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D 111 S A R C :
MTURpTyT - - - AUGUST 4,1866.
Thermometrical Observations.
1800. J.&A. it A. M. 12 M. 3 P. M.
Saturday, 28 83.8(1 90.7V 90.50
Sunday, 29 84.20 90.00 94.10
Monday, 30 84 30 89.20 92.50
Tuesday. 31 84.50 88.30 93.20
Wednesday, 1 85 10 89.20 88.90
Thursday, 2 85.30 90.0(1 93.00
Triday. ’ 3 82.30 80.10 93.20
Means 84.21 89.20 '.12.20
Joseph Locke is our authorized Agent
in the city of Memphis, to solicit and receive
advertisements for the Citizen
Divine services to morrow, at the
Til. E. Church, by Rev R. C. Johnson.
"Stay” The partial absence of the editor,
4tnd illness of one proprietor will be our
•excuse for our appearance this week.
Now is the time if you want a pic
ture. E. E. Cross is prepared to take all
hinds of pictures at his gallery on Ruena
Yista street. Dive him a ea 11-if you want
to see yourself as others see you. Satisfac
tion guaranteed, so Cross says, and lie’s a
man of veracity.
BST" The candidates for the various
county offices were iu town on Wednesday
last, doing the usual amount of hugging
and playing the agreeable generally. The
candidates for Representative addressed
their fellow citizens at some length upon
questions of State and court policy, each
showing in regular order the folly of his
competitors positions and the soundness of
his own As all persons in the country
have heard them we forbear commenting.
{tfesy We learn from reliable authority
that a serious affray occurred in tire neigh
borhood of Parley P. Hill’s, six miles from
Cotton Plant, between two men, McKin
ney and Staggs, in which McKinney shot
Staggs, killing him almost instantly; after
which a friend of Staggs shot McKinney,
killing him A man named Marsh was
shot twelve times, but not seriously hurt
The difficulty originated in some old char
ges ‘that had been preferred against
Blt EIt SEWS, Ac.
White river is falling slowly, with
abundant water for the largest crafts.
The ever punctual and reliable
'Commercial passed up on Thursday and
, returned this morning -The gallant Davis
• still commands arid Blisli, the clever clerk,
controls the office. She has our thanks
for late papers.
3**k> Th e Petrulia passed up on Monday
and down Wednesday. This light draught
craft is now permanently in the trade, and
from the affability of her officers, Capt.
Colby, clerk Majors and superintendent
Ahox, we think she will be quite a favor
ite. The obliging Ahox has our thanks
for favors which we highly appreciate.
■V&T The St. Paul Pioneer says: Old
steamboat men declare that the signs of
tile past four or five seasons point to the
permanent drying up of the Mississippi
river, reducing it from a steam navigable
for the largest boats the whole season to
one of uncertain navigation like the Mis
souri, passible at certain seasons, and the
rest of the year shrunk to a mere creek,
winding along among sand-bars and shoals.
There is certainly some change taking
place in our climate that is affecting our
lakes and rivers. They are greatly differ
ent in their habits to what they were eight
•or ten years ago. The average of water is
steadily decreasing. Our June rise, once
ascertain as the coming of the month, has
totally ceased. The heaviest rains, which
once would have swelled the river several
icct, now uo not seem to aflect it in tnc
There are many theories advanced to
explain this. One is that the climate is
undergoing some change, which seems
plausible; as those who have studied the
meteorology of our .State are convinced
that this change is taking place. Another
theory is, that the cultivation of the coun
try, destruction of the forests, and other
physical causes have tended to increase the
rainfall, and retard the flowing of the extra
moisture into the streams.
Whatever may he the cause, the effect
certainly exists, and the same thing has
been on all the Western rivers, which are
gradually shrinking up. In our case, how
ever, the evil is less to be feared, because
our railroad system is so nearly developed,
.that our river navigation is not now the
necessity it once was, to our commercial
public. The river cau never again, wheth
er it continues navigable or not, assume the
important part it has hitherto played in the
.development of our State.
-General Sheridan lias issued au order
prohibiting tlie erection, in this military di
vision, of any monument commemorating the
rebellion, and forbidding the reorganization oi
Confederate companies, baitcries, brigades, kc.
for any purpose whatever.
COTTOX 37 to 39-GOLD 47 3-4
Special for the Citizen.']
Liverpool, July 28.
Cotton market firm. Middling New Or
leans 14Jel. U. S. 5-20's (5%
London, July 28.
Armistice of four weeks has been signed by
Austria, Prussia, Bavaria, and other German
Devall’s Bluff, August 2.
M'ork to be commenced on Memphis and
Little Hock Railroad at this place, to complete
same to Memphis, September 1st, 18GG.
Negro Rioting in New Orleans—Great
Excitement—A A umber Reported Kill
ed and Wounded—Order and Quiet
Finally Restored—Military Law Fro
claimed—Another Fine Field for Rad
ical Mendacity—General News—Tele
graphic Markets.
New Orleans, July 30.
Third Dispatch—1 r. m.—A procession of
negroes, with flags flying aud drums beating,
in marching towards the Mechanics’ Institute,
were met by some whites, who were repulsed,
after endeavoring to disperse them. Several
shots were fired, but no one was hurt. The
city is consideably excited. The Convention
met at 12 m. Twenty-six members were pres
ent.- The military will be ordered out.
Fourth Dispatch—1:15 i*. m.—The most
intense excitement prevails at this writing.
Indiscriminate firing is going on at the corner
of Dryades and Canal streets. Two negroes
were killed on Dryades and three on Common
street. Two whites are reported wounded.
An immense police force is out. and using every
effort to quell the riot.
Fifth Dispatch—1:30 r. m.—The police arc
behaving witli the most exemplary conduct in
trying to prevent lyinching and mobbing.
W. K. Fisk was dragged out of the Convention
and carried to the “lockup” by a double guard
of police, amid cheers from the populace, and
cries of “bang him.” The excitement is un
Sixth Dispatch—1:58 r. m.—The members
of the Convention, together with tlie President
are being arrested one by one and confined.
A little more order and quiet prevails.
Seventh Dispatch—2:30 P. M.—On the meeting
of the Convention at noon, the populace sur
rounded the building. There was an immense
mob of negroes inside and outside of the Insti
tute, but the police and people quickly became
masters of the situation, and the building was
closely besieged. Finding themselves besieg
ed, those inside liung out. a flag of truce:
whereupon the police ascended the stairs to
protect the members; but no sooner bad they
reached the hall than the parties inside opened
an indiscriminate fire. The flag then was no
longer respected, and every head visible in the
building was fired at. This continues, and it
is not known how many in the building have
been killed. Arrests continue to be made, and
the crowd is increasing.
Eighth Dispatch—2:45 l* M.—The parties
assembled inside of the Institute have surren
dered in a body to the police. Ex-Governor
(so-called) Ilalm was terribly cut up, and some
fifty or sixty men were killed. The dead ne
groes are being carried away in carts. The
military have not interfered. The firing to
day was confined tq the police and negroes.
Canal and other streets are lined with crowds
who do not participate. Everything looks bet
ter now.
Ninth Dispatch—1 r.sc—The city is perfectly
quiet,the crowds on the different thoroughfares
having been dispersed at the point of t he bay
onet, and artillery planted within sweeping
range of the Institute.
Tenth Dispatch—A:30 p. m.—Alford Shaw
and John Henderson, Jr., were not killed, as
reported, but badly wounded, and the latter is
not expected to live.
The Times' extra says the riot, occurred by
one of the negroes in the procession this morn
ing shoving a white man and tripping him.
A policeman, who supposed that the man had
been struck, advanced to arrest the negro,
when he wub met with a volley of pistol shots,
bricks, etc., which at once produced a general
alarm; and hence the bloody tragedy that has
been created.
The excitement has greatly subsided, and
the utmost order prevails.
Mayor Monroe, previour to tlie riots, had an
interview with General Daird, and asked for
assistance. General Baird consented ; but the
troqps came after the disturbance was over.
The mass of the good citizens lay the whole
blame upon Governor Wells, who they say pro
voked it by his proclamation convening the
Convention of ’01,
The following has just been issued by May
or Monroe , “Whereas, the city is in a state
of great agitation, arising out of the riots pre
cipitated by a revolutionary faction: anc
whereas it is absolutely necessary that ordei
be restored and violence suppressed, therefore
I, John T. Monroe, Mayor of the cityofNcv
Orleans, do call on such citizens as arc willinj
to assist in maintaining the peace, to appeal
at the City Hall this day at C P. M., to be swort
as extra policemen. No one not holding mj
authority will be allowed to make any arrests
and all good citizens except those on duty, are
requested to return to tfleir homes, and not t(
assemble in crow'ds in the public streets.
[signed] Jon.v T. Monhok, Mayor.
All the “lockups" are filled with the arrestei
rioters, and the hospitals with the woundci
and dying.
Elevmth Dispatch—0:15 p. M.—The follow
ing has just been received :
Headquarters Department of Louisiana, 1
New Orleans Louisiana., July 50, 1800. /
General Orders Xo. 00,
In consequence of the notorious and uulaw
ful proceedings of to-day, Martial law is pro
1 claimed in the c!ty of New Orleans. Drove
Major General A. V. Kaulz is appointed Mili
tary Governor of the city. He will make his
Headquarters iu the City Hall, and his orders
will be minutely obeyed in every particular.
All Civil Functionaries will report at once to
GeneralKautz, and will be instructed by him
with regard to such duties as they may lie
hereafter required to perform, lty order of Ma
jor Geueral Bairl.
[Signed] NaTbanif.l Burbank. A. A. A. G
The city is now quiet and every citizen is at.
home, ltiehnrd Clives, the only child of Dr.
Clevas, was killed accidentally while passing
the Medical College, lie was the only whito
person killed. Dr. Bostic was mortally woun
ded in the abdomen, and had oilier wounds in
the head. John Henderson's wounds arc not
New York, July 30.
Havana dates to the 19th state that the Em
press of Mexico had arrived en route for Eu
rope. She was received loyally.
Mexican news represents the situation of
lhe Empire as daily growing more critical, and
the fall of Matamoras caused great dismay.
The deaths hero last week were about 750, a
decrease of over 000 from the previous week.
There were 10 deaths from cholera, on Satur
day and Sunday, ill this city and Brooklyn.
New Orleans, July 30.
Tampico advises of the 11th say that the city
was closely besieged by the Liberals, and it
was confidently expected that the city would
fall, as communication with the interior had
been otf. About the lltli or 12tli a detachment
of their cavalry made a dath into the town.
The French were organizing battalions for
tneir own protection.
Washington, July 30.
Congratulatory messages have passed be
tween the Queen of England and the President
of the United States, on the completion of the
Atlantic Cable.
New York, July 30.
Cotton lc higher. Sales 2.1X10 bales Mid
dling Upland 37c. Orleans 39c. Pork $31 50.
Turpentine 69c to 71c. Rosin $2 87] to $8 50.
Gold 47$. Coupons of ’01, 100, do of ’62,
108], do of '64, 106. Ten-Forties 98], Trea
VJy 8*
Citizen Office, Dks Anc, 1
Saturday, Aug. 4, 1800. /
BAGGING, per yard S 33 ®$ 35
Bale Hope, 20 ® 25
Brooms per dozen, 4 50® 5 00
Buckets, painted, per doz 4 00® 4 50
Butter per pound, 30® 35
Bar Iron, 0® 111
Bar Soap, per pound 12® 15
Beef Hides, per pound, 8® 00
Castings, 0® 11
Coffee—ltio 30® 35
Candles Star, 24® 28
Cotton, 25® 30
Cotton Yarns, 45® 50
Cordage—Manilla, 35® 40
Corn Meal, per bushel, 1 30
Eggs, per dozen, 20
Flour, per barrel, 0 00® 15 00
Apples per bushel, dried, 2 50® 3 IM)
l’eaches, do. 2 50® 3 00
Wheat per bushel. 1 00® 1 75
Corn do 1 10® 1 25
Gunpowder per keg, 14 00® 15 00
Lime per barrel, 4 00® 4 55
Lead—Bar, per pound, 20
Ginger per pound, 50
Mess Pork per barrel, 35 00
Bulk Pork, 15 00® 20 00
Pork, t'resli, per pound, 15
Beef per pound, 8® 10
BACON—Clear Sides, 25 to 00
Shoulders, 18 to 20
Hams, eanv’d sugar-cured, 28) to 30
Lard, 30
Linseed Oil, per gallon, 2 00® 2 50
Lard Oil, 2 00® 2 50
Coal Oil, 1 50
White Lead, per keg, 4 00® 5 00
Nails per pound, 10® 12
Molasses, per gallon, 1 00® I 25
SUGAR, per pound,
Brown, 15!;® 20
Clarified, 20® 22
Crushed and Powdered, 22® 25
Pepper per pound, 00
Rice, 20
Salt—Liverpool per barrel, 4 00® 5 00
Starch—Pearl, 15
Spice, 00
Common, 00® 1 25
Fine, 1 00® 2 50
Tea, per pound, 2 00® 2 50
Tallow, per pouud, 15
Tar, in cans, 1 00
Whisky, per gallon, 2 40® 5 00
Memphis Market.
Daily Aliens Office, 1
Tuesday, July 31, 1800. f
The market yesterday was very similar to
that of the monday previous. The advices
from Now York and from Liverpool were both
of an encouraging nature. The steamer Pe
..a* \Tn«r VnrL' nn \Tnmlnv
bringing the following advices: “Liverpool,
July 20.—Sales during the week of 71,000
bales; decline in the week of 14d.” Per
steamer China, which arrived at New York
yesterday, the following encouraging advices
were received: “Liverpool, July 21.—Sales
this day of 20.000 bales of cotton, advancing
[email protected]” In New York at 11:30 cotton was
firm at 86®37c. the demands of holders;
buyers were, however, cautious. We have the
following sales to report: 111 bales at 29c, <
at 27Jc, 11 at 30c, low middling; 9 at 20c,
ordinary; Sat 33c, 60 at 32c, strict middling;
50 at 3) c, middling; 50 at 27c, ordinary; 3 at
: 83c, good middling—making in all, sales of
314 bales, the largest day’s transaction for
weeks past. The market was yesterday firm
at 30031c for middling. A merchant on
Front street, yesterday, predicted tiiat before
the 1st of September c'otton will be up to 50c
We cannot, see what he bases his prophecy up
on, unless upon hope, which is sometimes very
delusive. Wc give the following quotations,
at which figures cotton was firm yesterday :
Ordinary, -«> to 20
Good Ordinary, 27 to 28
Low Middling, 29 to 30
Middling, 31 to —
Strict Middling, 33 to 33J
Clucinuail Market.
Cincinnati, July 30.
Flour and wheat unchanged. Oats 37 tc
44c. Whisky firm and unchanged. Provis
ions quiet and unchanged Itacon Sides 19J
to 19$c; sales 150,000 lbs Shoulders at 15$
Packed Hams 22 to 24c. Lard 10 3-4, Gro
ceries quiet and unchanged.
—-—AVe are authorized to announce the
ington county, as a candidate for Judge of
the Supreme Court.
-We are authorized tonnnouncc LUKE
E. BARBER) as a candidate for Judge of
the Supreme Court, at the ensuing August
We are authorized to announce JOHN J.
CEENDENIN, as a candidate for Judge
of the Supreme Court, at the ensuing August
-We are authorized to announce DR.
C. V. MEADOR as a candidate for the
Senate, to represent the counties of l’ulaski
and Prairie, at. the ensuing August Election.
-We are authorized to announce W.
HICKS as a candidate for State Senator,
for the District composed of the counties of
White, Jackson and Woodruff, at the ensuing i
August Election.
-We are authorized to announce It. S.
GANTT as a candidate for the Senate, to
represent the counties of Pulaski and Prairie,
at the ensuing August election.
-We arc authorized to announce M.
M. ERWIN as a candidate to represent
Prairie county, in our next Legislature, at
the ensuing August Election,
-We are authorized to announce COE.
I5. A. TIIOJl ASSON, as a candidate to
represent Prairie county, in our next Legisla
ture, at the ensuing August Election.
-We are uthorized to announce Wm.
T. JONES, as a candidate to represent
Prairie county, in our next Legislature, at the
ensuing August election. *
-Wc are authorized to announce Will.
I)OA\EI,L, Esq., as a candidate for
County and Probate Judge, at the ensuing
August election.
-Wp arc authorized to announce W ill.
UIEVIDUIFIiS. as a candidate for County |
and Probate Judge of Prairie county, at tiie
ensuing August election.
——-Wp. arc authorized to announce E. ¥,.
StlllKl) as a candidate for County and
Probate Judge, for Prairie county, at the ensu
ing August Election. *
. ♦ »•» - —.
-Wc are authorized to announce Will.
4. PLMK11TI as a candidate for Slier- ■
iff of Prairie county, at the ensuing August
Election. *
——We are authorized to announce W.
C. EOIII TV SO IV as a candidate for Sheriff,
at tiie ensuing August Election *
-We are authorized to announce J, St
GRAY, the present incumbent, as a candi
date for tbe office of Sheriff, at the ensuing
August Election. *
-We hre authorized to announce W.
F. BLACKWOOD as a candidate for the
office of Circuit Clerk, at the ensuing August
Election. *
-We are authorized to announce Win.
GOOEMIFHI as a candidate for tiie office
of Circuit Clerk, at the ensuing August Elec
-Wc are authorized to announce W. E.
It.4lTESTQIV, as a candidate for Treasurer,
at the ensuing August election.
-Wc are authorized to announce ASER
PIPKINS, us a candidate for County Treas
urer, at the ensuing August Election.
-Wo arc authorized to announce F. M.
GRIFFIN as a candidate for Treasurer of
Prairie county, at the ensuing August Elec
-Wc are authorized to announce BEN
JAMIN FAWCETT, as a candidate for
Internal Improvement Commissioner, at the
ensuing August Election.
-We are authorized to announce JOIIIV
lDIlKSOY, as a candidate for,School Com
missioner, for Woodruff county, at the ensuing
August election.
-Wo arc authorized to atitiouiice Major
R. H. POE as a candidate for School Com
missioner, for White county, at the ensuing
August Election.
-♦ ♦-*--——
-n e areaiiuiorizeaioannounce itt isu
B.CARLLEE, as a candidate for County
Surveyor, at the ensuing August election.
-We arc authorized to announce A. F.
HUNTSMAN, as a candidate for Consta
ble, for White River Township, atthc ensuing
August election.
-Wc arc authorized to announce Will.
BROCK as a candidate for Constable, for
White River Township, at the cnsuiig August
Afetf General Grant has issued an order
directing all department, district aid post
commanders in the States lately in rebel
lion to arrest all persons who have been,
or may hereafter be charged with the com
mission of crimes and offences against of
ficers, agents or citizens of the 1 lited
States, or inhabitants of the State or 'ter
ritories, irrespective of oolor, in eases
whore the civil authorities have failed,
neglected or bceu unable to arrest and
bring such culprits to trial, and detail
them in military confinement until such
time as a proper judicial tribunal may be
ready and willing to try them.
r. S. AI.I.KN. N. 3 GRAYKS.
.A.llen & G raves,
Wholesale a 11 d Retail
Commbsimt ^Inrhautss,
We have ami will keep on hand a large and
;ood selection of
)f all kinds, i ui table fertile market, which
to offer'On very reasonable terms. Also, a
ut of
n 3i e .
Mil. GEO. W. VADEN is doing business
with Am,ex & Orates, and would res
icctfiilly inform his old friends and aotpinin
nnccs, that lie is still alive and kicking at the
lid stand, and would he most happy to see all
>f his old friends, renew acquaintances and
loth start anew to fortune. Call, gentlemen,
' promise to do you no harm—but think I can
nake it to your interest to do so. juntltl
T HjEO , G,0 U ?1&U ES ,
Family Grocer,
Mnnnmon uminn r mnnno
jirunimj mumo, myuuao
(Tobacco, Cigar*, &c„
HAVE just received, and am now offering
tit the lowest maf'kct prices, a complete
assortment of
Family Groceries, Wines, Liquors, Sec..
Consisting in part of "Brandies, Whiskey,
’ort Wine, Madeira, Claret, Coffee, Sugar,
VIolnsses, and a variety of such articles as are
usually found in a first class
Being thoroughly acquainted with the busi
ness in which 1 am engaged, I feel confident
)f my ability to give satisfaction, and solicit
ihe patronage of all desiring articles in inj
line. jun28-tf
11011 AUK I*. VAUGHAN. JOHN A. 51 Alt TIN.
tm • ttim mmn>
W'iul buy and sell all kinds of Produce and
Merchandise. We will also enter and redeem
lands, pay taxes, buy and sell veal estate, and
do a general collecting business.
Wc have a well assorted stock of Tinware,
Stoves and Stove Vessels, Hardware and Cut
lery, Castings, Xails, Agricultural Implements,
&c., Ac.
A small lot of Groceries. julyI4-Gw*
Hazeti, Blakency & Co.
Des .A.rc, _A^rk..
Ma v )■ nowiusiure, anu win ue constant i,
receiving additions thereto, a genera
stock of
1ft? 1 §®lif
We have boucflit Our stock since the decline
and will he aVtio to soil Goods at
Reduced Prices.
Our motto will be QUICK SALES am
Give us a call when you visit. Dos Arc. I
will give us pleasure to attend to the wants o
our friends, and trust that our business inter
course, may be mutually beneficial.
| Dos Arc, April 21, l?t)0.—ti
J- P. SAMUELS ft C0-,
North Side Buena Vista Street,
gut, guhaw$a&
The highest market prico will be paid for
Butter, Eggs, Chickens, Etc, jun-ft
-I. S. CT.ARK,
imm* •****m,.
I T EEPS constantly on hand lWAN-BATTON
1\ SUPl’i.IES. at the verv lowest.rates, and
in sufficient qualities to supply the mttrkCt.
Will aft end promptly t^llio sale of
Merchandise Consigned to Him,,
And hopes by strict attention to business, to
receive a liberal share of public patronage.
May a«, 1 MliO—dm
F. MltCHHtl,, S.'C. M'lTCIlKM.. T. ir. NOTC 111:1.1.,
V MTiYmr.T.T. Rr TtlWVR
Gommcsstou M&r&fc&ats,
Liquors, Fruit, Fish, Produce.
S. r„ Co». Second and Chestnut Sts.,
junD- St- XLrt’miSii Mo.
IS HEREBYGIVEN, that by virtue of a Deed
of Trust, executed to me on the 21st day of
November', 1800, by John H. Quisenbcrry and
Mary A. Quisenbcry, to secure the payment of
certain debts therein mentioned, to the credit
ors in said Deed of Trust mentioned, which
Deed of Trust was acknowledged on the same
day. before D. 1’, Black, a Justice of the 1’eaco
ill aud for White river township, infliu coun
ty of Prairie, and State of Arkansas, and after
wards Recorded in the Recorder’s office of
Prairie county, in Record Book N, pages 127
and 128, &c. I will on Saturdny, tlie
15th day of September, 1S«G, pro
ceed to sell to the highest bidder, anti for cash,
in the town of Des Arc, within the lawful
hours of sale, the following described real es
tate, to-wit: The W J of lot No 1, iti block 2t>
in the town of Des Arc, on Buena Vrsta street,
being 25 feet front by 140 foot in length, in
cluding in the sale, I lie store house and other
improvements on sold lift. Also, fhe follow
ing described kinds, about one and three-quar
ter miles west of Des Arc, to-wit: The E }, of
N W 1 of N E ], and W .] of SW ] nfN E aud
W 1 of 8 K } of N K of section 'J.jRtwnship 4
north, range 5 west, containing 00 acres. A11
of the above described property is valuable,
and tire title believed to be good. The title to
the storehouse is now clear, and the purcha
ser will get. n good title. 1 will execute to the
purchaser a Deed for the amount purchased.
N. B. TUCKER, Trustee.
Des Arc, May 15, 1800—maylO-tils
IS HEREBY GIVEN, That, by virtue of a
Deed of Trust executed to l3. P. Black as
Trustee, by John H. Quisouberry, on the 24th
day of November. 18150, I will ns Agent and
i Attorney for D. P. Black, 011 Saturday the
15th day of September, 18(50, proceed to sell in
the town of Des Arc, at public outcry, at high
est bidder, and for cash, within tlie hours of
lawful sale, the following described personal
nrnnovtv : sold to satisfy certain debts in said
Deed of Trust incutioned and described, in
favor of sundry persons therein named, to-wit:
1 <mo iron safe, one buggy, and one piano, 'f bo
property will be delivered to purchasers on
day of sale,
N. B. TUCKER, Trustee,
per J. E Oathwood, Att’y.
Dos Arc, Arkansas, June 2, 180ft—tt
To the Voters of the State of Arkansas.
I accept the call to become a canidabe, at
the next General Election, for the office of
Judge of the Supremo Court. Whilst I cannot
but feel diffident ofmy ability to till that posi
tion fully, and with entire satisfaction to
myself mid others, I think I may, without
undue assumption, promise that, if elected, I
will devote whatever of capacity I may possess
to the faithful, honest and impartial discharge
of the duties of the office.
Little Rock, June 7, ISfiO.—-jirudO-4t
Leaves Memphis Every Tuesday,
Regular Mempltfs and White
River Packet,
JOHN. B. DAVIS, - . - Captain.
a -A7T3L THIS steamer will run
throughout the sea
son. Leaves Memphis every Tuesday and
Des Arc every Saturday mar-8

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