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rpIow is a partial list of the young
", from Lee county whose numbers
" i drawn in the big military lot
Z;v in Washington on Friday of last
*ek The men were drawn m the
in which their names appear on
printed list below. Lee county
furnish 266 men for the first
£aft H IS probable it; wil1 require
Inre than double this number to fur
bish the 266 for the first draft be
e of physical disabilities and ex
Clntions For convenience the names
Sow are printed in blocks of 25. The
first name is number one. the second
number two. and so on to and in
cluding 25. The first name in the
L-ond block is 26, the second 27 and
soon to and including 50. This opera
tion is repeated in each block.
In the list below there are only
1,340 names. There may be some
em>rs in the numbers given, but in
the main the list is correct. The Lee
county registration board is prepar
ing an official list which includes the
entire 2,638 names, and this list will
be published next week Registrants
whose names appear on the list given
below will be included in the first and
second drafts. Those above this
number will probably constitute the
third and fourth drafts. All regis
trants must report to the local board
for physical examination.
The board will post an official list
of the names at the court house, have
the list published in the Courier-Index
and mail each man a notice advising
him when to report for examination.
258—Henry Cheers, Marianna.
2522—Ellis Smith. Marvell.
458—Willie Ed McDonald. Mariana
1436—DeWitt Brown. Aubrey.
2624—Willie Thomas. Marianna.
854—George Stuling, Council.
1894—John Parker. Clifton.
1878—Wade Montgomery, Marian
1095—James Long. Soudan.
2022—Robert Jones. Rondo.
1455—Tim Clark, Moro.
783—Willie Gamble, Council.
1813_Harold Brewer, Marianna.
1858—Glady Johnson Palestine
2389—Willie Coleman. Haynes.
1752—Sam Whitfield, Priekeys.
2494—Alfreda Davis. Marvell.
H17_Fliea Rannov Marianna.
1572— Emmett Woodard, Aubrey.
17r8— Richmond Taylor. Brickeys.
. 2195—Talne Arvel Copeland, Mari
837—Jesse Phillips. Council.
20SG— Lutfter Bonner. Goodwin.
337—Homer Graham, Marianna.
676—Mose Washington. Brickeys.
275—Will Covington, Marianna.
509—Rabert Murray. Marianna.
1185—Simon Julius Hill. Moro.
564—George Robinsoa. Marianna.
2166—Bud Davis. Askew*
945—George Holmes, Marianna.
1913—Edgar D. Scruggs, Marianna.
596—Phil Shepard. Marianna.
2620—Nelson Scott. Lexa.
1267—Julius Call. Moro.
2148—J. P. Foster, Askew.
536—Sherman Person. Marianna.
1495—Robert Jones, Aubrey.
2453—James Walter Patton. Dans
548—Spencer Randall. Marianna.
126—James Wm. Moore, Marianna.
1679—Olrich Jackson. Brickeys.
1237—Leon Bethel. Moro.
784—Robert Gamble. Council.
1732—Fred Scott. Brickeys.
755—Call Bolton, Council.
107—John D. McDaniel. Marianna.
1546—Nelson Rogers, Rondo.
1563—Arthur Smyth. Aubrey.
2099—Eliga Sanford. Marianna.
1369—Calvin Stokes, Moro.
616—Simon Taylor. Marianna.
v,o— naywooci HicKmon. Marianna.
1676—Charlie Jackson. Brickeys.
1266— James Collins, Thomasville.
1891—Wade Polk, Marianna.
775—Henry Edmonds. Council,
w—Opera Moore. Marianna.
*92—Preston Williams. Marianna.
—Charlie Sims. Marianna.
1986—Ed Williams, Clarksdale
M iss. •
usIT^d King, Council.
15J9—Bee Page. Aubrey.
2o49—John Franklin Secrest. La
—Aaron Love. Brickeys.
'm—WiH Murdock, Marianna.
“00—'Sam Edwards, Marianna.
?'I—Charlie Kerby, Marianna.
—Luther Lofton. Moro.
^-President Smith. Marianna.
9ioTBurt- Clifford Dodd, Marianna.
William Parker. Askew.
ujo—Wright. Brickeys.
ml—Walter Robinson. Aubrey.
^64—Squire G. Cary, Thomasville.
jOf-Walter Glenn. Soudan.
9f‘I“Ctto Clitfon. Marianna.
Waiter Patrick, Haynes.
49nl~u harlie Hughes, Marvell.
in:7^Henry Day Jones, Marianna.
Ii^o 90van Taylor. Aubrey.
1 <o—-Leonard A. Gillenwater.
9„i Joe Nelson, Marianna,
jn,-“Charlie Berry, Haynes.
1m t .Kellogg, Marianna.
sI~Louis McCain, Moro.
iA,.Gbie Lee Ben-hall, Marianna.
l(tti piUis Booker. Soudan.
umi Nathaniel Whitten. Marian
. na.
Henry Pointer, Brickeys.
Charlie Miller. Moro.
Zj^Wirgm Lovelace. Brickeys.
Phil Moore, Marianna. ,
1282—Ernest Green, Moro.
1323—John Lockhart, Moro.
1847—Boy<i Hughes, Palestine.
797—Charlie Hoskins, Council.
140—Albert W. Pilkington, Mariana
2599—William Lanford, La Grange.
1536—George Phillips. Aubrey.
1922—‘Nelson Williams. Clifton.
1723—Frank Spraggins, Brickeys.
1779—Jesse IJamilton, Palestine.
1236—Sandy Bobo, Moro.
2247—Solomon Gibbs. Rondo.
2011—John Crawford, Aubrey.
432—Lacy Kennedy, Marianna.
18—Wiliiam Otto Britt, Marianna.
652—James Warren. Marianna.
927—Calby Cooke, Marianna.
1484—David Hightower, Aubrey.
739—James Beadley, Council.
1551—Frank Sauls, Aubrey. j
601— Eddie Smith, Marianna.
1322—George Lofton, Moro.
1146—Harvey Clay Brook, Moro. ■
1103—Thomas Murrah. Soudan.
2319—Emmett Emerson. Haynes.
1395—Marion Wilson, Moro.
2497—Ray Field Ebron, Marvell.
606—Richard Springer, Marianna.
182—Gordon Sherrod Wright, Mari
1771—Guy Cothran. Marianna.
513—Hal Nelson. Marianna.
46—William F. Evans, Jr. Marianna
1020—Sidney Williams, Marianna.
1651—Harry Harper, Brickeys.
1099—Milton Lott, Soudan.
1955—Ed Freeman. Phillips Bayou.
2441—Charlie McLendon, Dansby.
2628—Will Washington, La Grange.
1636—William Duncan, Brickeys.
223—Clint Booth, Marianna.
2066—Hilary Thrash, Wheatley.
1441—Getthom Brown. Aubrey.
117—Samuel Mattox, Marianna.
2330—Ira Lathette Homewood
602— Henry Smith. Marianna.
390—William Horton, Marianna.
2233—Lee Chesser, Marianna.
75—Faunt Level Holland, Clifton.
1818—William Bemley. Palestine.
772—George Diggs, Council.
1456—Joe Willie Cannon. Aubrey.
721—Perry Young. Marianna.
1419—Benjamin F. Thomason, Au
2390—Rufus Cartwright, Haynes.
786—Willie Gibson. Council..
1549—Willie Steinbaek. Aubrey.
1476—Elic Green. Aubrey.
280—Clarence Dallas, Marianna.
1292—Henry Hutson, Moro.
972—Henry Klennon, Marianna.
983—Less McCain. Marianna.
757—Clide Church, Council.
966—Every Jordon. Marianna.
868—Robert Taylor, Council.
2230—Ben Banks, Marianna.
2456—DeWitt Patton. Haynes.
332—Martin Fuller, Marianna.
2090—Alfred Miller, Moro.
379—Feterson Hightower, Marianna
2237—Oscar Collins, Marianna.
1560—Ed Sims. Aubrey.
542—Robert Pope, Marianna.
2107—Elmer Carnes, Marianna.
194—Anderson Andrews, Marianna.
874—Alfred Whittaker. Council.
552—Auturie Reed. Marianna.
1300—Moses Hawkins, Moro.
2124—Theopolis Gilbert. Marianna.
1673—James Jackson, Brickeys.
1887—Flenton D. Pope. Palestine.
298—Willie Dixon. Marianna.
2438—James Moss, Haynes.
675—Mose White, Brickeys.
2132—Henry Strong, Marianna.
1769—Van Compton. Marianna.
1294—Daniel Hall. Moro.
1148—Neal H. Bickerstaff, Moro.
1647—Lee Griffin. Brickeys.
2558—Ra^field Bush, La Grange.
1354—Bud Robinson. Moro.
1906—Thomas Saxton. Haynes.
2017—Will Farr. Aubrey.
9197—Richard Fields, Haynes.
343—Rider Goodin, Marianna.
2008—James Churn, Aubrey.
2414—Neal Holden. Haynes.
1613—Mack Boyd. Brickeys.
2100—Sandy Smith. Goodwin.
982—Frederick Love, Thomasville.
2467—George Thomas. Haynes.
726—Clarence Edward Davis. Coun
cil. .
15—Benj. Franklin Bowden. Mari
905—Mac Buford. Marianna.
933—Benjamin Davis, Marianna.
2331—George W. Howard. Haynes.
1531—Silvester Flyers. Marianna.
2209—Harry Casy Simmons. Rondo
1288—Tommy Hutson, Marianna.
452—Burns Peyton Lomax, Mari
355—Alfonso Hale, Marianna.
1843—Joseph Hawkins. Marianna.
530—Jesse Patterson. Marianna.
809—Willie Jones. Council.
2579—Fred Grant, Marianna.
114—John Price, Jr.. Soudan.
2607—Ebem Ottey. Marianna.
2473—George White, Haynes.
1470—Dream W. Foster, Aubrey.
645—Boss Wade. Marianna.
2135—Walter Marshall Trotter,
2622—Benford Shackleford, La
218—Clarence Blankenship, Mari
620—Carl Thomas, Marianna.
1334—M. C. Mathis. Moro.
550—George Redding. Clifton.
1611—Sam Blakely, Council.
574—Ed Rose. Marianna.
31_Joseph Edmond Clarkson, Mari
1432—Lee Baker. Aubrey.
1727—John Stephens. Brickeys.
2047—Joe Hill, Goodwin.
981—Harrison Lockhart, Marianna.
1848—Robert Hall. Marianna.
1570—Oscar Vaughn. R. F. D. 1.
1817—John Balund, Marianna.
2577—Ernest Gardner, La Grange.
770—Eddie Dalton, Hughes.
882—John Wm. Edwards. Thomas
2078—Amos Dowd, Goodwin.
677—James Wiley, Brickeys. .
2119—Calvin Luther Clark. Marian
2360—Ben Frank Wolf, Haynes.
749—Virgil Bullard. Peters.
2269—James Rodgers, Rondo.
2592—Ira Johnson, La Grange.
1868—Jim Leach, Marianna.
1509—Preston Lynn, Aubrey.
1211—Mashall Lee Preston. Moro.
525—Ben Parr, Marianna.
1417—John Everett Motsinger,
1574—Alex Wilson, Aubrey.
2034—Andy Monroe Whitley, Au
2434—Curry Mills. Haynes.
760—Allen Coffee, Council.
183—Earl Joe Wyeth, Marianna.
56—Thomas Bennett Freeman,
1276—Bartholemew Daniels, Mari
1791—Jeff May. Palestine.
1956—Willie Harris, Hickman.
792—George W. Hodges, Hughes.
2128—Edward Malone, Marianna.
350—Sinel Hurst, Marianna.
1580—George Wilson. Aubrey.
54—Ruben J. Franklin. Marianna.
2365—Sherman Austin, Moro.
2615—Buster Reed, La Grange.
870—Robert Taylor, Council.
1714—John Randers. Brickeys.
549—George W. Raspberry, Mari
1132—Ewell Warren. Soudan.
440—Will Lane, Marianna.
1485—Ben Hall, Aubrey.
1674—Ernest Jackson. Brickeys.
741—Newton Brooks. Council.
1054—Julius Carter, Soudan.
2336—.Jesse Lawson Hughes, Hay
1275—Cornelius Daniels, Moro.
2316—Harry Emmett Draper,
2225—Eliga Brooks. Lexa
711—Tom Woodson, Marianna.
1022—Samuel Wilburn, Marianna.
841—Ruben Patterson, Council.
638—Billy Underwood, Marianna.
2454—Eagle Price. Haynes.
1032—James Sherrer, Thomasville
623—James Thomas. Marianna.
269—Tom Collier, Clifton.
685—Jim Williams, Marianna.
1141—Alex Wallace, Soudan.
1314—Sam Jackson. Moro.
1016—John Turner, Marianna.
1688—Ed McFadden, Brickeys.
335—Eddie Greene, Marianna.
1430—Nelson Brady, Aubrey.
2005—Wiley Bailey, Rondo.
493—Everett Morris, Marianna.
2448—Jim Parker, Haynes.
2108—Lawrence Francis Lyon,
1358—Price Reynolds. Thomasville.
2503—Andrew Hardin. Marvell.
923—Nathaniel Conner, Marianna.
1305—Wiley Hogan. Moro.
341—Ancfy Govan, Marianna.
3517—James Stephens, Aubrey.
2376—Harvey Brown. Haynes.
2532—James Arthur Webber, Hay
1007—Jesse Sneed. Marianna.
1764—William A. Austin, Marianna
391—William Hoskin. Marianna.
1366— Ga'ie Smith. Moro.
2396—Will Davis, Haynes.
353—Henry Hall, Marianna.
970—James Jones, Marianna.
637—Charles Upshaw. Marianna.
1675—Charlie Johnson. Brickeys.
2024—James jones, Aunrey.
360—Earl Harris. Marianna.
1657—George Hodge?. Brickeys.
2055—George May. Goodwin.
1217—Eugene G. Smiley. Moro.
571—Dond Rodgers. Marianna.
1873—George Morris, Marianna.
488—Sam Moore, Marianna.
1543—Robert Peters. Aubrey.
2102—John Ell Sherd. Goodwin.
704—Dave Wormley. Marianna.
72—William Robert Hill. Marianna
1053—Andrew Carter, Soudan.
1896—Hugh A. Patrick. Palestine.
1709—David Porter, Brickeys.
356—Littleton Hale. Marianna.
112—George McMullen, Marianna.
1067—William Garrett, Haynes.
2590—John Johnson. Marianna.
2082—Jasper Hardy, Goodwin.
2116—Albert Baker. Marianna.
128—Wyatt H. Newbern. Marianna
2012—Ed Crawford, Rondo
679—Frank Williams. Marianna.
805—Harvey Jenkins, Council.
11—William Cooke Boone, Marian
900—William Lewis Triplett, Mari
1617—John Bailey, Brickeys.
2303—Eugene Yarbrough. Rondo.
363—Abraham Harrison. Marianna.
2321—Ayhner M. Faulkner, Haynes
1287—Manuel Green, Moro.
2389—Willie Coleman, Haynes.
1142—Wilkes Matthews Andrews.
2495—Wyatt Donahoe. Marvell.
2439—George Merritt, Haynes.
1765—Robert Alsup. Palestine.
6—Henry Jackson Belew, Marianna
2167—Rufus Felder. Askew.
327—Frank Farrar, Marianna.
664—William White. Marianna.
93—Marion Samuel Jones, Marian
1448—John Campbell, Rondo.
1722—Henry Smith, Brickeys.
957—Oliver Humphrey, Thomas
1657—Matt J. Smith, Marianna.
1744—William Terry,. Brickeys.
1112—Sylvester Owens, Soudan.
2462—Leonard Robinson, Haynes.
2616—Finnces Roberts. Marvell.
345—Benny Glenn, Marianna.
1595— H. B. Piper, Brickeys.
2184—Van Smith, Rosalee.
1856—Charley D'Boy Russell. Moro
103—Jas. C. McAlexander, Marian
2196—William Dermaret, Rondo.
1585—Oscar Apple, Brickeys.
1912—Mack Spesman, Marianna.
1221—Henry Allen Stephens, Moro
1102—Howard Mitchell. Soudan.
1625—Boyce Cleveland, Brickeys.
556—Ernest Richmond, Marianna.
1665—George Stubbs, Marianna.
2109—Creighton Hugh Lyle, Mari
154—Ivan Swindle, Marianna.
1281—Brady Green. Moro.
51—Brian Frazier, Marianna.
717—Efrom Wright, Marianna.
* 1057—Henry Dickson. Soudan.
1256—Epps Coffee, Moro.
1073—Willie Hines, Soudan.
30—Andrew Jackson Claywell,
199—Morris Austin, Marianna.
388—Henry Horton. Marianna.
1423—Henry B. White. Aubrey.
2458—Seneca Ray, Haynes.
1716—Joseph Reed, Brickeys.
773—Andrew Dickens, Council.
608—Scott Spencer. Marianna.
406—James Jefferson, Marianna.
2502—DeWitt Henson. Marvell.
519—Rome Lee iNunnally, Marianna
1730—Ben Smith, Brickeys.
25—Henry Baird Cobb. Marianna, j
392—George House, Marianna.
2081—Jesse Brewer, Rondo.
889—Jim Miller, Marianna.
383—Will Hodges, Marianna.
1 1 an _a if \
i * VW llljy, iUV* V.
1712—George Roberson. Council.
2186—Ben Sledge. Askew.
588—Leon Sharp. Marianna.
2591—Johnnie Jones, La Grange.
856—Peter Spence, Council.
705—Dave Woods. Marianna.
1346—Hays Prince. Moro.
2263—Lex Hickfon, Lexa.
2053—Claud Jones, Goodwin. '
2051—Jim Harris, W’heatley.
1957—Fletcher Garner, Marianna.
1576—Monroe Woodard, Aubrey.
2023—Will Jones. Rondo.
2566—Jesse Campbell, La Grange.
944—Henry Howtower. Marianna.
1866—Edward Johnson, Clifton.
1808—Arthur Austin, Clifton.
1943—Harry Richardson, Phillips
1677—Milton Johnson, Brickeys.
122—Jesse Owen Metz. Marianna.
642—Harrison Vaughn. Clifton.
939—Clide Palmer, Marianna.
1639—Edward Davis, Brickeys.
222—Ishmael Booker, Marianna.
2364—Wesley Appleberry. Forrest
1715—Freeling Ray Roberts.
906—John Bonapart. Marianna.
1337—Young T. Nevils. Moro.
2226—Rosco Bonner, Rondo.
700—Will Wilson. Marianna.
1250—Willie Boyd. Moro.
1195—James Lee Miller, Moro.
2406—Ernest Gladney, Dansby.
297—Arthur Dixon, Marianna.
321—Houston Fitzpatrick. Marianna
736—Shelby Adams, Council.
1628—Charlie Collier. Brickeys.
2611—Louis Perry, Marianna.
707—John Woodley, Marianna.
25o9—Romie Bryant. La Orange.
1425—Will L. Baker. Aubrey.
1002—Hasla Randolph. Marianna.
1151—Berry Bonds. Monroe.
1101—Ranael -Morgan, Soudan.
368—William Hawkins. Marianna.
974—Johnnie Loyd. Marianna.
1698—Mose Moore. Briekeys.
320—Everett Fitzpatrick, Marianna
950—Jesse Hall, Marianna.
926—Samuel Carter. Marianna.
1010—Daniel Sims. Marianna.
1857—Phillip Johnson. Palestine.
919—Clayton Boyles, Marianna.
656—General Webb, Marianna.
1919—Joe Walker. Marianna.
2476—James Wilson. Haynes.
1339—Emey V. Normant. Thomas
2405—James Granham, Haynes.
814—James Carnelius Lathrop.
1175—Willie Franklin. Moro.
1070—Robert Hines, Soudan.
738—Elbert Bryant. Council.
1167—Charles Wiatt Camp. Moro.
1097—Tom Lewis, Soudan.
1191—Moses Wesley Filler Moro.
1234—Henry Allen, Moro.
1781—Ben Hill, Marianna.
1360—Archie Roberson. Moro.
848—Charles Robinson. Council.
2323—Andrew Thomas Free, Hay
1118—Jim Rodgers. Soudan.
121—Fred Lawson Merk. Marianna
2536—bempsey Willey, Marvell.
221—Richard Bondman. Marianna.
1537—Perry Peters. Aubrey.
2548—Leo Payne, La Grange.
1474—Charlie Gray. Aubrey.
1414—N. Frank Lomax. Aubrey.
2283—Willie Smith, Rondo.
2300—Rolley Winkfield, Rondo.
1616—Henry Branck. Briekeys.
292—Will Davis, Marianna.
822—J. C. Morgan. Council.
504—Johnnie Mullins, Marianna.
1064—Benjamin Fritz, Soudan.
2557—Ezra Buford. La Grange.
1305—Wiley Hogan. Moro.
2286—Frank Taylor, Rondo.
2370—Grover Brown. Haynes.
2152—Clifford Phillips. Rosalee.
1510— Arthur Lewis, Aubrey.
1091—Westley Kinchenr. Soudan.
2139—Willie Frank Barnett. Askew
470—Ed Miller, Marianna.
312—John Everett. Marianna.
1507—d.uther Kyle. Aubrey.
1729—^Nlartin Smith, Brickeys.
1626—Abe Cook, Brickeys.
1284—George W. Graham, Moro.
90—Webster Decatur Johnston,
191—Walter Anderson. Marianna.
2430—Ernest King. Haynes.
2204—John Anderson McCullar,
477—Frank Minor, Marianna.
1187— Hugh Fordham, Moro.
1179—Wm. Elisha Gillenwater,
753—Henry Benton. Jr., Council.
2158—Henry Alton* Rosalee.
130—Paul Foster Newell, Marianna
858—West Smith, Coulfcil.
2546—Joe McCracken, La Grange.
1996—Robert Hardin Sallis. Rondo
168—John Thomas Webb. Marianna
1023—Blane White, Moro.
1932—Hub Williams, Marianna.
1774—Edgar Crofford, Palestine.
424—John Jones, Marianna.
840—Arthur Peters. Council.
1347—John Painter. Moro.
2585—Luther Haywood, Marianna.
1511— Will McNeal. Aubrey.
1188— Spencer Lantrip. Moro.
2279—Will Steward, Rondo.
2234—Willie James Cobb. Lexa.
2213—Thomas Harvey White,
657—Charlie Wells, Marianna.
1995—Rufus Pennington, Rondo.
174—Jesse Gordon Willis, Marianna
2147—Sam Kiser. Askew.
300—Leroy Douglass, Marianna.
278—Tom Cruse, Marianna.
2177—Dudley Neal, Askew.
2432—Iry Lewden, Forrest City.
1021—Willie Woods, Marianna.
1622—Sylvester Coleman, ‘Brickeys
1240—Dave Booker. Moro.
2461—Van Rowland, Haynes.
524—General Parker, Marianna.
2111—John Hanel Jones, Marianna.
911—Robert Braswell. Marianna.
1172—Walter Douglass. Moro.
532—Ben Peterson. Marianna.
1517—Homer McKenzie, Rondo.
2623—Lewis Springfield, La Grange
1851—Will Jones. Palestine.
1924—Judge Williams. Marianna.
1139—John Wesley. Soudan.
1214—John Wesley Riddle. Moro.
336—Ed Green, Marianna.
2342—Sidney Le Beard. Forrest
1952—Sidney Davis. Pillow Mound
212—Oscar Beeson. Marianna.
1357—Wm. Rucker, Moro.
49—Roscoe Fitzgerald, Marianna.
8—Paul Burrus Benham. Marianna
2485—Asa Lafayette Lanham, Mar
1707—Jesse Page. Brickeys.
2039—Walter Brock, Moro.
1160—Fred Cummings, Moro.
1192—Phillip Jefferson Mills. Moro
1660—Phillip Harper. Brickeys.
305—Jimmie Dyer. Marianna.
1143—Walter D. Brass, Moro.
557—Philander Ricks, Marianna.
1652—Nathan Hill. Jr., Brickeys.
1433—James Burris. Aubrey.
2143—Johnny Dotson. Askew.
1798—James Elmer Singer, Pales
tine. R. F. D.
622—Hamn Thomas. Marianna.
2409—Willie Green. Dansby.
585—Thos. Scott, Marianna.
2191—Henry Webb, Askew.
2070—Ernest Burnett, Goodwin.
1464—Solomon Darby, Aubrey.
1257—Will May Custom. Moro.
1077—Joe Holmes, Soudan.
1961—Moses Hokes, Pillow Mound
2616— Lee Sanders, La Grange.
2551—Jonie Woods, La Grange.
781—Rufus Greer. Council.
2131—Dave Felix Smith, Marianna
1415—Milton P. Langston, Aubrey.
1035—Henry Banks. Soudan
1634—John Drumons, Brickeys.
958—Geo. Howell. Marianna.
323—Henry Flenoy, Marianna.
2444—Tim Presley, Haynes.
2491—Alonzo Butler, Marvel.
1439—Larry Barnes, Aubrey.
1804—John H. Wilbur. Marianna.
857—Will Spincer, Council.
1554—Grover Shackleford. Aubrey
1401—Edgar Allen Brown. Aubrey
1303—Spencer Webster Hall, Moro
2151—John Alee McCarty. Askew.
963—John Jones, Marianna.
438—Isaac Kirkwood, Marianna.
878—Jesse Williams. Peters.
1059—Willie Douglass. Soudan.
441—Willie Lane. Marianna.
880—George Casey, Marianna.
1776—Edwin R. Cox. Palestine.
357—Ruby Hall. Marianna.
23—Evans Buchanan. Marianna.
1173—Abert Cleveland Dailey. Moro
331—Louis Eldrirdge Fuller, Mari
1881—Wm. Nunnally. Marianna.
1108—Walter Noel, Soudan.,
2617— Will Slayton. La Grange.
2489—Jim Brady. Marvell.
1910—Cornelius Smith. Palestine.
492—Albert L. Morris, Marianna.
1201—Ernest Chester Norman.
1978—Fred Tucker, Phillips Bayou
2199—Garland Frederick Hartley,
565—Hubert Robinson, Marianna.
800—Lee Harris, Peters.
^49—J. H. Hunt, Marianna.
1596—Samuel Franklin SansoiL
562—Allen Robinson. Marianna.
243(5—John McNary, Haynes.
1407—Jas. Scott Gibson. Aubrey.
501—Henry Mullen. Marianna.
2386—Dock Charles, Haynes.
102—Johnson Lindsey. Marianna.
2025—Jess Lewis, Rondo.
1411—Grover Cleveland Holland.
1979—Robert Temple. Gray Place.
875—Hy Wallace, Council.
1780—Gordon Hicks, Palestine.
714—Commodore Warden, Marian
1528—John D. Norment, Thomas
86—Jas. P. Hughes. Marianna.
1997—Alexander Summerfield
1024—Manual Woodson. Thomaa
1291—Sylvester Hodges, Moro.
871—Percy Williams. Council.
1341—Henry Purtiman. Monroe.
2563—Will Burnett. La, Grange.
1556—Jessie Shackleford, Thomaa
1232—Rudolf Zbasnik, Moro.
2159—Jonnie Broom, Askew.
2212—Albert Robt. Norten. Rondo
1043—Rodgers W. Woollard, Sou
1606—Lonnie Boler. Brickeys.
1934—Jas. Walker. Marianna.
71—Phillip Hassell, Marianna.
1520—Fred McKenzie, Aubrey.
2137—Fate Ada. Askew.
1972—Willie Rabinson, Marianna.
2427—Short Janes. Haynes.
1690—Haynes filler, Brickeys.
< < r n • r» . . .
iiuu-Giifl uiaoof iuuiu.
1593—Noble Hubert Neal. Brickeys
1850—Jas. Hudgins, Marianna.
2013—Dave Druden. Rondo.
555—Richard Rice, Marianna.
978—Nelson Lloyd, Marianna.
1260—Willie Cutchins. Moro.
2375—John Brown, Haynes.
506—Robt. Mullens, Marianna.
2221—Drew Anthony, Rondo.
1588—Fay Chappell. Brickeys.
1591—Wayne Murdock, Brickeys.
2465—WTaner Thomas, Haynes.
2480—Ellis Kirbv, Blackton. Ark,
1909—Monroe Sherrod, Marianna,
1686—Marshall Lewellen, Ethie.
2058—John Oxner. Goodwin.
1391—Jerry Wiggins, Moro.
1272—Milton Cnaney, Moro.
1525—John Henry Morse. Aubrey,
2598—Will Knight. La Grange.
2348—John Eben Manning. Haynes*
877—Hy Wallace, Council.
435—Luke King, Marianna.
2096—Benton Poke, Marianna,
681—Henry Williams. Marianna. *
713—Will Word, Marianna.
2145—Ira Wister Hay, Askew.
1478—Moye Glaspey. Aubrey.
1929—Henry Woods. Marianna.
935—Geo. Exter, Marianna.
2091—Will McGehee. Wheatley.
1121—Felix Shephard. Soudan.
1150—Walter Ennis Butler, Good*
450—Wilson Lloyd, Marianna.
2244—Eliga Gist. Rondo.
1390—Arthur Waller, Thomasvills,
113—Jas. McGuarry. Marianna.
1658—John Hhrrington, Brickeys.
2084—Will Jordon. Moro.
1472—Loving Gay, Aubrey.
725—Eugene Davjp. Council.
1004—Timothy lucks, Thomasville.
1975—Henrv Sherman. Phillina
1521—Milton Morris. Aubrey.
2156—Clinton Leslie Tidwell, Askew
2222—Sam Banks, Rondo.
1034—Mack J. Brewer. Soudan.
808—Ben Jennings, Council.
1604—Luther Boon. Brickeys.
1571—Will Woods, Aubrey.
2280— Robt. Smith. Rondo.
780—Ernest (Tuy. Hughes.
1971—Andrew Rodgers. Phillip*
1183—Luther Rinley, Moro.
2179—Tom Willis Perkins. Askew.
267—Tom Col, Marianna.
1550—Nelson Scott. Aubrey.
567—John Robinson, Marianna.
1218—Ernest C. Stephens. Moro.
421—Horace Jones. Marianna.
2372—Clara Blount. Haynes.
2565—Geo. Clark, La Grange.
1700—Joe Pittman. Brickeys.
940—Anderson Freeman. Marianna
2281— Albert Smith. Marianna.
1254—Geo. B. Buirt, Moro.
169—Joseph Preston Webb. Mari
436—Ruben King. Marianna.
1477—Nathaniel Green. .Aubrey.
396—Ellis Hughes, Marianna.
1633—Edmond Davis, Brickeys.
989—Jas. Moore. Marianna.
1702—Walter Pierce. Brickeys.
1304—Glascoe Henderson, Moro.
2270—Columbus Ricks. Rondo.
1107—Aaron Martin. Soudan.
2345—Joseph Evert Mullen. Haynes
1270—Geo. Clark. Moro.
862—Sam Smith. Council.
1638—William Driver, Brickeys.
1406—Clifford L. Douglas. Aubrey.
257—Herbert Chandler. Marianna
1824—Harrison Chambley, Clifton
1109—William North, Soudan.
155—Morris Reagler, Marianna.
284—Marshall Daniel, Marianna.
133—Joe Odel, Marianna.
807—Dock Junious. Council.
(Continued on page 4.) J

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