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h Arkansas news
Happenings of Interest From
Most Every Section of
The State.
A Brief Review of Incidents Told in
Readable Paragraphs—Other
wise Unnoticed;
State Superintendent J. J. Doyne
addressed the public school at
Jonesboro yesterday.
The closing exercises of the Jones
boro public schools took place last
night at the Malone Theatre.
There have been 357 dog licenses
issued in Little Rock, which is about
one-fifth of the usual number.
The fact that Gov. Davis has been
expelled from the Baptist church
will not decrease his vote in the
coming election, says the Jonesboro
John and William Bates, two
young boys ®f Montgomery county,
were drowned yesterday while
bathing in the Ouachita river. Both
bodies were recovered.
The churches at Pine Bluff scored
a victory by suppressing Sunday
: concerts. The management of the
electric car line decided to discon
tinue service to and from the parks.
The Judsonia Advocate says: “A
gentleman living near Lamar has
already cut five tons of alfalfa (ff of
|b three acres of ground this seasou,
9 which he sold readily at $10 per ton.
jf He cut six crops off of this ground
JP last year. Alfalfa would grow here,
ft aud we don’t see why our farmers
|W| don’t raise more of it.’’
Gov. Dayis returned to Little
Rock yesterday and when asked if
he had any thing to say relative to
' his expulsion from the Second Bap
tist church of Little Rock, said: “I
{Caught seventeen five stripped bass
p at Lake Chicot yesterday aud enjoy
ed extraordinarily hospitable treat
I ment. »■ This is all I care to say. ”
\ The Van Buren Argus says that
the strawberry crop has proved a
_ * failure this year so far as shipments
I I are concerned, although growers
" » have received better prices through
eit the sea^n than any previous one
id in thelend they have made
oney. (Jrdinarily the picking
ason lasts ty-om 25 to 30 days, but
is seasons j^ck ino^will not extend
' e Jonesboro Enterprise of yes
• says: “Mr. I. O. Grady and
Nora Epps two very prominent
uug people of Brookland, were the
Tucipals in ao elopement yesterday
which time owing to puivnlal;
lie ions, or some other reason,
"mselves to the cit, f Net :c
•were united iu marriage,
L D. Davidson, pastor of the
dist church at that piacc of
Whooping Cough.
Ilf jnan who has had experience with
■ lease, tells how to prevent any
|J§ ous consequences from it. She
■ Our threo children took whoop
ugh last summer, our baby boy
HR only three months old, and owing
9' r giving them Chamberlain’s
H; 4 Remedy, they lost none of their
ft mess and came out in much better
■ o thaa other children whose parents
ft rot use this remedy. Our oldest
lj| a girl would call lustily for cough
ft lip between whoops.—Jessie Pinkley
ftp" ill, Springville, Ala- This Remedy
H Jfor sale by R. C. Grizzard.
jjftu.||t,., Be Ready.
ft The Soliphone carriers will call on
ftHKbscribers in the. city Monday for
due on subj^riptmn, Please
- changfteady so that
not be nrees
WMsary. Seven^^^ftsubM
Mfij^F for two moi}t^^^ft,-re. I ’• i• •• V
May hasyPH^di:!’: month and
■ ’■"'-"■■'iftre need every'cent that is du us.
Highest grade cream choe3e at New
som’s. d 3t
' «
A Kentucky Womin Refused to Be
*. .
Miss Agnes Vance, an old maid
of Barren county, Kentucky, who
had perhaps become despondent bat
tling the trials and tribulations upon
the sea of love, became desperate in
her determination to win a husband,
Resol ving not to be balked in grati
fying the longing desire, she kidnap
ed her youthful sweetheart, Robert
Marcum, and eloped to Tennessee
with him and they were united in
the holy bonds of matrimony in the
city of Gallatin, near Nashville.
Safely reaching that city with her
youthful treasure at a late hour of
night, she routed the license clerk
out of bed and related to him the
following story:
“I am of legal age, with some little
margin, but the young man here with
me is yet a boy, and this is why we
had to rum away from Kentucky. His
parents opposed the marriage be
tween us, and some women would
have surrendered, but I didn’t. I
just took the “bull by the horns,”
went to the young man’s home the
other night, and while his parents
slept, stole him out from under his
own vine and here I am, ready to be
• i it
She paid the fee, took the papers
and marched off to get married.
--<3, ^ .
At the Churches.
Methodist—Rev. M. B. Umsted
will preach at 11 a in, and Rev. F.
A. Jeffett will preach at S p. in.;
Epworth League at 0:30 o’clock p.
m., in the chapel.
Cumberland Presbyterian: Rev.
W. T. Thurman will preach at 11
a m and at 7:30 p m.
Baptist: Preaching both fore
noon and night by the pastor.
Christian—Preaching at 11 a.m.
and at night by Rev R. O. Rogers.
St. Mary’s (Catholic)—Regular
Sunday services conducted by Rev.
Father Fuerst.
Sunday school at each church at
9 :30 a. in. Each of the above con
gregations extend a cordial invita
tion to the public to be present,
and visitors to the city especially
will be welcomed.
For Coughs and Colds in Children.
"I have not the slightest hesitancy in
recommending Chambertain’s Cough
Remedy to all who suffering from
coughs or colds,” says Chas.M. Cramer,
Esq , a well known watch maker, of
Colombo, Ceylon. "It has been some
two years since the City Dispensary
first called my attention no this valuable
medicine and I have repeatedly used it
and it has always been beneficial* It
has cured me quickly of all chest colds.
It is especially effective for children and
seldom takes more than one bottle to
cure them of hoarseness. I have per
suaded many to try this valuable medi
cine, and they are all as well pleased as
myself over the results. ’' For sale by
R. C. Grizzurd.
Rev. R. O. Rogers is in the city from
Bardwell, Ky., today, and will conduct
services at the Christian church to
morrow and tomorrow night. Bro.
Rogers, we are glad to announce will
move his family back to Paragould.
Good for Rheumatism.
Last fall I was taken with a yery
severe attack of muscular rheumatism
which caused me a great pain and an
noyance. After trying several pre
scriptions and rheumatic cures, I de
cided to use Chamberlain’s Pain Balm,
which I had seen advertised in the South
Jerseyman. After two applications of
this Remedy I was much better, and
after using one?bottle, was completely
cured.—Sallie Harris, Salem, N. J.
For sale by R. C. Grrzard.
Conductor Scout of the P. S. E. tells
a good one on ’Fayette Hopkins. He
says when 'Fayette wants to get aboard
the train at a place where there is no
station be drivos a cow on the track and
holds her there till the train comes to a
halt and then jumps on.
The Depot Burglary Has Baffled Three
Messrs. Ballard and Hill, of the
Iron Mountain, and J. M. Wheeler,
of the Cotton Belt, all professional
railroad detectives, Lave been here
the past week endeavoring to estab
lish a clue that would lead to the
apprehension of the party or parties
who were implicated in the passen
ger depot burglary a few nights
since. It will be remembered that
sixty-five dollars in paper money
was boldly stolen from the vault of
the ticket office safe by the thieves.
The detectives instituted a thor
ough investigation of the case, but
without success. They closely
queried each and every attache of
the local railroad service, but were
unable t* throw any light on the
case that would lead to the identity
of the guilty.
The case is truly a mysterious t>ne
but from the character of the theft
it is the opinion of these interested
that the robbery was committed by
some one entirely familiar with the
affairs of the depot, one who had
carefully familiarized himself with
the general surroundings and waited
for the opportunity to seize the
Transient Visitors.
Among the number of transient
visitors to Parapould since yester
day, registered at the hotels of the
city, the following is a list:
P H Burkholder, Paducah, Ky; P
A Price, Sfc Louis; N A Strickland,
Charleston, Mo, E Lendeman, St
Louis; W H McGowan, Pittsburg, Pa;
Dave Lande, St Louis; W T Terry,
New York; E E Barger, J D Green,
Richmond; Wm I Pond, Robert N
Pearson, B T Joerler, St Louis.
J A Boston, Jonesboro; Chas V
Beloate. Corning; Lucian Hubbard,
Piggott; Ernest H'srtzog, H J Praye,
St Louis; W J Martin, Sulphur Rock;
O P Ires, G E Nye, New York; J W
Murray, Poplar Bluff; R O Rogers,
Bardweil; W M Bailey, Carthage,
Mo; S A Kerns, Payne, O; O K
Wheeler, Tyler, Tex; 8 F Muirhead,
Bethel; H P Rodgers, Jr, Memphis;
L F Janin, New Orleans*
W L Brimm, Pine Bluff; E J Gibbs,
St Louis; K Dallabide, Grenada,
Miss; A C Smith, Bono; Mrs Ella
Green and family, Moark, Mo.
Special Bargain Week.
The Racket Store will conduct a
special bargain week, beginning
Monday and to continue through the
entire week. Read their special
announcement in today’s edition of
the Daily Scl phone.
Thev .• so to conduct strictly a
bargain sal'1—a sure money saver,
and respectfully invite all to pay
them a visit.
- o -
Shot In His Left Leg.
For all kinds ot sores, burns, bruises,
or other wounds DeWitt’s Witch Hazel
Salve is a sure cure. Skin diseases
yield to it at once. Never fails in cases
of piles. Cooling andj healing. None
genuine but DeWitt’s. Beware of
counterfeits. "I suffered for many
years from a sore caused by a gun shot
wound in my left leg,” says A. S. Ful
ler, English, Ind. "It would not heal
and gave me much trouble. I used all
kinds of remedies to no purpose until I
tried DeWitt’s Witoh Hazel Salve. A
few boxes completely cured me. ” The
Qlobe Drug Store.
Bridge Contract Let.
The contract for the new bridge on
Eight Mile creek at ths crossing of
the Gainesville and Paragould road,
as advertised the past three weeks in
the Weekly Soliphone, was let at the
court house this afternoon, by Com
missioner Cole. Frank Laswell was
the successful bidder at the price $2 28
per lineal foot. The bridge is to be
82 feet long and is to be one of the
most substantial bridges in the
He Says an. Upheaval in Arkansas
Politics IsProbable,
Dr. Richard C. Thompson of Pine
Bluff, Ark., was surprised when he
read that his home county had in
structed its delegates to the repub
lican state convention to vote for his
nomination for governor, says the St.
Louis Globe-Democrat. Dr. Thomp
son was at the Planters’ Hotel vith
Mrs. Thompson when the news
reached him. He is one of the prom
inent republicans of Arkansas.
“The convention was in session at
Pine Bluff when I left there yester
day,’’said Dr. Thompson, “but I
had made no effort to secure the in
dorsement for governor, and thecom
pliment was an entire surprise to me.
My wife and I are now on our way to
the Pacific coast to spend six weeks.
The republican state convention will
meet at Little Rock June 26, so I
cannot possibly make any canvass ol
the state or even attend the conven
tion. If the republicans of the state
want me to run, however. I will de
my best. The other proposed candi
dates for the nomination are H. H.
Myers of Little Rock and Charles D.
Greaves of Hot Springs. Whoever
is nominated will receive the solid
support of all the republicans in the
“An upheaval iu the politics of our
state is among the immediate proba
unities, cl Liu ± preuiut tuai tuc iccsun
of the election whl be very different
from former years, aud that in the
near future Arkansas can bo placed
in the doubtful column.”
Serious Accident.
Tom Vaughan, a valued employe
at Wrape’s Heading Factory hap
pened to an accident while at work
yesterday morniag, that will cause
him the loss cf his right thumb and
fore finger. His hand was caught in
a jointer wheel, and the end of his
thumb cut off, and the finger badly
cut. Dr. Dickson dressed the wound.
New Ice Cream Parlor.
W. H. Johnson has opened busi
ness at the W. H. Jones building op
posite the Baptist church on Court
street and will keep summer drinks,
confectionaries and candies. The
back has been nicely fitted up, newly
papered and carpeted for an ibe
cream parlor and will be in charge
of Mr. Johnson’s little daughter,
Katie. They will serve Memphis
cream and have a quiet, nice place
for ladies and others to visit, d 3t U
For Rent.
A good 4-room dwelling house in Erst
Paragould. W. R. Cannon.
d 2c
“Judge Stubbs treated Finnerty like
the almanac does April.” “How’s
that?” “Gave him 30 days.”—Indian
apolis News.
Kate—“How awkward everything
looks that Bertha puts on!” Edith
“Yes, she'always dresses becomingly.
—Boston Transcript.
Bizzer—“Simpkins has a smart dog.’
Buzzer—“What does he do?* Bizzer—
“He doesn’t do anything that Simp
kins tells him—that’s what. I meat
n.1. T ...r lia'c cmf) rt..”—(tlllfl Stilti
"- — — —
An Imitation.—“I will make you re
gret this day!” he hissed through his
clinched teeth as he left the. room
I laughed to myself, for I was not de1
ceived. He was not a real villain. H<
did not turn on his heel.—Judge.
He—“The last time I played footbal
I remember my face got so knocked
about—wasn’t like a face at all in fad
—I thought it never would get better.’
She—“And did it? I mean—er—o1
course, I see it didn’t—er—er—I meai
Real Pun.—Lieut. Lovett (sentimen
tally)—“I’ve come to say ‘good-by.
I’ve been ordered to the Philippines.’
Miss Giddy—“How jolly! It’ll be s(
interesting now to read the lists of thi
killed and wounded.”—Philadelphii
As Others See Them.—Old Gotrocki
—“Do you know that you have beei
publicly referred to as The idle son o
a successful banker?” (Jotrocks, Jr.—
“And are you aware, sir, that you ari
known in our best circles
ther of the
ball pitcher?”—N. Y
The Commercial Appeal Discusses
the Incident.
* The Memphis Commercial Appeal,
says editorially:
“Gov. Jeff Davis of Arkansas will
have to get along through this vale
of tears as best he can without any
church membership. Being expelled
from the Baptist church will not be
a recommendation to him to join any
other organization. That the church
which expelled him acted within its
legitimate authority we may well be
lieve, but it is not easy to see just
what is going to become of the gov
ernor. He has been thrown into
outer darkness by the saints because
they found him to be a sinner.
“The death of a sinner is not de;
sired, but it is desired that kq may
live and. repent, %nd it is mqfe like
ly that he will become repentant as a
member of a church organization
than when compelled to wander
about among sinners and non-be
lievers. While he is out and foot
loose Gov. Jeff may be expected to
go a rapid pace and enjoy all the de
lights of iniquity. He may as well be
hung for a sheep as a lamb and un
restrained indulgence will bring
about satiety and repentance. It is
difficult to repent while the fun lasts
but it is easy enough when a sinner
| wears himself put. Piety, then tykes
the place of wickedness.
“While Gov. Davjs is living in sin
h n /I Un t.n nn f AO 1*0 A f Kli * 1 AH A
some. There are others. Editor
Reaves of the Hardeman Free Press
declares that he is a man after the
governor’s own heart and he is pre
pared to keep him company as long
as the jug lasts. ”
The School Dirctors.
School district No.-held their
annual school meeting, and elected
Thomas J. Scaggs, Senior, director.
Mr. Scaggs feeling the importance of
his official position, proceeded to in
form himself of the business of the
district. The teacher being present,
Mr. Scaggs accosted him with the
following inquiries:
“Say Mr. Teacher .they tell me you
have ordered a blackboard and a
“Yes, sir, I have.”
“Well, they say the blackboard
cost seven dollars; I think that’s
mighty high, for I’ve got a big cy»
press board in my loft and I could
grind up my jack jttane and make it
smooth as glass, and I could have
taken it out to where I oil up my
.nets, and I got plenty cold tar left
to make it black as the ace of spades
and give it to the school, and save all
that money. Don’t you thiuk you are
gettiug too highfalootin a'l at once?”
“The kind of a board you speak of,
Mr. Scaggs, would not answer our
purpose at all, and, besides, the dis
trict has the money, and they Lad
just as well buy a good one.”
ii t ii .1. r 11 1\/r .. m . _ _ 1. . ■ *
XXII mail, 1UI« icuaJCl , Uu li
11’ l me what kind of a globe was
I , i' you ordered? They say it cost
Lu 40?”
"The globe is a representation of
the earth’s surface, showing the dif
ferent bodies of land and water, and
so arranged as to revolve, making it
easy to teach the pupils the manner
of the earth’s revolutions.”
“You don’t mean to say, Mr.
. Teacher, that it’s round?”
“Certainly I do, or rather $n oval
"Well, thought if it was a lamp
glebe it was mighty high. But
there’s another question that I want
ax you: are you going to teach that
it’s flat or round?”
The teacher, becoming tired of the
> director’s inquisitiveness, just re
’ plied, "It is with you directors; I
• understand both systems will teach
! the one you prefer.” Gip.
L At a
p See us at once
&nd Agent Morgan Gets Back till , llpj
Money He Had Lost. ' vrt|
The Jouesboro Enterprise of yes** /
terday says: y / 3
“Four years ago Agent Morgan ptj
the Cotton Belt Ut ParagQutd. "then
agent at a small station near Texar«
kana, went oat of his-offifte ens day
and left the cash drawer ^pen. On
his return he found $100imssiDg. He
had to refund the money to the Com
“A few days ago Mr. Morgan !»•
ceived a letter from the Catbplt^
priest at Texarkana enclosing
check for $100 and told him it was to
replace the hundred be had lost. He
was instructed ta ask no Questions.
spiritually and who cannot meet at
at G:”0 as well as all those hereto*
fore faithful ones, equal opportunity
for a good hour with the Master.
The subject for tomorrow evening
is, “The Purpose of His Coming.”
Reference. Matt, xvihll; Jshn x:10,'
Jesus came to divorce men frcm
unhallowed wedlock to sin and bird
them together with gentle cords if
love. “He led Captivity captive aid
gave gifts unto men.” Is He doing
this for you?
Jesus came to reclaim contamina
ted humanity. “The son of man is
come to seek and to save that which
was lost.” Has he done it for you?
Jesus came to be a searchlight ou r
life’s night sea on which the storm*
tossed mariner might set his helm
hard ahead and through the raging
waters make the post of glory. “I
am the Light of the world.” Is He
for you? Answer on your life.
H. M. W.
Dangerous If Neglected.
Burns, outs and other wounds oftm} - -
fail to heal properly if negleoted and be
come troublesome sores. DeWitt'l
Witch Hazel Salve prevents such conse*
quences. Even where delay has aggr£- j
vated the injury DeWitt’s Witch Hasel ’
Salve effects a cure. ' 'I had a running
sore on my leg thirty years,” says H.
C. Hartley, Yankeetown, Ind. “After
using many remidies, I tried DeWitt’s
Witch Hazel Save. A few boxes healed
the sore.” Cures all skin diseases
Piles yield to it at once. Beware of
counterfeits. The Globe Drug Store.
The Afford Children,
Mrs. Swanson, residing on Lake
street, called at the Soliphone office
this morning and stated that we
were in error regarding the state*
meat yesterday concerning the dis
position of the Afford children. The
rtU/\ri4- 1 1 4- ♦ 1 A nS nl ID i.nn m.-i nf n ma Cm

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