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Ague Cure,
Intonnittent Fever, or Fever and Ague,
Ilcniittent Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
Arne, Periodical Headache, or Bilious
Headache, and Bilious Fevers, indeed
for the whole class of diseases origi«
noting in biliary derangement, caused
by the Malaria of miasmatic countries.
No one remedy is louder called for by the
r ecessitics of the American people than a sure
and safe cure for Fever and Ague. Such
we are now enabled to offer, with a perfect
certainty that it will eradicate the disease,
and with assurance, founded on proof, that
no harm can arise from its use in any quan
That which protects from or prevents this
disorder must be of immense service in the
communities where it prevails. Prevention is
better than cure, for the patient escapes the
risk which he must run in violent attacks of
this baleful distemper. This “ Cuiib ” expels
tlie miasmatic poison of Fever and Ague
from the system and prevents the develop
ment of the disease, if taken on the first ap
proach of its premonitory symptoms. It is
not only the best remedy ever yet discovered
for this class of complaints, but also the
cheapest. The large quantity we supply for
a dollar brings it within the reach of every
body; and in bilious districts, where Fever
and Ague prevails, every body should have it
and use it lreely botli lor cure ana protection.
It is hoped this price will place it within the
reach of all—the poor as well as the rich. A
great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and cer
tain cure of Intermittent* is, that it contains
no Quinine or mineral, consequently it pro
duces no quinism or other injurious effects
whatever upon the constitution. Those cured
by it are left as healthy as if they had never
had the disease.
Fever and Ague is not alone the consequence
of the miasmatic poison. A great variety of
disorders arise from its irritation, among which
arc Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Gout, Headache,
Blindness, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asth
ma, Palpitation, Painful Affection of the
.Spleen, Hysterics, Pain in the Bowels, Colic,
Paralysis, and Derangement of the Stomach,
all of which, when originating in this cause,
put on the intermittent type, or become period
ical. This “Coke” expels the poison from
the blood, and consequently cures them all
alike. It is an invaluable protection to immi
grants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken
occasionally or daily while exposed to the in
fection, that w ill be excreted from the system,
and cannot accumulate in sufficient quantity
to ripen into disease. Hence it is even more
valuable for protection than cure, and few will
ever suffer from Intemrittents, if they avail
themselves of the protection this remedy af
Ayer’s Cathartic Pills,
are so composed that disease within the range of
their action can rarely withstand or evade them.
Their penetrating properties search, and cleanse,
and invigorate every portion of the human organ
ism, correcting its diseased action, and restoring
its healthy vitalities. As a consequence of these
properties, the invalid who is bowed down with
pain or physical debility is astonished to find his
health or energy restored by a remedy at once so
simple and inviting.
Not only do they cure the every-day complaints
of every body, but also many formidable and
dangerous diseases. The agent below named is
pleased to furnish gratis my American Almanac,
containing certificates of their cures and directions
for their use in the following complaints: Costive
ness, Heartburn, Headache arising from disordired
Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion, Pain in and Morbid
Inaction of the Bowels, Flatulency, Loss of Appe
tite, Jaundice, and other kindred complaints,
arising from a low state of the body or obstruction
of its functions. They are an excellent alterative
for the renovation of'the blood and the restora
tion of tone and strength to the system debilitated
by disease.
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral,
Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Hoarseness,
Croup, Bronchitis, Incipient Consump
tion, and for the relief of Consumptive
Patients in advanced stages of the
So wide is the field of its usefulness and so nu
merous are the cases of its cures, that almost
every section of country abounds in persons pub
licly known, Who have been restored from alarming
ami even desperate diseases of the lungs by its
use. When once tried, its superiority over every
other medicine of its kind is too apparent to escape
observation, and where its virtues are known, the
public no longer hesitate what antidote to employ
for the distressing and dangerous affections of the
pulmonary organs that are incident to our climate.
While many inferior remedies thrust upon the
community have failed and been discarded, this
has gained friends by every trial, conferred benefits
on the afflicted they can never forget, and pro
duced cures too numerous and too rcm^jkable to
be forgotten. PREPARED BY
DR. J. C. AYER & CO.
and all Druggists, Little Rock;
A! o by all dealers in medicines everywhere.
Whole-ale by J. Wrioiit & Co., N. Orleans,
II. F. Fainsworth & Co., Memphis.
Nov. 3, 166 I. ly.
X* J&. "X T. J rS? X J<T Cr
MR. .1. UEDENHECKER respectfully
iu.'orm the cit'zens of Little Rock and
vicinity, that leis now prepared to do any kind of
House, Si n ttr d Fresco Painting, Gilding, Glaz
Gr.iiiiri-. etc . c!c.
Silk and Satin Fla; s and Burners p tinted in the
b'.st stvh ;Si lined. Enameled, Cut and Block Glass
t C.i'.r -’.us. Si ie and Sky Light*, made to order.
Chur ’ e-, II,i Is, P rl .r-. etc.. Frescoed in asu
Ii, r < ,A.! orders tiom distance will re
- c ave nr imp attention.
Sb comer of Markham and Rock streets,
Little Rock, Aik l cb. 7, 18G1. 3m
Before taking. '?i ler takmg
Proclamation. /
BE IT KNOWN bv a!l sicklv, weak anil dehiliUfed
persons, that MoLEA N’S ST R ENG TH ENINGXOR
DIA1. is the only remedy that will strengthen and invigo
rate the system and remove all impurities in the Blood.
It is very pleasant to take.
In it is combined the properties of a Tonic, Diuretic
and Alterative.
It will core any disease of the Stomach, Liver or Bowels,
such as:
Diarrhtra, Biliousness, Dyspepsia. Indigestion, Headache,
Intermittent Fevers, Sour Stomach, LiverComplaint, \N eak
nes* or Debility, Pain in the Stomach or Bowels, Costive
ness, Night Fevers, Yellowness of the Skin, etc , etc.
When lake, it neutralizes and remove* any morbid se
aretions in the Stomach, and strengthen the Digestive Or
It will also cure any disease of the Uterus, Kidneys, ;
Bladders or Urinary Oigans; and a» an alterative, it punbe - i
j and creates a healthy circulation ol blood, lemoving alt i
I tores, boils, pimples or blotches from the skin.
! Try it, arid be convinced of its wonderful invigorating
For CHILDREN, who are puny, weak and sickly, we
•idvice patents to give them a teaspoonlul of this Cordial
TF r3 free Circular.
J. II. McLEAN. Sole Proprietor of this Cordial.
Also, Me Lean’* Volcanic Oil Liniment.
TJ P Principal Depot, on the corner ol Third and Pine .
streets, St. Louis, Mo. j
Vr. J. J. McALMONT, Agent at Little Reck, and I)r.
;. J. McALMoNT, Pine Bluff, Ark.
Feb. 7, 1861. 6m
Southern Fortable Plantation Corn Feed
and Flouring Mill
1JURR Millstones of all sizes on hand j
i and made toorder, Smut Mills, Mill Spindles,
.Mill Gearing, Bolting Cloth of all numbers, Dutch
anchor brand, belting, hoisting, and regulating
screws; screen wire, picks and plaster Paris, and j
imported from the manufactures, which enables me
to sell best articles at low prices. 1
Being a practical mechanic, thoroughly under
standing the theory and practiceof milling opera- ,
tions, Millers and Mill-wrights will find it to their
interest to examine my stock and prices befoiepur-!
basing. Al! goods sold by me are warranted to
give satisfaction.
Ail orders and communications promptly attend- j
ed to. If. M. ICY AN,
tN «• hviHe, Ter.n.
W XX O Ij E S A Ii :s
No. 6C8, Chesnut Street,
Nov i o, ’co-i v PHILADELPHI A i
I)UIfSUANT to an order of the Honora-1
hie Probate Court of the county of Pulaski, |
[ State oi' Ark insas, made on the 16th day of Fehru- I
i ary, 18(11, I will, as administrator of the estate ol j
.Mary Row land, deceased, proceed to sell, on the j
16th day of March, 18S1. at the lata resi- j
deuce of said Mary Rowland, to the highest bid
der, the following "described personal property, to- j
i i\cgro man
1 “ Perrv, “ 21 “
1 “ Jerry. “ 16 “
1 Horse, 1 Mule;
| 11 Head of Cattle;
7 “ Sheep;
Ml <l Hear*.
Small lot of Bacon, Fanning Utensils, House
hold and Kitchen Furniture.
TERMS OF SALE.—Allsums under $10, cash;
all sums of $10 and over, six months credit, with
interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, and
bond with good and sufficient security, to be given
for the payment thereof.
Place of sale 12 miles from Little Rock on the j
Washington road.
A. E. ROWLAND, Adm'r
of the estate of Mary Rowland, dec’d,
Feb 21, Mil. :iw with the will annexed.
I F you want a choice article ot Chewing
Tobacco, or Fine Cigars, go to
Just Received from New Orleans.
ICS Salt, and for sale by
People's Favorite Packet.
!NO. WOODBURN, Capt. J. C. M’Vay, Cik.
F^OR Cadron, Portland, Lew
burg, Stout's Landing, Gallcy
dock, D irdanclle, Piney, Pitlsbug, Spadrn Bluff,
Pittsivorth, Roseville, Ozark.
Leaves Little Rock every Monday at 10 o clock.
“ Fort Smith “ Friday 10 “
Makes sure connections with C incinnati Puckdts,
ml with Packets for St. Louis, Memphis and New
>r leans.
For freight or passage apply onboard, or to
GEO. MORRISON, Agent, little Rock.
Dec 24,4860. Cm __
The Lart Resolution Passed by the Gene
ral Assembly of Arkansas.
rpHAT A. POLLOCK <fc BRO. are sell-!
.JL ill" Ready Made Clothing cheaper than any
other store in L.ttle Rock.
Dec. 22. Ifc60,
White River and Napoleon Mail Line.
Steamer SAM HALE, Ooi.es, Master.
“ FORTUNE, 1). I). Price, Mas.
ONE of these boats leaves
Napoleon every Wednesday, yfjpsfiAJtl’
Friday and Sunday, at 7 o’clock, P.r.*J~u5!w«d.'dw.
M., arrives a Clarendon next day at 4 o’clock, P.
M., returning, leave Clarendon and Aberdeen on
Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, oii arrival ol
Little Rock Stages.
These boats connect at Napoleon with the Mail
[.lues to Memphis and Vicksburg.
Z21, 1860.—tf.
iphis and Arkansas River
TJ. S. Mail Line.
This line will be
CCOMPOSED of entire New Boats this
J season, to-wit:
A. H. SEVIER, VV.m. W indsor, Commander.
CHESTER ASHLEY, Reese Pritchard.
SOUTH BEND, R. L. Haines.
The above mentioned Boats are now finished and
will enter the Memphis and Little Rock I . S. Mai!
trade on the first rise in the Arkansas River and
remain permanently in the trade.
They are first class passenger Boats, built ex
[ resslv for the trade, and are equiped and furnished
Their davs for leaving'Little Rock are Sundays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 r. M , and len\cs
Pine Bluff for Memphis on Mondays, Thursdays
and Saturdays at 2 o’clock, r. m., connecting at
Napoleon with Regular Packets for New Orleans,
anti at Memphis with Regular U. S. Mail Packets
for St. Louis, Cairo, Louisville aud Cincinnati,
with the Memphis and Ohio Railroad and the
Memphis arid Charleston Railroad for all points
North, East and West.
O* Sm all Boats will connect with this line at
Little Rock to and from Fort Smith, Van Buren,
Ozark, Dardanelle and all points intermediate.
For further information apply on board the Boats,
or to JNO. D. ADAMS,
or G. S. MORRISON, Agent,
Nov 10, 1860. ly Little Rock.
Regular Packet between New Orleans
and Fort Smith.
CTMIF new ami splendid steamer JTT?" a
1 Judge Fletcher, Capt. J.
Smith, will ply between the above pent.- during the
present season. This boat was built expressly for
this trade and is believed to be the best boat ever
built for this purpose. She will be in the river on
the first rise. Sept 29, 1860. 6m
1,040 Acres No. 1 Arkansas Bottom
Land for Sale.
SITUATE three miles from the Arkan
sas river, on Little Bayou Meto, in the upper
end of Arkansas county, and twenty-five miles be
low Pine Bluff It is divided into two separate
tracts, one containing 540 and the other 500 acres;
and on one ol which there are 50 acres in a high
stale of cultivation, w ith a good well of water,
good cabins and out-houses; and 230 acres of a
three years’ old deadening. On the other there are
50 acres deadened. The land is eminently situated
for m aking an A No. 1 cotton farm. A good coun
tv rand runs immediately through it^ making itac
eessable from ail points. We would prefer anyone
a; ills-" to purchase to make a minute examination
of til- ime, for it has only to be seen to he ad
i i as!. It will be sold in separate tracts or all
• . ..aher to suit purchasers For terms, prices,etc.,
a „ ; Hi. f Dr. E. G. Abbott,T.J. Thompson, esq.,
> r tj. D. Nicks, est;., near the premises, who will
-how the land; or address the undersigned at Little
Rock, Ark.
O’ Memphis Appeal copy, daily It, weekly It,
and send bill to this office. aSept. 22, 1860.
$1,000 II e w fil’d.
H WILL give Eight hundred dollars re
_L ward for the apprehension and delivery ol
Peter P. Pitchlyun, Jr., to the civil authorities
of Sevier county, Arkansas.
1 he Siuu 1 liClll<Xl\ix muraercu my uusuituu
in cold blood on the 10th of July, I860. He is n
native of the Choctaw Nation, very fair skin, rather
large blue or grey eves, dark hair cut close and
uneven, though generally he wears it long, lond ol
drinking, talks and laughs loud.
lie is about 5 feet, 10 or 11 inches high, weighs
about 135 or 14lt lbs., rather spare made. He bad
a negro of his father's with him when heletf, both
were"armed with double barreled shotguns. It is
supposed he will make his way westward, probably
to the “ Leased District,” west of the Chickasaw
Nation, as he has relatives living in that section of
The Governor of the State of Arkansas has
issued his proclamation offering $200 reward on the
part of the State making $1,000 altogether.
Ult.ma Thule, Scour Co., Ark.
Oct. 27, DO1!, t. __
On the European Plan,
Single Rooms, 50 CENTS per day.
City Ilall Square, cor. of Frankfort Street,
(Opposite City Hall.)
Meals, as thev may be ordered, ia the spacious
Refectory. There is a Barber’s Shop and Bath
Rooms attached to the Hotel. *
14. B.—Bcwait of Runners and Hackmcn who
say wc are full.
R. FRENCH, Proprietor.
■Tart. 12. 1801. ly_
Western Nurseries, St. Louis, Mo.
rpHE subscribers bare a complete^
assortment of fruit, ornamental trees ard«*jp.
plants, of the most approved varieties for the South
and West, for sale at wholesale and retail. Or
ders arc solicited, and will be executed with dis
patch. Trees packed in good order and delivered
to railroad or steamboat in the city free of charge.
Catalouges mailed on application, enclosing a
stamp. Our Nurseries are located on the St.
Charles rock road, two miles west of Grand Avenue.
Dec 1. I860 12m Box 8S4 St. Louis.
Runaway Negroes.
Jailer’s Notice.
TXTA S committed to the jail of Van jt
H Buren countv, Arkansas, on the IsthM?
September, a. n. lt-60, a negro man who cal - tS
his name JAMES WILLIAMS; and says lie be
longs to a Mr. John Wilson, of Hinds county. Miss.
Said boy is a dark copper color, about 5 feet, 5
inches high, weighs about 125 or 50 pounds, quick
The owner of said boy is hereby notified to
come forward,prove property, pay charges and take
him away, otherwise lie will be dealt with accord
ing tol aw.
and Jailer of Van Buien county.
Sept 29,1860. 6m Costoi adv. $26 or $1 per
week. _
$200 REWARD!
Stop the Murderer !!
ON SATURDAY, June 16th,4
1860, Mr. William Standlev, liv
ing about 4 miles south of Hickory
Plains, Prairie county, was brutally tniir
icred by bis slave, Jeff. Said negro
immediately fled. He is a bright mu
latto, has an Indian appearance; 5 feet
10 inches high; spare built; can read; has blotches
on his cheeks. W hen he left he had a bar of iron
attached to his ankle, and had marks of lately
being whipped; weighs about 155 pounds; about
28 years old.
The above reward will be paid for the apprehen
sion of said negro.
It is supposed that he has made his way to the
Indian country or to a free State. Addrt ss
August 25, 1860. tf. Jlickony Plains.
HP1IERE was committed to tl
J. Arkansas State Penitentiary <
the 221 of June last, by the sheriff
Phillips county, two runaway slaves
one calling himself MOSES, says 1
belongs to G. N. Humphries, of Pi
Gibson, Miss., lie is li feet high, i
years old, black skin—the other gives his name as
BILL, says he is the property of Gov. Crider, of
Mobile, Ala., he is about 41 years old, 5 feet, 5V3
inches high and black skin.
July 13,1860. tf A. J. WARD.
I) AN A WAY from flic subscriber’*^
V plantation, lf> miles below Little IIock.^fX
Arkansas, on Saturday, 21st inst., a negioJES
man named JACK or JACKSON. Sai l negro l«
of dark copper color, 20 or 22 years old, about f>
feet, 7 or 8 inches high, weighs 155 or ICO lbs., and
is stout and well built. He rode away i light
brown filly ti years old, with a blaze face, and Mexi
can brand on the left hip or thigh—had on a light
cassimere cross-barred sack coat and black v ool
hat, also took with him a pair of coarse whiteblank
ets, a pair of fair leather saddle-bags and ft fiodle
—will most likely go to the Cherokee Nation,
where 1 understand he has a mother living, a few
miles west of Fayetteville. The above reward
will be given for his apprehension, and deli' ery to
me at this place, or $25 will be paid if he is con
fined in any jail in the State where I can get him.
I.ittle Rock, Ark., July 25. 1858.
Cure Cough, Cold. Hoarseness, Influ
enza, any Irrito'ion or Soreness of
the Throat, Relieve the Ht.c'. ng
Cough in Consumption, Bron
chitis, Asthma and Catarrh,
Clear and give strength to
the voice of
Public Speakers and Singers.
Few arc aware of the importance of checking a
Cougli or “Common Cold” in its first stage; that
w hich in the beginning would yield to a mild reme
dy, if neglected, soon attacks the Lungs.—
“■ Bream's Bronchial Troches,” containing demul
cent ingredients, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial
i “ That trounble in my Throat, (for which
Brow n’s the “ Troches” art* a specific) buying made
me often a mere whisperer.”
Troches N. P. W I LI.IS.
! “I recommend their use to rnsuc ’ r> ak
Brown’s krs.” REV. E. H. CHAPIN.
“ Have proved extremely serviceable tor
Troches Hoarseness.”
Brown's “ Almost instantreliefir. thedistressing
[labor of breathing peculiar to Asthma.
Troches] REV. A. C. EGGLESTON.
I “ Contain no Opium or anything injuri
Brown's ous.” DR. A. A. HAVES,
Chemist, Boston.
Troches “ A simple and pleasant combination for
Coughs,” etc.
Brown’s DR. G. f. BiGELOVl,
Troches “Beneficial in Bronchitis.”
DR. J. F- W. LANE,
Brown's ' Boston.
“ I have proved them excellent for
Troches WnooriNG Cough.”
Brown's Boston.
“ Beneficial when compelled to speak,
Troches suffer ng from Cold.”
Brown’s Louis.
“ Effectual in removing Hoarseness
Troches and Irritation of the Throat, so comtion
with Speakers and Singers.
Brown’s Prof. M. STAC/ JOHNSON,
Cut (range, Cd.
Troches Teacher of Music Soutiiern
Female College.
rown’s “Great benefit when taken before »nd
after preachSg, as they proveni Hoaihe
Troches ness. From their past effect, 1 think tley
Iwill be of permanent advantage to me.!’
Brown's! REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M.,
President Athens College. Tennl
Troches SCTSohl bv all Druggists at TWENTY -
Dec. 5, 1SG0. Gin
TT7E have just recoived per steamer
TT Henry
10 brls. Molasses;
10 sacks Coffee;
5 bris Sugar;
All of which we will sell at the lowest market
Jan 31, 1&61.

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