,i,eating ScreswUhCEKVA
1 Do You Feed for Results^
| Do you get the highest per cent of service from your horse
or mule? Does your cow yield the highest per cent of milk
and butter? Are you feeding high priced corn, nnd ignor
ing cottonseed products that are more nutritious and much
W exnensive? Don’t you think it would pay you to econ
II — M. |'
omize on your feed bill, especially when you can get better
results by practicing economy? Cotton Seed Meal is much
I cheaper than corn, and is a much better balanced ration for
your live stock.. •
Marianna Cotton Oil Co.
room for six persons), separated from
the remainder by a railing with a
wide counter on the top.
“Leading forward from the counter
to the partition dividing the grocery
and driver’s compartments there are
two narrow shelves, one on each side,
with bins above and below in w’hich
various kinds of package goods are
carried. At the extreme rear, at the
right, is a top-lift ice-box which
forms a part of the counter when the
top is down. In it are carried meats,
butter, milk, and other perishable
Outside of the body under the rear
are two-chicken-coops with hinged
swing-back bottoms. Two tanks are
also carried at the rear for kerosene
and gasoline.
“The truck is equipped with an
electiric starting and lighting sys- j
tern, .the current being used to light
three electric ceiling lights in the
body and to operate the bell used to ,
announce the arrival of the truck so j
that the housewife has time to get ■
her list of purchases and purse ready.
The body is heated in the cold months
by a utilization of the engine ex
In every home where there is a
baby there should also be a bottle of
needed at any time to correct sour
&LUIIUII U, WillVI v,w»iv< uiui*i*wv« --
mer complaint. It is a wholesome
remedy, contains no opium, morphine
or injurious drug of any kind. Price
25c and 50c per bottle. Sold by Har
rington Bros. *30
For the harvest of the fall crops a
great deal of extra help will be re
quired and for this emergency the
Government is undertaking to mobil
ize the idle labor of the State. Ar
rangements have been made with the
County Clerk of this county to regis
ter the names of farmers who will
need help, and the names of men who
are available for employment. If you
will need more hands on your farm,
or if you are out of work, leave your
name at the court house at once. Also
see the Secretary of your Commercial
Club or your County Agent, and let
these men help you. It is to the in
terest of the nation that the crops
be quickly gathered, to avoid waste,
and that the surplus labor of the
State be employed. There need be
no scarcity of farm help or unem
ployed men if this free employment
bureau is made use of.
Moses kept a second-hand clothes
shop, and on leaving it in charge of
his son Ikey during the dinner hour
imparted to him the fact on the price
ticket one dot represent one dollar
two dots two dollars, and so on.
Returning Moses inquired of his
“Haf you had any customer. Ikey
'Yes, Fader, 1 have sold de grey
coat a.i 1 v»<. fur e ght do'lsiM.
“Veil, veil, now. you did goot busi
ness. for it was only five dollars."
“No. Fader, I kept the ticket; see,
it has eight little dots here."
The old Jew scratched his head, and
smilingly remarked:
“Jubilee, Jeruaslem! I vill never
kil anoder fly.”
Doing hard work in a bent or
stooping pos tion puts a stitch in the
back that is painful. If the muscles
have become strained, you can’t get
rid of it without help. The great j
pentrating power of BALLARD S
SNOW LINIMENT will appeal to you
most strongly at such times, because
it is the very thing you need. Price
25c, 50c and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by
Harrington Bros. *30
“Whv. Rridcet, vou surelv don't
consider these windows washed.” said
the lady of the house reproachfully.
‘ Sure, I washed ’em nicely on the
inside, mum. so we can look out,” re
plied Bridget. ‘‘But I intintionally
lift thim a little dirty on the outside
so thim ignorant Jones kids nixt door
couldn’t look in.’’
Are you up at night? Sanol is
surely the best for all kindey or blad
der troubles. Sanol gives relief in
24 hours from all backache and blad
der troubles. Sanol is a guaranteed
remedy. 35c and $1.00 a bottle at
the drug stores. *tf
mke the lowest price.
In the Lee Chancery Court.
Nora Veralee Pitts, Plaintiff.
Jesse B. Pitts. Defendant.
The defendant Jesse B.* Pitts is
warned to appear in this court within
thirty days and answer the complaint
of the plaintiff filed herein.
Marianna. Ark., July 14, 1917.
R. G. APPLE, Clerk.
By Ben B. Bonner, D. C.
Attorney, W. L. Ward. (62)
Large Trial Botile of Sanol for 35c.
Sanol is a family remedy. Sanol is
sold on an absolute guarantee. Re
member if it says Sanol it is all
right. 35c and $1.00 at the Drug
Stores. *tf
In the Lee Chancery Court.
Mrs. Ida Adams, Plaintiff,
Marshall Adams, Defendant.
The defendant Marshall Adams is
warned to appear in this court with n
thirty days and answer the complaint
of the plaintiff filed therein.
Marianna, Ark., July 5, 1917.
R. G. APPLE, Clerk.
By Ben B. Bonner, D C.
Attorney, R. D. Sm th. (61)
that letters of administration on the
estate of J. B. Chambers, deceased,
were issued to the undersigned by
the Clerk of the Probate Court of
Lee County, in the State of Arkan
sas, on the 17th day of June, A. D,
1917. All persons having claims
against said estate are therefore no
tified to exhibit the same to the un
dersigned, properly authenticated,
within six months after the date of
such letters of administration or they
may be preluded from any benefit in
said estate. And if such claims be
not exhibited as aforesaid, within
one year after the date of such let
ters, they will be forever barred and
precluded from any benefit from said
Given this 28th day of June A. D.
R. W. PATTERSON, Adminstrator
of the Estate of J. B. Chambers,
Deceased. (55)
In planning the interior decorations of
your home, this beautifully illustrated
booklet will prove to you and your dec
orator of unquestionable value. It con
tains instructive articles on art in the
home, color harmony, concrete informa
tion regardin the artistic finishing of
your walls and ceilings.
All suggestions and practical advice
come from experienced decorators. A
great many color plates designed by
leading artists vividly show attractive
ly decorated rooms. You can plan your
home from these illustrations and arti
cles from bathroom to parlor. ^
* You will also learn of the modern
Flat Oil Paint for walls and ceiling—
24 rich, deep, velvety colors, which art
easily combined Into the most charm
ing color schemes. Aside from its
beauty and durability, PEE-GEE
FLATKOATT sets a new standard in
economy and sanitation. Walls ana
ceilings are easily cleansed with a
moist sponge or cloth, thus saving the
expense and inconvenience of frequent
Write today to Peaslee-Gaulbert
Company, Incorporated, Louisville, Ky.,
for illustrated 48-page book, "Tb®
Modern Method of Decorating Walls.
In the meanwhile call at this store for
color card, folder and any informa
tion you may desire.
fUK SALt BI r. lv. 1 IKAtK UKliU tUMI'AAI.
' -■ - -
Statement of the Codition of the
Peoples Savings Bank
Narianna, Arkansas
At Cl©*e of Business June 20th, 1917.
' _
— ■■■nil —IMM I —1^—
Loans and Discounts - --$145,114.37
Bonds and Other Securities--._ 9.231.33
Furniture and Fixtures .....- 3.566.70
Cash and Sight Exchange _ 39,036.51
Total ..-$196,940.91
Capital Stock ___$ 30.000.00
■ Surplus Funds -._ 9.000.00
Undivided Profits ___- 5,026.79
DEPOSITS ...152.9H.12
Total .,.$196,940.91
Call Statement March 5. 1917_$128,525.73
Call Statement May 1, 1917 _ 140.801.87
Call Statement June 20. 1917 _-_....___152.914.12

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