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Little Rock. Oct. 1.—Complaints
have reached the Department of Edu
cation regarding the exchange of
text-books under the new text book
law, according to a letter addressed
to the county superintendents by
J. L. Bond. Superintendent of Public
Instruction. In his letter Mr. Bond
says there is no excuse for com
plaints because the law provided in
detail a fair and just exchange of
old books for new. He suggests that
the examiners and superintendents
take the matter up with the deposi
tories. and see that the books are
handled as the law contemplates.
When the chest feels on fire and
the throat burns, you have indiges
tion, and you need herbioe to get rid
of the disagreeable feeling. It drives
out badly digested fo6d, strengthens
the stomach and ftn&ties the bowels.
Price 50c. Sold byyTJsrrington Bros.
Little Rock. Oct. 1.—The woman’s
suffrage organizations of the state
are preparing to secure the adoption
of a clause in the proposed new con
stitution, giving full suffrage to the
women of the state. The legislature
of 1917 passed an act permitting the
women to vote in the primary elec
tions. and when the Constitutional
Convention meets, as provided by the
law. the suffragists will urge that the
women be giver. e.,ual rights with
the men
All you who have torpid liver, weak
digestion or constipated bowels look 1
out for chillA The season is here
and the air Is full of the disease
germs. The b$st thing to do is to
get your liver In good condition and
purify the stdmach and bowels.
HERBINE is t^e right remedy, it
answers the purpose completely.
Price 50c. Sold by Harrington Bros.
Little Rock, Oct. 1.—Interest in the
local telephone situation was added
when several women strike breakers
from Ft. Smith arrived in the city
yesterday. The phone service at Ft
Smith has been completely discon
tinued. both long distance and local.
The operators at Little Rock and
Fort Smith formed a union The
Southwestern Bell Telephone ('o. op
posed the organization and it is
said, told all those who joined the
union they would be discharged.
The organization was formed by the
employees. The officials at Fort
Smith are said to have refused to
even meet a committee ofthe union,
and as a result all those employed
who were not discharged walked
out. No trouble has si far develop
ed in Little Rock, but the operators
are continuing their organization.
Public sentiment at Fort Smith and
Little Rock is with the women op
erators. who say they only sought to
organize, and had made no demands
on the company when they were dis
I Would you mix your
cattle-feed with cotton?
X70U know that such a combination would be carried
J through the digestive tract without giving the milk
producing and fat-producing food a chance to be
assimilated. The lint on old style hulls acts the same
way. It forms a pad or cushion-like covering around
H the concentrates that prevents the digestive juices from
6 extracting the full amount of protein.
H 'AA»( MAM |
contain no lint to clog or flux the digestive tract. They
are digested and they allow the other forage to be di
gested the same as hay or any other roughage.
When you mix your feed with Buckeye Hulls you know |
that you are using roughage that will help—not hinder—
the meal, com, oats, or whatever concentrate you prefer.
Other Advantages
2000 pounds of real roughage to
the ton—not 1500.
Cost much less per ton.
Go much farther.
No trash or dust.
Easy to handle because sacked.
They mix well with other forage.
They take less space in the bam.
I Mr. C. K. Henderson, Aiken, S. C., says:
that he would rather have Buckeye Hulls than any others.
He uses Buckeye Hulls altogether — says they are
cheaper and better.
To secure the best results and to develop the ensilage odor, wet the halts
thoroughly twelve hours before feeding. It is easy to do this by
wetting them down night and morning lor the next feeding. If at any time
this cannot be done, wet down at least thirty minutes. If you prefer to
feed the hulls dry, use only half as much by bulk as of eld style hulls.
Book of Mixed Feed* Free
Gives the right formula for every combination of feeds used in the
South. Tells how much to feed for maintenance, for milk, for fat
tening, for work. Describes Buckeye Hulls and gives directions for
iwing them properly. Send for your copy to the nearest mill.
Degt. X The Buckeye Cotton Oil Co. Degt. x
Atlanta Birmingham Greenweed Little Reek tfemghis
Augusta Charlotte ' Jaekean Haeen Selma
(Arkansas Gazette, Tuesday)
Yesterday's session of the State
Council of * efense was devoted to
consideration of plans for completing
the organization of councils in coun
ties that have not been organized.
Director Wallace Townsend report
ed that the following counties have
not been organized:
Carroll. Chicot. Clay. Cleburne.
Cleveland, Columbia. Crittenden, Dal
las. Franklin, Grant, Hempstead. Iz
ard, Lawrence, Lee, Lincoln, Little
River, Logan (Booneville district),
Madison. Ouachita. Perry. Pike, Pope.
Randolph, Sevier, Sharp. Stone, Van
Buren. Chairmen will be selected
and they will be requested to call
meetings for the organization of
county councils.
The suggestion of Hamp Williams,
federal food administrator for Ark
ansas, that the county clerks be
added to the councils of their coun
ties was adopted.
Publicity Committee Named
Mr. Williams announced the ap
pointment of the following publicity
committee for the food administration
in ikansas: Clio Harper. Parke
Harper News, kittle Rock, chair
man; W. T. Sitlington, Arkansas
Democrat; L. H. Stevens, New Era.
Hot Springs; Walter Ebel. Business
Men's League, Hot Springs; J. L.
Wadley, Texarkanian, Texarkana:
Ray Gill, secretary Business Men’s
Club, Ft. Smith; Frank N. Hender
son. England Courier: Griffith Smith.
Paragould Press; J. B. Parker.
Times. Conway; V. W. St. John,
alar, .viena; jaca ueiser, ouuuiwesi
American. Ft. Smith; H. M. Jackson.
Courier-Index. Marianna; Erwin Funk
of Rodgers.
Mr. Williams has received the fol
lowing message from Herbert Hoov
er relative to the pledge card cam
• The week of October 21-28 has
been selected for a nation wide cam
paign to complete the enrollment of
our forces in conservation of our
food supply. The harvest is now in
hand and we can measure the world's
rescrurces. The available supplies
this harvest are less than last year.
The demand upon us is greater than
last year, and from the last harvest
we exported more than we could
really afford. We can only meet
the call upon us next year by saving
and the substitution of commodities
which cannot be transported. The
allies are our first line of defense.
They must be fed and food will win
rhe war. All Europe are on rations
or restricted supplies. Only in our
own country is each one permitted to
judge for himself the duty he owes
his country in food consumption,
although the world depends upon us
to guard an 1 provide its food supply.
This is a duty of necessity, human
ity and honor. As a free people we
have elected to discharge this duty,
not under autocratic decree, but
without other restraint than the guid
ance of individual conscience. Qn
the success of this unprecedented
venture in democracy will largely
stake the issue of the war. We are
asking every household, every res
taurant and hotel keeper and dealer
in food stuffs in the nation to be
come a member of the food admin
istration for conservation, and to
pledge themselves to follow, insofar
as circumstances permit, the sugges
tions that will be offered from time
to time as to measures of food sav
ing For us there is no threat of
privation. We wish only that our
people should eat plenty, but wisely
and without waste. Wisdom in eat
ing is to make possible such ad
justments in our food consumption
as shipping and war necessities will
allow us to fulfill our duty in ex
ports to our allies. Hy elimination of
v aste we serve ourselves economic
ally and morally I therefore appeal
to the churches and the schools for
their assistance in this crusade, to
all the organizations for defense,
lnnul a nd national, to all the agencies
commercial, social and civic, that
mey join the administration in this
work for the fundamental safety of
the nation."
Malicious Rumor Denied
telegram was read irom George
W. Simmons, manager of the South
western Division of the Red Cross,
of which Arkansas is a part. The
telegram, in part, follows:
.. story is being circulated to the
enect that sweaters, socks and other
articles knitted for the Red Cross
are being sold, either to the public
in shops or direct to the soldiers.
It is very important that you issue
a notice at once to each chapter,
denying this vigorously If any wil
ful case of this sort should come to
the attention of headquarters or of
th^ division office, the charter of the
Red t ross chapter, or subsidiary
sanctioning it, would be immediately
withdrawn with full publicity.”
If your child starts in its sleep,
grinds its teeth while sleeping, picks
at the nose, has a bail breath, fickle
appetite, pale complejJon, and dark
rings under the ey^s. It has worms:
and as long as they kefnaln in the in
testines that child mil be sickly
clears out the worm* strengthens the
stomach and bowels and puts the
little one on the road to health and
cheerf’Vness Price -’5c per bottle
Sold by Harrington Bros. 31
A valuable dressing for flesh
woind*. burns, scalds, old sores, rash
chaf> d skin, is BALLARD S SNOM
LIN'MENT. it is both healing and
antiseptic. Price 25c. aK and $1 00
per bottle. Sold by Harrington Bros.
Germany expects to complete in
rS25 a canal 440 miles long between
the Main and the Danube. One
hundred and thirty-two million dol
lars was the latest demand to carry
on the work.
is Tj
I BUILD A HOME.—Prepare for present and future needs.
The feeling of “I Own a Home” makes one Independent.
It provides a shelter in times of distress and need.
Our service department will help vou to build.
See the beautiful display of actual photos of homes.
We furnish free plans and specifications from “Ye
j: Planry.” :
j; Plans reduce the cost of construction. USE THEM.
The fall term of the woman’s bible
class opens next Monday afternoon
at three o’clock. This is an inter- j
denoininaional bible class conducted
by the pastor of the Presbyterian ;
church, every fall and winter, until !
we have gone through the whole |
bible together. The object or aim
of this class is a systematic study of
the bible by books—the author, the j
time or circumstance under which
the book is written, contemporary
bible history, an outline of each
book, the practical bearing of these
books upon conduct and life. No
book in the bible without its place
and special message. The books of
the bible are best understood and
most appreciated when road in their
historical and chronological connec
tion. Like the stones of a great
building, each book has its place and
mission, and stands in support of the
whole structure of God’s revelation
of Himself unto us in His word
i God’s word is one. The scriptures
! are unbroken. The goal of the bible
student is to arrive at a clearer tin
derstanding of the whole revelation
1 of God—a believing and working
.knowledge of the w uole bibie as we
i have it. With its added refinements
■ and culture along the way. this is
the goal of the Woman’s Bible Class.
A personal study of the word of God
in order to understand its refine
ments. its lifting power and comfort
in mir livp« It wmilil seem that in
an age like ours no noe could afford
to be ignorant of his bible. There
are many people who read the book
now and then, but not many who are
studying it with system and devotion.
Space forbids to speak of the value
; of such a class as this, both in
. terms of now and the future years,
when perhaps nothfng shall be left
to some of us but the word of God
and prayer. No book shall so tell
upon your life, upon your home and
family, or upon your age. as this one
It is food, it is drink, it is inspira
tion, it is the only guide to success
ful living for both worlds. It is the
one library open to us all every day
of our lives. Will we slight or neg
lect this for other books? God will
see to it that we do not come into
the enjoyment of its blessings. Rev.
22:18-19 The bible is a book to be
studied, not merely read. Jos. 1:7-8;
2 Tim. 2:15.
We are now entering upon the
third term of this class. Thus far
the class has finished the Penta
teuch, the first five books of the
bible. I.ast fall we studied the sec
ond division of bible literature -
the twelve historical books. The
class begins this fall with the book
of Job and continues (if we have
time) through the Prophets to the
New Testament. The class will meet
! twice a month Reading lessons are
; assigned, followed by class meeting
and lecture on same. Nobody will
be embarassed by questions. No doc
trinal differences discussed A it^ay.
erful atmosphere and a fine spirit of
Christian friendship and fellowship
This class is open to all who would
like to study with us this winter.
Start at the beginning. Start next
Monday at 3:30 p. m. I hope we will
have a good opening and a most en
couraging start.
SURGEONS agree that in cases of
Cuts, Burns, Bruises and Wounds,
important. When an EFFICIENT
antiseptic is applied promptly, there
is no danger y»f infection and the
wound beginsyOo heal at once. For
use on map dr beast, BOROZONE is
ING AGENT^ Buy it now and be
ready for/an emergency. Pri< e 25c,
50c, ♦l.Ow and $1.50. Sold by Har
rington Bros. 31
The present demand for flash lamp
batteries exceeds the output by 300
per cent. The flashlight is an almost
indispensible part of the soldier’s
will help you to make your honm
wore comfortable.
One of New York’s newest laws In
t,<e interest of pure food insists that
every egg placed in cold storage shall
be dated. This date must be stamp
ed upon the shell in clear figurea_^
For prompt and efficient service see us if you j
want'to buy or sell real estate.
We make liberal farm loans from $300.00 and j
up at low rates, long or'short terms.
Let us write y^or fire, Tornado and casualty in
surance. We can properly protect you.
O. C. Sutton & Co.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
Brick, Lime and Cement
Send or Write o Us and Get Price*. We
Save You Money. TELEPHONE NO. I*5 I

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