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One of the most enjoyable and fi
nancially successful entertainments
ever given in Marianna was the pro
duction of the Womanless Wedding
at the high school auditorium on
lust FHiav nighi The idea was en
tirely patriotic, the contracting part
ies being America and England, or
Miss America" and “John Bull."
Mr. M. E. Newbern very capably rep
resented the Statue of Liberty and
announced the wedding guests as
thev approached, ushered in by Mr.
Reid. The idea, while patriotic, was
entirely Ridiculous, all the characters
being represented by men. Mr. Burk
Mann represented America and R. E.
Wild acted the character of John
Bull. The . flower girls and candle
bearers w'ere beautifully represented
by Messrs. Mitchener, Franklin.
Wright and Williams, who, in their
dainty costumes of pink and white,
were received with loud applause.
Perhaps no other member of the
party received more of an ovation
than W. P. Harris, elegantly attired
in black lace, jet trimmed, imperso
nating the mother of the bride. Co
lumbia. The bride’s maids, each rep
resenting one of the allied countries,
were Messrs Robertson. Daggett,
Turner and Benham. In fact, all the
different characters were ably chari
catured. representing different for
eign nations with the war interest
Before the wedding party arrived
quit a delightful musical program
was rendered by Mesdames. Mayo.
Smith and Word, interspersed with
readings by Mrs. H. M. Jackson and
Miss Martha Russ. The Young La
dies’ Club of the Methodist church
deserves much credit for the success
of the entertainment, aad after all
the expenses wrere paid, they had
more than one hundred dollars to
place in the bank.
A most enjoyable affair was the
meeting of the Country Club at the
home of Mrs Chas Warfield at Lexa
last Saturday afternoon, when she
entertained four tables with a bridge
luncheon. Besides the regular mem
bers of the club she had several
ladies from Marvell and Marianna
to enjoy her hospitality. The games
of bridge were delightfully animated
and the club prize was won by Mrs.
Bogan Gist and the guest prize went
to Mrs. McDonald of Marvell. Those
who were invited from here were
Miss N'ena Govan. Mesdames. D. S.
Clark. Brian Frazier and Arthur
* * * *
The Woman's Self Culture Club of
Marianna held its first regular meet
ing of the new club year in the club
rooms on Thursday afternoon of last
week, with Miss Frances Derrick, the
president, presiding. The year’s study
is based on early American history.
The program for the afternoon was
taken from Washington Irving’s
Sketch Book. Mrs. D. S. Clark read
a very interesting paper on the life
of the Knglish. and the discussion of
Irving's friends by Mrs. S. Goldstein
was very instructive. Mrs. D. S.
Clark was chosen delegate to the
State Federation that meets in Fort
Smith the last of the month. Mrs
Dick Ray was elected alternate del
egate. Mrs. W. S McClinteck will
go to the federation as the presi
dent’s appointee.
• *«»
The local chapter D. A. R. have
been successful in getting through
the co-operation of Mr. Perry, the
wonderful patriotic scenario, "Wo
manhood," which will be shown here
at the Majestic theatre on Thursday |
and Friday nights and Friday after-j
noon of next w eek. They hope to;
have extra music, appropriate for the
picture, and earnestly urge a full 1
attendance at all performances. It
is a picture that is drawing large
crowds wherever shown. Tickets will .
be sold next week by the members
of the chapter.
The Marianna Suffrage Club is
planning for a rally on Tuesday of
next week, the 23rd instant, when
they hope to get recruits to their
ranks and renew interest in the club.
The suffrage colors are to be dis
played and they hope to have suf
frage buttons for distribution among
those who are in sympathy with the
cause. They have invited Mrs. Cun
ningham of Little Rock to be here
on that day to assist them in this
publicity campaign and hope for
much good to accrue.
Judge and Mrs E. A. McCulloch
and Edgar McCulloch arrived in Ma
rianna Tuesday and will remain here
till Saturday evening when they, with
a large number of other people from
here, will drive to Forrest City to
witness the marriage of their son,
Lieut Richard Burrus McCulloch, to
Miss Margaret Barrow of Forrest
City. The marriage will be solemn
ized at the Church of the Good Shep
heru at six o’clock Saturday evening.
Immediately after the ceremony
Lieut, and Mrs. McCulloch expect to
leave for a short visit in Chicago and
St. Louis.
u---U-U-KJ-\J KJ
(By Mrs. J. I. Morris)
It is indeed a great pleasure to be
able to report that there seems to
be a greater interest manifested in
our Red Cross work than hereto
fore. The ladies are turning out
some beautiful work, and a greater
amount of work than we have been
doing is now being finished every
day. On Wednesday, October 24, we
are going to have on display at the
city hall some of our hospital gar
ments and supplies, and I trust every
man. woman and child will come in
and look over this display, and see
what (he ladies of Marianna and Lee
county have been doing for the cause
of humanity.
* * * *
Three hundred and fifty members.
Won't you help us make it 600? The
dues are very small, only $1 per
year. How many times do you throw
away $1 in a year? Do you think of
any place you could spend a dollar
tl.at would give you more real
pleasure than by paying one dollar
to become a Red Cross member, and
do your bit for humanity’s cause?
* * • *
Following donations received:
Miss Frances Derrick, one tray
cloth, three shoulder wraps.
Mrs. Chas. McKee, 7 pillow cases.
Mrs. Margaret Clark, one dozen
pairs foot warmers and 16 tray
Mrs. M E. Xewbern. cash. $2.
Mrs. W. P. Harris, one bolt outing
Mrs. V. Harrington, one pair
pillow cases, v
Mrs. J. I. Morris, one dozen bath
* * * *
Report of work dpne by teams:
Lobster Sardines
Pickles Sausage
Oysters Spaghetti
Swiss Cheese
Goulash Raviola
These make up the usual
Dutch lunch — but what
will you serve to drink?
For years the host and hostess have been
f asking themselves that same question—es
pecially whenever the occasion happens to
be one of those cozy little after-theatre or
“in-betv'een-times” parties. Now, there is
a ready answer—
This distinctively new creation in soft
drinks is sparkling—snappy—delicious. It
is healthful with the wholesomeness of the
choicest cereals — appetizing with the bou
quet and agreeable bitter tang which only
choice hops can impart. It is sure to “hit
the spot” -sure to encounter no prejudices.
Bevo — the all-year-’round soft drink
A fd
You will find
to paato«r<>«d botUaa.
kirautiiin v p ataa* -
ao«D«d—«t uw r«ata*j
nmtaTd*pftrt»«at aa<J
drug bUmw aoda fwun
taioa. picnic rro«a4a.
Guard Against Substitutes
have the bottle opened in your presence, first seeing that
the seal has not been broken, and that the crown top
bears the Fox. Bevo is sold iu bottles only — and is
bottled exclusively by
- - ■- — ---J
Thursday afteraoon team: Cap
tain. Mrs. W. B. Mann, Jr., Mrs. P.
R. Turner, Mrs. Sam Harrington. Mrs.
Davis Plummer. Mrs. Carrie L. Ap
ple. Mrs Arthur Cotter, Mrs. Chas.
McKee. Mrs. W. F. Harris Complet
ed 46 triangle and abdominal ban
Friday forenoon team: Captain.
Miss Frances Derrick, completed 3
stioulder wraps.
Monday forenoon team: Captain.
Mrs. W. B. Mann. Sr.. Mrs. Julius
Benham. Mrs. J. W. Mitchell. One :
hospital bed shirt completed.
Tuesday forenoon team: Captain j
Mrs Frank Govan, Mrs. O. C. Sutton,
Mrs. W. L. Ward. Mrs. M E. New-;
hern. Mrs Cayce Turner. Mrs. E. J.
Beazley. Mrs. E. D. Robertson. Com
pleted 7 hospital bed shirts.
Wednesday forenoon team: Cap-;
tain Mrs. W. S. McClintock, Mrs. W. ;
P. Harris. Mrs. D. S. Clark. Mrs.
Mattie Ford. Mrs. W. A. Johnston.
Sr., Mrs. J. R Jarratt. Mrs. W F.
Harris. Mrs. Alexander. Mrs. F L
MaeChesney, Mrs J. L. Isaacs. Com
pleted 8 hospital bed shirts and one
suit of pajamas.
* * * *
Report ending October 17.
' Just 72 comforts for mothers sons
who are somewhere in France, rest
lessly tossing their heads to and
fro and calling for mother and
wondering why it is that she does
not come to them, when before she
has never refused to come to their
call, and now when they need her
so much she cannot come.
Dear reader, just 72 pillows do
nated and all with such snowy white
pilow cases to cover them. Follow
ing is a list of the doners:
Mrs W. S. McClintock. 2 pillows:
Mrs. Frank Govan. 2 pillows. Mrs.
F. N. Burke. 2 pillows; Mrs. E. J.
Beazlev 2: Mrs. J. I. Morris. 2: Mrs.
W. L. Ward. 1; Mrs. H. B. Shu
macker. 3; Mrs. Margaret Clark, 2;
Mrs. E. C. Badley, 2; Miss Jeannette
Blount. 1; Mrs. Peter Brickey, 3;
Mrs. W. F. Kershaw. 2; Mrs. Josie
Foreman, 1; Mrs. W. S. Beaty. Aub
rey, 1; Mrs. J. B. Lowe. Aubrey, 1;
Mrs. C. L. Langston, Aubrey. 1; Mrs.
John Hart. La Grange. 1: Mrs. Free
man, 2; Mrs. Piper, Brickeys, 1: Mrs.
Galbraith. Brickeys, 1; Mrs. Brooks.
Brickeys, 1; Mrs. Oenning. Brick
eys. 1; Mrs. Hood. Brickeys. 1; Mrs.
Brewer. Brickeys, 1; Mrs. Gullett.
Brickeys. 1; Miss Evens, Brickeys. 1;
Mrs. Kinard. Jr.. Brickeys, 1: Mrs.
J. A. Kinard, Sr., Brickeys. 1; Mrs.
Ben Elder. Brickeys. 1; Miss Bicker
staff. Brickeys, 1; Miss Massingill.
Brickeys, 1; Mrs. Dick Ray, BrlcK
eys, 1: Mrs. Kausler. Brickeys. 1:
Mrs. J. R Simmons. 2: Mrs. K. Dun
ham. 2: Mrs. Bruce Mulkev. 2: Mrs.
A. Starratt. 1; Mrs. G. E. Lanham,
Aubrey. 1; Mrs. C.has. McKee. 7;
Mrs. H. Bickerstaff. Moro, 2: Mrs.
j Lydia A. Smith. 1; Mrs. J. R. Jar
ratt. 1: Ladies of the Moro Auxiliary
A. R. C., 6.
Miss Esther Horne of this city,
formerly employed in the insurance
I office of Maurice Block of Paragould,
i has just received a letter from Mr.
i Block who is now in the ambulance
I service in France. Mr. Block, the
only son of Mr. and Mrs. J D.
1 Block of Paragould, with his cousin.
John King of Wynne, sailed for
France several months ago. He had
; occasion to write Miss Horne on
some business matters and incident
ally told her something about his
j work in France. Portions of the let
ter that will be of interest to the pub
| lie follow:
“I am now at the front and life is
I very interesting. You should be
glad you gave up nursing, as it is
very hard. The nurses are busy all
the time and it is very hard for them.
; I have seen two aeroplane battles
and they are awfully interesting.
The result was very good for the
I French
“We drive Fiat ambulances. They
i carry six wounded that lie down and
i eight that sit up. so you see they are
rather large cars. We drive them up
to a post de second, which is very
near the trenches and there the
| brancardiers put them in our cars
and then we take them to the hos
j pitals. There are several kinds of
the latter—some for fractures, some
[ for maladies, some for severely
wounded and others for contagious
* France is a very pretty country—
very rolling and no waste lands. The
French people are polite and appre
ciative. The French language is
hard to learn, as there are so many
exceptions and only two genders—no
neuter gender in French
“Our food is very good, consisting
i of meat, potatoes, rice, bread and
I wine—lots of it. We sleep in our
' ambulances on stretchers,
“The French soldiers are called
1 Poilus. They are very small in
stature as a rule. It is very inter
esting to hear the whistle of the in
I coming and outgoing shells and to
i watch the artillery batteries, fire.
| 1 have been to one w’hile it was in
action. Everybody, when close to
the front, sleeps in dugouts twenty
! to thirty feet under the ground.”
The address of Mr. Block is Con
| vois Autos, S. S. U. 71, Par. B. C. M„
I Paris, France.
Washington. Oct. 14.—Represen
tative W. S. Goodwin of the Seventh
Arkansas District, is one of ten mem
bers of congress traveling in un
official capacity, but carrying special
passports arranged by the State
Department, who are on the way to
A Sufficient l
Reason Why I
Should Get I
Your Medi- I
cines Here I
I -.
YOU get the purest, freshest drugs obtainable—
and every item in the house is absolutely NEW,
a very important element for you to consider in
the buving of vour medicines. And we offer you
a careful, courteous service—the very best we
know how to give, and we’ve been at it long
enough to KNOW how. Complete stock of the
leading proprietary medicines, and the very best
professional prescription service. All kinds of
toilet articles, perfumery, stationery and drug
gist sundries.
We have a Victrola
for you, too.
i Europe to visit the war fronts and
fraternize with the parlimentary rep
■ resentatives of the allies. Other
members of the party are: Repre
| sentatives Dale of Vermont. Taylor
and Timberlake of Colorado, Hicks
! of New York, Johnson. Dill and Mill
i er of Washington, Stephens of Ne
braska and Parker of New Jersey; j
former Representative Stout of Mon
tana and Ross L. Hammond, a Fre- j
mont (Neb.) editor, and others.
The visit is a development of the
; event cabled and personal invita
; tions of members of the British and
French parliaments for closer affilia
tion of the parliamentary bodies of
the allied governments through per- j
sonal conferences at the British,1
French and Italian capitals. Presi-1
dent Wilson did not favor congress
! officially accepting the invitation at j
! this time, and neither house took
! action, but the ten members arranged
their trip informally. Other represen
tatives are expected to follow soon.
‘ While this is not an official com
mission.” Representative Dale wrote
his constituents, “it is certified by j
the secretary of state and the speak
er of the house as one that goes in
the interest of our country and the
relations between its government and
the governments of the allied na
Members of the party will visit
England, Belgium, France, Italy and ;
Switzerland and hope to be back in
ashington in time for the opening!
of Congress in December.

Announcement is made that on
Saturday. November 3, Ringling Bros,
circus will give afternoon and night
performances at Little Rock.
The famous showmen are this sea
son presenting all new and wonderful
i program.. The tremendous fairyland
| spectacle’ "Cinderella,” w ill appeal
1 tf» both young and old. More than
i 1.000 persons take part in it. It is
! easily the biggest spectacle Ringling
Bros, have ever staged and its glori
ous "Ballet of the Fairies," with 800
dancing girls, is in itself worth going '
tnany miles to see. Following ‘Cin-‘ |
derella” 400 arenie artists appear in
the main tent program. The Ring
ling Bros, have secured scores of
circus performers never before seen
in America. An entire trained ani
mal show has been made a part of
the main tent program this season
The menagerie ndw numbers 1009
wild animals. The elephants, in
cluding "Big Bingo,” the earth’s
largest pachyderm, have been in
creased to 41, and almost 800 horses
are carried. There will be sixty
clowns and a big free three mile
street parade show day morning.
The circus will be in Memphis
Monday. November 5.
On Tuesday night of next week i
the local lodge of Elks will hold their i
annual ‘“Roll Call” meeting This is
the one big meeting held by all the ,
lodges of Elks when every member
of the order is expected to be pres
ent and answer the roll call. Once
each year—the first Sunday in each
December—the annual lodge of sor
row is held when the names of de
parted Elks are read aloud, and when
tributes are paid to their memory.
The roll call on the fourth Tuesday
night in October in each year, is for
the living Elks. The officers of the
Marianna Lodge of Elks urge all
the members to be present at the
meeting next Tuesday night. While
there will be no special program, the
officers have arranged for a smoker
and a Bevo luncheon and promise
the members a most enjoyable social
Following is a list of names of
pupils who made the honor roll in
the public schools. The list was not
handed in last week when publica
tion was made of the honor roll:
First grade—Harry BeSpain. Oliver
Payne. John Womack. Scott Gra
ham, Geo. Cahoon, Russell Dupuy,
Everett Hareourt.
Fourth grade—Marjorie Atwater.
Second grade—Mary Miller.
First grade—Bennie Cowsert, Helen
Smith. John Burke. Charles Pilking
ton, Thomas Foster. Leslie McCul
loch. Robert Patterson.
The annual session of the quorum
or levying court of Lee county will
meet at the court house in Marianna
on Wednesday of next week for the
purpose of making the annual tax
levies. The court is composed of all
the justices of the peace of the
county, and is presided over by
County Judge Plummer. All the
county officials make annual reports
that are submited to the quorum
court and if found correct are ap
proved and filed as a part of the
permanent records of the county.
The appropriations for the various
departments of the county govern
ment are made by the quorum court.
This includes the appropriation for
the farm demonstrators, the domes
tic science and home economics
agent, and the usual appropriation
if $300 for the Lee County Training
School (colored). The county has
been making an appropriation ot $300
to the industrial department of this
school. The appropriation is supple,
mented by an appropriation of $600
from the Slater fund. The training
school is open to the deserving stu
dents from all parts of the county.
D. W. Hughes is the principal./
Notice is herby given that I, the
undersigned, as Commissioner, acting
under and by virtue of the authority
conferred upon me by a decree of
the Lee Chancery Court, dated Sep
tember 2rt, 1917, in a certain cause
therein pending wherein the New
England Securities Company was
plaintiff, and Chauncey F. Rising
and r'hers were defendants, will on
__M( -.'DAY, NOVEMBER 5. 1917..
at the front door of the court house
in the city of Marianna. Lee County,
Arkansas, offer for sale to the high
est and best bidder on a credit of
three months, the following described
lands, to-wit:
The northeast quarter of section
10. Township 3 North. Range 1 West.
The purchaser will he required to
give note with approved security for
the amount of the purchase price,
the security to he approved by th*
Given under my hand and seal as
said commissioner this 18th day of
October, 1017. _
| g4 Commissioner.
There is only about twenty ou
hours difference in a brilliant man
I and the rest of us. He thinks ot t
| proper thing to say right at the ti
I and we think of it the next day-^-w
-*■-°— -—'
The smallest known bird is a ten
i tral American humming bird that
about the size of a hluebottRMiy^^
| The McCall
Book of Fashions
jj ’ (FALL) • I
!| With a McCall Quar
!; tcrly »as your guide,
your wardrobe can
he stylish and in per
fect taste for the
!; bare cost of materi
j; als, plus a little of
jj your time.
Untr (nrlaV __
—25c: in Canada 50c
—including a free
coupon good for 15c
toward the purchase
of any McCall Pat
McCall Patterns '
For October
New York San Franci»co
! Chicago Boston Toront J

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